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tv   Action News  ABC  March 14, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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well, while villanova is making a case for one seed the sixers are making a case for
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the number one overall pick. sixers begins the nets tonight. only team that will stop sixers dancer from dancing is the boyfriend popping the question. while those two fall in love jared jack almost falls over, isaiah cannon crosses him up. sixers bench having a good time with that. nerlens noel with the big block. other way, there is jason richardson, watch this off the backboard, robert covington for the slam. sixers will get within two in the final minutes but thaddeus young who plays with the nets makes the move. sixers lose by seven. they are stuck on 15 wins. phillies spring training playing for jeff francoeur brian, he hits two home runs. that is how you step up for a career urine i mean trying to make the roster. phillies win five-four. union looking for their first win of the season tonight in salt lake, second half, they get a little help. how about jamieson olivia who plays for the the other team. sorry. but, the union finish in a
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three-three draw. so that is two games for the union. zero wins. >> not good. >> they have to get it going. >> thanks, jeff. coming up on "action news" at 11:30 an investigation is underway in ocean county after april explosion blew a home wide opened. demolition begins on a nearly 90 year-old building in center city. the small piece of history that will be still standing after the demolition is done when "action news" comes right back.
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saturday night i'm walter perez. the here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. final farewell for a philadelphia police sergeant shot and killed in the line of duty. heartfelt memories from his loved ones his friend and his fellow police officers. also looking live outside right there at penns landing after a damp saturday, really a wet saturday, melissa magee is tracking a dryer end to the weekend with the beginning of spring right around the corner. the number of racism allegations against fraternities continues to grow. the new investigation underway at the university of maryland. but first tonight, family, friend collogues offered a final farewell to a beloved philadelphia fire fighter or police officer i should say who was killed in the line of duty. sergeant robert wilson the
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third was remembered as a dedicated member of the force, loving father and true hero. horse drawn carriage carried williams body through the treats of the university city this morning. the his brothers and sisters of blue serve as escorts in an impressive show of solidarity. the the the nine year veteran went in the game stop in north philadelphia, in uniform when two arm gunman attempted to rob the place. they opened fire. wilson went into action saving the lives of customers while put mission own life on the line. >> i have been in policing for 46 years and i have never witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. never. >> for his bravery wilson was posthumously promoted to sergeant and awarded medal of honor and rail or and effective immediately, the medal of valor will be rename after sergeant wilson. meanwhile officers from all across the country also showed up to pay their respects. "action news" spoke with the
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group that came down from connecticut. they said wilson's death struck a cord with officers from coast to coast. >> when you lose one officer, the country loses an officer and we should all be in mourning. >> we're all brothers. we are one big family. we're all the same. >> after today's services sergeant wilson's body was escorted by motorcade as it the remained under an american flag. hundreds of officers line the street in full solute as the hearst passed by. wilson was then buried at fern wood cemetery in lansdowne. now to the turmoil following that racist chant caught on camera at the the university of oklahoma, now though we're learning about more cases of allege racism at other campuses including the university of maryland. abc's bonnie canasi has more. >> reporter: college student heading out to spring break just as another university, investigate alleged racist comment by a frat member. this time at the university of maryland, a cappa sigma member
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accused of sending a vulgar e-mail writing that black and asian woman should not be invited to rush parties unless they are hot. they are saying consent for sex is unnecessary. >> i was just overall disgusted completely. i feel like it definitely does not reflect values of the university of maryland. >> reporter: capp a significant mal chapter suspended the member who wrote the e-mail. black students marching at the the the university of washington in seattle say when they passed the sigma alpha epsilon house they were hit with racist insults. >> that is when they started shouting and then flipping us off and started saying you apes why are you here get out of here. >> reporter: the fraternity condemns the comments but deny it came from its members. the these new accusations just days after two sigma alpha epsilon members were expelled from the university of oklahoma accused of leading the the racist chant in this viral video. the the whole chapter now
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disbanded. in maryland tonight students are calling for a swift, strong response to racist remarks at their school. >> bonnie canasi abc news. a man from kensington is in the hospital tonight after his house literally collapsed around him. this is footage captured by an "action news" viewer moments after the house collapsed. this is on the 2700 block of emerald street. you can see four three-year old eric carol right there trying to climb from the debris. his sister said carol who is partially paralyzed on his right side has been through a lot lately. >> thank god he is alive. thank god he is alive, that is it. >> it is like he has nine lives anyway. he has been through everything. >> carol's relatives say he lost his mother his best friend and aunt all within the last few months. now he lost his house and is in the hospital with a broken back. surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. we have also learned that the city had warned him that his house was not structurally
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sound. meanwhile, a vacant house collapse this morning in philadelphia's mantua section. it happened around 8:30 on the 600 block of union street. there are in reports of anyone injured. officials are now investigate to go find out why the building collapsed. officials in ocean county, new jersey are investigating what is being reported as a house explosion. the the action cam on the scene here in seaside heights on sumner avenue. you can see parts of the home were torn opened leaving the inside exposed. officials say it happened 10:30 last night on the first floor. there was someone inside at the time. we are toll the victim was taken to the local hospital with unspecified injuries. the the cause remains under investigation. from our delaware news room officials say this morning's fire in marshallton was accidental. fire started 7:30 at a house on fenton road. investigators say faulty wires in the home kitchen were to blame. two women were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. we are told they are expect to be just fine. officials say the fire was
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caused or it has caused about $30,000 worth of damage. authorities are investigating a fire in philadelphia's olney section. the flames broke out at 8:30 a.m. on east olney street. two children were home at the time on the fire. both were examined and released with relatively minor injuries. in further details have been released. another sign that spring is around the corner, trout season officially opened today at state run pond in delaware. there were a total of nine, that includes kidbury pond seen here in dover. the what thers were stocked in anticipation of hundreds of the anglers coming out to have some fun. they remind fisherman to abstain from trying to break up any lingering ice with a boat and, of course, never try walking on a frozen lake or pond. crews began knocking down the historic boyd theater in center city. the efforts have been ongoing for decades to save the the artdeco theater that dates back to 1928. the last year officials struck a deal to protect the building's exterior. now developers have have
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started to tear down the the rest of the structure. it was sold last objecting, for 4.5 million-dollar to make way for a 26 story apartment building and tower. still to come on "action news" tonight the 18 month-old stuck upside down for more than half a day in the icy river in utah is doing just fine tonight. we now have incredible video from the scene of the rescue. and a quick thinking nurse is being hailed a hero after she smelled trouble and called for help. melissa. and walter, the rain we had earlier has since moved out the but the big story for the second half of the weekend is that the the sun will make a brief return appearance and the wind will be picking up on the back side. we will talk about the details with the accu weather forecast.
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unaudible. >> wow. the body cam capturing the tense moments when first responders pulled a baby from a submerged car in utah. you may remember lily's incredible story of survival from earlier this week. the 18 month-old spent 14 hours upside down, in an icy river, after her mother's suv flipped over on an overpass. little girls mother was killed and her funeral was held today but lily has fully recovered. here she business her daddy after being released from the hospital on wednesday. investigators are still not sure why lily's mom lost control of the suv. scary moments today at denver international airport after a plane was forced to land with a blown tire. you don't want to see that. a passenger capture the scene
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this morning as united airlines flight set for kansas city made a bumpy but safe landing. the jets landing gear was damage during take off. it circled to burn off fuel before trying to land at the same airport from where it took off. cheers erupted as passengers realized they will be okay. >> it was kind of scary. impact was pretty noisy. as you saw there fire fighters met those passengers on the tarmac several hours late are and they were out on another flight which safely arrived tonight in kansas city. hundreds gathered in wisconsin today to remember a teenager kill during an officer involve shooting. nineteen year-old tony robinson died on march 6th after he was shot the in the head torso and arm. investigators say the shooting happen after a confrontation during which they say robinson assaulted an officer. robinson's death followed a passion protests in ferguson, missouri within an up arm black teen was fatally shot
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there last august. back here a quick thinking nurse helped save a home for mentally challenge children in bucks county. investigators say a nurse smelled gas, inside of the home in plumstead township and they found a toppled propane tank inside the back of the building. so she called 911. officials on the scene said enough gas had leak to cause a massive commotion. thirteen children were evacuated, some were taken to the nearby hospital as a precaution, others were bused to another home in milford n word tonight why the tank toppled. fortunately in reports of any injuries. dozens of middle and high school students put months of hard work on the line today... that is the the reaction after a demonstration from one team's submission to the inaugural rube goldberg machine contest, in wynnewood montgomery county. students were challenge to make a mechanical contraption to erase a chalk game. winners from today's contest qualify for national
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competition held next month in wisconsin. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and spring is coming melissa next week. >> next friday. >> i can't wait. >> it will feel like the the way, the beginning of the winter. >> yes. >> it is better than what we felt like which it was like the arctic. >> yes. storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing you that we are starting to dry out across the region. we still have spotty showers there in toms river surf city, just to the east of atlantic city but moisture is moving out. we have better weather on the way for sunday. outside we will go, action cam was outside, earlier tonight, we are looking up, there in center city at city hall. we have a mostly cloudy sky, patchy fog, overhead as well and the fog is going to be an issue for the rest of the early overnight hours, time period. rainfall totals as we have seen in millville 1.31 prices corner 1.28. inch and a quarter in atlantic city. little more than an inch in
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philadelphia allentown .90. just shy of an inch of rainfall. across the region we saw half inch to more than an inch and a quarter's worth of precipitation. the visibility is starting to come up in some locations up to 7 miles in the city still down to four in wilmington. .3 in allentown. but visibility definitely clear for the poconos. millville, atlantic city and beach haven a how extra time. there will be areas have of patchy fog with temperatures still in the 40's in many locations and a lot of low level moisture at the surface. forty-eight in the city. forty-eight in wilmington 567894 in dover along the the coast in beach haven, 51 but 39 for both allentown reading and lancaster. here's satellite six with action radar. moisture departing to our north and east. it stays mostly cloudy for rest of tonight. we will have cloud and breaks of sunshine as we go throughout the the daze on sunday. we are tracking an upper level low that will come through the region. the as we get into sunday w that said there could be a spotty shower north of the
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city, as we get in the afternoon hours. the here's the other story on sunday, once this cold front continues to push off shore, the wind will pick up on the back side, so in the morning 7:00 o'clock tomorrow we can have wind gusting there 19 miles an hour in dover to up to 36 miles an hour in the poconos and as i continue to dance, you can see gust as long i-95 corridor in the lower 30's, it will gust as high as 44 miles an hour in the poconos and as we will get into 2:30 tomorrow afternoon a side from the windy conditions temperatures will start to get close to average, 42 in the morning at 8:00 o'clock. the mostly cloud i. 11:00 a.m. that temperature 45 degrees, clouds and sun breaks. same thing hold true at 2:00 but we are up four more degrees to 49 by then and 52 at 5:00 o'clock in the evening. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you a few sun breaks in the have afternoon. high of 51. on monday partly sunny mild in at 58 degrees. st. patrick's day cooler day shower from time to time, a
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high of 50. behind that cooler, chilly on wednesday. high temperature of 44 degrees. forty-five on thursday, and on friday, it is mostly cloudy for the arrival of spring. the arrival of the vernal equinox and that temperature is slightly below average at 48 degrees. on saturday mostly cloudy and a high temperature of 49. really not a bad week on the the way but start of the spring temperatures slightly shy of that. >> high 40's sound like tropical weather to me. >> yes. >> seriously. >> thanks, melissa. >> today is pi day, which is a celebration the of the mathematical constant known as p i. at the franklin institute in center city philadelphia kid and adults celebrated by measuring and reciting pi and then they launched a few pies, p-ie-s. it refers to the ratio of the circumference to the circle of the diameter. several kid took part in the the pie eating contest. jeff skversky has another look at sports when "action news" comes right back.
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villanova is 32-two. they have not lost in two months. the only question surrounding this team right now is will they get that number one seed in the ncaa tournament tomorrow night?
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nova looks like they deserve to be a number one. how about the cats tonight in the big east tournament title game against xavier, first half, three after three. darren hillard, and then josh heart, the mvp, comes upright here. in the second ryan archie deago necessity add a three as well, everybody will stand up and cheer for this cats win big east championship for just the second time in school history, 69-52 the final. how about these guys. temple's fate is in the hands of the selection committee tomorrow after larry brown and smu beat them for the third time this season. the atlantic conference tournament semi's, owls blow a 10th half lead. temple goes by 13. less than 24 hours to see if that 23-ten record goodies enough for an at large bid. delaware state lost in the conference title game. they will not get an automatic bid. moving on to flyers. all right. how about the the flyers, they are red hot against the red
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wings, all right. they have won ten straight over detroit at home. the last time red wings won in this town was 1997. flyers had a season high of seven goals. first time they have scored seven on detroit since 1990. guess who scored in that game coach craig beruby. yeah flyers win by five. moving on to football what else does chip kelly have up his sleeve? the eagles coach traded away his star running gang, quarterback and let his top receiver go inyeach of the last two off seasons. kelly claims eagles are in the done despite the the addition of byron maxwell, sam bradford and demarco mur toy name a few. eagles still need a wide out and a safety. they could use some salary cap relief. that is where former gm howie roseman and his staff come into play. >> i think howie and jay and these guys have done a good job explaining what we are where we are going, as we articulated our plan from
11:57 pm
player standpoint and vision what we are looking for they have done a great job putting together models how we can do it. we feel very comfortable with where we are. it is march. we have the draft. we have a lot of other opportunities, to add to this football team this isn't the final prod new jersey terms of putting 90 guys together. >> at this point nothing will surprise us, what is chip kelly up to tonight, we will find out i'm sure at some point. walter back to you. expect the unexpect. man's best friend stepped out on the the town tonight in wilmington for a good cause. wearing their best outfits with owners in toe they turnout for delaware humane association's ninth annual muttini mixers. evening includes food silent auction and raffles. proceed support the v h thea's mission all across this is nation. castle is next here on abc. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, eva pilgrim and chris sowers. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team have a good night, we will see you
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right back here tomorrow.
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