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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 20, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist david murphy. >> sara is off and here are the stories we are following for you now. the snow is back just hours before spring arrives, we have team coverage tracking the final blast of winter. and a man is in custody after he aimed a shotgun at officers. and hundreds of bags of heroin found on a man that tried to fight off police. and now the details one final blast of winter, from mobile 6 you see the flakes falling from city avenue in philadelphia this was five hours ago and sky 6 hd is giving you a live look at the center city skyline, and right now the snow is still falling but it's also wet out there as well. now a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are still in the thick of the storm which is expected to keep snow coming
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until the evening commute. early dismissals started rolling in from schools around our region and those are scrolling at the bottom of your screen and you can find them on all right we have live team coverage of this parting shot from old man winter, nora muchanic is in new jersey and david henry is in the city. lets begin with the latest from accuweather and meteorologist melissa magee at the big board. >> we are tracking the snow as we slowly await the arrival of spring the vernal equinox at 5:30 this evening until then we have winter's last gasp of snow. snowfall across much of the delaware and lehigh valley and interior sections of south jersey and in burlington county, we pick up heavier bursts of snowfall, street level on storm tracker 6 showing we have light snow falling in philadelphia and chester and media and even into manayunk and eastward to cherry hill and marlton and medford.
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as fors the winter weather advisories they stay up until this evening as we deal with a wet and slushy snow into the salem and chads worth and also into lakehurst. as far as visibility we are down to .8 in the city go slow and give yourself extra time. half a mile for reading and down to 3 miles in millville. if you are traveling by air you may have minor slow-downs due to the weather, in philadelphia, weather related travel delays are up to 30 minutes and new jersey and jfk and la guardia up until 5:00 this evening, we get a change over from snow to rain and at 5:00, the snow and rain will exit from the west-east direction and we have clouds around and late day clearing along the way, we'll
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take a closer look at snowfall on the way and see if there are spring treats coming as well. >> all right melissa thank you. meanwhile the action cam was in wilmington, delaware, as snow fell, most people put up their hoods but some braved the snow without a hat or even gloves. they are ready for spring. meanwhile, snow hit the garden state as well. nora muchanic joins us live in ewing with more. >> reporter: hi there rick, we are on spruce street now where the snow is continuing to fall and the quality of it has changed though in the last hour or so we get bigger heavier flakes and the snow seems to be coming down harder just what you expect for the first day of spring. >> this is what you expect for winter time. >> but today is the first day of spring. >> don't believe that, it's winter time. >> the snow was falling but
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didn't get in the way of anything but sitting at the bus stop was not ideal. >> i didn't know it would be crazy like this. >> what do you think of this, it's the first day of spring? >> it doesn't look like it. >> amazing, you won't know the seasons from the seasons, okay. >> you think we have reached that point? >> i have had enough of snow, i want flowers, and i want sun and i want a tan. >> what she wants is an end to the cold and snowy weather, this is ridiculous, it's spring already. >> it doesn't look or feel like it? >> it really doesn't. >> if you want to think spring the trenton farmers market located in ewing has flowers for sale that makes you think of the lack of them outside. >> they are selling well and everybody wants to enjoy spring
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and they are good for indoors and they smell really great. >> we have little flowers growing in our yard. >> it's a sign. >> yes, a sign that spring will be here, warmer weather is to come. >> marcus is looking at the bright side of this snowy day. >> it could be snowing or ice or sunny and warm. i wake up in the morning and it's great that we have the day ahead of us. >> that is right filled with shoveling and salting and sanding, check out these roads in spring street roads here are just fine right now traffic is getting by and it's down to blacktop, no problem at all but the snow here as i said seems to be picking up bigger and fatter flakes happy spring everyone live in ewing nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> happy spring to you to. >> snow covered cars in montgomery county the action cam found accumulation here on
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the streets in king of prussia, and the snow is coming down heavier in buck county and the roads were wet and the visibility was low many took precautions behind the wheel. now, to "action news" reporter, david henry in the overbrook section of philadelphia. a taste of spring on a wintry afternoon. >> reporter: rick, the snow coming down here on city avenue in overbrook is not exactly sticking to the ground but mostly wet pavement, the snowplows are lined up and ready to take care of this parking lot if the snow starts to stick not a very pleasant day as winter collides with spring. >> so much for the sweet sounds of spring, no birds chirping here just the scraping of shovels and snowplows, the spring wardrobe is staying in the closet as people bundle against the onslaught of winter's last gasp. >> how are you enjoying winter
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right now? >> the first day of spring i thought it would be warmer for some spring is just a state of mind. >> i am hot not cold. it's not really cold. >> not bothering you too much. >> all you need is an umbrella today? >> one sure sign of spring is tax day approaching and shell was getting a jump start on that wishing for better days ahead. >> blue skies and blooming flowers that is what i want. not all of this white stuff i want color past el. >> are you not getting it today? >> no it doesn't look like it. >> what kind of mom are you? >> awesome mom. >> aren't you suppose to be
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feeding the kids hot soup today? >> i thought it would be a great treat to come out and get the free italian ice. >> nothing like bone chilling cold to start the spring season it is spring on ice here. but hopefully not much longer. live in overbrook david henry channel 6 "action news." >> you can always use some water ice, thank you. >> with winter weather moving through check out, check school closings and livestorm tracker radar and send your pictures to or #6abcaction on social media. >> philadelphia police arrest aid man they say pointed a shotgun at officers it happened just blocks away from where
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robert wilson iii was killed. they were flagged down by a bar owner saying the suspect tried to kill someone inside. the officers shot one bullet at the suspect and the suspect tried to hide inside of the bar. >> when they enterred the bar they found the suspect's clothing inside of the restroom of the bar they found his hooded sweatshirt he was wearing as well as both of his sneakers. >> officers later spotted the man wearing no sneakers and police recovered the shotgun, no one was hurt. from our delaware newsroom harrington police found 300 bags of heroin on a man after he resisted arrest during a traffic stop. lewis douglas jr. was pulled over for a traffic violation, williams was asked to step out of the car and he began fighting with police and officers used a
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taser to subdue him and they found 200 bags of heroin on his possession. and now he is accused of taking down two roadside signs that criticized him colonel marcus brown is accused of removing them near his home in harrisburg the signs criticized his decision to wear the state police uniform even though he did not come up through the department's ranks he is the acting chief of the state police, he says the signs were placed near his children's bus stop and he was simply acting as a father. the key day in court in the boston marathon bombing trial the crucial evidence presented to the jury by the prosecution. plus -- >> brackets busted we'll break down the upsets in the big dance that almost no one saw coming.
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the faa joined the investigation into the close call for two news helicopters in seattle. a drone was spotted flying feet from the helicopters four times higher than the regulations allow and one followed the drone operator to his home and when police showed up they were told that no one owned a drone in that house. jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial saw crucial evidence yesterday a pressure cooker bomb that they say was thrown at police during a shootout with the suspects. prosecutors say that the bomb was embedded in the door a honda, the same type used in the bombing. they watched as prosecutors presented their case. liz's two sons each lost a leg in the attack. >> i can't get over it it
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consumers my life, i watch them put a leg on every day the pain just doesn't go away three people were killed in the blast. and over 200 were injured. investigators are dusting off cold cases looking for links between accused killer robert durst and unsolved murders across the country he is charged with the murder of his long time frame and confident susan berman he is the subject of a documentary where he claims his innocence but claims guilt off camera. he was acquitted after arguing it was self-defense and his estimated worth is about $100 mill. it's one of the most
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preventible cancers. how easy it is to be screened for colon rectal cancer and dispel the myths of preparing for the test, health check reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has all the details coming up tonight at 5:00. villanova is headed to the next round of march madness and on a day of upsets wildcats proved why they were getting a number one seed. they crushed lafayette 91-62 and villanova head coach dave wright says he is impressed with the work ethic he sees on the team. >> even at the end of the game where we may have made some bad decisions they are stopping and talking about it and trying to get better and that is what i really like about this group they try to do the right things and get better every day. >> last night's win was one of
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the most lopsided victories in villanova's tournament history. they have now won 16 straight games. >> north carolina state will be nova's next opponent after this buzzer beater against lsu. they came on top at 66-65. they face off tomorrow night at 7:10 in pittsburgh. it's safe to say yesterday was a bracket buster for almost anyone following march madness, on own 270 brackets remain, out of 12 million. they upset three seeded wa state. 60-59 and less than an hour later, baylor became the second three seed to fall in the round of 64 and georgia state came back from a 12-point deficit
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including a key three-pointer in the second half of the game. his coach says he was so excited he fell off of his stool. the player that made the three-pointer by the way was his son. they beat baylor 57-56.
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meteorologist, melissa magee, is back with the forecast, the good news is it's march 20th and the snow is not really sticking. >> the secondary roads have you to watch for the accumulation that is it. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we have the snow across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, but we have not focused on south jersey and delaware. lets go in tighter we have the rainfall for areas near sea isle city and light rain for fortescue and smyrna into delaware and also into dover so
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light rain expected through the afternoon into these locations and snow farther to the north and now trenton to media the lavendering a pocket moving on through, and milford and quaker town and pottstown and reading we have the snow that continues from you north and west of the i-95 corridor this will stay snow a good chunk of the day. sky 6 hd hard to make out the tops of buildings there in center city. the skyline is barely visible because have you the snow that is falling and visibility is down to a half mile in some locations. snow we have seen so far in glenmore, 1.3 and warwick close to that and cape may just a trace of snowfall you'll find your higher accumulations as far as snow is concerned north and west of the i-95 corridor temperatures in the 30s and when you factor in the windchill
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draining down the colder air 26 in the city and current windchill in allentown up to 24 degrees and 24 is the current windchill in wildwood. here is satellite 6 along with action radar this is the snowfall that we are tracking, it's coming out of the ohio valley and we are tapping into the moisture as well. streaming northward from the south and this continues to make its way to the north and east as we go through the rest of the afternoon and evening hours we'll time it out for you on future tracker 6 by 2:00 this afternoon, it's still snow for the city and areas north and west but you notice we get the transition from snow to rain across south jersey from millville, atlantic city and wildwood and dover, where temperatures are above the freezing mark, still have the snowfall the heavy wet snow along the i-95 corridor and areas north and west and wilmington and dover and eastward in atlantic city, have you the rain, by 5:00 the heaviest of that snow starts to taper in an east-west direction
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and the moiflt your moves on out tonight and it's cloudy with late clearing a quick coating to rain in areas of extreme south jersey and delaware 1 to 3 inches south of the city and philadelphia are you closer to the 3 inches of snow and north and west from the poconos to down southwest. you'll find the 3 to 6 inches of snow. traveling today in the northwest suburbs slick and slushy roads philadelphia and metro areas the roads are mainly wet. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we are in the 30s today with spring arriving at 6:45 this evening, and then on saturday turning milder thark is looking good, high temperature of up 42 degrees, a high of 44 on sunday and 42 on monday and tuesday partly sunny and 46. and you know what rick i did checking, last year in april for tax day we picked up a trace of
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snow on april 15th. >> that is why i didn't file. thank you melissa, topping our people scene the divergent seriess headed back to the big screen the sequel hits theaters today and our own alicia vitarelli spoke to one of the stars. >> he is a star of both the big and small screens and is here to dish about the wildly popular series he says this is where the big action happens, he joins a star studded cast. this second of three films is adapted from veronica roth's best selling books following a post pock you play the bad guy? >> people keep saying that, is
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he click ated, he does bad things but i don't think he is doing it maliciously, it's complicated he thinks it's good for society. >> and pfeifer says he does it with an iron fist and a fun character to play, he did not read the book because he wants to live in the moment now in the films and once they finish wrapping the third one he can't wait to read them. a fun experience to sit down with him. >> the second one will be just as fun. insurgent is not the only movie hitting the theaters the gunman starring sean penn
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one last check of the forecast with melissa magee could this be your last forecast of the winter? >> i hope so it's going to have to be. >> let show you what is going on, the winter weather advisory is up until 8:00 and slushy wet snow from the poconos to interior sections of south jersey, as we go throughout the afternoon hours, a transition from 6:00 to 7:00, and spring this evening, we are looking forward to that. >> yes we are. >> coming up this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00, vandals break the windows at one of phillies most iconic cheesesteak shops. what the owner is doing to track down those responsible. don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy monica malpass
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and sara bloomquist be safe out there we'll see you tonight.
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all right, guys, it is our good-bye, winter, hello, spring show. i am making a little bit of steak house bacon, grilled spring onions, cumin-roasted carrots with an almond mint vinaigrette. it is looking delicious! i'm going to top it with a little bit of feta cheese and bring it out to my pals out on set. i got to go! "the chew's" about to start! whoo-hoo-hoo! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ today on "the chew," we were starting to think this day would never come. good-bye, winter! hello, spring! and from "dancing with the stars," host erin andrews is helping mario put a little spring into his step with a fresh, new take on a pan-roasted chicken. plus, music legend lisa loeb is crashing the craft corner for a colorful chandelier that'll bring spring indoors, and it all starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ]


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