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tv   Action News  ABC  March 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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and mayor michael nutter wants to raise property taxes in philadelphia next. ♪♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program. with jim gardner. wednesday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is plain to see on double scan radar. the green over the tri-state area is rain but the white, as in snow, is baring down on us
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and will be here overnight. the city of philadelphia and the state of new jersey already declared a snow emergency. and we are running the list of school closings at the bottom of our screen. that list will get longer overnight. the philadelphia school district will decide in the morning "action news" reporter walter perez is live and sharrie williams in norristown. the latest facts and figures from cecily tynan and adam joseph. cecily, let's begin with you. >> stormtracker live double scan showing we have rain. pockets of heavy rain across the region. i point out some of this parts of berks county we have bright banning and what that is is the radar reflecting its beam off the sleet, and that is an indication that the air is getting colder in the higher levels of the atmosphere. eventually the cold air will reach the entire column to the surface and that will change the rain over to sleet, and then to snow. already in the poconos very close to that freezing point.
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33 degrees. the snow just to the north of the poconos right now. allentown and reading, 37. philadelphia holding at 41. and millville 40. and wildwood currently 43 degrees. there is plenty of moisture with this system and it's all about the temperatures. there's a battle going on between the warm air and the cold air. if you look at these lines, you can see the wind coming up out of the south. richmond 53. out of the northwest, buffalo and pittsburgh at 29 degrees. where you get these air masses meeting that is the con verify gent zone and that's where you get the precipitation setting up. and stormtracker 6 live a wider view showing we have the stream of moisture all wait from new england through the delaware valley through the ohio valley and it even goes into texas where they're getting some sleet and snow. when do we expect the changeover? meteorologist adam joseph will have details on that. >> it will be a slow progression north to south. the winter storm warns in effect
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the entire delaware valley down to the shore and even berks county and lancaster county. staying up right through tomorrow evening. that means significant snow in this whole area. also very treacherous travel once you get that changeover. and an advisory for the lehigh valley and the poconos just meaning a little less in the way of sleet and snow that far north. here is your changeover times. we tweaked them a little bit. lehigh valley to 278. and southern not until 6:00 to 9:00. not a smooth tran be situation, a period of sleet in between that could last a few hours creating a thin layer of ice underneath of the accumulating snow that will cause very treacherous travel. and snow taking over much of the area as temperatures are falling
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into the 20s. so it is a red-light forecast major delays for tomorrow morning's rush hour with the mixture of snow and sleet, especially south and east. road conditions deteriorate quickly with the snowfall rates up to one inch per hour. when meteorologist cecily tynan comes back, talking about the snow totals and also the record lows to follow possible friday morning. >> thank you, adam. of course the "action news" morning team on earlier than early with everything you need to know. matt o'donnell pamela edwards, david murphy and karen rogers on at 4:00 a.m. with the latest on weather traffic and the conditions across the region. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is at the penndot yard in morristown. sharrie time at last for the last- last-minute preparations for penndot. >> penndot working on stockpiles getting them ready, where they
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want them to be. we have activity happening here. it picked up in the last 30 minutes. this is actually the 25th winter event this season for penndot. they say they expect the heaviest snow to fall during the morning commute. so we see them preparing the trucks loading up with salt. although we are expecting delays on the roads tomorrow there are already cancellation test airport tonight. the departure and arrival boards at philadelphia international airport help tell the lingering winter weather story. 100 flights for tonight canceled, and even more are expected tomorrow. >> and we thought we would try to beat the weather by getting out here tonight. so we're about an hour delayed, but we're trying to beat the weather. >> natasha robertson has been trying to fly to florida assistance monday. the problem, in part her connecting flights are being affect gd -- affected because of snow and ice. >> i don't fly that often.
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but it is horrible you get all wait here and day after day it is canceled. >> for those traveling on the road, penndot is preparing for a challenging storm ahead. >> we will be deploying over 400 department and rented trucks for this event. and we will be doing our best to keep all roads passable by plowing and predicting stalt. >> in the years that penndot kept records, this year second in the amount of salt used behind last year's monster winter. >> if we do the numbers, we probably had by event, three events per week since january. we get one done start to get things cleaned up and ready, and boom, right into another one. >> yeah it has been a busy and rough season for the employees of penndot, and also on the equipment. as we watch the trucks come in and go out as they get in position for what may come in the morning, they already used
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150,000 tons of salt so far this season. they say they have enough to get through whatever comes tomorrow and for a few more events on this season jim, but they say just in case they have 30,000 more tons of salt on order. live in norristown sharrie williams, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. "action news" reporter walter perez live in gloucester township. south jersey expected to take the biggest hit from this storm. >> that's right, jim. it is hard to believe with all this rain that a snowstorm is coming on its tail but it is. and governor chris christie already announced a state of mmgfof emergency for new jersey and many school districts announcing closers for what we hope is the final curtain call for winter weather this year. >> we are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. >> and carmen rodriguez says there is enough salt left for road crews to get the job done
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tomorrow, and hopefully for the last time this year, a code blue emergency to protect homeless. >> and they will be advised where to take the homeless in the event they find someone in need. with the emergency being put into place we have additional sites used also. >> the previously fallen snow melts under the rainfall the foggy conditions seen in locations across the region are a prelude of the approaching snowstorm. and plenty of people in south jersey tonight saying they had it with winter. >> it was a very very cold winter. bitter. unbelievably bitter. >> i am tired of paying people to clean my driveway and front yard. that's enough. i'm sick of it. >> and gary seville who is getting a little ahead of himself. >> i am glad it's over believe me. really glad it's over. >> it's not over yet.
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>> one more day, that's all. that's all. >> let's hope so. one of the people we spoke with with a great point. saying imagine if it was cold enough nor all of this rain to be snow heading into tomorrow's storm it would be one epic snow event. let's be grateful it wasn't. reporting live in gloucester township walter perez for channel 6 "action news." >> i didn't any think about it thank you. when you see severe weather or breaking news help tell the story. just email your photographs and videos to jointheaction at or use #6abcaction on social media. that's how you can be part of "action news." two temple university students robbed near campus. an armed man held up students at 15th and diamond streets in north philadelphia. if happened at 8:00. the suspect was last seen heading south on 15th street. one man is dead and another in custody tonight in montgomery county. at 3:00, police were called to the 200 block of newington in
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hatboro for a stabbing. finding a man dead in the home arresting another man at the scene. philadelphia school superintendent, william hite pitched his plan for the city's public schools today. he said he has already got plans for the extra $160 million in funding requested by governor wolf in his budget that would go towards a districtwide reorganization allowing hite to focus on under-performing schools. of course the money must be approved by the republican-controlled legislature. even if the governor's plan passes, it will not be nearly enough. let's not forget the school's $80 million budget deficit. hite says he needs over $100 million from the city and $206 million from the state. tomorrow mayor michael nutter will reveal how he wants the city to give more money to the schools. city officials disclosed he will ask for an increase in the city's property tax of 9.3%. that will be part of nutter's
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$3.95 billion budget that he will propose to city council tomorrow. it is going to be at least another week before the sale of the revel casino in atlantic can be approved. that's because again there could be competition for the shouldered casino. glenn straub offered to pay $82 million, but now los angeles developer izek shomof and a partner expressed interest in making their own offer. they say that their deal would bring more money for revel's owners. still to come on "action news" tonight, officials in ferguson, missouri are not taking a scaving report from the justice department lightly. tonight there is a shake up. and introducing you to a teenager who has overcome a great deal. hits grandmother calls him a hero and tells us how this young man has gone from tragedy to triumph. the rain will be change to snow while most of us are sleeping. details of how much snow to expect where you live and the
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record cold behind the system coming up in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. ducis rodgers with more reaction to the supposed or assumed or anticipated lesean mccoy trade. and another veteran cut today. "action news" continues in just a moment. ernet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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tonight the united states ambassador to south korea is in stable condition following a vie lant attack. a 55-year-old man slashed mark lippert with a 10-inch knife while screaming that north and south korea should be unified. lippert suffered cuts as you can see, to his hands and face. he'll be all right. there is a shake uptonight in ferguson, missouri. city employees, a city employee has been fired and two others placed on administrative leave
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for racist emails. their behavior along with other disturbing findings were ex-poled in a skathing report today by the justice department. a pattern of excessive force attributed to police mostly against african-americans. last august 18-year-old michael brown was killed by officer darin wilson. brown's family says that the investigation results in change their son will not have died in vain. and juries in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev will not have to decide if he took part in the boston bombings, his lawyer said he did. and his lawyer is hoping to protect him from getting the death penalty. during opening statements he said that he was under the influence of his older brother who was killed in the shoot-out with police. and president obama's health care act, they heard arguments for subsidies, and consumers
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signed up through benefits through the state marketplaces. if the court rules against the government 8 million americans will lose health insurance and a ruling expected in june. and president obama signed the homeland department funding keeping them operating through september. and the story of a local boy who made good. actually made very good under some difficult and heart-breaking circumstances. "action news" reporter kenneth moton has his story. >> it was a nail-biting playoff game, panthers versus panthers. a lot on the line. and number 5 who place point guard for camden cool under pressure does not begin to describe this young man. >> i like to get everybody involved and then let the game come to me. >> it took a team and one tough grandmother to keep him on track. >> i stay behind my boys.
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from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. >> 10 years ago, his 25 year old mother in the car with three sons caught in a cross fire in a shoot-out in camden. and she was killed and the shooter was captured and later convicted. and her oldest son, a 7-year-old, grabbed his twin 5-year-old brothers and got them to safety. >> i don't like to think about it. that day i had to safe my brothers. >> and he is an inspiration to those in the stand and his fellow teammates. it is his brothers whose lived they followed that day following in his footsteps. >> grandma tells me every day you have to take care of your brothers, be the man of the mouse. they are going to follow what i do, i have to be a good example for them. >> playing for the freshman basketball team. and he was an honor role student 3.8 g.p.a. and colleges expressing interest in the player who wants to be a
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physical and therapist. >> he is my hero and a great leader. he will continue on to achieve the things he wants to do. >> and he scored the last two points of the game his team beating their opponent. a fighter on the court and in life. >> keep pushing yourself of the don't let nothing stop you. you can't have excuses for anything. it is you against the world, you have to do what you have to do. >> his mother would be proud. reporting in camden kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> good story. the accuweather forecast we have a tough one overnight and all day tomorrow. >> we certainly do. the overnight hours, going from rain to first sleet, and then to snow. when that happens you get the layer of ice before you get the snow on top, and that's going to add even more problems for the morning commute. really dangerous. and double scan showing rain falling across our viewing area. see the yellow near reading? we have some reports that sleet is mixing in with the rain. and in the poconos right now, the temperatures are dropping near freezing.
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so mount pocono is changing over to snow. lake harmony, and they are seeing the snow and seeing the line continuing to push to the south as we head through the overnight hours. right now, philadelphia temperature has not dropped much. 41 degrees. in millville, tentrenton, 40. and cold rain. and allentown and reading 37 degrees. and mount pocono on the verge of the freezing point, now 33 degrees. futuretracker 2:00 seeing the change over from sleet to snow in lehigh valley berks county. around 5:00 it should be punching through the i-95 corridor. rain in south jersey parts of jersey and sleet mixing in. the morning commute, we have the snow and some of the snow you see the darker shade of purple. that is the heavy snow that is really setting up south and east of philadelphia as we head through the morning hours. 1:00, still snowing. temperatures are dropping down to 27 degrees in philadelphia
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24 in allentown. and then finally by about 6:00 the snow will be exiting the coast and then temperatures really will be nosediving by friday morning. expected snowfall not much changed from yesterday. 2-4 inches. the bulk of the viewing area and most of the viewing area seeing 4-8 inches much -- inches. we get more than 4-8 inches it is the biggest storm of the season. and the best bet of 8 inches across interior south jersey and central and southern delaware. this will really be the sweet spot and the heaviest snow south not north. and the early sleet changing to snow and the morning commute nasty. and can't stress enough if you can stay home a good idea. not only will the road be a problem but visibility will be a problem with snow falling at the rate of about an inch an
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hour. as temperatures continue to fall. by friday morning, we're looking at the potential for record cold. philadelphia, the record temp set back in 1978. i think that record will probably be tied and all of these records are really in jeopardy by friday morning. you need to get everything cleared tomorrow it will be freezing solid by friday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast snow with falling temperatures through the day tomorrow. 32 degrees the high. friday the high only 28 degrees. that's 21 degrees below normal. the good news is temperatures moderate over the weekend. saturday up to 40 degrees. we spring forward one hour. on saturday night we begin daylight saving time. the if first day is beautiful, sunday. and monday mixing with clouds 46. the same on tuesday. and wednesday, this is payback time for tomorrow's weather. an afternoon high up to 50 degrees. but tomorrow will be a big problem in the "action news" team is in early beginning at 4:00 a.m. to track the storm system and road conditions for our viewers.
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>> you are guaranteeing this is the last snowfall of the year. >> i am not guaranteeing but i hope so. kiwi -- we can have snow into may. >> such. and the f.d.a. aim >> the f.d.a. aiming for a better flu vaccine. and this year it was overmatched. and the number the seniors hospitalized was its highest since 2005. good evening and welcome to america's favorite game. coming to you from the florida powerball studios. tonight's guaranteed jackpot $90 million. get out the ticket stubs and let's play powerball. the first number for tonight is 8. followed by the number 35. and congratulations to eric hale
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from bend oregon winning $1 million. and the remaining numbers are 15, 12 and that last number tonight is going to be 50. so remember if you match the powerball number you are always the winner. number 32 with the power play multiplier. >> one more look at tonight's winning numbers. thank you for joining us and good luck everybody!
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my
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slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v eagles fans still engaged in a heated debate. was this the right thing to do getting rid of lesean mccoy, which we assume will happen. >> the last 24 hours the million dollar question. a lot of peel -- people asking what are the eagles doing? his salary are and relationship with chip kelly likely a factor.
11:28 pm
and a source told me there was friction between mccoy and kelly. and another indicated it got worse as the season progressed and both from strong personalities that did not always mesh. >> chip kelly clearly wants players that believe in his culture, buy into his culture and understand his culture and are committed to his culture. if you don't, you're going to see what happened. and it happened already with desean jackson and now happening with shady mccoy and we will see what is next. >> making a move is not a shock in his mind because he studied this thing for a long time and he's made this decision on his research, his study and his overall plan. >> the player in return is kiko alonso, he played for chip kelly at oregon. and he played well in 2013 but missed last season with a torn acl. >> they saw an opportunity to
11:29 pm
get a linebacker in kiko alonso with a tremendous rookie year with the buffalo bills. coming off the knee injury but if he is healthy he is as good as one of the best linebackers in the league. and trent cole released today. the eagles say they were trying to bring him back but could not agree on a reestructurerestructured. >> and they pull a horse out of -- check that a rabbit out of a hat. and durant out with a foot injury, not important right now. and stealing it and eight three-pointers. inside of 30 seconds to play and sixer down 3. and jayson richardson overtime. and westbrook, quicker than a roach when the light comes on. and we will talk about the
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phillies after the break. it's that easy to play. pick 3. easy to play. simple to say.
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it doesn't get much easier than picking two things. you pick two, and... you're basically done. that's why the pennsylvania lottery created pick 2. just pick two numbers. done. pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. ♪♪ i've been driving a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. lease an mkc for $349 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash only at your lincoln dealer.
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two games into the grapefruit play has me thinking when do the real games begin? phillies and yankees. alex rodriguez back in baseball taking part in the first game since september of 2013. he hits an r.b.i. single in his first at-bat a-rod 1-2 with a
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walk. top of the fifth 1-0 phills. and franco since to center. and brown feeling handsome on the base paths, perhaps too much. and in a run down nailed at the plate and getting the win 3-1. and la salle, the match-up. and second-half action and the slam puts the explorers up by 3. neither team shoots particularly well. and st. joe's 30%. and later in the half chris wolson 22 points on senior night. and getting win number 375 of the career and topping will a tall 55-50. love in the air at the philadelphia flower show tonight. nicole kennedy and bob shay of hatboro tied the knot surrounded by the beauty of the show and the surprised and delighted spectators.
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winning a contest entitling them to all-expenses paid wedding including the dress, bouquet, the cake and the kiss. jimmy kimmel live followed by ""nightline."" "action news" continues at 4:00 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- vince vaughn, and mike tyson. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from here forward, here's jimmy kimmel challenge! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy, host of the show. thank you for watching, thank


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