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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  February 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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his deadly wreck. i'm brian taff. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. the chester county crash that killed two teenagers and police say the man that caused it was drunk. walter perez is live at the police station where they are handling the investigation. >> reporter: well, friends and colleagues describe the halligan family as close knitted now a man arrested for the third time for alcohol or drug use. 19-year-old miles hannigan and his sister charlotte were members of the bag pipe band. they were following in the footsteps of their father paul who was also in the band. >> the hannigans were always together and they were all together saturday night driving home from a performance at the
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valley forge casino when their minivan was hit by a pickup truck that was swerving erratically and traveling at a high rate of speed. the man behind the wheel was thomas muir of media. >> it appeared he was under the influence of alcohol and he was placed under arrest. >> they were wearing their seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene their father and uncle was treated and released from the hospital and their mother maggie is still in intensive care. >> the allentown st. patrick's day parade we'll do a special commemorative salute with the bands for miles and charlotte. so you know support from everywhere, everybody is
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shattered. >> investigators will also be looking into muir's cell phone records to see if he was texting at the time as well. muir is not injured and is held on $75,000 cash bail and his preliminary hearing is next tuesday. walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. it's north frigid day in the delaware and lehigh valleys, you can see the ice that covers huge areas of the schuylkill river right now and temperatures are well below freezing and chad pradelli is back at the scene of the building that froze during a fire yesterday but first lets get the latest from accuweather with adam joseph. >> after the morning snow we v a decent amount of snow helping to melt it on the pavement surfaces and temperatures moved up a bit from yesterday. here is the numbers of how much snow fell in pennsylvania, the
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airport 3.7 inches along the main line in windward 5 inches of snow and wilmington 4.4 and over a half foot in woodside kent county in delaware. and ewing 4.9 and haddon heights 4.3 and the jackpot in cape may coming in with 7 inches of that fresh, fluffy powered. 28 in philadelphia and 24 in wilmington and 27 in millville do we dare say break out the shorts, not so much. but we are 12 degrees warmer at this time in philadelphia and 10 degrees warmer in reading and at the shore 11 degrees warmer don't get used to the temperatures moving upward because there is another arctic air mass building in northern parts of canada just to the
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south of the north pole, baker lake 20 degrees below zero and this comes with an arctic front tomorrow evening, and that pushes through with a couple of snow showers and brutal even colder than earlier this week. we'll have the numbers in accuweather. >> we can blame canada for this problem. >> yes. >> boy oh boy. this is image that sums up the frozen tundra the building that caught fire and turned into a block of ice. the flames may be out but crews are concerned about what could happen next. chad pradelli continues the team coverage in philadelphia. >> reporter: shirleen firefighters on scene tell us there are concerns that this building could collapse are you talking about a tremendous amount of ice and it's very heavy, portions have collapsed on the sidewalk and crews are trying to clean up this mess but the frigid temperatures are not
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helping. it's a half block of charred timber and walls of ice the aftermath of a two alarm fire that broke out yesterday morning, the fire gutted the medical office and apartments, the water froze on contact and since it's been a sightseeing attraction. hanna owns a sightseeing company next door and crew as rived to board it up. >> they are saying that if it falls it will fall on this building. >> this here will have to be knocked down, this over here we are trying to sheer up the building for any looters or anybody breaking in and stealing pipes and stuff like that. lni says the building is dangerous and has to be demolished. and they are shutting down buildings in area, as the investigation continues that say blow to business for barbur
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barber frank green. >> we get a lot of walkers to and from the l. how long the roads are shut down is up to the fire department, extensive cleanup is required and what would help is a warm day to melt the glacial facade. >> there are businesses around here to support the community that is affected by this. >> when the roads will be open is unclear, i have a call in to find out when that will happen and lni is working with the building own and they assure them that there will be a perimeter fence set up until it can be demolished, that will keep them safe from falling debris. >> all right chad thank you. in new jersey for many kids
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living at the jersey shore it was another snow day check it out. that was the snowy scene in wildwood crest shovels out and sleds too. the jersey shore got several inches, the crews were hard at work collecting trash but you can see plowing in between, some people were happy they didn't have to shovel more than that. and others say they were dispointed that the snow totals were not higher zblts pretty don't you think? >> if you like white yes. >> it's beautiful gorgeous but now it can go away. >> i'm with her good news for those that share that sentiment, count them, 30 days until spring you guys. >> all right alicia thank you. >> the snow and cold were not bad enough how about getting stuck in a sinkhole. that is exactly what happened to one plow driver in warren county new jersey the hole
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opened up at 7:30, in our powder horn the driver says he was able to climb out without getting hurt and with all of this snow, ice and brutal cold, remember you can stay on top of it all at, the hourly forecast and live storm tracker 6 radar will keep you prepared no matter what winter sends our way. police are still looking for the gunman in the deadly community center shooting in delaware yesterday. they identified the victim as jamal killington inside of the rose hill community center yesterday afternoon the building was locked down for 90 minutes with children and teenagers inside and the good news is that no one else was hurt and newcastle police are trying to identify the suspect. >> former pennsylvania treasurer, rob mccord plead guilty for attempted extortion that he used his office to try
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to coerce contractors into donating money to his gubernatorial campaign. the maximum penalty for each charge is 20 years in prison. vernon odom will have a full report coming up at 5:00. coming up the ride home, lets get a check of the traffic report. lets go to matt pellman. >> it's looks leaps and bounds better than the morning commute. but it didn't take much. this was suppose to be a back to workday for people but the holiday weekend got extended because of a messy commute this morning, even though volume is not an issue like one accident here in fort washington, 309 approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, about to clear they have the vehicle that was facing sideways on the back of a flat bed tow truck penndot is on the scene taking out the lanes, it's one of many accidents in the
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burbs. one here at washington lane and a pair of them in lower south hamilton buck county and one along elm wood avenue and one on bustleton pike. and there are slick spots even though the highways are pretty much dry. a bridge opening just wrapping up at the tacony palmyra bridge the ship is on its way down to the city of philadelphia. and septa regional rails once again up to 20 minute delays. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday. it's only tuesday? we are using the waze app near west conshohocken, we'll track that accident and other issues again in the next half hour. >> it feels like it should be a thursday at least. >> still ahead, an incredible gift to a local college, what an
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alum gave princeton university that is valued at $300 million. and the latest on the train derailment in west virginia find out how the accident has a connection to philadelphia. she was sent out to cover a love story but didn't realize she was the star. the reporter who got a surprise proposal on the job.
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your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. a new round of fighting broke out today in ukraine, where russian backed rebels say they had taken over a key transportation hub, the fighting was focused on a town held by rebels and both sides say that the town is on their side of the cease fire line and government and rebels were to pull back heavy weapons from the frontline today. >> fire is still burning in west virginia where a train derailed yesterday sending a huge fire ball into the sky, as you can
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see right there the train carrying 100 tankers of crude oil the explosion forces hundreds of families to leave their homes and it's threatening the water supply in the area. and it's leaking into the nearby river and the u.s. national guard is testing samples to find out the extent of the leak. it's called backin oil, wendy saltzman reported on the oil earlier this month the same substance is transported through philadelphia and south jersey. three cars have derailed in philadelphia over the past few weeks. la salle university is celebrating an historic achievement today. colleen hanitch was named the president, the first in the school's 200 year history.
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la salle also describes her as an accomplished attorney and a devout roman catholic princeton university just got the biggest donation in its history. they received manuscripts valued at $350 million, including a first edition of the bible and a copy of the declaration of independenceance and cuellar it was left behind by a graduate that was r died at the age of 100. that is fascinating. >> now adam joseph is live with the accuweather forecast. >> more arctic air is coming our way, when you look at sky 6, we
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have the brilliant sunshine and the ice chunks flowing downstream and no ice jams on the delaware however these ice chunks will grow in size as we go into the end of the week as the temperatures plummet once again. as we look at photos coming into our social media sites this was sent into me by melissa on our facebook page, we love seeing your photos and sharing them with you can i see her girl enjoying the fluffy snow with the minnie mouse snow suit, the good thing about the snow for kids at this age, there is no moisture in this snow and it's dry and they can play and don't get sopping wet and the bad side of this snow can't make a snowman or snowball. 26 in millville and 25 in dover and 23 in reading you factor in the wind and most of the area it feels like its in the teens the exception of philadelphia coming in at 28 degrees, that i'm not
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believing right now. between 12 and 16 degrees around us. a wedge of sunshine developing here in the mid-atlantic and clouds push to the east with the storm and we are watching another front that could barrel through tonight and right now it's on the heels of chicago and not a lot of moisture with it but the origin is the northern part of canada and it's going to unlock again the polar express for the end of the week. but until then, tomorrow is a great day get out and enjoy it. through 11:00 in the morning, a lot of sunshine and just a few high clouds and temperatures will feel balmy because they will hit the freezing point and tomorrow evening's rush is flawless clouds building by late evening at 7:00. this is when the arctic front passes through at 8:00 and midnight. there are scattered snow showers passing through, at most right now, there is a coating and not everyone will see the snow showers and that pushes out and
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by 7:00 on thursday morning. the sunshine is back, it will do little to warm us. take a look at the windchills, 5 below lancaster, and 0 in philadelphia and they will not improve as we go through the end of the week, into thursday or friday afternoon. overnight tonight a lot of stars irk the numbing cold, 9 in trenton and 12 in wilmington and your four day at 4:00 forecast tomorrow again a decent amount of sunshine and clouds build in the afternoon and a spotty shower with the front and 32 degrees and windchills near 0 all day long thursday 19 and then a record cold start friday, 1 degree that would be the coldest start to february in philadelphia history in 37 years, with 18 for a high and we slowly warm for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you adam. to business now, the markets made modest gains on the day
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the dow was up 27 points and the nasdaq rose 5.5 and the s&p gained three and that push its to a new record high. one of the largest loan management companies has moved into downtown wilmington, navenet opened their headquarters at justice street today and 123 employees work in the new offices, governor jack markell says the companies move is a sign of economic growth for the city and navent announced grabs for three local nonprofits including the childrens museum. don't be surprise fire department coffee goes up over the next three years the international coffee organization says that it could spike 25% by 2020. coffee consumption is growing in india and china and latin america and it will likely push the prices higher and higher.
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>> many people try lots of ways to lose weight fad diets and exercise and even pills but a new study suggests that fiber may be the key monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more. >> that is right many folks that try to lose weight thinks it's tedious calorie counter or avoiding a list of forbidden foods but it could be as easy as adding fiber they suggest taking in 30 grams of fiber a day and coming up in health check ali gorman will tell us about hundreds of people that were overweight benefitted from making the fiber change and why it's so powerful. we'll have that later on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you monica. a tv reporter thought she was going to cover a valentine's day love story but had no idea she was the star, coworkers told
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shannon handy about a violinist, who played to someone in a chair on valentine's day. and she sat down in the chair. >> i have a question for you -- >> i want to you be my wife and marry me. >> the two have been dating for seven years and of course shannon said yes. >> of course she was on live television can you say no? it's a great moment still ahead tonight, a big day for a philadelphia native, how the secretary of defense spent his first day on the job. and a bold heist inside of a linen store. and they were set for their high school dance they had tickets and makeup and dresses but they didn't have dates the school that would not let the teens
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into a dance all by themselves.
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philadelphia native ash carter spent his first day on the job as the new secretary of defense today. he was sworn in by vice president joe biden he spent most of the day there even though the federal government was shut down because of weather. he is the fourth defense secretary for president obama. he brew up in abington. police give us a look at the man they say robbed a linen store, we told but the theft at anna's linen in oxford circle on friday, they gave us surveillance video from inside of store, the woman offered to help the man but he said he was going to get money and later came back and demanded money. they are still trying to track him down. and breaking news involving the matter of a young man and
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his expensive head phones. and rescuing a baby home alone, who officers are questioning right now. plus -- >> i'm nydia han, you may not realize it because this wintry weather can do a number on your wallet. incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. for a limited time, get a fios triple play online at an amazing $79.99 a month guaranteed for two years. plus, a $400 bonus with a two-year agreement hurry, deal ends february 21st. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff.
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>> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason that drivers in california say one movie theater is turning highway 50 in highway 50 shades of gray. and nate allen is out of jail and talking to "action news." >> i am blown away at how easy it is to try to ruin someone's life. what the eagles safety knows about the alligations that landed him behind bars last night. >> and three apparently is a crowd, why a group of girls who want to go to a high school dance as friends said their school turned them away because they are single. a 21-year-old man is convicted of second degree murder for the death of christian massy it took less than three hours to find miguel garcia guilty for stealing
4:30 pm
expensive head phones in 2013. now to a brief break from the winter watches and warnings we have all been enduring for the last several days now. the sun is out and so is the system that dropped 7 inches of snow in our region. don't get used to it more arctic air is on the way and adam joseph has details and snow totals live at the big board. >> the jackpot came in southern new jersey as expected. some of the highest totals still over a half foot in florence and sewell, gloucester county a half foot and cumberland county 5.8 inches and a rare 5.6 in bala cynwyd and most areas saw 3 to 4 inches and lehigh valley 2.5. double scan live radar we are tracking the next arctic front okay where is it? here it is south of chicago and
4:31 pm
st. louis a little bit of white popping along the front and moisture starved and we are not expecting snow with this as it passes through and it will unlock some brutal dangerous air for the end of the week. thursday morning philadelphia will feel like 1 below 0, and notice to the north and west, 30 below in international falls in marquette, and 20 below with your windchills and thursday afternoon it still only feels like 3 in philadelphia and 8 below in roanoke and 9 below in detroit. friday morning look at how much of the country will feel below zero philadelphia 12 below and detroit 17 degrees below zero and we may break a record here on friday morning, we'll let you know what record that might be and another storm might be moving but what type of precip will it be? will it be all snow?
4:32 pm
>> adam thank you. with several inches of snow on the ground and temperatures barely breaking out of the 30s, our attention turns to the refreeze. sara bloomquist has more on that. >> reporter: well, brian that is right the sun is shining brightly this afternoon and it's a welcome and warming sight in havertown, it has done a good job of drying out the pavement here on darby road and this relative warmth and all the sun some snow has melted awake now there is concern that this water will turn to ice. at orners garden center on eagle road in havertown, landscaping crews are stopping in to pick up salt, bags and bags of salt. >> they come in to buy it for tonight. >> the sun came out this afternoon, and melted some of the snow and ice away.
4:33 pm
lancaster avenue in ardmore is fairly dry by late afternoon, except around the edges sidewalks that are salts are wet as well. they too can turn slick once the temperatures drop tonight. >> yes, black ice. >> black ice. >> right. >> you guys have all the salt you need? >> yes that is the plan. >> the rest of us are not crazy about this plan, but it's good for you guys. >> perfect we love it. >> ruben wynn waited until late afternoon until he set out to get the snow off his car. >> was sitting around waiting for it to be a little warmer i guess. >> it's not so bad now i guess. >> yes sun helps. >> the sunshine and warmer temperatures helped to dry out the area's main highways but still penndot stayed at it to help with problems that could arise once the sunsets. >> we are pushing back the snow and getting it off the roadways and getting the roads as clear as possible. and doing some isolated salting
4:34 pm
in area where we see potential where we may see water standing. >> penndot is keeping trucks on the sides of the highway to monitor the situation irk through the evening commute and once the sunsets they'll make a decision on how many trucks to keep on the roads to handle refreezing live in havertown i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and you can share the wintry conditions where you live and help us in the process with the 6 abc storm tracker app, use the report your weather app and submit a picture of any snow or ice you see wherever you happen to be the 6 abc storm tracker app is a free download. philadelphia police had to call in the fire department to help them rescue a baby left home alone today. officers were call out to the 400 block of devereux avenue at 4:00, after realizing they couldn't get into the crescent
4:35 pm
view apartment they called firefighters to help. they found a 9-month-old child alone but okay. they then found the baby's mother and they are interviewing her but they have not said if any charges are filed. >> slick roads are to blame in the city's mayor fair section, a man in his 60s lost control of his car on fronk ford avenue and the driver hurt a pole in front of a business and was rushed to area torresdale. a day after being detained by police in ft. myers florida. nate allen is talking to "action news" about the accusations that landed him behind bars for hours. he was pulled over by police and immediately taken into custody, at first he thought he was pulled over for talking on his cell phone after four hours he said he was accused of
4:36 pm
performing a lewd act in front of a 14-year-old girl, allen says someone made the story up. >> i'm not worried about football the fact that i have an accusation that something as disgusting and repulsive as that, next to my name. >> allen was released without charges but ft. myers police say that the investigation remains an active one. >> the murder trial began for the woman that calls herself the black madam. she is accused of performing cosmetic surgery at a hotel near the philadelphia international airport. a woman died after receiving that was sealed with crazy glue. samantha powers will speak
4:37 pm
to the 259 and graduating class and samantha powell will be given an honorary doctorate degree, she won the pullities her prize for her book on genocide. 44-year-old power is pen's first female connectionment speaker since actress, jodi foster in 2006. word a snow day inspired pure joy for children in the region and at the philadelphia zoo, some residents took full advantage of the winter wonderland. lion cubs were frolicking in the snowy landscape along with their mom. can you visit them in the big cat falls if are you behavior enough to brave the cold out there. >> they are brave enough. >> they are beautiful animals. >> they really are. plush pontiff, the new doll
4:38 pm
version of pope francis. >> all dressed up with nowhere to go a group of girls wanted to go to a dance as friends but their school shut them out for being single. >> and a peep show one movie theater is turning highway 50 into highway 50 shades of gray, we'll explain. >> please do.
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4:41 pm
on to the roof. the chase ended when an officer tased him. >> it appears that the people in charge of -- check out the ithaca visitors website, they are not trying to visit anyone to visit their city, because of this stupid weather. they suggest people head south to the florida keys. in addition to requesting a postcard. they ask torres to return when things thaw out. as philadelphia gears up to host the world meetings of families. the american toy makers bleacher creatures are releasing this doll of pope francis they have other toys resembling derek jeter and this will be for sale in july and cost 20 dollars.
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>> there is a new way to treat obesity woutd drugs researcher says it's about overcoming the impulsiveness driving other disorderers, they believe it comes from not understanding time and how to await for rewards they say that kids learn to delay their response to earn a bigger reward the same principal may work with adults. >> we may be able to use these interventions to help people make belter choices, you can learn not how to have the chocolate cake, at least not all the time. >> they don't work for everyone so this could be used along with or as an alternative to those medications. >> here at the big board with the big talkers these girls were turned away from the big school dance in utah they bought their dresses and shoes and had their hair and makeup
4:43 pm
done and all dolled up but were turned away at the door, why in because it was a sweetheart dan on valentine's day, these three girls weren't asked to go by any boys so they went together as friends. >> they asked who is your date, i said me and my friend we are sharing a ticket. plans change and you shouldn't not be able to go because of that. >> that was the case at their school, no date no dance. they were upset they missed out and would like to see the rules change. you can call this 50 shaded -- whoa. in sacramento a drive-in movie theater was screening the movie and you can see the big screens from the highway giving driver a real peep show, steamy scenes can be seen on the road and by
4:44 pm
anybody that happens to be in the car including kids, it's showing on several screens at sun down no comments from management about complaints, especially parents. and finally, to the sweetest story of second chances, a video that is going viral a heart-wrenching tear jerking story about love, and a stray dog named mustafa. they first found him at a water treatment plant he was sick and alone and surrounded by tanks of toxic chemicals but he was scared and shaken and wouldn't go near them, making the rescue difficult and risky but as you saw after coaxing and treats they led him to safety and he got a nice bath there and is treated by doctors and with a lot of love he got a second chance at life. and is a happy little guy he came a long way. >> yes he did.
4:45 pm
soon he'll make someone a loyal friend. lets get a check of the roads this afternoon matt pellman with how we are looking this afternoon. >> that is what they had to do for me coax me back in with treats. it was a rough morning commute. hopefully you stayed safe, and it probably took you a while. this afternoon commute will not take you as long. roads are empty emptier than the holiday yesterday. this is allegheny the wet patches are now dry and some slippery paxs on the side roads. and now on the highways we are moving just fine, lets go into the neighborhoods and talk about the crashes we are watching in ridley township delco one along south avenue and the bad one with the vehicle into the pole fire and police are helping you
4:46 pm
around it washington lane is the intersection to avoid a building fire in the heart of norristown in dekalb and a water main break in king of prussia, along church street and walnut street. ain crash at the oxford route 100 bypass and one at old kennett road, and lakehurst ocean county a bad overturned tractor trailer accident is closing 70 this afternoon and union avenue is a possible alternate around that one. >> thank you. adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:47 pm
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any warped up a bit.
4:49 pm
>> its 10 to 15 degrees warmer, any degree is an improvement. but we'll head backwards again towards the end of the week, as we head to sky 6, we have white sand at the jersey shore compliments of 7 inches of snow in cape may. it's only three months away before we start heading back down to the shore. on radar all is clear after the morning snow, you compact that light, fluffy snow as well and temperatures below freezing at this point anything that is not treating and is in puddles will refreeze, 26 atlantic city and 21 in the poconos, and 20 in wilmington. there was no blocking feature in the atmosphere to hold the storm back and it moved in and moved out and we have a clear sky for tonight and the first part of your wednesday in fact we are
4:50 pm
in between systems tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds for much of the day we are tracking scattered evening snow showers with this, impressive arctic front and 32 ahead of it warmer tomorrow than today. it's clear the entire day tomorrow even through 7:30 tomorrow night clouds are thickening up and no problems with the evening rush tomorrow and some scattered snow showers passing through after dark right around the 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 11:00 hour. a possible coating as the front passes through and we quickly clear out late tomorrow night and tomorrow morning for a rush home morning. the problem on thursday is the wind and it will be the cold and 19 degrees, feeling near zero the entire day on thursday as the winds whip up over new england and there will also be some bands of snow showers pushing off the great lakes and the lake-effect snow machine and some of the north western
4:51 pm
suburbs could see snowflakes as the air felt -- filters in. and windchills near 0. numbing cold, 3 in the suburbs and 13 for center city and your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 32 not bad tomorrow, watch for the scattered snow showers tomorrow evening with the arctic front and then the polar air pulls in here thursday and windchills near zero and friday morning it's 1 degree in philadelphia, that could be a record cold start for february standards, we are talking the coldest start in 36 years for february in philadelphia 18 for a high on friday afternoon and then a storm arrives saturday evening, saturday night and starts as a mix of snow and sleet and changes to rain as warm air floods in and a rainy day on sunday not as cold and 44 and back 10 degrees or so below normal on monday and tuesday. pretty impressive we go from 18 and jump up in time for a big
4:52 pm
storm to give us mainly rain. its unreal. can't catch a big storm here. >> thank you adam. as you face a wintry morning the "action news" facebook feed was filled with helpful information including the hourly accuweather forecast and entertainment too viewers sent in their best snowtographs. make sure you get all the best part of our facebook ktd go to and click the like button. hey. these are good. what have you been feeding us all
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well, it's time to save with 6 abc, it's been a long winter for many parts of the country, and as "action news" reporter, nydia han tells us those snow totals could be costing us more than we think.
4:55 pm
cabin fever can take a toll on our wallets. you may not realize it but wintry weather can impact a household's bottom line, there are things we spend money on. this winter season is particularly long and drab and particularly dull and boring and dark and we tend to spend more time inside. the thing that drives up your snow days the ease of ordering online. we sit around the couch doing nothing and it's easy to buy stuff, when have you your credit card information stored on your favorite sites. >> and the same thing for comfort food, it can eat away at your budget and a gym membership could go to waste. consider workouts at home until motivation gets better with warmer temperatures and try to put on a sweater. if you turn the thermostat down 10 to 15 degree as the night
4:56 pm
could you save on your heating bill 10% each year, there are things to do to stay warm and reduce your bills. >> i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> and finally at 4:00 today it seems that grumpy cat finally met his match this is mogy the moody feline and his mission is to destroy. and he knocked the remote off the table and then sets his igt on the glass and then made eye contact when she yelled at him to stop and he decided to do it any way and gently pawing it to the ground. mogy the cat my friend. >> how can you be mad at that face. >> once that glass goes down it will be pretty easy. for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff.
4:57 pm
we are back tonight we hope you will join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is melissa magee and rick williams with a look ahead. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, former treasurer rob mccord pleads guilty to extortion today in court. and 30 grams of fiber a day could go a long way. those stories and more next at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. plow trucks are busy today all over our area clearing snow as folks used shovels here to clear their sidewalks the commute was tricky at times and there were several spinouts like that right there making walking easier in this particular storm than driving. the big story on "action news" is the aftermath of the overnight winter storm. the snow is tapering off and the conditions are greatly improved. "action news" reporter david henry is live at the jersey shore where the most snow fell.
5:00 pm
lets begin with meteorologist, melissa magee and the latest from accuweather. >> hi rick and monica, we are tracking the departing system leaving the region that left snowfall. the heaviest fell south of philadelphia we picked up 3.7 inches of snow in the city but dprex elhill we had a pocket of 5.1 inches reading 3.5 and woodside close to 6.5 inches of snowfall. and in new jersey we had the bulk of the snowfall. hamilton 6 inches, toms river 5.5 inches of snow and egg harbor city 6.1 and 7 inches down in cape may. the storm system has long departed and temperatures in the wake in the upper 20s, 27 in philadelphia and 26 in millville and 26 in trenton so despite the fresh snow pack temperatures are milder today than they were


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