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tv   Action News  ABC  March 11, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EDT

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before pethood gets itchy, petsmart has vet-recommended seresto, which helps protect your pets from fleas and ticks for eight months. right now, it's buy one, get one half off. cause pethood needs a partner. >> "tion news." deware valley's leading news progmith jim gardner. >>s he the srtest guy in the ro or a mad scientist?
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dehe have a master plan? or is he doing it on the fly? his ne is chikelly and it apears that hes tryi to recreate t eagles in his own i a -- image. mang a move for the bigst move a new quarterback. and chip kells bomhell sai quarterbas wh the ra nk foles for sam bradford. a lotf fans cannot help that there is anoer eatet to dro and the late from duc rodgers > the eagles' fans are shaking their head. marta is theuarterba many wnher hw ty can get to that is any one gues acqring sam bradford andt. lu' 2015 fifth-round trick. ad shipping out nick foles d the frth rod pk this year and next ye's send-round pick. bradfo a former number one
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pick, d h beenn the league sie 20. enyg succe early. na the a.p. offensi rookie of thyear h rookie season but injured in rect years. bradrd msed all of last seasonfter tearing his lt al t second time in as many seans. hsest season w in 2012 when h tew over 3700 yards and 21 tudos. fl lit t nfl fire in 201 27 touchdowns ainst 2 interceptions goi tohe pro bwl. lasteon he struggled behind a banged up offensive line. sfri a season-ending collarbo injury and he tnked tammates and fans. i rare you see a trade quarterckoquarrba. andhe eagleand rams are tyg it out. >> all right. and going to "action news" rptesharrie willms at the biboard. te foles trade is not the first o key's me and presuably the last.
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>> the saga c't end like th or can it? a ve wire t eagles are flying everywhere. i seds kelly traded the top running back from last year, lei wideout gone to free agency d now tras t starting quarterba. and fs areorced to watch all of t changes from the sdisno doubtrivgh cra. >> give him six to eight games intthe seas to tell. >> the new-look eagles n just a phrase it is nail-bing, mohropng, stated mna. > aan watching all of thre you nervou d u like it? >> it's exciting. imay th. i have nev been this excited frhe seas in march. >> trading quarterback nick flesor sam bdford of t s.ouisams is the latt sunr to fans. > i cldn'telievit. iwasike wow, i thout we lood m. >> may not. > maybe not, huh? who knows. wo kws wh he has in mind. >> e you ok with seeing nick foso? >> , i'm not no.
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i wld like to see him get another year give him ather chce. > harrin, no macklin, no shady. taoneas not sunk in just yet. > foles is not a b a deal. i amore upset with shady gog > w no foles yet. fles who was 14-4 as a starter underhip kel is gone. shady jery is marked down fo$100 to just $30. fol' lely to follow. ad fa are doi the best to cack kelly's long-term plan. >> eitr cutting bradford or trading him to another pick in exchge for pick guaraeeing mao. > d the fs hope it will equa to a win. > we need a champiship. w hen't won and we need one pls bfe i die i need win one. > a request from probably every
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fao thereollowing the eags. ni les tweing sayg th tankl r the opportunity to start my career in philly. going to miss my teammates a eags' fs who supported me. jim that's the latt on what is happeninin eagles' nation. >>ot a reest, it a deman > u e rit. ta y. he steady rain showers we hd rough thening are making way for dense and ptentially dangerous f that wlstk arod for the early-morng commute. here is a time lapse of h it oked from sky tonight in atlantic ty as the bla et of fog rolled in cuttingown vibility andecyynan trackingt all th douecan rad. > d ji doue sn live songe do have a steady rain over phalphia and are eas if you look west of chest and berks county you see the d air benng to delop or lnster cnty, and bger ew on doue sn showing the steady rain movi o of the reo acro central and western
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pnnlvania we have scattered shors. genally dryinouas we head throh t overnht hos. te bgest issue is the fog. itslready foggy out ther ad the fog wl be thickeng oernight teatiaweath rvice posted a dense fog advisory until 6:00 in the morning for visibility opping down to less th a quarter mile. ala philadelphia disability two miles. millll1.7. wiingn 1.5. you notice in the northwest sbur ere we have a deeper sow ckhe ound is colder d the visibility down to a quarter mile as warmer air moves over e colder grod causing condeaoand fog. the f concerns overnight. a ick drop in visibili. drivi d t fog isn't at bad andll of a sudden it gs vry thick. definitelyse the low beams. ad also slow down increase yur follg distance hd tear in fro of you. talking abt when t fog rolls otnd warr air moves in biey coming in the full alaska forecast jim.
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> tnk you. check the stormtracker 6 ap. fore you hd out for the last conditns and eouy frastoee hothe day wl prress. tepp is free for ale andn drd deces. >>t pple hurt in a septa bus accident at 7:45 tonight in the and a c suck the bus and thcas driver and a passenger were taken to the hoital for mor injues. a philadelphia man arraigned for allegedly leaving his 7-year-o alone in the c whe he gambledor three ours i the parx casino. live at the casino tonight in bnsem is "acon news rporr, dn cuelr. dn >> jim, here we go again. police charg y anoth prn for leaving a child in the hie whehey a inside of the parx si galin i this case a man was playing blk jack and his 7 boy-ear-o
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by w screanin the car. > w could you leaveim in tearike that? >> he had nothi to s when cartedff to a bail hearing. hos earlreen gambling away as his 7-year-oldow in the crcamgor help. >> a good samaritan called in thathe child was left in the cr and they hrd the cld screamingnd yelling for his fatr. > ound:30. anty took the chi out of te c and to the safety of the reping as they tried to locate hsather inside of the casino. >> we then monitored him on pax security cameras pying bca. no tempt tohe go to the vehicle and a decion was made arnd 6:30 p.m. to go in with dtectives and ste police to apprendr.os. >> the latt case of leaving a child in vehic outside of the parx casino while inside gambling. more an a zenince the csi oped a few years ag >> people a going to gamble we
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ask them to make arrangements to keethchd at home care for them properl leang tm in e rng lot i not acceptable and something w ke serusly he. >> the child is ok and reunited wthis moth. adolds has been orderedeld a e bucks county correional facitin li of 10% of $7000 bail. adrderedot to ha any conta this son. live outside of the parx casino dancuellar channel 6 new" > tnk you. defee attorneysoto appeathe convictionf eric toe the man who shot a piladehia police officer in agust of 2013. 41 yr old officer, edward daviess survived b suffered severe kidy dage a still ofheoase recovers. >> i just haeis over that's all. jsglad i can me on with my fmy and make ufor lt tim >> e shoing happed inside of a feltonvil corner store. offics struggl to sdue
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toe drg that he was sh. thdense said it was an acent that tres was pinned do want and cl'a or pll the trigger. th convicted h on a other counts includi aggrated asslt. pocutors say facing at least 20 yesn prison. and funeral arrangements for poce ficer robert wilson ii vewi friday atrancis funal home on whitby avenue in pidelph 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. second viewg saturdayt the palestra on the university of pnnsylvan goi from 70 to 10:00 a.m. the funal servicllowing at 1:. camden teachers getti ris up aewly an approved conct. te hoodistrict announced te uon rified t terms of the dl runni 2018 icludi salary hikes of about 2. more ney f attendi professional delopmen poams,nd scheduling caes.
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te camden education association cvs rohly 1500 member bo teachers and support staff. philadelphia state reprentative louise willia bisp, representate brownlee ad former ste rep harold jas charg wh bribery, conspa and other counts. all surrendered tay in hrrburgrinng to six the number of state lawmakers from philadelphia in the pato-play stg. adathle kane dropped the caseefore it was tanp by sth willms. >> hlary clinton id she mda mistake but insisted she cead no security ri nor broke any law. tygo head off the first controvslnhe run-up to e all-ut-certain campaign r president. ad t allegations that she used only privates eil as scretyf state. > i operated for convenience to
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usmy personal email account ich was allowed by the sta departmt beuse i thoht would be easier to cry one device for my work and personal emailinsteaof o. >> t she recently said at a wmes conference in california tashe now us two devices an iphone and blackberry. seaid today h work emails are preservedn gernment see. > a east majory of my wrk eils wt to government eployeest their government addsses. wich a they were captured ad pseed immediatelon the sysm. >> d tod s defended deleting nof thoands of prsal eils but critics s there is no way to verify the content of discarded emls. >> and knongly selling con -- contaminated tylenol.
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>>nd the key pisl -- pie o evidence in the boston bmbg trl. >>nd hring from marvin gays cldren aer they say rn tc and pharrell wilams t to give mii. >> oe the rain and fog moves out get ready f the warst weatherh year. dtlothe timing and how longhe warmth sticks around in the agofocast. >>nd ducirodge with not oly more on the nick foles deal but mccoy in buffalo bills blue when ction news" continues
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in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at > veof an abduction aempt in press. sying e man pulled a toddl in his arms from a stroller a tok off. th22-month-o and h siings at a nearby park but left unattended by a family
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friend of the man entuay doed the lite boy after h broer and sister's screams alerted others. a manhunt underway. >> apologizing for the ract cht getng him kicked out of schl. paer rice admits he is one of tose hea with racial slur. ad sd alcol played a role but it is not an excuse. h a anoth member expelled and the fraternity thrownff cau >>hjurin the trial of te ston bomber you a pictures o a note he had inside of the ba anhe wrotthat he s jealous of his dead brother because he wasn paradise. ad tsarnaev's lyer admits at he took part in the
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bmbings but h brothe tamerl the masrmind. and steal beat from a famo hit cost robin thicke and phrellillms $7 million. ajy found tt they borwed music from marvin gaye to make the 2013 smashed hit "blurre ln." adhe jurors listened to gays song "got to give it up" for comrison and gaye's ildren say iis a victory for teir father's legacy. >> he gone for 30 years, so wen ts happened tre was tnee to do but to stand u r him. > in a statement, williams sd he disappointed and leaves the ring sets a horrible pecede for mic a ceativity. "healthcheck" tonight, tainted tylenol bottl at a montgomery cnty plant the
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bsis for a selement. pldg glty tod to a federal char selling over-the-coter medine with metal particles of nickel iron and chromium in bottles ever ifa and children's tylenol ad children's motrin. anmcneal admitd it knew ao the proem for a ye but fid to take steps to f it. theedicine eventually relled. teusce darent ss nbo was hurt. the fort washington facility shutdn in 20 and y to rope nd the latest wd from accuweather a meteorologist cecily tyn. >> e rain moving o ovnht. te fog a proem into the morning hours. adhe dble scan swing sea rainastf philelph. i u lk across the northwest subur lancaster coty berks couy, pas of nortrn cks couy, seei der air work
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in. tais the progression that wlcontin to theouth and east. te action cam tonight taking a lok, philphia city hall williamenn souded in clouds. a erie view out there. and temperatures really haven't mv mht all. theood news th the i notng is freezing even the ponos. i is degrees. phidelia 49. wlngton 45. anwdwood 48 deee reing currently 40 degrees. the problem thoh the vibilit vsility close to mile. 1.3n philadelphia 1 mile in lmingtoa lf mile in dover. nrwtuburbsi t stickernow back down to a quter mile. vsity dropping as we head trough the overnight hos. stlite along with aion radar showing the steadiest rain est of philadelphia. sillcaered showsohe we it will take aut 3:00 or so bere all t rain exits and the morncommutet rain is out of he but we have the low cou and the fog, wch wl b lingering io the
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midrning. teorning in philalphia take it sl. tmraresnhe low 40s. by 100 the fog is breaking. by the afteoon, beaiful and plty of sunshine nice and mi. the fst time this yr teeratures in t 60s. eny it because temperatures cooff on thursd. dub-bael high prse er u inng us a lot of sunshine wttheinking air. not a cloud in the sky. temratures will be more seasonaeith a high of 51 degrs on thursday. teall from accuaer with te exclusive accuweath sven-d foreca rngog aftnoon sunshine. vrmild wh a high of 63 deees. te warmest day since christmas. adh on thsday sunny a coler, a high 51 degrees. sti a nice day just not quite as warm. fidayhe clouds roll in. rain friday night, could bin as sleetn the ligh valley. teirst hf of the weekend is
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gi to be soggy. saturdaon and off periods of rainnd heaest t morning hos. te good news n a watchsh out of a weekend. adh a possility aer satteredrs and 52 degrees. mony, mtly sunny, 54 deges. hadi towds st. patrick's dy a chance of a shower and hgh 51. te rn out f the morning commute fog he. tke it sw and use low beams. fog cacse a lot of oblems wth e commut > a u. the financial burden surroundi a major high school hghstone lted for 250 young won in pladelphia. traforminghe center into the pom boutique. ad teensould shop the racks and pick out the perfect dress at cost to th. to top o every looth took home ses and make-u and camden reived a gift
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from uncle sam to help clean up the city stets. te e.p.a. awarded $200,000 grant to revitalize the nigorhoodnd they have a plan to transform blighted homes ito cleaner, safer residences. acrs america wh megajackpo going with a milons i tuesdaymch 10. te jackpot estimated $25 milon. the tw you must have t fi wte ball anthe gold megabl. theirst numr is 73. thais folled by 10. up next we he 30 followed by 1 a your final white ball this tuesday evening is 19. now t megaball the numr is 14 adhe wning numbers are 71 10 30 14
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>>oui it you don't like it, you c say one thing -- chip kelly is keepi it interesting. > he h some -- he has a lot
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of giles and juts intestinal frtude. adhe eaes t sam bradfd d the rams' fifth-round pick in the trade. andh get fol and the fouh-roh pick this year and seconrodn 2016. sm bdford a heisman trophy wnne the number one overa pckn 2010. winng offsive rookie of the aard last season 3700 yar in 2012 but played just seven gm since that season. h sd all of last year preping h left acl f t second ti. somfans are upset by chip kl'soves this off-season and others confused. epn analyst ron jaworski says b patient. > it appears to me that chip kellyas a plan. we have to let the plan py ot. iha gat respect for a coach that's wilng to have the coa to make tough decisions an chan to win a championsh. the auisition of maxwell s official.
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asix-year contract rorted $60 mllion. ad25 mii guaranteed. lsseason the eagles' ranked 3 out of 32 teams in pass defse. maxll excels in press cverage. moy's trade offial he i a buffalo bill. te nebacker kiko also is nw eagle. mc formay introduced a new contracfor buffalo, $26.5 million in guaranteed mondayey. tey th feel it is good fit. >> it was a surprise but life ges on. i happy here and a of t coaches and the atmosphere here the environment they embraced me with on arms. i ahappy to be here. >> i am not just to put added pressu on mylf because im tador mccoy. i ljust go out and do what i do a give the organization and theanmyest. > alonso says he has a knee
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call them now. you'll be glad you did. at colonial penn we've been serving our customers for over 50 years, and we have over half a million life insurance policies in force that help cover funeral costs, medical bills, credit card balances or other final expenses. we're committed to our customers. we make insurance simple! (representatives speaking) >>hiles news cli lee trng to pitch tough pa. tetat r t seas up in the r. te leftie got a seco opinion fom dr. james andrew. ageg that the mri the tendon
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shs no change. srge i an option. and lee's first actions since experiencg pnast week. >> not terribly optimistic but a poilithe can come back and tr ta minimal aunt of diomfo. >>nd phiies and tige. ad gonzaz hit hard. andhe two-run homernd go gne -- >> a thelyers and afar as tie ge in the third period. and steve mason fing pressu ad thelrs lose 2-1. bsn wins and the flyers nine points back wi 14 games to go. a colle baetball penn and princeston and t last coa for the hd coach. tigsre ledith 18 points ad 9 boards. ad penn loses and coach allen leas after a s-ar run.
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>> we at all times challenge oursves to leave it better tan we fou it. ann to throw anydy under e bus and ne names, but i canged t coacs. > dhat cap as vy busy day i sports. >> indeed thank you. and jimmy kiml live nt on channel 6 flowed by "ightli." and jennifer lopez a keith urn. adaion news" continues at 43with pamela edwards, matt o'dnell meorologt dad mry and karen rogsith traff. freci nan, ducis rodgs andhe enti "actionews" ta i'm jim rdner. hva od night. ♪♪
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