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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. happening now, crippling cold. more snow and ice from dallas to atlanta. cars and trucks pinballing off slick roads. this plane sliding off the runway. massive chunks of ice crashing on to cars and another arctic blast putting 12 states on alert sending temperatures plunging up to 30 degrees below normal. new this morning. under fire the head of the v.a. caught on camera making false claims about his military service. >> i was in the special forces. >> now admitting he never served with the most elite fighters forced to apologize. what the white house is saying this morning. kidnapping mystery. the manhunt this morning for two suspects who took this bank executive and his mother hostage tying devices to them and threatening to blow them up if he didn't empty the vault. how he thwarted this bizarre plot.
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>> the battle in the ballroom is back. we are live from los angeles to kick off our exclusive "dancing with the stars" reveal. the cast bus arriving just moments ago. you're about to find out why it's the biggest season ever and it starts now only on "gma." ♪ and we do say good morning, america. it is time. once again, "dancing with the stars" is back and this is going to be a huge one. the 20th season the tenth year. >> so who will be in the cast? we're counting down to that. lara is live in l.a. not alive, tom bergeron and erin andrews and the dancing pros and dj kalkutta we're going to find out very soon who will be battling for the mirror ball trophy. >> that is ahead. we want to get right to that new winter storm. snow and ice across the south.
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deep freeze from illinois all the way to maine. ginger is tracking it all for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you. i am about ready to stop stepping outside and have tears come out from the wind and cold. it is 4 in new york city. the windchill is subzero and we are not alone. people from maryland all the way to new hampshire sending me pictures of their dashboards and saying seriously, look at this. it feels like 20 below in binghamton erie 19 below. pittsburgh broke records and then we talk about the snow and ice in the south. that picture was just from north of austin texas. now they're dealing with another storm coming their way. winter weather advisories in place for dallas and everywhere east and you can see why. those two storms now one that's already in the south, one that's coming from the four corners there going to go ahead and move on. our steve osunsami is just north of atlanta in adairsville where they're seeing it at this point, steve. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. what started off as freezing rain has now turned into ice and
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then snow. across north georgia alone this morning, classes at nearly 100 schools are either canceled or delayed. overnight white knuckle drivers losing control. trucks cars and even planes slipping and then crashing. >> he should have not slammed on his brakes. >> reporter: in dallas in semi hit a patch of ice and nearly fell off the highway. and at the dallas/ft. worth airport, the ice led to thousands of canceled flights and then this. an american airlines jet sliding off the runway 68 passengers and crew were frightened but were unhurt. thank this everlasting winter for hundreds of accidents monday. this latest arctic blast bringing dangerous travel from coast to coast. in amarillo a 37-vehicle pileup. >> we wanted to get together and do some good for some people. >> reporter: it took five jeeps with the drivers working
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together to help free tractor trailers that jackknifed across the highway. >> we freed the highway so that's pretty good accomplishment. >> reporter: in the northeast the falling ice is crashing on to cars. >> i'd say a foot long probably half a foot wide like this. >> reporter: this man was hurt when a large piece of ice fell off a trunk and into his windshield while he was driving. he needed 30 stitches and is recovering this morning. weather might also be to blame for this explosion in new jersey. a tanker blew up after the driver lost control flipping it over an exit ramp. >> i looked across the way and there's like a towering inferno of smoke. >> reporter: this is setting up a very slippery commute this morning. we saw one depth on the way here and that is likely to be one of many this morning. george. >> sure is. steve, thanks very much. we go to washington now and a showdown over homeland security. a fight between democrats and republicans over immigration is holding up funding for the whole department and at midnight
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friday the deadline is many looking. jon karl is at the white house and this is them preventing our borders. what happens if congress cuts off funding? >> reporter: if congress cannot pass a bill by friday at midnight funding runs out. that means 30,000 federal workers will be furloughed ordered to stay home. another 200,000 at the department the vast majority will be required to go to work because they're called essential but they will have to work george without pay. this includes most of the secret service, the border patrol. those tsa screeners at airports. the white house won't say whether or not this would actually endanger national security but what they say it certainly wouldn't make us any safer. >> deadlines have a way of concentrating minds. what is the chances this gets worked out. >> reporter: i think it will at the very least with a temporary agreement that keeps the department going for another month or so but a tough call. remember republicans are fighting against the president's immigration action. they want that stopped and they
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don't want to fund the department unless that action which they deem illegal is stopped. >> okay johnn, thanks very much. the veterans affair secretary is under fire. he was captured making false claims about his military service. robert mcdonald is now apologizing for saying he was in the special forces and abc's martha raddatz has the latest and joins us from washington with that this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this comes after the suspension of nbc anchor brian williams for exaggerating experiences in iraq and accusations of exaggeration then strong denials from fox's bill o'reilly about his war coverage. but this morning, it is a member of the president's cabinet who is under fire. he is the head of our nation's troubled veterans affairs, the man brought in to clean up the department but now bob mcdonald has created some trouble of his own. that is mcdonald in a cbs report
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talking to homeless veterans claiming service in the country's elite u.s. special forces. >> army? what unit? >> special forces. >> special forces. what years? i was in special forces. >> reporter: but that is simply not true. mcdonald is a veteran and west point graduate but he did not serve in special forces a tight-knit highly trained group which includes navy s.e.a.l.s and green berets some of whom called mcdonald out for making that claim. overnight, mcdonald admitted his error in a statement saying i incorrectly stated that i had been in special forces. that was inaccurate and i apologize to anyone that was offended by my misstatement. i have great respect for those who have served our nation in special forces. the apology was quickly acknowledged by the white house. we take him at his word and expect that this will not impact the important work he's doing to promote the health and well-being of our nation's
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veterans. while mcdonald seems to have the backing of the white house it is the veterans ss whose support he needs and making claims when he was in an elite group when he was not could hurt that. george. >> we'll watch, thanks. we turn to health news and what could be a game changer in fighting the recent explosion of peanut allergies. a study shows feeding peanut products to infants can cut the risk of developing the allergy and we bring in dr. richard besser. this goes against everything we've been hearing. >> every once in a while a study comes out and you say, wow. this goes against everything i was taught as a pediatrician and what i've been telling parents. we've been saying to parents that the best way to prevent peanut allergy in your children is hold off on peanuts for the first three years of life. turns out that was wrong. in this study they took 640 babies between 4 months and 11 months they were all at high risk of peanut allergies. half said no peanut for the first five years of life the other they said peanuts three
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times a week and followed them. at five years those who are peanuts three times a week 80% fewer of them had peanut allergies. >> what was behind the explosion? you and i didn't have this? >> you know one of the thoughts is that we've made the world too clean for children. this idea that our children need to be exposed to things early in life so that our immune system tones down. it gets used to seeing these things so when it sees them later it doesn't develop all these reaction that is we're seeing right now. >> what should parents do with this new information? >> if your child has food allergies or at high risk they need to be skin tested before you do anything here because they may already have an allergy but for other children you want to start them being exposed to a wide variety of foods when they're babies and that's very very important. we've changed how we feed babies now. no milk no honey but everything else is good to go for babies in the first year of life. >> parents can have a lot of questions and will you be taking them on twitter this morning. >> all morning. >> now to that bizarre
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kidnapping and attempted bank robbery in connecticut. two suspects still at large after paralyzing one neighborhood there. a bank executive, tying up his mother at their home threatening to kill both of them. abc's gio benitez is in new britain, connecticut. with the very latest on all this. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. investigators right now believe these crooks were trying to get into the vault here at this small community bank really using some hollywood tactics to get it done. this morning, the search is on for two men believed to have held a bank executive and his mother hostage in a dramatic bank robbery scheme that paralyzed parts of connecticut evacuateing apartments and locking down schools. >> there's no question that this was a very scary situation. >> reporter: just after 8 a.m. monday, police responding to a report of a home invasion at this house in bristol. amonging to a local bank's chief financial officer, matthew yussman seen here in his facebook profile. >> it infiltrated with the
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s.w.a.t. team police from plainvillecame. police from newington and brought one of those big humvees. >> reporter: sources telling abc news two men tied yussman's 70-year-old mother to a bed leaving something that looked like an explosive device under the bed and they put another device on yussman forcing him to drive 20 minutes to the achieve credit union where he is an executive threatening to detonate the device under his mother's bed and kill him if he didn't empty the vault. yussman never making it into the bank but managing to call a colleague who called police. >> they encountered an adult male in a motor vehicle who had what appeared to be an explosive device strapped to his person. >> reporter: authorities rendering the devices safe. the two suspects getting away without hurting yussman or his mother. >> the investigation does remain very fluid, very active and is expected to continue into the near future. >> reporter: and right now,
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those two men are still on the loose but police say that there is no threat to the community right now this morning. again, mom and son are okay this morning. >> that is what is most important but you're saying the authorities about the suspects no real leads here? >> reporter: well right now police aren't telling us a whole lot but we don't even know at this point if they know who these guys even are. >> all right, gio, thanks very much. we turn to that scare at wesleyan university where a dozen kids have been hospitalized two in critical condition after taking a bad batch of molly. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: this morning, authorities here in middletown are trying to trace the source of drugs that caused a serious situation. >> your patient is a 20-year-old male chief complaint, overdose. >> reporter: a close call for a dozen kids at this elite new england college. >> it's very just shocking. >> reporter: early sunday morning ambulances rushed eight patients from two dorms and this
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coed campus club known as the eclectic house to a local hospital. four more checked themselves in. >> got another one on foss hill. >> reporter: the symptoms consistent with an overdose of a designer drug known as molly. >> fast heart rate high blood pressure. agitation, ha hallucinations but that can quickly progress to more severe symptoms. >> reporter: molly is the street name for a pure christa lean powder form of mdma or ecstasy home made in a lab and often cut with other drugs. an overdose can cause liver, kidney or heart failure. two of the wesleyan cases were serious enough that the patients had to be airlifted to hartford hospital. >> keep in mind you never know what you're going to get. there's no guarantees and a drug dealer is not going to tell you what's in that magic pill they're selling you. >> reporter: the wesleyan president now issued a campuswide statement, please please stay away from illegal
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substances and warning one mistake can change for "good morning america," david wright abc news middletown connecticut. >> thanks to david for that. "gma" weekend anchor dan harris in for amy with the other top stories. >> good morning, everybody. we'll start with breaking news. the latest active aggression from isis kidnapping at least 90 christians in syria. activists say islamic state fighters took them monday as they overran several villages in or the eastern syria. not clear what they plan to do with them. this abduction followed the recent beheadings of 21 egyptian christians in libya. a big setback for chris christie the governor of new jersey. a state judge says he broke the law when he slashed $1.6 billion in payments to the state pension fund. he now has to make up the difference. christie has promoted himself as a governor who cuts spending without raising taxes. a wild pursuit near los angeles. a man wanted for reckless
7:15 am
driving sped away from police weaving through traffic reaching 135 miles an hour even hitting a pedestrian. police finally rammed the truck causing it to lose control and slam into another car. the driver surrendered after a 30-minute tanoff. his passenger was not hurt. and look at this horrifying crash in boston. a pickup truck slamming into a light pole on the highway flying off the upper deck and plunging down to the lower deck beneath. oncoming cars hit their brakes to avoid another crash. amazingly this driver survived and he has now been charged with drunk driving. fog may be to blame for the boat crashing into a restaurant in florida. the people inside ran for their lives after hearing the loud crash. seven people were on the boat at the time. two of them got hurt but not badly. also from florida this morning a rescue team led by seaworld worked overnight to save more than a dozen manatees that got stuck in a 36-inch storm drain. manatees are often attracted to
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warmer water in drainpipes during winter. this morning nasa says that streak of light seen overnight in the sky over montana, idaho and utah was not a meteor but likely the remains of a rocket that launched a chinese satellite, the burning rocket was about 90 miles above earth at the time. finally, tired of shoveling know this winter? look at one guy in canada look at what he did. he trained his labrador retriever to do it for him. her name is elsa fittingly and fittingly she loves the snow. here she is clearing the backyard hockey rink. interestingly, i have taught our three cats to do a similar trick where they stare at me blankly with barely con he will haved attempt while i clean up the hairballs they have coughed up on the rug. not quite the same thing but a similar spirit, i think. >> maybe next year. >> i love how elsa was wagging her tail. >> she does love the snow. now to drier weather in the
7:17 am
southwest perhaps. >> not >> look at this. hail in southern california yesterday. see it covering the ground here in this backyard. a land spout you were just looking at just before. now that same low pressure system that is going to, t-created that is going the move off to the east. 63 will be the high in las vegas. this is after a day where they had snow on the ground in some of the suburbs los angeles goes to story. remember i was telling you guys bright brilliant sunshine in l.a. after a rainy and cool weekend. 63 san francisco. almost 70 in san diego. phoenix will be in the 60's with that low very close there. you know who feels warm? the folks waking up in fog. tampa just over a quarter mile of visibility. 1 mile in naples 1 mile key west. it will burn off to a beautiful day. it's spring break type weather. we're talking 80's for miami. back to fort myers west palm beach daytona cooler and that stationary front makes everybody colder north of there. and that icy pocket we're watching in the steep south.
7:18 am
that's the big picture. we got to get your local forecast in 30 seconds. >> good morning everyone, dave murphy here with an update from accuweather. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you dry conditions but as we head outside bundle up. we've got temperatures down into the single digits in a lot of spots. we're running at about 10 degrees in philadelphia and wind chills even though the winds are fairly light they're actually making it feel like it's close to zero in a couple neighborhoods. 24 is today's high. not as windy as yesterday but wind chills in the teens later
7:19 am
on. 35 tomorrow with a passing flurry. back into the 20's on wednesday. or i should say thursday and friday. spring but somebody is getting a jump start. walk through that path and dream of warmer weather. >> great idea. >> it is a great idea. >> that helps a little bit. >> a little. okay coming up on "gma," the latest on the las vegas mother murdered on her front lawn. the suspect is in court and her husband is speaking out this morning. also ahead, one of the winners of that massive powerball jackpot, she is here, a mother of four telling us all about her big plans. it's an abc news exclusive. and zendaya firing back against surprising comments about her red carpet look. why she's calling it an ignorant slur. you see the dancers there on "dancing with the stars." the big cast reveal in just a little bit. who will be battling it out for the mirror ball trophy in season 20?
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just ahead on "gma," the huge "dancing with the stars" cast reveal. lara is still there in l.a. for the big announcement. "dancing with the stars" troupe heating things up. a lot of big surprises in store for you this morning.
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>> good morning. the action cam is live there at a blaze in philadelphia's kensington section and we just found out now the scene has gone to three alarms. this building houses two retail stores and apartments above that. karen rogers now has more on how this is affecting traffic. good morning. >> and you can see with that shot right there the number of
7:27 am
emergency workers on the scene. likely icy conditions in this area as well. this is front street between dauphin and york street. we can see that that area is blocked off. stick to second or third. this is affecting the septa tub sub ways. market frankford line shuttle busing. now residual affects because the market frankford is shuttle busing creating delays on a number of buses. lots of delays because of this. and also the action cam on the scene of another problem this morning and look at this, this is elsmere, new castle county, route route 100 northbound bridge near new road closed indefinitely. structural issues, pieces of concrete fell and you can see that's a problem this morning so be careful about that. pennsauken we still have closures as well as an accident blocking the left lane yet another accident here on the 30 bypass this one past 322 tam. >> okay, thank you karen. let's take a live look sky 6 in atlantic city. dave murphy spring around the
7:28 am
corner but it feels a million miles away. >> sure does. sun is up. take a look at temps right now tam as we're only at 8 degrees in philadelphia philadelphia. allentown and reading below zero. both of those negative numbers are new record lows. wilmington i believe has tied the record and in some cases the wind chills are making it feel a little bit cooler, zero in philadelphia but the winds aren't all that strong. today's high is going to be 24 tam. 35 tomorrow. a little better. >> okay, thank you david. coming up on "gma" one of those powerball winners. we'll see you here in 30. >> ♪♪
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good morning, america. right now, more snow and ice from dallas to atlanta making a messy morning commute. temperatures plunged from the midwest to the northeast. also right now, the 19-year-old accused of killing a las vegas mom appears in court for the first time. zendaya fires back against startling comments made about her oscars look sparking a lot of discussion this morning. we do say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. we have so much to get to and we are live in los angeles. we can't get lara to come back. she's there for "dancing with the stars." the big cast announcement. you see the dancers, dj kalkutta pumping up all morning long. >> minute as way from learning who will be in the cast. you have surprises this morning. >> yeah right behind me one of the members of the new cast and any guesses?
7:31 am
any guesses in new york? >> i think i know. >> you know? >> i think so. think about the -- >> you'll find out soon. >> the halloween we had in here. i don't want to give it away but that's a good one. think of halloween -- >> i try to block out halloween. >> there you have it. there you have it. >> once in a while somebody just says something completely true on the set. it resonates. i feel the same way. i got your back. >> thank you. we'll move on now. move to las vegas. extraordinary interview with the husband of the woman who was gunned down outside her home as the suspect makes his first appearance in court, abc's kendis gibson has the latest. >> reporter: 19-year-old erich nowsch appeared in a las vegas courtroom in shackles charged with murder. his attorneys claiming self-defense. shortly after tammy meyers' husband bob takes us on an admittedly painful tour. >> every day that goes by i miss
7:32 am
my wife. >> reporter: retracing his wife's final moments in what he acknowledges was not a road rage incident after all. >> he did not have to follow my wife home and murder her. >> reporter: according to him it started in this parking lot where tammy was teaching their teenage daughter how to drive. he later learned nowsch was watching nearby. >> came out of his mouth that they made him nervous. >> reporter: nowsch so nervous he called a friend to pick him up following tammy on to this road in a silver audi. bob says tammy only realized something was amiss when the driver cut her off before getting out and threatening her. >> along some line i'm going to kill you and your daughter. >> reporter: frightened bob says his wife rushed home to get her son brandon who had a gun and went in search of that silver car. he says they found it and the suspects just two blocks away. they're on this street supposedly facing the bad guys. that's when bob says nowsch started shooting without returning fire he says his wife
7:33 am
and son rush back home. but nowsch follows them allegedly opening fire again. this time he says brandon shoots back but it's too late. tammy shot in the head. >> think he feels responsible for it happening about letting his mom get shot. >> reporter: bob says his children were too traumatized in the days after to tell him and the detectives the story fully. we now know erich nowsch and tammy meyers knew each other living only a block apart. for "good morning america," kendis gibson abc news las vegas. >> thanks to kendis for that. strange, sad story. >> it really is. let's go to dan harris now. he's in the social square with "the speed feed." dan? >> 36 hours out and the oscars have kept up their social mojo including lots of chatter about this woman. her name is zendaya. you may not know her but your kids probably do. the star or one of the stars of "k.c. undercover."
7:34 am
when she showed up at the oscar she landed on many best dressed lists however giuliana rancic of e!'s "fashion police" had a different take saying "i feel she smells like patchouli oil or weed." many on twitter pounced on that comment calling it racist. on instagram zendaya herself called ransic's comment outrageously ee anyone sieve and said i suggest some people should listen to india.arie's "i am not my hair" and contemplate a little before opening your mouth so quickly to judge. on twitter ran sick replied i'm sorry i offended you and others. i was referring to a bohemian chic look. had nothing to do with race and never would. however, from what we're seeing a lot are not convinced. you can tell us by tweeting us using the #socialsquare. back now to you. >> it was really hot. >> exploded. >> oh very much so and her response was really good about i am not my hair india ari and
7:35 am
respond with bohemian chic and added to it. he just did. >> always hair. always this issue with hair. go ahead. >> let's get a check of weather with ginger. >> let's freeze it up. on the delaware river, all that ice and so many of us waking up saying when are we going to get respite. when i >> all that weather brought to you by revlon and here's a look at the snow through friday.
7:36 am
so it's the snow in the south i'm most concerned about going to the end of the week. coming up "gma investigates." how to get out of your gym membership. how to cut ties. one of the winners of that huge powerball jackpot. yep, she's on top of the world. mother of four revealing her big plan. abc news exclusive. come on back. ♪ before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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♪ a little after 7:40 back with "gma investigates." canceling your gym membership. you may have been told you can get out of it at any time but some are finding it hard to stop the monthly payments and rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: if your goal is becoming a gym rat in 2015 isn't quite becoming a reality, there's something important you should know before you try and cancel that membership. >> i'm confused. i can't cancel or i can-can sell.
7:41 am
>> reporter: this gold's gym in oxnard california made it so hard for members to the cord the ventura county district attorney compared that location to the eagles song "hotel california." >> check out any time you like but you can never leave. >> reporter: prosecutors opening an investigation even sending an agent undercover. >> i'm doing exactly what the contract says and you're not letting me cancel. >> so would you like to leave your phone number? >> reporter: this resulting in a $6 million judgment against that particular gym which has since gone out of business. parent company gold's gym international telling us that the case was only against that particular franchise and it ended that franchise relationship saying "gold's gym maintains the highest level of standards and no other gold's gym locations around the country were involved or impacted by this in any way." the better business bureau telling "gma investigates" they receive more than 6,000 complaints of all kinds on gyms last year. some of those people trying to
7:42 am
cancel their memberships. how can you avoid being one of them? if your first response is to pick up the phone or cancel in person "consumer reports" says you could waste your time. >> take out the contract and see what the cancellation policy is. >> reporter: tip one, put it in writing. >> you may have to send a notarized letter to cancel your membership memberships. >> reporter: marisa was told it was canceled. >> it was a direct debit coming out of my account and he said it should stop next month. well next month another charge hit my account. >> reporter: which brings us to tip two, the best way to pay is plastic so if there's a dispute -- >> call up that credit card company say -- >> this is not what i agreed to and they will actually check into it and hold your payment. >> reporter: tip three, buyer beware. health clubs may tell you their cancellation policies are simple at the time of sign-up but "consumer reports" says when it comes to gym membership, the
7:43 am
most important thing you can exercise is caution. >> what ultimately matters is what's on the page. >> exactly. >> not somewhat someone tells. >> you what's the legal agreement. that's what you have to stand by. >> reporter: and one more important thing to keep in mind. most gyms have you pay a month in advance so when you are trying to quit beware of that salesperson who tries to convince you to keep the membership for awhile since you'll be paying for it anyway. even after you quit you typically have about 30 more days to use that membership since you did pay for it in advance. >> i think of that "friends" episode. i want to quit the gym. ross had to go with him. all comes back to a "friends" episode. >> you need that buddy. >> you are. you are a buddy. thank you. the mother of four who won that massive powerball jackpot is here for an abc news exclusive revealing the first thing she'll do with all that money. who will bring home the mirror ball trophy on season 20 of "dancing with the stars"? we reveal the new cast in just a little bit. ♪ reva can heal it in as few as two and a half days
7:44 am
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7:47 am
♪ on top of the world ♪ that powerball winner a young mother of four in north carolina collecting a share of the $564 million jackpot. one of the biggest ever. we have that nice check that we're going to let you see right
7:48 am
now. it's the real deal for marie holmes who joins us now. good to meet you, marie. >> nice to meet you too. >> wow. goodness gracious. i mean you officially wake up this morning as a millionaire. you have the money in hand in the bank. is it finally sinking in now what's happened to you? >> no, not at all, no. i still don't believe it. i don't know when i'm actually going to believe it. >> how often did you play the lottery? >> not often. probably months athe a time -- like i don't play it often. when i have spare change and such. >> you gave your mother $15 on her way to church to pick up some tickets. >> yeah that's what happened. >> when did you know that you had hit the lottery? >> the next morning we got up and i gave them breakfast and stuff and just happened to check facebook and my friend had a post with the numbers on it so i looked at the numbers and i had my numbers in my hand and i was like these are the same numbers
7:49 am
on my ticket and then i started screaming and stuff and my kids ran away from and said i scared this em. >> your kids were saying what's going on with you screaming and running around the house. >> they ran into the next room. >> who was the first person you call called? >> my mom. >> what did you tell her. >> can you please come over. she came and let me see her phone and i looked again and i was like -- i had to look twice so i was like started screaming outside, we made it. >> i guess it's hard for people to believe. i got to tell you here whenever the lottery gets that big and joke around if i won that much money you wouldn't see me the next day, it is for you, marie, so what are you going to do? >> i want to give my mom a house and fix my grandma's house up and put money aside for the kids' college and stuff. >> tell us about your four children. >> i have a son who is 7 and daughters who are 4, 3 and 9
7:50 am
months. >> what's the first big ticket item you want to other than -- that's nice you said about a home but what about for yourself and children? >> our own home. a home and a car like we're going to have our own everything. >> and you are going to tell them no right. >> of course. >> oh -- >> you're not getting everything you want. i was told no so you'll get told no. >> i saw the change in your eyes like oh wait a minute now. >> they're not going to get everything they want. you got to learn. it's a learning process. you can -- i can buy you everything but i'm not. >> and how about for yourself? >> i'm going to travel a little bit but i am going to get back in school so i can continue my education. >> what do you want to study? >> nursing. >> that's a noble profession. i don't have to say good luck because you obviously have good luck but, marie holmes thanks for sharing your story and we're happy for you and wish you the absolute best going forward. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. >> you take care. >> such a delight. has four children.
7:51 am
her oldest 7 has cerebral palsy and she'll donate to 0 ss organizations. >> and she'll keep the kids in line. huge "dancing with the stars" reveal. surprise guests holding the mirror ball. find out who it is just ahead. coming up "gma's" "dancing with the stars" cast reveal is brought to you by find your car your way at ♪
7:52 am
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shuttle busing it's causing delays on a number of septa buses. in addition we have three different detours for septa buses three, 89 and 49 all being detoured, three, 39 and 89 are all being detoured through this region. a lot going on with this. chopper 6 live over kensington. now we can see chop are was over pennsauken. look at this massive tanker truck fire still affecting traffic this morning in pennsauken. ramps connecting 90 eastbound with 130 are closed. you got to go to union avenue instead and expect those delays coming off the betsy ross bridge, tam. >> thank you karen. let's go to sky 6 hd looking out over center city. david, yet another really cold morning. >> your y-looks -- yeah looks beautiful. take a look at temperatures. we've improved in philadelphia but only 11 degrees. still zero cold not much wind. that's good. your seven day, this afternoon's high just 24. winds fairly light but i could see wind chills in the teens at times across much of the region and then wednesday clouds and sun maybe a flurry
7:58 am
up to 35. that's better but back to the 20's on thursday and friday. tam. >> okay. thank you day. we're updating that kensington fire store on 6abc there. everything will be there until you see in you 30 minutes. >> ♪♪
7:59 am
narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
8:00 am
♪ bang bang ♪ it's a.m. and8 a.m. and we're about to kick off the biggest season of "dancing with the stars." which will battle it out in the ballroom? you'll find out here live. and bake sale bashlash. why doctors are pointing fingers at parents for the most unhealthy foods. >> the heartbroken woman left without a rose on "the bachelor." we have all the details on her emotional date with prince farming and tearful farewells. keith urban shares what really happened backstage at the oscars with his movie star wife. >> i'm backstage. >> the new "dancing with the stars" cast is here live. the big reveal just moments away. here on "gma." [ cheers and applause ] as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> and those dancers. ♪ ♪ fire ball ♪ >> there they are, the "dancing with the stars" pros. live in los angeles this morning getting ready to reveal who they're going to be dancing with and the upcoming 20th season of "dancing with the stars." >> they look fantastic. our audience does as well. moving and grooving to the sound of dj kalkutta this morning. >> we are just moments away from the reveal of who's going to be in the cast for season 20 year 10. lara out in l.a. with tom bergeron and erin andrews. tell us about what's going on. >> all right hi guys. miss you already. it is so much fun out here. host tom bergeron co-host erin
8:02 am
andrews and it is a very very big day as we introduce the new cast backstage. >> yes. >> it's a wild crew. >> it's a great crew. >> it is a great crew. cannot wait to share it with you. we've given you some clues and we'll get to that coming up. >> we got to get news first. "gma" weekend anchor dan harris in for amy this morning. we'll start with the big weather news as ginger has been telling us all morning parts of the south are bracing for more snow sleet and freezing rain. the dallas area has been especially hard hit with trucks crashing off highways and major delays at the airport. georgia and the carolinas are also getting whacked. school districts in more than half a dozen states have canceled or delayed classes. ginger's full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we've got breaking news from overseas. isis fighters have reportedly kidnapped 90 christians after storming a village in northeastern syria just days after the terror group executed 21 christians in libya. the secretary of veterans affairs is apologizing for
8:03 am
making false claims about his military service. robert mcdonald was caught on camera last month telling homeless veterans that he served in the elite special forces, the problem is, he didn't. in a new statement mcdonald said "i apologize to anyone that was offended by my misstatement." a fight in congress over immigration is threatening to cut off funding to the homeland security department. both issues are tied up in a bill that is now stalled. if no deal is reached, 200,000 workers including border guards and tsa officers could be forced to work without pay. in medical news high calorie sugary foods are still making their way into schools despite efforts to improve nutrition. a leading pediatrician's group says these days most of the unhealthy foods are actually coming from school bake sales and birthday parties. they recommend that parents switch out some ingredients for healthier options, for example, oatmeal cookies instead of chocolate chip. from the stupid criminal file this morning, check this out.
8:04 am
this is a little embarrassing game of hide-and-seek in missouri as a suspect tries to get away from police. he runs into a backyard behind the shed and sees that mattress there. right there on the left of your screen so instead of running into the woods nearby where he could have done some effective hiding he opts for the least effective hiding spot ever sure enough police turned the corner and had no trouble identifying the large lump under the mattress. busted. and finally another criminal caught red-handed or more specifically red-pawed. this koala was spotted behind the steering wheel of a land rover. luckily for the owners his feet could not reach the pedals. the teenager who took these said the koala genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself. he is not the only daring koala in the neighborhood. recently a baby koala took a dip in a buck on the front porch of a home nearby. >> look at that face. >> koalas gone wild in australia. >> they can do anything they want. they're so cute. >> they will scratch and bite you if you get too close.
8:05 am
>> got to be careful. >> you know this? >> i've held a koala and if they're not in the right mood things can go poorly yeah. >> okay thanks dan. "pop news" and weather coming up. t.j. is over in the social square. >> hey, good morning, guys. the "morning menu" for you. ever wonder what happens behind the scenes it he oscars? well keith urban revealed it. he and his wife got together with this cool video. pretty good stuff. everybody want to have a look like that but you want to do it for less. we'll tell you how to have that oscars look. also who could those stars be? we got the big not just the big reveal for our "dancing with the stars" cast but the biggest reveal so far is coming up and also i hate to have to meet these ladies like this but this is kaitlyn. poor thing. she went home without a rose yesterday. but she's going to explain it all to us coming up. come back with us here in times square. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by addville the pain reliever that is built to be as fast as it is strong.
8:06 am
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8:10 am
♪ with lara out in l.a. getting everything set for the big reveal t.j. holmes in for "pop news." what a treat. >> well all right. i'll try to live up to that. we got some new music. this is a huge collaboration. kelly clarkson proving once again she's invincible has a new
8:11 am
single. the track is co-written by "chandelier" superstar sia. sneak peek. ♪ i am invincible ♪ >> all right, i got some heads bobbing around the studio. all right, but "invincible, i am not a little girl anymore." but she recently said guys kelly clarkson the biggest star said she had a hard time getting people to collaborate with her. like nobody. nobody would work -- she doesn't know. she feels like she had the plague or leprosy but it's weird. a star that big can't get people to collaborate. sia with her now and 200,000 hits overnight on youtube. >> i've been drumming so i'm happy to step in. you know. >> yeah. >> collaborate with you. >> yes. >> sorry, kelly. let's go to another one. i'm holding on to my mvp trophy from the fifth grade basketball
8:12 am
tournament. can you imagine when you won an oscar. you wouldn't let that sucker out of your sight. so common and john legend clearly not letting the oscar get away. take a look at what common did. i love this brother. one of my partners here from years back in the day but i love this guy and look at this. look at his oscar kind of looking over him as he sleeps. not letting it go. he posted this one. now, on the john legend front usually if your spouse says they want to invite a third person into bed. that's a problem. but in the case of john legend he invited the oscar into bed with his supermodel wife chrissy teigen. she explained on "kimmel." >> not at all, i woke up and he was doing this and everyone was like, oh you won an oscar. you must have gave him the business. no this is what happened. >> and this -- >> give him the business. he's spooning his oscar. another shot of the three of them in the middle of them. you wouldn't let that out of your sight. keith urban/nicole kidman.
8:13 am
just regular folks. i know they're rich and famous but behind the scenes a sneak peek at what really happens behind the scenes at the oscars look at this. >> hi everybody. we're just back here at the oscars. jason. what do you want to say, baby? >> hi. >> that's it. having a blast backstage. be good. bye, say good-bye, jason. >> yeah. jason bateman stuffing his face you had plenty of stars behind them. reese witherspoon and ben affleck. you can kind of make out. yeah you can kind of make them out hanging out looks like regular folks if that's possible. this is big on facebook. a million and a half views and counting. a lot of stars out there but still you see them in their element just hanging out. starstruck themselves. >> they're hungry. always hungry. >> violation of celebrity etiquette to do that in the room like that.
8:14 am
i'm sure jason bateman didn't -- >> if you're a celebrity that big, can you take your video. >> you can do that. >> fair enough. >> thank you, t.j. "heat index" coming up. ginger in the social square with >> all right. [cheers and applause] >> it is were you ever those mornings it is way too cold. i love that abbey. abbey from new hampshire. say hell. >> oh hello. >> good morning, everybody. that will warm you up. abbey did you know syracuse new york was subzero. twentieth time this year. look at the core of that cold air breaking record. several in vermont this morning. these are actual air temperatures. seven below syracuse, 11 below burlington one in buffalo. quick look at the storms in the south. the one and two the weren't hang now will be tracking these through the week and that's the billing picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> all right ginger. dave murphy with an update from accuweather. we're dry on storm tracker 6 live double scan as we head outside. lots of sunshine so it looks like a nice comfortable morning, right? not quite. we've got temperature of
8:15 am
12 degrees in philadelphia, some of you still in the single digits. at least it's not much wind. this afternoon 24 is your high. still very cold but not all that windy. and then tomorrow clouds and sun, perhaps a passing flurry, a high of 35. a little better but we're back into the 20's on thursday and friday. back to "gma" north carolina. >> saying -- >> lumberton. >> saying hello to her seven grandchildren. let's get back inside. >> i love those hands. right in there. burning up the "heat index" this morning, so many people talking about the beautiful gowns at the oscars and the trends we'll be seeing in the coming months. this morning abc's abbie boudreau tracked down some of the hottest celebrity looks for less. ♪ >> reporter: the glitz, the glamour, the gorgeous gown. >> some of these dresses were in the six figures. >> reporter: six figures? for those of us on a tighter budget hoping to get
8:16 am
wallet-friendly versions of academy award looks i turned to cameron silver and headed to nordstrom's in l.a. to learn how to re-create the looks in a flash and at a fraction of the price. >> got a lot of gorgeous hair to deal with. >> reporter: cameron's glam squad included the team from charlotte tillburry's makeup collection transforming lauren and brianna from everyday looks into oscar-worthy glamour. >> now we wait for the transformation. >> reporter: lauren inspired bianna kendrick's for around $400. but what about that peekaboo opening. >> what if you wore the dress backwards and it really works. >> it looks amazing. it looks like a completely different dress. >> yes. >> reporter: next up brianna, channeling emma stone's elie saab chartreuse number and the
8:17 am
matching shoes. >> 8 buck, the dress is $118. >> reporter: those are red carpet earrings. her look from head to tow ringing in at $375. for the final look "fifty shades of grey" starlet, dakota johnson and guess who gets to step into her stilettos. what do you think? >> i think you look like an oscar nominee. >> oh, wow. >> you look like a winner. >> reporter: dress, shoes and clutch for $450. we wrapped a necklace like this around the trap and added a broach to create for of the jeweled strap. >> reporter: red carpet style in an instant. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and for full details on these items, you did to on yahoo! we'll share it all. time for the big reveal back to l.a. and lara. >> robin. dafrngsing shoes are on. the big moment. ready to reveal for the very
8:18 am
first time the cast of "dancing with the stars" season 20. congratulations. tom bergeron and erin andrews. >> all right. >> 20th season. >> 20th season. grandpa. >> what? >> go. >> let's do it. >> get ready to watch this grammy-winning platinum selling living legend light up the ballroom. she's performed for more than half a century. she's done it all on her own. give it up for patti labelle and her partner artem chigvintsev. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. next up is one of the lead vocalists in the hot band r five. i know that's on your playlist. >> i have r 1 through 4. >> he appeared on "glee," he's the second cousin of derek hough
8:19 am
and julianne huff. riker lynch and his partner allison holker. [ applause ] ♪ >> all right. this blond bombshell is a model and an actress who caused a sensation at the super bowl starring in a very sexy ad and i stopped being a vegetarian as a result. charlotte mckinney and her partner keo motsepe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> i just sucked in a little bit more and i'll have what she's having and next up this former
8:20 am
defenseman for the rams first openly gay man drafted in the nfl. recipient of the arthur ashe courage award, get out here michael sam, this is my territory and he's joined by his partner, peta murgatroyd. [ applause ] ♪ >> i volunteer as tribute for the next contestant. she plays katniss everdeen's little sister prim in "the hunger games" series at 14 she's our youngest cast emever chronologically not emotionally. come on out, willow shields and her partner two-time mirror ball champ mark ballas. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:21 am
>> all right. so i'm going to start by interviewing this part of the cast as you know there are more celebrities coming. i'm going to start with you. hello, patti labelle. great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> you got a new attitude. >> i keep it. >> all right. i was reading up on you. i didn't realize what a great cook you are and cooked with everybody you performed and elton john owes you tupperware. >> he paid me in dimes so i'm good. >> keep the tupperware. so what's the strategy? >> oh, i don't know. >> we'll find out soon. >> pie friend we're going to do earth. >> bring your diamonds. we'll help you. >> everything that sparkles is good. hi riker. >> hello. >> i met you on "good morning america." >> yes. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you again. >> everybody knows you sick and perform with your family. >> i do. >> your brothers your sister. is it nice to step out on your own on to the ballroom floor in
8:22 am
lime looking forward to getting a little dancing in. >> that hough dna won't help at all. >> no pressure. >> any advice from your cousins, julianne and derek hough? >> i actually haven't talked to them yet so i will definitely be looking for tips especially from derek because he's a guy in the dance floor. >> she's probably got a couple good ones too. >> i'm sure she does. >> yeah yeah. hi charlotte mckinney. >> hi. how are you. >> you sort of stole the show at the super bowl didn't you? >> i did, yes. >> there were a few plays that might have stolen the show too. >> oh yeah. there's that. >> oh there's that ad. >> i am not -- >> oh my goodness. >> so weird. i've eaten that burger a few times. >> is there a burger in the ad? >> i'm wearing clothes today, guys. okay. i do eat in that commercial really. >> eight. >> eight burgers.
8:23 am
>> and i'm excited to burn off all the burgers. dance them off. >> hey michael, athletes, great history of success on "dancing with the stars." do you feel like you have an advantage here? >> no i just think i'm, you know athletic and can perform so i'm a competitor. i know pita is a competitor too. >> she does okay. >> absolutely. well welcome aboard. >> and then -- >> yes. >> let's talk. >> you have -- i'll be happy to ask. >> please do. >> i was asking you if you do nothing else to please keep mark from getting more tattoos. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> good luck with that. >> i don't know if i can do. >> did you know you were the youngest contestant ever -- >> i didn't know it until tom said it. >> it's exciting and scary and so many exciting opportunities. i think he's secretly nervous about that. >> no.
8:24 am
>> you are secretly nervous. i'm excited. >> we're all so excited because we've been talking about a special guest we have and you saw him dancing in the shadows before. time to reveal. it is last season's big winner, alfonso ribeiro. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> carries this around? >> no, no. [ applause ] hey, guys. >> do not -- do not correct your television monitor. no correction needed. >> no. >> we've done a little makeover. >> this is not a similar mirror ball. this is a gold mirror ball in honor of the ten-year 20th season so one of you guys get to take home this big heavy beauty at the end of this long journey. >> one of a kind. >> in so many ways. >> thank you for even coming here. i know you did the tour with everybody. you're not under contract so i don't know how they got you out of bed so early. >> yes, yes, they did.
8:25 am
>> what advice would you give any of these contestants because it's hard on the body. it's hard on the mind but you pulled lew. >> the one advice i would absolutely say to everybody is that simply it is a marathon not a sprint. it's not about winning week one, it's about winning that final week and you've got to take it slow pace yourself go hard learn everything and be the best that you can be and give it 100%. >> that having been said if you suck week one you might not get to the last one. yeah. >> yeah i didn't really put that -- >> i didn't think that that far ahead. >> that wasn't your issue which is annoying. >> thank you for showing us the brand-new disco ball trophy. everybody, the tenth anniversary season starts monday march 16th at 8:00 p.m. 7:00 central right here on abc and the other half of the celebrities coming up on "gma."
8:26 am
"gma's" "dancing with the stars" cast reveal is brought to you by find your car, your way at
8:27 am
>> ♪♪ >> chopper 6 hd was over a three alarm blaze that is still burning in philadelphia's kensington section. the building houses two retail stores and apartments. we're keeping an eye on this now and on let's go to karen rogers because there's a traffic aspect to this. good morning. >> all morning tam we have been seeing the closures at front street between dauphin and york. a number of crews on the scene. expect it to be icy. stick to second or third as alternates to front street this is affecting the market frankford line it's shuttle busing between huntington and berks station. now we have three septa buses that are detoured through the area here so three, 39 and 89 detoured but about six others seeing delays related to this foyer that chopper 6 was looking at over the scene. other problems, this one in delaware and here's the problem in elsmere. this bridge, it's route 100
8:28 am
bridge near new road closed indefinitely now because of structural problems. pieces of concrete were falling offer it. use 141 instead. that's a problem in delaware. that will be around for awhile burlington bristol bridge up. stick to the turnpike connector bridge if you're heading out for that tam. >> thanks karen. let's go out to meteorologist, david murphy. it is a cold morning out on the terrace today david. >> yeah, lots of sunshine and not a lot of wind. tam, when you take a look at temperatures obviously it is a morning for coats and layers. take a look as we are at 11 degrees currently in philadelphia. still below zero in allentown. zero on the nose in reading and lancaster and everybody is chilling. your afternoon call from accuweather 24 is your high, still very cold. we'll probably transition from sunshine to partly sunny skies later on. not a lost wind. tomorrow up to 35, clouds and sun, maybe a flurry and then back into the 20's on thursday and friday. there is light at the end of the tunnel though up into the upper 40's by sunday afternoon, tam. >> looking forward to that. thank you david. coming up on "gma" the
8:29 am
rest of the "dancing with the stars" revealed. we'll wrap things up for you here in 30. >> ♪♪
8:30 am
♪ ♪ she got a body like an hourglass ♪ >> there they are. ♪ a booty like a cadillac ♪ >> the "dancing with the stars" troupe pumping us up all morning long. >> they're doing it to the music of dj kalkutta. we've seen half the cast. half revealed. the other half coming up in just a couple minutes. take it away, lara. >> okay. ♪ >> i mean this really is great. i definitely can't hear. can you hear? >> i'm good. how are you? >> should we give them the rest of the celebrities? >> that would be good. >> welcome to studio 54 apparently. all right. tom, take it away. >> here we go. let's get to it.
8:31 am
this actress has been appearing in films with her parents since she was 5, the daughter of demi moore and bruce willis and i heard a rumor she can rumba. us guessed it rumer willis with her partner valentin chmerkovskiy. [ applause ] ♪ >> all right, this next contestant has served his country during "operation iraqi freedom." he is a motivateorivational speaker. know what gala way and his partner sharna burgess. [ applause ] ♪
8:32 am
>> you were looking at his pecs. i know you were in the cover yesterday. >> what? >> you were looking at noah's pecs on the cover of "men's health." >> this next actress could come and knock on my door any time and deal with my wife. the star of the small screen became a best-selling author and we are so thrilled to welcome her to "dancing with the stars." suzanne somers and her partner tony dovolani. [ applause ] ♪ >> our next competitor means business. this multimillionaire is best known as the nice shark, not that right shark on katy perry's halftime on abc's "shark tank" but will he be cut throat on the dance floor? i'd love some business advice from him as well. let's bring out robert herjavec
8:33 am
and his partner kym johnson. [ applause ] ♪ >> we've had people go from dancer to judge in the past but never guest judge to dancer. party rock is in the house tonight. we know that every day this singer rapper deejay is shuffling but can he samba? we're about to find out. redfoo with his partner emma slater. mrs. ♪ >> so there they are, everybody. you're looking at the cast of the new season of "dancing with the stars." very fun crew. i can tell you backstage naughty, naughty. one word of advice for you, i'm
8:34 am
just saying you can take it or not take it. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. >> yeah. baby. >> losing the voice but you know what i meant. >> i knownoeknow what you meant. >> i might have to. >> a little speedo. >> woo! >> whatever it takes. i know you're not afraid. >> i'm not afraid. i'm thinking mirror ball just striptease. >> yeah. >> this is the funniest thing i want to show you. the clip of when emma had to try to guess who her partner was. roll them. >> oh, no. >> hello. >> ronald mcdonald. ronald mcdonald. aaagh! >> hey. >> i can't believe i got you. >> oh my god. this is the chemistry that i'm talking about right here. >> very exciting. that was redfoo and probably
8:35 am
very excited it wasn't ronald mcdonald. >> really happy about that. he's got big feet and that wouldn't have worked. >> hey. >> good luck best of luck. >> you, my friend robert "shark tank," if you've seen him on "gma" you know this man is not afraid to go for it. robin and george you remember barbara corcoran certainly remembers. >> i do. >> so i want to know are you just going to go all in or are you going to use your business strategy or are you just going to lead with your heart. >> i'm all in. i mean i'm a little worried because kyn's reaction she was crying crying when she found out it was me. >> you're a strategist. if you were investing in one of your competitors, who would your money be on as the toughest competition? >> well you know as a dancer it's really about me and not the other person. you have to compete against yourself so we're not worried about the other people but we just want to do the best we can. >> hello, my friend. suzanne somers in the house, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i know you to be a big
8:36 am
fan of "dancing with the stars." >> yes. >> in all the years that you've been a fan and that you've watched. who do you think has really done it right and who will you emulate? >> the winner. >> there you go. >> whoever goes to the end. >> this is my opportunity to see if all those hormones and vitamins i've been taking all these years will really pay off. we'll see. >> the thighmaster didn't hurt matters. >> i have a great partner so -- >> who? >> oh the great tony tony dovolani. >> the great tony. >> would you mind covering the other end. >> i mentioned noah's cover on "men's health" and did a little readings once i realized you were on the show. congratulations. happy to have you. war vet, double amputee. have a feeling we'll be inspired by you. what do you think the biggest challenges will be for you? >> well i mean the biggest challenge is going to be the dancing. you take out the injury and i'm just never danced this.
8:37 am
is out of my world and so i'm just going to go week to week and learn everything i can from sharna and just -- i mean it soups corny but i want to make my children proud, you know when they see me on television. >> nothing corny about that. >> that's sweet. i wants to mention rumer, when i heard you were in the cast. the first thought that came to me was yippe ki yay -- what do your folks think? >> they're really excited. they should be. >> as an acting critique that didn't sound like they were really excited. >> i have to say i put out a tweet and said you don't know what you think you know about this cast and the reason for that tweet was this surprise that robin roberts has back in new york. robin, over to you. >> all right, tom, can't believe you're going to allow us to do it talk about ending with a bang this pair is going to blow you away. she won five olympic medals
8:38 am
nine world medals and her partner holes a record of having the most mirror ball trophy, that's right. let's bring out nastia and her partner derek. >> yes. [ applause ] ♪ >> great to see you both. >> oh yes. >> so happy you're back. >> hi. >> nice to see you again. >> come on. >> matching. >> we made the call. you are one lucky young woman. you know that. >> i know. >> i'm a lucky guy. >> but, you know athletes do very well so you think that gives you a little bit of an edge here? >> i mean i think i definitely have gymnastics background but i've never had a dance class in my entire life so he's in for a treat. >> and we are in for a treat because, derek, you kind of said you would not be able to come
8:39 am
back because of the radio city spectacular. >> yeah. >> that you're a part of. >> no honestly this all happened literally like two days ago and, you know harvey weinstein, very to thank him and the weinstein company for moving mountains to make this possible so i'll do the show in new york and flying back and forth to do the show on mondays making it happen. she's going to school at nyu so it worked out perfectly. all serendipitous. >> we'll practice here. >> at radio city we'll be prague. >> what are you studying. >> sports management so ever since i finished my competitive career that was a big goal. i would love to do this but i can't just like drop a semester so i have to go to class right from here. >> it all worked out. >> yes. >> so we'll fly sunday and take the red eye back on monday. tuesday, go to class. >> i hated those 9:00 a.m.
8:40 am
classes. and five-time champion you're sitting next to. what kind of advantage does that give you. >> a gold trophy. >> we were all about the gold trophy. i couldn't have been paired with a better partner. i'm so excited and have been a fan of the show and huge fan of derek and just his creativity and the choreography and just all around ace whole i'm so excited. >> what do you think of the cast? you've seen -- >> it's really cool. what's up riker. you didn't tell me you were on the show, man. what's going on. no it's awesome. a fun season. i honestly was -- i had a little heart break not being able to be a part of the 10th anniversary, 20th season. it's my family and i wanted to be a part of it and if i thought there was a glimmer of a chance to do it i want to do it so so glad we made it happen and we'll make it the best season ever. >> would not be the same without you, derek. would not be. i'm glad we don't have to know that. this is great. we cannot wait and we'll have more from l.a. still ahead but first ginger with a final check
8:41 am
of the weather. >> we have a picture from affiliate in >> snow raleigh. i was cold enough i had to put my coat on on this side of the studio. feels like your offices i'm sure this morning in so many parts of the country but look at this what happened overnight in mississippi. ice on the power lines and right by there it weighs it down enough a flash from one of the boxes. that moving through the southeast now. we're watching several rounds going through the nation. a quick look at what's happening here. the snow forecast. this is of course through the end of the week. we've got the montanus part but then of course we look for more ice and snow in the deep south. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> all of that stuff is tracking to our south all we'll get is a flurry wednesday maybe a brief snow shower in couple spots. dry out there but very cold, temperatures only about 12 in philadelphia with a high of 24. bundle up today my pocket.
8:42 am
so hold on to one of those. where it's much warmer today. >> yes, ginger love that. hope you love the cast. this really is the cast now of season 20 we'll have more with them coming up. your questions to the new cast. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ >> i'm learning. i'm learning, erin.
8:45 am
hey, everybody, so correction. so many surprises. i said this is the cast and then you added derek and then i said okay this is the cast and now we just find out we have another addition. >> our defending champion witney is here. >> so there's one more in the cast but you need a partner so what gives? >> what gives? >> you know i can't say much. i'm not allowed to but i can tell you need to be super excited because he's ready to bring it. >> her partner couldn't rose -- ride so early to be here so we'll -- >> that was very subtle. so yet another secret revealed right here and right now we'll go over to social square as we call to new york but on your stage it's the social semi circle. >> i've been told i have to hurry so suzanne, i am asking you over here in the social circle square what dance are you not looking forward to? i mean let's be positive so early this morning.
8:46 am
>> the two-step is just vile. >> can we do that on the show? >> two-step. >> we don't do ha. >> i one time watched it and thought it was so bad. >> we have taken it out this season. congratulations. >> yes. >> your wish. >> alfonso, you have a question. >> from our audience. here's your question. what do you ask? >> miss labelle what are you most nervous about this season? >> what did you say, sweetie. >> what are you most nervous about dancing this season? >> i have a great partner. my friend he's going to show me what to do. i'm not -- you know i'm going to have so much fun. i don't know baby. i'm just going to do it. did i answer your question? i'm so nervous. [ laughter ] >> really lovely. >> it's all right. one more question. one more question. >> this is for redfoo. okay so how are you going to bring your party rock style to the stage this season? >> whoo baby i'm going to come out and just give it my all and i'm not going to hold back.
8:47 am
100%. >> i won't believe you unless you show us something right now. >> hey. >> how you going to bring it redfoo? >> hey, ho. >> that is's your thing. >> i'm all good. >> see see, that's a professional right there. he's going to give it all. >> partner. she held me back. she said hey, sit back down. >> not cool. >> all right. you have your answer? >> yes. >> all right, now, oh it's patti, on a personal note you might be a grandmother any minute now. see, i didn't know that. reading this off the prompter. do you have anything you want to amouns. >> a baby my son and his wife are having a baby probably they might have her now. >> right now. that's the sound of water breaking. you're right. >> no it broke earlier when she was talking to me. yeah she said go get 'em, killer. i got to dance and a baby. yeah. >> i mean i love it. and so much more news on our website, please, everybody, don't miss the premiere of "dancing with the stars" monday
8:48 am
march 16th, 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on abc. congratulations, new cast. it's going to be great. coming up on "gma",," we're going to talk to hey, honey? huh? oh, you caught me daydreaming. dreaming about a salt water bedroom aquarium? i am, actually. with exotic fish? yeah! and a giant star fish? how can you tell? you've been staring at the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. right. $300,000 buried treasure. with 10 top prizes of $300,000. (announcer) want to see your dream come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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♪ and then there were two. last night on "the bachelor" one of the three remaining contestants was eliminated in a dramatic rose ceremony in bali. take a look. >> becca. becca, will you please accept this rose? >> yes. >> this has been excruciating and i can see life with you and meant that when i said that. >> and we are very happy to have with us this morning kaitlyn. nice to meet you. >> thank you.
8:51 am
>> sorry -- i wish it was under happier circumstances so take us through what was going through your mind. we can see you're unhappy but were you also surprised. >> i was completely shocked. completely blindsided. i remember i felt like i was having an out of body-of-body experience just looking at me and saying this is not happening right now. >> because he said things that led you to believe you were going to go -- >> i really thought when he said like he was falling in love with me too. that was reassuring i'm like oh they don't usually say that back. okay i got this. this is good and, you know he took becca away and came back and i'm like okay i guess it's whitney that's going. >> you have revealed that you had trouble letting your guard down a little bit. do you think that played a role? >> i'm sure it did because, you know, obviously he's trying to find somebody to spend the rest of his life with so he's looking for someone that's completely open with their feelings and i learned that the second i did that and the second i let that guard down that's when it started working so i'm sure it
8:52 am
was a little bit of a red flag to him but i mean -- >> i'm so curious, i've never interviewed someone from the show. do you actually think you're going to find love or just going for the experience? >> i mean for me it was a combination of the two. i was going for the experience but i mean to go there and have that option of falling in love and maybe finding that person was also exciting for me? a lot of people on the internet talking about you as the next bachelorette. do you like that idea. >> it doesn't make me upset to think about it. >> maybe we haven't seen the last of you. great to meet you. >> thank you very much for having me. thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> you can see kaitlyn in next monday's special edition of "the bachelor," the women tell all at 8:00 7:00 central right here on abc. we will be right back with more "gma."
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8:55 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by chick-fil-a. wake up to a whole new world of taste.
8:56 am
try chicken for breakfast. >> can't make this stuff up. cannot wait for season 20 "dancing with the stars," look at that cast. come on home, lara. >> she's on her way home coming all the way across the country, a lot of surprises in store this season. i wonder who the ringer is in that crowd. >> i don't know. you never know. >> tomorrow on "gma" we've got "frozen" fever. an exclusive look at the new "frozen" film. a lot of kids excited about that. we'll see you then. >> ♪♪ >> good morning an amber alert still in effect for a missing three-year-old girl. police in new castle delaware say 43-year-old michael trotta
8:57 am
took his three year old daughter elinor after assaulting his ex-girlfriend. trotta may be driving a bright red colored suv possibly a in order ford explorer last seen in mount laurel new jersey. he may be headed to new york city. if you think you have any information please call 911. 8:56 on this tuesday february 24th. that three alarm fire in kensington under control. karen rogers has details on what it still means for traffic. good morning. >> firefighters been out there in frigid temperatures and all morning we have even restrictions. front street between dauphin and york restricted with a number of emergency vehicles and icy conditions. stick to second and third as your alternate. this is affecting mass transit. the market frankford line shuttle busing because of it. we have three bus roots on detours, three, 39 and 89 also a handful of other delays including septa regional rails because of the cold we're seeing 20 minute delays on all lines. so watch for that. and we look outside in delaware county, this is the blue route northbound at route 1 media bypass.
8:58 am
a hit and run accident right in the gore point with the emergency workers on the soon creating a slow go tam. >> thank you karen. it's incredibly cold. let's get the latest with dave murphy. >> temperatures not street treating us well despite the sunshine. a portion of the region in the single digits, nine trenton seven reading, 14 in philadelphia. fortunately the winds aren't that strong and this afternoon we're going for a high of 24. we'll transition to partly sunny skies later on. not all that windy but still pretty cold. up to 35 tomorrow. perhaps a flurry around then back to the 20's thursday and friday. tam. >> okay, thank you david. "live with kelly and michael" up next here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. bundle up and have a great tuesday. >> ♪♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, broadway, film, and television actor martin short. and star of the comedy, "blackish," anthony anderson. plus, we'll take a look back at the co-hosts' big after-oscar show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now, here with kelly ripa -- here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: yo!


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