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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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prom. >> following breaking stories on this thursday, march 26. disturbing details about the final seconds of the jet line that crashed into the french alps. >> spring tornado season is in full swing as a deadly storm sweeps through the plain states leaving a person dead. >> good morning everyone, thursday, tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> let's get weather and
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traffic. good morning guys. >> reporter: we have a batch of showers creeping up the coast from the south that will push in parts of the region later this morning and more showers out to the west that will pop in this afternoon. clouds and sun occasionally. we have a couple of issues for the morning commute. lots of area of fog not necessarily widespread, but we're looking for the potential of low clouds and patchy fog. be careful of that. scattered showers can't be ruled out in the morning commute. temperatures not as cold as the last couple of mornings. 42 in philadelphia. 36 in allentown. 39 in wilmington. 46 in millville. all these numbers above freezing, so we don't have to worry about ice on the ground. 42 currently and still there at 8:00 a.m. noon, 54. # p.m., 68 degrees, i expect a high close to 70. that will be late in the afternoon around 4:00. might be a rumble of thunder
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around during the day too the big story is going to be how mild it's going to be. it is march and the cooler air will be back. >> reporter: we're looking at fog and drizzle. i-95 at girard where we've seenment construction pick up, blocking the two left lanes the traffic moving better i-95 northbound at girard. northbound this is the traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. not causing any major problems. front cone i can't -- franconia county we have an accident at cow path road. animal democrat road at swedesboro avenue we have an accident, as well. looking live in new jersey, a little bit of fog northbound traffic at creek road moving fine with light volume, matt. >> breaking right now the disturbing clue that has merged
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into the investigation in the germ wings crash in the alps. the voice data recorder reveals one of the pilots was locked out of the airbus and trying to get in. one of the passengers was a graduate of drexel university. >> reporter: matt, you're right investigators are looking at the new clue from the voice recorder is to what happened on the german wings jet corder. >> reporter: on the recording you can hear is one of the pilots locked out of the cockpit banging on the door trying to get back in, all 150 people were killed in the crash among them, emily selke on the flight traveling with her mother. yesterday the university said they were sadden to hear of the tragic loss.
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>> it's sad to see that she was in drexel. even though i didn't personally know her, i feel feel terrible for her family. >> it affects the drexel community my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. >> reporter: emily selke just graduated in 2013 is a music major. she returned home to her hometown in virginia outside of washington, d.c. after graduation. we'll have more coming up with the latest information coming out of the voice data today. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> we have more at you can read more about emily selke plus photos of the crash scene. >> one person is dead and many injured after the skies were
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interrupted with tornados. >> reporter: what's left this morning is the heartbreaking mess for the first victims of this year's tornado season. >> looks like her roof over there. and my roof. >> reporter: the dangerous storm exploding over oklahoma. that's more power flashes. punching winds and pounding hail. camera after camera capturing the threat the wrote taight clouds turning into full-scale tornados wiping out nearly this entire mobile home community in sandy springs. a close call for hundreds. >> my dad was in the kitchen the roof fell in on him. >> reporter: 60 people were inside this collapsed gym are
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okay. so is the grateful driver of this overturned pick up. >> i'm very fortunate i hung upside down until somebody got here. >> reporter: one person did not survive and many left injured in the tornado's first splash. there are thousand without power, but the severe weather threat in the heartland is over for now. abc news, washington. stay with "action news" and "good morning america" for continuing coverage for developing stories "g.m.a." is next at 7:00 a.m. >> this is new on "action news," two men robbed a philadelphia supermarket shopper of an unusually large amount of cash. the victim was carrying $3,000 outside the shopping bag on north broad in logan last night. the bandits held up the customer in the parking lot. the victim was not hurt. a septa driver was attacked on a route 7 bus and had to be
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treated at temple university hospital. this happened yesterday evening. police arrested a man who they say punched the driver. happening today a judge will try for the second time to sentence a defendant convicted of murdering a man for his expensive headphones. garcia got into a scuffle with a deputy sheriff. a injury found him guilty of killing the victim for his headphones. fans are invited to pay their respects to a legendary philadelphia eagle. two viewings will be held for chuck bednaric. he passed away over the weekend. 89 years old. known to many as concrete charlie. he have played his college career at penn a bronze statue
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of him stands at franklin field. >> hundreds of teenagers lined up last night at the rec center in philadelphia. there was a huge response everyone couldn't fit into the same room. >> i never thought about doing anything like this, you know, it might be a fun opportunity. >> this is an alternative to hanging out during the summer on the streets doing nothing. you don't have to get in trouble. >> recently announced plans will expand the summer programs, 2500 jobs are up for grabs. there's another job fair on saturday at the lawncrest creaks center 6000 rising sun avenue from noon to 2.
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hear why a california woman could be facing criminal charges no rain in the area just yet, but we have an issue with fog, not everywhere, but it's the thickest down the shore. a little bit of a visibility issue through millville and dover not so bad for now anyway, around the i-95 corridor. we'll be back with the day planner forecast and let you know where the rain is going today and where the temperatures wind up, it's all ahead in the seven day.
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>> 4:42, here's another dose of it could be much worse. a snowfall in wisconsin brought 2 to 4 inches. they are expecting more snow today and temperatures dip in the low teens tonight and the chilly temperatures and winds stick around through the weekend in wisconsin. >> meantime we're going up in the numbers. >> reporter: today will be mild, the trade off, a little bit rain every now and then. this morning storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're off to a dry start.
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a little fog might be producing drizzle in south jersey and down the shore. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies for the most part across the region. every thou and then perhaps you can see a little bit of a star showing through, as we catch the boardwalk in atlantic city, really difficult to see from the top of the casino, or condo tower where we have the camera positioned, because the fog is dense along the boardwalk. 32 in philadelphia. mild this morning calm winds and early fog. as we take a wider view there's showers coming up the coast popping through south jersey and delaware. i could see that at the endful rush hour. and then we'll have sunny breaks before more showers filter in during the day and hang with us. future tracker 6 handlerling --
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handling the hours around 10:00 a.m. we'll have a portion of the day where it's wet. notice how the showers are making it into the northern and western suburbs. this afternoon lighter on and off precipitation, i'll keep the umbrella handy. 6:00 a.m., we'll be on the look out for showers and thunderstorms coming out of the north and west, those roll through in the evening hours. by 11:00. looks like most of this heading toward the coast. friday morning might be damp. that's the main batch of rain later tonight. 42 degrees is the temperature at 8:00. by 11:00 51. 63 degrees by 2:00. we climb up to 69 degrees, we'll hit that high around 4:00 and still be on a similar number of 68 by 5:00 p.m. spotty showers on and off through the day and rumble of thunder later this this evening. high temperatures, a bit of a
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range. 58 in atlantic city, and 57 in cape may. you'll have a portion of the day where the winds come off the cool ocean and keeping you cooler. a model run suggests showers and rain on friday, that's 10:00. looks like this gets out of here, mainly in the morning and later in the day we could see the return of sunshine on friday, unfortunately it's going to be cooler. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mild today high of 69. some of you might see 70. but there will be damp conditions and spotty showers throughout the day and rumble of thunder this afternoon an are oh evening. cooler tomorrow, showers possible, sun returning later in the day. 52. feeling like winter on saturday, there will not only be a strong, brisk breeze giving windchills in the 30s but there's a chance of a flurry or snow shower popping through. sunday we're better in the
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afternoon, 48 and back in the 50s as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> we're getting there. >> reporter: yeah. >> now to a developing story. a california woman who wassedly kidnapped for ransom and found safe was apparently not be a deducted. appears the disappearance denise huskins was a hoax. she also no longer cooperating in the investigation. a student bloodied by liquor control agents has pleaded not guilty. a gash in his head required stitches. the virginia governor ordered agents to be retrained. time for a automatic look at business at the big board.
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payday lenders will unveil a new set of proposed rules today aimed at preventing low income borrowers being buried by deep debt. ford has announced a new technology that automatically slows down vehicles that are driving faster than the speed limit. the newest addition of the cars come with intelligence speed indicators. it could be a good option for parents who have teens for drivers. stocks down on wednesday it's mixed right now. starbucks is offering birthday cake frappacinno today. it marks the 20th anniversary
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of frappacinno. the soldier who slipped away from his base in afghanistan and held captive five years is facing prison time. find out why a man is facing criminal charges that's later. #
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>> reporter: welcome back it is thursday, we almost made it through the week, one more alarm clock and we're looking good. looking live in chester county, as you head out we have a touch of fog or drizzle. for now there's no problem at route 100 at 113. you can see ahead of you the fog is not so thick it's causing an issue. cow path road and indian creek road just cleared. traffic is moving better. but we still have that emergency construction that's cause causing a problem right now. the bridge over neshaminy creek is closed use line lexington road. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city very light volume as we look live approaching cottman and northbound approaching girard the construction i wand you
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about has cleared there that has moved out nicely through the region. >> bowe bergdahl has been charged with desertion he left his base in 2 a 09 and captured by the taliban. military spent five years looking for before go to working his release. president obama administration released five taliban price prisoners last year for his release. his attorney said williams have nothing to do with the shooting and police should be searching for the real gunman. a fraternity on the university of north carolina has
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been banned members have been told to leave the on campus house this comes a week after a notebook was found stay restaurant near campus. another fraternity at the school is being investigated for sexual assault at its house. a lehigh valley man recovered from hernia surgery won a 70 million-dollar lottery prize. he said his dad sends him a five thousand dollar week for life scratch off. last time he sent 7 million-dollar ticket. he had no idea he would win when he scratched it. >> we're going to invest the money and enjoy life. >> they plan to take a nice trip soon. his dad purchased the winning ticket at a dollar store in new york city. >> good for them. coming up in the next half-hour of "action news."
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hackers demand ransom from a south jersey school district. >> a median is speaking out about the bill cosby sex claims. her name is chelsea handler and she offers an opinion on his guilt or innocence.
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new on "action news," this man's exercise routine led to his arrest in new england maybe because he prefers to work out
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without clothes on. his exercise took place in front of his window at his home. his neighbors say his naked work outs are common. police arrested him for indecent exposure. on the people scene a bank is foreclosing on northeastern pennsylvania of the hartford township properties, the 55-year-old owes 275,000-dollar. he told "good morning america" he was restoring homes in time rural susquehanna town. comedian chelsea hander is speaking out about an experience with bill cosby. she said cosby asked to see her
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in his room. she claimed she felt uncomfortable and brought male friends with her. she was reminded of the encounter after women came forward accusing him of sexual assault. >> this morning's latest franklin and marshall poll describe how people in pennsylvania feel about the state of the state. >> reporter: a health heritagecy is declared in a rural town in indiana to keep people safe against a deadly disease "action news" continues.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. thursday, march 26. tam is off, nydia han joins us. we have breaking news this morning. >> military operation is underway overseas to take back a city from rebels. >> tornadoes destroys homes in okay home leaving a path of destruction.


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