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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 24, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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there are some surprising new developments in that alleged road rage shooting that captivated the nation and left the mother of four dead. >> the suspected gunman has made his first court appearance and his lawyer now saying the young man was acting in self defense. abc's ted rowlands has the story. >> reporter: standing in shackles 19-year-old erich nowsch didn't speak during his first court appearance in las vegas on monday morning. erich nowsch is accused of killing mother of four tammy meyers in what police initially described as a road rage murder. but erich nowsch's lawyer said that is not what happened. >> there was no original road rage situation between with tammy meyers and crystal meyers and anybody. >> reporter: police believe meyers was giving her 15-year-old daughter driver diving lessons when a man threatened them sparking a gun battle between erich nowsch and
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her 22-year-old son brandon who meyers went to get after the initial encounter. >> the facts seem to point to self defense in this situation. it seems to explain the facts that we have in front of us more sensibly than any other explanation. >> i think it's his fault. >> reporter: bob meyers in an interview with abc's kendis gibson says even though his wife and son went searching for the suspect, his wife should not have been shot. >> he follows them home. they are home behind the door and he follows them in there and kill cans her. whose fault do you think it is. >> reporter: a preliminary hearing is set for march 10th. reena, ryan? >> thank you so much why dowd this be self defense? >> looking at the police reports on this it seems to have said that he this young man, told his friends that he thought he saw somebody waving a gun at them and he made the call to get his friends and go after this
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car and one thing led to another and now we know what happened. the idea would be he thought evidence under some sort of threat and responded. in their two different interactions now supposedly two crime scenes that there was a threat made against him. here's the problem with the self defense argument. one thing he told his friends according to police reports is that he drove back to the family's home basically following the mom's car and as she and her son, or at least her son was running out of the car he is firing shots. if you are in imminent fear you are thinking something is happening to you and you are trying to respond and you have to respond with deadly force because you are trying to fend off deadly force but if you are chasing after somebody and firing and they are not firing back there the goes the imminent threat. i think the self defense case is weak even though they are saying it could be a self defense. >> the story that changes like this something must be up.
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>> you think a lot of this may not hold up in court. >> i don't know. we have to see how the story develops. >> okay. you heard it here first. startling findings in the science of racial bias. >> and how quickly a cop is likely to pull a trigger on a suspect depending on his race. the results may surprise you. you are watching "world news now." >> a
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♪ we are learning about eye-opening research this morning. it's what's called the science of racial bias. >> it has to do with how likely a police officer is to pull the trigger, depending on the race of the suspect and the findings are not what you may think. bradley blackburn of our sister network fusion has the story. >> police warrant. >> reporter: you are seeing what a cop seesinone f the most advanced labs in the world. >> sir, release your hand. >> reporter: they are tracking the moment an officer pulls the trigger and trying to answer a crucial question. does the race of a suspect matter when cops use deadly
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force? it's the question at the heart of every headline grabbing case including ferguson. >> when you are absolutely convinced if michael brown were white this would have gone down the same way? >> yes. >> reporter: so that's why we went to spokane and that cutting-edge lab at washington state university. >> spokane police department. >> reporter: a million dollar facility that tests cops in extremely realistic scenarios. the officer has to died when force is required. all together 60 different scenes filmed with white, black and hispanic actors. the only difference is their race. they use a modified glock that shoots a laser beam instead of a bullet. they also monitor brain activities. i tried it myself in a scenario where a man drops a knife. put the knife down and put your hands up and then pulls out a gun. i hit my target but it was enough to make my hand shake.
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it really does make your heart race when you go through those scenarios. that's nuts another cops pret press buttons and this is the first lab in the world that so closely recreates a real-life encounter and that makes the results so notable. cops have biases but it's not affecting their behavior the way with you would think. >> actually there tends to be a greater hesitation to shoot african-american suspects compared to white or hispanic suspects. >> reporter: on average they took a quarter second longer to pull the trigger on black suspects and made fewer mistakes. >> if an unarmed suspect is shot they are more likely to be white than black. >> reporter: if you are surprised by the results you are not alone but others say they can control their biases. more research needs to be done and doesn't affect other policing like when to pull someone over or being searched.
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for within wednesday, i'm bradley blackburn at fusion. >> a fast fascinating situation. when you look at it i wonder if body cameras would tell us more as well. >> true. >> that's legislation is something people are pushing in a lot of states. you can see the full special, "black white and blue" tonight on 9:00 p.m. on fusion. it is interesting. the thing she was mentioning, officers less likely to shoot a black suspect. i think a lot of people will have a lot to say about that. we really need to find more documentation on these things. i have to tell you, the stopping of a lot of people is what offends people. because if you don't stop someone based on their skin color, what you think, you will have fewer instances. >> and the numbers, comprehensive statistics don't exist of who shot more or less. >> coming up giving new meaning
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or all day. ♪ if you live in a major city you have no doubt noticed the proliferation of super high end high-rises. they are seemingly popping up like mushrooms these days. >> forget about the apartments that cost a mere seven figureses. we are talking eight even nine figures. rebecca jarvis gives us a look inside these luxury homes. >> reporter: in boston this penthouse is currently for sale at $37.5 million. in new york one of the largest real estate transactions ever this penthouse of the new 157
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building sold for a record-breaking $100 million. that's where we met real estate broker noble black. he's in the middle of several multimillion-dollar deals. he's taking us inside of 157, this record-setting apartment. >> 157 appeals to somebody who wants two things. they want to have fantastic views, and they want to have hotel services and they really do a great job 0 of capturing those buyers. >> the minute long elevator ride opens to spectacular views and pure luxury around every corner. >> wow. >> here we are. 58. >> and there you have that view. >> reporter: beyond those spectacular views, you also get space, and lots of it including his and hers closets. what is $28.5 million get you. >> in this apartment it gets you 4300 square feet, three bedrooms
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and 3 1/2 bathrooms. >> reporter: there is controversy. this month, the "new york times" reporting that some foreign investors are using these high-rise apartments as off shore tax havens. you mentioned creative financing. i have been hearing about more financing happening with groups. so a big group of investors come together. they say we want to put our money in to an apartment in this building and they all come together as a collective and pool their money. >> that's probably gotten more press than the reality actually is. i have heard of some similar stories with. that i have never seen any of that. of all of the apartments i have sold myself i have not had those people coming in to be the purchasers. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i think if we pool our resources and i give a $1,000 and you cover the rest we could have that place. >> $1,000. >> okay, $2,000, okay, three.
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this morning on "world news now," with wicked winter weather. the monster storm system stretching across the country. wreaking havoc with high winds and ice and snow blanketing roadways. >> pretty bad. four-wheel drive helps you go but doesn't help you stop. >> reporter: multiple car pileups clogging highways and already sub-zero temperatures continuing to drop. accu-weather will have the latest. a dangerous chaild chase unfolding in the middle of rush hour. the furious driver topping out his truck at 135 miles an hour refusing to stop slamming in to other cars. how he was finally taken down. she's in the money. a single mom to four kids all smiles as she steps forward to claim her record power ball
3:01 am
jackpot prize. telling her story and how this money will give her family the incredible boost they deserve. >> seven of us living in one room. it wasn't comfortable. >> reporter: her vow to use the money to change their circumstances, but not who they are. it is tuesday, february 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. >> he's back. >> reena nine en ryan smith. i'm in for t.j. holmes. he's on assignment this morning. the big discussion today, is it wreaking havoc or wrecking havoc. we're trying to figure that out. >> it is wrecking havoc. you dame in like a wrecking bask and wrecked havoc. >> that would be wreaking havoc. >> remember in 1988 there was a thing called global warming. what happened to it?
3:02 am
>> it is getting a comeback now. the winter weather is blowing people away in the south. >> that's my point. global warming. it's cold everywhere. >> it didn't warm up enough. you know what's interesting is it keeps getting colder and colder. people can't seem to pull out of it. >> apparently elsa was arrested. true story. we will have that in this half hour, right? >> that's right. let me tell you about this it is getting tough in the south, especially with the cold weather many vehicles sliding an skidding including an american airlines jet at the dallas-ft. worth airport. it happened shortly after the md-80 landed as it tried to make a turn. >> no injuries reporting but 1,000 flights to and from dfw were cancelled yesterday. there's more ice and snow on the way for the south today. we get more from abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the coming storm announced its arrival at dallas-ft. worth with thunder sleet.
3:03 am
freezing rain made driving an icy dangerous mess. 37 cars piled up in amarillo. in oklahoma crashes closed interstate 35. drivers in the storm's path struggled to get traction. >> it's pretty bad. four-wheel drive helps you go but doesn't help you stop. >> reporter: even getting out to push. slick roads turned big rigs in to 15,000 pound hockey pucks. here in dallas there is a layer of ice everywhere. not only on the sidewalks but the roads. police responded to well over 100 crashes already. airports cancelled 1,000 flights thanks to the latest in a series of rapid-fire winter storms. so far costing airlines and passengers about $1.3 billion. there's a human cost, too. in austin two people died in fires blamed on space heaters. >> i didn't know what to think. the house is on fire. i was hoping there wasn't nobody in there. >> reporter: recent storms in tennessee and kentucky have killed at least 33 people. meanwhile, out west, snow is falling in las vegas.
3:04 am
hail even tornados in southern california. in the east, even the thawing is trouble. >> awful. >> reporter: from maine to arlington, virginia where a sinkhole opened up nine feet deep. here in dallas they will be happy to see this storm and all of this ice move on but there's a new snowstorm headed this way on wednesday. clayton sandell, abc news, dallas. and there's going to be more bad weather for the south today as the arctic air once again grips the midwest and the east. >> we will go to accu-weather's justin povick who has the forecast. good morning justin. >> ryan and reena, thanks and good morning to you. slippery start throughout much of the southeast. north of atlanta to colombia south carolina line. that includes interstate 40 and interstate 26. south of atlanta toward i-10 we are concerned about wet weather. this will linger throughout much of the day and create additional travel delays all the way to central florida. it is warm in south florida.
3:05 am
where it not warm the upper midwest and plains on tuesday. the great lakes on wednesday and then back to the northeast and the middle atlantic states we think by thursday. later on this week well, it's very, very cold in the east it is very, very stormy and active in the northwest and the southern plains. ryan and reena, back to you. >> thank you so much, justin. a compromise could be in the works to resolve a standoff over funding for the department of homeland security. some senate republicans suggesting splitting president obama's contested immigration measures from the agency's funding bill. with more on that and what's at stake, here's abc's karen travers in washington. >> reporter: another capitol hill deadline another standoff. funding for the department of homeland security set to expire at the end of this month unless congress approves its budget. president obama said the stakes couldn't be higher. >> it will have a direct impact on america's national security. >> reporter: congressional republicans are using the
3:06 am
homeland security budget to wage a fight against the white house over the president's immigration actions that would limit deportations for millions of undocumented immigrants. it would fund homeland security but overturn immigration orders. if this fight isn't resolved some 200,000 dhs employees would stay on the job but not get paid until congress authorizes funding, another 30,000 would be told to stay home. this would with impact border patrol and tsa agents port inspectors and fema employees. >> don't tie that debate to the funding of the men and women standing behind me who have multiple missions on behalf of homeland security. >> reporter: given the increasing global threats including a new call by a somali terror group for an attack on minnesota's mall of america, some republicans say this isn't a battle worth fighting. >> if we don't fund the department of homeland security we'll get blamed as a party.
3:07 am
>> reporter: house republican leaders say they are waiting to see what the senate does this week. as far as they are concerned they passed the bill and it is up to the senate to get it across the finish line. karen travers, abc news washington. a wild high-speed chase in southern california. the chase started last night in the san fernando valley with a pickup going as fast as 135 miles an hour. the driver led police on to three -- at least three highways and a resident ial neighborhood weaving in and out of traffic, even hitting a pedestrian at one point. police finally rammed the truck in palm dale causing it to lose control and slam in to a car. the driver surrendered after a 30-minute standoff. now to boston and a terrifying crash caught on camera. take a look right there. see that? you can see a pickup truck slamming in to a light pole and an exit sign on the highway. the truck fleiss off the upper deck and plunges to the roadway below. seconds later oncoming cars hit
3:08 am
their brakes to avoid another accident. amazingly the driver survived and is charged with drunk driving. erich nowsch made his first court appearance in the 19-year-old's attorney said his client is a victim himself. erich nowsch felt threatened by the woman who died and feared for his life. >> there was no original road rage situation between tammy meyers and crystal meyers and anybody. >> tammy meyers husband agrees it wasn't road rage. he says it was murder. police say there was a confrontation after a short car chase followed by the shooting a few blocks from the meyers' home. the president of a connecticut university is urging students to turn in campus drug dealers. ten wesleyan students were hospitalized after a bad batch of molly was adistributed over the weekend at the school. four people are in the hospital. molly is a refined form of the synthetic drug ecstasy.
3:09 am
the dramatic rescue of a dozen trapped manatees is underway in florida. 17 of the slow-moving animals became stuck in a drainpipe in a residential area of satellite beach. a rescue team from sea world joined by fire crews and other agencies have freed several manatees. for the remaining animals they will drill through the drainpipes to split it open an lift the animals out by a public works excavator. good luck to those guys. health news now and a counterintuitive approach to preventing peanut allergies in children. a study suggests exposing infants to peanuts before age 1 helped to prevaent peanut allergy. lowering the risk by 80%. dr. richard besser says this is a game changer when it comes to peanut allergies. >> if your child already has food allergies they need to get skin tested before you introduce peanuts. but for every other child when you start them on solid foods
3:10 am
get a wide variety. stopping foods and not exposing them could be the biggest risk of all. >> peanut allergies affect 2% of kids in theist. peanuts are the leading cause of food related deaths. my children don't have peanut allergies but you are affected by it because you can't bring things with peanuts to the classroom. >> kids food gets sent home when they bring that in. the fire people will have is if i feed them the peanuts now what if it makes them sick. >> they are so tiny to begin. >> we are undecided. we heard the study and talked about it and undecide sdpld the boys have no peanut allergies. >> not so far. they are good so far. elsa you were talking about earlier. >> i teased about sale. it is a real story. the star of the hit movie running up quite the police record. yep. >> there she is. >> the snow queen from "frozen" request has been arrested in
3:11 am
south carolina. the charge bringing winter weather to the south. >> oh. >> yeah. >> she's the one. >> she's the one. she's the one. character was arrested at a fountain that had frozen. >> there you go. police had to let her go after the ice melt. yeah, this is getting better and better. wait a second. there she is in court. it with is a publicity by a party planning company with the police in on the joke. but it is not going to help because today 's high is 39 degrees. see when they were with cuffing her she was getting mouthy. hey, buddy, back up. wait a second now you are resisting arrest. then a brawl and she is in jail and i'm going down to represent her. >> you are. >> i work for disney and that's a disney character. >> as an attorney. >> i will get you out, sale. i promise. >> this sounds like frozen 2. >> frozen 2. >> and you have a part of an
3:12 am
attorney. >> i'm the attorney krancht. ♪ let her go ♪ let her go. snowe ♪ >> that's what i sgling pretty good pipes there my friend. >> how about miracle time. >> coming up miracle times two actually. cojoined twins we are covering from a incredible medical procedure. >> a look at the ground breaking dramatic surgery including the latest on their recovery. an incredible story. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer wet jet. i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting!
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call now. troubling news on the measles outbreak. some not linked to the outbreaks. as of last week 118 reported cases linked to a group of unvaccinated people who visited dpland december. two unrelated outpraeks are in illinois and nevada. a first grader in texas is
3:16 am
about to get a new kidney after a nationwide search. turns out matthew parker's perfect match was right in front of him, his first grade teacher. lindsey was the only match out of 70 potential donors and she said it is meant to be. matthew has been on dialysis for two years them transplant is scheduled for next month. great story. we turn to two more remarkable children making an even more remarkable recovery. >> two dozen doctors and nurses embarked on an extraordinary 26-hour surgery in texas to separate two conjoined twins. abc's juju chang takes us inside the operating room. >> reporter: knatalye and adeline mata have lived face to face sharing every breath since they were born conjoined ten months ago. their mother hoping to hold them each individually for the first time. but first they must endure a complex, highly risky operation. 12 surgeons ten months in the making costing millions of dollars.
3:17 am
the doctors at x texas children's helicopter of houston working in unchartered waters. the twin withes are joined rib cage to pelvis and internal organs like their livers are fused together. we have to separate things and put them back together and reconstruct them. >> when you think of the potential risks, what goes through your mind? >> sadness. i don't want to lose them. i know there's that risk but i have this peace of mind this faith in god that he's got control of it. >> you have faith in the doctors, as well. >> i do. >> reporter: the mata family waits anxiously during the 26-hour surgery and 16 hours in. >> five four three, two, one. separate. [ applause ] >> reporter: the girls' future looks bright. a true testament to their middle names, hope and faith. juju chang, abc news houston.
3:18 am
>> what an amazing operation. it's the first operation of its kind. 12 surgeons, six an necessary these yolgss and eight surgical nurses to carry that surgery out. >> hope and faith. i love the names. how much more fitting can it be. no release date yet for them. it is a incredible surgery that will take some recovery times but they look like they are off to a good start. >> stepping out of the shadow s to claim a share of a record jackpot. what we are finding out about the stay at home mom from north carolina who's a multimillionaire and then some. >> lucky woman. ahead in the next half hour what we are finding out about some of the men on oscar's red carpet. what some did to enhance their not so natural god looks. finally with we hear about the men. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world
3:19 am
3:20 am
it was barely two weeks ago we and just about everybody else in america learned sadly we were not turned in to overnight multimillionaires. i was banking on this. >> you were. >> and it didn't work out. >> i went on vacation to in florida thinking it was -- that's how much. >> i empty my bank account thinking it was going to work. >> out. >> three people hit the drawing on february 11th and one of them is just now stepping forward. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: the only thing bigger than the number on marie holmes' giant check is her smile. coming forward to claim her share of the $5864 million power ball jackpot. >> i'm still processing it. it hadn't hit me yet. >> reporter: a lot to process for the single mother who left her job to care for her four
3:21 am
kids including one with cerebral palsy. never imagining that asking her mom to pick up a few tickets from a store in north carolina earlier this month would be such a pivotal moment in their lives. >> reporter: those matching six numbers bringing them from struggling living in a crowded mobile home. >> seven of us living in one room. it wasn't comfortable. >> reporter: to figuring out how to spend a fortune. >> it's everything -- anything my kids ask for i can actually get it for them and i don't have to tell them no. >> are you going to tell them no though? >> yes. >> reporter: keeping them grounded as she takes the lump sum payout $127 million before taxes. money the 26-year-old says she'll donate use to travel and to send her kids as well as herself to school. >> it's not going to change the person that i am but it's going to change our situation with financially, like we will be
3:22 am
able to have our own everything. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, thank you. great story. >> we'll be right back. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. thank you for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult
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24 hours. zero heartburn. time now for "the mix." okay ladies especially if you have had children you are going to love this story. i promise you. >> okay. >> three dads don what they call empathy bellies to experience pregnancy. look at this video. the three guys get together. a they are a trio of publisher fathers, you can tell because they look so smart. they both wear for one month 33-pound baby bump suits. that's their baby bump. three-month pregnant dad. isn't that cute? they tried to see if they could have sympathy for their wives, women this their lives. so when they went to bed, here's what they felt this is what they said. i have aches in my back and sore shoulders. oh my god, i couldn't get settled. oh, the pain. their wives understandably were
3:26 am
like what a wimp. these are the happy pictures. in real life all they did is complain how hard it was to sleep. they are documenting their experiences on a website. reena, what do you think? how hard was it? >> i'm all for empathy during pregnantingcy. >> yeah. >> yeah. why not. >> i don't don an empathy belly. i say honey whatever you want you get. that looked hard. >> father of twins. >> this is why men could never carry children. we'd cry every day. >> there's a reason. how do you feel about sub woofers. >> i think they are a public nuisance until i saw this. a great way to get rid of snow. take a look. ♪ turn down for what ♪ >> it doesn't sound like bass. >> this is what he decided to do to get rid of snow, turn the bass up wait for the beat to drop and so does the snow. >> do you think the government
3:27 am
would put up big woofers everywhere to get rid of the snow. >> school buses would love that. can you imagine? >> on to this one. because i love telling stories about crazy dudes. this is -- this goes in the category of when you have so much time on your hands you can do stuff like this. these guys and their names are juice tin stewart and andrew citas of jstu studios. they put a bunch of squeaky stuff in their shoes and walk around and look at how the dogs go after them. this is the guest appearance on the comedian jack vale the comedian that pulls jokes on everybody. how cute. they are digging after his feet. a lot of time on their hands. >> i find the noise annoying but the dogs love it. >> look at the other dog, can i get a piece of that. pied piper of dog squeak. usher outdances the rest of them. take a look. >>ank you for calling
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," arctic blast. the south already reeling from snow and freezing rain. things about to get even worse. negative temperatures dropping even lower. we'll have the latest forecast. towns shutdown. the manhunt underway for at least three suspects in a bizarre home invasion turned bank heist. the latest on the search, and what one of the victims was forced to wear. was it a bomb? rough day for chris christie, one of the front runners for the republicans in the presidential race. now on the outside looking in. his poll numbers dropping just as he finds out he's lost a billion dollar state budget battle. quality time. what big winners john legend and common did after their emotional oscar performance and who may be jealous of their new friend. that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, february 24th. ♪
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> talking about that song there and that powerful moment. >> most powerful moment of the oscars. really incredible. i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes. he's on assignment. >> i'm reena ninan. >> yeah, that blew away the entire show. i don't know if you seen the movie, phenomenal. >> really good. i can't wait to watch. so many on the list that i want to see. good morning to you guys. top story, though, we can't get over the winter discontent. >> the weather, 175 million people are affected by the harsh weather. parts of many southern states are coated with snow and slush, making the roads icy and slippery. >> boy there have been hundreds of accidents including one at the grounds at dfw airport and there's bitter cold throughout the east. we get more from abc's ted rowlands.
3:32 am
>> reporter: you are hearing thunder sleet texas style. a mix of freezing rain and thunderstorm. add snow and you have an icy wintry mess that's paralyzing wide parts of the u.s. from the southwest in to the northeast. slippery roads are causing car and tractor-trailer pileups, closing some interstates. this major interchange in ft. worth usually bustling practically empty. drivers straining to get traction or struggling to see through their windshield. state troopers across a 2,000-mile storm zone are wired worried about drivers trapped on the side of the road in frigid cars. >> looking for people strand. >> reporter: frank was driving his car across the hudson in new york when a chunk of ice suddenly flew off a tractor-trailer driving in front of him. >> i'd say a foot long, probably a half foot wide, like this. a good slab, yeah. >> reporter: that slab piercing through his windshield. >> i got at least a two-inch gash, probably a quarter inch
3:33 am
wide, pretty deep. >> reporter: he will need 20 to 30 stitches to close the head wound. a warning to drivers everywhere to clear snow and ice from their car and truck roofs even in places like las vegas where it rarely snows until now. one driver taking advantage of the misery afflict ing millions of others and practicing his winter car moves in an empty parking lot. ted rowlands, abc news, los angeles. >> many will get a chance to practice winter weather driving moves today. >> not that we were looking for any. let's get the forecast from accu-weather's justin povick. >> ryan, reena, thanks. good morning. the south waking up to wintry weather. in fact, quite a messy situation unfolding from asheville toward raleigh durham. a mixture of sleet and snow to the south from greenville, north carolina to upstate of south carolina. from the southern suburbs of
3:34 am
atlanta to macon and savannah and toward i-10. a cold rain and with puddles and ponding on the roadways there will be additional backups as well. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, it is setting its sights on the great lakes and the northeast. while the southwest starts to improve. still some rain and snow over the four corners as low pressure pulls off to the east. ryan and reena, back to you. >> thank you, justin. here's a nasty sideline to the nasty winter weather. road salt used in the recent snowstorms has made its way to the water supply in philadelphia. yes, road salt. residents in several towns have complained their drinking water tastes salty. the water company acknowledged that runoff of the road salting is to blame but officials insist the water has been treated and is safe to drink. state department is down playing the supposed threat from an al qaeda linked group on u.s. shopping malls. the u.s. spokesperson described the videotape from al shabaab as propaganda. federal authorities say it's not likely to inspire violence anytime soon. a manhunt continues this
3:35 am
morning for at least three people behind a bizarre home invasion. a connecticut bank executive and his family were terrorized, strapped with what appears to be explosives. it was part of an apparent scheme to rob a credit union. details from abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: police descending on a quiet connecticut community after a mother and her adult son were allegedly held hostage in an elaborate bank robbery scheme, with threats they would be both killed with explosives. law enforcement sources tell abc news -- >> there's no question this was a very scary situation. >> reporter: a neighborhood evacuated, schools on lockdown, traffic at a standstill as parts of new britain, connecticut essentially shut down. it began here in bristol, connecticut. police responding at 8 a.m. to reports of a hope invasion here. sources say the 70-year-old mother was tied to a bed and some sort of device was placed under it. the son a bank executive was taken 20 minutes away to achieve financial credit union. threatened the device under
3:36 am
mom's bed would be detonated if he didn't get them cash. the man somehow alerting a colleague who called police. >> they encountered an adult male in a motor vehicle who had what appeared to be an explosive device strapped to his person. >> reporter: alleged crooks got away and by noon they declared the devices safe. the fbi is looking closely at them. mom and son unhurt. a community on edge and the search is on for the suspects. gio benitez, abc news, new britain, connecticut. the head of the v.a. is apologizing after falsely saying he served in the special forces. secretary robert mcdonald said last night, i incorrectly stated i had been in the special forces. that was inaccurate and i apologize to anyone who was offended bymy my misstatement. the apology was quickly acknowledged by the white house. chris christie prepares for a possible run for the white house. the judge ordered chris christie and the legislature to put $1.5
3:37 am
billion in to pension funds for retired public workers. unions filed a lawsuit after christie announced he would not make the full payments he had agreed to saying it would cost taxpayers too much. san francisco bay area driver killed after hit by a commuter train last night in menlo park. the victim said to be a victim in her 30s was apparently struck on the tracks. witnesses say the car flew 40 feet across the intersection on impact. terrifying moments for patrons at a florida restaurant after a boat smashes in it to. the boat crashed so far in to the restaurant it you barely visible from the outside. witnesses say they heard a loud crash, saw people running from the scene. seven people were on board when it crashed, two suffered minor injuries. authorities say fogging played a role in the crash. a couple of not so bright criminals were in court in pennsylvania yesterday after trying to escape from the cops. the two are accused of breaking in to a gun shop by hacking a
3:38 am
manhole-size opening through their roof right there. police responded to a burglar alarm and then a seven-hour standoff ensued. the suspects were finally caught, trapped in the store's ventilation system. well, he hasn't played for a year, he's 39 and a unlikely to be an everyday player but alex unlikely to be an everyday player but alex rodriguez was at the center of attention in yankees training camp yesterday. coming off a one-year suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs, he signed autographs, practiced like a little kid i should say there, practiced a little really and talked to the press. he admits he made mistakes, created problems and understands why some people are mad at him. coming soon from apple, ethnically diverse emoji characters. the male and female faces and thumbs up and down icons will be available in six skin tones. others including princesses and construction workers will get more diverse options. new icons won't be available until apple updates ios later this year. >> what a relief. >> you were looking forward to this? >> sure was.
3:39 am
krispy kreme is celebrating the opening of its 1,000th store with get this, i know you will love it, free doughnuts. noel is crying right now. that's right. one free original glazed doughnut is offered to the first 1,000 guests at every participating store today. that's amazing. the 1,000th store is opening in kansas city, kansas. the first customer in line there wins a free box of doughnuts every week for the next year. the next 99 customers win a free box of a dozen doughnuts every month for the next year. >> i'm willing to take over the next reads if you get in a cab right now and go. >> i may have to. wait, they are all closed in new york. >> kansas. >> okay. we will fly. somebody get the private plane ready. i'm off. wait, i have to read this one first, though because it is elsa. you know i'm her lawyer. while some are blaming elsa for this severe winter as we reported in the last half hour, others are putting her to use.
3:40 am
watch as this elsa, that's right, elsa the dog, shovels the backyard hockey rink taking a bite out of the snow. that's no pooper scooper but a full-size snow shovel. go elsa. >> it does look like a little pooper scooper. >> she's not letting it go for sure. >> elsa, the idea is to move it -- >> oh. >> pretty good. however, the yellow lab zigzags, crosses the blue line and still hasn't cleared the goal. based on videos posted on you tube it kind of appears pets are enjoying the snow more than we are. >> you can put them to work with and don't have to pay them a thing. >> oh, said the lawyer. >> that's right. that's how we are going to solve our snow problem in front of our yard. coming up in "the skinny," what happened after the oscar after party. >> plus it is called a medical breakthrough. what doctors are just finding out about peanut allergies in children. you are watching with "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:41 am
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starting today, smoking marijuana for nonmedical purposes is legal in alaska. the law allows alaskans to smoke, grow and possess limited amounts of the drug in nonpublic places, but buying and selling pot is still against the law. lawmakers are still trying to work out how to tax and regulate the industry. voters approved the measure legalizing recreational a use in november. use in november. virginia is the latest state to ban the sale of powdered alcohol or palcohol. the company behind the brand is making a push to get it on store shelves as early as this spring. it comes in flavors like cosmopolitan and lemon drops. lawmakers are concerned about the possible appeal to kids and are also concerned about people snorting it. >> my goodness. it is not drugs or alcohol causing problems for many families with young children but peanut allergies. >> big concern. while rare, childhood peanut
3:45 am
allergies have more than doubled in the past ten years. new breakthrough research is suggesting a way to reverse that trend. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: inside of this new jersey home -- hi there. lee anne and her son josh view peanuts as poison. have you ever not been able to breathe? >> yes. when i was 2. >> reporter: that's when josh experienced a violent reaction after eating a bite out of his mother's peanut butter sandwich. >> in under 30 seconds, he couldn't breathe. his blood pressure had dropped. clutching your throat. it is almost like you are being strangled. >> reporter: with this new study hope that other kids won't have to go through that. researchers fed peanut snack puffs to babies prone to allergies and found early exposure prevented most babies from developing the peanut allergies themselves. the conclusion, introducing peanuts to babies 4 to 11 months reduced allergies 80%.
3:46 am
encouraging news for parents and kids. linscy janice, abc news, new jersey. >> when i was based in jerusalem, the kids there were given this thing like cheetos but made out of peanut butter and everybody ate it from when you are little and they have little peanut allergies in that country. >> i wonder what that is. >> same study. >> i think some people are saying this is part of the sanitation of kids that we try so hard to make sure everything is clean, everything is spotless an they don't build up antibodies they need to fend off certan things like these allergies. that's what some say. i don't know how much of that is true, but i wonder, what do you do now, feed them peanuts and see what happens. >> frightening for parents who know their kids have these reactions. >> absolutely. when we come back, where john legend is putting his new oscar statue. >> and where john stamos put his hand while walking the red carpet. that's ahead in "the skinny."
3:47 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny. >> now for the skinny post oscar headlines. >> we know that john legend and common, aka lonnie lynn, which is something we learned last night is his real name, won
3:49 am
oscar for best song. ♪ one day when the glory comes ♪ ♪ it will be ours it will be ours ♪ oh glory ♪ >> what a performance. "glory," that soaring track from "selma." what we are finding out this morning is what they were caught doing with their golden statue. >> legend and wife christy teigen couldn't resist cozying up with the oscar in bed. in this image he shared on instagram. this says it all, common after a tough night of partying. that's where you put your oscar, sack out on the couch and oscar watches over you. all is well with the world. >> that t-shirt looks comfortable i have to say, too. >> congratulations. i like that that you caught up on the name. >> a surprise. a lot of people i knew were -- who's lonnie, oh, wait. that's common. >> common sense, common. now lonnie, what? next up, another rare
3:50 am
post-oscar celebrity candid shot. >> yeah. it is dwayne "the rock" johnson in a relaxed night after a night of partying sitting back in his private jet enjoying a bottle of dom perignon. classy. >> what i loved about him. he presented with zoe -- and she came out in a gorgeous dress and he gave they are he look of hey, girl, what's up, a little oh oh, looking at america. >> then this candid from the red carpet, john stamos apparently couldn't resist copping a feel from oscar. hey, man, hands off. >> poor oscar. >> look at him looking away. >> oscar can't do anything but stand there. >> poor oscar. speaking of awkward touching moments we remember john travolta's space issues sun night. >> in particular the photo of the 61-year-old star giving
3:51 am
scarlett johansson an awkward and surprise walk by kiss. >> you know it had to happen. here are a few internet memes of john travolta, north korean kim russian president putin not jong-un and and british prime minister david cameron. russian president putin not happy at all with the show of affection. >> maybe he does like it. i don't know. >> who knows. >> finally some non-oscar news about sofia vergara. she said she is postponed her wedding to hunky fiance because of his movie "magic mike 2" which is conflicting with their summertime wedding plans. the blessed event will be sometime later this year. >> lamest excuse ever. i can't get married my husband to be is in a hunky movie. they dated only six months so he moved quick. coming up, folks, everyone looked beautiful on sunday night at the oscars red carpet. >> were some of the guys a bit too beautiful? the secret behind their not so
3:52 am
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you go long™. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's no question that it takes quite a bit of effort to look like a movie star, particularly for women. reena's the only person who with does it flawlessly with no effort whatsoever. >> i just roll out of bed and look like this after my evening nap. >> flawless. >> we women have always turned to cosmetics particularly mascara and eyeliner to give mother nature a little or a lot of help but increasingly there are a growing number of men also. here's abc's byron pitts. >> reporter: from rosamund to
3:56 am
reese, the daring to the plain strange. the ladies went all out to heat up the red carpet to red, red, red-hot. last night the men were turning heads, too. >> the men get the raw end of the deal when it comes to the red carpet and i think they were revolting this season. >> reporter: the men pulled out the stops to put their best faces forward with, mascara to eyeliner. >> when you have that much pressure to take a fantastic photo why should you have to show up bare faced? >> and it works. check out the arches on michael keaton who used eyebrow pencil for extra definition and john travolta and jared leto joining on the manscara trend. >> channing tatum. >> some wonder if he borrowed his wife's eyeliner. >> the guys were stepping up their style game. suits in every color. david oyelowo's fine wine to jared leto's powder blue.
3:57 am
>> and this year's winner for bluest tux and whitest shoes -- jared leto. >> reporter: the subtle and not so subtle changes in hollywood, men closing the gap, women pushing to close the salary gap. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> reporter: byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> that manscara thing gets me. i don't know why. so apparently there are specific brands for men. >> you know. you know. >> where did you find this photo? i shredded this photo. i shredded this -- this is my robert smith face. i was in to the cure. >> you were in to the cure. >> i loved them so much. it was sad. it was dark. >> to the graphics department, amazing job. fantastic. >> announcer: this is abc "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, the freeze danger for millions. a monster winter storm coating highways and runways overnight in ice. plus the dangerous cold gripping 27 states. temperatures even lower than last week. the latest from accuweather. breaking now, night light. the mystery object speeding low across the sky. was it a meteor or something else? breakthrough radical new advice for parents hoping to prevent deadly peanut allergies in kids. could eating peanuts actually prevent peanut allergies? on fire the burger that burns with every bite. is this the hottest hamburger on earth? good tuesday morning. i'm ryan smith. t.j. holmes is on assignment.


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