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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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s live with the latest. >> this is a high stakes battle it's a legal battle, no doubt about it who has the authority to investigate the attorney general, kathleen kane, he says she didn't like the outcome. >> the attorney general was up beat when she emerged from the hearing. >> am consciously hopeful about today and i am grateful that the court took the time to lift and to this case for me and pennsylvania. >> the argument was that william carpenter, overstepped when he named a special prosecutor to name a grand jury to investigate kane and they recommended that kane be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice after a probe. for a jobs training program. they argued that carpenter had
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no legal authority to take action and they should have gone to a prosecutor, he argued that carpenter had the single authority and discretion to proceed and he says that truth is all he was seeking. >> that is all this investigation was about it's not motivated by anything but the truth. >> that was in reference that the probe was political retaliation, they are both republican and they pursued the a.g. after she launched an investigation after how the corbett staff investigated the sandusky investigation. >> well, politics aside the legal question is now in the hands of supreme court when will it decide well it did no single how long it would take and the common wisdom is it
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could be months as many as five months. thank you john. now to the shakeup with the philadelphia eagles quarterback nick foles is out along with several other key players. head coach chip kelly spoke out for the first time seen the trade deals were made and said you have to give up something to get something. >> jeff skversky is live now with more. >> reporter: chip kelly claims he has a vision for this football team and the goal is to bring in players to win a super bowl but it's hard to argue right now this team is better off than they were last year when they finished 10-6 and kelly admits you have to give away something to get something but it was difficult to let lesean mccoy and jeremy maclin and nick foles away. >> our job as a coaching staff is lets get ready and attack the
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season. >> kelly says that sam bradford is not a tradeship and that the eagles were offered a first round pick for bradford this morning but he doesn't know if the former rams quarterback is the eagles quarterback of the future. but bradford says he is healthy after missing 50% of the games sin he has been in the league. and he is nervous coming off back to back acl tears in his knee. >> i'm trying to process this whole move, i found out less than 24 hours ago. my main goal is to get healthy and then learn the offense and when i'm ready to get on the fields, ota's and training camp, i will compete for the starting job and i don't want anything handed to me i'll earn it. >> bradford adds that any
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quarterback in the league would love to play for chip kelly and as demarco murray the cowboys running back in line for say signing here with the eagles. and he is interested in bradford and he is trying to recruit the guy, the former cowboy's running back to philadelphia. how about that. >> thank you jeff. keep up with the ever changing eagles landscape at from the foles and bradford swap to lesean mccoy's departure, has all of your details and reaction. no one was inside when a home caught fire in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia, chopper 6 hd was over the scene of the 1800 block of north taney street. someone saw smoke and called 911 the cause of the blaze is under investigation tonight.
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police are looking for to men that held up a popeyes last friday night at the 5100 block of woodland avenue this video shows one of the robbers pulling a gun on the cashier and reaches in and grabs cash and the second suspect went out side acting as a lookout. mayor jeffrey hamilton was arrested in september during a traffic stop and police say he failed a field sobriety test and that he also refused a breathalyzer hamilton served as mayor since 2012, turning to the forecast now it's feeling like spring outside, we see the 60s today and it brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces meteorologist, cecily tynan is outside enjoying the beautiful day and has a first look at the accuweather forecast.
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>> hi sharrie, i have a smile on my face, it feels nice out here today in philadelphia the high is 61 degrees, what is 10 degrees above normal and this is the first time that temperatures have hit the 60s since last year, well early christmas morning, this is a sign that spring is trying to urge in charleston it's 85 degrees for the high and savannah 86 and raleigh hit 86 degrees, currently in philadelphia 60 degrees and allentown 52 and wilmington 59 and millville 61 and trenton 58 degrees and wildwood currently 61. and the front that brought us the rain last night and the fog, that has now slipped to the south and we have clouds and those clouds are clearing out in the evening hours this will allow cooler temperatures to sneak in through the evening
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the evening planner showing we start out mild and 55 degrees and we drop down to 50 by 8:00 and 9:0048 degrees and 10:00, 46, and you'll want air jaekt. i'll have all the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> we are not trying to go back but thanks. lets switch to eva pilgram live along the ben franklin parkway where there is several signs of spring there. >> reporter: hey sharrie the sun is out and so are the people this warmer weather has a lot of people wanting to say farewell to winter and lets jump into spring. everyone is finding an excuse to be outside and a good book in center city, the buds are starting to peek out underground here at longwood gardens, one of the busiest days it has seen in a while and the sunshine is getting the credit.
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>> sometimes you get down in the when ter you forget when are you in there you totally forget. everybody goes out smiling. >> carol and linda are friends since junior high, they decided to celebrate their birthday with a preview of spring. >> we would join hands and skip but we would probably hurt ourselves. >> its it's busiest time of the year for the horticulture team. >> we are cleaning up and getting ready and cleaning up beds where the bulbs will come in. >> the himalayan blue poppies, it looks and smells like spring, gardening experts encourage you not to get too excited about this nicer weather. >> i encourage people don't go and buy plants yet for the annuals wait until the first of
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april even the 15th is not a bad idea. meanwhile carol and linda are taking in the taste of the spring. >> after this winter it feels it. hoping it is with them until the season takes holds. >> it smells like perfume, you want to bottle it and keep it. i hope any clothes smell like it when i go home. >> i feel like we have seen more people out smiling today i think the sunshine and warmer weather has something to do with that if you are dying to get something into the ground in your garden we are told that pansies despite their name are strong and can hold up against the spring go for a pansy. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> what did she call me? >> winter pansies in particular, not you. lets take it live now to autumn marisa in the traffic center. >> hi monica and rick, everybody is excited to get home and enjoy
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this beautiful evening, one driver here in the westbound lanes hit the road sign that hit single lane ahead and penndot just pushed him on to the side of the road, lets use more caution on the roads this afternoon speeds are driving down to the teens on the schuylkill expressway, the eastbound lanes are very slow from king of prussia to the blue route and on to the conshohocken curve and northbound is slow going too up to woodhaven. here you can see around cotman avenue, these are southbound lanes heading to the city and travel times are not looking too badly from woodhaven to the vine. an incident to tell you about at 141, this is exit 5, keep this in mine, in elkton at howard street all lanes are flooded and use 213 to get around that.
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>> thank you autumn. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00, all 11 marines and soldiers on a helicopter that crashed off the florida coast are presumed dead. and how the weather may have played a role.
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human remains washed ashore when an army helicopter carrying 7 marines and four soldiers catched off the panhandle of florida. all 11 service members are believed to be dead and fog reduced visibility to two miles or less when the chopper when down, heavy rain and fog is hampering search efforts as well. >> both pilots is instructor pilots, one of the highest ratings we have for pilots in the army and the entire crew had several thousand hours of
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operation flying the black hawk. president obama expressed condolences to the families and the service members of those killed and he is confident that there will be a detailed and thorough investigation. >> an interstate in michigan is still shut down after this massive tanker fire, this is the scene on i-94 in dearborn, it's not clear what happened but at least one other vehicle was involved. the tanker was hauling thousands of gallons of gas and some of it is now in the sewage system. flames could be seen from a sewage drain and no one was killed and injuries were minor. >> thank you. on health check officials in england say that a british health worker in sierra leone has tested positive for ebola. for more on this lets head to registered nurse and reporter ali gorman. >> the worker is being cared for
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in sierra leone but could be flown back to england to be treated there and now everyone the worker had contact with is being evaluated. they are looking into how the worker was exposed. they have an extensive effort june way there. and the teacher was cured if there are no new cases by april 16th liberia can be declared ebola free. we know that eating too much sugar is linked to cavities but a new report accuses the sugar industry of trying to cover up the link in the 1970s, the allegations come from researchers at the university of california san francisco. they are questioning why the study is trying to dredge up history and that preventing
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cavities say combination of good dental care and good eating. researchers followed 167 people average age was 80 and they looked at activity level and diet. the more you move the better off you'll be. that is the bottom line. >> there are benefits to moving around and it's it's best medicine out there there is no pill that can equal exercising and being physically active. it can include things like walking and tennis or housework or gardening the idea is to spend as little time as possible just sitting. west philadelphia is now home to more affordable housing,
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the emergency center opened today, the land used to be a vacant lot and separate structures and now it's transformed into 11 units for homeless wimg.
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tar get laid off 14000 at his minneapolis headquarters and employees will get 15 weeks pay plus a severance package based on the years they had with the company and they plan to open smaller for matt stores. one of pennsylvania's schools ranked at top three in the nation for business schools stanford is number one har harvard is second. the phillies pops announced
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a big lineup for the 2015 season a big tribute to frank sinatra. the pops will close out their season in may 2016 with a cirque du soleil type performance set to iconic music from the movies.
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>> we got today and this will eventually return in a few weeks probably. sky 6 hd taking a look at the center city skyline and after the morning fog, seeing a good amount of sunshine filtered sunshine and clouds and temperatures warm and it's sunsetting at 7:03, daylight savings time and in one month it won't be setting until 7:35 this is something you should remember, the sun this time of year is as strong as late september, you'll want to put the sunscreen on it's sun's rays in march are not as strong. monday 57 tuesday 59 and today 61 and this will be the first week with above normal temperatures in more than a month. temperatures you can see across the midwest and the great lakes 54 degrees in detroit and if you
5:26 pm
look at these streamlines, can you see the wind direction out of the northwest and this pulls down cooler air as we head through tonight and tomorrow. and the good news is, satellite 6 along with action radar showing what is going on high pressure builds in and this brings loads of sunshine and instead of temperatures in the low 60s, afternoon temperatures likely in the low 50s and 40s and tonight will be seasonably cold mostly clear and turning chilly, 36 in philadelphia and millville 32 and allentown 29 and reading 33 degrees, in these areas be careful black ice could develop for anything melting could refreeze tonight. and despite loads of sunshine at 4:00 philadelphia 48 degrees and allentown likely only 42 degrees. tomorrow is a lot cooler than today. the five-day at 5:00 bright sunshine and breezy and seasonable.
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and 51 degrees we start the day with sun and increasing clouds and 52 degrees, saturday a great day for indoor activities, periods of rain and the first half of the day, looking like a half inch to inch of rain so a soaking saturday 58 degrees and sunday still a lot of clouds and breezy and 52 degrees, on monday we start with sunday and 54 degrees and on monday the 54 will likely be the warmest day of the week. adam talks about the big cool down in the accuweather forecast. coming up. >> i like the 5's in there better than 4's. 6 would be better. thanks cecily. still to come, a camden man tells his room may why he thinks he killed a man. i'm nydia han we have the
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and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. they make driving around an absolute nightmare, the pesky potholes are making a mess of highways and we are live with the damage they may cause. and breaking news from ferguson missouri the police force is out and we have the details. the hunt is on for two men that
5:31 pm
hit a parked car. and a live look from chopper 6 hd potholes big ones popping up across the region this is southbound 95 along highland avenue and it's a bumpy ride for drivers across the area because of big divots in the pavement. "action news" new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic is live in trenton with more on the pothole problem. with most of the snow and ice melting away it's wreaking havoc on the roads and the freezing and thawing doesn't help the situation any and it's a challenge for municipalities to keep up with repairs. >> someone will come through here who doesn't know and boom. >> rose lives near the 300 block of south clinton avenue in trenton, it looks like the surface of the moon, some
5:32 pm
potholes are more than 6 inches deep. i have seen an axel busted and a tow truck here four or five times this year, towing someone's car. >> and the cars the rattling noise i can't even sleep at night making it feel more like a ride than a bucking bronco have you to go so slow so it doesn't mess up the car, it literally bust your tires. >> they have a collection of ripped tires and bent rims from customers that hit potholes and the car on lift is having the alignment lifted after being jolted out. >> now that there is so many, it's multiple potholes and that creates damage to your car. it keeps service technicians
5:33 pm
busy busy we caught up with carlos while he was fixing a platt. >> it leaves big crates ers in the road. local police tweeted out to drivers to use extreme caution. a local works crew arrived in trenton to start laying down what is called cold patch along clinton avenue intended to make the drive less rocky. >> if can get it here and fixed firmly we'll do that. >> look at that, oh watch where you are driving you hit a big one like that you could cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. if you want to report a pothole we have a link on our website >> thank you nora, as the
5:34 pm
weather warms up the roads start to crack even more and "action news" is on pothole patrol so join the action by helping us fine the worst potholes by sending us your pictures and videos, and uses #6abcaction on twitter or instagram or email us at team. now to breaking news from missouri the chief of the ferguson police department has stepped down, chief thomas jackson submitted his resignation this afternoon, one of several public service employees who have quit following the scathing report last week by the justice department. it found racial bias following the killing of michael brown by a white police officer. philadelphia's northwest detectives division wants you to take a good look at the men in this surveillance video they
5:35 pm
are responsible for a double shooting in ohgons sunday night. they parked their car in an alley on the 2100 block of stinton avenue and walked to beachwood street and stopped when they approached a car with two men sitting inside. take a look because that is when police say they opened fire and continues to shoot even as they went back to their car. the two men inside were shot multiple times the motive is still unclear. from our new jersey newsroom, a camden man went before a judge that he robbed and beat his roommate to death. prosecutors say 44-year-old cunningham killed harry hogans jr. he was the employee of the
5:36 pm
river road trucking company and cunningham did odd jobs where they lived. instead investigator say that cunningham killed hogans and fled with the money and that he used some of the cash to buy crack cocaine and that cunningham was picked up by the u.s. marshals and arrested yesterday in camden. now to a developing story involving the retrial of accused philadelphia priest andrew mccormick they told the judge they cannot come to a verdict. this is the second time the jury did not come to a decision. mccormick is suspended from the church since 2011, over complaints about his behavior around children he denies the allegations, the philadelphia's d.a.'s office did not say if
5:37 pm
they would try to try mccormick for a third time. and authorities found a suv on fire with all the windows smashed out and it happened at the 2000 block of edgemont avenue in chester, the interior of the suv was ablaze and the fire marshall is calling it suspicious. demonstrators gathered out sides of state house to serve chris christie with a mock arrest warrant. >> arrest christie now! >> they protested his recent actions regarding schools and businesses and super storm sandy recovery, it was part of a nationwide action called we rise. and now a check of traffic with autumn marisa. >> we are up in buck county at route 1 southbound, a septa bus that is disabled. we watched them move the
5:38 pm
passengers on to another bus unfortunately the line is long here in the southbound lanes keep that in mind on route 1. and 19 miles per hour on 95 slowing go the vine and villanova in the southbound lanes. and 422 westbound from the ramp on 29 an accident on the shoulder right now, it's a busy part of the area during the 5:00 hour, and over to mass transit, we have delays on the new jersey transit. back to you. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" are you in the mood for a new set of wheels. eagles head coach chip kelly talking about the recent trades and rumors ducis rogers has it's details coming up in sports. signs of spring are popping in
5:39 pm
savannah to philadelphia. but don't get used to the warmth. well, we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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consumer reports is out with the 2016 list of top pick cars. here is nydia han with the winners. >> these are the best of the best of the 270 cars that consumer reports recently tested. the engineers identified ten winners, this year's list contains three models built by american car makers. consumer reports top ten list has not had this money american models since 1996. the buick regal it gives the seal of driving a high end european car and the chevrolet impala v 6 is the top pick, and rides like a smaller car and has handling you get with larger cars and the best overall car goes to the tesla model s but it's pricey.
5:43 pm
close to $90,000. >> we look at more than a million vehicles and use government and industry tests and drive them for thousands of miles. >> these top picks are evaluated with european models and subaru wins best -- and the toyota highlander wins for best suv. and audi a 6, rounding it out in the green car category the toyota prius wins top picks for the fourth year in a row it's affordable and gets grade fuel economy and is reliable. nascar has lifted kurt
5:44 pm
busch's suspension. oh was suspended while facing charges of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend. but they declined to prosecute but he must participate in an anger management program. ducis is here and we heard from the man of the moment chip kelly. we have not had a chance to pose a question since it's season ended. he addressed the stunning moves he made including trading both lesean mccoy and nick foles. >> that is the nature of the league you can't keep everybody, our guys when they got here our job is get ready and attack the season. >> are you trading up to draft marcus mariota? >> lets straighten that out he
5:45 pm
is the best quarterback in the draft but we will not mortgage our future to get one player. >> sam bradford and mark sanchez are the quarterbacks. >> ducis former number one overall pick, sam bradford is not at all worried about becoming the eagles starting quarterback his sole focus is getting healthy and then he'll compete with mark sanchez for the starting job the day after being traded by nick foles and draft picks and he said any quarterback would love to play for chip kelly and he will get that chance. chip says bradford was not brought here to be a tradeship. and bradford says he is nervous coming off back to back tears in
5:46 pm
his left knee. >> i have a lot to prove to prove to everyone in this building and coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me here and he obviously believes in me and very to prove to everybody in this building that i belong here. >> byron maxwell signed a deal yesterday. why come to philadelphia? after winning a super bowl in seattle? >> i think just the environment they got here is similar from where i'm coming from, it was an easy match a perfect fit a lot of things they are doing here are similar it just meshed. >> and chip kelly added today that the eagles needed to move lesean mccoy to buffalo that free upped $12 million to sign maxwell and allowed them to get keiko alonso a need for the
5:47 pm
eagles as well. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. every time cliff lee takes the mound he will be scrutinized is he no worse than yesterday and is also no better he said the discomfort in his pitching elbow is unchanged. surgery remains an option. >> i threw 30 something pitches and got through it. it feels better and there is something there. and it's not bad and if it stays the way it is time will tell. and a mistake in the second inning jodi mercer and hamel gives up the runs in the second inning and the phils still win 3-2. that is sports. >> thank you.
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adam is here with accuweather we soaked it up and it's the warmest day since christmas day. christmas eve was 65 at midnight it's been a while. >> happy holidays. >> and we go back to the 40s. >> bah humbug. >> as we look at double scan live radar welcome to march
5:51 pm
big swings up and down as we transition away from winter and towards spring. it's well off the coast and the 61 for today 10 degrees above normal even the low this morning 11 degrees above normal and the records 12 degrees in 1960 and 72 toasty degrees back in 1977. 52 in the lehigh valley and 58 in trenton and 60s on the board especially south of philadelphia even the poconos this afternoon busted into the 50s. satellite and radar all the showers are suppressed to the southeast, all the clouds are making their way from the north to the south and clearing skies are the general trend as you go through the overnight hours south and east of philadelphia, we have cirrus clouds creating a nice sunset this evening. the high pressure is right over head tonight as it pulls in from the north tomorrow and we get
5:52 pm
the northerly breeze and the breeze will be out of the north at 10 to 20 miles per hour. so the 51 will feel chilly despite the full sunshine and then the high swings to the east and the highs turn off the ocean, 52 on friday and a lot of sun the first part of the day and the clouds thicken up as low pressure develops into the tennessee valley, friday night into saturday we are looking at a wet start to your weekend. a good half inch to inch of rain here for your saturday into saturday evening. for tonight, mostly clear and much cooler the only thing we want to watch for, the temperatures in the suburbs dip below freezing any standing water, 36 degrees for center city and the exclusive accuweather forecast not bad the next two days, 51 and 52 degrees and a decent amount of sunshine and rain comes in late
5:53 pm
friday into friday night and the soaking and 58 degrees for the city of philadelphia, south of the city we could be close to 60 degrees and it's a warmer rain compared to north of the city, and 40s on saturday and a big difference sunday we see peeks of sun but could see a spotty shower and 52 and we break back into the sun with temperatures in the 50s monday and tuesday and then a strong cold front comes through tuesday afternoon and a passing shower on wednesday and temperatures tumble to 48 for a high and it do get cooler than that beyond in the seven-day forecast. just embrace the 50s while we have them. >> thank you. >> this reminder stick with, you can always find live storm tracker 6 weather and get the latest from our team of meteorologists.
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♪♪ ♪♪ performances of ghost the musical underway at the theater now. ghost the musical runs through march 29th and profits from the
5:57 pm
final week of performances go to penn crest high. and now jim gardner is tannig by with these stories next at 6:00. chip kelly talks about the shakeup he made to the roster and local students respond to the video made by oklahoma fraternity members. and the death of a class made reaction from the victim's family ahead. for adam joseph, cecily tynan adam joseph, rick williams and sharrie williams, i'm monica malpass have a great night.
5:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner.
5:59 pm
wednesday night and philadelphia police search for two men behind three armed robberies and state attorney general kathleen kane appears in state supreme court challenging a grand jury investigation but the big story on "action news" is the new quarterback in town. sam bradford met the media saying he is really glad to be here and working hard to get healthy and can't wait to get started. we heard from bradford and from chip kelly for the first time since he began remaking the eagles roster. >> coach kelly is not done reshaping the roster but got off to a blazing start. three of the offensive weapons are gone. coach kelly says you have to make tough decisions to get better. >> to get something you have to give something up. that is the way it works in this league you don't trade someone
6:00 pm
of no value, when the opportunity at st. louis came up to get sam, you don't want to lose nick foles but have you to give something up to get something. >> sam bradford found his way to a microphone as well. jeff skversky is joining us from nova care. >> reporter: ducis chip kelly says that the eagles have already been offered a first round pick for sam bradford yes already but the eagles are not using bradford as trade bait, for getting marcus mariota kelly says he will not mortgage the future and bradford could be the quarterback of the future for philadelphia. look at bradford a short time ago, he came to philadelphia to meet with the media and is here to compete for the starting quarterback job the former overall pick in 2010, he says staying healthy is an issue he missed


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