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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 13, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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attack sethd sends a man to the hospital. and more on the attack of lippert that his attacker was out to kill and a boy is safe after being abducted from a north philadelphia home. and we say our final farewell to officer wilson we find chad pradelli with more on the farewell. >> reporter: rick a private viewing for the family will begin here at the francis funeral home beginning at 12:00 and lasts until 2:00 this afternoon and then a public viewing from 4:00 until 8:00. you can see police officers are arriving here getting set to say good-bye to officer robert wilson iii, for the men and women in blue the next few days are difficult they are saying
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good-bye to officer robert wilson iii outside of the pelestra, the flag is at half staff. crews began arriving with chairs and tables that will be set up tonight. officer wilson leaves behind two boys his 10-year-old will only have memories of the 8-year veteran of the force and his brother will never know his father. >> in addition to today's viewing there will another one from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. and then the funeral service will begin after that, officer wilson will be taken to fernwood
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cemetery where he will be buried. >> thank you. police found a young boy abducted from his home at 4:30 morning, he was taken from his on hope street his mother told officers he was taken by her ex-boyfriend carlos lebron jr. and he was wearing a ski mask. the police announced that the boy was safe and lebron was in custody. neighbors in the overbrook section are in disbelief this afternoon when a man was shot and killed while walking his dog on wood crest avenue before 9:00 last night. someone came up and tried to rob him and shot him in the chest the victim later died in the hospital neighbors tell us he usually walks his dog with his young daughter but he was alone last night. >> he has a daughter she is 7
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or 8 years old very nice guy always speaks and i just can't believe this, it's too close to home. i just can't believe it. >> police say the dog wane hurt and found lying next to the victim. so far no arrests are made and anyone with information is asked to call police. the search is on this noon for the person that carried out a brutal and violent stabbing overnight. the knife attack happened on the 800 block of north 8th street at 1:30 a.m. the 37-year-old victim was shot in the chest and is in stable but serious condition. a murder suspect is in custody following a police standoff in the lehigh valley he is accused of killing andrew white at easton's quality inn earlier this week. a vigil for the victim was held last night. it was a happy ending for a dog that had to be rescued from
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a waterway in burlington county chopper 6 hd over the scene here at the 100 block of cinnaminson it's not clear how the dog got out there but crews used a craft to reach it. there is no word yet on who the dog's owner is. checking accuweather now, a live look from atlantic city as we head outside a nice picture from the jersey shore rain is on the way for the weekend. meteorologist, melissa magee is in for david murphy and at the big board. >> yes, temperatures today slowly start to climb in the upper 40s and lower 50s in much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, we are coming in at 44 in philadelphia north and west of town and allentown 37 and 39 in reading and 44 along the coast in wildwood and 40 degrees in beach haven it's a friday and people want to get away, we
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have the travel forecast up and down the eastern seaboard it's mostly sunny and you get the green light and no weather delays there same for boston and chicago, and atlantic and newark temperatures in the weather conditions outside reflecting we have got calm conditions as you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is a lot of moisture this area of low pressure over the mid mississippi valley works its way from a southwest to northeast direction just in time for the start of our weekend future tracker 6 is showing the wide view of the precipitation here, by 7:00 tonight it's mostly cloudy in the city, the rain is off to the south and west, as i advance this make sure you have the wet weather gear with you unfortunately for the start of our weekend on saturday that moisture is sticking around coming up we'll take a closer look at moisture on the way and let you know how much will fall from the sky and if there is any brighter skies
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on the way? >> thank you. as you head outdoors this week stick with is it weather can you find live storm tracker 6 weather and the forecast and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. in other news, the former chapter of sigma alpha epsilon, kicked out of the university of oklahoma for a racist chant is suing, he is outraged that the president shut down the fraternity house and branding all members there as racists and bigots and that the students have apologized and now the incident is being exploited. >> and now a series of recent embarrassments for the secret service, two agents drove on to white house grounds creating a
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crime scene members of congress want to know exactly what happened and they are calling for a report by next week. >> reporter: new pressure this morning from congress on the newly newlily pointed secret service director joe clancey. he has got to now put a high powered microscope on the agency from bottom to top. >> abc news has learned that the agents were heading back to the white house after reportedly drinking at a party for a colleague and they drove their car through a crime scene tape hitting a barricade near the entrance they wanted to give a sobriety test to the driver one a constant presence at the president's side as a high ranking agent on the president's
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detail. but there was no test because the supervisor told them to let the agents go. >> the d.c. police were not involved the idea of being able to keep it internal worked for a little while. >> director clancy was not alert alerted for five days last fall a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it deep into the white house before being apprehended. >> i am trying to earn the trust. after the new allegations that trust from a skeptical congress will be harder to come by. we are learning more details about the gruesome attack on u.s. embarrass mark lippert in south korea the man that stabbed lippert intended to kill him, lippert was slashed on the face and arm during a forum last week and the suspect was anger about ongoing u.s. and south
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korea military drills. he could face attempted murder charges. coming up a man carjacked by at accused bombers talk about his night of terror in the boston marathon bombing trial. and melissa magee is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" at noon comes right back.
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testimony continues today in the boston marathon bombing trial, yesterday the jurors hear from the man that was carjacked by the brothers they saw video of the victim running for his life and begging for help. >> reporter: there surveillance video shows how it all came apart for the alleged boston marathon bombing that is dzhokhar tsarnaev exiting a
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mercedes suv he carjacked after the boston marathon bombing. watch as he enters the store cruising the aisles stocking up on junk food, but while he shops inside, a person sprints from the mercedes, that is the owner running for his life. and then he alerts him saying it's time to go and he runs into a gas station, panicking looking to see if he was being followed and dropping to his knees and begging the clerk to call 911 and hides near a wall by the counter and the clerk hands him a phone and he tells 911 that the marathon bombers just carjacked him. >> these dramatic videos and calls played in court thursday and hearing from ming himself testifying that tamerlin told
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him you know the boston marathon bombing you know who did it? i did it. and that dzhokhar tsarnaev got in the car as well and he drove the three of them to an atm and used his card to withdraw $800 from it. in court the defense hammered the point that it was tamerlin that had the gun and did the carjacking. when asked if he saw dzhokhar tsarnaev with the gun he said no. jurors looked at autopsy photos of the police officer that he allegedly killed and jurors were visibly shaken and another shake her head and look at the graphic, disturbing images. president obama travels to ards today to visit the v.a. hospital it will be the
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president's first time at the phoenix hospital the visit is meant to draw attention to responses to widespread mismanagement that led to chronic delays in care and it comes from lawmakers that say that veterans are still not benefiting from changes meant to improve their care. and the state department is investigating if a prize winning author is the victim of elder abuse, the new york times report that the state responded to at least one complaint this after lee's publisher announced that the sequel to "to kill a mocking bird" would be released this summer. lee's reps are not commenting on alleged abuse and they told abc news they spoke with lee and determined that she makes her own decisions. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30 another star of fashion police is calling it
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thick smoke is spewing from a volcano in costa rica, residents were evacuated and roads were closed this is being called the most powerful eruption of this volcano in two decades. melissa is back we are going from a mild friday to a soggy saturday. >> make sure you have the gear if you are staying out, the rain is coming in. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you it's dry right now and no issues with precipitation we watch the moisture fall after midnight and the first half of our weekend, the picture outside sky 6 hd old city, the building tops at independence mall. a nice shot now but sun gives way to increasing clouds as we
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go through the afternoon hours and into the night as well. stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see it's dry across much of our region and the precipitation stays dry as well through much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. temperatures for the most part are in the upper 40s and it looks like it will stay that way until we get into the afternoon hours as it comes in from the northeast direction, the satellite 6 along with action radar showing you that for the most part, there we go -- the computer says it's friday i want to take my time -- the temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s in the region and 40s across south jersey as well. 52 in hockessin, sunshine right now giving way to increasing clouds and this is the northwest your we are tracking now in the ohio valley and the mississippi river valley as
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well. this takes over the eastern third of the nation and it comes in from a northeast direction, if you are traveling today high temperature is coming in at 46 degrees down the shore if your destination takes you there temperatures will max out pretty close to average for this time of year, sunshine to clouds and not as windy and 45. we have morning sun giving way to late day clouds and high temperature of 52 degrees, we track the moisture that moves in with periods of rain for saturday, anywhere from a half inch to inch of rainfall with the high temperature coming in at 58 degrees thanks to the southerly winds. the rain is heavy in the morning and the clouds taper off as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. here is the exclusive accuweather forecast, today sun to clouds and a high temperature of 52 degrees and then
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overnight tonight into saturday we have the rain that is steady for a good chunk of the day and high temperature coming in at 58 and the rain starts to wane and taper into the afternoon hours on saturday, the high temperature is 54 rather there is a cloudy cool pocket of air than could trigger a spotty shower from time to time, if you had to pick a day sunday is the better half of the weekend, on tuesday for st. patrick's day 51 and cloudy and showers around and on wednesday 52 with the sunshine returning it's partly sunny on thursday with a high temperature of 50 degrees. it's friday everybody. >> thank you melissa. on our people scene another shakeup for fashion police kathy griffin is leaving the show after just seven episodes. >> the fashion police down another officer, first kelly osbourne handed in her badge and
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now after hosting just seven episodes, cathy griffith is also out. she discovered her style does not fit with the creative direction of the show griffin stepped in as a replacement for joan rivers she says her goal is to help women, gay kids and people of color or anyone that is underrepresented to achieve their best. no word on who will replace her. it's just about the sweetest thing we have seen today. super star, robert downey jr. plays real life super hero to a 7-year-old boy, the actor dressed as tony stark presented a pros prosthetic arm.
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>> do you know who that is? >> iron man. >> what is his name? >> robert. >> look at that. a marriage of robotic technology. bang nailed it. i'm going to start -- >> how do you like that, fist pumping with matching gauntlets the arm was created by a college student that donates limbs to children around the world and he goes by robert. >> a new take on a disney classic is now in theaters cinderella hit the big screen at midnight, it stars lily james and james madden. also in theaters, run all night starring liam neeson.
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coming up tonight on 6 abc, at 8:00, it's last man standing and then at 9:00 an all new shark tank and then 20/20. followed by "action news" at 11:00. if are you looking for distraction check out these stories at meet a waitress who is brought to tears after being given a tip. and the and mated and see surprisingly cute videos of animals doing weird things with their tongues. yikes, that and much more on >> what is that? >> that is his tongue believe it or not. >> melissa is back with a closer look at the forecast one more time. >> it's sunny today giving way
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to increasing clouds the highs today 52 in philadelphia and upper 40s in allentown and 50 in millville and 49 in toms river and less wind on the way today and as we get into the overnight hours, all of today is dry and that moisture arrives for the start of the weekend, have the wet weather gear ready for that. >> have a nice weekend. >> thank you. looking at the story coming up on "action news" at 4:00, a local farm in business for close to a century, now the family that has owned it for generations, why the owners of a south jersey lan mark say they simply can't stay afloat. >> this game of jeopardy ended up with just one player in final jeopardy and even alec trebek had something to say about it.
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>> now for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams have a nice friday. we'll see you tonight.
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