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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  February 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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february 15. i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. >> firefighters battled a plays in germantown, the house broke at one point. ice formed on the firefighters uniforms, the wind fueled the flames. a working smoke detecter, alert the seven people inside the home where the fire started. they of they were able to to get out okay, a neighbor's home was damaged, two people in that house are doing already today. [roaring wind]. >> listing to the roaring wind. the action cam is cherry hill this morning where you could see a young man braved the wind and blowing snow to pretreat the mall parking lot. temperatures plunged overnight after the snow squalls, and the wind is making it down right dangerous to be outside. bundle up in layers if you have to head out at all. >> taking a look now at boston, massachusetts. they are getting slammed with more snow and hurricane-like
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winds this time. you can see looking at the picture, they have all the snow from the previous storms that they faced this season. boston is not be able to catch a break today. >> meteorologist is outside outside with our brutal temperatures, good morning chris. >> reporter: that video cherry hill tells the story. monuments road is to my left, you can hear the cars sliding. the parking lot is a sheet of ice there's icy patches on city avenue. it's not because the plows haven't been threw but it's because of the winds continue to throw the notice on the roads. -- snow on the roads. 7 degrees in allentown. these numbers dropped off a cliff once the arctic front barreled through. 5 in reading millville 8 degrees and wildwood, 10.
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look at the windchills. this is dangerously cold stuff right now. bundle up in layers and cover the extremities if you're outside. reading, 17 broa, -- below. millville, 15 below. atlantic city, 15 degrees below zero. that's the current feels like temperature. we have one last band pushing through oceanville sayerville and light to moderate snow. that's southwest of the center of circulation off boston. because that band is far away, it will weaken over the neck half-hour, 45 minutes. bitterly cold, gusty winds 16 degrees normally we should be around # 3. now, when you factor in the winds it will feel anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below zero. all day long, the high-wind
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warning remains in effect until 2:00 p.m., winds will gust anywhere from 45 to 60 miles per hour throughout the morning hours and tomorrow morning it gets worse near record cold temperatures we're forecasting a low of 2 degrees in the city, below zero temperatures north and west, you saw the windchills there, they will range anywhere from 15 to 25 degrees below zero. when i step back inside i'll let you know when the cold air gets out of here, now we are watching a system to the south, it was pushing through the carolinas this morning they have it pushing through the delmarva and that could mean more snow, guys. >> mobile 6 driving on atlantic avenue in atlantic city, the roads have snow on them, they are icy, you want to be careful. mobile 6 going slowly in atlantic atlantic city. >> the winter wallop is making a simple drive like mobile 6 is
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doing or simple walk treacherous in many spots. >> contractors and state and city crews are on the move clearing away the snow, not a lot of fell, but the wind is sending i meant back on the roads and sidewalks, in some cases it's covering up icy spots. the action cam live for us on the benjamin franklin parkway, you can see just see based on on the flags, how much the wind is blowing, so even if there isn't snow on the roads when you're driving there's snow on the sidewalks, it could blow on your car. be careful as you driesh today. normally a lot of people would be running at this hour because the sun is up, this is not a good day to be running or walking or doing anything outside, if you can bundle up, at best, stay inside. call ahead if you're going to philadelphia international airport, some delays and cancellations being reported. jet blue, united, u.s. airways and southwest are among those
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reporting issues. 1-800-phl-gate you can call that number to check the status of flights. you have to remember there are other parts of the country that are dealing with wintry weather you saw the video out of boston, flights out of boston canceled. that will hamper operations at the airport, as well. >> because of the winds and potential icy spots speed restrictions are in effect on the delaware port authority bridges, 25 miles per hour on the ben franklin bridge, walt whitman bridge, commodor barry bridge and betsy ross bridge. >> the winds and bitter colder and snow squalls are keeping crews busy though, but it did not redaily plans for valentine's day. >> reporter: center city philadelphia was for lover,, the chill was in the air but valentine's day was keeping people in warm spirits. >> it's a great night we'll hang out downtown. >> we'll be fine, we'll get through it.
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>> reporter: at love park it was about the couples so many from out of town, not letting the saturday night squalls impact their plans. >> it's a beautiful city, we don't have to go anywhere, we have our boots he we'll be fine. >> we got to walk down broad street. it's beautiful dilworth plaza was happening. it's cool, it's the place to be. >> reporter: the snow and deteriorating conditions moved in and brought the low visibility for drivers as promised. >> not very good. >> definitely the snowflakes, yeah, you can't see,. >> slow down, it's not just your life, but everybody else's life on the roads. i wish people would follow the drivers manual. >> reporter: depart of transportation tri state and penndot have been salting and preparing to plow where needed. the challenge for crews during squalls keeping the roads clear while battling strong winds and drifting snow. the peco buildings the
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electricity proirmd activated it's emergency operation center, the strong winds gusts are expected to bring down tree limbs which could knock down power lines. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> wake up with the "action news" morning team at 4:30, matt tam karen and dave will be reporting on a record low monday morning. schools are closed and some people have the day off for president's day. in other news, two young men were killed in a crash in chester county it happened on north shift road, a minivan was hit by a pick up. the victims who were thought to be in the their late teens or early 20s were inside the minivan. charges are pending against the pick up driver, weather was not a factor. >> here's developing news out of copenhagen denmark.
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police brief they shot and killed a man suspected of carrying out two deadly shootings in the capitol city. this is new video from denmark. they shot the suspect when he opened fire on police near a copenhagen train station. the shootings left two people dead and five police officers wounded. take a look at the picture of the suspect as he ran from the car at a where the free speech took place yesterday. the event was organized by cartoonist lars vilks. he has received death threats for portraying the prophet mowmed as -- mohammed as a dog. >> it was a politically motivated attack and there thereby a terrorist attack. lars vilks was not injured. it is montgomery county woman known as jihad jane was
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convicted of plotting to kill lars vilks because of the drawings that off muslims. "good morning america" will have more on the shooting and the winter weather ahead at 8:00 a.m. applicants have until midnight to sign up for the affordable care act. you don't have to completely the application, but you must start to fill it out by the deadline. federal officials say the technical problem that was interfering with sign you happens has been fix ldz. those who don't have insurance will have financial penalties. >> there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. snow and now the winds are picking up. more on it is winter punch being felt across the area. the philadelphia national
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convention comes to philadelphia in the summer of 2016. we'll look at philadelphia's long history of hosting political conventions. >> love was in the air at philadelphia's city hall. chad cad -- chad perdelli talks to folks who tied the knot on valentine's day. >> reporter: it's unbelievably cold and believe it or not it could be colder than this tomorrow. i'll have the details in accuweather when we come right back. hey. these are good. what have you been feeding us all these years?
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>> welcome back our intripped mobile 6 in atlantic avenue. it is cold out there it's 11 degrees, it's getting up to 15 degrees leave yourself extra time if you're heading outside bundle up up and take it slowly on the roads. >> somebody has been wanting snow over here and he finally got it.
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>> reporter: i didn't want this cold, that's the view in wilmington. it's bluster out there this morning, we have winds whipping around 50 miles per hour. you get the occasional gusts as you can see the camera shaking right now. windchill values are anywhere from zero to 15 degrees below. right now we're sitting at 9 degrees that's the actual air temperature. dewpoint minus 8. winds are whipping around sustained out of the west/northwest constant wind speeds at 20 miles per hour. 7 in allentown reading 5 millville. 8. poconos minus 1. wildwood 10. windchills 10 to 18 degrees below zero. again, this is dangerously cold. the windchills will stick around all day long. during the day minus 1 in philadelphia. you need to bundle up in layers, trenton, minus 2. wilmington minus 2. by tomorrow morning we're going
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to his colder numbers. look at this the poconos 32 degrees below zero. these the feels like temperature. reading, minus 20. atlantic city, minus 16 degrees, the national weather service has a windchill advisory up for the entire area from windchills anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below throughout the day. we have a windchill warning up in the poconos. the numbers will range anywhere from 20 to 30 below. a couple of tips dress appropriately. bundle up in layers, wear a hat scarf, gloves, cover the extremities, and limit the time spent out doors fountain forget about your pets. here's the storm responsible for all the cold. it's turned into a full-blown blizzard for new england. we have snow bands extending toward southwest. one is pushing through central new jersey, monmouth and ocean counties where they are report of reporting moderate to light
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snow. it may make its way into northern burlington county. that should be the extent how far south it will go, as the storm in new england pulls way it will take that band with it. the winds are blowing the snows all over, main roads are clear for the most part, or just wet but the secondary roads are snow-covered again because of the wind. we're seeing reduced visibility at times because as the winds whips up it blows the snow. future tracker 6 bright blue, lots of sunshine, blustery and cold. monday is clear, during the afternoon the high, thin clouds start increasing. here comes the next system by 8:00, 9:00, we'll start to see snow showers overspread the area the model showing steady to heavy snow falling across south jersey, first thing tuesday morning as the storm continues to travel more towards the north. some of the forecast models are
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suggesting a decent size snow, the nam is getting into rain, we're not looking at this particular model just yet i'm focusing on the gfs and the euro he e and the rpm. this looks like it will be a 3 to 5-inch snow if it stays on the current track. bitter cold today windchills 5 to 15 degrees below zero. the actual air temperature 16. if we're lucky. high-wipped -- high-wind warning remains in effect until 2 p.m. overnight tonight, 2 in the city minus 3 in the suburbs. 19 tomorrow, 16 degrees, tuesday, tuesday afternoon, 29.
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wednesday, 30. the next arctic blast gets in here, 19 thursday, 22 friday, 35 for saturday. right now if you tall up all the days two hours in the seven-day forecast we're above freezing. >> it's good that the kids have off from school tomorrow. >> reporter: because the roads will be -- they are clear but the winds blows the snow back on. >> and we walk to school and back. >> or to the bus stop. >> that's right. >> happening today the phillies equipment truck is expected to arrive in clearwater, in florida. >> the phillie phanatic supervised the move. the team's pitchers and catchers report to clearwater on wednesday. a sign of spring!
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>> happening today the u.s. scowrns is expected -- security council is expected to vote on a resolution endorsing the cease-fire in ukraine started by russia. the cease-fire began in in the country ukraine time. the agreement calls for ukrainian forces and russian-backed separatist rebels to move back from the lines and form a wide buffer zone. >> we're checking out the calories of some of your favorite snacks at the movies. here's ali gorman with a preview. >> reporter: you're at the movies and you want a snack but you don't want to detour your diet. it's diet detour's movie theater
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edition on monday "action news" at 4:00 p.m. >> a new convenience may have you rethinking the security of your keys. this new app might want you to hold on to your keys tighter. we're unlocking the new technology my special report is tomorrow only on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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7:24 am
note we'll see sunshine out there. the area of low pressure and the arctic front are sitting back here, so it's well off the coast. the winds are pulling all this snow back into new england. it's going to be boston, portland maine augusta that sees the blizzard. the reason why we're seeing the gusty winds as this storm winds up here, you can see it better on the water vapor image, as that continues to wind up we have a huge arctic high pressure system moving in here. with the lows we get the counter clockwise winds with the highs we get the clock wiles winds. the stronger these systems get the stronger the gradiant and the gustier the wind. the low will pull away as the high moves in, the gradian relaxes and the winds calm down or ease up compared to the 50-mile an hour gusts we're seeing this morning. it will get better by tomorrow. >> in sports, now the cats
7:25 am
beat the dogs in a thriller. jeff skeverski said a few teams are getting hot as march madness approaches. 6th ranked villanova fell behind to 18th ranked bullet leisure and time and time again darren hillard gets them out of trouble. the bulldogs upset. nova down two darren hillard one of his 8, 3 pointers. less than a minute later hill yard again. nova up to 2. 7 seconds left. who else? but darren hillard. next up, seaten hall tomorrow. while nova has won 6
7:26 am
straight, nobody is hotter than the temple owls. they are fighting to get in the ncaa tournament and they are making a strong case. east carolina on hooter's birthday, all he wanted was a win. he got it. will coming, temple never trailed in the game and into the half on a 10-1 run. minutes to go in the first jessie morgan, three from downtown. temple 66-63. # owe seven straight for from fran dunphy and company. the flyers could get a wild card spot the closest they have been to a playoff spot in months. it's their best stretch since 2011. but the flyers are not satisfied. they are upset they blew a late
7:27 am
goal two period lead in columbus and lost in overtime leaving a point on the ice with ray emory playing so well. >> we we have to first thing it e -- figure it out we have to with a wake up. >> flyers send down scott lauten to lehigh valley he only has two goals. >> reporter: michael carter williams sat out of the competition last night because of an injured big tow. mo'ne davis with kevin hart. curry wins in the final round 13 3s at one point in a row.
7:28 am
zack lavine winning a slam dunk contest with dr. jay as one of the judges. i'm jeff skeverski that's sports. >> alexis martin came up with an antibully ban. they can push a button to a teacher and the teacher can intervene. she wants to market the product for $35 but give them to kids in need for free. fiber-dense fuel. morning reward. tomorrow, you can have it all. ♪sun'll come out, tomorrow♪ ready yourself with kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. see you at breakfast™.
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>> the action cam is looking live at a windy center city. the benjamin franklin parkway there, the flags are getting quite the workout this morning. the coldest air all winter is gripping our area right now and we're tracking more snow. it is 7:30, let's go right outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: let's go back inside. >> [laughter]. >> reporter: oh, my goodness, cold doesn't do this justice this is awful out here this morning. let's head down to the shore mobile 6 is out and about atlantic city. let's show you what's going on. we have the winds gusting all over the place. it's blowing the snow back on the roads. the road crews did a great jobs early this morning clearing the roads, the problem is the winds
7:31 am
continue to push it back on the roads. we have slick spots and icy patches. slow it down this morning. it's icy cold out here, the arctic front barreled through with winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour while you were sound asleep. slatington 2 degrees quakertown, 4, tanersville, 1 debris below. center city, 9 degrees, south jersey glassboro 7. seaville 8. hammonton, present temperature reading of 6 degrees windchills you pick your location, it's awful everywhere. 17 below in reading. 18 in the poconos. 15 in nillville. 1 in trenton. high wind warning continues until 2:00 p.m. we're expecting gusts to range anywhere from 45 to 60 miles per hour in the wake of that arctic front. here's future tracker 6 by 2:00 p.m., the winds begin to ease a little bit. that's why the warning will be set to expire at 2 we're back in the 30s gust-wise.
7:32 am
overnight tonight the gusts into the 20s. even tomorrow morning 23-mile an hour windy gusts in philadelphia with actual air temperatures close to seer vo becomes dangerous because this will put windchills anywhere from 15 to 25 degrees below zero. if you're someone working out doors, bundle up in layers both today and tomorrow, by 8:00 a.m., # degrees in the city of philadelphia. 11:00 a.m. 13, 2:00 p.m. 15 degrees 35:00 p.m., 14 degrees, overnights tonight this could one of the coldest temperature readings we've seen in the past two decades. 2 degrees that's what we're forecasting in the city, below zero temperatures north of the pennsylvania turnpike. there you have it, guys i can't take any more i'm heading back inside i'll see you in ten minutes. >> come inside, chris. across the area, people need to be watching out for
7:33 am
dangerous situations like this, trees crashing down. >> the action cam was in east falls where large branch fell from a tree and landed on an apartment buildings and penetrated the ceiling of the man's bedroom. >> it was 3 or 4 feet. >> reporter: but not close enough -- >> no, but i was standing right there where the branch came through the ceiling. just getting ready to go to bed and the branch just came through. >> the man was waiting to hear from the landlord about getting temporary shelter while repairs takes place. >> the action cam is liable on the benjamin franklin parkway once again an up close look at the flax whipping in the wind. the snow didn't add up to much, but the wind is blowing it around this morning. last night snow squalls cut down visibility for drivers. penndot had trucks on the major roads, salting and preparing to plow if needed. crews had to battle the strong
7:34 am
windy as they try to keep the roads as clear as possible. >> not very good. definitely the snowflakes, you can't see. >> slow down, it's not just your life, but everybody else's life on the road. i wish people would follow the drivers manual. >> good advice, take it slow. peco is on standby to mobilize crews for possible power outages expected throughout the weekend. >> this is the scene in solbury township, the slick and snowy roads caused several accidents earlier this morning. the flakes were falling in wilmington making travel more challenging there. the roads are slick in spots across the region forcing commuters to take it slow and play it safe. >> in new jersey, the scene is much the same. the action cam on black horse and english creek avenue in egg harbor township. they are trying to stay one step ahead of the snow by spreading
7:35 am
salt. the jersey shore is being pelted by the winds. code blue is in effect because of the dangerous cold. if you see a homeless person call (215)232-1984. this is a good time to check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are staying warm stay on top of the plummeting temperatures with the storm tracker 6 live app it gives you live hourly radar and the update of the latest forecast. download it to your mobile device it's free. taker ago live look at boston massachusetts. they are being pounded once again by snow, you can see the snow already piled you mean over there. these folks country catch a break. >> in other news, police in philadelphia are investigating a gruesome discovery inside a storage facility, someone found the decomposing body of a 44-year-old man. it all unfolded on along the 4800 block of somerdale avenue. police have questioned the
7:36 am
garage owner but no word on how the body got there or a possible cause of death. >> later this morning inside story on 6abc, the democratic national convention coming to philadelphia will be among the topics of the rounds table. with it i believe held at the wells fargo center in july 2016. we'll discuss the golden opportunity it is for the city and the headlines it is garnering outside the city. matt o'donnell anchors inside story this morning followed by "action news" at noon. philadelphia as you probably know is predominantly democratic. democrats have carried pennsylvania in every presidential election since 17992. >> but whether it comes to hosting national political venses in the city -- conventions in the city, the republicans hold the edge. >> mr. chairman, delegates and fell citizens i proudly accept your nomination. >> back in 2000 at the
7:37 am
republican convention president george w.bush accepted the nomination. >> the republicans came back to philadelphia in 1872, 1900, 1940 earn 1948. the the democrats met in philly 1948. >> my duty as president requires that i use every means within my power to get the laws the people need on matters of such importance and urgency i am therefore call this congress back into session on the 26th of july. [cheers and applause]. >> convention hall was the center of the political universe in 1948, harry s.truman won re-election. philadelphia was the logical choice since it was the center points of the cable that was the main carrier of live television in the united states. stay with it "action news"
7:38 am
for continuing coverage as philadelphia perhaps to host the democratic national convention, and you can always find the latest at >> democrats come to philadelphia republicans head to cleveland ohio. "action news" will be there with live coverage of the events. >> and of course, philadelphia is preparing for a big event before the 2016dnc. pope francis will be in town in september of this year to pride over the world meeting of families. it's a journalist's dream. >> a man struggles with morbid oability and lose -- owe obesity and loses his love. >> meanest chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather forecast
7:39 am
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>> right -- [laughter]. >> reporter: that was perfect timing my hands are still cold. let's go live, the action cam taking a look at the philadelphia art museum. i don't think rocky will be returning up the steps today. it's blustery and cold and we have an inch or two of snow on
7:42 am
the ground from the snow squalls. storm tracker 6 live double scan is clear although we assume into monmouth and ocean counties it's pushing towards the south. light to moderate snow falling in this batch that's pushing south and east, that should get out of here in the next half-hour 45 minutes we're dealing with blowing and drifting snow thanks to the winds. you'll continue to see that across northern burlington and northern ocean counties. these are actual air temperatures. we're one below in the poconos. 9 in philadelphia. trenton, 8. winds gusting anywhere from 26 miles per hour in philadelphia to 47 miles per hour right now in millville. poconos 45 miles per hour, trenton, 31. when you take the air temperatures and combine them with the windy gusts this is what it feels like, 20 below in reading. 18 in the poconos ten in philadelphia. 15 below that's the number for both millville and atlantic city. there's the low right there. this is the clipper that
7:43 am
produced the squalls yesterday even the arctic front is trailing behind. counter clockwise circulation is pulling all this cold into the mid atlantic and the northeast. fortunately it is not just i thought there. or we would be dealing with this for days on ends. it should gets into the canadian maritimes in the next 1 to 24 hours. that takes the dangerous windchills along with it. another blizzard for those folks you mean in new england. they will see 6 to 1 inches of snow. outlying areas could pick up 18 inches of snow. i want to show you the extent of this cold. it's rare that you see this kind of cold that far south. memphis, tennessee 22 degrees, 23 in atlanta with a windchill of ten. you can see how far to the south the arctic front pushed. jacksonville, 45. 19 below in chicago.
7:44 am
10 below in philadelphia. bismarck we're doing better than the dakotas than windchills values are concerned. later on we'll see numbers hovering in the milled teens. first thing tomorrow morning minus 1. accuweather is forecasting a low of minus 3. 2 for philadelphia. accuweather says 2 in philadelphia. trenton, 1. reading minus 1 degree. we'll focus our attention monday evening/tuesday morning time frame as another storm system approaches. this guy is coming from the south. it's moisture loaded. as projected on future tracker. this could be a good snow event. the model shows moderate to heavy snows across the i-95 with lighter amounts in the poconos and steadier and heavier amounts across south jersey.
7:45 am
the model are in decent agreement this should be a moderate snowfall, # .7 on the gfs. 9.7 on the euro. this guy is getting into range i'm not putting too much into that model just yet. i would say looking at all the latest computer guidance, 3-inch snow is about right monday into tuesday morning. 17 in millville. 11 in allentown, 15 in trenton. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, going down to 2 in the city tonight that would be a record low below zero temperatures north of the pennsylvania turnpike. we'll go 19 degrees for tomorrow. partly sunny, it will be blustery, but not as balanced as today. 29 for tuesday the morning snow. 30 for wednesday, 19 thursday, another arctic shot arrives, 22 friday and 35 saturday. like we mentioned last half-hour, we have two hours above freezing temperatures all week. >> great. valentine's day went out without a hitch because getting
7:46 am
hitched was part of the plan. dozens of couples were married at philadelphia city hall. "action news" reporter, chad perdelli has their story. >> under the authority vested in me by the commonwealth of pennsylvania, i pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: it was a day of matrimony inside city hall. 50 couples mailed valentine's day a bit -- made valentine's day a bit more special. grace and roberts were the first to tie the knot. >> we've been together for a while, and life got in the way and the time is right. >> i love her and wanted to mary her today. special today on saint valentine's day. >> we wanted to do it it's a very special day. >> i'm nervous, and happy. >> reporter: this couple arrivalled from the czech republic a month ago. we're married and we can live
7:47 am
happily together as we want to it feels great. >> reporter: valentine's day is ideal, they won't be forgetting the anniversary dateless when it comes to gifts it's two birds with one stone. >> one of the reasons why i'll always remember it. >> reporter: the nuptials lasted last than a hour. >> a lot of what we do in the job is serious it takes a lot of weight whether people think its easy it's not, this is the ultimate joy of being a judge. >> how do you celebrate? >> same things we can't say. >> reporter: in center city, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news."
7:48 am
7:49 am
>> finally advertise advertise a man suffers a terrible loss and endures several other struggles his personal journey is coming to the stage. karen rogers has a preview.
7:50 am
>> reporter: after a sold out 18 season theater exile is back with a what he will of -- what i what i whale of a tale. >> the director asked a question, what is does the world look like if you can't forgive yourself. >> he feels the weight of his world on his shoulders. >> i haven't met anyone who is free and easy, but that subject is partly of our society. >> the theater set up helps the awed owns connect with the concept. >> the space is intimate. >> the costume is a story in itself. it's they had to enlarge the entry from back stage to on
7:51 am
stage it includes a body cooler to keep the actor from getting overheated. >> it's an awesome piece of art. >> the play has connections to real stories. it should be noted that the play is written for a mature audience. >> i would say high school and orderly. older. it's for more of an adult line. >> reporter: go to theater or visit 6abc 6abc loves the arts. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> yesterday may have been a valentine's day but a five-year-old boy made a recent trip to disney world a romantic and unforgettable trip for his family. 5-year-old dropped to one knee and propose marriage to each and
7:52 am
every and every princess at disney world. look at him. >> they caught it all on camera. >> we go every year and every year he loves the princesses so much and we like to do different things with the characters, we have a list of thinks to say to mickey and minnie and how they will react. i said this year if you like the princesses so much, you should marry them. >> you can't marry them all at one time. he weren't home without a bright, but he did get a dance as you can see. disney is the parent company of 6abc. # #
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the cold is sticking around, right. >> reporter: awful, the windchills at this hour, 19 below in reading that's what it feels like with the wind, 18 below in the poconos. 10 below in philadelphia. anne 15 below in millville and atlantic city. bundle up in layers if you're heading out later on. keep the extremities covered. make sure you wear layers because the traps the body heat close to you and you stay warmer. we're shooting for a high of 16. windchills below zero all day. 19 tomorrow. close to 30 tuesday and wednesday before the next arctic blast arrives wednesday night. thursday, 19 with a low of 2. friday 22 degrees with a morning low of 11. it's a bitter cold seven-day forecast. looks like it will extend into ten days. >> great! [laughter]. >> 7:55, we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: hi eva and nydia
7:56 am
good morning philadelphia. coming up on "g.m.a.," new england is getting pummeled by its fourth major storm in less than a months. the system is causing pileups in indiana and baltimore. there's a race to dig out of a massive pile of snow in boston. how much will they get? rob marciano is tracking it for us. the city of copy be -- copenhagen is on high alert after an attack on free speech debate. what motivated the attacks and what we know about the gunman. super size battle over the l.a. mansion. stars are speaking out over the ultraextravagant homes. i've got one word for you it's "excess, "that's coming up on
7:57 am
"good morning america." >> a tree crashes into a home trapping a woman inside, wicked high winds are to blame for the damage we're live on the scene. >> chris sowers will have more on it is snow coming our way. now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday! we'll see you at 9:00 a.m.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. right now, wicked winter storm. deadly pileups. whiteout conditions. >> you can't even see out there, man. the whole thing is white. >> and wild winds. the storm marching from the midwest to the east, now dealing a punishing blast to boston, already buried in snow. bracing for blizzard conditions. mass transit shut down. the mayor declaring a snow emergency. airports canceling flights. >> the roads are so narrow. and these piles are so high. >> we have team coverage of this wicked winter storm. the bitter chill. and the new snow on the way. and there's another big story breaking overnight. terror in denmark. the country in shock after twin terror attacks. a gunman firing into a cafe in the city of copenhagen. [ gunfire ]


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