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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  March 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." hit list. the call to isis supporters, urging attacks on american troops. giving their names, pictures, and addresses here at home. tonight, the military warning going out. armed and dangerous. the stunning arsenal the attacker took with him to new orleans. should tsa agents be armed? the racially charged on campus. and did officers go too far? and, road trip. the car setting out for a cross-country ride, driving itself. when will one be in your garage? ready or not, we're taking you on a ride into the future.
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good evening, thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we want to get right to a developing story. america's military urging vigilance in the wake of a chilling list posted online. by a group saying they're affiliated with isis. calling for attacks on u.s. servicemen and women, including personal addresses. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: their names are real. and so is the threat. 100 u.s. military men and women, army, navy, air force, and marines, appearing on what amounts to a "hit list." their faces, work information, even what look like home addresses published online by a group claiming to be affiliated with the terror group isis. >> this group, the so-called islamic state hacking division, not one that we have heard of before. >> reporter: the group is calling on sympathizers to kill the people on the list. retaliation against those the group claims have attacked isis
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targets in places like syria and iraq. the marines on the list have now been notified. tonight a spokesman says the branch is warning all marines and family members, check their online/social footprint, ensuring privacy settings are adjusted to limit the amount of available personal information. officials say the list seems be compiled with information relatively easy to find online and does not appear to be a hack. >> i worry that the increasing sophistication by the islamic terrorist organizations to manipulate social media to their own ends is a very worrying trend. >> reporter: the military says they are still notifying people who appear on the list. one service member who does not want to be identified tells abc news this is just a way they are trying to intimidate us and it's not going to work. i wouldn't say i'm scared, it's just part of this "new war" against an enemy with a different, more developed capability than what we've faced in the past.
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tonight it appears that online post has been deleted. but the damage may have already been done. tom? >> clayton sandell, thank you. isis also claiming credit for several acts of carnage last week. a series of suicide bomb attacks in yemen. 100 u.s. special forces and military trainers evacuated this week amid fierce rebel fighting so quickly, they had to leave equipment behind. and to new orleans, with a new concern in the airport attacker's deadly arsenal. a bag full of molotov cocktails. police are crediting both luck and training for limiting the damage. but should tsa agents be armed? kendis gibson tonight. >> reporter: 40 seconds is all it took for richard white to cause terror in the new orleans
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airport, the jefferson parish sheriff says tonight, triggering concerns over airport safety. >> he was shot up here. i'm looking at him. >> reporter: the 63-year-old allegedly storming security friday, attacking tsa officers with poisonous spray and a machete. officer carol richel, shouting at passengers to run. white, charging toward her. >> i was calling run, run to get away from him. >> reporter: a lieutenant reacting quickly, shooting the suspect three times. >> officer sylve is my hero. she saved my life. the man was within inches of whacking me with a machete. >> the bullet went through here and here. >> reporter: white later died from his injuries. in 2013 a gunman shot and killed a tsa officer and injured three others at the los angeles airport. the violent incidents leading some to question whether tsa agents should be armed. >> the reason you don't want tsa armed is because they have intimate contact with passengers who could then potentially get a hold of their weapon and harm somebody.
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>> reporter: new orleans officials say the quick action taken by richel and others that night proves the current system works. the recent scares have some wondering, why not move the security checkpoint to the entrance of airports? but with 750 million annual passengers in this country many experts say, that's just not practical. tom? >> thank you. and from texas, encouraging news about the women shot in an apparent road rage incident. she had been discharged from the hospital. she was driving to work friday when the driver of a white suv shot her in the back of the head. the suspect is still at large. now, to what looks like the real kickoff to the 2016 presidential race. tomorrow, ted cruz, expected to announce he's a candidate. and appeals to a democratic senator to challenge hillary
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clinton. david wright with the details. >> reporter: the starting gun for 2016. tomorrow, this senator from texas becomes the first politician in either party to announce for president. ted cruz is a tea party favorite. first out of the gate in what's shaping up to be a crowded republican field. senator rand paul announces two weeks from tomorrow. former governor jeb bush -- >> hey. >> reporter: you excited to be in iowa? >> i am. >> reporter: is already campaigning but not yet officially in. same for governor chris christie, former senator rick santorum, and governor rick perry. have you made up your mind yet? >> no, i haven't. i'll do that in the latter part of may, first part of june. >> reporter: the democrats, by contrast, don't have much choice. but that email controversy continues to haunt hilary clinton. the congressional committee investigating benghazi now calling for her to turn over her private server to a third party. who does that leave? not elizabeth warren. even though the boston globe joined the chorus urging her to
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reconsider. not jerry brown either. for now, the only democrat who seems to be mounting a challenge is former maryland governor martin o'malley. ♪ feel like you still have a choice ♪ singing this weekend in iowa, but still not saying if he's in. david wright, abc news, new york. at the university of virginia, new questions about the takedown of a black student outside of a bar. they say he was drunk and belligerent, but the bar owner with a much different view. virginia state police are investigating tonight. here's linsey davis. >> hey! his head is bleeding! >> reporter: tonight a new account of what happened in the moments leading up to this disturbing scene, uva student martese johnson under arrest, bleeding from the head. >> i go to uva! i go to uva! >> reporter: after the 20-year-old johnson was carded and turned away from a pub, alcohol beverage control agents restrained him, claiming he was "belligerent" and "very agitated." charging him with public
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intoxication and obstruction of justice. but the co-owner of the bar, kevin badke, is now speaking out, disputing that account. >> i didn't think he was intoxicated at all. he was very cordial. i actually asked him what high school he went to. he was just disappointed he didn't get in, you know. and he was just acting like a normal college kid. >> reporter: what then happened could have been made more clear if agents were equipped with body cameras, a promise the department made almost two years ago after another alleged incident of student harassment. the use of those cameras, still under review. johnson, who needed ten stitches in his head, has spoken out through his attorney. >> the trauma from what the abc officers did yesterday will stay with me forever. >> reporter: many here believe race was likely a factor. so you don't think that if it had been a white student, underage, entering the pub, that he would have been arrested also? >> i do not believe so. for underage students to be trying to enter bars, it's something that happens literally every night. >> reporter: at a meeting between students and law enforcement friday, black students walked out in protest.
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martese was among them. linsey davis, abc news, virginia. >> thank you. and we want to turn to weather on this second day of spring. beaumont, texas. waiting for the flood waters to drain away after heavy rain this weekend. plus, new snow in iowa and other parts of the midwest. snow intensifying tonight. rob marciano is here. where can we expect that snow to go? how cold is it going to get? >> we just upgraded to winter storm warning in some parts. so it's getting some strength here. snow fall could be impressive. i think it will get into chicago by tomorrow morning. an inch or two, and there could be pockets of up to eight inches in southern minnesota. 16 in new york city, 5 in boston. impressive for late march. and we'll see some threats of severe weather, i think it's
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about to change after some quiet. >> still so cold in many places. rob, thank you. and a fiery scene after a helicopter crash. leaving at least one dead. the chopper smashing into an upscale home. investigators trying to determine what went wrong. bazi kanani with the story. >> reporter: the smoke rising high above an upscale orlando neighborhood. >> we have lots of bystanders. >> reporter: emergency crews arriving minutes after panicked calls shortly after 2:00 p.m. reporting a helicopter crash. the fragments of the shattered aircraft strewn across the block. >> it appears we do have some type of object inside. >> reporter: the chopper, buried so deep, crews couldn't immediately determine the cause of the fire.
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it was under control moments later. at least one victim found dead in the wreckage. in fact investigators said it was the pilot or someone else. investigators say there was no one inside the apartment at the time of the crash. they're still working to find out why the chopper came down so suddenly, right over a dense neighborhood. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. sister -- starbucks making a major announcement about their race together campaign. writing a slogan on the side of their cups to spark dialogue about race. but mara schiavocampo with the update. >> reporter: tonight, an end to a starbucks initiative that stirred up lots of controversy. ceo howard schultz announcing baristas will no longer be writing "race together" on coffee cups. an initiative launched earlier this month to spark national conversations on race. >> i think we knew going in, this is a highly emotional issue
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that divides many people across the country when you talk about race and racial inequality. >> reporter: the program is ending as planned. in a memo to employees, shultz writing, "we believed that starting this dialogue is what matters most." after receiving harsh criticism online, comments like "i don't have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you and still make my train." the backlash so strong, a company executive temporarily deleted his twitter account, saying he felt personally attacked. but some customers we spoke to thought generating conversation is not a half-brewed idea. >> it's cool that they've decided to do something. most places do nothing. >> reporter: now the company says it will move forward with other initiatives, including opening more stores in urban communities and providing job opportunities for 10,000 young people over the next three years.
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>> thank you. still ahead, the ski accident. we're finding out what went wrong. still ahead, are self-driving cars really that far off? a self-driving car about to take a historic road trip. but not before we take a test drive. those stories, coming up. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one
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one tried the newest allergy spray which could take several days to feel the full effect of relief. the other took claritin-d which starts to work on allergies with nasal congestion in 30 minutes. the moral? nothing works faster than claritin-d. welcome back. imagine one day cruising down the highway with your car on autopilot. making turns and switching lanes while you're checking e-mails. aditi roy on the cross-country experiment tonight. >> reporter: tonight, this audi suv hitting the road to the record books. the first coast-to-coast trip without a human driver, just an engineer behind the wheel, hands-free, but ready to take control in case anything goes wrong. from san francisco to new york,
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the 3,500-mile, 10-day trek, a critical road test for the self-driving car. once the stuff of sci-fi thrillers like "minority report." it could be here sooner than you think. >> a self-driving car is not going to get distracted. it's not going to be texting and driving. it's always ready. >> reporter: we went on a test drive with delphi, the company behind this experiment. our audi outfitted with cameras, lasers, and 22 sensors. if someone comes into your lane really fast, can these lasers pick it up? >> much faster than a human actually. >> reporter: really? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: the technology allowing the vehicle to see a 3d, 360-degree view at all times, including pedestrians, traffic lights. it even reads road signs. and it's making this turn perfect. pretty amazing. >> the car is set up to drive very conservatively. >> reporter: now automakers like bmw, ford, and mercedes-benz all have self-driving cars in the
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works. and just this week, tesla announcing its model "s" sedans will be able to drive on autopilot this summer. still, there are plenty of roadblocks. we're about five years away. and even then it will probably be only under certain circumstances, like freeways. >> reporter: a long road ahead, but one excellent adventure. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> that's not too far away. coming up, so many busted brackets. but it's the one broken heart that's gone viral tonight. our "instant index," um --up next.
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you're a better you all day. tylenol®. back now with our "instant index." new information on a ski lift accident in maine we first told you about last night. the frightening moment when the chair lift
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rolling backwards, seven people injured. investigators saying the cause was a major mechanical failure on the gearbox. and to england, where a medieval king, richard iii, his remains being retired. in the wooden coffin the carriage pulled to the battlefield where he was killed in 1485. they were discovered under a parking lot in 2012. hiss -- his 17 nephew was there. with a new seal of approval from the queen, the reburial will take place thursday week. and the coach who moments after telling us not to be sad did this. >> i love these kids, man. i love them. >> coach ron hunter, in a heartbreaking moment breaking down as he praised his son.
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the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. finally tonight, regardless of where you live, north, south, east, or west, there's one thing we can agree on, barbecue tastes good. now scientists are working on why we love it so much.
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rebecca jarvis with what happens when the smoke and sauce kick in. >> reporter: when it comes to barbecue, you don't mess with texas. austin is known for serving up some of the best. barbecue sauce alone, an over $400 million a year industry in the u.s. austin is also home to the south by southwest festival. where thousands flock to find tomorrow's next big thing in technology. so why not combine the two? >> this is your brain on barbecue. >> reporter: your brain on barbecue. >> that's right. >> reporter: welcome to the tasty lab that will map your brain waves while you dine. >> we're using an eeg headset to try to figure out what's happening to your brain when you eat barbecue. >> reporter: this device, meant to measure how much flavor i can pick up in each dish. very attractive, i'm sure. >> that's right. >> reporter: now it's time to dig in. and when i bite into the barbecue -- look at how high it is. >> yeah, yours is pretty high. >> reporter: g.e. is hoping to use the data to analyze how our brains react to different flavors.
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and to see if science can find that perfect barbecue recipe. mmm! and i'm more than willing to help along their research. rebecca jarvis, abc news, austin. >> that's definitely new to us. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir will be back tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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