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tv   Action News  ABC  March 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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misses a grandmother and her two grandchildren. and say hello to the eagles quarterback next on "action news" tonight. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those. we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. gunfire tonight on the streets of southwest philadelphia. with a bullet peering a window in the 1600 block of elmwood avenue. that bullet came close to hitting two children inside.
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it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the philadelphia neighborhood where residents say they are living in fear. and it's understandable give what is going on there the last three nights. and dann cuellar live at southwest detective's headquarters. >> police tell you it is a sad day in philadelphia when you have to train your young grand kids to duck and tie cover if they hear gun shots. and one neighborhood in southwest philadelphia things are so bad, that's what one grandmother had to do and it may have saved their lives. it is 7:00 and the third night in a row several gun shots ring out. two strike a church wall and another goes through a bay window of a row home where two girls a 4 and 6-year-old were watching tv. the grandmother babysitting was upstairs. >> they hollered but the scream was devastating.
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and they ducked and they ran into the kitchen and hid behind the from time to time rate or -- hid behind the refrigerator. >> and in this neighborhood there is a lot of shooting going on. >> the police say there it appears two males on the step of a row home when they were fired on by males fleeing in a white car. not able to get information from witness. >> we are looking for the neighbor fees help. >> some feel they are prisoners in their own home. >> we can't sit on the porch, don't know when it is going to come. >> and saying it is sad that she has to teach her grandchildren to duck if they hear gun shots. >> it is devastating. you have to treat them so young. they wonder why i have to do it. >> and no one should live like that. and people should comfort and help the police department and the community and do the right
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thing getting these people off the streets. >> and tonight police have not located a person shot. they are checking hospitals. tonight it might be up to someone in the viewing audience to do the right thing. if you know about the shooting in the area you are being asked to call the police. live at southwest defectives. a car crashed into a building in trenton, no accident but it was murder. the victim was shot while driving his car along the 1100 block of hamilton avenue. then he lost control, crashing into the nails salon at 8:00. and investigators have not eye departmentified a ifiedified ifiedified -- identified a suspect so far. another embarrassing thing for secret service. two crashed a car into a
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barrier, and they say it happened after a night of drinking. one of the agents is mark connolly, the second in command much president obama's security detail. the crash of a blackwk helicopter killed members. and it may have been hampered by the fog. and debris on the shore, and remains of body. and they included the operation of special command, the version of navy seals. they were on an exercise and returned to the base because of bad weather. the police chief in ferguson, missouri reside today. thomas jackson receives a year's salary.
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he previously resisted calls from public officials and protesters after he stepped down after the handling of michael brown last summer. and sharrie williams is live. this departure the latest but perhaps the most symbolic departure. >> it is the latest domino to fall. jackson and now the sixth employee to leave or be fired including a city manager and judge. and the fire and resignations are fall-out from a justice department report finding that the ferguson police department operated with wide-spread racially racially bias. and it was prompted by the shooting of shooting. and jackson didn't speak, the mayor of ferguson did. >> the city of ferguson the
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police chief thomas jackson has agreed to a mutual separation involving the police chief's resignation from the city of ferguson. >> michael brown's mother and father are relieved that actions are being taken to address the very disturbing findings in the d.o.j. report. >> jackson is stepping down but not right away. his last day on the job is next thursday. the city saying it needs an orderly transition. but the mayor says a nationwide search for jackson's replacement jim, is already underway. >> thank you. this is the scene in philadelphia city hall as state attorney general, kathleen kane came to argue her case before the state stream court. kane is cautiously hopeful after the hearing where they challenged the special prosecutor recommending she be charged for allegedly leaking grand jury information to the media. an employee at the hatfield
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meat company hurt tonight by a pallet of falling meat at the facility on cleamons road. and the worker was flown to the hospital with head injuries no word yet on his condition. the eagles' new quarterback introduced himself not media this afternoon. just hours after chip kelly appeared before cameras and cleared up what may have been false assumptions about his so-called master plan. ducis rodgers, it has been an intriguing several days. >> no one knows what chip kelly is going to do only he knows what he will do. the coaches in the nfl says he has to give up something to get something. he made it clear not willing to mortgage the eagles' future to get mariota. parting with a lot. mccoy macklin, etc. and he is having to make tough decisions but everything he is doing is
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toeto make the team better. >> you can't keep everyone. but our job is let's get ready for the season. sam bradford in down checking out his new diagnosis. acquired from the rams in the nick foles trade. the former number one pick coming off a second acl. jamie apody asked if he felt he would be the starter when he is healthy. >> we haven't talked about that. when i get healthy i will step on the field and compete for the starting job. >> and people are saying this is a difficult injury to come back from and you have done it two years in a row. >> yeah i totally did that. early in the rehab process i didn't know if i wanted to do it myself. i put the time and effort in. once people see how hard i working and i am willing to work to get back they will be a believer. and there are reports that dallas free agent running back demarco murray leading the nvm
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in rushing, 1800 last year meeting with the bird tomorrow. >> in philadelphia. >> in philadelphia. don't let him out without a contract. candidates running for a variety of offices making their appearance. at the rittenhouse hotel, the democratic contenders for mayor and some city council and those running for superior and supreme court. a philadelphia jury could not come to a decision in the trial of the catholic priest accused of child molestation, so the case against andrew mccormick has end said with a hung jury for a second time. mccormick denies that he assaulted an alter boy in the rectory bedroom. and the attorneys office has not
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announced if they will go at it a second time. and a woman battling for her life after being shot eight times last night. and speaking to two of the victim's friends and friends who know her well. >> if there is one thing people nope about 46 year old mary divine she is not just a fighter but a spiritual warrior. >> she loves all people. and i think that's one of the things that i love about her character. she reaches all people. >> battling at the medical center after a neighborhood shot her eight times in their apartment house sunday morning. the gunman 51 year old steven outlaw suffers from mental issues, accused her of spying on him with cameras in his apartment. he shot her and committed suicide. >> this was an assassination attempt by the enemy to literally take her life out, but god said no. >> and divine a woman of strong
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will with quite a story. a child of foster care former social worker kidney transplant recipient and breast cancer survivor. her life story is the engine that drive her nonprofit. and poetry and spoken word to help others. loved ones are by her side. >> we begin to pray and as we will pray she was just kicking her foot, kicking her foot and we began to sing. >> they believe one day her work will continue. >> she will be wronger than before. >> praying for a miracle for mary the search on to find a number occupant tv -- of the home much a real hero. and he was a member of easy company, the world war ii unit in "brand of brothers" it has been renovated and making it handy cap accessible hoping to
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find a deserving vet. and looking for someone honored to call wild bill's home their own. the bell tolled for the newly minted american citizens. 32 people swore allegiance to the united states taking an oath in the naturalization ceremony in media. the men and women recommend 18 different previous nationalities and all received certificates as their families and friends celebrated this proud milestone. still to come only "action news" tonight, newly-released video of a man swarting security measures and smug he willgleing a new born out of the hospital. and the automobiles best to by. and today temperatures in the 60s, get winter coats ready tomorrow.
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back into the 20's is the capitol hill and dropping temperatures and wet weekend. and return with more on sam bradford and other new epgs in the nest. what about the demarco murray story when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> a new father caught on surveillance video which was released today, that shows him taking his new born daughter from an arizona hospital in a plastic tote bag. saying jason bristol encountered some staffers along the way, but they didn't know the baby was in the bag. they caught him later when they discovered the baby was missing. police think he took the baby because social workers were about to take custody of the child who was born with three ill legal drugs in her system. the police announced an arrest tonight in this attempted kidnapping of a toddler.
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the suspect just 15 years old. sheriffs in washington say that the suspect snatched a 22-month-old boy out of his stroller on sunday and then ran with him down the sidewalk. the toddler's two siblings and others gave chase and they streamed, and the suspect eventually put the boy down. about two dozen civil rights activists protested tonight in dallas outside of the home of parker rice. he is one of the former university of oklahoma fraternity members shown chanting a racial slur. three space travellers return to earth minutes ago after spending nearly six months in orbit. two russians and one american touched down on a frozen landscape in kazakhstan after
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docking at the space station this afternoon. our partners with consumer reports with the top pick for cars. and more american models on this list than any time in the past 17 years. get out your pen and paper. the buick regal with the top spot for sports is a span. chevy impala the best large car and the second year in a row the tesla model s best overall. subaru with the spongest showing as a brand. the impreza the best compact legacy mid size and forester. and the prius won the green car category and honda odyssey the top minivan and audi a6 the best luxury car. potholes a men i can't say to cars in the tri-state area especially in the 300 block of south clinton avenue. saying it looks like the surface
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of the moon pock marked by craters. and busted axles and sounds as the cars hit the holes is constant. putting down a temporary fix this afternoon, if they can bridge the gap it will permanent paving can be done. and help us expose the worst potholes with a picture and location. email to jointheaction at tonight's edition of "jeopardy" with a special audience in delaware. "action news" in dear where friends from near and far gathered to catch kristin of newark compete on the show. coming from negative territory to win and become the new champion. >> it is a dream i had since i
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was very young, maybe 6 or 7 or so. seeing the culmination of a life-long dream is amazing. >> but success in "jeopardy" is all in the family. kristin's husband, justin the six-time champion in 2011 and semi finalist in the tournament of champions. will kristin beat that record? you know she wants to. as they say, tune in tomorrow night. >> talent under that household. >> and i bet she would like nothing more than to as you were pass her husband. >> and she wants to see the high numbers like the rest of us in the accuweather forecast. big numbers, not low numbers. but unfortunately the low numbers are coming back as we look at double scan radar around the region. all is quiet tonight. temperatures are dropping slowly but will fall below the freezing point in the northwest suburbs by tomorrow morning.
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time lapse over philadelphia earlier this evening, breath-taking with cirrus clouds overhead. a nice end to the mid-week and the warmest day so far this year. in fact the warmest we had seen since christmas. looking at the numbers now, dropping 10 degrees from the high of 61. now settling at 51 degrees. in the mid 40s to the north and west, 47 in wilmington. wildwood at the shore now coming in at 52 degrees. the front that passed through yesterday with the soaking rain is now way to the south over the virginia's and carolinas. high pressure from the north and west supplying clear sky and fresh shot of coolish air. it is normal for this time of year, but given we were 61 today. that 51 tomorrow with a breeze out of the northwest will feel more like the 30s and 40s in the afternoon. at least we have the brilliant sunshine. and the high will settles to the east on friday 52 degrees for a high with the wind coming in more out of the east.
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sunshine to start the end of the week and then clouds thicken in the afternoon ahead of a system pulling out of the gulf of mexico bringing a lot of moisture with it heavy flooding rains for the tennessee, ohio valley and eventually friday into saturday, the first half of the weekend very wet. looking at a half inch to inch of rain likely for your saturday. but until then awesome tomorrow. lots of sunshine start-to-finish. 37 at 8:00 in the morning, and could be patchy black ice in the suburbs with the temperatures below freezing and with the sun in the afternoon approaching the 50-degree mark in much of the area. the seven-day forecast 50s the next two days. decent amount of sun. clouds friday afternoon and then saturday periods of rain. depending on your location to the north in the city, a chili raw rain in the 40s. milder to the south with temperatures near 60 degrees. and then on sunday a lot of
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clouds, some pops of sun. could be a shower still in the afternoon with some instability at 52. and then a nice start to next week before the temperatures drop on st. patrick's day with a very strong cold front. left overshower wednesday, and highs only at 48 degrees. and the long-rain signs show the end of march could be very chilly around here. husband of kids treated to a special night of fairy tale fantasy. lining up for a special screening of "cinderella." pocht -- semcelebrateing the suck the flower show. and the loved machine and the magic of disney the party company much 6abc. good evening and welcome to america's favorite game. coming to you from the florida
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eagles fans are intrigued, and hopeful, and some are furious and disappointed. and what else is there? >> just checking social media or talk radio, the city is up in arms right now. chip kelly's moves are being questioned left and right. he is getting criticized not just for the players he let go but for some of the ones that he is bringing in. especially the players coming off significant injuries. >> we don't want to bring in injured players shlg but the players variable it has to be a reason. some because of money reason or you are not willing to go that high for that player. and some are available because there was an injury. >> during his press conference he dispelled the mariota trade rumors. he says he would not mortgage the team's future to trade up to get him. and sam bradford from st. louis, he is here to play. won his torn acl heals, bradford
11:29 pm
feels he has something to prove >> i have a lot to prove. i have a lot to prove to everyone in in building. i think coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me in here. he believes in he and now it is time for me to prove to everyone else in the building that i belong here. the busy day continued with the introduction of byron maxwell. and he believes a super bowl contender in seattle for the birds. >> it was a tough decision but ultimately i'm here. i am happy with my decision. so i mean let's go. cowboys' free agent demarco murray reportedly due in for a visit tomorrow. also an nfl source telling "action news"ment birdsdegreed agreed on a three-year deal. and macklin displaying miss jersey in red. he is a chief now, saying it was
11:30 pm
a tough decision to leave philadelphia but he feels like he is in a good place. >> this is an awesome opportunity. with coach reid and some of the guys on the staff in philadelphia, which is something i never dreamed of that could have happened. and the fact that i am in this situation is you know pretty awesome. still to come the bulls and sixers going to overtime. and cliff lee with another update on his elbow injury. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees get $1000 bonus cash only at your lincoln dealer.
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the phillies continue to keep a close eye on cliff lee. more specifically his pitching elbow. he threw a bullpen session this morning. the discomfort is still there, but it has not gotten worse. and surgery still a possibility. >> i threw 30-something pitches and got through it. it does feel a little better. there's still something there, but it's not bad. so if it stays the way it is i think i'll be good. so time will tell. >> fingers crossed. phillies and pirates, and hamels with a mistake in the second inning and mercer with the 2-run homer. and hamels gives up those. and he walks to and strikes out and phillies win. and sixers and bulls. and sixers 3 points in the extra session and brooks scoring 7.
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and the sixers lose 104-95. villanova facing marquette tomorrow in the big east tournament. and james wright the conference coach of the year. and ryan the big east player of the year. the leopards are goes dancing beating american tonight to take the patriot league title and it is the fourth trip to the ncaa tournament and the first since 2000. happy there. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt o'donnell and for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- liam neeson. from "insurgent," octavia spencer. and music from awolnation. with cleto and the cletones. and now, after all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice.


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