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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning america. happening now, massive manhunt. police in ferguson searching for the gunman who shot two police officers outrage around the country. >> this was a damn punk punk. >> s.w.a.t. teams searching the nearby neighborhood raiding one home as the wounded officers make a dramatic recovery. the first kenyan-born, muslim socialist president ever to run this country. >> the president on the late night hot seat addressing everything from race relations to what he said about the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. this dramatic video in the boston marathon trial. a carjacking victim drops to his knees begging for help. what the bombers told him at gunpoint. ♪ put me in coach ♪ >> put him in. will ferrell swinging for the
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fences in his major league debut from catcher to coach to seventh inning snack, the comedian playing for ten teams in one day striking out at the plate but hitting a home run for a good cause. ♪ well i spent some time watching from the fence ♪ ♪ when the mighty casey struck out ♪ >> and good morning, america. boy, will ferrell does everything big. one day baseball career, makes history, becomes the first player to bat for one team catch for the other in the same half inning and as you said this is all for a very very good cause. >> nice arm. making history and making a lot of people laugh. we'll have more on that later on but first in the city of ferguson, a city on edge after those officers shot early thursday morning. police still hunting for the gunman sweeping the neighborhood and abc's alex perez is in ferguson with the very latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. a much more peaceful night here
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in ferguson, right now for authorities, the focus is on tracking down whoever shot at those police officers. overnight demonstrators returning to the streets of ferguson just a day after two police officers were shot. the scene relatively calm a far cry from the chaos 24 hours earlier. [ gunfire ] [ bleep ]. >> oh my god. >> the police got hit. >> got an officer down officer down shots fired at theirtation. >> reporter: this morning police still desperately searching for the gunman they say ambushed and shot the two cops after midnight thursday. one struck in the shoulder. the other in the cheek. earlier in the day, s.w.a.t. teams searching homes. investigators taking three people in for questioning, all three later released. reaction to the shooting nationwide, swift and un unforgiving. president obama speaking out on
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abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue, they're criminals, they need to be arrested. >> reporter: and attorney general general eric holder with even stronger words. >> this was a damn punk a punk who was trying to sow discord in an area trying to get its act together and trying to bring together a community fractured for too long. >> reporter: the two injured officers released from the hospital thursday. >> we're lucky by god's grace we didn't lose two officers. >> reporter: and as we head into the weekend the ferguson police no longer patrolling protests as state and county officers here on the ground working to keep the peace. george. >> okay alex thanks very much. you saw president obama on "jimmy kimmel live" last night addressing the shootings in ferguson and covered a lot more ground from the hillary e-mail controversy to life in the white house, even outer space and jon karl was watching it all. good morning.
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>> reporter: it's the kind of interview the president always seems to enjoy and last night with jimmy kimmel was no exception. jimmy kimmel started poking fun at the president even before he stepped on stage. >> the first kenyan-born muslim socialist ever elected to run this country, barack obama. >> reporter: kimmel asked the president to read some mean tweets. >> is there any way we could fly obama to solve golf course halfway around the world and just life him there? those weren't that mean. you should see what the senate says about me. >> reporter: kimmel didn't exactly ask about the scandal regarding hillary clinton's e-mail but he did joke about it. >> do you have hillary clinton's new e-mail address? >> i can't share it with you. >> reporter: the conversation it can a serious turn when the president talked about his recent remarks on the 50th anniversary of the march on selma in light of the recent report on racism in ferguson. >> it is not unique but it's also not the norm.
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we shouldn't be complacent about the very real existence of problems out there but we shouldn't despair and think, nothing has changed. >> reporter: but in the end late night runs on comedy. >> you ever drive? >> i cannot drive. i mean i -- [ laughter ] i'm able to drive. >> actually -- do you have a birth certificate? [ cheers and applause ] >> in kenya we drive on the other side of the road. >> reporter: this morning the president heads to arizona where he will visit the v.a. medical center at the start of that scandal over delayed care and secret waiting list the white house says that after the v.a. shake-up the situation at that medical center is better george. but there's still a long way to go. >> jimmy kept up his obsession with area 51. the president did not give up anything. >> reporter: nothing at all, george. nothing at all. >> okay jon, thanks very much. now to another dramatic day in the boston marathon many
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booing trial where jurors held testimony from the man carjacked by the tsarnaevs and saw this video of him running for his life begging for help. tom llamas is in cambridge where all that drama played out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. those videos come from these two gas stations the tsarnaev brothers pulled into that shell station you see in the distance the man they had just carjacked saw an opportunity to escape. he was scared they were going to kill him so he ran to this mobil station begging for help. the whole thing caught on video. this surveillance video shows how it all came apart for the alleged boston marathon bombers. that's dzhokhar tsarnaev exiting a mercedes suv his brother tamerlan had just carjacked three days after the boston marathon bombing. watch as dzhokhar enters the convenience store at a cambridge shell gas station cruising the aisles stocking up on junk food but while dzhokhar shops inside
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outside a figure sprints from the mercedes that's dun meng the car's owner running for his life and tamerlan emerges alerting dzhokhar it's time to go. meanwhile, meng terrified rupps into another gas station panicky while trying to see if he's being followed before dropping to his knees and begging the clerk to call 911. he then hides behind a wall near the counter. the clerk hands him a phone and then tells 911 the marathon bombers just carjacked him. >> they did the explosion. the marathon explosion. >> reporter: these dramatic videos and calls played in court thursday, the jury also hearing from meng himself testifying tamerlan had told him do you know the boston marathon explosion? do you know who did it? i did it and i just killed a policeman in cambridge. meng says dzhokhar had gotten in the car, as well and tamerlan had driven the three to an atm where dzhokhar used meng's car to withdraw $800 from the
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account. he says dzhokhar later asked him, can your car go out of state like new york? in court the defense hammering the point it was tamerlan who did the actual carjacking and who had the gun. when the defense asked if meng ever saw dzhokhar with the gun, he said no. now, besides that dramatic video they saw the autopsies of the police officer, the tsarnaevs brothers allegedly killed and visibly shaken. i saw as one juror teared up. for shook her head at the disturbing graphic photos. george. >> so dramatic. thanks very much. we turn now to that latest scandal in the secret service learning more about the two officers who drove on to the white house grounds late at night disrupting a crime scene after drinking at the retirement party of another agent. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the fallout and joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the secret service back under fire again amid allegations of a cover-up.
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the president said to be disappointed at the latest allegations about secret service agents drinking during off hours and this morning members of congress outraged calling on the agency's new director to fix the agency. >> he's going to have to now put a high-powered microscope on the agency from bottom to top. >> reporter: and we're learning more about the agents involved. sources say one of the agents is a senior supervisor and the other, mark connolly has been a constant presence at the president's side for years as the second ranking agent on the presidential detail. abc news learned the agents were heading back to the white house after reportedly drinking at a retirement party for a colleague. then around 11:30 p.m. they slowly drove their unmarked car through crime scene tape bumping a barrier near the southeast entrance to the white house. the uniformed officers wanted to give the agents a sobriety test and possibly make an arrest but a supervisor allegedly told the officers to let the agents go.
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the incident the latest in a string of major lapses from hiring prostitutes to that white house fence jumper and recently sat down with joseph clancy a veteran agent. to the critics in egg congress who day they wanted an outsider what say you? >> i'll earn their trust. >> reporter: but after these new allegations trust from a skeptical congress may be hard to come to. the director probably has one chance to get this right. >> no kidding. a lot of tough questions. thanks. to dan harris in today. amy's moved over and you're starting out with some volcano causing some trouble. >> this is a fascinating story. turning into a travel nightmare for americans hoping to get to a popular spring break destination. flights have been forced to turn back from costa rica after this massive volcanic eruption the biggest in that country in 20 years spewing ash into the sky closing the main airport. a flight from dallas was forced to turn around and others canceled. on the ground everyone within two miles has been evacuated.
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here at home more than a dozen families evacuated after a landslide in west virginia. >> the power lines gone. the power lines. >> the force of the slide shaking the utility poles along that street. this man-made hillside collapsed only a few feet away from the runway at the airport in charleston, west virginia. you see the runway on the right side in the forecast -- sorry, on the right side of your screen much there is rain in the forecast which could further weaken the dirt. one house there has already been destroyed. a major development this morning in the scandal surrounding that racist video at that fraternity in oklahoma. the local chapter of sigma alpha epsilon, sae is now reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against the university of oklahoma high-profile attorney stephen jones tells abc station koco that sae is angry that the fraternity was closed and claims its members are being unfairly labeled as racists and bigots.
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much more to come on this case for sure. an american health care worker infixed by ebola has just arrived at a hospital outside of washington, d.c. it's a high security containment facility in bethesda operated by the national institutes of health. the patient who volunteered at a clinic in the african nation of sierra leone will arrive on a chartered plane in which he or she is being kept in isolation. a spectacular show at cape canaveral, nasa launching this rocket sending four identical satellites into orbit. they're part of a billion dollar mission to study magnetic storms in outer space which have the potential to disrupt communication systems and the power grid here on earth. and finally, an excruciating story from california. the winner of a million dollar powerball jackpot has remained a mystery for months so in hopes of finding the winner lottery officials released this surveillance video of the mystery man buying the golden ticket and it worked. he saw himself on tv and came forward but guess what he lost
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the ticket and he doesn't have a clue where the ticket is and the deadline for claiming the cash it passed last night. >> oh, no. >> so what happens to the money? the california public schools just won the lottery because they now get the cash. the guy who bought that ticket has declined to comment. my theory is he's too busy folding himself into the fetal position. >> he could just think of himself as a great philanthropist. >> a great way to -- >> yes. >> well thank you. >> i'm not sure it would work for me but i hope it works for him. now to prize winning author harper lee who shocked fans when her publisher announced a follow-up to "to kill a mockingbird." the state is investigating whether she was the victim of elder abuse. abc's paula faris has that story. >> reporter: she's the brilliant mind behind the pulitzer prize winning novel turned classic movie "to kill a mockingbird." >> you'll hear some ugly talk about this. >> reporter: but this morning a
7:14 am
new chapter for harper lee, "the new york times" reporting the state of alabama has responded to at least one complaint of alleged elder abuse. this after february's unexpected announcement that "go set a watchman," the sequel to "mockingbird" would suddenly be released in july. at the time lee released a statement through her publisher harper-collins saying "i am humbled and amazed this will now be published after all these years" but many were skeptical about whether the 8-year-old who reportedly suffered a stroke in 2007 was capable of consenting to the publishing decision. >> it's just wrong for somebody to take advantage of an elderly person. >> reporter: the alabama human resources department which investigates elder abuse telling abc news they cannot comment on whether there was or is an elder abuse investigation going on but the alabama securities commission which handles financial fraud tells us they spoke with lee at the hr
7:15 am
department's request determining that she makes her own digs and also appears aware of questions and decisions being made with respect to the people that surround her. lee's reps are not commenting this morning. a real-life story that's still a page turner. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> all right. so many people looking forward to that new book. >> i can't wait to read it. >> thank you, paula. we want to turn to comedian will ferrell. taking the field for a good cosplaying not one but ten different baseball teams in one day during spring training. abc's t.j. holmes has our story. >> reporter: from news anchor -- >> i'm ron burgundy. you stay classy san diego. >> reporter: to figure skater. >> i think i broke my ankle. >> reporter: to race car driver. >> shake and bake buddy. >> reporter: will ferrell has worn many hats on the big screen but thursday the funny man traded all those in for a baseball cap.
7:16 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: actually it was ten baseball caps suiting up for ten different major league baseball teams playing nine positions across five different spring training games. >> these teams need a clubhouse presence and by presence i mean a 47-year-old flabby guy who doesn't know how to play. >> number 19 at shortstop, will ferrell. >> reporter: from fielding grounders for the angels. >> good job. >> reporter: to blunders at home plate for the giants. even stepping in as third base coach for the cubs. >> it's good advice. >> reporter: making time for a seventh inning snack. >> hot dogs for everyone. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the rookie approaching the major league marathon in a-list style and with the confidence to match. >> is it possible to win a gold glove in a spring training game? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: while his bat didn't always match his bravado. >> 0-2. he swings and missions. >> reporter: the stunt a success. >> you know what i don't even
7:17 am
know if i need it. i just already signed up for rotate ircuff surgery. >> reporter: all for a good cause filmed for an upcoming funny or die special raising money to fight cancer. a home run for ferrell and fans alike. >> all right. now, one of those,s getting this money will auction off all the stuff he wore which are a lot of uniforms and equipment but cancer for colleges which give scholarships for those who survive cancer and honoring campy who 50 years ago played all nine positions in one game for his team and will ferrell said that was easy. i did it for ten teams. >> he's not bad. >> great arm. >> nice kick step. >> who is going to pay for his rotator cuff surgery? >> he'll probably be okay. >> ginger we saw those pictures of the landslide in west virginia. a lot of rain. >> that landslide in charleston for example, 4 plus inches just this month. that is two times their average and more rain coming and that's why we have in ohio and down from pittsburgh tomore rain in ohio
7:18 am
and flood watches in pittsburgh. anywhere where you can see ice jams, you will have flooding. your local forecast is 30 seconds away, first the weekend get ways brought to you by mazda. >> reporter: good morning, again, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. as we take a look outside we've got early sunshine up over the
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horizon. it's cold with temperatures around the freezing mark. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 52 this afternoon sun will give way to increasing clouds and rain arrives late tonight. tomorrow looks cloudy and rainy. later in the day and at night it will taper down to scattered showers and spotty shower on summed, mainly dry high of 54. how they would bust through it. i would want to do this so badly. >> okay, ginger thanks. coming up on "gma" the latest on that las vegas mother of four gunned down in her front yard. the suspect appears in court. also ahead, new questions about that bank executive who says he was held hostage in a robbery plot after he took a lie detector test for police. trouble at the valet. attendants giving away a couple's car to the wrong people. what you can do to reduce the risk of parking. shelly how'd you come to find the biggest liquid gold mine in the state?
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and just ahead on "gma," a bizarre scene on a busy ski slope. this small plane forced to make an emergency landing. and robert downey jr. playing real-life superhero iron man showing off his
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>> hey everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:26, on this friday, 13th of manner. karen rogers has a look at traffic. >> reporter: it's unlucky for these people on 42, northbound at creek road. we can see the police and penndot on the scene, as well.
7:27 am
northbound traffic at 42 heavy from past 55 to 295. so extra heavy traffic there. as we look at the big picture slow going i-95 southbound 17 miles per hour near girard. schuylkill expressway westbound 17. eastbound near the curve 15. so speeds on the majors, as well as an accident south philadelphia broadly and mifflin street. we have an accident susquehanna road, virginia drive. we have slick spots with temperatures below freezing handful of accidents. >> a great picture of the sunrise on sky 6 over the south jersey area. sun officially came up 11 minutes ago. david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i've got that great coat and glove combination this morning, here's why karen mentioned the temperatures around the freezing mark. we have slipped to 32 in philadelphia. we're below freezing in the outlying suburbs. icy patches a possibility here
7:28 am
and there. this afternoon, sun and clouds, 52. less wind than yesterday. rain arrives later tonight and continues through saturday late day and evening it will be damp with spotty showers. sunday, mainly dry, a couple of spotty showers, high of 54. dry on monday. >> read all about the eagles wheelings and dealings and there are many, by going to
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good morning, america. and right now police in ferguson still searching for the gunman would opened fire injuring two officers. at least three people questioned but then released. and right now the 19-year-old charged with killing a las vegas mother of four pleads not guilty in court. a lie detector test taken by a bank executive who appeared to be held hostage is raising new questions. good morning, everyone. we have a lot to get to this morning including robert downey jr. playing a real-life superhero and dan will bring us that. >> amy, that's right. we love him on the big screen as iron man but for one little boy the shtick is not an act. we'll show you what the superstar did that will help change this little boy'sdan, thanks. we begin with the latest on the case of that mom in las vegas gunned down in front of
7:31 am
her home last month. the man charged with her murder appeared in court pleading not guilty in a case that looks more complicated than the first reports of road rage. abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: it's the first we're hearing from erich nowsch. >> how do you plead to count one murder with use of a deadly weapon? >> not guilty. >> reporter: the 19-year-old pleading not guilty thursday to three felony charges including the murder of las vegas mom tammy meyers. the deadly encounter beginning in this school parking lot last month. tammy was teaching her teenage daughter how to drive. but police say they were told nowsch thought the people in the car were looking for him so he called a friend to pick him up. tammy's husband says that's when they followed her and pulled up alongside. >> what did he say? >> it was along some of the line i'm going to kill you and your daughter. >> reporter: police reports show toomey got her older son armed with a gun and went looking for the suspects when they found them nowsch allegedly opened fire before chasing them back to
7:32 am
their home and police say firing that deadly shot into tammy's head. >> we are conducting our own investigations and some of those already appear to be bearing fruit. >> reporter: nowsch's lawyers speaking with abc news overnight about possible options for his defense. >> self-defense appears to be a very likely direction for us to go on this case. >> reporter: in another bizarre twist nowsch's lawyers confirm their client knew tammy meyers but would only say this about their relationship. >> there was interaction going on and potentially even funds being exchanged. >> reporter: as for the meyers' family tammy's husband firing off an impassioned facebook post overnight defending his family's name but say they will not officially comment until they see how the prosecution's case unfolds. for "good morning america," kendis gibson abc news los angeles. >> a lot of twists and turns here. dan abrams here for more on this and there does seem to be layers. >> so much seems to have changed
7:33 am
about what we thought we knew about this case from the beginning. but the question becomes how much does all of that matter legally? and the answer is maybe not that much. because -- >> why? >> the fundamental legal question is it self-defense and who shot first? and it sounds like the police believe they have evidence that the defendant shot first. now, what evidence could that be? first of all his own statements. it seems he was talking to friends and made a statement to the police. they may have physical evidence at the scene meaning shell casings or other evidence which suggests and this is a very important point you heard in the piece there that maybe he shot at the car before they got to the house first. >> that would be one thing but if he shot first does that end the case? >> no but it certainly is strong evidence. the only reason you'd be justified in shooting first would be if somehow you were reasonably in fear for your life. someone has a gun to your head and you shoot first you can probably claim self-defense but when you're talking about shooting from a car, it gets a lot harder to claim that.
7:34 am
so you've also got which is going to become important the testimony of the son himself, right. he was there. he witnessed this but the question is going to be why has this story evolved. >> how much does it matter that the family's story has changed so much. >> certainly matters as to their credibility and despends who has been saying this right? i mean we keep hearing that you know the family says. you've got to believe that a lot of these accounts are coming from the son because he was the one who was there. if his story has changed over time that would certainly impact his credibility. >> okay dan abrams thanks very much. >> okay. >> all right. now to a strange new twist in that bizarre case of an attempted bank robbery in connecticut. a bank executive saying masked men supposedly staged a home invasion and strapped him with what looked like a bomb. well now there are questions about his story after the results of a lie detector test were revealed. abc's gio benitez is here with more on all of that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. the big question right now did the so-called victim lie about
7:35 am
his involvement? he fails the polygraph and reportedly ends the police interview quickly after. detectives now wondering what's the real story? this morning, new details calling into question one man's story about a dramatic home invasion and attempt to rob a connecticut credit union. >> the s.w.a.t. team came. >> reporter: a new search warrant revealing matthew yussman may not have told police the full truth. failing a portion of a polygraph test he took the day of the incidents. the warrant saying the results of that test indicated that yussman showed deception on the relevant test question are you lying about your involvement in the home invasion? >> there's so many unanswered questions in this case it makes it very difficult to assess what is the truth and who is really lying? >> reporter: it's a sharp turn from just two weeks ago when police believed yussman to be a victim of a violent robbery attempt at a credit union where
7:36 am
he is the chief financial officer. after finding him outside the bank in his car with what appeared to be an explosive device strapped on him just maim claimed two men broke into his home, forced him to drive to the bank. yussman managing to call the ceo, telling him not to call police and demanding access to millions of dollars. >> i just received on my cell phone a call from one of our vps stating that he and his mom who live together is a victim right now of a home invasion overnight. >> reporter: new documents reveal this morning that yussman's mother valerie also told police her son was a victim of an armed assault when she found two armed men standing over her son, his hands tied behind his back the men moving her to the bedroom at gun point. he said just pane instructed him with a vault combination of not one but two bank branches. >> told me to have all the staff to leave the branch so nobody gets hurt. >> reporter: now since police
7:37 am
found yussman in the parking lot, no money was stolen and no one was hurt. the investigation is ongoing but no charges have been filed and no leads on those so-called hostage-takers. lots of questions this morning, amy and george. >> all right. >> bizarre, indeed. >> it sure has. thank you. to ginger with the weather? we're starting in southern california. a place like much of the west that says, well we didn't have a winter and now it feels like we're fast feels like we're fast fording through spring and going straight to summer. look at san diego california, los angeles will get into the 90s. the marathon on sunday in la had to be moved up because it's so hot. huma and san diego reaching into the 09s. gusty winds 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained. 45 gusts in a couple of spots. it's the opposite here in.
7:38 am
>> reporter: # 2 in philadelphia. ginger some of the suburbs in the upper 20s, some of us need to would you want for a few patchy ice spots. high of 52. increasing clouds, rain arrives late tonight and continues through saturday. spring. >> but it won't feel like it. >> but will it feel like that. >> do we know that. >> yeah we know that. >> she gave us a warning yesterday. >> you're questioning whether spring begins in seven days or -- >> i know it begins but yesterday she said it was going to be cold but i was hoping that changed. >> no, it looks cooler. cooler than average but not terrible. >> you look very fresh and gorgeous. >> thank you. >> all is well. >> hopefully. coming up next on "good morning america," small plane making an emergency landing on a busy ski slope. how the pilot avoided disaster. the valet turned the keys
7:39 am
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7:42. we turn now to a california couple who had their car stolen from valet parking. they thought they were being pranked when the attendant told them their car was given away and abc's nick watt has their story. >> reporter: the unbelievable just happened to this california valet stand. >> who gave it to him? >> the other guy that's not here anymore. >> wow. >> the valet came up and said sir, we don't know how to tell you this but your car has been given away. we gave it to someone else. >> reporter: josh's girlfriend having dinner with him filmed the aftermath. >> one of them was a large man and had like ohio stat tattoo. >> they lost the ticket and the valet, coughs up the keys. >> i'm freaked out about it. >> reporter: laz parking told us
7:44 am
"regrettably we have apologized and are actively supporting the customer whose vehicle was affected." valeting can be a gamble. even a valet told me that. >> it's more like valet parking roulette. >> reporter: after the oscars this comedian with a fake statue pulled this stunt. >> i lost my ticket. is that going to be an issue? >> let him have -- >> reporter: that is not his car. why would you let someone do this? >> he returned the car after proving his point. recently i parked a fancy cam in in l.a. and the valet stole cash. what can we do to try and win this game of relet? >> start out by putting a tip on the dash? preemptive tipping. >> what that does is helps to influence the level of care your car is about to receive. >> reporter: josh's car till missing. >> first thing that enters your mind is where is the camera. >> the other had a goatee. >> you just gave it to him? >> i didn't give it to him.
7:45 am
>> for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> preemptive tipping. agreed? >> yeah. >> if it keeps your car safe. >> or a tip and no car. thanks nick. coming up, "fashion police" shocker. kathy griffin quitting. why she is the latest to leave the popular show. how robert downey jr. is helping one little boy become a real life iron man. why do you want great glasses for $38, backed by a replacement guarantee? mom! mom! because you all really need glasses... mom! ...and boys really need to be boys. the glasses you want are at the walmart vision center - a complete pair of single vision glasses for $38. backed by a 12-month replacement guarantee. save money. live bette walmart. mom! goldfish in the car. off to grandma's house they go. the trip is rather long.
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7:49 am
and it's time for "the speed feed." dan in the social square. >> ruling the feeds the new "frozen" and something really quite amazing from robert downey jr. let's start with "frozen fever" which is hotter than ever. you can hear the high squeal eded pitch of delight. kristen bell tweeting dreams really do come 2. nice touch here. cuddling up with an ice bag. also iron man robert downey jr. showing off some real superpowers helping to change the life of a 7-year-old named alex pring. take a look. >> pleasure to meet you. have another bionics expert on hand so i thought i'd drop by in thank you. >> nice bow tie.
7:50 am
>> thanks. >> do you know who that is. >> iron man. >> what's his name? >> robert. >> great. >> each one looks the same. >> actually i think yours my be better than mine. it's even cooler than i thought. ah look at that. a marriage of robotic technologies. bang nailed it. >> that is just so incredibly cute. you? skaupdz stand why nearly 20 million people have watched it so far. part of the collective project which celebrates college students on a mission. the superhero who led the group that designed alex's new arm using 3d printing technology an amazing moment for alex and robert downey jr. handled it incredibly well. tell us what's in your feed using the #socialsquare. back now to you guys. what did you think of robert downey jr.? >> isn't that so sweet.
7:51 am
>> that was fantastic. coming up all the "dancing with the stars" judges are going to be here live as they get ready to kick off the brand-new season of "dancing with the stars." that comes on monday. lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. well me, lowe's and zeus and apollo. now get the dewalt 18-volt combo kit for just $199 at lowe's. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:56 am
>> good morning everyone, i'm matt matt o'donnell 7:56, the 13th of march. karen rogers has a look at the roads. >> reporter: we have an accident at naamans road and peach tree road. a 202, 28 miles per hour. we have appear accident at broad and mifflin. a new issue at fairmont park, kelly drive at fountain green drive. stick is to mlk to avoid the
7:57 am
problems there. the blue route, schuylkill expressway i-95 in the worst spots we're looking at the teens. an accident in newtown township swamp road at 322. as we look outside live on the blue route northbound traffic heavy right here at media bypass, we can see clear and dry roads. >> taking a live look at atlantic city where accuweather says the official temperature is 27 degrees. david murphy a lot of places started out chilly. >> reporter: they are still, matt. take a look we're at # 2 in philadelphia. 30 atlantic city at the airport. 26 in allentown. the winds are not as bad as yesterday. that will hold through the day. sun and clouds, high of 52. accuweather says we'll get rain, but not until late tonight and it continues to rain through saturday morning into saturday afternoon and later in the day foam we'll start to see the rain breakdown to spotty showers. spotty shower on sunday, otherwise clouds and sunny
7:58 am
breaks, high of 54. dry on monday, tuesday, st. patrick's day, we're looking at clouds and spotty shower. >> watch the rain as it comes in by going to or by using the free storm tracker 6 live app for your smarmt phone.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning america. it's 8 a.m. and kathy griffin shocking "fashion police" exit. the host calling it quits just weeks after kelly osbourne leaves. ♪ how you can say yes to the bridesmaids dress without banking the bank. the hot new service helping you save big time. ♪ and rihanna, steve martin and jim parsons all here live for an epic surprise. we're rolling out the red carpet for a hometown hero and our big winner has no idea we're on our way. ♪ fireball ♪ all that and "dancing with the stars" judges live len, carrie ann, bruno and julianne as we say -- >> all: good morning, america!
8:01 am
♪ >> so bruno doesn't save it up for primetime. he has all that energy at 8 a.m. as well. there they are outside. carrie ann, julianne bruno, all out there in times square. >> and there is len from los angeles. we cannot wait to talk to all of them about the brand-new season of "dancing." i hope you have your dancing shoes on. >> i always do. looking forward to that. we have more star power as in rihanna, jim parsons and steve martin they're all with us to tell us about their new movie, it's called "home." >> one of the reasons they're here. they're about to give a huge surprise to a hometown hero about to get the surprise of her life. she is the winner of "gma" brings home to your hometown. she has no idea what's coming. so many amazing entries from across the country and one incredible woman. this woman stood out. find out which town is getting the ultimate star treatment
8:02 am
right here coming up very soon. >> not letting her watch tv right now. >> she has no idea. >> ignore the camera taking pictures of everything she does. >> of course it's dj friday. dj kalkutta hooking us up with that ultimate surprise and the weekend. >> first news from dan. >> good morning. we'll start with the tense and troubled city of ferguson, missouri. overnight two new demonstration, one a prayer vigil for the two police officers who got shot the night before. no arrests yet in that shooting. the other protest was outside police headquarters calling for the mayor and others to resign. last night on "jimmy kimmel live" the president said while it was appropriate to protest what has happened in the past in ferguson that is no excuse for criminal acts. we have new details about the latest secret service scandal. two agents possibly drinking and then driving on to the white house grounds disrupting an investigation into a suspicious package. the director of the secret service joseph clancy wasn't
8:03 am
even informed of this incident until five days after it happened. the two agents involved, one is a senior supervisor the other is the second ranking agent in president obama's detail. a jury in the so-called bathtub murder trial found a doctor from utah guilty in the death of his wife. he was accused of injecting her with xanax and drowning her in the bathtub. wall now faces a possible life term in prison. we have breaking news from oklahoma. a medical helicopter crashing south of tulsa. one crew member killed. no patients fortunately on board. it's unclear what caused the chopper which is similar to this one right here to crash. this is the fourth deadly medical helicopter crash in oklahoma in the last five years. a bizarre freak accident on a busy ski slope. look at this. a skier hit by this plane that had to make an emergency landing in the french alps. it barely missed a group of kids before its propeller clipped a
8:04 am
female skier. her hand was badly injured but she is i'm happy to say, otherwise okay. another freak accident during a bike race in europe. look at the right side of your screen here. a fan reaches over the barrier and takes out that cyclist who broke her collarbone. that fan is now being questioned. and an update. earlier this week we aired a report about moneymutual that markets short-term or payday loans. the company agreed to pay a $2.1 million fine and to stop advertising in new york state after state regulators concluded it had referred customers to payday lenders who charged excessive interest rates. that violated new york state law. we want to emphasis moneymutual is not a lender but a service that connects consumers with lenders. similarly montel williams is a paid spokesman for moneymutual but for any particular lender. finally, video going viral this morning that puts to rest perhaps forever the notion that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. check out the hugs from jasper
8:05 am
the cat here when she sees her canine best friend a dog named bowsie after being separated for ten days. you might be able to observe. bowsie is slightly less ex-rant although a close viewing shows the dog is wagging his tail. knowing cats as i do i will advance an alternate theory perhaps that the cat is trying to asphyxiate the dog but lacks opposable thumbs. just one man's opinion. >> it was a hug, dan. >> see, that's the difference -- when you do the news instead of amy we get the cynical darkness. >> i like to be dark. yin and yang. >> we complement one another. >> to lara now over in the social square. >> hey, george here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first up in "pop news," big news from a galaxy far, far away. you'll never guess who is starring in the new "star wars" film. plus "fashion police" shocker. our friend kathy griffin explaining why she's leaving
8:06 am
after just seven episodes. and then we have an incredible surprise for one special hometown hero and we have rihanna, jim parsons and steve martin. and -- >> hello. >> hello. >> common. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, the pain reliever that is built to be as fast as it is strong. from the farm families of fairlife, this is our promise. we promise to do better with every delicious sip of our ultra filtered milk. from grass to glass. we promise high quality, real milk that's ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and calcium. to help you live better. at fairlife, this is our simple promise. to believe in better.
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8:09 am
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three little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head. this is taking too long. so i will summarize. listen very carefully. all of the monkeys fall off the bed. the person is frustrated having repeatedly instructed their mother not to let them jump on the bed. besides why is she calling a doctor and not the vet? >> you know that's going viral. liam neeson reading some bedtime stories and, boy he can add a touch of menace to just about anything. that's his thing. >> he will hunt those monkeys down. >> exactly. >> so angry at the monkeys. that was great. i have "pop news" that i think you will enjoy, as well. shall i? happy friday, everybody. you hear that the force is strong this morning with two big
8:12 am
"star wars" announcements. the first being academy award nominee felicity jones has just been cast in a spin-off in the "star wars" franchise called "rogue one" and the actress won't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away as the film begins shooting in london over the summer. also just announced the release date for "star wars: episode 8." this is the second "star wars" movie from j.j. abrams the first one hit theaters this december. now we can tell you the newly announced follow-up will be out in may 2017. the quiz will be administered later. listen, we might just be a little excited. anybody who can do a good chewbacca, speak up now. [ chewbacca sounds ] >> thank you. i knew someone would fall for it. in an effort to bring the fun of cartoons to real life this morning we'll introduce you to this. #thebag. isn't it cool?
8:13 am
it almost looks like it was stolen off mickey mouse's back. aptly from the company called jump from paper. they do that. this is for you. >> those are cool. >> they appear animated but 100% real and functional and -- >> sturdy too. >> $150. >> whoa. >> three styles. a little pricey but they're stylish. katy perry coups herself as a fan along with 50,000 others. here you go dan. 50,000 others who have ordered them from jump the after seeing them online. this is what you would call a product that has gone viral. power of the internet at work. finally, speaking of backpack, everybody, this lady well she helped us launch our new segment. yeah we're calling the new segment wtf. >> we are not. >> what the friday george. what the friday. at the end of every week we'll show you one winvideo that left us
8:14 am
scratching our heads and this is priscilla the poodle. the 1-year-old posing pooch regularly can be seen prancing around her neighborhood in canine haute couture on two, not four legs. that's a dog wearing a backpack taking a walk amy. what the friday. >> has anybody called the aspca about this? that dog doesn't look that happy about it or "fashion police" for that -- >> wtf, a new segment and we have "pop news" investigates and now we have what the friday. we are a brand that is growing. >> shut the front door. >> yes, exactly. more to come. i have another one that's in the works, it's not ready for public -- >> prizesurprise us. weather from ginger. >> this crowd, i have to tell you -- it is what the friday. because look at these folks. you're from temple university. you know it's spring break when
8:15 am
we are just packed. i meanlet's check the forecast, we'll start in saint louis overnight you can see the arch covered in low-lying clouds and fog ahead of rain. that's making its way through eastern oklahoma and arkansas and indiana and ohio. we'll get rain in the northeast. are you here for the weekend? i can'ti can'tyeah! that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: all right ginger, excitement on time square, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you no precipitation, as we head outside we have sunshine up over the horizon nice and bright. temperatures around freezing. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sun gives way to clouds during the day high of 52. late tonight we'll see rain that goes through saturday, starts to taper off late in the day
8:16 am
saturday, and saturday night. a spotty shower left over on sunday, let's get you back to ginger zee and the temple students on time square this morning. # at's your name? >> kaitlyn. >> give me a high-five for that. what the friday. >> really catching on. >> wait until "pop news investigates" schaechs on. >> wait wait. until it catches on. >> it already has. >> i'm sorry. >> "heat index" has also caught on and begin with the major shake-up on "fashion police." kathy griffin leaving after seven episodes making provocative comments on the way out on the heels of kelly osbourne's departure. abbie boudreau has the details. >> so many dress, so little time. >> reporter: this morning another shock to e!'s powerhouse program, kathy griffin announcing overnight she's walking away from the show.
8:17 am
>> like every true model she has no boobs so that is key. >> reporter: the off the cuff comedian who only stepped into joan rivers' shoes back in january, now departing the program after just seven episodes. the 54-year-old tweeting overnight there is plenty to make fun of in pop culture without bringing people's bodies into it adding i do not want to use my comedy to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism and intolerance towards difference. i discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show and now it's time to move on." >> she clearly was at odds with purchases behind the scenes. >> reporter: griffin's parting words coming two weeks after kelly osbourne's exit. >> good things do not piece together. >> reporter: she dropped out just days after standing up for zendaya following her former co-host giuliana rancic's on-air remarks about her appearance at the oscars. >> i feel like she smells like pa chuchmachly oil. >> oh.
8:18 am
>> or weed. yeah maybe weed. >> the fashionista opening up about her unexpected exit on "the talk". >> working with joan rivers for five years was an incredible -- i learned so much and am excited for my future. >> clearly e! is in crisis mode. >> reporter: e! tells abc news we wish griffin all the best and are grateful for her time on the show as well as the many laughs she gave us all. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau abc news, los angeles. >> a lot going on behind the scenes at ha show. >> absolutely. >> more to come on that i'm sure. next up on "heat index." you have heard the expression always a bridesmaid never a bride well now a hot new website may take the sting out saving you bucks on those dresses at least. abc's linzie janis has more. >> i'm saying yes to the dress. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: saying yes to the wedding dress, a magical moment. but saying yes to the bridesmaid
8:19 am
dresses, not so much. >> really don't want to go over that budget. >> i can't. >> these days being a bridesmaid means you need to be made of money from the wedding gift to the bachelorette party, the average spend is about $1700. and then there's that dress. >> a lot of mall brans have dresses between 175 and $300. >> reporter: so brides are getting creative like newly engaged nicole morello looking to save her bridesmaid amanda walsh some cash. >> you've done it a few other times. >> i have. this will be my fifth time. >> reporter: 27-year-old morello checking on gather & gown. where brides and bridesmaids can gather around their computers and shop together through the site. choosing from 33 different styles of dresses in more than a dozen colors and sizes 0 to 20 all under $200. and you don't even have to step in to a bridal shop.
8:20 am
>> we've eliminate nailed the 45-minute appointment or hour appointment. you can do it in the privacy of your own home try on the dress, take several days and return if they don't work. >> reporter: they arrive in three to five days and shipping is free. >> whoa! >> i love that color. >> i like the neckline too. >> reporter: another option, renting. here at little borrowed dress in new york city, bridesmaids can rent dresses for an average of $75. >> men can rent tuxedos. why can't women? >> reporter: the only downside you can't alter these dresses there this is a pretty color on you. >> reporter: alternatives that don't break the bank. always a good thing. you're wearing a beautiful bridesmaid dress here. who are you wearing? >> this is from gather & gown again, all three of these dresses for under $200. this is the shift dress. it's called the sullivan $175. navy happens to be the color my bridesmaids are wearing. this is the madison dress in sage $99.
8:21 am
and then this one over here the liberty dress in navy only 180. >> all beautiful and all affordable. you already have your shopping down for your nuptials. >> i did. i didn't know about gather gather & gown soon enough. >> thanks for the tip for everyone else out there planning. >> i did too. oh having so much fun over here, amy. i mean i don't know how i'm going to control this situation. more time on the clock. we've got a problem. we have all the "dancing with the stars" judges with us. julianne is here carrie ann, bruno is being naughty already. >> i know. >> here to talk -- >> i can't help myself. >> we know. that's why we love the show tenth anniversary season. congratulationses. >> thanks to america for having us. >> thank you, len goodman for getting up extra early in l.a. and is joining us via satellite. hello, handsome. >> ah. >> ah. >> so carrie ann, i'll start with you. my friend, what can we expect? we heard some of the twists and turns you're doing for the tenth
8:22 am
season from your perspective? >> i think season ten, our 20th season tenth anniversary. season 20 which is incredible and we're so lucky. it's going to be great. i know we'll do innovation is like a key word this year. innovation lots of fun of the we're bringing back some of the same old things like disney everybody loves the switchup then we're adding something new this season which is really cool. >> when we get to the watch -- >> the judges might be involved a little bit in the competition this year ba-dum-dum. right here -- ? we're not stripping. we are not stripping. >> no. >> we are not stripping. >> we are not stripping. >> you'll be on the dance floor i'm assumeing. >> we might be. >> we don't know yet. >> we'll have to see. >> that's interesting because you'll get to really see -- this is out of control. >> it's always out of control when i'm here. >> spring break. we're going to do spring break.
8:23 am
>> spring break night. >> and i want to know when you guys each of you, i know you haven't seen them but i know you must have thought about it. >> it's so hard because you -- until the first episode you have no idea. you have preconceived thoughts of what -- >> what are your preconceived thoughts. >> oh my gosh. >> potentially extraordinary but the thing to be honest you have to see them do a round of ballroom and latin before we can assess more or less -- >> who are you the most interested in seeing? >> well charlotte has a lot to offer if you know what i mean so we have to see -- >> i don't know -- i have no idea. >> looking forward to seeing her doing the sam ba. >> who? >> charlotte. >> oh charlotte. >> see, nobody understood him. we had no idea what he said. >> charlotte. >> charlotte, the fruity girl, the melons. >> we know what you mean now.
8:24 am
we're very clear. hey, we're going to crack open the "dancing with the stars" vault, everybody. >> i think we already did. >> every word i say i feel can be used against me, len. oh len, where are you, len? you're in l.a. i feel so bad. i warranted to ask you, len, who do you think the most interesting couple to watch will be? i know you won't give any predictions at this point. >> well to be honest i'm looking forward to seeing everyone. it's such a diverse cast of people. we've got people in their 70s and we've got a 14-year-old and everything in between. so i think it's going to be a fantastic season. >> yeah i do too. >> so excited. >> it's a diverse cast. len, one of our viewers wants to know this is from twitter, wendy asks how hard are you going to be on the cups this year? >> i'm never hard ever. i'm -- i only try to be honest. so it's honesty. nothing else. >> all right. guy, we only have one minute and two things we can do.
8:25 am
do you want to go to the vault or play a game? >> let's play a game. >> here we go. ready, and the game is ready, guys, okay. it's called judge me judge me not. which judge didn't start dancing until he was 21? >> len. >> len goodman. >> bruno. >> no the answer is len. >> oh. >> well i was a lot younger so -- >> julianne. >> oh. >> i am 22 1/2. >> which judge is the most likely to fall out of her chair? oop. >> carrie ann. >> carrie ann. >> carrie ann. >> oh. >> that is not a spanking opportunity. sit down. >> that was a spanking opportunity. a good spanking doesn't hurt. >> that's beautiful. life advice, everybody. and who gives the lowest score ever? >> oh it's me probably. >> did you? >> yeah. >> i feel like bruno and len.
8:26 am
>> me me me. >> len. >> len, len, it was you. to master p. >> a 2, right? >> i think unfortunately i want to the to ask question but i'm terrified how long it might take to get to so we'll say, guy, thanks for being here. >> oh thank you, my darling. "fashion police." >> don't miss the premiere of "dancing with the stars" monday. we'll be right back. "dancing with the stars" on "gma" is brought to you by auto find your car your way at
8:27 am
8:27 brand new firefighters work to put out a two-alarm blaze in a town home in time lehigh valley. flames broke out along village walk drive in ma courage you comingy -- in ma borough. >> reporter: we have an accident, a car went down an embankment. the workers dealing with the situation. it's causing a jam up on i-95 northbound past street road. an unusual delay. northbound is jammed because of the accident. we have police and ambulance blocking the right lane. as we look in montgomery county, several new problems popping up. we have an accident on stenton avenue and river road.
8:28 am
a water main break sandy hill road at florence lane. we have a large sinkhole at germantown pike. two new accidents 42 northbound and 168. another one on the side clearing out at 42 at creek road. a lot happening. >> a chilly start for many of us, let's turn to david murphy for the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: still on the freezing mark in philadelphia. 32. wildwood in the 20s. this afternoon we'll see sunshine and clouds. high of 52 similar to yesterday not as much wind that's good. rain arrives not until late tonight. it will be rainy in the morning and early afternoon. in the afternoon breakerring down -- breaking down to spotty showers. there could be lingering spotty
8:29 am
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[ cheers and applause ] what a great friday morning crowd here in times square today. extra energy but getting a little from dj kalkutta this morning getting everyone moving here in times square. >> it is an exciting morning here george. you can hear it. the stars of the new movie "home" are here. we have rihanna, jim parsons and steve martin there they are and they'll tell us all about the film and they're going to help us bring the surprise of a lifetime to one very deserving viewer. >> i love seeing the three of them together. >> it's great. >> not a trio you would put together normally. >> yes. >> i also like rihanna putting her feather boa in steve martin's face. rachel smith will roll out the red carpet and knocking on her door in a few minutes. we have a big, big surprise for
8:31 am
a woman who does not see it coming but deserves it richly. this could be happening anywhere in america and it's coming up very soon. lara over to you. >> all right, thank you so much dan. inside we are joined by supermodel hoodoo who is super busy these day, four kids and a business empire that includes tv, modeling fashion and now lingerie. the heidi klum intimates collection, so happy, heidi is with us this morning. hi it's been a long time. >> it has been. i haven't seen you in a while and want to ask you about "project runway." giant fan of the show. 14 seasons. >> isn't it amazing? and i still love it. every time i see the designers come on to the stage the first time you see how eager they are and want to succeed and break into the fashion industry so i never get tired of it when i see those young, you know faces. >> you guys have launched major careers -- i think about -- >> christian -- >> yes. >> no he's amazing and also many others that are quite
8:32 am
successful now, not, you know in a big name how he has but they work for other design houses and they can do what they always wanted to do be in fashion. >> what do you think it is about "project runway" that keeps us coming back? we know the story line and what it does yet it's so -- it's captivateing. >> because i think fashion always changes and the designers always change and they have different points of view and different ideas and we try to change it up with our challenges, you know every day. >> you do find great characters. >> it's not really about the character, though with our show. you know they're truly -- >> maybe the passion. >> very passionate designers. we don't look for, oh it has to be hard one or silly one. we don't do that. we try to keep the integrity of the show and that is really about design. >> speaking of design i'm glad you said that word because i want to talk about your new line trying to bring high style to intimate apparel. why did you decide to do that? >> well i was asked by the
8:33 am
person who created the elle macpherson line to trach over the reins and continue to you know design for them. now it's called the heidi klum intimates line and i'm so excited, you know because i've been doing lingerie or wearing lingerie for, you know many many years. >> victoria's secret. i'm sure you know what works and what doesn't. so what is the philosophy behind your collection. >> basically i kept most of the styles that women have loved for the last 25 years that elle created and now give them different laces, different colors and then i added on a few new styles that weren't existing like razorbacks or, you know beautiful strapless bras so i kind of added on and put my own twist to it and it's so much fun. it's really a great opportunity for me and i was very thankful for that. >> i had the opportunity to see it up close. really beautiful and one last thing can we puta picture of your dress -- i saw you out at the oscars. that dress -- >> i wasn't wearing much underwear with that dress. >> you didn't need your collection in that dress, i
8:34 am
don't think but it's versace, i understand. can you just -- >> well this dress was my favorite dress of the show that donatella created and i just loved it and as soon as i saw it walking down the runway i e-mailed and said please i want to put this dress on hold for the oscars and sent it to me and thankfully it fit and i loved it. >> that's -- >> i love sparkly. i'm still a german at heart. >> you wear it well my friend. >> i want to tell everybody, the heidi klum intimate collection is available at bloomingdale stores and on the website. >> i'm going to be there today if anyone wants to come by. >> let's go hang with heidi, everybody here in new york. we got to get out to ginger right now for a final check of the weather. >> everybody out here lara saying how beautiful, heidi, you look. good morning, everybody. where are you from? >> wisconsin western college. >> and more spring breakers. i'm telling you this crowd today is something. we love it. not s
8:35 am
way west you go australia, there are cyclones or tropical storms. pam the stopping -- strongest. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: you can see the rainy saturday on ginger's map. right now we've got no rain, in fact it's sun up over the horizon. 52 is the high, tomorrow, 58. rainy tomorrow. home -- ashley furniture home store. selfie sticks out here. it's going to be good. let's head inside. >> in the new action thriller "run all night" joel kinnaman plays michael con lynn a young man who has done his best to
8:36 am
steer the life his father has led but all of that changes one night when michael finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time putting himself and his family in danger. >> they said you killed two cops. it's all over the news. tell me you didn't do it. >> i picked up two clients today. took them to danny maguire's house and he killed then. shot them both and tried to kill me too because he saw me do it. >> did you call the cops? >> it's not that simple. >> i know what these people are capable and now they're copping after us. got to take the girls and go. >> we are so excited to have joel kinnaman with us this morning. it is such and intense and brilliant movie. it had to be fun playing. >> it was a lot of fun. >> tell us a little about your character, michael and why he was trying to be everything his father isn't. >> yeah i mean he grew up with you know a hit man alcoholic criminal as a dad that wasn't there and when he was there, it made the environment even more unsafe so he just made a decision that he was going to
8:37 am
live a completely different life. >> his hit man father is played by none other than liam neeson. what drew you to the script? i imagine knowing liam was going to be your father was a big plus. >> i mean who doesn't want to have liam as a dad? you know even though he's a hit man and alcoholic, i'll take it. >> i'd rather be on that side of liam. >> for sure. i've always been drawn to father and son stories. i always get moved by them and like everybody i know all the guys that i grew up with everybody has, you know some kind of complicated relationship with their father during some point in their lives. >> there are so many brilliant actors in this movie. liam neeson ed harris as well common nick nolte. >> nick nolte. >> what was it like behind the scenes? >> i mean i had a scene with nick and liam it's probably one of my absolute favorite daysig
8:38 am
fight between the two of them and nick is like leaning over the table and he's like screaming atlee liam and i'm talking to you and liam grabs him by the collar and he's like i'm listening. my character is supposed to walk out and liam is like mike don't go but every time liam turned around i was like standing there. >> like i'm watching nick nolte -- >> like eating popcorn. >> joel i think you should be going. okay. then i do the same thing. wow, these are amazing. >> we're so happy you decided to take a little time out and join us this morning. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> and "run all night" is in theaters today. coming up moments away from a red carpet surprise for one incredibly special viewer. rihanna, jim parsons and steve martin there they are. all here to make it happen. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:41 am
look who we have here today, three of the stars of the new animated film "home." do i even need to say who you all are. rihanna, steve martin jim parsons, it's all about the unlikely bond between a young girl and an alien and their quest to overcome one very evil leader. take a look. >> ooh. >> ah. >> drop the bubble guns or i
8:42 am
will mess with this gravity thingie. >> she is bluffing of she could not possibly reach the gravity thing thingie. curse you and your tippy toe tallness. >> i cannot wait to see this. the movie is called "home" and it's about belonging, yes? >> yes. >> yeah. >> what is home to each of you? >> anywhere i'm surrounded by people who love me and accept me for who i am. you know and i don't have to be something i'm not in order to make everybody feel comfortable. what's home to you? >> barbados will always be home to me of course but i pretty much feel like anywhere i could fall asleep. >> good answer. >> home to me is an animated film i recently did with -- otherwise, i live on my bicycle. >> very nice. rihanna, your character, tip seeps a little bit like you actually. a little sassy.
8:43 am
>> well i try to give her a little bit of my percentage national and still a little sweet, a little innocent but she is sassy and she's vibrant and that's what i think really connects with the fans they kind of identify with her. they feel like they recognize her. she's a little familiar and even the accent comes out a lot of the time. >> she's from barbados as well. >> very cool. >> i want to know i know this was your first animated movie, both of you, jim and rihanna. what is it like? i see you all together and the chemistry is just there but you weren't playing off one another. >> not usually, no. >> this is the first i've heard that it's animated. i didn't realize and it was -- quite a shock. i thought it was being shot in a different way than usual but -- we actually jim and i worked together on some things. >> we did. >> we don't have a lot of scenes together rihanna and i. >> no we don't.
8:44 am
>> the big moment right there. >> we only did a couple scenes together. >> a couple scenes together but it was really fun. when we did get to work together it was informal. it's kind of like being in a dark room almost and -- but when we were together you learn how the other person sounds and how they sound with you and it does help inform the rest of the sessions we did. >> yeah we had a -- we had a good time jim and i. >> very much. >> we met obama. >> we did. we met obama. >> you met obama. >> i had a bad cold that day and i didn't want to shake hands so i fist pumped him. >> i want to see a little ad-libbing here. i'll ask questions. we have a game called there's no place like home. >> oh god. okay. >> i want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind. >> tell me what your favorite comfort food is. >> comfort food? chicken fried, mashed potatoes and gravy. >> lemon linguine. >> favorite room. >> couchen. >> lemon linguine.
8:45 am
sorry, getting excited. >> your favorite childhood book? >> ooh. >> anything by dr. seuss. >> naughty. >> i'm remembering i read "the prince and pauper." >> ideal bedtime. >>:00. >> 08:00? >> right now. >> that's insane. you mean 9:00. >> this is usually when i'm going to bed. >> i like it. favorite household gadget? >> ooh. >> remote. >> what? >> the blend tech. >> i would have to say my computer. >> very cool. >> your home away from home? >> home away from home? oh -- >> not a trailer. i mean like -- >> bus. >> dressing room trailer. >> "good morning america." >> oh you know what so sweet. >> that is sweet. >> i'm not saying that because i'm here. i mean it. >> you guys are awesome. thank you very much for playing. the movie is incredible. "home" hits theaters nationwide on march 27th but don't go anywhere because we are moment as way from giving this hometown hero a surprise of her life and
8:46 am
rihanna, jim and steve will stick around and make it happen. rachel smith rolling out the red carpet for her right now and she has no idea. stay with us.
8:47 am
(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester
8:48 am
(girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. hey, get out of the way. back with rihanna, steve martin and jim parson. time to find out who gets that special prize, a red carpet premiere of home home right in their own hometown. >> that's right for the "gma" brings home to your hometown contest we asked why the big premiere should come to you and one amazing lady in plano, it can, stood out. she thinks she's being interviewed later today as one. finalists but the truth is she's about to hear some incredible news from our guests right here. but first take a look at her story. in 2008 cheryl action jackson started a tiny food pantry in her hometown of plain mow. >> seven years of literally rolling out the red carpet for people to walk when they need
8:49 am
something as simple as their next meal. >> she named it after her mother minnie and stuffed it from food from other own kitchen. >> if you can't feed a hundred people -- >> today cheryl's familiary run nonprofit feeds meals to the community. >> they've helped me out. >> i just lost my health insurance. so it means a lot. >> reporter: the top priority let each of their customers know they are special. >> even though they're coming for food they need love. they need support. >> we have the red carpet rolled out because we're celebrating them. >> reporter: sow now we are rolling out a red carpet for cheryl a hometown hero shining light on so many in her community. >> just a blessing to see your child, you know aspire to what she's become. >> she touched a whole community. you touch the world. >> i'm so proud of you. ♪ we're all behind you ♪ >> honorary doctor. >> and it's time for the big surprise right now.
8:50 am
rachel smith is out there in plano, surrounded by a bunch of cheryl's friends. take it away. >> yes. thank you, george. come on guys. here we go. come on, come on. >> cheryl jackson. >> yes. >> cheryl "action" jackson. can you come over here, ma'am. it's so nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> why are you crying? [ cheers and applause ] >> i was not expecting that reaction. oh my gosh. oh come over help me out with this door. if you don't know already, you, young lady are not just a finalist you actually are live on "good morning america." [ screaming ] >> now, that's the reaction.
8:51 am
so keep walking. this red carpet this is for you. we love how you are rolling out the red carpet. >> oh, my god. >> we're doing this for you. >> we are doing this for you. oh, my god. are you good? all right. take a look at this. >> oh, my god! >> that's you. >> hello, cheryl. >> we have some people. >> hello, cheryl. >> i love you. i love you. you! you! >> that's rihanna. >> oh my gosh. >> rihanna, i'm afraid she's going to need cpr if you give her this message. why don't you try to talk to her. >> cheryl she say -- perfect. can you hear me? >> look.
8:52 am
>> i just want to say that we -- we're matching girl. but i just want to say that we are so amazed by the work that you've been doing in your community. we are inspired and we're so proud of you and we want to bring home to your hometown we're coming. we cannot wait to meet you, girl. >> yes, yes, yes. >> yes. >> red carpet, baby. >> go ahead and press the button. >> cheryl in addition you have also won because of your good work a donation to feed 25,000 people from dreamworks animation. >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> i love her. >> did i say it right? >> you did. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think that was the best surprise ever. that was so great. we're so excited. >> i love the reaction.
8:53 am
>> we're not as excited as cheryl. and in plano, texas, on tuesday, march 17th. "home" hits nationwide on march 27th. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] tiberius lauderwink can appreciate a simple name. that's why he likes pick 2 from the pennsylvania lottery, the simplest numbers game yet. they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. play pick 2. easy to play. simple to say.
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gwendolyn schnellinghoffer can appreciate a simple name. that's why she likes pick 3 from the pennsylvania lottery, they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. and for something really simple, play the all-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by quaker. quaker up. >> ahh!
8:56 am
>> so fantastic. >> we cannot get enough of cheryl's reaction just moments ago. she found out "home" would be premiering in her hometown of plano. thanks you guys for making it happen. >> you made so many people happy. >> made us very happy too. >> cheryl made my day. >> have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> 8:56, police are looking for a robber who shot and killed a 51-year-old man. it happened as the victim was
8:57 am
out walking his dog in west philadelphia. friday, the 13th of march. karen rogers is here with a look at traffic. >> reporter: the accidents are coming in. in evesham it's a overturned vehicle no matter will you -- north locust avenue. this one on the boulevard. it's blocking the lane southbound on the boulevard the rising sun. causing slowing with the lane blocked there. the work crew is set up on the schuylkill this is blocking the right lane approaching the blue route. that delay will probably grow. >> it's chilly out there let's go outside to david. >> reporter: it's coat weather 36 degrees in philadelphia.
8:58 am
hovering near the freezing mark in lancaster, and trenton. 32 in wildwood. this afternoon increasing clouds, high of 52 degrees, we'll get rain tonight but not until late. hopefully you can get your dinner plans in without rain. we'll see. tomorrow, rain falling in the morning, spotty showers in the afternoon and highs in the mid to upper 50s. a new ebola patient arrives for treatment in the u.s. that's coming up on "action news" at noon. pluls a -- plus a farewell to a fallen hero. a viewing will be held today for robert wilson iii. i'm matt o'donnell have a great friday and great weekend. "live" with kelly and michael is next.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly and michael." today one of our favorite actors, steve martin. and "dancing with the stars" judges carrie ann inaba, julianne hough and all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [applause]


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