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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. good morning, america. breaking now, isis hit lists. names, pictures and addresses of u.s. military members published online. the order from isis, kill those listed. but, will loan -- lone wolves respond? the defense department taking action this morning. attack at the airport. unnerving details. a machete not the only weapon. the molotov cocktail, smoke bombs, and more. what was he planning? >> i thought he hit me with the machete, he was that close. >> and the brave and lucky tsa agent who stared death in the face. scare on the slopes. >> oh, are you going to be okay? >> the chair lift that went haywire. suddenly going backwards. passengers thrown off. >> it's okay.
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>> others jumping to safety. and the rescue. so, what went wrong. and busted brackets and broken dreams. number one seed villanova sent home. >> oh, oh yeah! >> this piccolo player performing in tears. the internet having a field day with that one. as underdogs prove they've got what it takes. hard enough to play the piccolo when you're not crying. that was an amazing moment. we'll talk much more about that. good morning on a sunday when a lot of people are talking about pope francis and a purported miracle. >> he can seemingly do no wrong. what happened when he kissed that mysterious glass relic containing the blood of a saint.
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can we call it maybe a half miracle? >> that's what he's calling it. we're going to start with the new isis-related threat. overnight, american military commanders issuing a warning after a group claiming to represent isis posted an online hit list calling for attacks on u.s. personnel here at home. >> pretty disturbing. they revealed their photos, names, and addresses, this, as the u.s. decides to pull troops out of yemen after isis claimed responsibility for a suicide attack there. and the security situation rapidly deteriorating. let's go to washington where martha raddatz is covering both of these stories. hi, martha. >> reporter: good morning. only about 100 u.s. special forces remained in yemen. but the situation is so bad, even they had to be pulled out. this, as an alarming threat, like no other before, from isis aimed at 100 u.s. military personnel here at home and abroad. this morning, u.s. military leadership warning service members to use caution when posting on social media.
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after an online group calling itself the islamic state hacking division released personal information for over 100 military members. calling for isis sympathizers to kill those listed. >> this is the kind of activity they've engaged in over the last severals. specifically asking their followers and their supporters to carry out attacks. >> reporter: while the threats accompanying the list are being taken seriously, the information doesn't appear to have been hacked from government servers. >> this doesn't necessarily look like it is the result of hacking. this information is largely publicly available. >> reporter: still, defense officials are not taking any chances. contacting the families of those on the list, largely made up of air force and navy personnel. a department of defense spokesperson telling abc news that even though they won't confirm the validity of the
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claims, the safety of our servicemembers is always a concern. and looking at the lists is chilling and has to worry military families. the pictures are clear. the information is clear. and so are the addresses, dan. >> disturbing to say the least. let's get back to the situation in yemen. why, exactly, is the u.s. pulling out? what does this seeming dissent into chaos mean for america's national security? >> reporter: it was just far too dangerous. it's a lawless, leaderless place, turning into a failed state. rebts backed by iran are taking over the place. u.s. diplomats pulled out last month. now the special forces. al qaeda in yemen is considered the most dangerous threat to the u.s. it's where the so called underwear bomber was trained. the late american-born radical cleric anwar al awlaki lived there. and the question this morning, dan, with no u.s. personnel there, how do we continue to track terrorists? >> that's the worry. chaos can be great for al qaeda and isis. a breeding ground perhaps. so we'll have to keep an eye on
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that. martha, thank you. a reminder martha will have much more on both of these stories, plus yahoo!'s katie couric interviews mitt romney. that's coming up on "this week." >> looking forward to the show. moving to new orleans, and the shocking new details about the machete attack at the airport. we have learned the suspect, who was shot and has now died, was also carrying a deadly arsenal of explosives, including smoke bombs and chemical tanks. kendis gibson is at the scene this morning with the latest. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: paula, good morning. i gotta tell you, in friday night's scramble so many people left different bags right here in this tsa area. it wasn't until they reviewed some surveillance camera footage that they realized one thing. the machete and bug spray, the least of their concerns. this morning, new details about the arsenal 62-year-old richard white was carrying when he attacked the new orleans airport.
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>> sometimes the saying you would rather be lucky than good. and i think we were both last night. >> reporter: the chaotic aftermath caught on camera. by panicked passengers. as white stormed a security check point wielding a machete and a can of toxic spray friday night. >> he sprayed her in the face. she went down. and then he went to the next officer. that's when he pulled out the machete and started swinging it at people. >> reporter: moments before his rampage, he dropped a bag loaded with molotov cocktails. six glass jars filled with gasoline. and in his car, abandoned on the airport terminal's upper ramp, potentially explosive tanks and smoke bobs were recovered. >> he has a barbecue lighter in the bag. and there was some crushed powdery material found near his body. with green fuses or wicks. >> reporter: while six tsa officers and bystanders were up
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juried in the chaos, the only callty that night, white himself, pronounced dead saturday evening from injuries sustained when sheriff's deputies opened fire, stopping the blade of the machete just inches from this tsa agent. >> i really thought he hit me with the machete, he was that close. >> reporter: she ran and screamed for people to clear the area. one bullet pierced a tsa agent. >> it went through here and here. i was fortunate. it went through and didn't hit any tendons. i'm fine. >> reporter: and law enforcement officials are saying that white had mental health issues. while they say everything worked out for the best, they continue to review the procedures here in new orleans. dan? >> kendis thank you, and great to hear from carol roushel. she's very tough. now to high anxiety at a popular ski resort in maine. the chair left went lurching back wards, stranding people in the air. panicked riders jumping off. rescuers leaping into action. abc's linzie janis is on the
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story this morning. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it is something you never expect. the chair lift to suddenly reverse direction, backsliding. with its speed picking up, many skiers decide their best option was to bail. >> are we going to be okay? >> reporter: a nightmare on the slopes. screams of horror as this chair lift malfunctions. >> get off! >> reporter: suddenly rolling backward down the mountain. >> we knew in our gut something was not right. >> reporter: skiers jumping off to try to save themselves. as rescuers evacuate more than 200 people dangling from maine's sugarloaf mountain. some trapped for as long as two hours. seven people hurt in total. four taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> we're deeply sorry that this happened. >> reporter: within hours of the incident, state investigators on the ground. >> we fully intend to get to the
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bottom of why it did. >> reporter: the resort is calling the mall -- malfunction a roll-back. when chairs roll backwards after the braking system failed. one destruction test performed at a colorado ski resort showing after a brake failure, rollback speeds could reach 1500 feet per minute, almost 20 miles an hour. the expert -- experiment that at that speed, the lift could send passengers flying over 120 feet into the air. the reason some decided to jump to safety saturday. >> get off! >> reporter: sugarloaf says the chair lift was inspected that morning and was functioning normally. it also gets inspected annually by safety experts. this is not the first time there's been a malfunction at the resort. 2010, the chair left derailed. >> i used to ski there as a kid. a very popular place in new england. thank you, linzie.
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appreciate it. >> yeah, thanks, linzie. now to the latest on the road rage incident that sent a woman to the hospital. the gunman who shot her in the head, remains on the loose this morning. and houston police are desperate for help in finding him. looking for any drivers who may have witnessed the shooting to step forward. ryan owens reports. >> reporter: police have not found the road rage driver who left a bullet hole in kay's car and bullet fragments in her brain. but this morning, they have narrowed down what they think he's driving. a white chevy tahoe. last seen during friday morning's rush hour. on a grid-locked interstate 45 in houston. >> one suv run off the road and shot at her window. she's bleeding from the head. i think she's been shot. >> reporter: hafford, a 28-year-old on her way to work at a gas company, didn't even realize she had been shot at first. she somehow got off the
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interstate and called 911. >> she was in and out. she blacked out several times at the scene. >> reporter: as she's merging on to i-45, she admits to honking at a driver who she says cut her off. that's when she says he starts to taunt her, ultimately pulling up right next to her, firing the single shot through the passenger side window, and driving off. >> nobody deserves this. nobody deserves this. >> reporter: her husband tells us she continues to improve. at this hospital. she's now been upgraded to good condition. doctors successfully removing the bullet fragments from her brain. and expecting her to make a full recovery. she and a lot of other drivers here in texas hoping the manhunt for her shooter ends, and soon. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> this case needs somebody to step forward. who witnessed that. >> you're right. >> and say exactly what happened. let's turn to ron claiborne with the other top stories we're tracking. good morning, ron. >> good morning to you, paula. dan. robert. good morning, everyone.
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hazmat crews are on the scene in texas this morning where a train carrying a toxic chemical went off the rail. near the town of valley mills. among the cars, five tanker cars carrying the hazardous material methanol. an investigation is under way. investigators in another case blaming a deadly fire that killed seven children in brooklyn on a malfunctioning hot plate left on the stove. the victims were siblings ranging from 5 to 15 years of age. their mother and a teenage girl managed to jump out of the window and are in critical condition. now to the countdown to a possible nuclear deal with iran. with ten days before the deadline for the deal top u.s. and iranian officials say that an agreement is within reach. they hope to reach a rough draft of the deal by the end of next week. a final deal by the end of june would call for tehran to significantly curtail their program in exchange for
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sanctions relief. and this morning, the pub owner who denied entry to a junior for public intoxication is nout now coming to the student's defense. a report described marquise johnson as belligerent and highly agitated. the owner of the bar turned him away because they thought he was using fake i.d. says that that not what he saw. >> i didn't think he was intoxicated. he was very cordial. i asked him what high school he went to. >> johnson is african-american. his arrest he appeared bloodied. his arrest has led to several protests. and finally, you can file this under who knew? a los angeles-ya candy shop says it's set a new guinness world record for the largest peanut cut. >> oh, yes. thank you. >> they poured melted chocolate and spread peanut butter into a kiddie pool to make it. they used more than 444 pounds of ingredients to best the old
8:14 am
record by 190 pounds. once verified, or i should say if verified, the peanut butter cup will be sold one pound -- in one-pound pieces. the proceeds will go to charity. >> everybody into the pool. >> yes, let's buy some. >> the kiddie pool. >> i love it. >> that's hard to spread. have you ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? >> yes, a long, long time ago. >> i make them on the daily. >> my kid's not old enough yet. i see a lot of those in my future. thank you, ron, appreciate it. fresh news on sunday morning from a pope who has shown us time and again that he's full of surprises. this time pope francis went to a prison where he broke bread with gay and transgendered inmates. then, a purported miracle and attack on the italian mafia. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: he chastised the mafia on its home turf, in naples calling on criminals to repent. and on ordinary citizens so
8:15 am
stand up to gangsters and dealers. don't let them steal your hope, he said. this sea port is known for high unemployment and organized crime. and pope francis visited some of its poorest neighborhoods. naples is also a gateway for illegal immigrants entering europe. he reminded the crowd, we're all god's children. >> his theme has been mercy. the church needs to show mercy. it needs to reach out to the alienated. the suffering. people who have felt excluded. >> reporter: that message of inclusiveness extended to this prison, where the pope had a private lunch with inmates, including some who are gay, transgender, or hiv positive, a remarkable statement from the head of the roman catholic church. the trip to naples included a miracle. as the pope kissed one of the city's holiest relics, the dried blood of st. gennero. the cardinal said with that kitsz, half the dried blood this that vial turned to liquid.
8:16 am
to which pope francis smiled and said, if only half of it liquefied, we still have work to do. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. now, the real madness in march is that your bracket is probably on life support this morning. we thought it would be fun to track down the one guy out of 11.5 million espn brackets who had a perfect one. that's right. 1 out of 11.5 million. getting all of the games from round one correct. how is he doing in round two? for that we turn to espn's lindsay czarniak who joins us in the abc studios this morning. >> we obsess over the brackets and love this tournament because anything can happen. what happened last night is one reason you should pay close attention to n.c. state. they beat duke and north carolina in the regular season. the last acc team to do that and then best a top seed in the tournament went on to win the
8:17 am
championship. overnight, more march madness drama. >> bingo. >> reporter: the first one seed to follow. villanova lost to eight seed n.c. state. an upset that left the nova faithful devastated. this band member's tears as she played on for her team going viral. the memes pouring in. emotions running high on the georgia state locker room as well. coach ron hunter giving an emotional speech after his team became one of two cinderella teams to hear the clock strike midnight. giving his son a hug after their loss to xavier. >> i don't want these guys to be sad. >> reporter: for kentucky's big blue nation, it was a sweep saturday as the wild cats take their undefeated streak into the sweet 16, shutting out cincinnati's bear cats. remember the fan with the last perfect bracket? this morning, finally broken. leaving us to wonder about his ultimate prediction of epic pro
8:18 am
portions. including espn's neil everett. >> that guy's got duke beating kansas. without kansas scoring. >> last year, no one had a perfect bracket after 25 games. this year, after 35 games. that's why this is called march madness. >> reporter: malaquais, who wanted to remain anonymous, managed to get the first 34 games. unlike the other brackets so badly busted before the first day of play was over. >> i only had 15 minutes to pick my teams. i picked the teams i wanted to see advance, and also the underdogs. >> reporter: those underdogs his downfall. ohio state failing to beat arizona. the wild cats of arizona winning by 15 points. the emotion of the win hit n.c. state's cat barber after the game. he used an expletive calling out the president who picked villanova to lose to kentucky in the national championship game. it was caught on live television. he has since tweeted an aji.
8:19 am
the president 14th in the standings. paula, we know you're 33rd. >> i didn't know. thank you for telling me. i kind of sent my bracket to the morgue after yesterday. >> 33rd is great. >> i have high expectations. >> i have wisconsin winning it all. >> going with the big ten. good call. you don't want to offend the president of the free world. >> gotta clean it up quickly if you do. right? >> dan, by the way, still has louisville. they're playing today. >> i picked the team with a mascot that's a cardinal. >> a bird. a bird. >> i just liked the bird. >> that's all that matters. >> i just clicked a bunch of random numbers. it's time to get to the weather. in honor of the second full day of spring dr. rob marciano wearing a three-piece suit today. >> it's feeling again like winter. i'm trying to shake things up. maybe dressing in layers will help. check out this video across southeast texas midland, in
8:20 am
connection texas you got doused yesterday. we had 6.8 inches of rainfall, the golden triangle getting doused. houston getting an inch of rain. flooding there. where is the storm going? parts of louisiana, gulf coast and mississippi and mobile alabama and tallahassee. the rain will be heavy at times. we'll see an inch to two inches. most of the heavy stuff will be across parts of south georgia. we have a brief clipper system driving down south against warm air. 70 in denver. 38 in fargo. lighter snow firing across minneapolis to chicago. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches. that will be in mini appear police -- minneapolis chicago a light dusting. >> reporter: here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning,
8:21 am
everyone meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. there's the ben franklin bridge, we have high thin clouds above. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, windchills in the 20s and 30s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're up to 45 today. ten degrees below average for this time of the year. windchills around 35 or 36 and then only 42 degrees for tomorrow. spring. it will warm up in june. >> all right. waer shorts next weekend. coming up on "gma," new clues in a murder mystery. could the victim's tiffany's bracelet lead cops to her killer. a self-driving car begins a historymaking trip across america. we take the thing for a test drive. how does it work and sit safe? and is a sequel to the cult classic mall rats in the works? a picture creating buzz in "pop news." >> i love that movie. silent bob? >> classic.
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coming up on "gma," new information just released in a puzzling murder case. will it help police find the killer? and the car that drives itself, ready to take off on an incredible cross-country journey. keep it right here. ready to take off on an incredible cross-country journey. music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪
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sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> a 12-year-old philadelphia boy was shot early this morning during an argument inside his port richmond home between the ex-boy and his mother. the ex-boyfriend pulled the trigger. the boy is in stable condition. police are looking for the suspect. good morning 8:27 on this sunday i'm nydia han let's go
8:28 am
outside to chris sowers. >> reporter: nydia, we're two weeks away from the phillies home opener and it feels like football weather. we'll go 45 today. 42 tomorrow, both days windchills in the 30s all day lock. nydia? >> chris, thank you. that's it for "action news," we're back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han. stay tuned for more "good morning america." #
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♪ i'm ridin' solo i'm ridin' solo solo ♪ there, yeah. oh, there's a driver. okay. but look, ma, it's no hands. this is the car that drives itself. it's about to set off on a first of its kind journey across the country. good morning, america. and we want to tell you, abc's aditi roy went for a test drive in that vehicle just hours before the big trip. that is my kind of car. >> a lot of people think this is the future of driving in this country and perhaps the world. you could be packing your kids into a driverless minivan in the not too distant future. >> i love that idea. >> i hate driving. >> no more road rage. >> and the computer can tell the kids, we're not stopping at mcdonald's. you outsource all the problems. >> we went yesterday. twice by the way. >> i want to be your kid. also coming up in "pop news" country star singer -- superstar jason aldean making
8:31 am
headlines. what he did and who was there for it. we'll tell you coming up. in "pop news" with rachel smith. but first, new developments to tell you about in a murder mystery baffling police in the last month. >> alison feldman was found dead in her home, naked and lying in a pool of blood with a wound to her head. authorities now releasing new clues they hope can help lead to her killer. brandi hitt joins us with more. hi brandi. >> reporter: good morning urks, paula. morning, dan. an entire neighborhood in scottsdale is living in fear. police don't know if the killer, on the run this morning, knew the victim or chose her at random. this morning, a community on edge with new questions in the mysterious murder of 31-year-old alison feldman. >> it could be somebody that lives in the neighborhood. it could be a random act of violence. >> reporter: feldman found dead in a pool of blood in her home by her boyfriend in february. he has not been named a suspect. and police have been tight-lipped about details of
8:32 am
the investigation so far. but on friday authorities asking the community for help finding her killer. >> we have nothing right now that leads us to believe she was targeted in this case. >> reporter: now police revealing several items stolen from her home, including credit cards, a tiffany bracelet, and an iphone 6. authorities won't say if they believe she knew her assailant. but they are look for a male suspect who likely has cuts or injuries to his hands and arms in the attack. feldman's family hoping the new information will lead to an arrest. >> as far as who it was, somebody she knew or didn't know, it really doesn't matter to us. we just want him caught. >> no matter what, it's not going to bring her back. it's left a terrible hole in our family. that will never, never go away. >> reporter: later today, a memorial service to honor alison and that contagious smile, as her loved ones continue to grieve her loss. >> she was just amazing. my best friend. my maid of honor in my wedding. my kids' favorite aunt. just an amazing person.
8:33 am
>> reporter: you just feel for the family. police say they know the killer is male based on 'tis call evidence that they've gathered. and even though those cuts or injuries to his hands or arms may have heeld by now, they're hoping that detail will jog someone's memory. >> our best to that family. good luck to the investigators. brandi, thank you. let's get another check of the morning headlines with mr. ron claiborne. good morning. >> hi, again, and good morning, everyone. we begin with u.s. military officials warning american service men to be cautious when posting on social media. this, after a group claiming to represent isis posted online an online hit list of 100 u.s. service members releasing the names, addresses as well as photos of american military personnel. and texas senator ted cruz will reportedly be the first candidate to officially announce a run for the white house. according to "the houston chronicle," cruz, who is a republican, will make it official during ceremony at
8:34 am
liberty university tomorrow. and former wrestler rey mysterio says perro aguayo was like a brother to him. this after aguayo fight. the fight went on for almost two minutes before anyone realized he was seriously injured. finally, talking about nowhere to ski. skiers and snowboarders in squaw valley are finding themselves battling it out for room on the slopes. while most of the northeast, as we know too well is feeling snow overload. the west is dealing with crippling droughts. some resorts are closed. others have more grass than snowflakes. >> that is just painful to look at. second year in a row. >> a site of the olympics. >> a great spot. >> great skiing when they have snow. >> next year. they got a little bit of rain let's get some positivity here, meanwhile, it feels like winter across the northeast.
8:35 am
here's the shot from the statue of liberty looking downtown, one world trade looking sweet. temperatures in the lower 30s getting up to 38 degrees. it is march 22. that would be the average high temperature for january 22. so yeah, it feels like january out there, and it will not only for today but tomorrow and into the 30s boston and cleveland and chicago, as well, cruel get snow. a dip in the jet stream which has been the on going pattern for the past two months. meanwhile, spring across the south. midland, texas 85. 70 degrees in denver. some of the moisture heat running. tuesday we'll see the threat of severe weather. this is the system i'm talking about in the pacific northwest. it will get almost to lake tahoe, but most of it will stay to the north.
8:36 am
it willit will be soggy across the pacific northwest. they can use the rain. here's what's going on locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we'll be in the 40s today and windchills in the 30s, 45 this afternoon, 43 tomorrow and 46 tuesday. >> people helping people. >> i consider a forecast. we're forward looking. thank you, pet smart. conspiracy for sponsoring that. >> very much digging the three-piece. >> it's choking me, though. i can't speak clearly. >> his next forecast will be delivered while holding a brandy snifter. coming up here on "gma," i don't know if this is what the beatles had in mind when they sang "baby you can drive my car." the self-driving vehicle. making history today. is it safe? and actress suki waterhouse's surprising beauty
8:37 am
secret. straight ahead in "pop news." it's so interesting. >> really? >> oh, yeah. this costume. today is stanley's big day. happy birthday, stanley. he's five.... i was able to determine that stanley is an aquarius. ohh, aquarius... that's so fitting... throughout the whole journey petsmart has been there for us. we'll get you looking great for your birthday party. morgan here is a pisces. such an intellect. really? yes, yes... big thinker. huh? pethood's better with a partner. that's why petsmart has all you need to take care of your kids.
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♪ i'm solo, i'm ridin' solo ♪ so, yes, there is a person in the driver's seat, but the
8:41 am
car is driving itself. today, it takes off on an historic cross-country trip from san fran to new york. >> i drive with my knee. >> don't worry, everybody. don't worry, ron and rob. i know you were both concerned, because there are safeguards in place. as in real human beings. still, this is a massive test of autonomous car technology. it is a real thing. aditi roy took a test drive in san francisco where the car is gearing up for its coast to coast drive. hi, aditi. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. it's an exciting morning. look at this car. it looks like every other one on the road. but a camera on the windshield. down below, a sensor. both part of the car's intricate computer system. it does the driving for you. >> how can i be of service? >> reporter: in futuristic sci-fi movies, self-driving cars
8:42 am
are everywhere. >> would you like this information? >> reporter: now, autos on autopilot are getting set to hit the drive ways. this looks like any car. >> it pretty much is >> reporter: engineers decking out a fleet of audi suvs with cameras, lasers, and radar. all to teach this car to drive itself. and this morning, it's taking off on a historymaking cross-country trip. from san francisco to new york. covering 3500 miles in about ten days. while there will be an operator in the driver's seat at all times in case of trouble, the delphi technology will do the driving, navigating high-speed highways, twists and turns, and even traffic all with no human
8:43 am
hands on the wheel. if someone comes into your lane really fast can these lasers pick it up? >> much faster than a human, actually. >> reporter: really? >> here we go. >> reporter: we took one of their cars on a test drive. we're about to merge. it's doing okay. the turns were textbook perfect. so was the rest of our drive through mountainview, california. the car stopped at lights and changed lanes. only time the operator had to take over the wheel was when road construction forced us to merge into the next lane. pretty amazing. >> the car is set up to drive conservatively, that's to make us all feel safe. >> reporter: that was a lot of fun. it was such a neat experience. another cool fetch, this car, it valets itself. it will drive right up and pick you up. that could say you a lot of money on tips. >> does it parallel park, that's what i want to know?
8:44 am
>> reporter: yes. it -- it can parallel park. all by itself. >> amazing. i want one. >> still really scary, though. the idea of that. >> my car is fun to drive. that's a waste of a good steering wheel and paddle shifters. >> aditi, thank you. coming up, rob will take us for a ride in his minivan, right? no. who knew koalas had tempers? who knew koalas had tempers? if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma.
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8:48 am
per cuss i have intro by ron claiborne. what do you have for us rachel smith? >> good stuff. keep it up. first up things are just getting started for country music star jason aldean and his duo are officially husband and wife. wife. the couple tied the knot at a romantic ceremony last night in new mexico. mexico. family and friends celebrated. congrats to the aldeans.aldeans. isn't that awesome? awesome. >> that is amazing. now we have heard our fair fair share of beauty secrets.this may outdo it has to do with suki waterhouse. smashing.waterhouse the new york premier of her new movie, now we may know why. she says she likes to rinse her se hair with coca-cola.
8:49 am
>> what? >> she says that after a first er wash, like her hair is a little too too limp. so she -- caffeinates it. >> she >> looks wide awake there. >> even your hair needs caffeine caffeine. >> she says it gives her this tousled look. >> who knows. that is a pop news story, is it not?that's >> i know that both of these guys will be trying it.>> i know tha >> without a doubt. >> probably not deliberately. it may get some. are you ready to get back tomall? the mall. hollywood is chattering about a about a sequel to the movie, mall rats. >> the cast of characters in the 1995 cult favorite stirred up trouble everywhere they went.uble they even beat up the easter bunny. y'all remember that? >> oh, yeah. been >> filmmaker kevin smith has n his been teasing it.stan lee, posting this picture to his
8:50 am
twitter account of stan lee, rooker. silent bob and michael rooker. we decided to make the movie 20 years years later as a tribute to james jacks, one of the film's producers, who died last year. i think there will be a segway in there. especially in a mall?segway finally, they may look cute and cuddly?t watch watch out. even even koalas have tempers. check it out. a guy named ashton webster was walking his dog. >> i got the one on the left. when he sa >> two cokoalas wrestling. >> not sure who won. >> the one on the left. >> two three.act. >> the dog getting in on the act. >> he's the referee. >> e >> even when they're mad, mad.
8:51 am
they're still pretty stinking tinking cute. >> koalas don't have a lot of energy. i guarantee they fell asleep.ation. >> all the energy they have.36-hour great pop news.>> we'll be right thank you very much. we'll be right back.ough but i' keep it here. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections
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we want to thank you so much
8:56 am
for joining us this sunday morning. a quick reminder "this week" is straight ahead. have a great sunday. good luck on your brackets. if you filled one out, except for rob. he didn't do one. >> have a nice sunday. glm good morning i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. coming cup on "action news" this sunday morning. little league baseball star mo'ne davis becomes the victim of a twitter attack. shuttered atlantic city casino says it's out of options for buyers, chris. >> reporter: second full day of spring eva and temperatures have taken a nose dive. i'll let you know how cold it gets in the seven-day forecast.
8:57 am
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>> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, march 22. in the news, philadelphia police orrin the hunt for a man who shot his ex-girlfriend's son during a an argument. >> philadelphia's little league star mo'ne davis was the result
9:00 am
of an offensive tweet that resulted in the dismissal of a baseball player. we have the annual get your rear in gear run at fairmont park. >> reporter: let's get you outside, you can see the sunshine reflecting off the crowds. it's a pretty morning but it feels like the enltd -- end of february as opposed to the march. we have winds out of the west northwest at 15 miles per hour. these are stained or constant. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 17 in the poconos. makes the 30s and low 40s feel like the low to mid 30s. you'll need to bundle up if you head out early. 32 degrees in allentown.


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