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tv   Action News  ABC  March 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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saturday night i'm sarah bloomquist, walter is off. chaos in new orleans as a man with the man shed i goes on an attack at the airport.
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villanova hopes to march toward another march madness victory tonight. but the the big story on "action news" tonight is the death of an eagles legend, chuck bednarek, man known as concrete charlie partly for his blocking and tackling died this morning at the age of 89. today on the team web site the the eagles paid tribute to the man many said was the greatest eagle of all time. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live at franklin field with the full story good evening. >> reporter: good evening sarah he was known as one of the toughest in the league even though he hadn't played in decade and this morning his family announced a at 89 years old he died in bucks county. chuck bednarek was as local as a philadelphia sports legend could be. today, fans paid homage to his statue at franklin field. >> he was a legend. he was a legend. >> he would be nickname concrete, to tell you the truth, he was unremovable.
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>> one of the greatest football players whoever lived and nice guy. >> reporter: born in bethlehem, pa, son of immigrants, stand out at liberty high school he thrived on the field of the university of pennsylvania, and he played 14 seasons, all with the philadelphia eagles. >> check bednarek is one of the few that if he were playing in the nfl today, he would be an outstanding, outstanding linebacker. >> reporter: number 60 stood 6-foot two weighed 235-pound. he made devastating tackles like this one against then giant frank gifford. he took the birds to two championshipness 1960 he played both linebacker and center. this is one of the play that is made him a legend. >> philadelphia eagles won the world championship of professional football. >> reporter: in 2010 he took jeff skversky on that very spot on franklin field. >> right here, yes. game saving tackle. >> reporter: merrill reese remembered the tough talker who gain the fitting nickname concrete carl friday his off
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season job selling concrete. >> he had tremendous strength. he had great instincts. he had everything that you looked for in a football player and an spirit. he was out there he wasn't going to lose. >> reporter: bednarek also served in world war two and 30 bombing missions and a father of five daughter with his wife emma. he never stopped being an eagle meeting new players and going to training camp. the the legend lives on in the stadium where he made his name as toughest tack letter to run the field. >> the name chuck bednarek lives forever. >> reporter: he was men for speaking his mind but also for keeping lasting friendships. in fact one man who works here at franklin field said his grandfather worked here, while he played here, the at the the the university of pennsylvania, received christmas cards from his family, up until two years ago. he was also induct in the pro football hall of fame but also the the college football hall
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of fame as well. the for now reporting live outside franklin field annie mccormack for channel six "action news", sarah. >> thank you. breaking news from the wissonoming section of the city where an 11 year-old girl shot her set in the forehead. police say it appears this was an accident. luckily it was just a grazed wound. she's being treated at st. christopher's hospital for children this happened just after 4:30 on the 6,000 block of charles street. the the girl's parents are now being questioned by police. philadelphia police are investigating the discovery of a body in the delaware river in the bridesberg section this afternoon. the body was found shortly after 3:00 o'clock in the 3100 block of buckiit street. an autopsy will be done to determine the cause of death. to your weather now today was first full day of spring. temperatures warmed up and that helped get rid of the snow. the meteorologist adam joseph in for melissa tonight. adam improvement today. will it last? >> will it last?
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no unfortunately that is the answer to that question straight up. but let's talk about the beautiful weather today and big changes from yesterday. the last day of winter we had that snow yesterday and a high of just 34 degrees. today, first full day of spring 52 degrees 18-degree jump in temperature from yesterday have afternoon, to today, but that is also going to change as we get into your sunday. but as of right now 52 in lancaster. fifty-two philadelphia notice mid 50's down to the south with many areas hitting 55 this afternoon. to the north of that line allentown, trenton and reading in the upper 40's with the poconos right now at 40 degrees even. we have a cold front off to the the north and you can see it spreading spotty showers just to the north of i80 and this front will be swinging through during the evening hours tonight, most of the energy stays in new england with those showers but if you are heading outside on the town this saturday evening temperatures will slowly drop in the upper 40's between eight and 10:00 o'clock
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tonight. anywhere between that eight and 9:00 o'clock hour in philadelphia there could be a couple scattered showers passing through as that cold front arrives. sarah, when i come back we will talk about the big drop in temperature for your sunday and wind chills are back, we will show you those numbers. >> i know,. >> coming up in accu weather. >> i know adam, thank you. icy conditions the apparent cause of this crash that injured seven bucks county fire fighters on their way to the training exercise this morning. the richland town fire company truck was heading south on route 611 in doylestown when it was hit by a northbound vehicle skidding out of control. the fire truck then went in the northbound lanes where it the hit two other vehicles. fire fighters were injured but yet still able to tend to other drivers. fortunately everybody was treated and released from doylestown hospital. elderly residents got a helping hand clearing yesterday's snow, from the abc men, short for abled body christian men. they volunteer to help clear driveways and walks like this
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in elkins park. the the volunteers work throughout the the region. in just about an hour villanova takes on nc state in pittsburgh hoping to march right in the sweet 16. nova fans are getting pumped. "action news" reporter kenneth moton business those fans and a he joins us live from the villanova campus. hi kenneth? >> reporter: hi there, sarah a confidence is key and we've got a lot of it on this campus. the let me show you around. this is a space first and second floors, where student will watch their mens basketball team battle to make it to the sweet 16. it is the calm before that march madness storm inside the connolly center on villanova's campus. monitors and the students, are ready. >> is there nothing better than coming to the connolly center getting a cheese stake and watching the game with my friend. the the atmosphere is crazy. >> reporter: nova nation is feeling confident about that chance for sweet 16. wildcats just minutes away from taking on the nc state wolf pack. >> i would be lying if i didn't say i would be nervous
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and nc state has a lot of talent. they've got some good guard that can give us trouble. there is a lot of size. overall i think our experience will win out. >> reporter: the number one seed rolled over lafayette in the ncaa tournament opener on thursday. the fans hoping for a repeat performance on this national stage. >> it is really a great opportunity to, you know, show our campus show how big of a community we actually are and how much spirit we have and just coming together for basketball. it is just one example. >> reporter: on this campus where a pick up game is just one way to relieve those pregame jitters, students say no matter what they are behind their team. >> a lot of people have confidence for us to go to the finals. it makes us feel bet their all these people have a lot of faith in us to be able to succeed. >> reporter: hate to mention this but we know wildcats were knocked out of the tournament last year, during this round but a very strong know of had nation says not this time, sarah reporting live from villanova university, kenneth
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moton for channel six "action news". >> let's hope so, thank you kenneth. let's head to pittsburgh and jeff skies verse ski with a preview of what ace head in sports jeff. >> hi czar, these guys are excited. >> yeah, nova wow. >> villanova/nc state an hour away, find out the key for tonight's game for the wildcats coming up in sports sarah? >> all right jeff, thank you. as we see 40 seals stranded on new jersey beaches in just the the past ten days. the this is one of the seals rescued by the marine mammals stranding center in brigantine. experts say while it may be an unusual sight for passers by this is perfectly normal behavior. the the cold temperatures have kept seals from the beaches but now we're traveling to find more food. experts want to remine thaws seals are wild animals and can be unpredictable when frightened so keep your distance. is there much more to come tonight chaos at new orleans airport when a man armed with
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the machete and explosives drives through to attack security agents. heart breaking tragedy in new york city when a fire killed seven young children what investigators believe may have sparked that deadly blaze. plus jamie a apody has full sports including march madness highlights when "action news" comes right back.
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has now died... richard white stormed in the airport terminal and attacked the agents first with the can of bug spray and then with that 14-inch machete. there was chaos as passengers fled and agents tried to stop him. the as he was chasing one agent a local sheriff's deputy shot him. tsa agent was grazed by one of the bullets but is thankful that she's alive. >> turf say, the officer is my hero. she saved my life. man was with him. whacked me with the machete she did save my life. >> reporter: later today white was also carrying explosives. his motive is a mystery but his family says he has a mental illness. world news saturday will have more on the the attack at the airport coming up at 6:30 tonight. dozens of young people spread message of giving back today in ambler. volunteers with giving treat families organized and sorted what they collect during a
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food drive. all of the cans and boxes will go to philabundance to stop food pant tries throughout the area it teaches children about charity. still to come on "action news" tonight from superstar pitcher to author mo'ne davis spend time signing her new book. more on what the book is all about when "action news" comes right back.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪
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♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. dozens of people lined up at the the barnes and noble in center city to day as taney dragons superstar mo'ne davis signed copies of her new book. the the book is called mo'ne davis: remember my name. mo'ne says it the is about the hard work and determination it took to reach her goals. jamie is here now with sports and loss of an eagles legend. >> he truly was. he was last of the 60 american mens. his toughness and grit were
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epitomized who eagles want to be and today chuck bednarek passed away at the age of 89. >> that is the end of the line. >> concrete charlie, man known as concrete charlie will be remembered for making game saving tackle at franklin field in 1960 to help eagles clinch their last championship. he played 14 seasons for the bird, two-way star, one of the toughest dover play. he played center middle linebacker, long snaps. at college at the university of pennsylvania he even punted. the bethlehem native bednarek was a machine gun shore flew 30 missions on b17 bombers. he was elected to the hall of fame in 1967. the iron man died early this morning after a brief illness in an assist ted living facility in richland pennsylvania. he was 89. former eagles coach dick vermeil recalled his friend fondly over the phone with me today. >> to me he is the pennsylvania pennsylvanian of the century. there are other philadelphia eagles great players, i don't
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think that any of them really represent philadelphia more deeply then a person born and raised in pennsylvania. he went to church every morning. anyone who deserves to go to heaven they will put an escalator there for him. >> eagles owner jeffery laurie sent out this statement that read philadelphia fans grew up expecting toughness effort and workmen like attitude there this team. so much of that image has its way in the routes chuck played his team. chip kelly says the way he played the game with the even less passion and tenacity helped establish the the standard of excellence that this organization stand for one that we strive to a achieve each and every day. the other big story to day villanova getting ready to hopefully punch a ticket to the sweet 16 for the the first time since 2009. it wasn't that long. jeff skversky live in pittsburgh where the wildcats are about to take on the wolf pack. hi jeff. >> hi, jamie. villanova star jayvaughn pinkston says it will be a
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failure if this team does not get to the final four. one step at a time. villanova looks to march on in the sweet 16 with a win over nc state tonight. this villanova team has never played the wolf pack. the lets take a look at villanova coach jay wright and wildcats a arriving here at cons you will energy center within the last hour. tip off is an hour away. right now nova is on the court for pregame warm ups. hopefully they can pick upright where they left off from that lafayette game where they shot 63 percent, six different players in double figures. that in makes this villanova team so dangerous, so many multiple threats. they will try to score a big one tonight and get to that first sweet 16 in six years. >> this is a great honor to be one of the best 16 teams in the country to make it that far. i know villanova has not been there for a while. hopefully we can get that far for the university and the program. >> we got knocked out early the past couple years but that is something that we're trying to play for because we just
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have to take it one game at a time and get back in game at hand and how much crazy things happen, in the ncaa tournament. we will definitely try to set the tone early in this game. >> villanova and nc state last played in the ncaa tournament 64 years ago. the the the cats lost that game. they have waited a very long time for redemption. how sweet it is tonight, if they win, they will play in friday, next friday in syracuse begins louisville or northern iowa. live from pittsburgh tonight jeff skversky for channel six "action news". >> we're excited. chase utley made his debut on the field for first time on the field for phillies to day. it was alumni day. darren dalton, was on hand to watch them take on the blue jays. cole hamels decided not to show up. this was very first pitch he threw and reyes hit it out of the park. two batters latest jose did the same thing. the not a good day for hand
6:21 pm
else for guys named jose. he settled down. phillies fell six -three. the union also lost two to nothing to fc dallas. >> thanks, jamie. up next on "action news" tonight, meteorologist adam joseph has your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when we come right back.
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first full day of spring not a bad way to start it off today. >> we had sunshine. >> right. >> temperatures close to normal. >> got rid of the snow. >> some melting going on but we're going backwards. >> that will do it for adam. >> yes, i want to show more. they may want to hear this. as we look at double scan
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radar, a beautiful shot here, no snow to show or rain. here are the numbers. close to normal for today. high 52. normal 54. low 31. normal low 36. record 6 degrees. if only we could go back in time to 1948, it was 85 degrees. but take a look at this 24 hour change from yesterday at this time to today where we're 19 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 20 degrees warmer in dover. 19 degrees warmer for the shore and lehigh valley around 11 degrees farmer. despite that it is only 43 in allentown. we only hit 31, 32 yesterday for a high. fifty-three in atlantic city and double nickels for dover. i see a cold front to the north. most of the energy staying in new england. as it slips through this evening there could be a couple spotty showers n fact future tracker at 9:30 there is where the front is close to i-95 and it will be hit or miss with these light rain
6:25 pm
showers, overall and then they will slide off the coast around midnight tonight. the sky will generally start to clear and once again, as high pressure comes in from canada but when we get these large highs coming from the north like we have had month after month here, it brings in a reenforcing shot of cool air and so the the high tomorrow only 44 degrees. the it will be very breezy with that low, continuing to have develop in eastern canada and that high coming in despite lots of sunshine. the high slowly settles in. so we're squash the cloud here, full sun on monday but highs down to 42 degrees and wind chills only in the 30's. in fact we will look at future tracker tomorrow afternoon and it will feel like 29 in allentown. thirty-six in philadelphia. thirty-nine in millville. so definitely very winter-like. the as we go even beyond that into monday afternoon, wind chills staying in the 20 ease for the lehigh valley, 17 in the poconos. thirty-six in philadelphia, even far to the south wind chills only in the 30 a's.
6:26 pm
the as we look at the forecast for tonight a spotty early shower turning cold, breezy, 29 to 34 for those air temperatures. your exclusive seven day forecast, sin with those winter wind around here tomorrow 44 feeling will like 309's. the stays chilly on monday but bright 42. stuck in the 40's on tuesday with just a few high cloud. next few days beautiful when lou at inside out, 48 degrees and it turns milder on wednesday with a lot of cloud, late day, and, low of 60 on thursday but very wet day with period of rain. and then temperatures fall again friday, 50. a week from now only 44 degrees when normal should be in the upper 50's. >> we're all over the place. >> we're here. >> and, fifth graders, showed off their dream homes today at villanova university, and they submitted model homes and habitat for humanity 12th
6:27 pm
annual build a house contest. they work about how to build affordable housing here and all across the country. world news saturday is next on channel six, don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00 o'clock. for adam joseph, jamie apody walter perez melissa magee and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." airport attack. new details of those terrifying moments in new orleans. the man with the machete, also had explosives with him and we hear from the tsa agent he attacked. terror alert. the new threat. what appears to be a hit list against u.s. servicemen and women calling for attacks here in the united states. off the force a racially charged video made by a florida police officer, and offensive text messages three others shared. it's not the only department tonight taking action over racist texts. durst documents. investigators search the home of a friend of the millionaire murder suspect. the treasure trove reported to have been taken away. panic on the slopes.


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