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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> some of the travelers affected by a train derailment arrive in philadelphia overnight. >> developing philadelphia's district attorney plans to announce new charges against local lawmakers in an ongoing corruption probe. >> it's a clear ride this morning but storm tracker 6 live double scan radar is tracking rain for the evening commute. >> hey everyone, it's 5:30 on this tuesday. let's go to david and matt who is filling in for karen. good morning. >> good morning everyone. we have some cloud cover out there with some breaks so it looks like we may see some early sunshine and then eventually the clouds get thicker and some of that rain you see to the south and west of us pulls in. 33 degrees and dry right now in philadelphia. notice though, that most of these temperatures are very close to or a little bit below the freezing mark. once again, we had snow melting yesterday and there may very well be a refreeze not only on side streets but also on sidewalks. i would be real careful if you're a school kid walking to the bus this morning or if you take public transit. just be sure to be careful where you're putting your foot down. it's going to be a little bit
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damp later on today. 33 and try for now, 38 by 8 o'clock. by noon, 48. we'll still be under clouds but probably not rain. and then the closer we get to 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, that's when you have a better chance of that rain coming through. might be a good idea to gear the kids with umbrellas on the way to school just in case the rain gets here before they're done. 53 is the high today though. that will be fairly nice and mild. and in the neighborhood of where we were yesterday. by 6 o'clock back to 50 i'll let you know when the rain ends and what's in store for tomorrow and tomorrow's looking pretty good, matt pelman. details ahead. >> but we knew we couldn't emerge from both rush hours today unscathed. so this afternoon could be interesting but at least dry this morning and not looking so bad so far david. we're live here along 95 at allegheny avenue. had a vehicle that broke down but they got it moved out of the way really quickly. so all the southbound lanes are opened with no delay just yet. and southbound in delco where we had that truck accident by highland avenue everything is cleared. as is the disabled truck on the platt bridge westbound headed towards the airport. speaking of bridges, tacony
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palmyra should be going up within the next 10 minutes so start heading for the betsy ross instead. and there's a water main break in northeast philadelphia along robin street at walker taking out a lane there. also still have the overturned truck in west vincent chester county blocking 401 by saint matthews church. stay up on horseshoe trail as an alternate. in gloucester township camden county downed pole blocking the black horse pike. head for the white horse pike or atlantic avenue as alternates on this tuesday morning. tam. >> all right thank you matt. well, new overnight an easygoing long distance train ride from down south up to here in philadelphia found in a nightmare after that train derailed in north carolina and some of those rattled passengers finally made it home here overnight. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live outside of 30th street station with some of that brand new reaction. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning tam. well, as you say the passengers arrived here late last night. they were put on buses in north carolina. they were bussed top washington d.c.
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they then were put on a train in washington and arrived here late last night. >> my gosh, it's -- it's been some experience. i mean we were just falling asleep comfortably on amtrak which i've been riding on for about 20 years and all of a sudden you hear a squeak and then just a crash and you're thrown forward a little bit and it's like you -- nobody knows what's happening. >> oh, my god. oh, my god oh, my god! oh! >> reporter: nora travis describing the impact from inside the train when this amtrak locomotive sliced through an oversized tractor-trailer stalled on the tracks near halifax, north carolina. travis one of several passengers from the ill fated train arriving at 30th street late last night. clifton jackman was aboard the fourth car. he's from malvern. >> it was just a big jolt and right before the impact we sort of heard the brakes sort
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of squealing and then once we hit, of course i mean, it was -- it was a thrust, you know, great momentum, so it was pretty scary. >> reporter: now, as far as what went wrong here, interestingly, that tractor-trailer was hauling a modular building we're told. it reportedly got stuck as it was making a sharp left-hand turn. as we say maybe the most interesting element here is that we've learned it was under active escort by police at the time. it's not clear by reports at least as to whether or not the police were in contact with the railroad dispatch at the time and whether they knew that they were going have a problem getting across those tracks. that will all be part of the investigation. the speed limit for trains along that stretch of rail, 70 miles per hour. live at 30th street station, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> thanks, john. happening today a jury will continues to deliberate the fate of a man accused of shooting a philadelphia police officer. prosecutors say eric torres
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shot officer edward davies during a struggle inside a corner store in feltonville in 2013. officer davies survived and took the stand yesterday. torres is charged with attempted murder. his attorney argues the shooting was an accident during a struggle. we are expecting new developments today in an ongoing corruption probe involving several elected officials. it is already led to a battle between the philadelphia district attorney and the pennsylvania attorney general. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the satellite center with more on this. erin. >> matt, developing news in the case often referred to as the bling sting. today philadelphia district attorney seth williams plans to announce charges against three people in that corruption case that pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane said was "not from the tam. a grand jury has recommended charges against two current state lawmakers and a former state legislator. you may remember pennsylvania state representatives ronald
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waters and vanessa brown both from philadelphia waved their preliminary hearing on corruption charges in december and williams says the pair was caught on camera accepting thousands of dollars in exchange for political favors and that both representatives had admitted to the crime. this investigation was reopened by williams after cane secretly ended the sting operation that focuses now on five elected officials in philadelphia who reportedly again took cash for gifts from lobbyists working undercover. cane said the investigation was married by shoddy police work and the possibility of racial prejudice. a former philadelphia traffic court judge pleaded guilty three months ago to conflict of interest as part of the same investigation. it is expected that today's conference williams will be joined by members of his public corruption task force as well as by the state police. again, three more arrests expected in this case.
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of course when we officially hear that announcement we'll bring it to you. we're live in the satellite center erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> developing overnight the u.s. ambassador to south korea released from the hospital following last week's knife attack. mark lippert told reporters he felt pretty darn gm an attacker slashed lippert in the face with a knife. the suspect is a anti-u.s. activist who hurled concrete at a japanese ambassador in 20's 10. >> fleas camden are looking for a man involved in a luring attempt over the weekend. three girls were approached while they were walking on the 700 block of ferry avenue on saturday. the man demanded they get into his car. the girls refused and threatened to call police before the man drove away. a suspect was driving a late model four door dodge wagon with new jersey plates c6 six-chh. arrests warrants issued for a north jersey man who never returned his sons to his ex-wife. investigators in sussex county have reason to believe that
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christopher dom could be putting the safety his seven and eight-year-old sons at risk. the boy's mother delivered a tearful message to her missing children. >> know that i love you and i miss you and i'll never stop looking for now matter what. >> the boys have been missing now for more than a month. dom was last seen driving a gray nissan pathfinder. police say he keeps changing up the license plate and he might have shaved his son's heads in order to disguise them. >> turning now to accuweather gets so dirty after big snowfallly. >> yes. >> mother nature is going to help us clean things up. >> we'll get some rain that will sort of clean things out a little bit. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows it's not here for the morning commute which is probably good for those of you getting moving this morning. we have the probability of some sun early mixing with clouds. there's the airport. everything dry as a bone for now but the clouds are going to increase as the morning goes on and during the afternoon we expect the
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arrival of some rain. 33 degrees right now is your current temperature. in fact a lot of numbers down around the freezing mark. once again we did have some melting snow yesterday. some of that has refrozen on sidewalks and side streets. be careful of. that winds are calm. there's a bit of an air quality issue out there too today because of the calm stagnant air. if you're among the senior citizen population or if you have asthma or other respiratory ailments you want to limit your outdoor activity today. clouds getying thicker between now and noon. we'll be on the lookout for showers to move n the late of the run has it coming in after about 2 or 3 o'clock in the western suburbs and by 4 o'clock getting into philadelphia and other areas. of course during the evening rush hour straight up at 7:00 we start to all get wet with some steady rain highlighted in darker shades of green and later tonight by 11:00 there's even a chance of a little yellow which will be a quick hit of even steadier rain. all of this gets out of here in the overnight hours and wednesday looks dry and
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milder. you'll see more on that in a moment. how much rain are we looking for? well, the models are ranging anywhere from about a half inch up to close to an inch and we'll go with that. this isn't going to be a pounding inundating rain most of the time but it will make things pretty damp out there. and probably wash away a lot of the rest of the snow. 38 degrees is your temperature by 8 o'clock. we are in the 30's now, still there by 8 o'clock. but by 11 o'clock all the way up to 47 and then we spend the afternoon into the 50's for the second straight day. by 2:00 we're at 52. your high today is 53 around 3 o'clock and then by 5 o'clock still sitting on 51 degrees before we start to see those numbers drop back with that rain falling after dark. 46 degrees is the high in allentown, 54 in wilmington and 56 in atlantic city. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows tomorrow drying out. clouds giving way to sun and tomorrow looks great a high of 63 in the afternoon. yesterday we got into the mid-50's in a lot of the area and around 1:30 you a cruising home from work with the window
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opened. going to do that again tomorrow i think. thursday turning cooler 51. still not a bad day and then friday 46, cloudy skies and friday afternoon and evening there's another chance of rain and this one could spill into saturday. saturday actually looks kind of dreary with morning rain, ma member sprinkles through the afternoonly we'll see about that late sunshine. 50 is saturday's high. sunday partly sunny and 52 and back up into the mid-50's for monday. overall decent numbers. >> abduction attempt thwarted. see how a toddler managed to escape a predator who snatched him off a playground in washington state. >> flying fists replace frisbee os an florida beach. matt. >> 476 past the schuylkill. i guess the good news this is off to the side and penndot is already there to assist. also new problems in bucks county and an update on a situation in chester county is after the break.
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>> we're learning more about what may have caused a plane to skid off an icy runway last week. "action news" will be right back
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:44. time to wake up. it is tuesday morning. live look at the ben franklin bridge. 40 degrees on city avenue. getting up to 53 and some of
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us may begin to see some rain as early as 2 o'clock this afternoon. >> let's go on over to matt pelman, take a look at the traffic report. if nothing else, it sure does feel good as you walk to the car. >> that's for sure but those temperatures in some spots still below freezing this morning, tam and matt. so, you know what, if people don't know by now to watch out for slippery patches then i'm trod throw in the clicker but we're going remind you once again that this morning there could be some slick spots and as we look live here in chalfont bucks county, we're seeing one of them along upper state road at bristol road, right here in the middle of the intersection. that's a sheet of ice right there. so, if you try and come to a stop on that here in the intersection at the traffic light, you're going to go sliding and we're getting reports using the waze app and our commuter report of a crash not too far off along county line road in warrington. one of our other friends using the waze app saying there's ice along the road on county line road in that same vicinity so a good chance that the ice throwed that major crash that we're watching along county line road.
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nice to have the waze app and have that information this morning. elsewhere in bucks county we're watching the water main break. still out there still closing down big oak road. maybe stay up on langhorne yardly road by maple point middle school. that's been the case for the last few days. in yesterday county west vincent township we still have that overturned truck right by saint matthews church. always got to love saint matthew block off 401 conestoga road. stay on horseshoe trial get that. downed pole shutting down the black horse pike right there by sun national bank. i think i would use the white horse pike or even atlantic avenue as some alternates. matt. >> thanks matt. new on "action news" a florida police officer had to act fast to stop spring breakers from brawling on the beach. the deputy was cuffing one man at saints pete beach while the man's friend tried to intervene. the officer pushed the friend back started to scuffle with the crowd. eventually the deputy is able to wrestle the friend to the ground and held him by the neck and then sat on the first man until backup arrived.
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both men face a felony charge of battery on a police officer. and also new state officials in georgia are investigating the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man. the man was naked and walking around in an apartment complex in dekalb county yesterday afternoon. he was hanging from a balcony when dekalb county police arrived. the chief of police says the man was aggressive and lunged at the officer who opened fire killing the man. the chief added he wants a transparent investigation in light of other officer-involved shootings in the country. >> testimony goes on today in the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors watch newly released footage of the suspect's movements before and after those blasts. prosecutors say this is the moment dzhokhar tsarnaev committed his act of terror in 20's 13. the crowd looked left as that first bomb detonates then tsarnaev can be seen slipping away as the second device goes off. 20 minutes later a camera captures him calmly entering a whole foods market to purchase
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milk. and this is new video of an attempted kidnapping in washington state. security cameras recordd that man bolting down the street clutching a toddler he had just snatched up from a park. the toddler's two young siblings yelled and other children started to chase the man down. the kidnapper eventually drops the baby in a vacant lot and runs away. the baby wasn't hurt but as of yet, no arrests have been made. >> 5:48. falling icicles made for a destructive day at a parking not boston. >> also, the murder mystery that's left breeders stunned and horrified at one of the world's largest dog shows. david. >> temperatures are down around freezing so dress the kids warmly and warn them to be careful of icy patches on sidewalks earlier. this afternoon an umbrella might be a good idea in case afternoon showers come in before they get home from school. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> winter continues to wreak havoc on boston. people on the streets now have to watch out for melting icicles. one which you know was so big it crushed windshields and car flood watches a parking lot below. it's going to be 46 in boston today. expect more of that. >> did they shatter snow record. >> they might as well have. it. >> feels like it for them. >> winter up there, that's for sure. let's head outsite. this morning we're watching some icy patches around here an crash on the blue route 476 southbound just past the schuylkill. as you can see it's all off to the side. travel lanes are opened. not opened right now to traffic is the tacony palmyra bridge. that's because it's up and open for a southbound ship. so still head for the betsy ross bridge at this point. we had some overnight issues on the wilmington newark regional rail line. they have been resolved. everything on time on the
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rails so far. david. >> all right matt we have some cool temperatures in the northern and western suburbs on the big board for you this morning. below freezing in quakertown pottstown, close to it in coatesville and in these areas some melting snow and then a refreeze overnight probably has some icy patches on sidewalks so be careful of that. maybe on some secondary roads as well. 28 degrees in glassboro, 28 in buena and hammonton so more of the same in through south jersey and down through most of the state of delaware. if you're running errands today it's another one of those days where if you wait until the afternoon you're looking at milder temperatures. however, after about two to 4 o'clock rain starts to move in. so maybe around noon will be a good day to run the errands. 42 by 9 o'clock, 48 still dry by noon and then 53 by 3 o'clock. that is your high and there is the better and better chance of rain the farther we go through the afternoon and into the evening. tam. >> okay, thank you david. we're learning more about what caused the snowy runway accident at la guardia airport in new york city. in a minute we'll show you some of that video but i'm enjoying looking at you
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david. >> thanks, tam me, too. right back at you. [laughter] >> investigators say that the -- that they suspect the jet's braking system had some trouble. the pilot reported having problems with the device on the wings that is supposed to slow the jet down. the delta flight from atlanta to la guardia skidded off an icy runway into a fence on thursday. two dozen people suffered minor injuries. and a second breeder at a british dog show has come forward claiming her animal also got sick after that competition. an exam has already confirmed one other dog a three-year-old irish setter named jagger had been poisoned by a piece of tainted meat. the owners do not believe someone at the competition did it but they suspect some sort of foul play somewhere in the system. >> 5:53. up next the latest on the search for a missing montgomery county woman who seems to have abandoned a car on a local highway. >> and we have new overnight reaction from local survivors of that amtrak train derailment.
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for 20-year-old deidre magolon. the montgomery county woman was last seen leaving her home in upper providence on friday. she took her sister's car which was later found abandoned on route 4 22 in upper merion. police are following leads that magolon may have hitch-hiked after experiencing car trouble. she doesn't have a cell phone with her. anyone with information on magolon's whereabouts should call 911. >> a delaware county singer is on her way to compete in a winner's showcase at the world famous apollo theater. >> ♪♪ 21-year-old cheyenne merritt of east lansdowne recently won the amateur night competition at the apollo in new york city. merritt was able to qualify for the winners elimination competition so she's heading back to harlem font apollo
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tomorrow. we say good luck. way voice like that she's going to do great. >> almost 5:58. we're gathering new information on the train derailment in north carolina. hear how it affected passengers who arrived in philadelphia overnight. >> storm tracker 6 shows you that yes some rain is coming our way. dave murphy will pinpoint for you when you're going to need that umbrella. we'll be right back jim: it's a bad idea to assess children this way. it takes away the joy of learning in a classroom, which was one of the reasons we all became teachers - to see the bright look on their face when you finally got them. ros: it's those years where we had that teacher who gave us a little extra, who spent a little bit more time with us, who made us stay after school, who kept calling our parent. a standardized test is one of the weakest ways to assess student learning and student
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call your doctor right away if you have worsened breathing chest pain, swelling of your mouth or tongue, problems urinating or eye problems including vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday march tenth and we have news you didn't see last night. >> "action news" catches up with a local survivors of that amtrak train derailment, the one caught on camera. >> brand new at 6:00 crews battle an overnight house fire in phila


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