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tv   Action News  ABC  March 7, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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allen has reportedly been informed he will be fired after the season which conclude tuesday a at the palestra. his players learned of the situation before tonight's game with cornell and then went on to win their ninth game 79-72. afterward allen would not speak of the matter but what he did say, spoke volumes. >> i will say this, in my attempt to be like marshawn lynch, i'm just here so i won't get find. if you can read between the lines then you will save your breath. senior day at temple will cummings in the hunt for his coach, before the game. then he got a parting gift. cummings had a career high 23 against you coon. huskies were put away. temple wins 75-62. they will be a three or four seed in the concerns tournament friday in hartford. union back in town for their season opener a game you saw here on six abc. never know that field was full of white a couple days ago.
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this went to overtime. conor casey a's header yeah, didn't convert. the game against rapids ended in a tie. >> that is sports. >> all right good thanks, jamie. "action news" at 11:30 continues next. new support for islamic militant terror group vowing to work with isis. college student who was gunned down outside a nightclub in camden six years ago and today his mother is still looking for answers. hear from her in tonight's crime fighters report. the those stories and more coming up next. stick around.
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saturday night i'm's walter perez. here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. family of fallen officer robert wilson the third -- >> definition of the brother. friend, anything that you needed. the family of the robert wilson the third peaks to "action news" about his life, and those he left behind. shows of support for wilson's family from philadelphia sports teams and their fans. a scare at the white house, loud noise put 1600 pennsylvania avenue under lock down today. but first tonight, "action news" is hearing from the family of robert wilson the third just days after he was gunned down at a store in
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north philadelphia a those who knew the 30 year-old best say he was quick to help and just as quick with a smile. investigators called the eight year veteran of the force a hero saying he protect customers inside of that store, during the shoot-out on thursday, that ended with his death. wilson's grandmother says he pennsylvania a maid his family proud in life and through his death. >> he was one that he didn't just go to work to fool around he went to work to do his job. what he was doing the other day was part of his job. >> wilson was in that game stop buying a present for his nine year-old son whose birthday is monday. tonight his family says they are remembering him as someone who was as dedicated to his family as he was to his job. in addition to wilson's family many members of the force, continued to have grief as well. philadelphia police officers were on hand for a prayer vigil in honor of officer wilson. he have is being hailed as a great cop and great role model and those hit hardest by
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wilson's death are relying on each other to get through this. a "action news" reporter annie mccormack was there for today's vigil. >> we want to pray for love. pray for peace. pray for comradery. pray for fellowship. >> reporter: under black bunting a hanging from the between the second district in honor of slain philadelphia a police officer robert wilson, pastor green began to pray. behind him wilson's brothers and sisters in blue. prayer turn to song. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: and the the community linked hand. a woman who knows the will son family's pain spoke out. >> out of respect to the 22nd district and to the philadelphia police department, i want to say that we got y'all back. y'all have our back. we got y'all back. enough is enough. >> reporter: wayne's son officer moses walker also of the 22nd district, was fatally shot have after leaving work back in 2012. thursday night when she heard the news her hard sunk.
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wilson was gun down in his north philadelphia game stop store during a robbery in progress. the the father of two was buying a present for his son. >> i was at home. i heard a police officer had been wounded. i said, oh my god. i heard it was the the between the second district. i was just grief stricken. >> reporter: today she joined mothers in charge the organization that promotes violence prevention for education as they held a prayer service outside of the district and brought the the officer's lunch asking what is next to make the violence stop. at least for now the group urged the community to offer support, to the men and women protecting them. >> what are we going to do another prayer vigil, you know, another walk, what are we go to go do? we have to do more than that. >> reporter: community support continues. sunday during the 10:00 a.m. service at saint martin's church at 23rd and lehigh they will dedicate the services to officer wilson and all a collections they will take they will donate to his family. reporting from police
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headquarters annie mccormack channel six a "action news". a and sports teams here in philadelphia paid tribute to officer wilson today. sixers tweeted out this photo tonight as players wore special warm up shirts at the wells fargo center before tonight's game against the atlanta hawks. earlier philadelphia union held a moment of silence in honor of wilson. some fans waved a giant american flag while others held up a giant banner saying quote, we thank those who defend us. and the the police department here in philadelphia has established a trust fund to support his family. find that information along with any new developments in the case and the the "action news" facebook feed. go to a abc "action news", just like that page, and get updates in your feed. and unarmed black teenager was shot and killed after a a confrontation with police in wisconsin. protest erupted overnight and continued today after police there a announced the news. according to police there were reports that an assault suspect was running in and out of traffic at a nearby
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roadway, the responding officer says he followed the 19 year-old suspect into an apartment where that teenager hit the officer in the head and that is when the officer opened fire. now the teenager's mother is demanding answers. >> it is just not fair. it is not right. my sonnies another statistic. another black kid shot down by the police for no reason. >> the death comes just case after the department of justice cleared officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown, in ferguson missouri. outside agency is now investigating this most recent case. the terror group that abduct more than 200 school girls last year in nigeria is pledging allegiance to isis. the announcement came by way of a message posted on twit era allegedly by the leader of boca hard ram. unverified vow comes as nigerian million intent prepare for a showdown with the multi national coalition that recently forced them out of town in that region. boca a horam raided a school
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in nigeria and abduct 200 school girls last april. is what being described as a loud noise sparked a lock down at the white house today. it had happened at 10a in m as president obama and his family were preparing to leave for alabama. the secret service was investigating a suspicious car near the white house, around the same time that a nearby vendor car as you can see right there they were not related. nobody was injured. the the lock down has since been lifted. and there has been just over six years since a college student was gunned down outside of a nightclub in camden, new jersey and now his mother is coming to you for support and for help. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> reporter: on saturday february 21st, 2009, louise garcia was talking with his mother maryann boneilla at her home in camden. >> he had give his girlfriend
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a engagement ring. >> reporter: sometime that night that girlfriend called gar see. his girlfriend called and said that, it was every where. >> reporter: just after 2:00 a a.m. sunday 22nd police were called to the scene for shots fired. >> the bar at 32nd and river road was letting out there was a mass amount of people out there when shots rang out and lewis garcia got shot. >> reporter: garcia died from his wound amidase after the the shooting an arrest was made but detective say that suspect, did not kill gar see a. >> that person was charged with weapons offence. we weren't able to determine if he did fire a gun that night that morning but he was not the the one who shot and killed garcia. >> reporter: the union has a $1,000 reward for arrest and conviction for person responsible for garcia's murder. she read a plea that she had prepared in advance.
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>> but, we ask for your support. i beg to you please come forward, and remember anything, or have any information, that can help solve my son's case. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". still to come tonight, instead of raising a roof a college party in california brought one down. plus a top flight high school refuses to take the field, boycott that they staged against their opponent's team mascot, melissa. walter, we had a nice start to the weekend, temperatures were in the upper 30's. it is cloudy dry for the rest of tonight and these numbers keep climbing for second half of our weekend. details coming up with the forecast.
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a roof collapsed. investigators say thaws thousands of students were celebrating at california institute at the time. according to officials dozens on have students were on top of the garage when it gave way. some tried to hold up the collapsing structure from within when they saw it start to give way. it didn't work and at least eight people were injured. police say they cited several students for under age drink ago long the way. members of the high school lacrosse team from new york say that they will boycott an upcoming game because they fine, the other team's mascot offensive. akron tigers whose members are mostly native american, canceled its game against a neighboring lancaster redskins. the move comes just days after a heated community debate about this very issue.
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tigers say that they consider that name a racial slur. >> they look at the term as offensive and derogatory to native americans. >> lancaster cool district is debating whether to come up with a new mascot. some who oppose it says it is not racism. it is a sense of honor and pride. a as of tonight the though no decision has been made either way. bowlers of all ages turnout for a good cause in camden county. ronald mcdonald house of southern new jersey hosted its annual spare some love fundraiser at the pin center bar and grill. this event was organize by high school students from nearly two dozen schools all across new jersey. nearly 600 people registered for this event. it is expected to raise more than $20,000. all right. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa a magee. moving clocks forward tonight. spring on the way. relatively warmer weather. >> temperatures will be in moderating for the second had half of the weekend. in the upper 30's today.
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upper 40's tomorrow. >> we love it. >> yes, we do. >> we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you that it is dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation. there were flurries earlier today, up through the poconos with the weak disturbance riding off to the north and east but overall most of us will stay dry for remainder of tonight. we will show you picture outside, sky six live in hd, we are down there, in wilmington delaware. we have got mostly clear sky and a few clouds overhead and it is definitely not as cold tonight as it was last night when we had those record lows across the many locations even in wilmington. and high today in philadelphia, much better. 39 degrees. still 11 below average, average for us this time of the year is 50. we are getting closer to 50 degrees, as early as tomorrow. and it is 33 in philadelphia. thirty-two in the poconos. thirty-six in trenton. forty-one, in wildwood. 39 degrees in dover on west ward and some have of our suburbs there. thirty-five in reading. 34 degrees, currently in
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wilmington. the here's satellite six with action radar. there is that disturbance ride ago cross upstate new york and northern sections of pennsylvania. we can see through the mountains behind the terrain where we're dealing with some flurries especially across the poconos a lot of this is starting to die out moving off to our north and east. high pressure, out across the ohio valley, will work its way east for the second half of the weekend and by then we will tap into a westerly wind which means these numbers will moderate even more. another reminder for you if you get to go to bed, time to think about daylight saving time. it the is, as we, change the batteries in our smoke detector and also, advance the clock, an hour. so we will lose an hour, of sleep but we will gain an extra hour of daylight as early as tomorrow. future tracker six showing us it the is all about the temperatures at 7:00 in the morning it is a chilly start. twenty-six in the city. twenty-two in trenton. thirty-one for wilmington millville and dove. as i advance this we will tap in the westerly win, down slopes ease of the
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appalachians and warms up temperatures at the surface. we will be in the upper 40's by noon. and by 12:00 you three can see 42 in reading. 46 degrees there in millville. a nice mild stretch on the way for the the second half of our weekend. even after the poconos tomorrow lots of clouds, light breeze. today and below freezing. 2 degrees above freezing at 3:00 in the afternoon. the nice day to do some skiing on the slopes there. and here's the the exclusive a accu weather seven day forecast, on sunday a high up to 38 degrees. milder by the afternoon with some sunshine. on monday temperatures near normal, average for us this time of the year is 50, we're in at 49 and on tuesday 46 degrees cloudy, we have some showers around. for most of the day on tuesday, and on wednesday, this is the the pick of the week for me at least, 56 degrees. very mild, and sunny and on thursday, sunshine and clouds in at 50. friday 46 degrees sun giving way to increasing cloud a and then as we get into friday night there is likelihood of some rain, developing, and that will continue, as we get into the start of next weekend on saturday for the high of
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50's. so we will spring, forward tomorrow, walter and these temperatures will be nice and mild too. >> sound good. >> thanks, melissa. the cold could not stop runners from hitting the streets today in havertown. >> on your marks... runners and walkers showing you have for the sham shuffle 5k. this weekend is your last chance to get a real taste of spring at the pennsylvania convention center the philadelphia flower show ends tomorrow. this years theme has been celebrate the movies and in fact, many floral designs are inspired by disney and disney pixar films. flower show runs until, 9:00 o'clock tonight. tomorrow, the the show is celebrating cinderella a sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. disney is the the parent company of six abc.
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well, what a missed opportunity for flyers, this is a game that will come back to haunt them. facing bruins with the the chance to move within a few points of the final playoff spot. were 4:30 to play chris vandervelde redirects a nick schultz shot to give flyers their first lead. 142nd from a win yes, 142nd
11:55 pm
when brad marchand got one past steve mason. craig beruby almost spit out his gum. in the extra period, he did it again, and he did to it win it. flyers fall in overtime three-two. they also fall five points behind boston in the standings. how do you keep your guys, from thinking the season is over. >> well, the season is not over, is it? i mean i don't know why anybody would think that. >> you don't have anymore cracks at them. >> you guys should write that if the season is over. that is okay. you know, it is continuing to be tough. i said i'm's done with this game. i've moved on already. >> on paper it seemed like biggest mass match over, atlanta hawks going for win number 50. sixers going for loss number 50. before the game sixers wore a special shirt honoring fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson a nice guess tour there. sixth are down by 16 in the
11:56 pm
first half. came back. nerlens noel put them up four. he had 11 points, 17 board. luke, with the three that seals it. sixers somehow, some way beat the best team in basketball 92-84. villanova set a new school record for regular season wins. today they pick up number 29 with the 105-68 syringe try over saint john. daniel led them with 21. wild cat have won 12 straight big east teams. they have to like their chances for number one seed in the big dance. >> i think we're playing as well as anybody in the country. i do. i think we can beat anybody in the country and i think we can get beat by a lot of teams in this country. we just almost got beat by creighton. i just think that we have a good team but, you know not so good that if we don't play our best we can't get beat.
11:57 pm
>> the game began last 40 seconds sealed the deal. wright had 11 points. they scored, 55-53. st. joes and a-10 finally a at rhode island, deandre had 21 points. rams took advantage. st. joes falling 78-68. they have the tenth seed in the a-10 tournament. they will open with saint bonaventure on thursday. castle is next here on channel six, "action news" continues, at 6:00ment to morning with nydia han, eva pilgrim and chris sowers. to are melissa magee jeff skversky, jamie a apody and entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have have a great night, we will see you back here again tomorrow. >> ♪♪ i am never getting married. never.
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