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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 9, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," growing outrage over the police shooting of an unarmed black man. the vigils and protests in a midwest city as investigators uncover new details overnight. terror fears. isis gains support from another gang of ruthless militants. as it reaches out and recruits more teenagers worldwide. the growing numbers and what can be done. political pressure. hillary clinton's growing e-mail controversy. tough questions for her family and a potential rival. and the presidential race finds new support. and later, mystery concerts. tickets for prince's latest tour go on sale today, with a catch. his secret in "the skinny" on this monday, march 9th. she caught me.
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asked me a question i'm trying to answer about prince. >> yeah. >> favorite prince song. you're going to love this what he's doing now with these concerts. favorite prince song. >> "little red corvette.” >> "i count the days.” >> i "i count the days"? can you give us a little tune? >> no. the chorus is not right for television. even overnight television. it's not okay. even here i can't say it. so, but it's very prince. >> you always stir things up. >> you know it's what we do around here. but happy monday to you all. a lot of breaking news overnight. >> yeah. and this, a lot of people were shaking their heads and thinking oh, my goodness. here we go again. madison, wisconsin, this time. mounting racial tensions in the city. >> emotions were raw yesterday at church services and again last night at a candlelight vigil for 19-year-old tony robinson. shot friday night by a police officer who says he attacked him. abc's linzie janis has the latest. ♪
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>> reporter: community members outraged and mourning the loss of 19-year-old tony robinson, who was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a police officer. >> i'm tired of going to funerals where young black men are laid out in front of the altar, and trying to find some encouraging words to suggest that everything's going to be all right. i'm starting to feel like everything ain't going to be all right. >> reporter: dozens more, hitting the streets in peaceful protest. police say they were following up on multiple complaints about tony robinson's behavior friday evening. robinson was under supervision, after pleading guilty to being party to an armed robbery last year. >> outside, yelling and jumping in front of cars. apparently tony hit one of his friends. >> reporter: 45-year-old officer matt kenny, the first to arrive on the scene, can be heard in
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these police transmissions. before forcing his way in. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: police say those shots fired after kenny came under attack by robinson. the shooting, now under investigation by the state of wisconsin. community leaders, now trying to bring together a divided city and help it move forward. >> let's show love. let's understand what the issues are. let's figure out how to move forward as a community. and as a country. and let's just try to do the right thing. >> reporter: friends, family members and hundreds of people from this community, just got done gathering for a candlelight vigil, in tony robinson's honor. linzie janis, abc news, madison. the controversy in madison was heating up as the events marking the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday were taking place in selma, alabama. a crowd up to 20,000 people were gathering. they're marking half a century since voting rights
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demonstrators were beaten. and tear gassed by police. congressman john lewis was there and had his skull nearly broken. >> there is still work to be done. get out there and push and pull until we redeem the soul of america. >> president obama and george w. bush participated in events on saturday. a march begins this morning. it's scheduled to end at alabama's capitol on friday. now, to isis. evidence of the group's growing influence influence. another terror group pledging allegiance. here, abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: the global reach of isis growing. the brutal nigerian terrorist group, boko haram, becoming the latest faction to declare their loyalty to isis and their leader.
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we announce our allegiance to the caliph of the muslims. boko haram is responsible for thousands of deaths and the kidnapping of schoolgirls last year. and with their pledge to isis, they join militant groups from north africa to asia. those groups adopting the isis tactics and often the cinematic videos, designed to terrorize and recruit. as the influence of isis grows, so, too, are the numbers. young men and women flocking to join their ranks around the world. australian police detaining two brothers just 16 and 17 suspected of trying to head to syria, where they failed those three british teenage girls are believed to have succeeded. slipping through gatwick airport unchecked, before boarding a bus in turkey for the border. their families, now accusing police of not sharing information that could have helped stop them. >> if we had known what was going on, we would have prevented it, to an extent. >> reporter: preventing more young people from trying to join isis is now a top priority for
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governments around the world. a job made more difficult with groups like boko haram and others rallying to their cause. alex marquardt, abc news, london. testimony resumes in the boston marathon bombing trial. last week's graphic testimony from victims is expected to be followed by expert witnesses, who will be asked about the two pressure cooker bombs used in the attack. prosecutors will attempt to show jurors how those bombs were built and how they were detonated. it's believed they want the jury to see tsaranev after the blast where they say he was seen on surveillance video buying milk. hillary clinton is facing criticism over the private e-mail accounts she used as secretary of state. one of her potential rivals is hitting the ground in iowa. abc's david wright reports. >> reporter: hillary clinton removed her picture from her twitter profile, part of a campaign tied to international
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women's day. >> consider it a metaphor. >> reporter: but it's her decision to keep her e-mail off government servers that's now a campaign issue. on the ever present blackberry, she used a private address in violation of state department rules. bill clinton was asked about it. he told a reporter, he's not the one to judge. he has an opinion but also a bias. president obama made his opinion known to cbs news. >> the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency. >> reporter: on the sunday shows -- >> if this is the way she's going to run her operation, i don't think she's going to be president. >> the clintons come trailing clouds of entitlement and concealment. the kind of people that can find a loophole in a stop sign. >> reporter: clinton got precious few points for transparency. >> i think she needs to step up, come out and state exactly what the situation is. >> reporter: on the republican side, in cedar rapids, jeb bush wrapped up his iowa debut. >> i want to win. i want our party to win.
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i want conservatives to win. >> reporter: here in cedar rapids, a second event for governor bush. the crowd beginning to gather at this pizza joint. it's his first public meet and greet with iowa voters. david wright, abc news, cedar rapids. an in-your-face ad campaign britain is drawing attention to domestic violence. giant interactive billboards in london show battered women. their faces heal if people are looking at them. and people are looking at them. the billboards keep track of how many people are looking at the pictures. the point -- the more attention paid, the sooner the problem goes away. >> that's an interesting, fascinating way to do that. >> and so different. the longer you look at it, it goes away. >> wow. >> makes a pretty powerful point. >> it absolutely does. going to turn to some weather back here in the u.s. light snow for northern new england. heavy rains for much of texas and the south. parts of texas could see flash flooding with six inches of rain. >> warmer nationwide. 40s around the northeast and great lakes. 50s and 60s most everywhere
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else. 80s in south florida and the desert southwest. in a major announcement, apple today tells us more about its smartwatch. the apple watch will go on sale next month. and the three models will have a number of apps, including apple pay. but today we should learn more about its capability and prices of the high-end models. it's apple's first product line since the ipad five years ago. and the first since tim cook became ceo. >> how long have we been talking about the apple watch? >> i passed by the apple store over the weekend. and i heard a father with two very little toddlers say, daddy wants to go in and look at the apple watch. and the little kid wanted a lollipop. >> seems like we've been talking about it forever. just give me one. i'm sorry. all right. i might be one of those having a tough time getting through the first day of daylight savings time. >> might? >> it can be tough.
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dunkin' donuts has declared today free ice coffee day. you can get a free 16-ounce drink at some of the stores. caffeine doesn't give you a jolt, maybe some of the flavors will. rocky road, butter pecan and cookie dough. >> when coffee doesn't work, sugar sure does. >> i'm okay today. i'm well-rested. >> you love mondays. >> monday is my good day. because i'm rested. >> i'm excited about friday. >> huh-uh. >> i can't believe it. >> i don't rest during the week. i rest during the weekends. this is my one good day. you got a good one today. >> i'll take it. i'll take it when i can get it. now, to alaska and what they call the last great race. >> 78 sled dog mushers are hours away from the competitive start of this year's iditarod. over the weekend, they had a start in anchorage where they had to truck in snow because they had a warm and dry winter. the start will be in fairbanks, alaska. >> the winner is expected to take about nine days to cover the 970-mile course which finishes in gnome on the shore
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of the bering sea. coming up, "the skinny," another reason to love john stamos. uncle jesse back at the house that made him a star. and the unbelievable moments on the basketball court, involving the player sidelined for three years and the points he scored. might seem ordinary. this was an extraordinary big deal. you're watching "world news now.” does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning ingredient softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens but now it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and try resolve for amazing stain removal the first time. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. but a lot of us leave our identities unprotected.
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later today in georgia, a movie director goes on trial for a tragedy behind the scenes. >> he and two others are charged with involuntary manslaughter, for the death of a crew member on the first day of production a year ago. abc's gloria riviera has the story. >> reporter: more on a year after a tragedy on these georgia tracks, a jury will decide if sarah jones' death on the set of "midnight rider" was an accident or crime. this video capturing the final moments as the train charged towards the 27-year-old camera assistant and crew, filming on the tracks without permission. >> all i know, i heard and i saw the train. and you just immediately started running. >> reporter: director randall miller, along with his wife and executive producer, are charged with involuntary manslaughter
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and criminal trespassing. if convicted, they face up to 11 years in prison. the investigation revealing that csx transportation, who owns the bridge, twice denied the film permission to shoot. miller testified in a civil suit last year that securing permission was not his responsibility. >> that's not my job. >> do you know where anybody was down there on that track before the train accident occurred? >> again, it was not my job. >> you didn't ask how many trains were coming down the trestle, did you? >> again, that's not my job. >> reporter: miller has been accused of reckless behavior in the past on set. in a joint statement saying, we would never knowingly put anybody's safety at risk. >> if it can be proven that it rises to a level of a criminal act, people may be going to prison. >> reporter: in the wake of sarah's death, people have called for grater safety on movie sets. her friends and family simply want justice. >> the people who made poor
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choices that day need to be held fully accountable. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> beautiful, young lady. coming up, too many funny stars last night, sharing lots of laughs for a great cause. and also, we'll tell you about tickets on sale this morning, to see prince in concert. one catch here, we don't know where the concerts are going to be. "the skinny" is next.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ hey. leading us off last night, the night of too in stars on comedy central. the stars were out, led by the country's top comedians and comedic actors. >> the star-studded phone bank did its part to benefit autism programs. but it was the on-stage antics that ended up being the biggest moments. >> paul rudd stepped up, calling upon audience members to spin the wheel with various things they got to get him to do. he got slapped, shotgunned a beer. but it wasn't until joe from queens called for baby bird. >> joe from queens. >> you chew it until you feel it's fully masticated. and then, you drop it by your mouth, into paul rudd's mouth. [ laughter ] >> nice. nice.
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>> oh, no. they did not. no. >> oh. oh. i didn't think they were going through with that. did you hear jon stewart there? he said it was the greatest night of his life. he's lost his mind. audience was horrified. but this was a nice moment. >> the other big moment of the night was a talented young woman, with autism, a heartfelt reminder of what the night was all about, singing "yoda," the weird al parody with other remarkable young men and women. next up, a tease from the purple one. >> tickets going on sale for prince's may 14th concert, kicking off his hit and run american tour. but he's not saying where the concert is going to be. >> we know it will be somewhere in louisville, kentucky. but the venue hasn't been announced. tickets go on sale later this morning through live nation.
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>> he's always a little different here. he has a flare for the flamboyant. he's apparently patterning this year's american tour after last year's british tour with dates tweeted out at the last minute. let's turn to kanye. all right. kanye west, unveiling his fashion line at new york's fashion week. and his collection, collaboration with adidas originals got attention for its unique look. i suppose. at a lecture at oxford last week -- did i read that right? kanye was at a lecture at oxford last week. he addressed the high prices of fashion, saying that clothing should be like food. >> but the prices of his clothes don't exactly echo that same sentiment. the price for his knitwear, like this sweater, is expected to range from $880, to $1,600. what's in that? gold string? what? if that's a little too pricey for you, you could go for a hoodie and sweatshirt that's around $430. >> according to the source,
3:51 am
the bags can range from $500 to 880 bucks. the suit, that's a full-body pantyhose thing -- >> that's a full suit? >> yeah. we don't know how much that's going to go for. maybe it pales in comparison to the price, that somebody is putting out for this. you know what that is? that's a bag of air. >> what? >> a bag of air from one of kanye's concerts. it is being sold for 60 grand. >> that's a joke. are you serious? >> air from a concert. to breathe the same air as kanye. very expensive. >> okay. some fans of the show "full house," could have grabbed the shot of a lifetime. but they weren't able to recognize a mystery man. they were outside of the home made famous by the sitcom. they were clueless that the man in black is "full house" star, john stamos. uncle jesse himself. >> what's he doing there? is he just hanging out? >> taking a picture outside the "cheers" bar. >> you got to be aware of your
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georgetown university, celebrating a big basketball win this weekend. but it was mostly due in part to one player. >> he was sidelined because of a heart condition. but he started in this weekend's game. the last in his career. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: watch this. two points for georgetown against seton hall. >> a slam dunk. >> reporter: not last-minute. not game-winning. why were the announcers so worked up about it?
3:56 am
>> a standing ovation for the brandly, mississippi, native. >> reporter: those two points were tyler adams' only shot at scoring in three years. literally, he's been out of the game since 2011, when he arrived at georgetown to play center. but then, his heart got sick. he was born with an irregular heartbeat. he was left with two choices, play and risk dying on the court someday, or stop playing. tyler stopped. but that's not the same thing as quitting. he kept going to games. showing up at rallies. that's him in the spotlight. at his coach's urging, he put on a suit and became sort of an assistant coach, which he and everybody else made into something real. on his last day together, coach told him to get his uniform on. he made one, last play. >> a mature young man, who handled a difficult situation as well as anyone could. >> reporter: after the warm-up, the play. with his dad looking on. adams was out there. and the ball came to him. >> it felt good. especially being the last home
3:57 am
game. an opportunity, you know, to do warm-ups and see how it really feels to be a player. >> reporter: you know the rest of it. it was only one play. and it was only two points. >> i've got to be honest with you, he dunked that thing easy. >> reporter: but those two points were the opposite of heart sick. they're what joy is made of. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> he's tall. >> oh, yeah. he's a big dude. he's a ballplayer. >> i like the assistant coach title by his name. >> this is another example. sometimes sports can get it right. sports can have such an impact on lives. this is one of the stories, ncaa did the right thing. gave him the waiver. seton hall was in on it. and was okay with it. and this story, it is. it's one of the tearjerkers. but sports can get it right sometimes. >> that's the favorite stories when they get it right, right? >> i love it. our updates for you. facebook.
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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morning. tensions mounting. another high profile police shooting prompting pro testings and outcry. why the white officer says he opened fire on the unarmed black teenager. >> new this morning. a paternity shut down because of a video. the university acting because of what some members are accused of chanting. >> a chaotic scene, large, green bails bouncing past police. >> and viral proposal. a man asks his girlfriend to marry him every day for a year and she doesn't even know until now.


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