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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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cecily tynan and adam joseph continue to watch the storm for us and they have the latest when the snow will arrive and how much we'll get. cecily lets start with you. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's not a pleasant day, rain falling generally south of philadelphia and it's just rain and not freezing on contact, temperatures generally in the 40s, 42 in philadelphia and 40 in millville and allentown 39 and wildwood 46 and wilmington 42 degrees. the evening commute tonight a lot better than last night. we are dealing with light rain and a few areas of fog and the main concern is reduction of visibility. by 6:00, 41 and even by 7:00 it's 40 degrees, no concerns for the evening commute for frozen precipitation but if you look at a wider view, it's 42 in philadelphia but you can see there is cold air waiting in the wings, chicago it's 20 bismark,
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north dakota it's 6 and 24 in st. louis and 80 in new orleans that is the boundary layer fighting with the cold air to the north and the warm air to the south that is coming with moisture typically we get an arctic front move through and it clears us out dramatically but what is going on there say wave of low pressure and that will continue to supply the moisture we have 2,000 miles with this plume of moisture from new england to texas and that will bring us snow. for details on when to expect the change over, lets head to adam joseph. >> that will be from the north to the south, as we go through late tonight and early tomorrow morning, that is when winter storm warnings go into effect for the entire delaware valley down to the shore the exception is the lehigh valley and the poconos just a winter weather advisory, that means less snow than the warning areas, again it's one of those storms where the heaviest snow falls south of
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philadelphia. as we watch the stretched out system the low down near memphis that pull as long the boundary we'll see the precipitation expand and grow as it takes over our region tonight and tomorrow. and as the low develops it helps to bring the colder air down and switch us over to snow at 7:00 in southern areas and really in the lehigh valley it starts at midnight. from 10:00 p.m. until 1:00 in the morning we flip from rain to snow and in and around philadelphia and 20 miles to the northwest and south and east to i-95, 1:00 until 4:00 in the morning, not until central delaware and southern new jersey from 4:00 until 7:00 in the morning, so it's during the rush hour that we start to see the snow mixing in and changing over. so the travel concerns are major with that heavy snow falling across much of the area,
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tomorrow evening's commute, lighter snow will still be falling especially south of philadelphia moderate delays with snow accumulation on the ground but less intensity of that falling from the sky, in the morning no snow is falling it will be long gone and temperatures go to near record lows, early on friday morning, creating minor problems for that rush hour. when cecily tynan comes back she'll talk about the accumulation and we kind of kept things here and there is a bull's-eye and she will have that coming up. >> meantime people getting ready for the storm people are trying to find rock salt or other snow melters, and others it's getting another food to stay in for a day. epva pilgram is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: it was not hard to find food but finding ice melt was a real problem, we looked
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over pennsylvania and the new jersey area, we found some but for the most part it didn't last long, it's getting snatched up faster than stores could stock it. >> i could be assaulted for this stuff. >> i got the last two cases. >> killans got a shipment of ice melt this morning and people lined up to get what they could grab. >> it's just crazy, people were starting to knock on the door before we opened. at haddon township they are expecting another pallet of ice melt tonight. >> they want to buy 10 and 20 we are limiting it to one to two bags per customer to spread it out so our regular customers have something. >> just about everybody we spoke to is hope that this is the last winter storm. >> i'll be glad to get this winter behind us. i'm ready for warm weather. >> back here at the westmont ace
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hardware store they have a little bit of ice melt, if you need it get over quickly, if you can't get here tonight they are expecting a full shipment tomorrow. >> it's a hot item. lets switch to david henry in commery hill, where road crews are getting ready for the weather on the way. >> we are along route 70 in cherry hill, if you look behind me it looks like a half mile stretch of route 0u67, multiply that 1600 times and you get an idea of how much blacktop camden county road crews have to clear tomorrow. >> we have over 800 lane miles from camden county. >> the road crews spent today getting ready, trucks were loading up with salt and maintenance crews were gearing up. they were putting new blades on the plows in the shop and this
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was the most welcome sight of all, truck loads of salt coming to replenish supplies. >> barely but yes, we lucked out there was a local vendor that had salt we were able to call him and beg and he provided the salt to us. >> many local municipalities are in a bind and the county will try to help them out but doesn't have much to spare. they hope that this will be winter's last hoorah. >> my grandfather used to say winter is never over until may. i'm starting to believe that. >> this wet roadway is what got them concerned right now, they can't brine or lay down salt in advance of the storm because it's raining right now, that will wash the salt away and they have to keep their fingers crossed and the crews are going home to spend the night resting
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and then back on the job as the snow flies tomorrow morning. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. as this winter's severe weather continues, stick with you can always find live storm tracker 6 radar and check out the list of local school closings and delays and the "action news" morning team will be on earlier than usual with everything you need to know matt, david and tam will be on the air at 4:00 tomorrow. the department of justice says they will not charge the police officer that shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in ferguson, missouri last year. darren wilson said he feared for his life when he shot michael brown and there is no evidence to disprove that testimony or is there evidence that brown had his hands up at the time of the
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shooting. they met with brown as family to personally inform them of the decision. there is more on the ferguson issue coming up tonight on world news with david muir. well, it's not yet official but espn says that eagles running back lasean mccoy will be traded to the buffalo bills, it has fans all over the region up in arms, they are unhappy to lose such an important part of the team. ducis rogers is live now with the latest. >> per nfl rules nothing can go official until tuesday at 4:00 p.m. the potential trade has mccoy going to -- for a former chip kelly product. he was not happy when he heard the news, last year he got rid of desean jackson and this year
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mccoy this move clears up money in terms of salary cap space and some fans are up in arms and ron jaworsky says you have to look at the big picture when evaluating the trade. >> one individual player does not win or lose football games clearly i was a big fan of shady mccoy and i still am he still has gas left in the tank but this is why coached get paid the big bucks they have to make the difficult decision and it's obviously that the play of shady mccoy was descending and they saw an opportunity to get a linebacker in alonzo. >> the team officially released trent cole, he completed his tenth season with the team second all time in sacks. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report from shady mccoy to the real
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mccoy, matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> good afternoon rick and monica heading out on the schuylkill expressway that is a gamble too and this afternoon are you not fairing well if you are trying to do that, jammed solid from bear to university to 30 and street. that is where we had a disibled vehicle. and on the vine street expressway another disabled vehicle. you can see the westbound side of the vine backing up pretty severely as you head to the schuylkill expressway visibilities are down and the speeds are down and the roads are wet this afternoon. how about another disibledabled vehicle. this looks like it's pulling away but farther south on 95 in delaware arks crash at mlk boulevard taking out the left lane and speeds in the teens there.
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one more disabled vehicle on the ramp from 295 southbound speeds in the 20s and the mass transit agencies are announcing their plans, patco runs on a snow schedule and septa regional rails will be on a normal weekday schedule at this point. more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight, a potential candidate for the 2016 presidential elections says people choose to be gay. dr. ben carson's explanation for his controversial comment. >> looking live at mobile 6, things are wet but not the big storm yet. they will be heavily snow covered. cecily tynan has the full accuweather forecast. and this reminder when you see severe weather or breaking news join the action, email your pictures and videos to join the or use the #~ 6 abc action on social media. that is how you can be part of "action news."
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today he shared his opinion that homosexuality is a choice and his view is causing controversy. he spoke with chris cuomo and his belief is add odds with the majority of the medical community they say that most people have little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation. >> they have control over their sexuality. >> absolutely >> carson is an author of several books and has been awarded several doctorate degrees he plans to announce a decision in running for president before may 1st. health check tonight,
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america's opiate addiction is a problem heroin deaths have tripled since 2010. white adults had the most fatal doses they believe they are turning to heroin because it's cheaper and the price for the antidote many first responders now carry has skyrocketed and officials want to know why. the scopes linked to infections with drug resistance bacteria were not approved. olympus made changes but did not file for approval until the october. the fda has reports from all three brands of the scopes not just the olympus ones. we want to remind you as we face another day of lousy
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target will invest billions of dollars to streamline stores and that means job cuts, they are streamlining smaller stores and having a product mix that appeals to a younger demographic demographic. most of the cuts are at the company's minnesota base where they have 13000 employees. mcdonald's is starting to use chicken raised with fewer antibiotics, over the next few years they will phase off antibiotics also used by humans they are trying to compete with rivals that use more whole some items. a northeast philadelphia retirement home hit a milestone.
5:21 pm
protestant home marked their anniversary, they reenacting moments in the home's history and launched a fundraising campaign. they hope to raise $150,000 by the end of year. the middle school pledged to propose acceptance today, students signed a banner in support of the national spread the word to end the word campaign they want to raise awareness towards the slang and challenged people.
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>> reporter: time for accuweather at the "action news" big board cecily tynan is keeping an eye on the changeover that happens while we are sleeping we get a change over from the rain and sleet and to the snow and some of that snow is heavy tomorrow morning, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing tonight we are dealing with the rain and most of the rain in philadelphia is down to the south and the bigger problem is not the rain but the fog, we are live on sky 6 taking a look at atlantic city where you can barely see the casinos with the fog developing, visibility in wide wood less than a quarter mile a third mile in millville and a half mile in reading and wilmington and if you are flying out tonight call ahead. there are delays and we'll have
5:25 pm
more delays tomorrow when we get the snow. it's above freezing so we don't have to worry about the icy roads like last night. 45 in wildwood and allentown 39 and reading 40 and wilmington 41 degrees. temperatures are in the 40s right now a cold front has moved through and what this will do allow arctic high pressure move down and this brings down arctic cold air. sault st. marie it's 4 degrees but we won't get that cold, but we'll get the change over to snow in the overnight hours a bigger view on stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that there is no lack of moisture we have this plume of moisture all the way from new england to texas, low pressure right now in arkansas and that low pressure will move up along the front than brings the precipitation and that also really help its pull down the cold air from the north to the south as we head through the nighttime hours future tracker showing around 11:00 tonight.
5:26 pm
this is when we get the change over in the lehigh valley 38 degrees in philadelphia and still just plain rain as we head through the wee hours of the morning at 3:00, this is when it moves through the i-95 corridor we are looking at heavy snow especially south of philadelphia, that looks like the bull's-eye for the heaviest snow as we head through the afternoon and the snow gradually moves out by the evening, we should be drying out and temperatures are cold dropping down to the low 20s, the snowfall maps have not changed much since the first call yesterday. northern berks county and the lehigh valley and the poconos are you missing out on the bulk of the snow, 2 to 4 inches, most of our viewing area 4 to 8 inches and the jackpot zone the best bet of getting 8 inches is around northern and central delaware and interior south jersey, one of the storm system
5:27 pm
where we have the heaviest snow to the south and the lightest to the north. the high is 32 degrees and friday plenty of sunshine and it's cold, 28 degrees that is 21 degrees below normal and the good news is heading into the weekend temperatures rebound and not as cold on saturday and 40 degrees for the union home opener we spring forward on sunday, and 40 and 46 degrees on monday and do you want it warmer? >> yes! >> adam joseph will have something that will make you smile in the accuweather forecast. >> 50 degrees. >> what? don't tease us now cecily. >> much more "action news" coming your way. >> she said tomorrow? >> not tomorrow.
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now, america's number one ricotta. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the approaching snow storm is a welcome sight for snowplow operators in our area it's not
5:30 pm
just because of an increase in business. >> it was one year ago that a gas explosion in a ewing complex killed one woman and destroyed 50 homes we'll talk with raided still trying to put their lives together. also, a cape may city council member ends with a new member resigning his post. we'll explain why. >> and the new approaching winter storm brings snow to our area tonight and tomorrow the timing is significant it's going impact the morning commute and it has already caused delays and cancellations at philadelphia international airport 40% of arriving and departing flights are canceled. and here are conditions live from mobile 6, this is what drivers are dealing with on their way home, rain and lots of it most of the salt mixture has been washed away and traffic is
5:31 pm
moving despite the dreary conditions and sara bloomquist has more on penndot's plans for this storm. a pair of ice skates are handy for kids making their way to school this morning, "action news" was along osage avenue where sidewalks were coated in the thick layer of ice and it was dicey having a walking buddy to keep balance, the sidewalks were covered in an icy mess. and now to the big board and adam joseph he has the latest from double scan radar. >> right in the middle of this storm where it began yesterday with the snow, sleet and freezing rain and the rain today and tomorrow the snow we have a lot of moisture down the pike, with this pipeline from texas to the tennessee valley ohio valley and into the mid-atlantic over 2,000 miles of moisture moving in our direction. in fact, winter storm warnings
5:32 pm
from dallas to texas to the tennessee valley where they are expecting an ice storm in and around nashville and heavy snow for the ohio valley and locally at home here, into tomorrow winter storm warnings are in effect late tonight into the day on thursday. a warning meaning significant snow is expected and treacherous travel in addition to that. here is your timeline in philadelphia between 1:00 and 4:00 in the morning the change over to snow and the heaviest snow falls from 6:00 in the morning to noon and definitely for the morning rush home and in the afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 the heavy snow starts to shut off and lingering snow showers as everything starts to work off the coast to the south and east. we'll talk about the expected snowfall totals and show you a seven-day forecast that shows a lot of melting is going on over the next seven days rick. >> thank you adam. the approaching snow storm
5:33 pm
is welcome news for private snowplow operations across the area, "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live tonight in havertown with more on that. >> reporter: hey rick it's a busy winter for snow removal contractors, this snow will be snow and they like that ice can be a pain regardless it's another winter event and that means money in their pockets. >> snow removal contractor john expects a long 24 hours. he'll be salting. and plowing. >> ideally i would like 6 to 8 inches of snow to end at midnight and have all morning to clear it so everybody gets to work and school in one piece. >> but he has not been getting his wish, this winter has been more about nuisance storms and the dreaded ice storms. >> it's a lose lose, nothing you can do to win other than chip it up and spend hour on hours with
5:34 pm
numerous dies and tons of material to make it work. >> the wait for salt is two hours long in havertown. >> this is the only place ideal with loyalty, other places may have it but you are loyal. >> unfortunately many customers are not loyal. contractors tell you the money is good but not great it's a cut throat business with lots of players and homeowners and businesses want the best price. >> if they can save $5 they will do it. >> but john and others want to work and many are landscapers and winter is the slow season and after this winter they are saying bring on spring. >> i'm a kid at heart and i love the snow but when we get a winter like this i'm ready for spring real soon. just a couple of hours ago a truck load of salt came, and it
5:35 pm
was gone like that another truck arrived here in the last 10 minutes, so come and get it. xhp, channel 6 "action news"." the "action news" team will be on early tomorrow for the latest from accuweather join matt dave and tam with all the latest developments include school delays and cancellations, when you see breaking news or severe weather in your neighborhood join the action email your photos and videos to join the or use the #~ 6 abc action on social media. it's how to be part of our "action news" team. a year ago today the big story on "action news" was a massive explosion in a ewing township neighborhood that claimed the life of a woman and that destroyed many homes. and the wuns suffered for many have not healed.
5:36 pm
>> sarah and her husband bill lost everything in last year's gas explosion their home and family mementos and their dear friend and neighbor sartelly she was killed in the blast. they accidentally hit a gas main in ewing 55 homes were damaged or destroyed. >> it's hard to take in i know it's a year later but it still feels like last month. >> stupidity caused the explosion. >> marcia was forced out of her home for eight months and is critical of pseg and contractors henkles and mccoy for not notifying police about the gas leak. some homes are still boarded up and being repaired and construction is expected to begin soon on the 11 that were condemned and knocked down. >> i crawled up the stairs and looked to my right and saw fire and that half of my house was not there.
5:37 pm
>> jim wears two hats the township administrator and also a victim. blast, he says that healing from the trauma has been hard knocked unconscious during the explosion his hearing is damaged and he is dealing with nightmares and post traumatic stress disorder. >> i wish i could get by it. >> mcmadmen had insurance but they did not. after what happens they have reservations about moving back. >> the condo management come says it could take a year and a half to rebuild the homes that were destroyed. rebuilding lives seems to take longer. >> in other news, cape may's latest city council meeting ended with the police chief being denoted and a newly elected council member resigning. >> we are talking about a man's
5:38 pm
career. >> the voice you just heard belongs to councilman jerry endwise last night they decided to demote the police chief to captain, the reasons why were not clear they said that sheehan's removal is improper. >> i'm going to speak any way. i'm not going to sit here during a witch hunt while you crucify that man if i have to remove myself from this council. >> okay i'll resign effective immediately from this council. >> meantime even as captain sheehan will remain in charge of the police department until a replacement is found. >> a full house today at philadelphia's city hall on increasing the minimum wage in the city to $15 an hour, dozens of supporters came and held
5:39 pm
signs and the main -- says that philadelphia is the poorest big city in the country with more than 25% of residents living in poverty. more talks are expected in the coming weeks. >> thank you. time for an update on the commute home tonight that will be different than the commute home tomorrow. >> matt pellman has the low down. >> that is the glass half full approach. >> it's still not great a big old pothole here on 422, westbound on trooper road penndot is knocking out the right lane as a result we are jam packed on 422 westbound coming away from king of prussia with the right lane out of commission and dense fog in spots like in the quakertown area, and east rock hill a crash along 309 at state road and a broken down vehicle, and one is here on the vine street
5:40 pm
expressway eastbound at the schuylkill and it's still packed in both directions and the disabled vehicle is cleared and the traffic light is not working at front and a broken down vehicle by the betsy ross bridge is gone as is the crash on delaware 75 southbound but slow in that neck of the woods. >> thank you matt. again much more to come on "action news" wednesday nitd. the boston marathon bombing trial is now underway and we'll tell you what lawyers on both sides had to say. >> adam? >> we are tracking the rain changing over to snow now in pittsburgh we'll let you know the timing when your community will see the change over and how much to expect. and ducis rogers has the latest on the trade rumors involving shady mccoy.
5:41 pm
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i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. lease an mkc for $349 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash only at your lincoln dealer. trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is now joun underway and he did admit to planning one of two bombs at the finish line
5:44 pm
but claimed he was pressured into it by his older brother and now prosecutors argue that he had murder in his heart and they are seeking the death penalty their goal is to get him life in prison and the trial is set to last several months. president obama's health care bill is facing another challenge. for americans that buy health insurance through an exchange established by the state and 34 states don't have their own ex change and rely on the federal website instead. the wording was to provide help for those buying insurance through federal and state market places, they are looking to see if the subsidies are legal in states without their own health exchange. now the rumored trade of shady mccoy. >> ducis rogers is live now with more on that. >> the deal cannot be completed
5:45 pm
until tuesday afternoon at the earliest and we have a week to digest or praise or criticize this very bold move mccoy will be shipped to buffalo for keiko alonzo alonzo, he is the all time leading rusher and it saves the eagles a lot of money underneath the salary cap and we spoke to two former eagles, ron jaworsky and mike quick. >> initially like everyone else i was shocked at the trade. but then when you sit back and think about it what are you going to get? what is going to happen going forward? i know in chip kelly's mind he has the big picture in what he wants and what he wants to do. >> the big business of football comes into play when you scrub this down, i'm not all that surprised by it my initial
5:46 pm
reaction was surprise and then i thought it through, and you have to go with a younger guy at this position. >> mccoy knew this was a possibility. following the season finale against the giants i asked him about his future with philadelphia. >> what do you think about next season you have a big cap number. >> we'll figure it out. it's a business and i know that. so whatever happens happens. i love this team and organization and i have been here for six years and i have been very, very productive here and i'm from harrisburg, a home town kid i would love to have the eagles forever. >> the eagles officially announced they have released linebacker trent cole, and they expressed a desire to bring him back but the two sides cannot agree on a new deal. and the phillies and yankees meet again alex rodriguez takes
5:47 pm
part in his first game since 2013 a-rod goes 1-2 with a walk. and the phillies take a 1-0 lead and then the fifth inning same score and miguel franco singles to center and it's a 2-0 lead for the phillies and don brown gets aggressive, that is only good if it works and brown gets caught in a rundown, and gets nailed at the plate. the phillies are 3-1 winners. missed opportunities that is the theme of flyers this season last night they lost at home to calgary they scored two third period goals and mark strike tied the game at 2-2 but the flyers picked up a point and they now trail the bruins by 5
5:48 pm
for the final playoff spot. the government could reopen its investigation into the day the music died. buddy holly and richie valence and the big bopper were killed in a plane crash in 1959, back then they concluded pilot error was to blame and now failed equipment was to blame for the crash, he submitted his findings to the ntsb and they plan to investigate. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated #1 in customer satisfaction in hd picture quality based on customer satisfaction studies.
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time for the weather and a tough 24 hours for most of us here this could be the last gasp of winter has changes come at the end of the week. >> can we hold you to that? >> you might as well. why not. we have a lot to go through before that happens, double scan live radar shows we are dealing with light rain across the area and dampening roadways creating some puddles but it's low lying fog that will create travel headaches this evening, in fact a live look right now, center city the buildings are lighting up as we lose the daylight. can you see the cars making their way through parts of center city and again the cloud ceiling giving problems at philadelphia international
5:52 pm
airport with some delays because of that fog, 2 mile visibility in philadelphia, you can see close to if not below a half mile in much of the area in reading lancaster and dover and millville to wildwood and trenton a half mile visibility, the problem here is somewhat warmer air that pushes in this afternoon with temperatures in the low 40s, we have the ice on the ground and snow and the combination of warm air with the ice and snow on the ground it's creating some of that fog out there this evening, on top of that we have a lot of moisture a conveyer belt of sleet snow and rain working through the ohio valley all the way down to the deep south and texas where they have winter storm warnings in effect because of this same system and it's the battle of the cold air and warm air but the cold air wins out tonight. it pushes into allentown and reading at midnight you see the change over from rain to snow and temperatures in the 40s
5:53 pm
south of the city, by around 2:00 3:00 in the city, it changes to snow in philadelphia and wilmington and still raining in millville and wildwood and dover, and then it changes over to snow there close to 6:00, in the far southern zones but by 10:00 temperatures fall into the 20s north and west and trying to drive the snow out in the lehigh valley and the mid-afternoon the snow should shut off in philadelphia and still snowing down the shore but the temperatures as they crash will start to kind of void the sky of clouds, very late in the day especially in the lehigh valley maybe a few peeks of sun, if you are in the lehigh valley, a few inches of snow, 4 to 8 across much of the area, and we added an area inside of this particular area, where we could see the higher amounts of the higher amounts of 4 to 8 inches,
5:54 pm
including chads worth and hammonton and atlantic city. southern areas could see more in the way of heavy snow than the northwestern zones as we look at friday morning behind this system, the cold air works in and we could have record lows near friday morning again for philadelphia near 10 and trenton near 7 set way back in the late 1800s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast winter trying to go out with a bang so to speak with snow and falling temperatures and 21 degrees below normal on friday with a high of just 28 but we rebound over the weekend back into the 40s as we turn the clocks ahead and monday tuesday and wednesday, we climb to near 50 degrees and although that 50 sounds great and feels amazing, that is still below normal for this time of year. >> we'll take it. and the consistency of the snow that is heavy snow transitioning to the light fluffy snow.
5:55 pm
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well the 6 abc storm tracker app has you covered as the weather continues you can get automatic alert for watches and warnings the 6 abc storm tracker app is a free download for your mobile device. create how jim gardner is standing by with these stories and more. road crews are gearing up for the change over to snow overnight and new information on penndot's information to clear the roads and two potential buyers and lawyers are in court to make a deal on the former revel casino. >> and forecast is in spring at the pennsylvania convention center lisa thomas-laury met up with folks thinking of warmer days ahead. for adam joseph cecily tynan sharrie will, i'm monica malpass have a great night.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it has been a messy day with heavy rain and ice underfoot but winter's last gasp, hopefully is happening tonight into tomorrow. rain is blanketing the tri-state area and when temperatures plunge this will all be snow and a good deal of it. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is a winter storm warning for most of the area, it's set to go into
6:00 pm
effect at 11:00 tonight. sara bloomquist is live at the penndot yard in norristown but first lets get the latest accuweather information from cecily tynan and adam joseph. >> jim stormtracker 6 live double scan showing right now we are dealing with just rain across the viewing area and the bulk of it across the south and east of philadelphia, an easier commute than this time last night when we had the freezing rain and ice, millville 43 and allentown 39d and wilmington 43 and temperatures are plunging into the overnight hours there is a big contrast atlanta, it's 73 degrees, st. louis 24 degrees that is almost a 53 degree drop and 400 miles so where we have this boundary from the warm air and the arctic air this is where the cold front has set up and this has a lot of moisture


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