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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tonight, the dead whether i shooting caught on tape. was the man reaching for an officer's gun? you'll see the moment. the massive storm system from california to maine. will it ever end? ginger zee is here tonight. twitter takes action against isis shutting down thousands of accounts. as our team tracks down jihadi john's family. and president clinton's official portrait. and 50 years of "the sound of music." do you know what it may have
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been called? and who else may have played maria? good evening, it's great to have you with us on a monday night. we begin with the newest case under intense scrutiny tonight. tonight, the lapd coming forward, saying the tape proves the suspect reaching for a gun. kendis gibson leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, the lapd defending itself after this chaotic scene ended in death. it unfolded on the gritty streets of skid row. four police officers surrounding this man in dark clothing, a robbery suspect. watch as they tackle him. >> get my stick. >> reporter: this woman grabs a police officer's fallen baton. as more cops arrive --
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putting her in handcuffs. behind them, the struggle continuing one of the officers shouting for his gun. then, the sound of a taser. four seconds later, the shots. police officers shooting the man five times. then pointing their weapons at the man, as he lies still on the sidewalk. handcuff him. >> when he took his last breath, you know what i'm saying, they handcuffed him. everybody was hollering you done killed that man. that man is dead. >> reporter: the dead man, known only as "africa," and believed to be homeless. today, police showing reporters a frame of that video they say this is the man's hand reaching for a gun. >> it appears that the suspect's hand is reaching for the officer's waistband in the area where his pistol would be located. >> reporter: tonight fluor -- flowers and candles at the
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scene. and body cameras worn by the officers. tonight, three members of the lapd are on administrative leave. march is finally here but also a major storm. affecting 40 states california to maine, and look at this from california. giant hail. and in arizona, bushes coated with snow. and in missouri another tough commute. after barely recovering from the storm this weekend. nine hours from a flight in dallas that was supposed to take 40 minutes. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: new images, hail blanketing the beaches.
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in virginia troopers responding to 125 crashes in four hours. in north carolina black ice leading to this 12-car pileup. so far, boston has gotten 104 inches of snow. that's this much a little more than 8 1/2 feet. four inches away from the all-time record. boston buckling under the weight of so much snow. this barn roof collapsing, initially trapping ten horses. air travel frozen roughly 5,000 passengers in dallas sleeping in the airport. and grounded planes for nine hours, some resorting to raiding the liquor on board. and 40 states from california to maine affected estimated 180
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million americans in the cross hairs tonight through thursday. and all eyes on the storm coast-to-coast. forecasters now say boston's record could be broken as soon as tomorrow night. >> let's get right to ginger. this system in much of the country. >> in some places it's welcome snow in the mountain west. others not. tomorrow morning blizzard warnings in minnesota and south dakota. and gusts up to 50 miles per hour. you see all the winter weather advisories and warnings. i wanted to time it out for you. it's not just tonight, tomorrow morning it gets to chicago, from snow to sleet and freezing rain. moves to drivetime tuesday, harrisburg new york snow,
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sleet, freezing rain changing to rain. and wednesday in the midsouth little rock to memphis, a mess. 1 to 3 inches in some places but others a whole lot more. >> thanks, grininger. now to the global man hunt for the most wanted man in the world. the mask has come off. and brian ross tracking down his family and we learn that twitter is shutting down their social media accounts. here's brian ross. >> reporter: isis is under attack tonight. from twitter, which authorities say has, until now, been key to the terror group's growing power and threat. but in the last week, twitter has shut down, suspended, at least 2,000 accounts connected to isis, a major escalation. >> i would say this is as serious an attack on isis twitter as we've seen so far.
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>> reporter: in response, isis supporters tonight are calling for retaliation against twitter employees at the california based company. among the isis targets shut down, accounts spreading the videos of the secretive executioner called jihadi john. despite the mask, investigators say tonight, he didn't fool his mother, who immediately recognized her son's voice. >> you have plotted against us. >> reporter: on the very first jihadi john video, in which american journalist james foley was beheaded. but according to authorities, she kept quiet about the fact it was her son, mohammed emwazi. other members of the emwazi family are also under scrutiny tonight, including his younger brother omar, who we found on the streets of london today. >> abc news. >> can we ask just a couple of questions? >> reporter: he took off running when we tried to ask him about his brother, the isis killer. at the same time tonight, four women were escorted by plainclothes police from the emwazi family hiding place in london. they too declined to talk about mohammed, who has brought so
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much shame to their family. >> they cleanly didn't want to talk to us today. you came right to the newsroom when you learned the twitter accounts were shut down. >> 13 are reportedly out of business tonight. is and as to the threats, no doubt they've hit a sore point. and one more development on isis in iraq. a major offensive in tikrit. the army is sending in thousands of troops, as of now, no u.s. troops are taking part. and now, on the eve of benjamin netanyahu's address,
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he's saying the two countries are like a family. saying they're not doing enough to prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb. the white house saying the president will likely not watch the speech. now to the american nurse who became a symbol of the threat of ebola, nina pham fighting for her life inside the texas hospital where she contracted the disease. now suing the hospital. on the case tonight, cecelia vega. >> reporter: that's nina pham in the hospital fighting for her life a doctor handing her tissues to wipe away tears. >> don't cry. >> reporter: but tonight the nurse calls that video a publicity stunt released without her permission. >> thanks for being part of the volunteer team to take care of our first patient. >> reporter: but pham now says she never volunteered and today she filed suit against texas
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health presbyterian hospital and its parent company accusing them of negligence. >> nina pham should not have gotten ebola, and there needs to be some accountability for that. >> reporter: pham was the first nurse to treat thomas eric duncan, patient zero. she now says she received zero training or guidance about ebola. and when she asked how to protect herself a manager "searched google" and handed her an internet printout. pham contends she even had skin exposed when she first treated duncan. the hospital tonight telling abc news, "we view all our employees as part of our family. we remain optimistic that we can resolve this matter with nina." nina pham did survive. reunited with her dog, even meeting the president, but she says her recovery is far from over. pham says she has nightmares insomnia, and body aches. and hopes her suit uncovers the truth about how the hospital
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handled the deadly disease. now, new numbers showing that measles is growing coast-to-coast. 16 new cases in just one week. let's get right to dr. richard besser. >> the majority of people here were not vaccinated. some because they were babyies. but others could have been, and weren't. >> and 93% of pediatricians were asked to wait. >> it's so hard to convince parents to give vaccines on time but's a risk.
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>> >> >>. >> we have a headline about the dow jones, a record high. only the third time in history it's closed above 5,000. and a brazen stunt on i-95. $4 million in gold gone. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: here's where police say it happened a boldfaced robbery, out on i-95 in north carolina. three armed men held up a tractor trailer full of silver and gold sunday evening. making off with nearly $4 million dollars in gold bars. the security team, from a miami company called transvalue, were on their way from south florida to attleboro, massachusetts. police say the team told them they had to pull over because of engine trouble and were confronted by the bandits in a white van. from police, "the suspects ordered the victims to get down on the ground. it was reported that while on the ground the suspects tied the victims' hands behind their backs and made them walk into the woods." but the company tells us that
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their drivers had guns too. raising questions. moving valuables is dangerous work. last month, three armed men, seen here in body armor, shot and killed a guard inside this brinks security truck in houston. >> these people need to be held accountable for their actions and they need to be brought to justice. >> reporter: the florida company won't say whose gold is lost, but tonight they're offering a $50,000 reward for safe return. and an unconscious sky diver falling. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: jumping from a perfectly good airplane christopher jones begins a perfectly good freefall 12,000 feet above western australia. but seconds later he suffers a midair epileptic seizure. >> he started going into the de-arch position, almost like a fetal position, rolled over onto his back and started spinning.
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>> reporter: the unconscious 27-year old plummets to 4,000 feet only 22 seconds from hitting the ground. that's when his instructor swoops in. >> i was just glad to get to him stop him turning and make sure he had a parachute above his head. >> the next thing i know i wake up at 3,000 feet and thankfully underneath a fully inflated parachute. >> reporter: jones apparently had his doctor's clearance to jump but his skydiving days are now over. at least he's alive, he says, to thank the man that saved him. >> he's a hero, yup. he's a massive hero. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news denver. and now to the end of an era in washington. barbara mikulski saying she will retire. 4'11", but on both sides of the isle aisle, they know she's tall in spirit. saying she just wants to focus
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and it loses its ability to keep the shingles virus in check. i just can't stand seeing him like this. he's in pain. one in three people will get shingles in their lifetime. the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. i wish that there was something i could do to help. some people with shingles will have long term nerve pain which can last for a few months to a few years. don't wait until you or someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. next, to a possible secret revealed in a portrait of president clinton. the artist saying he added monica lewinsky's dress to the portrait portrait. here's jim avila. >> reporter: there is a shadow over president bill clinton's official portrait. no, not his. look closely, there on the left
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of the frame beneath the mantle, look familiar? that, according to the artist, is the shadow of then intern and presidential mistress monica lewinsky wearing the infamous blue dress that nearly brought down the clinton marriage and presidency. the national portrait gallery actually rotates ten formal clinton portraits through its display, by coincidence says the museum. the portrait of the featuring the unwelcome intruder is in storage. the artist confirms to abc news he deliberately inserted lewinsky to remind close observers of the scandal and the shadow it cast. no comment from the clinton's today, but the gallery says no one has yet asked that it be removed from the rotation. jim avila abc news washington. when we come back remembering a baseball great.
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else. it's hard to believe it's been 50 since since we first heard this. ♪ lady gaga practicing every day for six months shaking as julie andrews walked on to the stage, surprising the audience. andrews, asking, are you okay? but what we're asking tonight, a little different. it durnturns out before "the sound of music," it was actually "love song." the creators thought too many were using that title already. and what you don't see, the helicopter in this shot trying to get the shot. the wind so strong it knocked her over several times. and the part of maria, audrey
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hepburn and doris day also considered for it. and julie andrews learned to play guitar with a few lessons before the movie. and one last surprise, the real maria von trapp, right there in the shadow of the woman playing here. julie andrews, her voice still defining a favorite 50 years later. ♪ >> 50 years. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a market research analyst originally from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... a graduate student originally from greenville, alabama... and our returning champion a communications specialist from washington, d.c...


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