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tv   Action News  ABC  March 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the son of a philadelphia police hero gets a very special treat tonight from the sixers. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leasing news program with jim gardner. this is dominic. he seems like a relaxed 2-year-old pit bull but today he attacked three members of his brand new family and tonight an
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11-year-old boy is in the hospital we said -- hospital. wednesday night, an unexpected dog attack and a brother and sister and mother were all victims. and live at children's hospital what is the condition of the 11 boy? >> he was transferred to children's based on the injuries to his left arm. his mother and sister have been treated and joined him here after third pit bull dominic, who they adopt the two days earlier turned on them and attacked them. just before 5:00 they began receiving 911 calls of a dog attacking his adoptive family. the 2-year-old pit bull attacked a mother her 11-year-old son and daughter. all three bitten in the left arm. >> and the children ran from the
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house and went to a neighbor's house. and the 33-year-old mother ran and locked herself in the bathroom. >> and the girlfriend is nicole keppol ands 11-year-old haley crowe and sister chris crow. >> it is crazy. it happened so fast i am wow, i got here as quick as i can and everybody was hysterical. >> after being bitten the children ran to the home of bridget. >> they were crying so we sat them down and calmed them down and administered first aid. >> the police say it is unclear why the dog turned on the family that just adopted him on monday from philadelphia annual care and rescue. >> according to the family and according to employees, the dog was very friendly. that's why it was allowed to be adapted by this family. and here it is two details later on wednesday, for some unknown reason fit the dog turned vicious. everything seemed fine and the second day anding is it must have triggered him, we don't know. that was it. just started attacking.
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>> and late tonight the word from the family is that 11-year-old chris crow will have decree constructive surgery on his left arm that was severely mangled in the attack. yeah cuellar for channel 6 "action news." an "action news" viewer added elements of this story and we invite you to join the action amount or post to social media with #6abcaction. chopper 6 hd over the scene of a mess on the westbound vine street expressway. a touchdown flipped on its side twhiel while exiting the ben franklin bridge. and three lanes of traffic forced to merge into one. fortunately nobody was injured. as we reported at 6:00 tonight police have found the body of mount laurel's erica
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crippen off the side of a road in sykesville maryland. and they used g.p.s. and her husband's car to make the discovery. live out side of the couple's former apartment is "action news" reporter kenneth moton. kenneth, what's the story here? >> well jim, we know the couple's home was left a mess nearly four months ago. investigators have not said whether they believe if erica crippen was killed inside of this apartment. right now an autopsy is being done to determine the cause of death. tonight on the door of the mount laurel apartment that kyle crosby shared with his wife erica crippen, we found an eviction notice for crosby. thess -- the prosecutor says he already has a home jail. >> he is an animal and should be in an age. who gachl you a right to take somebody's life? a new year eve's murder and crosby arrest the after a brief
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chase in his wife's taurus. and they say it was the garmin g.p.s. that would lead them to crippen's remains tuesday, dumped behind a tree in rural sykesville, maryland. >> she was bound with electrical wire around her neck around her hands and around her feet. she also had duct tape covering a substantial portion of her facial area. >> my reaction my soul just left my body just listening to how they found her. >> the prosecutor says the search of g.p.s. data point took months because of bad weather, but crippen's family said the cold weather also preserved her body. for weeks loved ones conducted their own searches for the mother of two girls. >> my sister was a remarkable woman. she cared. she was a good mother. she was intelligent. >> in her heart, she knew her sister was gone. domestic violence also killed
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her mother years ago. just thankful her sister would get a proper burial. >> she always said if god is ready to take me he'll take me. >> crippen's daughter a 7-year-old and 6-month-old are with her family tonight and became for crosby has been set. a conshohocken police officer is on the mend tonight after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. it happened inside of the plymouth township police station this afternoon. authorities say the officer was there to process a prisoner in a holding cell. when he went to put his gun in his holster it accidentally discharged. who is this man who casually walks into a laundromat and murdered a man in cold blood. and he was dressed as an
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employee, but not sure whether he worked at the water utilities. and the detectives leave the 25-year-old victim eric norman was followed inside and think he was target because he was shot in the head execution-style. and he is a stay a home good guy, no motive. and students from the high school had to be taken to the hospital when sickened by fumes leaking by a nearby refinery. all week long the students say they have been smelling the odor, this morning had headaches and nausea. the school what's evacuated while the workers cleaned the leaky tank. a decision on whether to reopen the school will be made early in the morning. new jersey slapping two utilities companies with record fines. last year's deadly natural gas explosion. they acknowledge that they violated safety laws and must
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take corrective actions about their brothers. one paying $600,000 and the other $725,000. and the settlements do not prevent private lawsuits. college fraternities under siege this year for offensive behavior and worse. and the glare of unwanted attention at penn state university. monica malpass has been looking into the situation. >> happy to be here. the university president is dealing harshly with some members of kappa delta rho who set up naked pictures of women. >> i think there are criminal implications and the police force and state college is investigating. >> he told reporters today the
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university has its own probe, the discreet sexual assault policy and cooperating with police. and allegedly showing some women who appear unatheir their photos were taken and put in sexually explicit positions. and they want to determine who did what. and perpetrators can be expelled or prosecuted. >> and we find out exactly who is responsible and we pass judgment on the have ittedindividuals or organization for the behavior, it is unacceptable. >> else not condemning all members without details nor criticizing them in general. some strong people can come from the greek affiliation. >> if you punish all responsible then we all learn. if we punish everybody i don't think we all learn.
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>> and they suspended the chapter for a year and will reorganize. and jim kenny with major endorsements, tonight approval of the police union. they voted overwhelmingly to support him for mayor. earlier fooledtoday he picked up the support of the afl-cio. a plan to build houses on hundreds of acres in delaware county going forward. in beaver valley concord township. and the tonight they passed a proposal to bill more than 100 houses here. it is one of the last undeveloped parcels and there has been fighting for years. and the group who owns the land wants to set aside a portion for wildlife.
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and stepping up tonight to make it a special night for the son of the late police officer robert wilson. >> from the minute he walked into the wells fargo center he was sounded by love and support. >> your dad is a hero. >> personally invited to a behind-the-scenes up close and personal hangout with the philadelphia 76ers. the son of the fallen officer robert wilson iii, gunned down while buying his son a game at a gamestop. and mayor nutter through the forehood enrichment program made this night possible. >> it is important for cans when a snon loses a father. you have to ramlly around the son. >> and given front-row seats to watch the 76ers warm up.
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>> it is crazy. i have have never been up this far. normally i am back there. >> a tour of the locker room with the guard, jay on richardson as his special guide. >> the buying guy right here. >> he look big. [laughter] >> and the touching up with on wun conversation with coach brown. it is a pleasure to have you join us. how are you doing, man? it is a pleasure have you. are you staying strong? >> yeah. >> and all the graphed shoes from noel a size 16. >> i don't think i will be fitting them until i am 12. >> and also invited into the nba game, 150 officers from of the 22nd district including wilson's partner officer damon stevenson. and he is glad to see his partner's son enjoying the moment. >> and the smile on his face of the same smile i saw on his dad. >> and the family and friends of
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officer wilson tonight is not just a basketball game it is a time to smile and laugh and feel the love from the community. >> i am excited to be here. i have the neatest buddy. it's really fun being right in front. >> at the wells fargo center sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." still to come tonight, terror in tunisia with nearly 20 dead. tourists at a museum under fire. and a study showing why breastfeeding is literally the smartest thing to do for the baby's brain? >> and western not giving up with a fight. tracking rain and snow. details on when, where and how much in the accuweather forecast. and donna gregory brings us villanova on the edge of his march madness match-up.
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>> tourists outside of a museum in tunisia ran for their lives as gunmen opened fire. when it was over 19 were dead including two of the attackers. witnesses say the gunmen were firing at anything that moved. the slain tourists were from several countries including japan, italy and spain. u.s. air force veteran, pugh, pled not guilty to terrorist charges in brooklyn. pugh, with ties to bridgeton and millville new jersey, charged with trying to make his way to syria to join the islamic state. he was arrested at an airport in turkey. indicted yesterday on charges to attempting to provide material
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support to a terrorist group. police arrested a man when he say carried out a deadly shooting rampage in a phoenix suburb. the 41 year old is an ex-convict with three tints in prison. and he started his spree by killing a man and injuring two women in a motel in mesa this morning. and he shot the employee of a restaurant restaurant. and what causes the dow jones industrial average to soar even after down 100? easy. the federal reserve chair resealed that the fed is no hurry to start raising interest rates. it emerged from its policy meeting saying she needs to see the job market continue to improve and inflation has to rise above current levels before the fed would raise rates. only then very gradually.
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those who expected a rate hike sooner rather than late were surprised and delighted. and in camden spending the evening getting together prostitutes. and the department works for the ministry called seeds of hope and organizers wait at the police station to try to help get the women's lives back on track. on "healthcheck" at 11:00, a new study advocates for significant benefits of breastfeeding children. the research published in the journal says those who breastfeed longer are smarter, more educated and made more money as adult. a 4-point bump in i.q. with those who breastfed.
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and northern liberties, for the gift of family house. the organization helps people who come to philadelphia to receive organ transplants. providing lodging for patients their families and for caregivers. and checking in with the forecast, looking at friday. >> yes. this time friday night at the times officially spring and that's the calendar. the weather though officially winter. the winter weather sticking around. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we don't have to worry about anything falling from the sky tonight. it is dry out there night but chilly. and the action cam in rittenhouse square if you are ought for a walk with your dog bundle up. temperatures in the 20s in parts of our viewing areas. millville 28 philadelphia 38. down from the high of 45 8 degrees below average for this time of the year.
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allentown and trenton 30. reading 28 degrees. and wilmington 37 degrees. satellite 6, along with action raiding a, showing a wedge of air over us. the winds are diminish. no wind chill factor tomorrow. and what we are dealing with on friday, low pressure that is currently moving across the deep south. it is beginning to gather some moisture. what this low pressure will do is transfer its energy to a coastal storm and this is what will bring us the snow and rain on friday. you don't have to worry about it tomorrow though. futuretracker showing lots of sunshine tomorrow. at 2:00, really not a cloud in the sky. the clouds are rolling in late on thursday afternoon. and temperatures again in the 40s tomorrow. it will be a cold day. and futuretracker showing by 8:00 friday morning, most of the moisture still to the south and the west. so this holds the friday morning
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commute ok. however it builds in by midmorning, here for the afternoon. and this is the storm where your location really means a lot. south of philadelphia although liking beginning as snow, a changeover to rain. north of philadelphia the wet snow continues for the duration of the storm and that storm moving out later on friday after a brief change of rain. what to expect extreme southern new jersey central and southern delaware, quick changeover to rain and really no accumulation. the viewing area i-95 corridor and south jersey and northern delaware 1-3 inches of snow primarily grassy services. north of the turnpike 3-6 inches of snow. it is march, not january, so he will -- elevation means a lot. it is hard for the march sun angle to get it to stick on the
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road. mainly wet and slushy and best accumulation on the grassy services. the exclusive agoing a forecast the calm before the storm, 46 degrees tomorrow increasing clouds tomorrow. and friday we get wet snow changing over to rain. 38 degrees. spring officially arrivals at 6: at 6:45. and the temperatures fall back down into the 40s. until wednesday when the temperatures finally climb up to 52 degrees. at this point it looks like the bigger problems are north of philadelphia. philadelphia mainly wet and slushy. the evening commute will be called the slush hour. i have been waiting to use that. >> for how many years? >> for awhile. the archdiocese of philadelphia recognizing two groups for contributions to catholic education. the archbishop with a reception at the tea room the connolly
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foundation, contributing to the parochial schools since 1955. and acknowledging all religious sisters serving in the catholic schools. >> america's favorite jackpot game coming to you right now. get ready, this is powerball. tonight we have a guaranteed jackpot worth $40 million. grab the powerball tickets and good luck to you. at the times time to see how you did. the first number is 30 to lead us off. and right after that america, the number 47. and tonight heading to west virginia to meet robert carter matching all five white ball numbers and won $1 million. and the next number up 33. that is followed by 25. rounding it out with 14. and the winning powerball number, good luck, it is 8. and the power play multipler is 2. and one more look at tonight's winning numbers from all of us here.
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have a great night and we'll see you back here this saturday night. bye everybody.
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get your practice ready, it all begins tomorrow also for villanova and lafayette. >> it should be a competitive game but one much better than the other. and familiar spot for villanova lafayette has not been in the tournament since 2000. and they meet tomorrow. and jeff skversky spoke with both teams today and he reports from pittsburgh. >> villanova's road to the final four starts right here in pitt tomorrow against their friends, lafayette. and the wildcats are not the only ones who believe this team could be special enough to play for the national championship game. >> right now, let's go lay-up drill here we go. >> wright and the villanova wildcats may be a number 4-seed
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but do not feel a final four run is a give although many are pen similaring them including president obama. and he has them going to the final game against kentucky in his bracket. >> respect the guy in this country so that's great that he has us in the final. but we have to work to that it not guaranteed we will be in the time -- final. >> we can beat anybody but we are not so super talented we can't lose tomorrow. >> and a 16-seed never beat a number 1-seed. but don't count them out. and he was a villanova basketball player and now coming back so beat them. >> i know there are not a lot of people that are picking the leopards to beat the number 1-seed, but for us you never know what can happen. >> and he says it will be very strange tomorrow because his
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entire life he has been rooting for villanova to win. of course that will not be the case when lafayette and villanova take this court tomorrow. in pittsburgh, jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." temperature begins its run of the n.i.t. against bucknell. and the first appearance in his 26 years of coaching. win or go home for seniors forever and will cummings doesn't want it to end. going bananas, 1 point hype of the career high. three triples and the owls win. and they next face george washington on sunday. still ahead, hear why noel leaves tonight's sixers game early. and the eagles reward him for a pro bowl season.
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the sixers have lost 14 straight road games, they welcome a home game tonight against detroit. a big start for bigman nerlens noel. this is the alley-oop and the game tied at 13-13. the second quarter to noel and the sixers open up a 9-point lead.
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nerlens 11 points 10 in the first half. and he blocked three shots before leaving in the third quarter with a not contusion. they say they held him out for precautionary reasons and they win. the eagles taking care of connor barwin. the bird and the linebacker agreed on a restructured contract guarantees more of his salary. coming off a pro bowl season leading with 14.5 sacks. and jimmy kimmel next. and his guest, tony romo and "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪♪ "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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>> dicky: from austin, texas, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, from the dallas cowboys, tony romo. comedian hannibal burress. dale watson. and music from james bay. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hunker down, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello, everyone.


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