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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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bloomquist what do we know? >> reporter: jim we are gathering information from police sources at this point. we know this was a 22nd district police officer shot three times at least one time in the head, he was rushed to temple university hospital his family is now on the way there to the hospital, he is in critical condition. police have been focusing their investigation on a game stop store here in a strip mall off 21st and lehigh, this is 21st street and there is a super market as well as an mcdonald's restaurant into this mall. they don't have official word from police as to what unfolloweded there in that game stop store this afternoon but there say mass of police response, they were called out at 3:45 and they came to fine one police officer shot in the head shot two other times as well and investigators are arriving here on the scene along
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with the philadelphia police crime scene unit. we do know at this point that to people are in custody, we have video of when we pulled up on the scene at just 5:00, they were putting a young man in a police cruiser, two in custody and one of them suffered a gunshot wound police at this point are not clear if the two they have in custody are suspects or if they are witnesses to what unfolded here at this, we believe the game stop store in this strip mall off 21st and lehigh as we look back live all the police are here on the scene and they are extremely emotional as you might imagine this is a hard time for them as well as they now have the word that one of their 21st district police officers is shot in the head and in critical condition and now the investigation is underway. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you as is surgery for
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the police officer, we go to reporter vernon odom, live at temple university hospital what can you tell us from there? >> reporter: jim the media is being kept about a block away from the temple hospital emergency room the latest official word we have from out of the hospital as you look down the street here, as you look down the street, the officer was hit three times at least one in the head and is in surgery at this hour and is very, very kritdcal condition. i'm told he say veteran officer a male from the 21nd district look at the pictures now the scene here at temple hospital, a wide shot and then you'll see a woman being consoled and take and into the hospital a woman in a white jacket we believe he she is a relative of this
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officer not long after that mayor nutter arrived from city hall, police commissioner ramsey is inside as well and police are covering the entire temple university scene right now waiting to see what is going to happen here and they are prying this surgery is somehow successful that is the latest word from here, we are told from officers coming out that the officer is in grave condition, they have two suspects in custody and one is wounded i am told and being treated at einstein hospital. that is the latest here from temple university. the media is being blocked from temple university hospital the officers are inside with the officer's family waiting for the outcome of this surgery. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon we urge you to stay with "action news" and the night for updates on this story.
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if you live in the immediate philadelphia area, the snow is either going or gone accuweather hit this one accurately it's region has been hit with between 5 and 10 inches with the official city measurement on the low side of that range but the roads have been and are still treacherous please be careful. for young people like these guys in doylestown it's a day off from school and a day spent on the hills. at least somebody was enjoying it. so here is the full story of our early march blast of winter weather, whatever the final sattistics, we'll find out in a moment, this seems like our biggest snow storm of the winter by far lets get to double scan radar and meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the snow has shut off in philadelphia all areas north and west and another round of flurries that could move in later on but shouldn't provide any additional
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accumulation, we have a light to moderate snow across south jersey and delaware. this should be rolling off the coast at 8:00 tonight and then the skies will begin to clear. as far as the snowfall totals we are calling for 4 to 8 inches and some areas are doing better than that. roxborough 8.6 and king of prussia a whopping 10 pf 4, and south allentown 8.2 and croyden 8.8 inches of snow, marlton 8 inches and cherry hill 8 inches and williamstown 6 inches and tonight the big story is the falling temperatures you really want to get your sidewalk and your driveway shoveled and treated because temperatures are dropping down to record levels philadelphia 10 durings, all the areas you see with the asterisk those are record lows, allentown
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2 and lancaster 4 and dover down to 10 degrees and trenton 7 degrees, tomorrow the temperatures will not be rising to the freezing points and we'll stay in the deep freeze for one day, and i have a dramatic warm-up coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily it's snow accumulated quickly in king of prussia plows clearing snow even got stuck in the streets, valley forge park was closed because of storm and the storm forced the king of prussia mall to close its doors at 3:00. lets go to john rawlins in oaks montgomery county. what about driving conditions right now? >> reporter: marginal at best, hopefully though they will get better, it was a real mess this afternoon time, we had a number of jackknifed tractor trailer trucks on the turnpike that closed the turnpike and accident
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as long 422, two words starting with the letter b beautiful it was light and fluffy and shorter word bad when it hit the roads with sub freezing temperatures it quickly iced up. 422 they reported the driving slow going and vehicles ened up in ditches and reports of multiple accidents. >> really bad, i came from work closed early and i saw like three accidents just coming on the way home. >> we have five accidents we got four cars off the road everybody is slipping and sliding. >> tow trucks were moving a van and prius from eastbound 422, walter was behind the wheel of the prius. >> the gentlemen lost control of the van and spun sideways and had most of the road covered. >> and you came along.
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>> i came along. >> well as we say road conditions are marginal at best. not much traffic out and the snow is all by stopped, that should give road crews room to do their work tonight. live in oaks, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> ali gorman is live at the olney transportation center, what about mass transit and the commute home tonight? >> reporter: no surprise there are some hassles today and some services were suspended and some were detoured but when you have conditions and roads like we have out here today you just have to be patient. >> philadelphia city streets are slick and slushy, mayor michael nutter said that the snow emergency remains in effect. a number of cars parked along designated emergency routes have been towed. mayor nutter says that streets
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have to be clear to allow snowplows to make their way around town. >> a full plowing operation underway and all the equipment is in service. >> meanwhile many commuter his to deal with suspended regional rail line, canceled or delays bus routes or slow going on the way home. >> it took me longer to get down town once you got to the subway it was pretty good, but catching the bus to the subway, they were detoured. >> traffic is crazy and everything is slow, you want people to drive slow, avoid the nonsense on the road you know what i mean? >> that is the message, if you absolutely have to go out the roads are slick and some are freezing tonight and if you have to go out make sure you go slow and you are careful and if you can stay indoors, it will take time before all the streets are plowed. reporting live from olney
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transportation center ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we received this information from philadelphia international airport, officials have just imposed a ground stop until 6:45 that means nothing is coming in or going out for 35 minutes at least. this was the sight that greeted frustrated travelers at philadelphia international airport today, hundreds of flights both departing and arriving were canceled but as we told you it is now in a ground stop mode. >> we can see that vehicles are trying to clear the runway at philadelphia international and trying to unclog the system which currently is at a stand still, nearly 800 people in ben salem were left without power when a car crashed into a peco power pole it happened on brookwood drive and when the
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crews arrived they determined the entire pole to be replaced and despite the snow they got the job done and now to fairfax virginia this is a live picture, "action news" is along did i say virginia? fairfax along concord pike there is very little traffic at this hour, the roads are slippery and most motorists are thinking better than to try to negotiate this roadway in fairfax delaware. as this winter's severe weather kins, we urge you to stay with, you can fine storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast, you can always check the updated list of school closings and delays, there were many of those today. coming up on "action news" tonight, mayor michael nutter lays out his budget plan for the
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city of philadelphia and the latest on the eagles roster moves ahead with ducis rogers. that and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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mobile 6 is in new jersey at the ben franklin bridge there are posted signs that say use caution of course and the road conditions are slick and slushy, everybody is using extreme caution on the roads tonight. there is a search june way tonight for this young man, he is 13-year-old kaymen he has
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not been seen since 6:30 last night. he may have purchased a train ticket to philadelphia there is a search for this young man you are urged to call police. mayor michael nutter presented his final budget and as expected it calls for a 9.3% property taxes hike and that would be used for schools and also a jobs program and $3.5 million for police body cameras. but all of the buzz is about the proposed property tax increase many council members are running for re-election this year and say they are not prepared to sign off such a hike. philadelphia firefighters had to deal with flooding conditions inside of an abandoned building this morning, firefighters were
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called to the dubin paper come on columbus boulevard, they found that an 8 inch pipe had broken the water company turned off service and there is no word on the extent of the damage.
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>> encouraging news for the phillies pitching rotation here is ducis rogers. >> all eyes on cliff lee, he has not pitched in a game since july 31st. an elbow injury cut his season short it's just a grapefruit league game but lee looks good, he gets a double play and does not allow a run and ruben amaro probably trying to trade him by the third inning he doubles in dom brown and armant does not have it and gives up back to back home runs, we'll only show one of them to save him
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embarrassment. chip kelly is a maverick when it comes to calling plays and a maverick when it comes to shaping his roster the impending trade of lesean mccoy is proof. >> these are hard decisions that chip kelly has to make and i believe he is making these decisions right or wrong time will tell, because they have $50 million to spend we'll find out now if they can release players that were productive and find better players that are more productive. that is what we are looking at down the road. >> the flyers entertained the blues tonight and they trail boston by 5 points for the final playoff spot. the sixers lost to the thunder, they could not contain russel westbrook. 48 points and 17 rebounds and 10 assists, the union opened their season saturday at home against colorado first they have to get rid of all of that snow at ppl
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"action news." and "action news" today meant a lot of bad weather. >> but the kids enjoyed it the kids get a snow day and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the snow is moving off the coast pretty quickly and we have a band of snow across south jersey into delaware and as we zoom in you see the shades of pink off the tip of cape may, that is the heavier snow and that snow, can he can flip this over to the snowfall rate, that is falling at a good rate a half inch to inch an hour, but this is the last of the heavy snow and that snow will end within the next hour, once the snow is out of here temperatures nose dive, it's cold out there philadelphia 21 degrees and we start the temperatures, at 31 degrees, as the temperatures were dropping the snow got lighter and fluffier during the day, wilmington currently 21
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degrees, a wider view of stormtracker 6 live double scan here is the system parts of kentucky, close to 2 feet of snow and there is a little bit of a secondary band moving through and this is drying out don't be surprised if it adds to the accumulation, by midnight not only the snow is gone but the clouds are moving out as well. trenton 18 and allentown 12 and lancaster 10 and the poconos down to 5 degrees, and then temperatures making a run for the records, the record in philadelphia for tomorrow morning, 10 degrees set back in 1978, it looked like we are likely tying that allentown's record is smashing that reaching 2 degrees and wilmington likely a new record low and the atlantic city airport dropping down to 8 degrees, that is a record low for the date, even though you don't like to shovel
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and treat your driveways, it will get thicker with plunging temperatures through the night and future tracker showing tomorrow morning as the kids head back to school we'll have enough of a breeze with temperatures down to record cold that the windchills will be about zero degrees in philadelphia at 7:00 and below zero in the northwest suburbs, you'll want to bundle up and watch your footing as you head to work and school tom. high pressure is right over us and loads of sunshine and bitter cold the high only 26 degrees, that is 23 degrees below average, temperatures will not rise to freezing so no melting going on tomorrow however things will begin to melt saturday afternoon as the high pressure dives to the south, we get the winds from the southwest and warmer conditions and 38 degrees and temperatures continue to warm as we head through the weekend into next week. the exclusive accuweather forecast record cold in the morning and still a lot of cold
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by the afternoon 26 degrees and loads of sunshine and saturday chilly for march 38 degrees, not as harsh as tomorrow nice weather for the union home opener, spring forward one hour as you head to bed and we given day light savings time and nice and clouds mixing with sun and 43 degree we butp it up to 47 on monday and tuesday and wednesday up to 53 degrees and thursday we continue that mild trend with partly sunny skies and a high of 55 degrees, so far the total for philadelphia international airport today 4.5, that was taken at 1:00 i'll have the official final numbers on "action news" at 11:00. reviewing our big story a philadelphia police officer is shot in the head and gravely wounded in north philadelphia, he is fighting for his life right now in surgery at temple university hospital, this is a live picture at 21st and lehigh where a shooting happened at a
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strip mall at 4:45 this afternoon, the officer is from the 22nd district and shot three times, we have learned once in the head and once in the eye and once in the chest. he is in surgery as we just said. two people have been take and into custody can you see one of the individuals there being put into the police cruiser one of the two who have been taken into custody suffered a gunshot wound and we'll obviously stay on top of this developing story this evening and bringing you updates online and on the air abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6, "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and again at 11:00 right here on channel 6. we hope you'll join us then, for "action news" i'm jim gardner, we'll see you then.
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. tonight, the breaking news. investigators on the scene. the passenger jet coming in for a landing. crashing through the fence. finally stopping just feet from the icy waters. the emergency evacuation. fuel leaking. also the deadly accidents. some drivers stranded on the highway for 16 hours. from boston tonight, an unforgettable day in court. the video, moments after the bombs went off. >> get them out of here. >> the heroic rescuers. the officer who saves a 3-year-old boy. the american ambassador attacked overseas. the images now. and the moment the man with a knife is wrestled to the ground. the superbug warnings tonight. patients at two separate hospitals warned they might have been exposed. and the dancing skeletons. watched by more than 50 million tonight. the stunned faces, the two sisters. and this was hardly the only reveal.


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