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tv   Action News  ABC  March 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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you've picked out four things before, right? one, two, three, four, and you're done. simple. so the pennsylvania lottery changed the name of "big 4" to "pick 4". it's that simple to play. pick 4. easy to play. simple to say. sunday night local on soldiers are returning home to their families have after serving overseas. >> an emotional morning inside a church in north philadelphia, as a congregation honors fallen police officer robert wilson.
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but the big story on "action news" is tragic ending to the search for a missing eighth grader from delaware county. >> three-year old cayman naib was last seen, wednesday evening when he walked away from his home. today his body was found. a "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live now in newtown square with the details. sharrie? >> reporter: well, sarah and walter these development have been happening this morning and now of course confirmation that this 13 year-old is, indeed, dead. it all happened in the search that took place right here behind me, along with what they called darby creek. it is just yards away from the very home that this 13 year-old left from on wednesday, and dozens of people took part in a search today, and that is when the discovery was made. what started out as a massive search this morning, for cayman naib, ended up abruptly with disheart evening news. >> nineteen minutes in the search i was notified that the dog had hit on something and they thought they had located
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something. >> reporter: mark hopkins was part of the search team that found the 13 year-old's body. >> under cover by snow, laying on the ground, almost in a sleeping position. >> reporter: eighth grader was last seen wednesday, cayman's parents say that the boy left his newtown square home that night upset about trouble with his schoolwork. he wandered out in the cold, rainy weather that was then followed by a snowstorm. today the teen's body was found near this creek bed just yard away from the home. >> clothing was visible was consistent with the clothe ago this cayman was said to be wearing when he left the house. >> reporter: police were called to the scene to confirm the finding while family members posted the news on facebook. >> our sympathies go out to the family and all of his friend and everybody involved in this it is a very saddening. >> reporter: a saddening the ending, of course, they were
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not hoping for in this situation. we do know that a vigil is planned to have happen in about a half an hour at the shiply school where cayman attended school. that is happening at 6:30 at the shiply school will in bryn mawr. we also know as far as the the cause of death goes that is still under investigation. his body has been sent to the medical examiner, but we also know that nothing is being ruled out, not ensue side, at the this point. we are live for now sharrie williams channel six "action news". >> all right sharrie thanks for that update. a man died and a woman was critically injured during a shooting in west philadelphia a this morning. investigators tell "action news" it all started as a dispute between neighbors. it happened a bit before 11:00a in m on the 4500 block of spruce street. investigators say that the 46 year-old woman was shot eight times, the gun man then turn the gun on himself and killed himself. in delaware police are investigating a murder mystery early this morning along a major roadway. a passing motorist spotted a
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bullet ridden van in a ditch. when he got closer he saw two people inside, a man dead and a woman who was seriously injured. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at the scene in mink dale with more on this story, kenneth. >> reporter: well, sarah this incident and this investigation had sections of two major roadways closed for about six hours today, 495, and route 13 here. this is where tait the police say those victims were discovered but right now they are still trying to figure out how they got the here and who shot them. only "action news" was there up close to see bullet riddled chrysler town and country minivan in a route 13 north du pont highway ditch in delaware. state police say that inside they found the three three-year old female driver injured from gunshots. her three three-year old male passenger, dead. the vehicles was discovered around 5:00 a.m. when a passing driver spotted the van facing the wrong way. the women was rushed to christiana hospital where she
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is in stable condition but the man, was pronounced dead on the scene. we know investigators were looking into possible road rage but it appears there could be more to this case. after the the initial calls, state police detectives say they located a second vehicle, and other physical evidence that may be connected. police would not give any details about that evidence but they say it and the the silver ford explorer were on northbound 495 right before the 95 split. just 2 miles away from the original scene. along that stretch of route 13 we have learned, investigators went business to business to look for surveillance video this afternoon but they are still trying to determine the circumstances surrounding this deadly roadway encounter. the names of the victims have not been released and we do not know their relationship but we have learned that both are from wilmington. we're expecting state police to release more information about this incident later this evening. reporting live from delaware, this evening kenneth moton for channel six "action news",
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walter? >> thank you kenneth. also in delaware an injury state troop are shot and killed a burglary suspect earlier this morning. investigators say it was just after 1:30 a.m. when a trooper responded to an alarm at rite aide on naamans road and claymont. trooper spotted the suspect getting into his vehicle. when the the troop he approached the vehicle the suspect took off. somehow the officer ended up getting a long side the car. the that is when the trooper fired the gun hitting the suspect in the torso. the suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospital. that trooper is on administrative leave pending an investigation. north philadelphia congregation came together this morning to pay tribute to fallen philadelphia police officer, robert wilson. he was shot and killed in a game stop store in their neighborhood. today they dedicated mass in his honor. annie in mccormack was there. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: worshipers came to sunday's 10:00 a.m. mass at saint martin's catholic church in north philadelphia where
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slain officer robert wilson was on their mind. father steven thorn dedicated the mass to wilson and made his brothers and sisters in blue the guests of honor. >> my response is very simple,... >> reporter: they took up the back of the church and after communion parishioners shared condolence and thank yous including philadelphia based actor david morse who portrayed a former philadelphia cop in the tv show hack. noel the the friend of wilson says the busy officer man made time to volunteer with his organization, one day at a time. >> we talk so much about black men being negative in the community but he was definitely an office shore stood positive and as a positive side. when they took his life they took ten other father lives at the same time. >> reporter: according to police thursday two armed gunmen attempting to rob this game stop at 21st and lehigh got in the gun battle with wilson who was in uniform inside buying a birth the day present for one of his two sons. he leaves behind a one year-old and a nine year-old
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whose birthday falls on monday. collections from the mass will go to both boys. >> officer wilson was not a member of this parish but the priest tells us that the police officers in the the 22nd and 39th district protect this community so in his mind they are automatically members of the congregation. >> right down the street from what happened so it is only right that we remember our community, our neighborhood, the person who passed so many times to defend and protect our streets. >> reporter: in north philadelphia annie mccormack for channel six "action news". tomorrow evening a prayer vigil will be taking place to remember officer wilson. vigil is organize by the group one day at a time. the as you heard, officer wilson was a volunteer. the vigil begins at 6:00 p.m. at hope plaza at 21st and lehigh, and the scene of officer wilson's shooting. the the philadelphia police department has also established a trust fund for support of his family. you can find that information on the "action news" facebook fade, go to
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"action news". just like the page to get updates in your feed. a 21 year-old man was charged with dui after a pedestrian was killed in newark delaware. investigators say a man named kyle lloyd struck and killed 22-year old amanda hagelstein on channel street in delaware avenue. she was walking the street the when she ran across the the roadway. investigators say lloyd left the scene but was located a short time later. he has been released on $5,500.01. from our new jersey news room now an overnight shooting in vineland claimed the life of two people and left another injured. it happened, shortly after midnight in the 100 block of west grape street. somebody opened fire object a car park on the side of the road. gunman fled. no word on the condition of the injured. this was truly a day of mixed emotions for members of the delaware national guard, abe their families. ceremonies were held in new castle welcoming back air guard troops returning from southwest asia while saying
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farewell to troops headed to africa. families of those leaving say even after several deployment is it never gets easy. >> it is hard. very, very hard. i'm bless that had my kid are grown and i have people around that help me. i have wonderful friends. it is very hard. >> governor jack markell and senator tom carper a addressed the group thanking these troops for their service to this country. curtain has come down to the the 2015 philadelphia flower show. 250,000 visitors filled the convention center throughout the week to view the beautiful floral displays and hollywood themed exhibits. show officials say that is 10 percent more visitors then last year. proceeds go toward urban gardening projects and city harvest which feeds 1200 families a week during growing season. much more to come on "action news" tonight making a marking moment in history thousands marched in selma to remember a bloody confrontation half a century ago in the struggle for civil
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rights. plus a baby is found alive, four hours after her mother's car plunged into an icy river melissa. and sarah it is nice to be normal today. high in philadelphia climbed up to 50 degrees and it looks like for start of the workweek these numbers will get higher then. that we will share the the details with the accu weather forecast. >> we love normal, thank you melissa. and jamie apody has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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fisherman from utah made a life saving discovery in the nick of time when he stumbled upon an upside down vehicle in the icy river with a 14 month-old baby still alive inside the car. the child spent about 14 hours, strapped upside down inside the car seat. no word tonight what led up to the crash but investigators do say the baby's 25 year-old mother who was behind the wheel was kill. child remains hospitalized in
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critical but stable condition. community groups are gathering in madison wisconsin after the fatal shooting of an unarm black teen by a white police officer. police chief there is trying to avoid a repeat of the destructive protest that took place in ferguson, missouri by acknowledging anger people are feeling at this time. he implored the community to act with restraint. nineteen year-old tony robinson died friday night after being shot inside the apartment following a confrontation with the police officer. that officer was responding to a call about a disturbance at that location. another train carrying crude oil is derailed in canada. ten cars of the train in route from alberta to eastern canada jumped tracks in northern ontario. some caught fire and spilled oil in the river. it is the third such train derailment in northern ontario in less than a month renewing concerns about shipping volatile crude oil by rail. thousands the georgia erd on the edmond pettus bridge in sell marks alabama to
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commemorate the bloody confrontation there 50 years ago over voting right. police say at least 15 to 25,000 people came today, many with their families, recalling bloody sunday and civil rights struggle. martin luther king the third his the father led the the march 50 years ago, took part in the service at brown chapel ame church near the bridge. attorney jenner i can holder was among those in selma today
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okay, jamie a apody has a check on sports and eagles busy leading up to free agency. >> they have a lot of holes to fill. when chip kelly begins to furiously releasing and trading veterans all anyone could speculate he is freeing up money to make a big splash in free agency which begins tuesday. it appears he is diving in headfirst. big time free agent byron maxwell has told espn he is
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coming to philadelphia. they are luring him with money. front loaded five-year contract said to be worth 54 million-dollar with 25 million guarantied. maxwell, tested often in seattle since opposing teams avoided throwing at his partner in time richard sherman. he had two interceptions good fit, not to mention they have no cornerbacks at the moment having released cary williams, bradley fletcher will not be back f true this could be official on tuesday. come tuesday this could really be a a new look team. espn reporting that the eagles will land frank gore the deal said to be worth a guarantied 7.5 million-dollar over two years, gore is up there in age, turn 32 in may but has run for a thousand yard in eight of his last nine seasons and torched eagles. that power running back they have needed in those goal line situations when they failed to punch it n5 time pro bowler in san francisco. he provided a veteran presence should they draft a young running back. if and when that is official
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gore will replace lesean mccoy as the eagles starter will come at a cheaper price because shady is about to get paid, according to his agent, mccoy set to sign a five-year, 40 million-dollar deal with the bills that include, 26 and a half million in guarantied money. that will add two years to his existing contract. bird traded shady to buffalo for linebacker kiko alonzo who was none too pleased to be headed up north. money talks. his payday will make it easier to deal with that snow. trent cole has visited with the cleveland browns and head to the colt as he tries to land a new team. if he signs with indy he will be reunited with todd herremans. the lineman has agreed to one year deal with the colts worth 3.5 million-dollar. indy trying to bolster their line herremans said he wants to compete for a super bowl. he was lured by ryan gregson who is former director of player personnel. phillies fans, this is last thing you want to hear, teams only saving grace seems to be their 1/2 punch and now
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they have temporarily shut down cliff lee, again. phillies number two starter out with a left elbow strain, it is same injury that limited him to 13 starts last year. gm ruben a amaro said you have to deal with arms. same area same issues he had last year. lee will in the make his scheduled start on tuesday. phillies facing rayness port charlotte freddie galvis got scoring started with an rbi single in the spending. that scored codey asche. kevin sloan, he threw three shut out innings, for phillies. they scored seven runs in the seventh to come back and big ray is five-four. their second win of the spring. both come in games that he started. how about that. coming off what had to be most deflating defeat, flyers got back on the horse tonight facing new jersey. no michael dell zotto out the a week with the upper boy i injury. first period flyers failed to clear the puck, add an henrik, gave determines a one to nothing lead. flyers tie it up a few minutes later off the face off, ryan
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white the with the wrister. that is hard to say. right now, two teams are tied at one going in the second period . look at this, out in seattle, university of washington that is ben warrick who makes a half court shot. what does he win? how much cash. >> $25. >> , no, cash, a year supply ofbergers from a local burger mace he won a free burger for every person in the entire dorm. >> well, he was the hero of the dorm. >> you get a free burger as well. >> free burgers count absolutely. >> up next on action a news tonight, the the sunnies out longer, temperatures are rising finally feels like spring is in sight. >> i feel like i'm awake finally. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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melissa has the accu weather forecast. this is what we want to hear one we needed to day. >> you are not kidding nice break, guys. temperatures in the 40's and 50's popping up in the delaware and lehigh valleys. thinks beginning of the nice mild and relatively dry start to the region. we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see it is dry quiet and all about the sunshine and mild temperatures. we will show you a gorgeous picture outside sky six live in hd looking at ben franklin bridge on this sunday evening you can see we have a bright blue sky and really, comfortable conditions, in fact sunset this evening is the at 7:00 o'clock. we still have about 30 minutes to enjoy the daylight before the the sunsets. in fact, we will take a look
6:25 pm
at highlights that we're tracking. it has been a while as we have not seen temperatures in the 50's for some time and it will be relatively wet but stay mile. we will talk about the first highlight here. it has been one month since we had temperatures of 50 degrees. high in philadelphia climb up to 50. it has been exactly one month february 8th was last time we had temperatures in the 50's. the high temperature then was 51 degrees and it looks like these numbers will keep climbing for the the start of the workweek here. wet and mild as well storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing you moisture out of texas moving across areas in lieu san, arkansas and tennessee. this will eventually work its way north and east ward as we get into tuesday and with that we have a threat of very light rain. in the near term enjoy temperatures. forty-eight in philadelphia. forty-six in reading 50 in dover still. so 48 in wildwood. forty-seven in trenton. thirty-nine, not bad up in the poconos. so when you look at 24 hour temperature change it is a a good 8 degrees warmer in the
6:26 pm
city then it was this same time yesterday. 10 degrees warmer in dover then it was 24 hours ago and 11 degrees warm there are in atlantic city. that trend will continue. here's satellite six with action radar. it is dry, quiet across our region. looking off to the west and there is a a weak disturbance currently streak ago cross the the ohio valley as temperature fall tonight back down into the the 30's, there is some concern if you are north and west of that i-95 corridor through lehigh val that i overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning there could be some freezing rain very, very light precipitation. i just want you to be aware of. that it looks like most locations will stay dry overnight and into monday. widen out the picture and this is that moisture i was showing awe cross areas in the southern plains and this will ride northward into tuesday. near term enjoy the warmth feature tracker six showing you at 6:00 we are at freezing mark here in philadelphia. upper 30's, south and east, atlantic city and mild stretch continues at 11:30 in the
6:27 pm
morning on monday where we are climbing up in the lower 50's and this time of the year it is 50 degrees. we will above that by then. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. on monday high temperature of five 36789 wouldn't be surprised if we climb up in the mid 508's mild and sunny. on tuesday a high of 49 degrees. mostly cloudy. we have some light rain developing. the here's my pick of the week on wednesday, check that out, we're up to 58. thursday sunshine and cloud, five 36789 cool on friday with a high of 44 and late day rain developing friday and into saturday but overall guys get ready for a nice stretch. >> that is great. >> thanks, melissa. abc world news sunday next on channel six and "action news" returns tonight at 11:00 o'clock. >> don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight, then back here on six abc at is 11:00. for melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock.
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welcome to "world news tonight." tense situation. cheers, questions, and outrage in the midwest after a white police officer shoots an unarmed black teen. tonight, new details about the moments before the shooting. mystery flight. malaysia flight 370, vanishing into thin air a year ago. the new report about the pilot and crew, and a problem with the locator beacon. miracle rescue. a car found by a fisherman. inside, a toddler, alive, still strapped to her car seat. and, lifesaver. one act of generosity saving six lives. how it started, and how it all came together.


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