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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. happening now, say it ain't snow. 40 million americans on alert. a new storm dumping up to half a foot and flooding fears in the south. heavy rain threatens to overflow rivers already running high. ginger here with the latest. new overnight, mystery in mississippi. the fbi and state officials investigating a horrific scene. a black man found hanging from a tree near his home. was it suicide? civil rights groups are concerned it's a lynching and demanding answers. an exclusive look behind the doors of apple's top secret labs teams working in high-tech gear for that apple work only on "gma." and cinderella story. the stunning upset to kick off march madness. >> georgia state pulls the upset. >> the small school now dreaming
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big led by the comeback kid, kevin ware returning from a devastating injury and taking his team to new heights. the surprise ending that knocked even the coach off, well, his chair. and we do say good morning, america. happy friday and certainly a happy friday for georgia state. >> i'll say. what a comeback in those final minutes. >> ron hunter the coach, you know he ripped his achilles in the previous game but that was his son, his son getting the game winner for the big upset. >> three-pointer. >> uh-huh. we're going to have more on that later but take a look at this a rare solar eclipse this morning. this is the faroe islands, completely dark as the sun is
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blocked. >> we'll begin with something not rare this winter. little more snow. let's look at maryland right now. there it is. up to half a foot expected in some areas. ginger tracking it all. >> still winter for a couple more hours going to officially start spring at 6:45 p.m. eastern time. yes, just west of baltimore, north and west of washington, d.c. it's already sticking on the roads and certainly the grass and trees there. so here's what you can expect. anywhere from parts of west virginia up through pennsylvania already snowing, right? it's going to move to the north and east. that's why we have winter weather advisories. d.c. mixing in. philadelphia will get snow but changes to rain. heaviest in the later afternoon and evening from new york city up through southern connecticut and into the cape. boston will miss out on a majority of the storm and all of us will say good-bye to it after mooid night. snow totals a lot of us will
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mix in with rain south of philadelphia. certainly by tomorrow we'll warm back up and spring will try to kick into gear. >> we look forward to that. now to mystery in mississippi. a black man found dead happening from a tree and this morning the fbi is trying to determine if he was killed or committed suicide. abc's pierre thomas is in washington with the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's a mystery down south that evokes some of the haunting searing oil imagines of the past a black man hanging from a tree in mississippi. this morning, fbi in mississippi mississippi scouring an horrific scene a body hanging from a tree with a white sheet around the neck discovered 500 yards from the home of otis byrd missing since march 2nd. >> i knew mr. byrd and his family. i had dream in this world they would found a black man hung in a tree. >> reporter: authorities still
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trying to determine the identity of the body but strongly suspect the deceased is byrd a man they say had a violent past of his own convicted of murdering a white woman in 1980. but authorities are adamant it's too early to know exactly what this is. >> we don't know what happened out there. we don't know if it's a suicide, homicide. >> reporter: the naacp concerned it might be a hate crime is demanding a full scale federal investigation. the fbi is launching a preliminary civil rights probe, but the sheriff was trying to calm concerns and urging a shocked community not to speculate. >> there's no proof that this sis in retaliation for anything that happened in 1980. there is no evidence pointed towards that so let's not make this out to be something it's not. >> reporter: fbi agents now hunting for clues that would reveal what happened. authorities say they knew of no threats against byrd but sources say at this point nothing can be ruled out. so many question george. >> sure are, pierre. thanks very much. we're going to turn to those nuclear negotiations with iran the clock ticking, a deadline
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looming and overnight president obama made an appeal directly to the iranian people urgeing them to pressure their leaders to accept a deal. jon karl tracking the talks. they are closing in on a deal but still have gaps. >> reporter: george they are close. the deal is almost done. the biggest remaining question right now is whether or not the iranian supreme leader. ayatollah khomeini will go along with it. in that appeal the president called the deal an historic opportunity. >> i believe we have an opportunity to resolve this peacefully an opportunity we should not miss. >> and, jon, you know the iranians have to agree to it and get all five european countries to agree but the president has problems with congress. >> reporter: congress is demanding both democrats and republicans, demanding whatever deal is struck congress should have a chance to vote on it yes
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or no. in fact george 350 members of the house including a lot of democrats and the top democrat on the international relations committee wrote a letter to the president yesterday saying that if there is a deal congress needs to weigh in on whether or not to lift sanctions. >> overwhelming but pushing back on that. jon, thanks very much. much more on sunday on "this week." >> look forward to that. the latest on that deadly terrorist attack at a museum. isis is now claiming responsibility for the massacre and warning there will be more like it. abc's alex marquardt is in tunisia with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. at least nine people have now been arrested in connection with the attack here at the museum security has been beefed up around the country as authorities hunt for more suspected members of isis. this morning, a new photo showing one of the attackers appearing to shoot victims point-blank. a chilling claim of responsibility. in an audio recording posted online isis praised its knights of the caliphate for this chaos
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that left at least 20 european tourists dead vowing the attack is just the first drop of rain. tunisian officials now say the two gunmen who were armed with grenades and ak-47s left in december to be trained by isis in libya. tunisia's known not just as a popular western tourist destination but now also the foreign country that has sent more foreign fighters to join isis than any other, as many as 3,000. and now they're waging jihad at home. we saw the aftermath, broken glass from a tour bus, bloodstains on the ground. inside a crime scene. much of the museum where people fled where they hid where they were killed is still cordoned off. when the shooting started everyone ran, one guard hiding for almost 24 hours in the museum's sarcophagus room. this spanish couple the girlfriend 4 months pregnant hiding overnight long after the
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attack was over. we hid in a room where they kept the trash, he said. we stayed there hearing everything and waiting for it to stop. experts say they fear this is only the beginning of more violence here in tunisia where isis has long called for attacks. the relative peace here may soon be a thing of the past as isis' ideology spreads around the world. george. >> okay alex thanks. the latest from the boston marathon many booing trial where the jury was shown crucial evidence friday. these photos the remains of a pressure cooker bomb like the one set off at the finish line. tom llamas is covering the trial in boston. good morning. >> reporter: george good morning to you. for the past two days jurors have pretty much been put through a csi course learning about fingerprints computer forensics and bombs, in fact learning a lot about this fuse which the tsarnaev brothers had bunches of to light explosives. it's not only the jurors playing close attention to the evidence. in court thursday prosecutors
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presenting an anatomy of terror highlighting this image of pressure cooker bomb embedded into the rear door of a honda. the bomb thrown at police they say, during that shootout in a boston suburb days after the marathon bombing. prosecutors showing it to jurors in court piece by piece, the same type as the bombs they say were used at the finish line of the boston marathon. three people died in those blasts, more than 260 injured including liz norton's two sons j.p. and paul who each lost a leg that day. a moment she recounted on "gma" the morning after the bombing. >> it's terrible. like i want to wake up and it not be real. >> reporter: her sons standing steps from dzhokhar tsarnaev when he planted his backpack one of those bombs inside and walked off. she's been in court nearly every day since the trial started. dzhokhar's lawyer's are fighting
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for his life saying he was under the spell of his older brother tamerlan something liz doesn't buy. do you think he deserves the death penalty? >> i do. that would be justice for myself as a mom, my two boys were so hurt and so many killed that day and they just didn't have a care in the world. they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: she says her sons have accepted their new lives and challenges but she has not. >> i just can't get over it. it con supers my life. i watch it and pain doesn't go away. >> reporter: prosecutors hope to rest the case next week and the defense takes over. this case is moving fast. >> thanks very much. to amy now with today's other top stories. got a lot of outrage at uva. >> and now martese johnson is talking about that violent encounter with officers appearing at a news conference with his attorney johnson said he is shocked that his face was slammed into the pavement and the trauma will be with him forever. virginia state police are investigating why johnson ended up pinned to the ground while being arrested outside a bar by
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alcohol beverage control agents. he needed ten stitches to close that wound in his head. agents say he was profane and belligerent. student protesters are vowing to stand with johnson, many arguing that race played a role in how he was treated. well tough talk from the white house this morning aimed at israel. president obama told benjamin netanyahu over the phone thursday that the u.s. will now quote, reassess its relationship with israel in the wake of netanyahu's pre-election rhetoric imposing a palestinian state. earlier in the day netanyahu tried to walk back tack back his rhetoric saying he supports palestinian statehood if conditions in the region improve. well a surprising revelation about the ebola outbreak that claimed more than 10,000 lives in west africa. newly revealed e-mails show the world health organization delayed declaring an emergency for weeks because it was concerned about the political and economic consequences. critics say that delay cost lives and crucial response time.
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finally a little boy from pennsylvania is back home this morning after what's being called a medical miracle. 22-month-old gardell martin had no pulse when he was pulled from an icy creek near his home. emts began cpr but an hour later at the hospital he still wasn't breathing. doctors, however, did not give up. 101 minutes after gardell had stopped breathing, they were stunned because suddenly his pulse was back. he was alive. >> that's amazing. >> my 23 years i have not seen an hour and 41 minutes come back to this degree of neurologic recovery. that doesn't happen by accident. it happens because people are trained, and they're trained well. >> i just can't thank them enough. we feel very unworthy and very grateful. >> wow. doctors say gardell's body temperature plummeted to 75 and that protected his vital organs. he has made a complete recovery and this took a team of emts because you can only perform cpr for a few minutes at a time so
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they were just taking sessions and didn't give up. >> no brain damage. >> he's smiling, laughing talking. completely back to normal. >> amazing. >> great story. >> that takes great training and also takes a little -- >> a little combination of the two. i agree with you, lara. a scary encounter in the sky all caught on camera. a drone flying feet from news helicopters, one of those choppers even capturing the man operating the drone on camera. abc's david kerley has that story for us. >> hey, ed we just got droned. >> reporter: calmness in a close call. that's a drone flying dangerously close to two tv news choppers including our seattle affiliate komo 4. >> above air 4. he's got to be what 1500 feet. >> reporter: nearly four times higher than the regulations allow. seattle has seen drone flights that violate the regulations before. remember this one, that flew dangerously close to the space needle last summer. but this one flying in controlled airspace scaring and angering the pilots. >> any contact with the rotor
7:14 am
blade could and probably will be catastrophic. >> reporter: what's next is remarkable. >> i want to figure out who is doing this. >> reporter: the cameraman is able to follow the drone as it dives then buzzing over neighborhood roof tops all violations and the drone leads the camera right to the man with the remote. >> that's him and his drone. >> we're in the wild west phase of drone development and anybody can get in a catalog and buy a fairly sophisticated drone. >> reporter: a dangerous trend. >> not a matter if there is going to be collision between a real aircraft and one of these toys but a matter of when. >> reporter: that photographer followed the operator all the way to a home law enforcement knocked and were told no one owned a drone there. but the faa is now joining the investigation and will decide if legal action will be taken for flying so close to those choppers. david kerley, abc news, washington. amazing story, i think he is right. it is bound to happen so got to turn to march madness, robin, big smile on your face and big
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upsets on day one of the tourney. none bigger than georgia state knocking off number three baylor. an even better story was one of the players on the court forgeorgia state. abc's paula faris is here with the story. good morning to you, paula. >> reporter: good morning, lara. kevin ware's comeback is nothing short of awe-inspiring but he admitted he was nervous and scared to go back to the place where his life was turned upside down. >> fresh start for kevin ware. >> reporter: kevin ware wasn't sure he'd ever have a moment like this again. >> georgia state, upset. >> reporter: after his life changed this a split second two years ago. >> uh-oh. we got an injured player. >> reporter: at the 2013 ncaa tournament ware on a star-studded louisville team practically snapped his shinbone in two. >> oh my goodness. >> his team is in tears. >> that was probably one of the
7:16 am
most scariest mopes in my life. >> reporter: he returned to the game less than a year later. his body was back but not his mind. >> i had to act like everything was okay when everything wasn't. everybody look ging at you as this famous guy because you yoke your leg. that wasn't me. >> reporter: he wound up transferring to his hometown school georgia state and this year led them to the ncaa tournament for only the third time in school history. >> if you would have told kevin in the hospital bed that he would be the mvp of a conference tournament he would look at you and laugh. >> i was very scared today. i'm not even going to lie to you guys just being out there. >> reporter: on thursday when his georgia state team took the court as massive underdogs to baylor they rallied from a 12-point deficit and hit the game-winning shot with only seconds on the clock. >> r.j. hunter for three. >> reporter: so thrilling their head coach -- >> ron hunter has fallen off his stool. >> it's a great feeling having
7:17 am
that underdog feeling knocking off baylor. >> reporter: where is kevin ware, you ask. kevin ware is back and so is cinderella. georgia state was not supposed beat baylor. only 8% of folks picked them in espn's bracket tournament challenge but now kevin ware and georgia state, they are moving on to the next round. they will face xavier tomorrow evening. i believe. how about that? i got it back out. >> great team effort. >> love that scene from the coach. he had pulled his achilles from celebrating too much in the conference championship. >> you mentioned about the bracket. did you see the video of him in the locker room when the coach looked at the camera and called out president obama because he didn't pick them. baylor. >> only 8%. only 8%. >> thanks for bringing that to us. >> okay thank you, paula. to ginger now. rain and flooding starts in the south. >> thousands of people south by southwest, austin because this morning it's been a little light rain. wait to see what happens later
7:18 am
this afternoon and evening where you're going to have heavy ash flood watches flood advisories that go from west texas, southern texas and northwest louisiana. that's not because you're going to have 3 to 5 inches overall someplaces will get 6 to 8 inches locally with the storms. first the local forecast in 30 seconds and this week's getaway brought to you by macy's. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather.
7:19 am
snow is showing up on storm tracker 6 live double scan. the leading edge is having a hard time hitting the ground. what is back here is fairly light so far. as we look outside we have sky 6 at the airport looking gray, dry for now but we'll start to see the wet snow build in later this morning. a wintry mix today main roads mainly wet but look out for slushiness on side streets and secondaries, 38 is the high around 11:00 a.m., temperatures dipping after that. michigan state versus uga today. my dad went to michigan state. i was basically born on campus then i went to georgia. i don't even know who to root for. >> oh come on. >> you win no matter what. >> i win no matter what. >> ugga ugga ugga. a former food network star murdered. they hired to help him behind bars. calling out the cowboys.
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>> 7:26 "action news" has confirmed that a teenage murder suspect turned himself in overnight. police say hamle ton shot james shouldman in a botched --
7:27 am
stuhlman in a botched robbery last week. two others are sought. >> reporter: we have an overturned vehicle involving a pick up truck and dump truck. only the shoulder getting by southbound approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, hit 309 is the alternate. we have snowfall out there chester county, 30 bypass near 113. the road is wet, you can see the flakes flying across the highway causing a problem. switching the camera view 202 west chester we're seeing snowfall there through the region. you can see it slippery at this intersection, for the most partly the roads are wet. >> as we look at penns landing looks gloomy as we wait for snow to move into this area, as well. let's turn to david murphy for accuweather. >> reporter: matt, two minutes and 45 seconds ago the snowflakes started on the
7:28 am
terrace. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan they also snow beginning to overtake the region. i meant you to be careful in case any slushiness develops. temperatures in most cases are above freezing in the i-95 corridor. could be developing slush in allentown and reading where much longer because temperatures are closer to the freezing mark. >> thank you david. head to or use or storm tracker 6 live app on your smart phone to watch the snow come into your neighborhood. back to "g.m.a."!
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good morning, america. right now, spring starting with snow. up to half a foot expected in the east. also right now a former food network contestant and her husband killed in their own home. a contractor who did work in their home charged with murder. calling out the cowboys. the sports anchor in dallas slamming them for signing a player with domestic violence. we do say good morning, america on this friday morning. hope everybody has fun weekend plans. we have, well amy is over there in the social square because, you know, art can be subjective right? >> it certainly can be robin. in fact take a look at this painting. whether you love it or hate it how much do you think it's worst? i had some guesses from the crew. 40 million, 5 million. 2 million. i guarantee you the real answer is going to surprise you. coming up. >> did you say 40 million. >> that was just a guess. >> okay. >> $40.
7:31 am
>> okay we'll get to that in a little bit. we begin with the murder of the north carolina newlyweds. a contractor was charged with killing them. this isn't the first time he's been linked to a murder. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: this morning a mystery, what happened to this young couple who vanished and were found dead killed by a man they trusted enough to let into their home? this 37-year-old handyman and contractor now locked up in a north carolina jail charged with three murders. police accuse jason owens of killing pregnant tv chef cristie schoen codd her unborn child and husband j.t. >> very devastating. i think everybody is in shock. i'm in shock. >> reporter: relatives reported them missing sunday outside asheville and police say the trail led right to owens, a neighbor up the road who the family often hired to do work on their home. cristie schoen was a contestant
7:32 am
on "food network star." >> i'm a movie caterer so cater big budget movies. >> reporter: they say the codds were kind and forgiving people. so gracious they didn't hesitate to hire him to work around their home even though he's had a long history of run-ins with the law. >> we hired him to do some work for us on the rehab project. he never gave us any trouble. and worked well. >> reporter: but the codds might not have known about one very dark shadow over their handyman's part. he is the primary person of interest in a 15-year-old cold case, the disappearance of 18-year-old zeb quinn. >> owens was a friend of zeb. he was a person of interest almost immediately. >> reporter: owens was never charged in that case and hasn't entered a plea in this one. police say he also broke into the codds' home stealing a laptop jewelry and a handgun and haven't shared a possible
7:33 am
motive but holding a brief later today. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> and our thanks to steve. now to the latest on robert durst. the millionaire heir is behind bars in louisiana, as you know charged with murder as local law enforcement in areas he once lived review old murder cases. abc's matt gutman is there in new orleans for us with the latest this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. you could call it a cross country dragnet for evidence. police departments in five states now investigating possible links between robert durst and unsolved murders and they're getting help from the fbi. police this morning dusting off old cases, assisted by the fbi looking for possible links between 71-year-old robert durst and unsolved murders across the country. >> i know that we are doing a number of things in different field offices to run down leads. >> reporter: the man who told hbo documentarians he was innocent of killing his first wife kathy. >> i think she's almost definitely dead but i don't know
7:34 am
that he she's dead. >> reporter: now being investigated in at least five states, new york california texas, louisiana and vermont. worth over $100 million according to records, durst was arrested in new orleans last weekend. his attorney who says durst is innocent tells our affiliate ktrk all the speculation is bogus. >> i think he's an easy target and everybody's piling on. >> reporter: now a portrait of an admitted killer coming into focus. his own brother telling "the new york times" durst is a true psychopath who tormented the family. judge susan chris presided over the 2003 murder trial in texas in which durst argued self-defense when he admitted to killing and dismembering his neighbor. >> he pretended to be crazy in our trial. he pretended to be crazy when he realized the gig was up he stopped. now, the last time we saw durst was in this courthouse. he looked disoriented and smiled eerily at us at the press box.
7:35 am
the next time we see him for his bail hearing on monday he could look more menacing. his attorney says that officials at the psychiatric ward he's in have shaved his head. george. >> okay matt thanks very much. we have a story about the dallas cowboys coming under fire from a popular anchor at our dallas station who's blasting the team for signing a player charged with domestic violence. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: the dallas cowboys are known as america's team but this morning, america's most wanted might be a better nickname and the sports anchor at our dallas station has had it. >> now you can beat a woman and play with a star on your helmet. >> reporter: the team's latest hire defensive end greg hardy. >> again it's greg hardy. >> reporter: was found guilty of abusing his girlfriend last year. >> some girl is getting her [ bleep ] beat upstairs. >> reporter: he still faces suspension by the nfl. hardy didn't return our calls for comment. cowboys owner jerry jones signed hardy even though most teams wouldn't touch him.
7:36 am
the cowboys tell abc news "our organization understands the very serious nature of domestic violence. we know that greg has a firm understanding, as well." >> when i begin to think the cowboys can't sink any lower they find another shovel and dig a few feet deeper. >> reporter: that's the spur in the side of several cowboys these days. wide receiver dez bryant was arrested for beating up his mom in 201. he reached a deal with prosecutors and is still playing. nose tackle josh brent is back on the field after serving jail time. he was drunk, wrecked his car and killed his teammate. >> is there no line you won't cross? is there no crime you won't accept? is there no behavior you will not tolerate? >> no more excuses. >> no more. >> reporter: the nfl has launched an aggressive pr blitz against domestic violence but america's team seems to be using a different playbook. >> hardy's jersey is being sold at the cowboys online pro shop now. you could get one for your sister or daughter and then
7:37 am
explain to her that hardy beats up women but we're cheering him now because he's really good on game day and game day is all that really matters to me. your daughter will understand. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> i'll tell you, hansen is popular and vocal and spoke out with michael sam and supported him when people were saying how could he as a gay man be in the nfl. race i68 he's spoking out when people had certain signs in the stands. >> a powerful case he makes. >> he makes a very strong point with the jersey. >> he really does. >> see what happens. to ginger with the weather. >> let's go to stunning pictures of the first and only total eclipse of the sun for our earth. you can see,
7:38 am
the vernal equinox the crew very happy about this. that last gaps of winter. it's feeling spring like and fire danger is high from rapid city to north platt and omaha. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: it's officially still winter until 6:45 p.m. we have light to moderate snow beginning to push in some of the roads getting slushy. today's high, 38 anticipate falling. that drought won't be busted and looks pretty average and wet in the southeast. >> we all have weekend plans that are out of town and we're all look ging. >> omaha. >> so far these two over here are winning. >> i don't think i am.
7:39 am
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we are back now at 7:43 with the secrets behind the new apple watch. so much anticipation about the new product which goes on sale next month and abc's rebecca jarvis got an exclusive first look inside the lab where they're putting it to some extreme tests. good morning, rebecca. >> hi, lara. what you are about to see may look like the stuff of science fiction but one of the most advanced fitness labs in the world. no outsiders allowed in until now. behind this unassuming door a
7:44 am
covert operation at the world's most valuable company. let's go check it out. all right. give it to me straight. how top secret is this place we are sitting in right now? >> you're the first person through that's not part of the apple team so it's pretty secret. >> reporter: here apple employees secretly working out in high-tech gear worth millions of dollars for nearly two years rowing running, downward dogging and the kicker -- >> they didn't even know what they were working on. a few people would give us strange looks. >> reporter: i would be wondering if i was watching "breaking bad." >> a sci-fi episode of "breaking bad," exactly. >> reporter: turns out it's all for this the apple watch unveiled in september and on sale next month. its most anticipated feature, apple calls it a health kit. >> it allowed us to learn how do we measure calorie burn and where do exercise start. >> reporter: jay gave us the top secret fitness tour.
7:45 am
how are you feeling? thumbs up? what is she wearing on her head. >> to be able to track how hard is she breathing, the best way to get to the truth of how many calories you're actually burning. >> reporter: here we see climate chambers where apple is testing our body's response to different temperatures and levels of humidity. >> get a chance to see inside. >> reporter: here we go. oh this, is chilly. >> so you can feel right now doing an activity outside or coming in here really does replicate that kind of colder climate and it's been really useful to us. >> reporter: all this sweating in secret helping apple strive for new peaks. is this a game changer? >> you know i think we've amassed already what may be one of the world's largest pieces of data on fitness and our view is we're just beginning the impact on health could be profound. >> reporter: doctors say it could be a game changer in battling diseases one heart disease study at stanford university was able to sign up more than 11,000 people in an hour without apple, doctors say
7:46 am
that would have taken more than a year and 50 medical centers to get that many people so they see this the main thing that they're trying to go with this is revolutionize health care. >> boy, that could do it. sign-ups like that. >> yeah. >> that's fascinating. it's fascinating to see the lab like that that they gave access -- >> you don't normally get to see that. it's very very cool. looking forward to it. my daughter really wants it. coming up on "good morning america," a new warning about wine. a lawsuit claiming dangerously high levels of arsenic could be in some popular bottles. plus putting art to the test. how much is this painting really worth? the answer may surprise you.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
always the most stylish. to amy now in the social square for "the speed feed." >> you guys are having all the fun without me. we have fun in your feeds this morning and trending on youtube a picture of internet jokesters famous for their video fun and games. this time setting their sights on art lovers and expert foss are a gag. this guy asked visitors to the museum in the netherlands to judge this painting and guess
7:51 am
its worth. it went up to $2.6 million. guesses on your end. >> not 2.6. >> and not 40 million either someone said. a little bit lower. >> a little bit lower. how much lower? >> hard to tell up close. what's the median -- ? fine, the painter, they were told was ike andrews but it really was from ikea and the painting was worth $20 so a little less than 2.6 million. >> in the eye of the beholder. very personal. >> yeah. one direction is in the news. we'll tell you about that next.
7:52 am
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>> good morning 7:56, friday, march 20. we are tracking snow this last day of winter. david murphy is seeing plenty of it on city avenue. >> reporter: it is coming down good but road surfaces are wet. the snow is coming through berks county lancaster and chester counties. down the shore you might be seeing a changeover to rain. a tweet from pottstown or that area a viewer says it's sticking to road surfaces up in the north and west. no surprise, the temperature has dipped below freezing in ready.
7:57 am
we're hoping to maintain wet roads during the morning commute. high of 38 this morning. temperatures drop this afternoon closer to the freezing mark. mainly wet roads but we expect side roads and secondaries to get slushy later. everybody has to be careful and slow down when that happens. >> you got it, thank you david. we turn to traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: we're scanning the cameras and starting to see how the snow is accumulating on the grassy surfaces, as david said not the highway it's just welt. this is 30 bypass, 322. the flakes are getting bigger as they are blowing across the camera on the schuylkill expressway at the curve. that's eastbound traffic it's heavy from the blue route to center city on and off. slow it down a little because of the snowfall making the roads wet right here. this is i-95 322 northbound traffic heavy as you head toward
7:58 am
the blue route matt. >> track the snowfall on the go by using the storm tracker 6 live app. send us or your snow pictures by using the #6abc action.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ the story of my life ♪ good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and music mystery. the pop star leaving one of the biggest bands in the world right in the middle of their megatour. is one direction's zain calling it quits? monica lewinsky speaks out. >> you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> what she's saying now about the price of shame. cyberbullying and regret. ♪ and could your wine be making you sick? why inexpensive bottles could be hazardous to your health. the huge new lawsuit going after some of your favorites. ♪ bang bang ♪ do you recognize this moment? >> what do you think, should we have sex tonight. >> uh. >> the real secret to kick-starting your love life and libido right now. ♪ got to keep your head up ♪
8:01 am
andy grammer live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ honey i'm good ♪ what a wonderful crowd joining us this friday morning here in times square. did you know that it is international day of happiness? >> i did. >> i feel it robin. >> you are're out there and can feel it. andy grammer here to perform his hot, new single. hanging out by our very own happiness wall. >> this song is so great. that beat and smile on your face. i will not dance and will get into the music. there are 40 happiness wall as cross the country, right, george? >> leave notes just like andy on how you plan to share happiness with the whole world. >> this year the happiest play
8:02 am
playlist encouraging people to share their happiest song. we can't resist -- you didn't need to show that portion. >> go amy. >> pharrell here as you may recall and we had a great time. he sang "happy" and partnering up with the u.n. for this amazing global campaign. >> any time they can reprise that video, they do. >> it comes back. here's something else to make us happy. deejay friday. dj kiss is here. it's her birthday. happy birthday. >> to dj kiss. >> happy birthday dj kiss. we'll hear more from her coming up. cupcakes. there we go. >> come on, right over here. >> that will make you happy. >> it certainly will. let's get news from amy. >> all right, good morning, everyone. we begin with more travel delays across the northeast today as people from virginia to new england, ah, face yet another snowstorm. even though spring officially begins tonight, up to half a
8:03 am
foot of snow is expected in some areas outside new york city ginger's forecast coming up. a disturbing story from mississippi. the fbi is investigating whether the death of a black man found hanging from a tree was murder or suicide. otis byrd had been missing since march 2nd when he was found in the woods near his home. they need autopsy results before they can determine the cause of death. federal officials have opened a civil rights investigation. new details about that deadly terror attack at a museum in tunisia. authorities believe the aing thatters were recently trained in neighboring libya. isis has claimed responsibility for that shooting rampage which left 21 people dead most of them tourists. and we are just getting word of a series of attacks in yemen, at least 50 people dead in two bombings at mosques in the capital of sanaa. no claim of responsibility yet. and new insight this morning from monica lewinsky. the white house intern who became a household name is now sharing for of her story and
8:04 am
regrets while speaking at a high-profile conference series. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: monica lewinsky began her t.e.d. talk. at the age of 22, i fell in love with my boss she said. at the age of 24 i learned the devastating consequences. lewinsky now 41 called herself the patient zero of cyberbullying because of the public humiliation she endured when the news of her affair with president bill clinton broke online in 1998. >> anyone who is suffering from shame and public humiliation needs to know one thing, you can survive it. >> reporter: after keeping a low profile for more than a decade the former white house intern giving her first public speech last fall. >> i want to put my suffering to good use and give purpose to my past. >> reporter: even joining twitter and now lewinsky has a new mission to end cyberbullying and use her experiences to help
8:05 am
others. >> i know it's hard. it may not be painless quick or easy but you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news san francisco. >> and in health news a possible new treatment for adhd in young boys researchers found omega-3 fatty acids helped improve their attention spans and gave them 1300 milligrams for 16 weeks, but doctors say the link needs more research. amazon is one step closer to delivering packages via drone. the faa is allowing the company to test its air delivery drones. the remote-controlled aircraft must stay below 400 feet and stay in sight of the pilot. the operator must also have a private pilot's license. and we're all used to seeing high-speed chases on the news right? take a look at what could be the slowest chase you've ever seen. a man who works for national geographic was exploring a small
8:06 am
island in the indian ocean when he interrupted a mating session between giant tortoises. can you guess what happens next? yeah the male tortoise not so happy about this guy's interference so he went after the guy. look at him go. he was staring him down chasing him with a dogged determination only a giant tortoise can display at a tortoise's pace. it lasted for 400 jars so he was tenacious. >> and 40 minute. >> yeah 40 minutes, 4 hours, the big guy gave up and returned to his lady friend. what did he think he was going to do when he got to him? >> it worked. it backed him off? stare him down. >> stay away from my lady right? okay thank you, amy. "pop news" and weather coming up. now lara is over in the social square. >> i am indeed george. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" in "pop news." a new direction for one of the members of the band. we'll tell you about that. then trending big right now the simple secret to kick-starting your love life. and then an important wine
8:07 am
warning this morning, why some of the country's top-selling brands could actually be making you sick. and this guy, andy grammer, with us performing live on "gma" right here in times square. we are so excited and dj kiss happy birthday. we have great music and fun coming up. come on. oh i'm not dancing. i'm not dancing. >> "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, the pain reliever that's built to be as fast as it is strong. ngs during our friends & family sale... go to kohl's dot com to get your extra 20% off friends & family savings pass! then shop the latest styles from lc lauren conrad and elle. men's styles from chaps. disney jumping beans for the little ones. and save 10 to 33% on kitchen electrics. and remember - you'll save even more with your friends & family savings pass! plus you'll pick up a little kohl's cash too. this thursday through sunday. find your yes. kohl's.
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♪ waiting quietly, the key to everything. a magic formula of protein and grain, ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow.... ♪ tomorrow is yours to claim. ♪the sun'll come out, tomorrow.... ♪ kellogg's. see you at breakfast™. coming up on "gma," cue the music, dj kiss. ♪ let me take a selfie ♪ >> that's right, ben stiller's big moment bringing back blue steel and now he's here this
8:10 am
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♪ the story of my life. time for "pop news." we begin with this band one direction star zayn malik changing direction this is morning leaving the band's worldwide tour due to stress. one of the band's representatives telling abc news that zain will recuperate back in the ux while the band members continue their performances around the world and we wish him the best. >> we certainly do. >> yep. also in "pop news" this morning, from hollywood's masked man to a michael kors mini-me, antonio banderas saying he's going back to school to study fashion design. the star appeared on a british talk show revealing that a fashion career is something that's been on his find for a long time so you know what he's going for it. good for him. he says he plans to move to london and study at the same english college where stella mccartney and alexander mcqueen learned their trades but he says
8:13 am
he isn't hanging up his zorro mask just yet continuing in between classes. i like that. do it again. cut his fabric like that. i design! finally, the duchess of cambridge approaching her due date which is believed to be mid or end of april. >> that's what we're hearing. >> bags packed. speculation growing as to what the royal baby's name will be. thanks to a logical and scientific experiment at least in our "pop news" belief we now have a good idea of what that name will be. the first annual barkingham palace gold cup pitted ten corgis against each other. each wore a potential name for the royal baby. the first over the finish line of course will be the name and that is alexandra. alexander if needed. second and third went to camilla
8:14 am
and victoria i'm not so certain about the second place name. >> yeah. >> not so sure. >> how did that get in the running? >> unclear. but, listen if the royal baby is a girl and if corgis have any say in the matter i believe we know that you'll be looking at princess alexandra, thank you, "pop news" investigators. who knew? >> thanks very much. ginger for more weather. >> let's talk about the>> reporter: let's talk built snow and rain, i want to start you out in washington d.c. the snow is falling but it's transitioning. i think the snow totals will be cutting down. it hasn't started in western new york, but it will. it will continue throughout the evening. connecticut, the cape, getting it after midnight. we'll dry out and it will be more spring like.
8:15 am
from philadelphia south we'll see the mix to rain, it won't necessarily look like that. that's the big picture, we go from west to east, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: all right ginger, david murphy with your accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing snow overtaking most of the region. it's light to moderate in most places and holes here and there. most of the roads are wet. the farther north and west you go you have willie conditions out there and cool enough to create slushiness on the roads. currently we're seeing wet conditions in philadelphia. today's high, 36. dropping to the low 30s later. robin. >> be there this weekend. phoenix, i can't wait. kicking off our "heat index," you may want the children to leave the room.
8:16 am
we'll wait. go ahead. oh, no. there is a new study revealing what could be the secret to improving your sex life. abc's mara schiavocampo has all the details. >> reporter: it's a common excuse for skipping out on sex. >> i use whatever energy i have left to physically put myself into our bed instead of lighting up for you. >> reporter: sleepiness. >> should we have sex tonight? >> ugh! >> reporter: there might be something to it. researchers suggesting the easiest way to kick-start your sex life may be with some shut-eye. noting sufficient sleep is important to the promotion of healthy sexual desire. >> what's happening while we're asleep is we're having an increase in androgens which are sex hormones and increasing blood flow to the areas important during sexual activity. >> reporter: the study finds for women in relationships, each extra hour of sleep leads to higher levels of sexual desire and a 14% increase in the
8:17 am
likelihood of sex the next day. though critics point out this is a small study done with just female college students and that more sleep isn't a surefire fix for low libido. >> what it does mean is that we have one more thing to keep in mind when you're thinking about your general overall sexual health. >> reporter: one study giving whole new meaning to hitting the sheets. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> you could see george flee. he's not here. don't worry. we are joined by sex expert and sexologist for married for life dr. logan levkoff and awe thor of "don't waste your pretty," demetria lucas. let's say it was a small study. college-age women were part of the study but medically speaking what does it say to you, this study? >> the idea that sex impacts a woman's sex life shouldn't come as a huge surprise to any of us. but what is really interesting is that it looks like sleep or
8:18 am
lack thereof impacts physiologically our sexual response which changes the game. that means it's not just emotional. there is a physical reaction that sex plays or plays in a negative way that impacts our sex lives. >> and from a relationship aspect we know we're hearing that sleep affects sex but sex affects sleep so the chicken and egg dilemma. >> i can't figure it out. everybody would like more sex and sleep. one is supposed to affect the other. which way it goes i don't know. >> can you speak to that? >> well you know it's tricky. studies are tricky and these are college age women so not necessarily representative of everyone. >> having issues. >> but there is definitely no doubt that sex that ends in pleasure can help be an aid in one's sleep. so you do want more sex in order to get sleep, but at the same time we do know that whenary he exhausted and stressed and
8:19 am
overwhelmed, the last thing we want is sex. >> an implicit chang for men as well. >> men have to step up to the table. it's not like people don't want more sleep but women are overwhelmed with housework and child care and work-work so maybe if the guys step up more around the house maybe -- >> instead of bringing home roses bring home a bottle of windex. >> there you go. there you go. >> such a romantic. >> there you go. >> there is something really important to remember about women, though. we wear multiple hats. we are partner, caregiver, sister friend co-worker and until we remember that the first hat we wear is woman and sexual being, we will suffer >> that's your first suggestion because you're right. so many of us are overworked and we can't find that extra sleep so you're saying that's the first suggestion. >> remember you are a woman and a sexual being and that your needs are important and that you're not just there to take care of everyone else. >> what's your top tip. >> i would say remember that you're not perfect. the house doesn't need to be vacuumed and scrubbed down every
8:20 am
day. go to sleep, have you know some morning fun and it'll all be there in the morning. >> put it on the schedule. play date. >> play date. thank you both very much. >> we love you, george. >> over to george. >> my top tip, buy some windex. i got that one down. next up on our "heat index" warning for wine lovers coming from a new lawsuit claiming top-selling labels have high levels of arsenic. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: it's the go-to favorite on cougar town. >> a glass of wine a day is healthy. ♪ >> reporter: but now a new lawsuit says some of america's favorite inexpensive wines can potentially be hazardous to your health. >> we're suing because we want and we're asking these winemakers to take these wines off of the chefs today. to recall their products.
8:21 am
>> reporter: part of the industry under scrutiny. the lawsuit claiming more than 25 california winemakers including low-cost brands like trader joe's and franzia sell wine tass contain dangerously high levels of inorganic arsenic, in some cases up to 500% or more of the maximum acceptable intake. >> almost all are $10 or less and the vast majority of those are under $5. >> it's a poisonous material arsenic can cause problems in the body. >> reporter: there's no regulation on the amount of arsenic in wine in the u.s. the lawsuit alleging the wine with the highest amount of arsenic contained five times more arsic than the epa's limit for drinking water but still less than the level for wine established in some european countries. >> i think just that the general person drinking a glass of wine with dinner probably is not going to be at such increased risk to be overly alarmed about this. on the other hand we would want to eliminate to the extent
8:22 am
possible the amount of arsenic that we're exposed to. >> reporter: trader joe's telling ab news "we take these concerns seriously and are investigating the matter with several of our wine-producing suppliers." franzia referring us to the wine institute which represents 1,000 california wineries telling us "we believe this allegation is false and misleading and that all wines being sold in the u.s. marketplace are safe." >> we are not here attacking the wine industry. we like wine but we don't want wine that has dangerous levels of arsenic. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> we don't. all right, next we're going to yahoo! your day and this morning we're tackling a big parenting question. how do you get your kids to open up to you? sometimes it is very hard to get more than a one-word answer but there are easy tips to use. paula faris has details. what can you tell us? >> good morning, lara. getting your kids to open up is equivalent to pulling teeth sometimes but how many times have you learned more about your kids from one of their friends
8:23 am
or even another parent? it turns out that getting your children to share what's going on in their lives is all about asking them the right kind of questions. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> how was school? >> good. >> reporter: the classic one-word response. let's face it all of us mom and dads fall victim to it. what's in here? and asking the right questions can sometimes be tricky. as busy parents leading busy lives we are juggling so much and that's why it's so important to make every moment and every conversation count. so many of those conversations happen in the car, so we're getting down to business in minivan con federal governments turning to lindsay powers editorial director of yahoo! parenting to learn some tricks and tips to asking better questions to get the most out of our kids. tell me when you're buckled. >> i'm buckled. >> stop being a tattletale. >> reporter: with our expert
8:24 am
riding along she's silently taking notes. >> did you have p.e. today, buddy. >> no. >> what did you have? >> i had art. >> what did you do in art? >> i forgot. >> seeing where most parents' pitfalls were. >> were you nervous? >> no. >> reporter: where we get it right. what was so great about gym? >> we did a dance-off contest. >> did you dance? >> it was a tie so we had to do another one. >> reporter: after 20 minutes we get the kids some grub. two of the little cuties on the side and get down to it. okay kids are playing with their baby-sitter at the park. great. so how can asking questions, the right way, help you understand what's going on with them? >> you may find things going on beneath the surface. >> reporter: tip number one, ask specific questions. how was art class? how is the field trip? how was your friend? just really specific things to get them talking. >> reporter: tip number two, validate them. >> make sure that they feel like you're really interested in what they're saying.
8:25 am
it's really important to be present. >> reporter: and tip number three, ask follow-up questions. rely hard to get anything out of my son. i'll say how was your day, great. >> if you have the opportunity to speak to his teacher to find out what the school is going to be focusing on that week and then you can ask a lot of follow-up questions. >> reporter: some tricks to help those moments in a minivan make a difference. >> i got to say this was revolutionary advice from our experts but you brought up a good point instead of saying how was your day but what was the best part what was so great about art class and when you dig, dig, dig then you can find out maybe underlying issues. i don't like broccoli because somebody throws it at she every day. >> they suddenly talk and you're almost shocked. oh wow. >> i felt like a journalist. who knew. >> it's being a good reporter and also really listening. >> remember to be there when they want to talk too. you can't be too busy when they're ready to go. >> put the phone down.
8:26 am
>> they'll a mommy, put the phone down. >> they'll call you on it. >> yes. >> we do love talking to you if you're watching. coming up ben stiller is with us striking a pose this morning. ♪
8:27 am
>> hey everyone, 8:27 on this friday, i'm matt matt. the snow has arrived along city avenue. david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: snow falling on the terrace, matt, but behind me the roads are wet, same thing for the sidewalks. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are in and out of bands of snow. that bright white band moving away from reading is steady snow. the farther west you go, the more careful you want to be about road conditions. we have places where temperatures slipped below the freezing mark. 36 in wilmington. philadelphia, 33 so far so good on the road conditions. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 38 probably around 11:00 a.m. or noon, and then it drops closer to the freezing mark during the afternoon. a winter mix wrapping up this evening.
8:28 am
spring arrives at 6:45. the snow will be ending soon after that sometime early tonight. >> karen rogers is monitoring roads for us. good morning karen. >> reporter: good morning, matt, we're looking live right here, chester county 202 at the 30 bypass. you can see the roads are wet. you can see the snow accumulating on the sides of the roads and the grassy surfaces. it's not impacting traffic except the reduced visibility and the mood. snow is coming down steadily 422 trooper eastbound traffic jammed from 29 to 23. again, you see here the roads are wet. the visibility is down delaware county i-95 northbound traffic heavy through the area. on the big picture we have a downed traffic light causing a problem 7th and callowhill watch for that. >> nova faces north carolina state in the round tomorrow night. details on the blowout victory
8:29 am
8:30 am
okay let's see the walk. >> well, i'm going to keep it simple today. usually i go right, left right, left right, left. but today i'll start left in honor of how the sun rotates. >> ben stiller. >> they said it's 2015. >> there he is with anna wintour and owen wilson doing great characters from "zoolander." he's here today on another movie, another great movie. cannot wait to talk to him. there he is putting a note up on our happiness wall. >> celebrating international day of happiness all day long. everyone getting in on the act, even ben. excited to talk to him about his new movie ahead. >> so happy that andy grammer is with us. >> yay. >> platinum artist. andy grammer, so excited. his new single "honey, i'm good" is a hit.
8:31 am
>> i love it. it makes me happy. more than 5 million streams on spotify and counting. cannot wait for that. hey, it's dj kiss' birthday today. >> yes, it is. >> happy birthday. it's tgif and that is something to be happy about. >> oh yes. >> a program note tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. is a brand-new "in an instant" all about one woman's incredible survival story. how she overcame the odds and narrowly escaped death at 9:00 p.m. on abc tomorrow night. >> "in an instant." now, though we turn to a new broadway show called "finding neverland." it's based on the oscar-winning movie of the same name and i had the great pleasure to go behind the scenes and as you can see in this little twitter photo, tinker bell and i, we bonded. we bonded. take a look. ♪ when you're -- don't touch the ground ♪ >> reporter: it's a show where parks can turn into tidal wave pirates can sing little boys
8:32 am
can inspire peter pan. "neverland" may be the second star on the right but "finding neverland" is right here on broadway. ♪ in a place so far away ♪ ♪ we'll be young that's how we'll stay ♪ >> this is a beautiful story. i think for the fans of peter pan, you get to see tinker bell and peter pan and for the fans of the movie there is that amazing love story that's in it, as well. ♪ this is our stage. >> does it change a lot? >> it does. these things are on a swivel and kind of go back and forth through each other. >> that's cool. i got a special behind-the-scenes tour from the show's star. "glee's" matthew morrison. >> i play the author of "peter pan." it's like the story behind the story of how he created the story of "peter pan." ♪ when your feet don't touch the ground ♪ >> he's inspired by this widow
8:33 am
and her four sons and he finds the child inside of himself and he realized the power of imagination. imagination. ♪ >> reporter: the show marks morrison's return to broadway. >> you know i started my career on broadway as a dancer. >> yeah. i knew you started at 19 your first show but a dancer even before that? >> yeah i grew up break dancing. >> really? can i see a little bit of your break dancing? >> i don't know. just like slide and pop and lock. >> ooh, wow. ♪ play play like it was yesterday ♪ >> for morrison the show is an exercise in stamina. >> i actually go in the show in this and i get up on here like this and i kind of do this kind of air walk thing. >> you make it look very effortless. very cool. ♪ >> reporter: he's on stage almost three hours straight. >> this is a marathon for me this particular role. i don't talk when i go home. my wife and i have little cue
8:34 am
cards and stuff. >> it's that serious. >> pretty taxing role. >> what do you hope the audience leaves really thinking about? >> at the end of the day this is a show about the power of the imagination. >> reporter: after spending time at the historic theater i feel i caught a little power myself. hold on. >> you got it. pass it to me. >> oh. see. >> pass it to me. >> all right. >> i got her. she's safe. oh there -- that was good. >> reporter: yep the crew at "finding neverland" made a believer out of me. >> a natural. >> i told you. well done. >> it's fantastic. a big smile. "finding neverland" is in previews right now. it opens on april 15th. thank you, matthew and kelsey grammer will be here live on "gma" next thursday. ginger right now, though with a final check on the weather. >> we cannot wait to get happy. we are standing right here at
8:35 am
the happy wall. i'll tell you whyfirst let's check the forecast and start in the pacific northwest one of the regions we haven't gotten to yet. they are having spring showers 65 in port handle for the high -- portland for the high. pennsylvania, they are begging for spring, it's not happening we've been showing you all the pictures of the snow. that's a look from west to east let's get a check closer to home. . all right ginger, can't wait for the milder saturday. for now we have the snow arriving across the region. bit and pieces roads mainly wet through i-95. be careful of slushy stuff in the northern and western suburbs. today's high 38 and dropping from there. friends here are all putting on these signs because the
8:36 am
global happiness campaign designed by the united nations is on today and it's to make the world a little brighter. if you don't have a happy wall near you, you can do what i'm doing. go online share your happiness via social media. just use the #happyx. i'm doing this one, though today. i'm going to go ahead and smile at everyone. i think that's going to work even through the snow you think? i tried right here. robin, let's get to you. >> you know who is bringing us a lot of happiness these days actress taraji p. henson. she's red hot right now, right, dj kiss? >> red hot. >> holding on in her new show that's right talking about "empire." the oscar nominated actress getting lots of buzz for her role in the tv hip-hop drama. abc's chris connelly found out how sweet life is for cookie. >> what can you do? can you play the tambourine. >> reporter: screaming and dreaming, free-wheeling double-dealing and hitting the ceiling. this cookie is no girl scout. on the massive hit series
8:37 am
"empire." >> people really didn't think this could happen on broadcast or on cable television right now. it's been ten years since a show grew this fast. >> tell them. >> reporter: the role of cookie lyon has become a spectacular showcase for taraji p. henson the 44-year-old force of nature actress whose skills have been no secret in hollywood for some time now. >> she's a household name for a lot of people but her past projects haven't been maybe the most high-profile. >> reporter: a decade ago this howard university grad first made her mark starring opposite her "empire" ex and nemesis terrence howard in "hustle and flow ♪ ♪ >> reporter: 2006 she even performed on stage at the oscars this song for the film "it's hard out here for a pimp" won best original song. this saw her be great as a hired assassin in "smokin' aces." showing a warmer side she earned
8:38 am
a best supporting actress nomination for her performance opposite brad pitt's hero in "the curious case of benjamin button." >> ugly as -- >> reporter: cookie's ride or dive drive goes back to foxy brown, lil' kim and salt and pepper. music that filled her 20s. single mom in real life she said she understands cookie's soft spot for her sons as her sharp tongue does battle with their dad. >> nothing good can come from loving you except my three babies. >> she's like this grenade. you throw her into any scene and it jut explodes. >> reporter: the success of "empire" may move her further to the front of the line for film roles but as the season finale's murder and mayhem suggests "empire"'s music world saga has yet to go flat for this cookie. >> yeah that's my man. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly abc news, los angeles. >> i love it. lucious, lucious! "empire" all
8:39 am
the rage. you know who is all the rage everybody look over there. go ahead. because, okay. because ben stiller, yes. >> hi, guys. those are all the fans i have in the world right here. >> no, no. >> very loyal though. >> i arm wrestled over who to interview you, i lost. he's going to talk to george when
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
ben stiller is back on the big screen in the funny and thoughtful new movie "while we're young" starring with naomi watts and settling uncomfortably into middle age and this visit to the doctor doesn't help. >> well, that's just a strained muscle but the more concerning thing is your arthritis. >> arthritis? >> yes, you have arthritis in your knee. >> is arthritis a catchall for some kind of injury to -- >> no arthritis is a degradation of the joints. >> yeah i know what traditional arthritis is but -- >> i'm not sure what you mean by tramontin traditional but this is arthritis. >> arthritis-arthritis? >> yes, i usually just say it once. >> and ben stiller joins us now. i love that scene in the movie. the whole movie is so great. have you had that visit yet. >> i have. in fact noah bombbeck and i have the same doctor so i had that real scene with our doctor.
8:43 am
>> traditional arthritis. >> it wasn't arthritis but, you know the idea of also like when you start -- your vision starts to go and you can say no it's not happening and all of a sudden it's undeniable. >> what pulls this couple out of the rut and your character, josh they meet this young 0-something couple played by adam driver and amanda seeing freed and opens up a whole new world to them. >> shoots this energy into their relationship and, you know a lot of things are going on in the movie. the idea of you know what it means to be creative now because we're both filmmakers and adam driver's character is a guy like making movies on his iphone. >> curator. >> yeah yeah and maybe appropriating ideas and also just yeah the idea of you know when you get to a certain point in your life and you go okay this is my life am i becoming you know i'm the age i thought my parents always were. >> and your character has a great line in the movie. he says for the first time in my life i stopped thinking of
8:44 am
myself as a child imitating an adult and, you know that moment is a powerful moment. >> yeah for sure. i think, you know i could identify with that that you know, the idea you always think of yourself as maybe younger than you are and, you know that's a realization that starts to happen because you get to a certain point and go okay a lot behind it a lot ahead hopefully. >> but this is my life. >> yeah. >> we had so much fun watching you at the paris fashion show filming "zoolander" right now in rome. some of the footage up there. there you are. heading down the runway for value tino. >> yes, very serious event. >> how would derek sum up the experience? >> well it's always an honor to walk for valueentino especially since my favorite holiday is valentino's day. should i look there?
8:45 am
>> bring it. we cannot wait for this movie. >> george you have really good bone structure. why don't you do a look? [ cheers and applause ] i'd call that one grecian burn. >> i'll take it. the grecian burn. maybe i get to be in the movie. it comes out next year right? we cannot wait for that. it is flashback friday. you'll pay for that right now because we are about to show your national television debut. >> oh no. >> on "the mike douglas show." let's take a look. ♪ >> oh no you are so cruel. >> there it is. not even 7 there. >> yeah. >> did your mom make you do that? >> my parents -- there's my mom there. that encapsulates it right there. that's me saying i nailed it. i nailed it. still play the violin? >> not after that performance, no. >> that's pretty cute. >> we abandoned that. >> "while we're young" is a terrific movie. cannot wait for "zoolander." "while we're young" opens in
8:46 am
limited release next friday nationwide. back to andy grammer. ♪ na na honey
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ nah nah honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not i've got somebody at home ♪ how excited are we to have andy grammer with us? [ cheers and applause ] we're very excited. he had fun striking a blue steel pose with ben stiller. i love it. he first caught our attention with the smash single "keep your head up" and steadily moving up the charts with hit after hit. he has a new single off his album, "magazines or novels" and see singing that in i abit. the video for "honey, i'm good" which you're about to sing -- >> so sweet. >> your relationship anthem. explain. >> it's a relationship anthem right? listen to be in a relationship there's temptation out there for guys age girls. if you say there's not you're lying. but there is a ton of couples
8:49 am
staying strong and doing it. i wrote it for them so why not put them in the video. >> you had them hold up signs how long they've been together. >> like a couple months all the way up to 70 years of marriage. at the end there is a 70-year-old butt grab that's super cute. >> because you still want to grab your loved one's butt when you're 70. >> "gma" is great too. sending in how long they've been together. a part of life that doesn't get cheered on enough. >> especially on international day of happiness, the perfect addition to the show. i know we all really want to hear you sing so how about that. here's andy grammer with "honey, i'm good." ♪ nah nah honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not i've got somebody at home ♪ ♪ it's been a long night here and a long night there and these long long legs and damn they're everywhere ♪ ♪ hold up now you look good i will not lie but if you ask
8:50 am
where i'm staying tonight ♪ ♪ i gotta be like oh baby no baby you got me all wrong baby ♪ ♪ my baby's already got all of my love ♪ ♪ so na na honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave alone no honey i'm good ♪ ♪ i could have another but i probably should not i've got to bid you adieu ♪ ♪ to another i will stay true ooh ooh ooh ooh i will stay true ♪ ooh ooh i will stay true ♪ ♪ now better men than me have failed drinking from that unholy grail ♪ ♪ now check it out i've got her and she got me ♪ ♪ and you've got that but i kindly gotta be like oh baby no baby ♪
8:51 am
♪ you got me all wrong baby my baby's already got all of my love ♪ ♪ so nah nah honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave alone ♪ ♪ no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i've got to bid you adieu to another i will stay true ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh i will stay true ♪ ♪ ooh ooh i will stay true ♪ ♪ oh i'm sure ya sure ya will make somebody's night but oh i assure ya assure ya it sure as hell's not mine ♪ ♪ oh no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave
8:52 am
alone ♪ ♪ no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i've got to bid you adieu to another i will stay true ♪ ♪ no no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave alone ♪ ♪ no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not i've got to bid you adieu ♪ ♪ to another i will stay true true ooh ooh ♪ ♪ i will stay true oohooh i will stay true ♪ ♪ i will stay true i will stay true ♪ ♪ sit it now oh whoa oh ♪ ♪ singing oh oh oh ♪ ♪ singing oh oh objection ♪ ♪ singing oh objection ♪ ♪ i will stay true ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
>> whoo! at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by subway try the new turkey italian know melt. subway, eat fresh. >> i'm going to move right on in here. >> how good is this? >> what a great song for international happy day. >> andy grammer, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] >> happy birthday, dj kiss.
8:56 am
>> have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ >> 8:56 on this friday, march 20. i'm matt o'donnell. david murphy is tracking snow on the last day of winter.
8:57 am
david. >> reporter: how about that, roads are wet behind me same thing with sidewalks. the storm tracker 6 live double scan image shows we have on and off snow coming through the region. it will changeover to rain down south. the farther north and west you go the better chance you have of slushy roads. 33 degrees in philadelphia. close to the freezing mark, it was mild yesterday and again mainly wet roads. this afternoon's call, 38. we drop to the low 30s. accumulation mainly on grass. >> let's go to karen rogers and see how the roads are shaping up. >> reporter: not too bad matt. we're seeing traffic slower than normal, but not too many accidents. we're looking live on the brrt, mid county toll plaza. the roads are wet but off off to the sides grassy accumulation. the roads are wet on the schuylkill expressway, the curve eastbound traffic heavy from the
8:58 am
blrmt to that point -- blue route to that point on. i-95 heavy traffic too. "action news" has confirmed that a teenage murder suspect has surrendered to police. 15-year-old hamilton turned himself in. he shot and killed james stuhlman who was walking his dog in overbrook last week. two orioles teens are facing charges. doctors are calling his survival stunning and rare. more on pennsylvania toddler who was brought back to live after a near drowning. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday and great weekend and happy spring!
8:59 am
9:00 am
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