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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 4, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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owner auctioning off a tourist attraction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. and the big story the winter weather, looking live outside at cape may, new jersey, on sky 6 hd right now foggy the calm before the snow storm with temperatures staying above freezing we'll see rain today but it turns over to snow in the overnight hours. we have live team coverage tracking the snow storm ahead. eva pilgram talked to people preparing for what is to come and first meteorologist, karen rogers has the latest from accuweather. >> we look at winter storm warning in effect it twos into effect at 11:00 and lasts through tomorrow evening at 7:00. for accumulating snowfall that is a long duration to deal with the snow storm but right now it's just light rain, reading and allentown and wilmington currently. light rain at times through the day on and off and temperatures in the 40s, no snow for us just yet but stormtracker 6 live
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double scan showing it's on the way and they are already getting some out to the west this is an arctic front passing through and as it does, the temperatures will drop and the rain changes to snow. lets talk about the timeline, it happens in the overnight hours the rain changes to snow in the morning it's snowing heavy at times, the heaviest looks to be 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the afternoon hours we start to see it end and then it pulls out of philadelphia and ends from the northwest to the southeast and leaves the coastline by the end of the afternoon. 4 to 8 inches in general through the region and 2 to 4 inches for the lehigh valley the worst part, i think will be interior delaware and south jersey it looks like the bulk of this is to the soung. philadelphia more on the 4 inch area we'll talk about that and show you what it looks like, that is coming up in just a minute rick.
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>> thank you. in the meantime people around the region are dealing with what is left from yesterday's winter storm. the action cam was in conshohocken where ice still covered the roadways and intersections here. another look from mobile 6 as we tackle the roadways through south philadelphia it's heading down morris street in south philly some of the snow still remaining but the rain is taking care of much of it and doesn't seem to be too many problems down the secondary roads in south philadelphia. right now smooth sailing this afternoon. our team coverage continues with "action news" reporter eva pilgram she talked to people preparing for this snow, she is live now with more. >> reporter: hey rick, it's selling like hot cakes with another storm on the way stores cannot keep ice melt and rock
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salts on their shelves. word traveled fast this morning. >> i heard through the grape line that they had it here at killans. >> people lined up to snatch up what they could. >> it's just crazy people started to knock on the door before we opened. the phone was ringing with folks on the hunt for ice melt. >> it's hard to come by the owner will order what he can and what comes in comes in. >> i have a driveway that slopes down and it's a solid sheet of ice, i have to cling to the fence to get down to the bottom of the hill. >> rick is one of the lucky ones. >> an absolutely essential item and i will use it as soon as i get home. >> just to put it in perspective. killans just got another shipment of rock salt at 11:00 this morning and it is already gone as well. good luck as you hunt for it.
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eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in philadelphia's roxborough section, pedestrians slipped and slid down the sidewalks, they found people choosing to walk on plowed roadways instead. and some told "action news" they didn't dress properly for the slick conditions and getting to work and school was nothing short of tough. the "action news" morning team will be up early to help guide you through the morning commute. the latest from accuweather on the hard of the hit areas and on the roads as you head out to work and school. the 6 abc storm tracker app will help you, you'll get alerts for winter weather warnings and advisories, it's a free download for your mobile device. in other news, philadelphia
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school superintendant william hite revealed the next action plan it focuses on the district's efforts to prepare students for their college careers, it has more on development and recruitment efforts and working with partners to secure special funding this one day after governor tom wolf called for more funding for schools. >> the flames broke out at 8:00 trast night. in bristol township along bath road firefighters said most of the flames are coming from the second floor. it took firefighters a half hour to get the flames under control and no word yet on how badly the victims were injured. >> authorities linked the man in a smash and grab with a multistage robbery spree this is the three robbers stealing rolexs from the willow park mall back in january, they tracked the men back to michigan where
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they believe that they were selling stolen high priced watches from several philadelphia stores. new charges have been filed against the man accused of stabbing two members of nicki minaj's crew, pierce boynton was picked up last week and charged with murder. he allegedly stabbed devon picket and parker and picket died from his wounds. a caribbean vacation turned tragic for a northeast philadelphia couple and their cousins, the newlyweds were near punta cana, they were swimming when they needed help, kush and his brothers tried to save her, but the strong current swept them all away killing four people some family members gathered in northeast philadelphia and others remain
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in the dominican. >> they were both beautiful they were smart and i love them lots. >> i can't believe it. i still can't believe it i think they are coming back, it's been two days we keep thinking about it. >> the patal family are working on getting the bodies of their loved ones back home. and now president obama's health care bill is facing arguments in front of the supreme court. karen travers has more from the supreme court. >> reporter: good afternoon the president's health care law is more than 1,000 pages and the supreme court justices were considering a short phrase four short words to decide if federal subsidies are legal in all 50 states. president obama's health care law was back in front of the supreme court. the affordable health care act
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signed into law in 2010 says that they can give subsidies for coverage bought through quote an exchange established by the state and that simple phrase in a 1,000 page law is at the heart of the arguments. the plaintiffs are conservative activists. >> they intensely set this up to try to get the states to set these exchanges up. >> but 34 states did not set one up instead they rely on the federal market place so now are the federal subsidies in two-thirds of the country. >> they said that congress would not have doomed to failure this huge piece of legislature this could be far reaching they found that 9 million people could lose their insurance comfortable if the court rules again the subsidies. >> this is about real people,
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don't take my care. >> sylvia burwell acknowledged that the obama administration doesn't have a backup plan. >> we don't have an administrative action that we believe can undo the damage. >> they suggest that context is key in the subsidy language not just the literal text, the very short phrase in the very big health care law. a decision is expected sometime before july. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. in texas a mother and her two-year-old were trapped inside and hear from the good samaritan stopped to help. it's called free range parenting, this couple is facing charges for letting their children walk alone. and a drug that the fda says
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is now being overused and therefore unsafe.
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surveillance video captured an incredible crash in houston texas, you can see an out of control truck slam into a tree and truck at a u-haul business randy mccaffrey witnesses the collision and called 911. >> i got her out and her baby. >> first responders had to cut the top of the truck to rescue the woman and her baby. now to the investigation that sparked a parenting debate all around the country. a maryland couple is charged with neglect after letting their young children walk home unsupervised. >> alicia vitarelli is at the big board now with the story. >> reporter: it's called free range parenting and it's
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sparking a fierce debate the family calls themselves old fashion but authorities are calling them neglectful. these parents let their children walk home from a park without adult supervision now they are charging them with child neglect. >> it's shocking and hurtful and traumatic, it never occurred to me i could get caught in something like this. they knew their style of parenting, known as free range parenting or giving their children more space and responsibility is old fashioned but never thought this would come under investigation. >> parents are vague go play outside and come back before dinner it's no radical idea, they would not allow their children to walk on their own if they didn't believe they could. but children under the age of 8
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must be under the care of a person that is at least 13. they are fighting back hiring lawyers to file an appeal. >> i am on probation for five years and that is a black mark. >> they cannot comment on specific cases because of confidentiality require maniment maniments -- into do you think it's okay for you and your sister to walk places by yourself? >> yes. >> it's okay. >> worried about being investigated in the future they still let their children walk by themselveses. >> there is a great conversation about this going on on our facebook page, people are posting they walked home from school alone growing up and some say you can't be too cautious when it comes to kids. people are talking about free range parenting. in other news the fda says
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that popular drugs tested for low t or low testosterone may not be safe, new labels are on the drugs saying they should only be used for certain medical conditions and not low testosterones caused by aging and that it can cause heart attacks and strokes, they are now prescribed for men for low energy and low sex drive. now more on the heist in north carolina police released the 911 calls from the drivers that found the security guys on the side of the roads. >> there are a couple of guys that look like they have their hands tied behind their back. >> the two guards driving the gold to massachusetts stopped because of engine trouble, detectives say that three armed men in a white van tied them up and led them into the woods eventually the guards made it
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back to the highway but all the gold was gone. >> what happened? >> he says they are holding high value stuff. >> trans value the owner of the company says their guards were armed.
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we are breaking news recording darren wilson they just confirmed that the department of justice will not charge wilson in connection with the death of michael brown he said he was in fear of his life when he killed michael brown brown was not armed and investigators say there is no evidence to disprove wilson's belief and reports that brown had his arm's waived because they are consistent with physical and forensic evidence we have more coming up online at
12:49 pm and on "action news" tonight beginning at 4:00. meteorologist, karen rogers is here now as we gear up for another winter storm on the way. >> aren't you sick of winter? i want spring but it's not just yet. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region just rain today. temperatures are in the 40s and light rain at that. and picking up a little bit in reading and allentown and drizzle near philadelphia and down by the shore in cape may. lets see what it looks like the action cam was out earlier in rittenhouse square check ougt the statue of the lion. march is coming in like a lion like it is suppose to. the dew point 38 the winds out of the south southwest today than is the difference right now, we get the south-southwestly flow and that bumps the temperatures flow. wildwood and dover if it wasn't
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so miserable out it would be nice. 37 degrees in mt. pocono. and today is more mild and staying as rain now and through the daytime hours. lets look at satellite 6 along with action radar this is the same system that brought the rain yesterday, and then tomorrow we are dealing with snow. by 3:00 p.m., holding at 42 that is your high today and the rain is not constant and on and off until 5:00 p.m. even 7:00 and 9:00 we are dealing with temperatures well above freezing the 39 degrees at 7:00 and by 9:00 p.m. 37 the overnight low is 30 the snow comes in the overnight hours lets look at the snow here, it's a new run here on future tracker 6 after midnight we see the change over already in the northwest and then we watch as it continues to change through the region and snow overtakes the region this is 7:30 in the
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morning where it's snowing, the snow is mostly centered to the south and we'll watch as it advances to 7:30 it looks like it's pulling out of philadelphia, the high totals are in delaware and south jersey. that is a long time we are dealing with this system. the overnight it changes to snow and the heaviest may be from 7:00 until 11:00 a.m. and in the afternoon the snow ends from the northwest to the southeast. it should be wrapping up in the city by lunch time. i want to show you the different model runs, a different update showing only 2.4 inches of snow in philadelphia and gps 5.8 and you can see the nam and the euro showing 8.6 and 7.4. and what we expect out of all of this is a general 4 to 8 inches through most of the region lehigh valley just 2 to 4, but
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here along the i-95 corridor closer to the 4 inches it's interior south jersey and delaware you get a chance of getting 8 inches of snow, this is overnight tonight and into tomorrow. rain at times 42 and the snow doesn't happen until late in the nighttime hours into tomorrow tomorrow is a snow storm not wrapping up until the afternoon. 12 degrees and bitter cold on friday and slick spots everywhere, 28 is your high, saturday starts off in the teens and by the afternoon it won't be quite as harsh and we get a dry, sunny stretch, sunday partly sunny skies and don't forget to spring forward and 44 and monday clouds and sun and 44 and tuesday night and sunny and 46 but still below average. today it's rain and overnight tonight it's snow. >> thank you karen. topping the people scene at 12:30, singer shania twain is
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back on the tour and it will be her last. she made the announcement live on "good morning america," she just finished up a two year stint in las vegas and it's custom-made forever the road and promises a rocking show. the country star will play on wells fargo center center on july 22nd. the town that serves as the setting for the tv series "the walking dead" is now up for sale. grandfield, georgia only have a population of about 1,000 people and but people flock there now the owner put it on eastbound for $680,000 hoping that a developer that is a fan of the show buys the property.
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coming up tonight on 6 abc
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it's the middle and then the goldbergs and blackish at 9:00 and then nashville at 10:00. from you looking for distraction this afternoon, check out these stories at look at remarkable costume trancesformations from the lion king and new charging skills for a baby and charging skills for an octopus that and more right now at >> well, we can use a distraction from this weather, but it's not going to happen. >> not coming we have a lot of weather to deal with, starting with stormtracker 6 live double scan, look at all of that moisture headed in our direction right now just rain and tomorrow it changes to snow. it looks like the heaviest snow is from the morning from 7:00
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until 11:00 and wrapping up after that from northwest to southeast. 4 to 8 inches overall. >> thank you karen. a look at stories coming up this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00 could the third time be a charm for the revel casino a new deal could bring new owners to atlantic city. and mcdonald's makes changes to its food supply what they are doing to its chicken. >> now for sara bloomquist, karen rogers and david murphy i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon, we'll see you later here today.
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