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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight shooting at the nsa. a serial shooter accused of terrorizing the washington area over the last two weeks, the fbi taking a suspect into custody. terror trial. the boston marathon bomber trial begins today. the bomber facing the death penalty. was he a willing accomplice or under the spell of his older brother? now new questions about his sister-in-law. did she also play a role in the deadly attack? caught on camera. dramatic rescue a mother and her toddler saved from this horrific crash. their car slamming into two vehicles and flipping over. how they were pulled to safety. and the oscar goes to -- >> not this guy. a phony statue making him the toast of the town and epic host to get the a-list treatment. was he really the best actor of
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the night? ♪ >> good morning, america. everyone wants to know what it feels like to win an oscar. this guy decided to find out. it was fun. >> they didn't know. no one embarrassed him so they let him in. we'll share that with you later and begin, though with that suspected serial shooter in custody this morning. a man who is believed to have opened fire on an nsa building highways and several other locations in washington over the past two weeks. abc's david kerley is in washington and has the latest. good morning. >> this came to a head in the past couple of hours. that shooting at the country's top spy agency actually happened yesterday afternoon. it is a building on the nsa campus which sits along a highway apparently hit by two bullets. it was just hours earlier on that highway that shots were
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fired at a truck traveling down the road. two men inside that tree trimming truck, two bullets smashed through the windshield a fragment hit one in the shoulder. glass hit the other man. their injuries not life-threatening. the fbi arrested a male suspect late last night and believe he is responsible for both of those shootings and that may not be all. the fbi says it believes the man is responsible for a series of shootings between washington and baltimore over the past two weeks. the bureau took on this case when the shots were fired at the national security agency a federal installation where officers collect, decode and translate spy data from around the world. there is no word of what the alleged shooter's motive may have been. we don't even know if he was actually targeting the nsa. >> many more questions. thanks very much. we turn to the boston marathon bombing trial. opening arguments set for this morning and now there are new questions about what role the suspect's widowed sister-in-law played in the bombing. abc's brian ross is in boston with the latest. good morning, brian.
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>> reporter: well good morning, george. under tight security a panel of ten women and eight men will hear the case beginning this morning and while the focus has been on dzhokhar tsarnaev law enforcement authorities tell abc news the fbi has been quietly investigating his sir, the widow of his dead brother who they say could face criminal charges herself. the daughter of a well-to-do family katherine russell changed her name to karima to marry tamerlan the mastermind of the boston bombing but after the bombs went off, and her husband was killed in a shootout russell told the fbi she knew nothing about the terror attack before it happened. >> as a mother a sister a daughter a wife katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims. >> reporter: but now law enforcement authorities say they believe russell accompanied her husband to this macy's store in boston two months before the
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attacks and bought five pressure cookers, two of which they say were used to make the deadly bomb. since the bombing russell moved to new jersey. she's the one in black to live near the sisters of her dead husband where our boston station wcvb caught up with them. authorities say the fbi put russell under surveillance during last year's marathon and they continue to track her to this day and despite what she might know she is not expected to be a witness at her brother-in-law's trial. >> one would think she would have an incredible amount of knowledge. the fact she's not being called as a witness suggests at least on one very important level that she continues to be an object a person of interest. >> reporter: neither russell's lawyers nor the fbi nor federal prosecutors had any official comment on her status and authorities tell abc news no decision will be made on whether to prosecute her until after the trial is over and that might not be until midsummer. >> could take some time. brian, thank you. now to this brutal winter weather.
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more snow falling in boston last night as that city closes in on a record and another storm is on the way. abc's rob marciano has the latest. >> reporter: this morning millions of americans waking up to another day of deceptively dangerous icy conditions. >> i just completely turned all the way around and slid off the road. >> reporter: in chicago watch as this suv slips and slides across the highway nearly slamming into another driver. >> people were sliding all over the place. >> reporter: across the midwest, roads littered with wreckage. in minnesota traffic backed up for hours on interstate 94. more than two dozen crashes throughout the day. >> i got off the highway to calm my nerves. >> reporter: near st. paul an officer investigating a wreck became part of it as his cruiser was slammed into. this tractor trailer flipping over and ending up on its side. in boston more wicked weather overnight. over 310,000 miles of boston streets plowed. that's farther than here to the moon with just 2 inches to go
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until that all-time record topples, some residents finally embracing the idea that today could be a historic snow day. >> i'm ready to set a record. >> reporter: other bostonians less worried about snow totals and just want the winter to end. >> i don't care what the record is for the snowiest record in boston. this is ridiculous. we're going out of our minds. >> reporter: ridiculous is certainly a word you could use to describe this winter. looking at one of the areas where they're stockpiling the snow. several stories high and come to you live from boston harbor parts of which were frozen over the past couple of weeks. today they'll hit 40 for the first time since january 19th. short-lived, though. more snow and cold coming tonight. >> you know it all too well. thank you very much. more so and ice. warnings from texas and new jersey and ginger will track it all. >> philadelphia back to dallas and a winter storm warning. anywhere you see in pink this is a big deal especially this
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late in the season. i'm most concerned about memphis to louisville as we go into the overnight hours and show you why. it develops and snowing in parts of the plains but the snow and ice really at drive time tonight from memphis up to louisville is heavy. some of southern ohio up into west virginia and driving tomorrow morning from washington, d.c. where the sleet will start to mix in some freezing rain back to memphis and dallas and then snow heavy snow on top of that. so this is a big deal not just for the mid-atlantic but anyone there going to get the ice and then again, some of those snow totals could top a half foot. i will detail all of this coming up in your nation's weather. >> half foot in march. thanks very much. we turn to new questions this morning about hillary clinton and her use of private e-mail as secretary of state. at a public event last night clinton did not address the controversy but her team insists she did nothing wrong amid pressure for more disclosure. jon karl has all the latest. >> reporter: clinton's spokesperson says there is nothing nefarious, that she saved all of her emmys-maile-mails
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and turned them over to the state department. that is not going to end this controversy. house republicans say they are now investigating saying mrs. clinton used multiple private e-mails as secretary of state and vowing to subpoena her and the white house's defense of her e-mail practices has been lukewarm at best. yesterday white house press secretary josh earnest refused to say directly whether or not she violated the law. in fact george he couldn't name a single other official in the obama administration who behaved, who acted in this way as mrs. clinton. >> that's right. previous secretaries of state colin powell also said he used personal e-mail but had a government account, as well. >> reporter: that's right. only two previous secretaries of state used e-mail at all. condoleezza rice and colin powell. they both had official accounts colin powell did have a personal e-mail he used but his spokesamerican points out it was
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a rather primitive operation back then at the state department. many employees didn't even have computers on their desks when he first came to the state department. >> okay jon karl thanks very much. all right, there, george. now to david petraeus the former cia director and one of the most revered generals of a generation stunned the country when he admitted to having an affair and now he has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling top secret material. sharing them with his mistress. abc's martha raddatz has the latest on all this and joins us. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a man who was once thought of as a possible presidential candidate, making his fall and the charge he is pleading guilty to all the more stunning. this morning, this retired four-star general who led the war effort in two of our nation's pose important conflicts and as cia director held the nation's most important secrets is preparing for sentencing after sharing highly classified information with his
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lover and lying to the fbi about it. i have traveled with petraeus from iraq to afghanistan where he was revered by his troops on and off the battlefield. i also watched him take careful notes in black notebooks like the one here in a briefing in afghanistan i attended with him. prosecutors say eight of petraeus' black books which contained classified information, identities of covert officers war strategy intelligence capabilities and even notes from discussions with the president of the united states were given to his lover paula broadwell who was writing petraeus' biography. >> his romantic desires potentially put people at risk operations at risk and maybe more importantly could tell the enemy how we do our business. >> reporter: but despite the seriousness of the charge against him, prosecutors are not
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recommending any prison time only probation and a $40,000 fine. george. >> okay martha thanks. now to that scathing report from the justice department charging the ferguson missouri police department with civil rights violations. it finds a clear pattern of bias against african-americans, sets the stage for major changes and our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the details. >> hands up don't shoot. >> reporter: we all recall the protests and emotional accusations of ramp apartment racism by the ferguson police department in the wake of the fatal shooting of a young black man by a white police officer. >> we have been harassed so much we're tire of the of it. >> reporter: today the justice department is expected to release a damning assessment of ferguson police alleged a pattern and practice of discrimination. according to details obtained by abc news the justice department's investigation offers these searing numbers to make the case. blacks make up 67% of ferguson's
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population but were accused in 95% of jaywalking case 93% of all arrests and 85% of all traffic stops and the civil ryes probe found numerous examples of police and municipal court officials demonstrating bias if not outright racism. derogatory remarks even made about the president. in november 2008 one city official wrote "obama would not be in office very long because what black man holds a steady job for four years?" the findings come as the attorney general is expected to announce there is not enough evidence to charge officer darren wilson with violating michael brown's civil rights. he told our george stephanopoulos this was not about race. >> if michael brown were white this would have gone down in exactly the same way? >> yes. >> ferguson officials will get a chance to say whether they agree with the justice department's findings and make changes in enforcement. if they do not, justice department officials will sue them. george? >> okay pierre thanks very
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much. want to go to amy with today's other top stories. very big day at the supreme court. >> that's right, george. it is indeed. good morning, today the supreme court justices will hear arguments in a case that has the potential to unravel president obama's health care law. at issue is whether it's legal to give out subsidies in states where the federal government runs the insurance exchanges. also this morning a new twist in the battle over gay marriage. the state supreme court ordered probate judges to stop issuing same-sex emergency licenses defying a recent order by a federal judge. the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule on the issue in june. and troubling report about the nation's heroin epidemic. the cdc says the number of fatal heroin overdoses has tripled since 2010. prescription drugs are often the gateway to addiction. and authorities now say the homeless man shot and killed by los angeles police was wanted for probation violation stemming from a bank robbery conviction. the lapd says the man tried to
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grab an officer's gun. the victim has been identified as charlie robinet, but he is accused of stealing that identity from a french citizen. in houston, a mother and her young son survived this violent crash, their truck slamming into a van before flipping over. part of a tree that was also sent flying. rescuers had to use the jaws of life to open the roof and pull them out. somehow despite that video they suffered only minor injuries. and overseas a dramatic scene as passengers rushed to evacuate this turkish airliner that skidded off a runway in nepal in heavy fog. the front landing gear had collapsed. passengers jumped down the emergency slides all 238 people are okay. and a shocking discovery at new york's inc. airport. agents arrested a man after finding $770,000 in cash hidden inside these boxes of soap band-aids and alka selzer in his luggage. the suspect says he was just trying to buy a building in
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yemen. almost everyone is sick of winter. i'm going to say everyone not almost everyone. everyone is sick of winter. the snow the sleet and frigid cold so police in a small town in new hampshire came up with a cure for the winter blues. free pizza and french fries. they're handing out gift cards to reward good behavior in town and in this case it means driving carefully in the snow police were going to pay for the pizza and fries themselves but when local businesses heard about the plan they decided to donate to encourage safe driving. i got to say i think they hit this right on the money. two things that cheer me up in almost any circumstance. pizza and french fries. >> good old comfort food. >> when the snow melts everyone will have to go running. >> work that off. >> yep. >> that's true. throw in a cupcake and all is well. all right, thanks amy. we want to move on to the investigation into a brazen gold hiegs in north carolina. armed robbers reportedly held up a truck and got away with more than $4 million in gold. leaving two security guards tied up in the woods. and we're hearing the 911 calls
7:16 am
from the drivers who found them on the side of the road. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> 114 northbound. >> reporter: this morning, the alarming 911 calls made by drivers along this highway outside raleigh late sunday. the night two security guards carrying a payload of gold and other precious metals in this semi say they were robbed at gunpoint. >> there's a couple guys that look like they got their hands zip tied behind their backs. >> reporter: the two guards traveling from miami to massachusetts telling police they stopped because of engine trouble. that's when they say three armed men in a white van held them up ordering them to the ground. police say the suspects tied the victims' hands behind their backs and led them into the woods before fleeing the scene with nearly $5 million in gold. according to the 911 calls, the two security guards then ran back to the highway. >> it's dark and they're walking in the middle of the road.
7:17 am
>> reporter: one driver even pulling over. >> hey, where are you guys from? what happened. >> gold and silver. >> he says they're hauling high value stuff. >> reporter: transvaal incorporated. the guards' employer says its guards were armed. >> they were the guards that were robbed? >> apparently. >> reporter: a manhunt now under way and that security company offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this highway heist. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> wow. >> brazen. brazen. >> to say the least. thanks for bringing that to us. now to snow in minnesota yesterday. one of the many places and now this arctic air coming in from that. >> right behind it. that's the other thing. we'll talk about record lows potentially in the mid and deep south after this moves through so not everybody hates winter. not everyone because some places where they're used to a >> that is a ground blizzard in minnesota.
7:18 am
can be dangerous of course because visibility a reduced. blizzard doesn't mean a ton of snow it just means blowing snow. then dangerous cold we were talking about. look at the wind chills this morning, des moines feels like one, minneapolis 15 below. they're wind chill advisories and everybody is turning colder. look at chicago overnight low one below freeh morning. your local forecast just 30 seconds away. first this morning's snowy cities brought to you by wal-mart vision center >> goodgood morning, i believe
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meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. 35 degrees and raining in philadelphia but you see the area of blue still some sleet in reading allentown even trenton be careful. let's look outside at philadelphia international airport. fog is an issue here. in fact we're seeing slight delays. be careful about that. call ahead if you're heading out. let's look at the accuweather forecast. rain on and off today at times, 42. but the snow arrives leighton in the overnight hours and tomorrow we're looking at a snowstorm, 30 degrees for your high weather. you guys are wondering about that. >> are you just saying that. >> in june. >> it'll happen. >> it'll happen. thank you, ginger. coming up the latest on the jodi arias death penalty retrial. why the jury says they're having big problems deciding her fate. also ahead the new warning about a popular drug for men. why testosterone may not be safe. how one man faked out hollywood with a knockoff statue. >> get ready for shania.
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪♪ >> good morning. 7:26 on this wednesday march 4th. sky 6 hd taking a look at the rainy scene. we have rain on the camera at the philadelphia international airport. many schools in our area are opening on a delay. it's quite a number. that's at the bottom of your screen. also the full list at however philadelphia public and archdiocesan opening on
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time this morning. let's go over to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, tam. we have rain falling right now but it's falling on top of slush and ice. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we do still have some sleet mixing in in reading, a little bit near trenton and allentown be careful. even though the temperature above freezing, it's 35 degrees right now in the city. as you see the day progress we'll see rain on and off at times. temperatures stay above freezing even at 6 o'clocky clock, a high of 42. then what happens is the overnight hours all of this changes to snow. so here's a look at what's going to happen in the overnight hours the rain changes to snow. tomorrow heavy snow into the afternoon. the snow doesn't end into the afternoon hours from north to south. along the coast not ending until the evening. >> matt pelman that korean rough -- that could mean rough roads. >> we've had some tough times this morning even though it's just rain this morning. we've got leftovers from
7:28 am
yesterday tam. still snows and ice on the roadways. you see it on the shoulder along 422 app reaching oaks. eastbound traffic heavy from royersford into 23, westbound approaching 29 a vehicle ran off the road way. luckily they got that pulled out of the ditch. second morning in a row a crash on the tookany parkway. this morning at new second street. 95 southbound still very busy from academy into girard. crash nearly a gain is now gone. tam. >> thank you matt. when we're not on the air we're on high pressure we'll see you become here in 30 ♪♪
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good morning, america. again, right now, a suspected serial shooter who allegedly opened fire on an nsa building and highways in the washington area is in custody this morning. also right now, the jury in the jodi arias death penalty retrial says they're at an impasse. a new warning about those popular men's testosterone drugs. the fda saying they may not be as safe as you think they are. >> pay attention to that this morning as we say good morning, america. a lot to get to including a guy we had fun with at the top trying to convince people he won an oscar and made it pretty far. had a lot of fun getting lots of selfies. we'll tell you more about it. >> why lara had -- >> turns out one might be better than an invite to anywhere. >> invited anywhere. >> this may be all you need. we'll explain what that means coming up. the latest on the jodi arias
7:31 am
death penalty retrial. the jurors will be back to work this morning deliberating for a fifth day after telling the judge they were at an impasse on tuesday. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: she may be this country's most infamous femme fatale and convicted murderer jodi arias may be about to escape arizona's death row again. this morning, the second jury trying to decide whether areas lives or dies for the brutal stabbing and shooting of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander will begin their fifth day of deliberations. the judge told them to keep working tuesday after they claimed they were deadlocked. exactly what happened to the first jury almost two years ago. >> i have received your note indicating that you are unable to come to a unanimous decision. >> reporter: this new jury of eight women and four men has already deliberated more than 20
7:32 am
hours. that's six hours longer than the first jury. if they too can't come up with a decision that's it. jodi arias lives. the judge will pick either life in prison or she could get out in 25 years, something we discussed in a jailhouse interview just after her murder conviction. so you think people should feel safe if jodi arias is out of these four walls at some point? >> well i think so yes. if you're not abusing me and attacking me and threatening to kill my life there's no reason to fear. >> reporter: you are sticking with that story. >> it's not a story. it's the reality. >> reporter: if it feels like this case has gone on forever, it has. it's been almost seven years since arias slaughtered alexander. for--month murder trial including 18 days of her on the stand ended in may of 2013 with that hung jury. it hasn't been cheap either. arizona taxpayers have shelled out $3.1 million for her
7:33 am
defense. prosecutors have refused to say how much they've spent trying to kill jodi arias not once, but twice. so deliberations will resume this morning with hour number 21 and counting. a little hard to believe somebody that stuck to their guns in the jury room at this point will suddenly change their mind but we will certainly watch what at least for now looks like a very bad case of deja vu robin. >> we know that you'll be there. all right, thanks very much. abc's dan abrams is here with more on this. so let's pick up on this and why do you think the jury is having such a difficult time coming to a decision? >> because this is a squishy legal standard. it's not did she do it but should we execute her for what she did and the legal question becomes do the aggravating circumstances outweigh the mitigating ones? there's way long list of aggravating ones and mitigating ones and in this case actually the defense has stronger arguments on the mitigating circumstances, meaning there's
7:34 am
some factors that the jury wasn't asked to consider last time like remorse, posttraumatic stress disorder borderline personality disorder. these are all things that helped jodi arias avoid the death penalty. >> they don't because -- the process that it's in this jury does not hear all the evidence about guilt or innocence. >> that's right. this is just the penalty phase and that you could argue might lead the jurors to take longer as well because in the first case they knew everything. they'd heard everything about the case. they'd heard all of the facts, all of the debates. here they're just getting a limited amount of information that says you're assuming that she did it. you know she did it and you get a little sort of encappskaps encapsulized version and now decide. there could be questions about exactly what happened and how it happened that didn't exist in the first case. >> like ryan owens, you have been on this from the beginning and when it got to this point you were throwing your hands up.
7:35 am
what happens if it's another hung jury. >> i always said i don't think they should just retry the penalty phase. under the law of arizona there won't be another trial. they can't. if there's a hung jury she gets life in prison. that's it case over. >> we'll see. all right, thanks so much dan. >> okay guys we'll switch gears and we know winning an oscar can open up all kinds of doors for an actor and one wanna be found out how powerful that could be. it shows you what you can get away with by showing off that statue. it's gone viral and brandi hitt has the story. >> great job. i watched your movie. >> reporter: winning an oscar feels fantastic. ♪ >> reporter: it certainly did for mark david christenson sunday night, but here's the catch. christenson didn't win anything. the actor fooling hundreds of people across l.a. making them believe this fake oscar was real. >> it's an oscar. >> reporter: are you surprised people thought that was real. >> yes, look at this. he has hair.
7:36 am
oscar does not have hair. it's like a smooth baldness. he's holding a wreath. >> reporter: christenson was given the a-list treatment from free food and drinks to access to oscar after-parties. >> i lost my ticket. >> reporter: even picking up a car from a valet without a ticket. >> he has an oscar. >> that wasn't his. >> why would you let someone do this? >> reporter: christenson returned the car. >> i'm letting you go through. you're an award winner. >> reporter: and most shocking making it past two levels of academy award security. >> you guys ever arrest an oscar winner before? >> we could right now. >> reporter: before being stopped at the dolby theatre entrance. all joking aside you got through heavy security. >> yes, very heavy security just by flashing a statue and a tux. >> reporter: even when out with us passers-by still tricked by that fake statue. did you think it was real? >> maybe. >> reporter: christenson's video going viral this morning with more than a million views in
7:37 am
just 4 days. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> i don't mind if he goes to some pears but he got somebody's car that isn't his? come on. >> ginger is irate. know. why he picked that one. >> yeah. >> ginger what is that behind you? >> well let's look. >> oh it's beautiful, george. >> it is. >> it's beautiful for you because in the mountains >> salt lake city had their warmest winter on record and their least snowy winter on record. so, out in the mountain west, any snow is super welcome. it's the complete opposite of what's happening east of the rockies. today though drying out. temperatures are pretty mild. las vegas going to 60. 52 reno. look at seattle 55 and portland 60. those numbers they've seen all winter or winterless is what they keep saying. it's one somewhere. south of that front look at
7:38 am
charleston south carolina almost yes. 82 for tampa. you know that's not going to last long. cold front moving through. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. 35 and raining in philadelphia. still sleet in reading and allentown. ly careful. let's take a look at this accuweather forecast. a lot going on. rain at times on and off. milder today with a high of 42. overnight and into tomorrow big snowstorm. last day in lubbock, it was 63 yesterday in lubbock, texas. >> oh. he's still hanging in there. >> you were talking about utah we have students from utah. >> yes. hey, guys. >> very warm hasn't it? a really warm winter. >> so happy for you. >> not so bad there but appreciate you all come every year. coming up the parents that are under fire for allowing their children young children to walk home alone. dan and nancy are going to be here to weigh in.
7:39 am
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back now at 7:43 with a new warning from many who use low testosterone drug prescriptions have nearly doubled in the last five years but now the fda says the popular drugs are being overused and may not be safe. abc's neal karlinsky has the details. >> with less energy moodiness and a low sex drive -- >> reporter: you've seen the ads. >> over 0% had their t levels -- >> reporter: the "t" in low t stands for testosterone said to rein reinvigorate everything from a man's energy to his muscles fueled by 2 million men like chris running hoping to look a little less middle age and a little more magic mike. ♪ >> i get out of the shower and
7:44 am
look in the mirror i'm impressed because i look afrikka awesome. >> reporter: they're being handed out too often and include drugmakers to include additional warnings that this he may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. >> i went from being in extremely strong shape, olympic type shape to slowly deteriorating to the point where i was completely and totally paralyzed below my chest. >> reporter: bob cripe says he suffered a spinal stroke after taking androgel and is suing. the drug's manufacturer telling abc news it is not discussing ongoing litigation. >> if i would have known of the side effects of this drug that included strokes or heart attacks or any other type of complications such as that i would have never taken it. >> reporter: the fda also says drugmakers need to make clear that low t treatment should only
7:45 am
be for men with certain medical conditions and isn't approved to combat normal aging. >> the vast majority of men taking testosterone don't have a condition for which it's indicated and the fda is very worried about that. >> reporter: two low t manufacturers spoke with abc news one telling us "we've heard from the fda and we'll continue to work closely with the agency in the best interests of men who use testosterone therapy" and the other saying "it is committed to our patients and we continue to work with the fda." for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news seattle. >> you got to do your homework thank you neal. the new crackdown on moms coming to the u.s. to have babies. you'll never guess who is haveing if one those matthew mcconaughey car commercials now. it is going viral. come back now.
7:46 am
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♪ wait a minute. where's amy? social square with "the speed feed," amy. >> here i am guys. yes, trending on facebook a new parody of the matthew mcconaughey lincoln commercial that's becoming a modern classic. here a very reflective mood. it went viral in an instant then
7:50 am
didn't take long for jim carrey to lampoon with this great "saturday night live" version. the latest incarnation, sergeant larry wise of the cedar hill texas police department's arresting version of the ad done to celebrate the fact that the police department got 3,000 likes on its facebook page. take a look. ♪ >> you don't get into police work as it makes sense, you do it 'cause you thought it really looked cool on tv or because med school was just out of the question. >> that's pretty good. and they're already at 600,000 views this morning. but you know dover police you remember this taylor swift rendition rendition, that was a classic. they got 31 million views, so hey, cedar hills, texas, police department i believe in you. you can reach 31 million. tell us what is in your feed. i love these funny police officers. >> remember the police officer came here and -- hey, amy, thank
7:51 am
you so much. coming up get ready to go totally crazy because she is still the one. that woman right there, shania twain here live for a big announcement that you'll hear only on "gma." >> so you're a rocket scientist. that don't impress me much. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪♪ >> good morning. 7:56 on this wednesday march 4th. taking a live look down the shore. , see it's kind of hazy out there from all the rain, the fog we have been dealing with. across the region a number of schools have opened on a delay this morning. that list is on the bottom your screen and on philadelphia public and. a archdiocesan opening on time today. let's go to meteorologist karen rogers who is talking about accuweather. >> tam it's raining right now raining on top of the slush and ice from yesterday. it's slippery. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're getting sleet in reading and allentown especially so be careful right there as you're traveling.
7:57 am
it's 35 degrees right now. , see temperatures going up to 42 by 9:00 a.m., 38. noon and 3:00 p.m. we'll be holding in the low 40's. by 6:00 p.m. 39. it's going to rain on and off at times. the trouble is this storm is changing to snow and that hits us overnight and tomorrow. here's what you can expect with the timing of this. overnight the rain changes to snow. tomorrow morning we have heavy snow at times. it doesn't end until the afternoon. it ends from north to south so along the coastline it's going to not end until the late afternoon and evening, four to 8-inches expected tam. >> okay we know you'll make sure we're ready for that. thank you karen. now let's head on over to matt pelman. he's taking a look at your traffic. good morning. >> happy hump day tam. main lanes of the highways are just wet this morning. that's the good news but on the shoulders you can see slush and plenty of very busy traffic here along the blue route 476 at the reutter one media bypass. that southbound travel time about double what it ideally should be. lower merion a crash along 23 at merion hill lane. also one in norristown along cherry street at airy street.
7:58 am
hatfield a crash along cow path road at fairgrounds road. 95 southbound busy from academy in towards girard new castle county a crash southbound at delaware avenue, tam. >> thank you matt. back to "gma." we'll see you here in 30
7:59 am
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♪ that don't impress me much ♪ good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and are you ready to be impressed? shania twain is still the one. the superstar rocking times square with a huge announcement only on "gma" this morning. ♪ am i wrong ♪ and should the government be telling you how to raise your kids? the so-called free-range parents under fire to allowing their kids to walk a mile home all alone. ♪ catch this if you can. guest which hollywood hunk is renting out his high-end crash pad in one of the most luxurious locations in the u.s. ♪ ♪ just dance ♪ and let's get loud. are these wild and crazy pattern leggings for you? how you can rock the latest fashion trend. ♪ feels like a woman ♪
8:01 am
are you ready for shania? >> good morning, america. >> how excited are we? how excited is everyone in times square. the flashes are going off. that is shania twain and she's here live this morning. big announcement. best-soing female country music artist of all time and cannot wait to hear what she's going to tell us. >> since she's here let's turn back the clock and show everybody -- yes, we can. last year there you are on stage singing with shania twain. >> come on over that's what we were singing. >> she was a good sport but she was in vegas for two years and before that we haven't seen her for awhile. >> yeah. >> and who knows what's going to be happening now with her. we'll find out. >> always something big with her. i'm so happy -- ♪ that don't impress me ♪ also coming up the new way women can whip their husbands to
8:02 am
be into shape for the big day, well that story and then the hot, new fashion trend for some. these rather colorful leggings you may have seen out and about, now we're going to tell you how you can make them work for you. should you want to. ♪ >> okay a lot coming up. first news wildstein amy. >> all right, guy, we begin with opening statements getting under way today in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the 21-year-old faces 30 federal charges, more than half of which could lead to the death penalty. the widow of tsarnaev's older brother is also under scrutiny. authorities say she was there when the pressure cookers used in the bombings were purchased. breaking overnight a suspected serial shooter in the washington, d.c. area is now in custody. the fbi believes he fired shots at a building on the campus of the national security agency and also fired at a truck on a maryland highway injuring two men. agents believe he is also responsible for a string of other shootings in the area. the justice department is
8:03 am
releasing a blistering report today on the ferguson missouri police department saying it routinely violated the constitutional rights of african-americans. after widespread protests triggered by the police shooting of michael brown, investigators say they found a clear pattern of discrimination with officials even using government e-mail to circulate racist jokes. it's being called an unprecedented sting operation. federal agents have swarmed nearly two dozen locations in southern california shutting down what they call maternity hotels. abc's reena ninan has the details. >> reporter: this morning a major crackdown on a booming and potentially illegal industry so-called maternity tourism. federal agents raided buildings across southern california tuesday where they suspect foreign women come specifically to give birth on u.s. soil. >> people who come from china to the united states for the sole purpose of having their children born as american citizens.
8:04 am
>> reporter: officials say some companies promote the service online. one even using this cartoon to attract chinese women to come to the u.s. pregnant and leave with an american baby. last year abc's gloria riviera went undercover to visit a birth tourism agency in china advertising packages for expectant mothers looking to have american-born babies. happy clients, right. >> reporter: according to court affidavits one company charges women $40,000 to $80,000 for housing, trips to go shopping fraudulent obtain visas for the moms-to be and passport and social security card for the baby. they could face criminal tax fraud, money laundering and conspiracy charges. the mothers-to-be are now considered material witnesses. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. and thank you, reena. big changes at target. the retailer plans to cut thousands of jobs most of them at its headquarters. it is slashing $2 billion in
8:05 am
spending to become more competitive. and finally a big apology from a female executive who says she spent years looking down on working moms. katharine zaleski admits now that she's a mom herself she's embarrassed by her actions. like scheduling last-minute meetings and getting upset when mothers couldn't go out for drinks after work. she said "for mothers in the workplace it's death by a thousand cuts and sometimes it's other women holding the knives. i didn't realize this or how horrible i had been until five years later when i gave birth to a daughter of my own." zaleski is looking for her to join her tech company which allows moms to work from home. one of the things she learned from working with other moms and being a mom when you want something done ask another busy person also known as a mom. >> for her to be so honest. >> how she once felt and how she's evolved. >> that's right. >> thanks amy. "pop news" and weather coming up. let's go to lara in the social
8:06 am
square. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in "pop news," catch this if you can. guess which hollywood star is renting out his luxurious digs. we'll tell you how much and where. and then so-called free-range parents are under fire and what it could peen for mops and dads everywhere. plus oscar winner cate blanchett is opening up by why it's so good to be bad. and do you feel like a woman? i hope so because this woman, shania twain, is with us live on "gma." so happy see you. are you guys happy? shania twain is here to see you on "gma." good to see you. >> it's great to see you. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, the pain reliever that is built to be as fast as it is strong. goldfish in the car. off to grandma's house they go. the trip is rather long. but mother quickly sets the tone. with a classic disco song. they start a game of license plates and quickly find kentucky. then brother spots alaska!
8:07 am
he's never felt so lucky. and no one's counting minutes, they're counting cows instead. and "are we there yet?" is a phrase that's happily unsaid. goldfish crackers. the snack that smiles back.
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8:09 am
♪ coming up on "gma," the loud leggings making a big statement. how you can sport the hottest workout gear. should i be concerned my dress looks like your pair. >> we have one for you. >> you can do this. come on amy. >> holla. ♪ i came i saw i conquered ♪ when we go to the store i find my box of honey bunches of oats, and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. he says "it has a certain code that's my line, this is the date." if the last 3 letters were p22, that's
8:10 am
me. lowe's presents: how to make a friend speak when she's speechless wow! kim, i'm speechless! your new bathroom looks so beautiful i can't even talk right now. i literally can't even open my mouth to talk. now get the moen caldwell faucet for $79 at lowe's. introducing light & fit protein shakes the new way to help make temptations shrink away. with 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 0% fat.
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new light & fit protein shakes. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ when i wake up in the morning to the clear blue sky ♪ ♪ turn up the music when i hop in the ride ♪ ♪ i'm the bomb and about to blow up... ♪ the new work collection. perfected. by white house black market. ♪ i could be like the cool -- >> look at this crowd. they don't care about a little raindrops, snow wintry mix, should we call it ginger? >> perfect. exactly. >> it's wednesday, hump day and we've got "pop news" to warm us up. >> yes, indeed. we are halfway there, america. let's do it. and this morning -- ♪ ♪ i'm lost in the crowd and i'm hungry ♪ >> we are hungry like the wolf of wall street. a titanic rental opportunity has just come up to rent leonardo dicaprio's plush pad in palm springs. do you like how i weaseled my
8:12 am
way to using that song which i love just tried to find a way. i think why managed to make it work. listen there are two catch, though. leo bought this just over a year ago. he may have never stayed there even a single night but if you want to stay there for a single night it will cost you $4500. that's the second catch. but you can split it with friends, six bedrooms 7 1/2 bathrooms, look at this place, you guys. it has a gorgeous pool area. the estate was once owned by the late dinah shore and is considered one of the best examples of midcentury architecture in all of palm springs. >> that's saying a lot. >> with modern bathrooms. >> really. just done to the nines. >> lara how much with him in it per night? >> i will on a price for you for that. wow. got me thinking there. and on that note -- ♪ it's raining men ♪ >> that was a great transition. it's raining men, all right. now it's raining well-behaved
8:13 am
men thanks to the groom academy. turning hapless husbands-to-be into perfect gentlemen. a one-day course being offered at ten hotels across the uk. it's become a hot item on bridal registryies grooming men in the art of bedmaking, ironing, cleaning and cocktail recipes guaranteed to get things cooking. and if the drinks don't work a chef is also on the staff to teach men basic culinary tricks of the trade. their mantra happy wife happy life. >> that's true and this is the ironing class i missed. >> you did? >> do you help around? do you help out around the house? >> i -- >> i just saw how his reaction was during that. i thought maybe he was saying i -- i want to do that. >> i help out in myriad ways. >> ironing not one of them. then finally in "pop news" this morning, when it comes to the bedroom it turns out side
8:14 am
does matter i said side. with a "d." special, yes. "pop news" investigation, we have determined that if you feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning you were probably sleeping on the left. it's a survey actually carryied out by a mattress company and they found that more than half of americans prefer the right side of the bed so this is if you're looking at the bed which side do you sleep on -- >> on the right. >> on the left. >> especially men like the right like george and the study says that men sleep on the right side of the bed are generally more relaxed than men who sleep on the left side of the bed. also interesting, it turns out 75% of americans choose which side they sleep on based on which side is closer to not the bathroom but electrical outlets because always we all know you must be plugged in at all times. got to have that device. yeah well there was one other study. can i just say, that moreover more women than men, 72% need their space and prefer they face away from their partners.
8:15 am
bad breath. all i'm saying. two word bad breath. that is "pop news." george stephanopoulos. >> thank you, lara. "heat index," let's go to ginger. >> i like facing away too. i thought that was supposed to be good. i saw these ladies from a mile away. they look like a bucket of fun. you're here for -- >> fun. >> i love the accents. let's check a place
8:16 am
>> and happy birthday to wendy mind me from boston. what did you say earlier? >> this is beautiful. >> it's beautiful because it's not snow. let's get back inside in thank you, ginger. we kick off our "heat index" with a parenting story touched off a pretty fierce debate. you may remember that maryland couple investigated for letting their young children walk home from the park by themselves. officials now say they neglected their children. dan and nancy are here to argue it out after this from abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: this morning, the parents who made headlines for letting their 10 and 6-year-old walk a mile home from a park without adult supervision are found responsible by child protective services for un
8:17 am
unsubstantiated child neglect. >> it's shocking, hurtful. it's traumatic. never would have occurred to me i could get caught up in something like this. >> reporter: damn and alexander meitiv says their free-rank parenting giving children more space and more responsibility was old fashioned but they never thought it would come under investigation. >> which just the way most of the adults watching are raised. you know a parent says go play outside. not any radical idea. >> reporter: child protective services says maryland's state law states that children under the age of 8 must be under the care of a person who is at least 13. the case now closed but the meitivs are fighting back hiring lawyers to file an appeal. >> we were on file for five years, that black mark is on our record here. >> reporter: the maryland department of human resources tells abc news it cannot comment on specific cases because of
8:18 am
confidentiality requirements. we spoke with the meitiv's childrens rafi and devora when the investigation was under way. do you think it's okay for you and your sister to walk places by yourself. >> yes. >> completely okay. >> reporter: the meitivs say while they're worried about being investigated in the future they will still let their children walk by themselves. >> i can't let it change my parenting because i know i'm doing is right. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news washington. >> thanks to bazi and dan abrams is back joined by nancy grace of hln's "nancy grace." this finding, unsubstantiated child neglect. i don't know what it means. >> it means they found evidence of it but don't necessarily think they can prove it. but the reality is this is not nuts in my view. the idea that two children walking in a neighborhood 10 and 6 that their parents are now being found responsible for child neglect. the question isn't should a
8:19 am
10-year-old and a 6-year-old be walking alone, that's not the question. the question is should the authorities be stepping in and getting involved and bringing in the government to make these sorts of decisions for parents? i know how much a lot of parents want to be the parent police here. but that's not the question. it is crazy that the authorities are involved. >> what do you think, nancy? >> well actually those are not exactly the facts. this was not just in your hometown neighborhood. this was a mile away and i have actually traced the route and they go through some major, major thoroughfares with red light, lots of traffic. lots of store lots of people. i would just direct everyone to a video i refresh myself with this morning of carlie brucia 10 years old, had eight blocks to walk home in her neighborhood from her little sleepover home and she was abducted and killed. now, does that happen every time? no. but does it happen yes. i don't think these parents are
8:20 am
bad parents. i think they're very loving. but this is not the same world we grew up in dan. that we could ride our bikes all day and that was fine. >> i'll tell you -- >> it's not like that anymore. in fact this area has the highest crime rate in all of that county -- >> you can't draw legal lines by doing retracing their steps and saying, how many crosswalks are there? >> you just said it was a neighborhood. it's not just a neighborhood like next door to -- they're walking through a business district for pete's sake. >> when i was 10 years old in manhattan i rode the bus to school by myself. now, maybe that wasn't the right decision. >> and look what happened? >> exactly. it's true. [ laughter ] >> listen to me. listen this is not anything to get crazy about but what i'm saying is dfax got a phone call and investigated it. when you don't know a horse, dan abrams look at his tract record. cps never continues its
8:21 am
investigations the parents will never hear from them again. >> that's going to have to be the last word. i can't believe you served it up for her. >> i try to help. >> back to robin. >> it's amazing. >> it was. also burning up the "heat index," the new fashion trend that is sweeping gyms across america. we just saw you working out, amy. let's call them colorful pattern tights. abc's sara haines has the story. >> reporter: leopards tigerers and snakes. oh, my. fitness fanatics beware yoga pants now entering unchartered territory and out of this world place where kal he yes, kale is the new black. meet the loud print yoga pant. at akt in motion trainer to the stars anna kaiser says she rarely sees black yoga pants in her class. how many are wearing the crazy pants? >> i would say 80%. >> reporter: the black sheep is the one -- >> with the black leggings.
8:22 am
>> reporter: i see a lot of fun things. i think these are blueberries. >> one leg is a different pattern than the other leg. >> reporter: and they're flying off shelves. here at bandier in new york city they've been selling crazy pants like hotcakes since last summer. >> people didn't want to wear the same thing every single person was wearing and started to experiment with color and patterns. >> reporter: experts say these designs can actually be more flattering than simple black pants. drawing attention to the pattern instead of the shape of the leg. and don't be afraid to strut down the street. >> you can wear them with boots and sweaters. ♪ >> reporter: back at class, i'm sporting my new dream catcher pants. there's no denying these hot pants give me some extra punch. >> all right, so do your thing. >> you've seen us in all the fitness wear but took these day to night and you can do other thing, added a jacket booties and a scarf and see these
8:23 am
ladies. not that you want to leave in your sweaty gym clothes but you can get other uses and hang out this them. >> what do you do in these? >> go to dinner ginger. >> or the club. >> yeah. >> but they're having a lot of people commenting. one thing to wear them in the gym but should you be wearing them other places. >> i don't know if i'd go out for a night on the town but friends shopping to lunch, things like that. >> mine look like i was told like mindcraft. >> yours are like a party. >> definitely a party going on in there. all right, lara take it away. >> that's it. that is a party. and timely on the "heat index," cate blanchett, she got her first oscar nod for playing queen elizabeth in her latest movie, "cinderella," cate is playing the queen of mean as the wicked stepmother and abc's nick watt sat down with the two-time oscar winner. >> ooh, it seeps too much to expect you to prepare breakfast, serve it and still sit with us. wouldn't you prefer to eat when all the work is done ella or
8:24 am
should i say cinderella. >> reporter: cate blanchett is deliciously wicked. you auditioned to play in "cinderella." >> of course they were doing cgi and could do a little bit -- no i had friends say to me when i told them what i was doing, they were looking at me with sort of slightly concerned how do they ask me the question, aren't you slightly too old? >> reporter: cinderella is lily james of "downton abbey" fame and her prince richard madden from "game of thrones." >> they had the most extraordinary chemistry and watching them dance -- >> an affair -- >> i can't reveal. you know but there's -- oh you're that kind of journalist. no, but it was extraordinary. >> i thought breakfast was ready? >> it is madam. i'm mending the fire. >> reporter: the breakfast scene
8:25 am
where you were being horrible to her. >> pie character is being horrible yes. >> future could not be called until the work is done. >> has you wish. >> when i was approached to be in this it wasn't a fairy tale that i actually gravitated towards. >> reporter: why not? >> because i found the central female character really passive. >> reporter: in this retelling of an ancient tale "cinderella" is loving and kind but also smart and in control of her own destiny. cate blanchett could have played her. she could play anyone but -- >> what on earth have you been doing? >> dreaming. that's all. >> well then wake up. >> it's wonderful to be offered the villain, you know. >> reporter: is it jo. >> yes. you like being the villain. >> it's great, it's fantastic. >> reporter: why? >> because i'm so lovely in real life and we get socialized out of all these mean cruel things and you have this vicarious experience through the villain. >> reporter: and villains get some of the best cost opportunities. >> trying to get in and out of
8:26 am
the portaloos was challenging. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> "cinderella" opens friday march 13th. coming up here shania twain, feels like a woman.
8:27 am
>> good morning. sky sick hd taking a live look. a rainy scene across the ben franklin bridge. many schools in our area opening on a two-hour delay this morning. karen rogers has got accuweather. >> 36 degrees right now. just a little drizzle outside of but it's falling on top of the ice and slush from yesterday so slippery as you walk around. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing a little bit of blue showing in the northwest suburbs. still watch for ice pellets kind of mixing in with that. as you look at the day ahead we're above freezing the rest of the day. rain light at times on and off during the day feeling
8:28 am
pretty dreary way high of 42. dinnertime 39 degrees above freezing but storm tracker 6 live 3-d showing problems to come. a lot of moisture with this. it changes to snow in the overnight hours. tomorrow morning heavy snow. in the afternoon it doesn't end until the afternoon hours from north to south so that means along the coast it doesn't wrap up until the evening hours, tam. >> okay, thank you for that karen. let's head over to matt pelman taking a look at the commute is it winding down a little bit there? >> well, speeds are definitely down. we'll put it that way tam. still very busy on the schuylkill expressway. still have slushy patches. on the highways it's just wet. however still delayed in both directions by the boulevard. watching a tractor-trailer accident on the boulevard northbound at southampton road in the outer drive. broken down vehicle in bucks county along street road at second street pike. watch out for a crash in east goshen chester county as well along reservoir road and normal slowing on the northbound side of 202. tam. >> okay, thank you matt. we'll be back in a half hour but a reminder "action news" our morning team will be
8:29 am
on the air at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll be getting you through that heavy snow. now, back to "gma." >> ♪♪
8:30 am
♪ ♪ totally crazy crazy forget i'm a lady men's shirts short skirts ♪ you know the megahit, so does our audience. shania twain, "man i feel like a woman." how do i pull that off? she's owning it. as she should. only minutes away from another big announcement. ♪ >> to be able to sing with shania out there. >> and that was -- i'm telling you when you saw her in las vegas, her show it was -- and we have even more star power this morning. felicity huffman and timothy hutton are here there they are. we want to get a look at
8:31 am
felicity hosting this picture on instagram earlier saying she picked the yellow dress to help wake her up and excited to meet you, george. she calls you george stop-and-talk-to-us. >> and we have an unbelievable chance for you to get rihanna to come to your hometown. you can win a special premiere of her new movie called "home" in your community. take a look. >> how would you like to have a big hollywood-style movie premiere in your hometown? >> this is going to be huge. >> no wait it gets better. rihanna and jim parsons may even be there too. >> i can't wait. >> we're looking to honor a hometown hero with their very own movie premiere for the release of "home." so go now to on yahoo! to find out how to enter. >> wake up, america. >> only on "good morning america." >> you heard it. go to at yahoo! send us a short video to enter the contest. tell us what you've done to help
8:32 am
your town and you could shine bright like a diamond on the red carpet. >> oh, are you guys ready for this? the queen of country pop, shania twain, is here with us this morning. the five-time grammy winner has a huge announcement to make. we're going to find out what it is in just a moment. i promise it'll be my first question but first a look back at how far she's come. ♪ ♪ that don't impress me much ♪ >> reporter: she's the impressive megastar with a megavoice, shania twain. ♪ oh oh ♪ >> reporter: the confident queen of country pop selling more than 75 million records worldwide. earning endless accolades including nine billboard music award, five american music awards and five grammys. ♪ from this moment ♪ >> reporter: her hits crossing genres climbing country. ♪ your boots ♪ >> reporter: and pop charts. ♪ oh oh oh give me the action ♪
8:33 am
♪ come on over ♪ >> reporter: her 1997 album "come on over" one of the all-time best-selling album by a female artist. ♪ this is as good as it gets ♪ >> reporter: and the best-selling country album of all time. ♪ still going strong ♪ >> reporter: shania is here with a big announcement reminding us why she's still the one. ♪ you're still the one i run to the one that i belong to ♪ ♪ you're still the one -- >> yes, the woman has had a lot of hits and as we've been saying all morning she's still the one. shania twain! [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo. >> beautiful. >> wonderful to see you again. okay, i said it would be my first question. what is the big announcement? >> what's the big announcement? well i'm finally after 11 years i'm going back on tour. >> whoo! >> it's been a long time. >> it's been 11 years. >> 11 years so finally going back on the road. >> yes, you are. anything more? >> well this is a very very
8:34 am
important time in my life on the road. this is going to be a big, big tour for me because it's going to be my last. >> no it's not. >> we're not going -- you feel this is going to be the last -- >> this is my last tour so yeah, i'm going to make the most of it. let's put it that way. it's a celebration tour for me. you know so i really feel that you know las vegas, the show the "still the one" show was a huge mountain to climb for me. i took that challenge on. i not only got through it i enjoyed it. it was a huge reward and i see the upcoming tour as a celebration of that and i just feel like i'm ready to hang my hat up in that regard and, you know i just really want to go out with a bang and the concert tour on the road is going to be completely different. a totally different show. >> how is it going to be different? >> well you're still the one in
8:35 am
vegas was a show really designed for that stage, for caesars palace for the coliseum. and i didn't want to take part of the show on the road. i want to take an entirely new show that is custom-made for traveling and for touring so it's going to be a kick -- rocking show. >> las vegas, so it starts june in seattle. is that where you kick it off. >> yes. >> going to 50 cities. >> 48 cities. >> okay. >> and i should do 50 because i'm 50 this year. i should just do 50 shows. >> no way. yeah but you said it is about a celebration and i and many of the crew we had a good time seeing you there on the stage. the horse coming in your sister on stage with you and there's a connection that you have with your fans and so many of them when we said you were coming so many of them said she better be saying she's going on tour and that they're already going -- >> i'm calling this sort of the
8:36 am
unofficially rock this country tour but it's the after-party tour. how i see it. the after-party to all of these years of you know i mean i have been off the road for awhile but las vegas was -- felt you know two years consecutive, it was a lot of just a lot of stage, a lot of work so this is the after-party tour and celebration tour yeah. >> we saw -- you recently had an abc special that was kind of like going behind the scenes in las vegas and you said something about how being in las vegas and going back was kind of like therapy for you in many ways. how so? >> well first of all, hi to get the courage to get back up on stage again because i hadn't been up on stage in a decade. so that was a bit scary, a bit overwhelming and, of course the stage at the coliseum is giant. >> it is. >> so the whole thing was just bigger than i'd ever done before. so a big challenge and i had
8:37 am
some vocal challenges to overcome as well. >> didn't gladys knight and lionel richie help you with ha. >> they did. they were so encouraging and basically told me to get over it. get back on the microphone. you can do. >> and you did. >> and they were right. they were right. i just needed courage is what i really needed and that helped moo he work through the whole thing. >> two questions because you have so many followers on social media that they absolutely love you and one lisa wants to know any new music that you have coming out? >> i'm working on the new record as we speak. so i'm on the microphone every day recording stuff and so that's going to be coming up after the tour so i've got -- you know i got to get back on the road sort of -- i don't want to getsay get the tour out of my system but enjoy ha celebration party and then i'll get back to the record. i'll be -- you know i want it to come out when i'm 50 so it will happen. i'm going to make it happen.
8:38 am
>> you are going to make it happen. this last one is a good one. despite all the obstacles you have had to face throughout your life you always overcome them with grace and poise. who or what was your source of strength through it all? >> gosh, you know i look to others for my strength. i mean i know that strength is within and all of that but i draw inspiration from the people around me from others suffering, frustrating, my mother was a big sufferer in her own life. died young. she -- you know i just -- i look for the courage in others and then i find mine. so i just have to say that the inspiration comes from everybody around me. i think that's why i just -- i love being with the fans and i love getting out into the audience, i like hearing their stories and i like talking to them during the show. this is where i draw it from. really. >> that is a connection you have so it's going to be a celebration tour and after-party starring in seattle in june.
8:39 am
thank you so much. you keep -- so when is your 50th? you keep referring to it. >> august that's the end of the tour. it's all going to come together. it'll be -- i'll be an emotional wreck. >> no you won't. you give us strength. you give us such inspiration, shania thank you, thank you for being who you are. shania still the one live from las vegas. cd and dvd on sale now only at walmart and the tickets for the rock the country tour go on sale for her fans next tuesday, march 10th and for the public on friday march 13th. be there or be square. and next time you come back here you'll be singing, all right. you'll be singing. that's a guarantee. >> hey, iing booed her. i already booked her, monica. okay got it. another final check of the weat >> spring break out here at least for these ladies. good for you. raining here, raining there. we've got flood watches advisories warnings all throughout parts of the ohio river valley. louisville northern kentucky seeing one and a half the to two and a half inches of rain.
8:40 am
flood warnings into west virginia. we'll look for that and on top of it the snow and ice. that's coming up in the next 24 hours. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. we have a little bit of sleet pellets mixing in with the rain. a lot going on with the weather. rain at times today a-high of 42. overnight tonight and into tomorrow, that's when it changes to snow. uquesne university. >> go duquesneians -- dukes. ♪ >> we don't need music. coming up the hit rod designer rachel roy is empowering women everywhere just like this woman standing next to me. come
8:41 am
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♪ welcome back. on this morning's girl power a designer to the star launching this sunday on international women's day, a message to empower women everywhere. she says you can live the life you were destined to live with what she calls self-rule. ♪ her designs have graced some of the most famous women of the world and now rachel roy is turning her professional success into a personal mission empowering everyday women. >> you rule your own life. you make your own choices and you stand by that. >> self-rule is the idea that we
8:44 am
can take charge of our life that we are actually responsible for our life but taking that step to say every single day the choys that i make are mine and i'm going to take that power back. that's what i'm really trying to give to young people and to women in particular. >> reporter: she asked 30 women from ballerina misty copeland to u.s. olympian lindsey vonn to write down what self-rule means to them and with each message she hopes to inspire women everywhere. >> i think that the idea that you're speaking to your younger self. woo he all have that younger self we wished we could have helped. >> you are the daughter of an immigrant from india, from a very low caste system in india. how has that pushed you and your work ethic? >> you know i remember hearing growing up you live in america. you have an opportunity to be an entrepreneur. you have an opportunity to start a business and when i started my business it was with no business plan or any other motive other than really
8:45 am
choosing what i loved and trying to make a career out of it ♪ >> reporter: you have quite the celebrity fan base from gwyneth paltrow to kate hudson to first lady michelle obama. what is it like to see your dresses on all of those gorgeous ladys? >> to know that someone trusts you and the way that you will make them look and therefore hopefully feel is -- it just puts you over the moon and perhaps in the right direction of what i'm trying to do and how i'm trying to make women feel. >> i know your daughters are huge inspiration to you. what kind of world do you want to see them growing up in? >> i would love for my daughters to live in a world where they are not judged by how they look but rather by how they treat people. >> welcome and happy international women's day. >> reporter: as international women's day approaches sunday rachel will celebrate by launching her self-rule passion project. >> the happiest people the most
8:46 am
evolved people that i have in my life are the ones that have that inner peace, that happiness and that's what i want to pass on to my children to my friends' children and to my customers, what is that saying from "the wizard of oz" it was within you all along. there is a purpose within all of us. >> don't you just get chills when you hear her talk? rachel roy will post those quotations on her instagram page starting this sunday so we wanted to ask you, our viewers how will you celebrate international women's day. rhon rhona said by skyping and chatting with my beautiful daughter and granddaughter. we wish you a happy international women's day. all of you, right? >> you too, george. >> yeah. >> george. >> you have a lot of women in your life. >> you heard the declaration earlier in the show. >> you're serious about girl power. learning so much from it. coming up felicity huffman
8:47 am
and timothy hutton here live. stay with us. we'll be right back. nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
8:48 am
8:49 am
well let's see who is at the twitter mirror. timothy hutton and felicity huffman. of course, she won an emmy on "desperate housewives" and he for "ordinary people." their son has been murdered during a home invasion on their show. >> you stole so you could gamble some more. you were off in vegas. >> it was an illness, an addiction and i got myself help and now i am recovered. >> raising those boys by myself in public housing. a white and her two white kids. do you know what those people did to us day after day. i'm here trying to do what i can for matt and your feelings are over hurt over what i say to reporters. stop saying my name. >> wow.
8:50 am
i think we ought to take a break. felicity huffman, tim hutton you guys got a lot to go through. >> sorry i yelled at you, darling. >> thank you. >> you know we hear that those people those people those people a lot of people will say, boy, a lot of prejudice there. >> well, yes, i mean i think if you asked barbara if she was a racist she'd say no. she would say i'm a realist, i'm a pragmatist but i was talking to tim about it earlier and i think because it's not so obvious, i think that is sort of the new face of racism and racial prejudice. >> it's the most charged subject in america. the creator john ridley wanted to have a whole new look at race in america and how crime touches all of us. >> i think he wanted to show the effect that it has on families inside their homes, not just you know what we read about in the headlines and he wanted to do a show that really examined this one central crime and how it affects all the people on both sides of the crime, the
8:51 am
victims, as well as the suspect's families and how, you know we don't treat each other -- we base a lot of our encounters on assumptions and our perceptions are immediate and quick and we jump to conclusions. i think the show deals with that. >> we could see in that scene how raw this is. i read somewhere that when you were first going through the descriptions you couldn't believe this would actually get made. >> oh no remember we had bets. we were doing the pilot and i said i love working with you, i'll never see you again. >> it's true. >> so i was forsure it wasn't going to get picked up. network television has never done anything like this so take my hat off to abc and paul lee because it's gutsy and cool. >> what do you hope people get out of it. >> me -- >> felicity. >> i think that they will connect with the characters. i think they'll see a bit of themselves in all of the characters and i think that you know hopefully they'll be invested in these -- the story, how deeply affected these people
8:52 am
are because of this terrible tragedy and how it turns their life around forever. i think they'll want to come back and, you know follow these characters because what you think you're watching is radically different than what happens to the characters. >> you're actually going to get some resolution at the end. >> there is resolution. >> as well. you know we're calling this way back wednesday. i don't know if you were prepped for this. i think we found your first appearances on television. both of you. >> really? >> take a look. >> hey, i thought you two guys just had dinner. >> yeah that was an hour ago. >> hey, tomato. >> all right. >> next time a maid wants sunday off mom has to say no. this is the second sunday this month she's had off and wouldn't you know we'd be full last night? mom, sam's gone somewhere. if he thinks i'm going to clean these three rooms by myself, i -- >> you're always upset on television. >> you're a jerk.
8:53 am
>> you recall that. >> i was -- hold on. i have something of yours. no, i'm kidding. i was -- that was scary. there we go. >> that was some powerful acting there. >> i was 15. i think i was 14 or 15. >> great to go back with both of you. cannot wait to see "american crime." it airs tomorrow at 10:00,
8:54 am
i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those. we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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8:56 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by white house black market. visit to see the new work collection. >> i have to say this was a lively morning. >> it was a lively wednesday morning. >> tomorrow will be the same. "deals & steals" and hugh jackman. >> all right. can't wait for that. have a great day, everyone. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. sky 6 hd taking a live look across philadelphia international airport. a winter snowstorm is bringing heavy snow our wage let's head to karen rogers for details.
8:57 am
good morning. >> good morning for now it's just a cold drizzle. let's take a look at what you can expect. storm tracker 6 live double scan light rain through the area. i still might expect a few sleet pellets mixing in north and west. be careful because of all the slush from yesterday. here's how temperatures are going to progress. we'll see about 38 degrees momentarily. by noon 42. we're going to hold in the low 40's until we drop at 6:00 p.m. about 39 degrees with rain on and off. today is just a light rain day with 42 for our high. but trouble is all of this that you're seeing on storm tracker 6 live 3-d changes to snow. that happens in the overnight hours. and then tomorrow morning heavy snow through the area. it doesn't wrap up until the afternoon and evening from north to south. so ending first in philadelphia and general four to 8-inches expected so a lot to deal with tam. >> we know you'll make sure we're ready. thank you karen. let's get a last look at your commute and go over to matt pelman. good morning, matt. >> we're expecting even worse things tomorrow, tam but this morning has been a challenge in and of itself. here on 95 conditions are still wet and we still have a
8:58 am
disabled vehicle southbound by bridge street. slowing past this point in toward girard. northbound side backing up headed toward the work zone. franconia is a crash along cowpath road. vehicle fire in burlington county on 295 southbound. traffic is getting by. detours on septa bus routes 129 and 130 but on time otherwise. tam. >> thank you matt. coming up on "action news" at noon today opening statements in the boston marathon bombing trial. we'll have a live report from the federal courthouse where dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing the surviving victims. "action news" morning team will be on the air early tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. to help you get ready for that heavy snow. "live with kelly and michael" is up next. have a great wednesday. >> ♪♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new series, "american crime," felicity huffman. and the "long island medium" theresa caputo. plus, a better burger, courtesy of dr. joe furman as we continue our "healthy, hearty cooking week." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi!


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