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tv   Action News  ABC  March 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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atv and plus villanova students stun as the team is knock out of the ncaa tournament, "action news" is next. it was a stunning defeat, villanova is knocked out of the ncaa tournament with a
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three-point loss to nc state. it is a heart breaking defeat the for a team that many thought would make it all the way to the final four. saturday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a major upset for the number one seeded villanova. the loss shattered the high hopes for the team and for its fans, as well. we will go live now to "action news" sports -- we will keep moving on, rough night for villanova fans on the connolly center on campus. they were on the edge of their seats as the wildcats trailed nc state for most of the game. they kept waiting for the the teams scoring machine to get in gear but it never happen. despite their disappointment all of the student told us tonight the they are proud to be from villanova. we will have much more from jamie apody in our sports center and jeff skversky in pittsburgh coming up on "action news" tonight. now to what is being called the largest one day round up of illegal vehicles in philadelphia more than
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68atv's and dirt bikes were seized by officers throughout the city to day. for more on the operation we will turn to "action news" reporter kenneth moton in the hunting park section of the city kenneth good evening. >> reporter: those confiscated dirt bikes and atv were brought to major crimes a few hours ago. today the philadelphia police tenth used a lot of resources for this one and it paid off. philadelphia a police motorcycle patrol was all revved up saturday night, after a city wide dirt bike atv crackdown netted possibly the most during a one day operation. >> it is extremely dangerous. it causes auto accidents. is there always the possibility that we have individuals on the sidewalks that are going to be hit by these dirt bikes. >> reporter: inside this major crimes garage in hunting park they came in all sizes and all colors. some cheap. this one was worth nearly $10,000 n all a team of officers with air support and a lot more confiscated 68 dirt bikes and atv's, police say up tic in illegal travel sparked
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by warmer weather and a rapper. saturday night north philadelphia native meek mill was at wells fargo center for his welcome back concert. >> we got wind on social media that there might be a ride out for this concert. >> reporter: ride out in honor of the rap shore can be seen riding in videos like this one. the officers say majority of the confiscated bikes were from out of town concert go hours claimed they didn't know the law. >> we seized three trucks, two of the trucks were transporting stolen atv's or dirt bikes. one of the individual we stopped had a gun on him and arrested with the gun. another individual had illegal drugs. >> reporter: police are trying to avoid dangerous scenes we see yearly n october about 100 dirt bike and atv riders weaved in and out of traffic and raced from one end of broad street to the other. >> you're not allowed to ride these dirt bikes and atv's and when we catch you, we will seized them and you will not get them back. >> reporter: that day long
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crackdown continues right now, police say that officers are in south philadelphia outside of that meek mill concert ready to confiscate dirt bikes and atv a's if they see them. reporting live from hunting pennsylvania park tonight, kenneth moton for channel six "action news" sarah. >> kenneth, thank you. it was a mild day to day helping to clear out some of that snow we saw yesterday. so can we hope nicer weather is finally here to stay in meteorologist adam joseph in for melissa tonight and joins us from the big board with more, what do you say, adam. >> it depend if you like the the the sun, you will have that. if you like the warm temperatures, well that will slip through our hand the second half of the weekend. reading though this evening on our time lapse it was a beautiful sunset. a little bit of a haze in the atmosphere and cloud cover that played off of that sun that was set in the the lower end of the horizon but right now all is quiet in berks county and across the entire area with temperatures that have not dropped all that much. yesterday in philadelphia our high was 34 degrees when there was still technically still winter with that snowfall.
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we've got close to 4 inches in the city of philadelphia but today we will bounce up to 63 degrees. a 19-degree jump in temperature from yesterday so, it was a nice turnaround from what we dealt were on the last day of winter,/1st day of spring. as we can see there is a cold front slipping through with just some cloud cover. northerly wind will be draining in tonight. those wind will pick up. in fact as we take a look at the numbers to the north and west over the great lakes detroit 32 degrees. toronto, 27. sue saint marie right now it is just 12 degrees. so winter hanging on a little bit longer than what is shown on the calendar. as we look ahead to that accu weather forecast temperatures will head south the second half of the weekend. winter wind chills we're talking about. we have a dry stretch to speak of as well, sarah a we will show you those numbers and how chilly, it will be sun take into the new workweek in the accu weather forecast. an 11 year-old girl is recovering tonight after
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police say someone in her home playing with a gun shot her in the forehead. this happened just after 4:30 this afternoon in the 6,000 block of charles street, in the city's wissonoming section. the girl is being treated at saint christopher's hospital for children. luckily she only suffer a grazed wound. the the girl's parents were questioned by police. an off is being performed on the man whose body was discover in the delaware river in brideberg today. police were called to the 3100 block of bucket treat shortly after 3:00 p.m. no word yet on the man's identity. icy conditions were the apparent cause of this crash that injured seven bucks county fire fighters on their way to the training exercise. the the richland town fire company truck was heading south on route 61, 611 that is, in doylestown this morning when it was hit by a north bound vehicle skidding out of control. the fire truck then went in the northbound lanes where it hit two other vehicles the the fire fighter suffered minor injuries and yes they
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were still able to attend to the other drivers involved. everyone was treated and released from doylestown hospital. eagles fans tonight are mourning the death of legendary player check bednarik also known as concrete charlie, who died at the age of 89. bednarik will be always be remembered for the game saving tackle, to help the eagles win their last nfl championship in 1960. before that he was a star at penn and a gunner on a b17 bomb inner world war two. many say he will never be equaled. >> chuck bednarik is one of the few that if he were playing in the nfl today he would be an outstanding, outstanding linebacker. >> when they heard the news today some fans made pilgrimage to bednarik's statue at franklin field to remember his legacy. we will hear from some of them coming up a little bit later. a local high school basketball team is celebrating
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an amazing victory. after 51 year without a playoff win conwell egan took home the tight toll day. the conwell egan eagles were welcomed home tonight by hundreds of the screaming fans. the team was escorted by police and fire trucks. today the eagles handeddal quip a their only loss of the year to take the the pa double a crown, 62-51. congratulations to them. much more still to come tonight on "action news", an off a duty police officer allegedly kills a collogue in a car crash. hours after posting pictures of alcoholic drinks. but first devastation in an ohio neighborhood, after an explosion, leveled a house. jamie apody has complete sports including more on that devastating villanova upset the when "action news" comes right back.
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let's get more on that major upset from villanova. a three-point loss the shatters high hopes for team and its fans. jeff skversky was there and is in pittsburgh with more on this disappointing night from villanova, jeff? >> reporter: hey, sarah villanova star jayvaughn pinkston says going in to this game if they don't get to the final four this season, it is a failure. he stand behind that tonight even though villanova won a school record 33 games. pinkston adds he is just
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absolutely crushed. he is almost lost for words. the lets take a look at pinkston and villanova players coming off the court after this loss to nc state. obviously the guys were very emotional distraught the team priest was giving players including pinkston advice telling guys that he went out with respect. >> when you lose like this it is shocking. you just can't, you don't think about this outcome. >> it is tough because we felt that we had it. we let it slip away at the end but we battled. they just were the the better team today. >> i think we all have high expectations and we had that all year. we didn't live up to those expectations. we got in the tournament. we ran into a good team. we should keep our head held up high because of how well we have played this whole year. >> just hard to see that right now. the cats went ice cold tonight shooting. they missed 12 have of their first 14 shots to start the
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game. they could never catch up. they were scratching, clawing their way back down by 12 in the first half but it was just not good enough for villanova eliminated shy of the sweet 16. live from pittsburgh, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". >> so disappointing thanks, justice of the peace. one house was leveled near yes state university today. apparently due to a inarticulate gas explosion. gas workers were checking reports of a leak at one house when it exploded. somehow, nobody was seriously hurt. debris from the blast landed several blocks away. a malfunctions hot plate in the kitchen is blamed for a house fire in new york city, that killed seven children. the the fire swept through the home in the heart of the brooklyn's jewish community as a family slept this morning. there were no smoke detectors on the first or second floors. the the mother and teenage daughter survived but suffered burns and smoke inhalation. new york's fire commissioner said it was the biggest
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tragedy in the city in seven years. >> it is difficult to find one child in a room during a search, but to find a house full of children, that cannot be revived i'm sure this will take a toll on our members for quite sometime. >> officials say many orthodox jewish families used a hot plate on the sabbath when they cannot turn on electric or gas stoves. a machete wielding man the shot during last night's bizarre rampage at new orleans international the airport has now died. six three-year old richard white was chasing tsa agents through the airport with the long blade. he was closing in on one agent when a sheriff's deputy opened fire and shot him. the authorities say that today, that white was carrying a variety of explosives, as well. well, we will have much more on the hero of this incident coming up in a next half an hour. investigators are trying to get a warrant to test the blood alcohol level of the off-duty new jersey police officer involved in the deadly crash. linden police officer
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pedroiabad drove his car the wrong way on a new york city expressway early friday morning. his car collided with a tractor trailer killing a fellow officer and another man, abad and another police officers were injured. authorities say a the men were on their way home from a strip club hours before the crash, abad posted a picture of three shot glasses apparently filled with whiskey. a montgomery county student got some much needed help today from his friends. this was the spring fling, hosted by students at the north montco technical career center. the the proceeds will help fellow student anthony flick who was seriously injured last year in a shooting spree that left several of his family members dead. there was also a gift basket raffle today and a demonstration from the lower providence police k-9 teams.
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yeah, that is our own meteorologist melissa magee she spent the evening tonight on the dance floor, melissa was one of two local celebrities dancing for charity and mirror ball trophy, just like the real thing. the it was dance for our future stars for children at independent mission school. melissa and her pro partner roger lee have been rehearsing for weeks. she looks great. >> she's a good dancer. >> a lot of fun. >> she has fun. >> yes. >> those paddles, you know.
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>> yeah, ten. maybe nine and a half. i alike len. >> kind of a nine today maybe a what tomorrow. >> we will drop down to probably a seven tomorrow just because of the temperatures. >> the way we should do things from now on you. >> i want a paddle though. >> looking at double scan live radar all is quiet on this first full night of springtime. as we take a look at sky six live in high definition, looking at part of penns landing, it is a very quiet night. we are not looking at any precipitation. so all is good as we head outside in the second half of the weekend. the as we take a look at the almanac today, coming in at 53 degrees. our high temperature. 1 degree below the normal. the low this morning 31. normal being 36. your record six and 85 degrees. sunset the now close to quarter a after 7:00 o'clock. it is still 50 degrees in the city. forty-six in allentown. forty-six in trenton. 45 degrees in millville. so everyone is basically in
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the mid 40's ape that is fairly mildest specially when we compare it to just 24 hours ago, it is 17 degrees warmer right now then it was 11:00 o'clock last night. 15 degrees warmer in allentown. 11 degrees warmer in millville. in dover, 12 degrees warmer. but that warm trend will stop in the next couple of hours as the the wind switch out of the north. we will look to the south. we will see moisture gathering from the gulf will of mexico but notice void of cloud north of cincinnati, and chicago. high pressure in control here. that will squash the system and remain it the to the south tomorrow, so the good thing with that high it keeps us precipitation free. the bad thing about the high you don't like the cooler air it will flood it in during the day tomorrow. so 44 degrees a lot of sunshine. but on the breezy side with wind chills in the 30's. that high barely moves for the first of next week on monday. full sunshine even cooler at the 42 degrees with wind chills being stuck in the 30's. so tonight just some patchy
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cloud, turning cold and breezy. twenty-nine in the suburbs. 34 degrees for center city. the as we look at the day planner for tomorrow, again, wall to wall sunshine just a few high clouds in the afternoon, into the the low to mid 40's during the afternoon. but when you factor in that wind tomorrow future tracker is showing at 3:30 in the have afternoon it will feel like 30 in allentown. thirty-eight in philadelphia if you are down the the shore, want to take a stroll on one of the boardwalks or put your feet in the sand it will only feel like the upper 30's. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 44 tomorrow. bright but still chilly on monday. forty-two. but wind chills remain in the the 30's. we're still stuck in the 40's for highs on tuesday but the high pressure will still be in control, with the sunshine and then the high will move away. we will warm up to 55 on wednesday, late day showers and on thursday is the warmest day of the next seven but it comes with periods of rain the entire day, before temperature fall gannon friday to 50 and a
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week from now very chilly, dry, 44 with wind chill back in the forecast. >> thank you adam. up next on "action news" tonight jamie apody has sports and more on villanova's stunning loss tonight. but now here are tonight's power ball numbers.
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today. this was no political grudge match but a fundraiser for easter seals. democratic senator tom carper was among those trying to break the republican's winning streak n10 years the game have raised nearly $40,000. jamie is back here with sports. more on this devastating match for villanova. >> tough pill to swallow, best season in villanova's history ends way too early as this team fails to get past the first week even. villanova losing 71-68. it should not have been that close. they trailed by 12. they never had a lead in the second half. known for their shooting, 19 of 61 from the field. jeff skversky live from pittsburgh. the just a rough one. i cannot believe the season is already over. >> yeah, jamie, the cat are absolutely crush. devastated right now that they lose this game. they are the first number one seed in the entire tournament to go down. it is really tough. it is their first loss in two
11:27 pm
months and it comes at the worst possible time. here areville know of players coming off the course after losing by three to nc state. they were very emotional. some were crying. the the team priest was giving players advice telling them that they went out with respect. i asked head coach jay wright what in the world could he possibly say to his emotional players. >> it is not a lot you can say. you hug them, tell them that you love them and thaw are proud of them. you tell them short term we just to have deal with this right now. have been is hurting. >> do you feel like this season is a failure right now. >> right now because we lost, but later, we had the most wins in big east history. we won the big east title. last one in 20 years. the it was a great year. but right now it was a a failure. >> it is tough. it is tough. these guys have meant so much to me.
11:28 pm
these guys are my brothers, my everything. >> villanova tonight just destroyed down low. nc state had 20 more points in the paint this he were out rebounded by 13. let's not even talk about the shooting 31 percent with the season on the line. that is not going to get the job done. villanova comes up short shy of the sweet 16. live from pittsburgh tonight jeff skversky for channel six "action news". >> a lot of peoples brackets busted tonight, thanks jeff. i was last of the 60 minutemen, his toughness and grit will epitomize hot the eagles want to be and today chuck bednarik passed away at the age of 89. >> that is the end of the line. >> the man known as concrete charlie will always be remember for making game saving tackle at franklin field in 1960 to help eagles clinch their last nfl championship. he played a franchise record 14 season for the bird to way
11:29 pm
star and one of the tough toes play the the game. he played center middle linebacker covered punts and kick offs, long snapped a at college. at the university of pay even punted. bednarik went to the liberty high school as a machine gun shore flew 30 mission on b17 bombers in world war two. he was elected to the hall of fame in 1967. he died earlier this morning following a brief illness at a assistant living facility in richland pennsylvania. he was 89. ron jaworski recalling his friend to us today. >> reporter: very sad day for philadelphia. you know check bednarik embodied the spirit of philadelphia. concrete charlie. he was the face of the philadelphia eagles for many, many years. he is a hall of famer. we talk about the great football player but he was much more than. that he is so well respected in this community. he stayed in this community. he gave back to this community. stayed very active in this community. >> eagles own ever jeffery lurie sent out this statement that reads philadelphia fans grow up, expecting toughness,
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work out and ethic and so much of that image had its routes in the way chuck played the game. check bednarik was 89. we will have more sports when we return. it's that easy to play. pick 3. easy to play. simple to say.


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