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tv   America This Morning  WPVI  March 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the winter that won't quit. the calendar says spring starts today but millions are preparing for another round of snow. demanding justice. an entire campus getting behind a college student whose bloody arrest went viral. what the student is now saying about the arrest. caught on camera a day on the slopes nearly turns deadly for a skier after he's buried by an avalanche. it is madness. we've got bracket busters. we've got tons of close games and a coach so excited, he fell out of his chair. good friday morning to you
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all. it is the first day of spring so of course we've got snow to tell you about for millions of people. >> boy, winter officially ends later today, spring starting at 6:45 p.m. eastern. 3:45 on the west coast. >> this morning winter weather advisories stretching from west virginia to new england. mostly rain on the radar right now but some areas could get up to a half foot of snow from the system. >> it's a cherry on top of a long winter that brought more than nine feet of snow to boston. the forecast now from accuweather's justin povick. justin, good morning. >> t.j. and reena, thanks and good morning. a wintry start to the day and a wintry finish to the workweek throughout the middle atlantic and the northeast. not quite the treat that we were hoping for, i'm sure on the first day of spring which kicks off later on this evening. snow mostly throughout pennsylvania into north jersey long island southern new england expecting some snow as well. here's what we're thinking in
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terms of accumulations, 1 to 3 in philadelphia, lighter around baltimore. inch to northwestern suburbs and 3 to 6 inches throughout southern and central pennsylvania, north and eastbound towards boston, a couple of inches possible as well. in the southwest no rest for the weary as the drought continues with more shorthand. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thanks so much justin. as you mentioned no relief for that drought in california. new governor jerry brown is proposing emergency action. >> he wants to spend more than a billion dollars on immediate aid to communities hardest hit by water shortages that includes money for drinking water, crop protection and groundwater management and says the state must prepare for widespread flooding when massive storms do finally come bringing too much rain too quickly. well bazi kanani has the latest. [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ] racist.
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>> reporter: the law enforcement agents are facing a criminal investigation this morning, their arrest of 20-year-old honor student martese johnson leading to outrage on the uva campus. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: and a promise from the governor. >> we're going to get to the bottom of it and someone is going to have to answer for him. >> hey, his head is bleeding. yo his head is bleeding. >> reporter: johnson needed 10 stitches for the gash in his head after the alcohol enforcement agents used excessive force throwing him to the ground early wednesday morning outside a bar popular with students. >> i go to uva. i go to uva you [ bleep ] racists. >> stop fighting. >> you racists. you racists. >> reporter: the college junior was charged with obstruction of justice and public swearing or intoxication. his attorney now speaking on his behalf. >> i'm shocked that my face was slammed into the brick pavement just across the street from where i attend school.
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>> reporter: and thousands of fellow students. >> shut it down. >> reporter: vowing to stand with him. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> the death of a mississippi man hanging from a tree is under investigation as a possible hate crime. otis otis byrd had been missing since march 2 knott. police say they'll need autopsy results before they can determine if byrd's death was a homicide or suicide. federal officials have opened a civil rights investigation. president obama is probleming close counterterrorism operations. isis claimed responsibility for the attack in a chilling online post but authorities say there's no clear link between the gunmen and isis. nine people have been arrested so far. president obama called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday to congratulate him on his win but a white house official says mr. obama let him know the u.s.
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is concerned about netanyahu's new opposition to a palestinian state. netanyahu tried to backtrack telling american interviewers yesterday he only meant that conditions aren't right for now. new details about that possibly toxic letter sent to the white house. it has now been linked to a homeless man in chicago who's well known to authorities. the letter which initially tested positive for cyanide was received at a facility that handles mail for the white house. testing is ongoing to determine what if any danger it may have posed. also the new director of the secret service is disputing reports that two senior agents crashed a vehicle into a security barrier at the white house. the car was moving at a speed of one to two miles an hour and pushed aside a plastic barrel. he told lawmakers that some video of the incident has been erased. >> if it is determined that any one of our employees concealed information about that alleged incident they will be held
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accountable. >> it's standard practice to record overvideos after 72 hours unless the footage is needed for an investigation. they're looking into whether robert durst may be connected to other unsolved murders. he is currently awaiting trial in southern california for a murder 15 years ago. the fbi contacted local police in areas where durst lived. in particular new york vermont and northern california. well nearly 14 years after 9/11 the world trade center victim has been identified. matthew david yarnell was identified after dna samples and worked on the 97th floor of the north tower. he was 26 years old. 40% of victims still have not been identified. jurors at the boston marathon many booing trial have gotten a firsthand look at the tools of terror. they were shown the remains of a pressure cooker that defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev allegedly threw at police during a gun
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fight. fbi says it was the same type of bomb used four days earlier at the marathon finish line. this one is in better shape than those because it was actually lodged in a parked car. hillary clinton taking a major step toward running for president. clinton has delivered what was expected to be her last paid speech. she spoke to a group of counselors in atlantic city. her $300,000 speaking fees have been under scrutiny by critics who say she's out of touch with average americans. first lady michelle obama is in cambodia the final leg of her three-day trip to asia and completed her stint with a visit to kyoto. caroline kennedy was there and they watched college students perform. while in cambodia she plans to address that country's poor human rights record. even the supreme court justices can't escape the self-ty craze. >> this is fantastic. nancy pelosi snapped a selfie with the justices. justice ruth bader ginsburg
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isn't happy about this. this is a supreme selfie generating a lot of buzz and, yes, of course a lot of people are talking about that look on her face. wasn't she just not ready. >> i don't think she was into the selfie thing. >> there you have it. talk about that buzzkill. another one to tell you about here a change coming to some bottles of alcohol. the survival story that no one can believe despite no pulse for nearly two hours. a toddler is baffling his doctors and parents. harrowing rescue. a skier gets buried in feet of snow. his friends rushing to the rescue no time to spare.
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and just in time for spring mortgage rates are remaining very low. the next few months going to be making up the peak home buying season but the fed has already signaled that interest rates will rise later this year. right now with a 30-year fixed loan at 3.78% the average home's home buyers would pay under $1100 a month. every additional point adds $139 a month. well amazon has permission to test drones under certain conditions. the faa says their remote controlled aircraft must stay below 400 feet and be inside of that at all times. the operator must have a private pilot's license and flights have to be in the dayit loo. amazon hopes to deliver packages using drones eventually. there are calls for a more compassionate internet from monica lewinsky. she took the stage at the t.e.d.
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conference in vancouver describing herself as one of the first victims of cyberbullying saying the internet has created a culture where people enjoy viewing other's shame on the internet. what is this for a buzzkill. they'll put nutritional information on your booze. first products to get it this he's coming the world's biggest drink company says it will put the nutrition and alcohol content on the labels for products like johnnie walker smirnoff vodka and even guinness will get labors so how about that. check out the nutritional facts on the side. >> you never know. >> we know what's in it alcohol. when we come back too close for comfort. from a helicopter the video sparking a new debate. take a look at this painting. how much do you think it's worth? the artwork at the center of a prank going viral.
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now for a look at morning road conditions they'll be slippery in the northeast from the last gasp of a winter snowstorm. wet roads along the coast and mid-atlantic region and almost everywhere in texas and puddles up in the northern plains states and also in the northwest. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in new york philly and washington. well the dallas cowboys are
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taking heat for signing greg hardy who faces suspension over accusations of domestic violence. >> greg hardy convicted by a judge last may of attacking his then girlfriend. but that was overturned after hardy insisted on a jury trial in which the girlfriend refused to testify. among those outraged by hardy's deal dallas abc affiliate sports anchor dale hanson known for not mincing words. >> is there no line you won't cross? is there no crime you won't accept? now you can beat a woman and play with the star on your helmet. >> the cowboys tell abc news "our organization understands the very serious nature of domestic violence. we know that greg has a firm understanding as well." the nfl is still investigating hardy whose deal could earn im13 million. close call for new news choppers. they were buzzed by a drone. flying four times higher tan allowed. the pilots had trouble seeing it and if they'd hit it the results could have been
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catastrophic. one of the choppers followed it back to its home base but when cops knocked on the door the residents denied owning a drone. the faa is investigating these close calls happening 25 times a month and pilots say it's just a matter of time until there's an dent. a pennsylvania boy is alive and would you believe well thanks to an incredible medical effort. 22-month-old gardell martin had no pulse when he was pulled from an icy creek near his home. cpr was started right away and continued at two hospitals for nearly two hours. doctors could not believe it when they finally got a pulse. >> my 23 years i have not seen an hour and 41 minutes come back to this degree of neurologic recovery. that doesn't happen by accident. it happens because people are trained and they're trained well. >> well gardell actually suffered no lasting effects of this ordeal. doctors say that's probably because profound hypothermia slowed his metabolism and
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protected his vital organs. another miracle. an avalanche rescue in the french alps caught on camera. look at this. took seconds for this skier to be buried. but more than an hour for his friends to dig him out. they might have never found him if it hasn't -- if he hadn't stuck his pole -- there was a pole that was sticking out of the snow there. this has been the deadliest season for avalanche deaths in the alps in five years but this skier is alive and well. okay it's coming to cuba. major league baseball. new commissioner rob manfred tells "the wall street journal" at least one exhibition game on the island is likely next year. maybe more. there hasn't actually been a major league game there since 1999. manfred says u.s. officials have actually been encouraging this. many major leaguers come from cuba, even from mlb scout, they really can't operate there. well march madness, ooh, ooh, the upset, the comebacks, blow-outs and more.
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how come i only had one sentence in this. >> a stunner. uab shocked iowa state beating them 60-59. the team wore mismatched shoe. one foot green, the other white to honor pediatric cancer patients and raise awareness and money so a good cause there and they pulled off the win. another stunner, another number three seed goes down. baylor was up ten points against georgia state with two minutes left so you figure this game is over. came down to a three-pointer, jumper and layup. stolen inbound pass. see the coach there, he's on the ground. this after that -- the three that won it for him. his son r.j. made that game-winning seat and fell out of his chair. the coach ruptured his achilles during their last game. he was so excited in the celebration, oh actually has ruptured the achilles but he fell there. this march madness. had to throw in there, the razorbacks doing a manage on my heart. managed to hold off wol ford.
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ten ties neither team ever up more than five points. arkansas the razorbacks won 56-53 and take on unc on saturday. >> oh, so that's a game you're watching this weekend. >> i'm watching all of them. special attention to my hawks. all right, "the pulse" coming up next much that's why they let me do it. i'm so excited. >> i get it. i get it. one member of the popular band one direction walking away from the group. just for a little while at least. hawaiian tropic. house used to film "magnum p.i." has a new owner. the famous family moving in. icult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases
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i want my yoga pants to smell like i sweat money. i want to smell the way champagne tastes. i love champagne. infuse your laundry with... ...up to 12 weeks of luxurious long-lasting scents... ...unstopables in wash scent booster. ♪ okay time to check "the pulse" stories you'll be talking about today beginning with shocking news from one direction. >> zayn malik is walking away from the band's current tour returning to the uk because he's exhausted and overstressed.
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>> malick's tipping point came early in the week when photos emerged showing him holding hands with a female fan sparking rumors he was cheating on his fiancee. great art is truly in the eye of the beholder. a look here at this painting on display at a museum in the nether lanns by a swedish art by the name of ike andrews. when visitors asked if it was worth something they said maybe millions and complimented the artist but guess what it was just a prank. the print from ikea get it andrews, was actually worth 10 bucks. 10 bucks. >> maybe it's -- >> the curtain comes down. >> yes. >> great art, right. mr. t has another television series his catchphrase, of course "i pity the fool". >> i knew it was coming. >> i pity the fool. >> i couldn't wait till we got to this. >> he has a show called "i pity the tool." a home improvement show from the diy or do it yourself network. several of the projects will
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help those in need. mr. t says he may be tough on the outside but inside is just a momma's boy. from "the a team." i don't know if he'll have all the chains. >> he's got to have the chains. all about the chains. >> greatest title of a show i've heard in a long im. a famous mansion belongs to a friend of president obama's. the beachfront home used for another 1980s television show "magnum p.i." purchased for $8.7 million by marty nesbitt. >> it is near where the obamas spend their winter holidays. there are rumors that it may be intended for the obamas after they leave the white house, but so far, no comment from the white house. >> not a bad spot. >> not a bad spot. >> chicago he could do -- >> i'm thinking new york but what do i know. >> think he's coming to new york. >> they haven't phoned me to tell me about their plans. >> for some of your local news is up next.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 friday, march 20. we're tracking snow on this first official day of spring. storm tracker 6 live 6 shows the storm moving in right now. breaking right now philadelphia police come face-to-face with a man armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, not far from where an officer was recently killed. nova nation is basking in the glory of a huge win. see the buzzer beater victory from the team villanova faces next. subjects politician. >> yes here now a great edition of your "friday funnies."
4:28 am
>> vladimir putin appeared in public for the first time after a missysterious ten-day absence, ten days he was gone. yeah. putin said it took me that long to recover from the finale of "the bachelor." >> will music fans pretend to know music from a bunch of bands we made up? yes, they will in this special south by southwest 2015 edition of lie witness news. >> how about that russian punk band. did you see where he rode in on a horse. >> oh my god, yes, i did. >> how exciting was that. >> okay. that was really exciting obviously. >> also reportedly took his interns to an out of state katy perry concert. >> oh. now, wait a minute. don't boo. come on the interns can't go to an in-state katy perry concert. i'm sorry. i may just be an intern but i am also a firework. >> there's trouble and so what they're going to do they'll build a fake white house, this
4:29 am
is a true story, build a fake white house so the secret service can train at the fake white house and mitt romney said well i can be fake president. can i -- >> everyone is filling out brackets. jeb bush filled one out. yeah you could tell he's running for president because his picks are iowa iowa, iowa and iowa. >> dick cheney making news with a recent interview with "playboy" -- that's right, "playboy," dick cheney said that president obama is the worst president in his lifetime. yeah. meanwhile, subscribers to "playboy" said cheney was the worst centerfield in their lifetime. >> dick cheney did an interview in "playboy" and they gave him the cover. take a look at this cover. >> that's fantastic. all right. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. happy spring.
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>> hey everyone, we're following a breaking story on this friday, manner 20. >> fire in south philadelphia leaves a man dead we'll have the details. >> tempers flare over clearing philadelphia police in a deadly shooting. >> good morning it's the first day of spring and we're going to have the white stuff coming down goodie. >> tam is off, erin o'hern joins us. we have one more. >> reporte


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