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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> hey everyone, march 26, 6:00 a.m. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> a military operation is underway overseas to take back a key port city back from rebels. >> tornado leave a path of destruction in the plain states. >> karen is looking at traffic and david is outside to tell us what it's like good morning. >> reporter: we have cloud on satellite and we have sprinkles and showers coming up from the south that are popping through the region in cape may county and delaware. there's additional action come in west of pittsburgh and we'll be on the look out for spotty
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showers. in some areas we have low clouds and fog. visibility is poor down by the shore and trenton. everybody else is doing better, be careful in that happens. before the end of the rush hour, a scattered scattered shower in spots is not out of the question. we have half mile in wildwood and beach haven. in lancaster 1 1/2 mile visibility. not too bad but again use caution. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 40s in millville and wildwood and dover. 3 # in allentown. the weekend is coming, kids, hang in there it's thursday, 39 roont on -- right now on the storm tracker 6 live app with fog here and there. 42 degrees by 8:00. noon, 54. 3:00 p.m., 68 mild degrees. we've cooler air coming back in
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, i'll have that and the details on the future tracker. >> reporter: this is route 1 approaching media bypass, we had a disabled vehicle that cleared traffic is moving nicely. i-95 approaching cottman you can see the fog in this shot, this is southbound traffic showing volume building at this point. no major delays, a 14 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. you're looking good so far. in gloucester county we have a terrible accident, here, someone was seriously injured. they shut down democrat road and swedesboro avenue. 42 northbound traffic a little volume buildings no major problems a touch of fog here. matt and nydia. >> breaking overnight. saudi arabia on airstrikes against shiite hoot houthis
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rebel positions. the rebels have swept south and led the country president to flee the the border by sea. iran's from foreign minister said the airstrikes are a dangerous step that will worsen the crisis in yemen. >> deadly twisters ripped through the heart of tornado alley. >> we got another one. >> tornado sirens blader always the skies over oklahoma erupted. strings of electrical transformers looked like bombs going off. schools in tulsa and moore have canceled all classes for today. >> this house got the worst of it. the garage blown in here, the windows are blown in, the roof taken right off the house. >> tens of thousands of residents are without power as
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officials assess the damage. >> there was reportedly a major clue is to what happened in the final moments. domed germanwings flight. friends and family of the 150 people on board are preparing to travel closer to the crash site. eva pilgrim is live at the directle university where one of the victims is a graduate. good morning eva. >> reporter: good morning, nydia. this morning investigators are trying to understand a new clue from the voice recorder is to what happened in the moment before the germanwings secret liner went down. this is a voice recorder. a newspaper is saying one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit banging on the door. investigators are trying to figure out what he was locked out and what was going on in the cockpit. all 150 people on board were killed in the crash. among them, seblg emily selke.
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who was on board traveling with her mother. >> they were not two americans on the plane but two amazing loving people who left behind friends and family who love and miss them a lot. >> reporter: now, seblg -- emily selke just graduated in 2013. the university released a statement yesterday saying they were deeply saddened by the loss. >> heartbreaking for the whole community. a poll shows more voters thing pennsylvania is heading in the right direction since anytime since 2010.
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47% feel it is off track. >> the white house is backing new regulations to stop predatory payday loans. maribel aber is live in time square with our market watch report. >> reporter: good morning, matt, president obama will defend the consumer protection bureau in a speech today. the speech comes as the bureau propose os -- proposes new reduce for payday lenders. if you shopped a radio shack recently, your customer information is up for auction. texas is one of the several states objecting to the auction. the attorney general said the info up for grabs includes customers name and e-mails and phone numbers. the dow was down 3 pun
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points yesterday, it's pointing to a lower open. starbucks is celebrating 20th birthday of frappacinno. you can get a frappacinno cake. there are 28 varieties listed on starbucks website. in case you're counting calories frappacinno run 400 calories. >> thanks for doing the math. >> am i so boring i drink black coffee. >> reporter: i don't drink coffee at all. just don't like caffeine. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have a little bit of rain down to the south. it's light sprinkles and isolate ed showers at this point. in cape may county, and cumberland county, and areas south of dover delaware you're getting the rain.
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it's going to be the beginning of the day of on and off rain. as we look outside we have cloud cover across the region. obviously we have rain showers in the vicinity. we're expecting main cloudy skies and spotty on and off precipitation. we're mild this morning that were the last couple of mornings. close to the freezing mark in allentown. 38 in wilmington, sea isle city, the boardwalk and dover delaware. milder today, because of the southerly flow that's drawing the milder air in ahead of the approaching cold front that's out to the west of us. future tracker 6 is showing us how at 10:00 there could showers near the lehigh valley and the shore getting this. we push into the noon hour looks like a good portion of the region is looking at hours. every now and then you'll get a steady period of rain. and then we move to the rest of the afternoon, spotty stuff not raining everywhere all the time. mild with the southerly flow
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bringing the temperatures up. we get into the evening hours we may get a lull with mild air getting us up close to 70 degrees, at the same time we're looking out for a cold front coming in from the west producing a strong line of thundershowers and thunderstorms. that will roll through the region all the way to the shore. there could be a rumble of thunder as the passes through. in allentown, clouds around, spotty showers thunder possible later in the day or evening. 64 degrees is the high in the lehigh valley. that's not bad. down the shore not as mild because you'll have a fetch off the water that will bring the cooler air in off the cool ocean water. 58 degrees, not a bad day. in philadelphia we'll go for a high up close to # 0. if we manage to squeeze out sun we'll get to 70. 69 is it a good bet. mainly cloudy skies and showers on and off thunderstorm by evening.
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42 by 8:00. 51 by 11:00. 62 by 2. high of 69 around 4:00 p.m. tomorrow morning there's a chance we start out damp with a period of rain or showers, by the afternoon we're beginning to dry out and clear out with the return of sun. unfortunately will be cooler as the front bringing us the warm air today will be out to sea. 69 is today's mild high. damp at times as you just saw. a rumble of thunder later today or tonight. tomorrow, cooler, high of 52. saturday, 40 is the high, you're still looking at windchills in the 20s in the morning the 30s in the afternoon. a flurry around maybe a small snow shower here or there, it will feel like winter on saturday. fortunately by sunday afternoon we're in the 40s and 50s as we head into the next week's workweek. >> 6:10 we're following developing news, there's a
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desperate search underway at the site of a deadly collapse overseas. >> automaker has a cure for a lead foot. >> reporter: we have a touch of light fog right here. we'll check the fog in bucks county and have an update on the serious accident coming up. >> if you're a fashion don't don't worry tech tech bytes has shoes that will change color to match your outfit.
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>> we are looking at a live picture of moore oklahoma. a small twister roared through the city of moore badly damaging homes. officials in tulsa are trying to figure out if it was a tornado that plowed through there or straight line winds. in tulsa one person was killed. this is the first deadly tornado of the tornado season in oklahoma. >> karen rogers is taking a look at the foggy conditions out there, karen. >> reporter: yeah, the only weather-related problems we have is the fog and light showers in the southern region. this is bucks county i-95 at east lincoln highway as the cameras are looking down on it. it's more evident here. you'll have reduced visibility
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in this area. we're looking at .3 in trenton. along the coastline visibility is half mile. 4 miles at philadelphia international and allentown not as bad there. .5 in lancaster. in some areas the fog a particular issue this morning. we have an update on the accident, a serious one people injured on the scene where a car ran off the road into field. gloucester county, democrat road at swedesboro avenue. they cleermd the accident scene -- they have cleared the accident scene all things open on democrat road. salem county, 295 southbound approaching the turnpike we have construction blocking the left lane that will last through the morning commute. griffith road construction there, as well. lasting a little longer until 2:00 p.m. people are warning about the potholes. they are everywhere. main street in phoenix grill a
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member of -- phoenixville a member of the 6abc team warning us about it. we'll send you notifications of up coming problems on the weekend. we get a lot of congestion then, so we'll help you out. >> developing now, 14 people were killed when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in vietnam. dozens of people are injured. it's unclear if anymore workers are trapped in the rubble. the governor of indiana said he will sign a public health emergency declaration today after a spike in hiv cases. the epidemic tracks back to january when a dozen cases popped up in scott county. health officials confirmed 72. others have preliminary positive infections. workers with the cdc are helping with the screening in an effort to slow the problem.
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>> jesse jackson junior is set to be released from prison. he spent almost 17 months at a facility in alabama. he pleaded guilty to using campaign funds for personal use. jackson the son of the civil rights leader will spend time at a halfway house in washington d.c. ford fights the need for speed arena facebook is should feeling the deck again. here's tech bytes. >> reporter: new features are coming to the facebook messenger appear. >> users will be able to use it to insert content from a range of popular appears from espn into their conversation. >> reporter: user can interact directly with accompanies. >> ford will unveil an intelligent speed limiter. >> reporter: it will only be available on the ford s max sold only in europe. no plans to bring it to the u.s. model. >> a lot of people will hit the
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override button. it's a new way to use smart shoe. >> it can change color and patterns in an instant. it could be out by christmas not so sure the tsa will like that. >> i think that's fun. >> i like it. next and new at 6:00 a.m. a local community is being under to conserve water. >> a member of congress on the straight and narrow. the problem is she was supposed to park at an ankle. >> reporter: that's strange. we have a coat on the kids this morning, it's chilly. umbrella for the afternoon as we have scattered showers. i'll have the day planner forecast and get you to the airport next. from the inside out... with humira. humira works by targeting and helping
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>> new at 6:00, despite the snow and rain on the way bucks county is under a drought watch.
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27 counties have ground level below average. dep wants everyone to conserve water. >> we conserve water filet. >> reporter: absolutely, we have -- we conserve water anyway. >> reporter: absolutely. we have a new accident chester county route 100 approaching pottstown pike. hard to see from this vantage point in the dark. looks like the vehicle ran off the roadway here. police are blocking the right lane, not causing a major delay but you can see how everybody has one lane to get by, northbound route 100 as you head toward exton. mass transit everything is on time right now and looking good, dave. >> reporter: most areas around the region are in the upper 30s and low 40s right now karen by 9:00 a.m. we expect philadelphia to climb to 44. there's a chance of spotty showers, but a certainty today is how temperatures are going to
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climb. 54 by noon. 68 by 3:00 p.m. the high today is expected to be 69 around 4:00 p.m. we might touch 70 or so if we squeeze out extra sunshine. keep and umbrella handy. there's the system that will come through and give us theshowers, down so the south looking okay. at the airport going for all green aircraft on most of our destinations. in philadelphia we have posted some delays, i'm not sure what it is there could low visibility issues, because the clouds are lowering. check with your airline because of the delays that have popped up at philadelphia international. >> a new study finds smoking and on the bus -- obesity is
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linked with low back pain. reachers say linking this factors is key because prenches could avoid or diminish the financial and emotional cost of the condition. >> kentucky, wisconsin and duke are the number one seeds remaining in sweet 16. temple advanced in the semifinals over louisiana tech at the liacouras i can't -- center. the owls play on tuesday. >> eva pilgrim is live on the drexel campus where they are mourning one of the americans killed in the airbus crash in the alps, eva. >> reporter: matt, new information is coming out a new clue from the voice recorder about what happened in the moments before the crash.
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♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> from our delaware newsroom, poker players in time diamond state can gamble online against players in las vegas. the site is up and running. >> you are about to watch what some on the internet are calling the worst parking jobs in the u.s. capitol. >> if she can park like that?
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>> reporter: eleanor holmes norton pulled into an angle spot straight on barely scrimmage between -- skim be between two parked cars. the delegates' spokesperson said neither cars were damaged. cleanup today from the first deadly tornado of the cone. we'll take a look at the damage when "action news" comes right back
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>> happening now on "action news," a foggy start for some of us, will make way for a warm, wet thursday. >> breaking overnight the plain states begin picking up the pieces from the first deadly
6:30 am
storm. tornado season. >> a local college mourns the loss of a graduate who was on the domed germanwings flight, new clue to what made the plane go down that sent aviation experts into a tailspin. we have david ascertain -- and karen with weather and traffic. >> reporter: we have cloud cover rolling in and breaks over the terrace early on. there's a batch of precipitation in south jersey and delaware. and more coming in from the west. we have low clouds and some areas of fog. if you encounter that, slow it down. scattered showers can't be ruled out in parts of the region, before the end of rush hour. in terms of visibility it's worse down the shore. under a mile. half mile in atlantic city and beach haven. worse than that around trenton. philadelphia's official visibility is 4 miles. the ceiling is low. at the airport we're looking at
6:31 am
delays mounting at philadelphia international. a lot of of these are for arrivalling flights. if you're departing check with to make sure your flight is on time. orlando has fog this morning. no major delays there. 39 in philadelphia. 33 in allentown. a lot of 40s down south. the airport in atlantic city is up to 50. we'll be drawing in the mild air from the south. 8:00 a.m., 43. noon 54. 3:00 p.m., 68 degrees, the high of 69. some spots might touch 70. we'll have on and off showers and rumble of thunder tonight. karen when i come inside we'll talk about the cooler air coming in tomorrow. >> reporter: all right dave, as we scan our cameras route 100 northbound approaching pottstown pike. a car went off the road upen
6:32 am
embankment at this point. we're seeing emergency workers blocking a lane creating a slow go it's not a major delay but a slower go route 100 northbound approaching pottstown pike everybody slowing down with the all the emergency workers there. i-95 approaching cottman, this is southbound traffic jammed from academy to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard. a 24 minute right so far not terrible. we had a terrible accident people were injured, it shut down democrat road at swedesboro avenue. this is another one where a vehicle went off the road into a field. be careful about that. we have low clouds in spots as david has been saying. in new castle we have construction on 141 emergency bridge deck repair that lasts until the beginning of april.
6:33 am
>> police are on the hundred for a man who broke into a philadelphia home through a window and tried to rob a woman inside. this is new video from the 1700 block of south chadwick street in point breeze. this happened at 5:00 a.m. nothing was stolen and the woman was not hurt. investigators are talking to the victim right now. we're following new developments in time deadly germanwings plane crash. they will run special flights to southern france today so relatives of the victims can be near the search scene. crews resumed the mission at daybreak to recover the data recorder. the voice recorder revealed a game changing clue. a pilot has had been locked out of the compit. eva pilgrim has more -- cockpit. eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: investigators are looking at the new clue from the
6:34 am
voice recorder as to what happened moments before the crash. this is video of the voice recorder that was recovered from the crash. a newspaper is reporting that on the recording you can hear one of the pilots locked out of the cockpit banging on the door trying to get back in. investigators are trying to figure out what was going on. all 150 people were killed in the crash. among them, emily selke a recent drexel university graduate. she was on the flight traveling with her mother. yesterday the university said they were deeply saddened to hear of the tragic loss. >> it does affect everybody here even though i didn't personally know her, i feel terrible for her family. >> it affects the drexel community my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. >> reporter: now emily selke
6:35 am
graduated as a music industry >> national weather service confirmed the first deadly tornado of the season. someone was killed when the severe storm swept through oklahoma maria. high winds flipped trucks and knocked down power lines. tens of thousand are in the dark. schools are closed today. moore was the oklahoma city suburb where an ef-5 tornado killed 24 people two years ago. this is video in from tulsa, one by one firefighters rescued young girls and few adults carrying them to safety after the tornado hit the gymnastic studio they were practicing in. parents were in tears waiting to see if their kids were okay. 65 people were inside a gym when
6:36 am
the tornado hit as the walls came down them. a judge will try to sentence a man a second time for murdering a man for his expensive headphones. garcia was found guilty of killing christian massy in 2013 in order to steal his beats headphones. fans are invited to pay their respects for an eagles sports legend for chuck bednaric in bethlehem. he passed away last saturday at the age of 89. known to many as concrete charlie, the lehigh valley native played his college career at penn where a bronze statue of him stands at franklin field. the city of philadelphia is hiring for the summer. hundreds lined up at christie rec center.
6:37 am
2500 jobs from pool work to camps are up for grabs. >> i never thought about doing anything like this, until now. i mean it might be a fun opportunity. >> this is an alternative to hanging out during the summer on the streets doing nothing. you don't have to get in trouble. >> if you or your teen are looking for summer work. there's another job fair on saturday, long crest recreation center 6000 rising sun avenue from noon to 2:00 p.m. >> not summer yet but feeling like spring today. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live will show you in some areas it looks like spring. we have spring showers up the coast and delaware. sea isle, atlantic city, mays landing millville you're getting damp from the spotty showers. dover saying goodbye to the big one. but more coming in from the west. that's where the rain is for now. as we take a look outside we
6:38 am
have cloudy skies across the region. low ceilings causing problems at the airport. we'll talk about that a little bit later in the half-hour. as there are flight delays, surface visibility is up over 2 or 3 miles on the roads you're not looking at too much of a problem with fog locally. winds are calm, 39 degrees is the temperature. look at the dewpoint, almost the same temperature as the air temperature. there's an indication that there's a lot of moisture in the air and we're getting close to the saturation point. we have fog down the shore up by trenton. we have rain close to philadelphia and parts of south jersey and delaware. later in the day we might break out sunshine, but there's going to be the threat of more showers coming in. in fact you can see this guy coming up from washington, d.c. and southern virginia. that will make its way toward us later today. winds are out of the south on future tracker 6 which is good. we'll continue to draw in milder and milder air. as you look at the model we have periods of rain popping through
6:39 am
lunchtime a lot of area will be in and out of rain. more of the same by 3:00 p.m. some of you may want umbrellas with the kids on the way home depending on whether they get caught with that. there's a chance we get a lull in time for the evening commute with spotty sprinkles around. we'll be on the look out for the final wave of precipitation that drops out of the north this evening, along with the approaching cold front. as this comes through it's a period of steady rain and maybe rumbles of thunder. thunderstorms wouldn't be out of the question. cool by 8:00. 50s by 11:00. we spend the afternoon in the 6 offs, 63 by 2:00. high of 69 late in the day around 4:00 p.m. holding on to 68 by 5:00 p.m. spotty showers on and off through the day as you just saw. high temperatures, wilmington and dover could get up to 70. down the the shore you have a southerly flow coming off the ocean, so upper 350 as is there
6:40 am
in most -- upper 50s in most spots. tomorrow, we'll have showers in the morning and in the afternoon we'll have the returning sunshine tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high is 69 this is the mild one for this long forecast period. it will be damp at times but up closer to 70. tomorrow, rain in the morning drying in the afternoon. cooler high behind the front. 52. saturday, high of 40. windchills in the 20s in the morning and 30s in the afternoon. there could flurries and maybe a snow shower around on saturday. winter just doesn't want to quit. chilly to start out on sunday, dry, 48. back into the 50s monday, tuesday and wednesday. i think we'll see 60 at some point next week. >> i want to give winter a knuckle sandwich. we're following a developing story overseas, the u.s. steps up military
6:41 am
involvement in the fight against isis in the middle east. >> you can see the fog not too bad in chester county. the 30 bypass showing building volume at 340. we'll have the latest on the accident in chester county when "action news" comes right back.
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>> good morning everyone, taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. we have low cloud cover here, not necessarily fog that's causing arriving flights to be delayed, sometimes almost 90 minutes. check ahead if you're picking someone up or heading out. >> time to check traffic with karen. >> reporter: hi, you can see the fog in chester county, the accident scene here's what's
6:44 am
new, some of the emergency workers left the scene. the car went off the road up an embankment. this is route 100 northbound approaching pottstown pike. we can see traffic moving slower on ruth 100 northbound with emergency workers. looks like they are blocking the right lane and some of the workers off the side. one lane of traffic is getting by that's creating a slower go on route hundred northbound. not a major delay. let's get the latest with the fog, 4 miles at philadelphia international. .3 in trenton. along the coastline we're looking at a half mile to 1.7. more of an issue right there. on i-95 we're looking at slower speeds we're down to 14 miles per hour southbound as you look at the big picture, this is near girard, on the schuylkill expressway 17 miles per hour, westbound past the boulevard to past belmont at this point. a slower go there, as well.
6:45 am
issues around the region with the fog through the area. i want to go back right now and look at some of our other issues around the roadway. i want to show you what the fog looks like in other places. this is bensalem, bucks county. route 1 approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, again we're seeing the fog in the area. be careful as you slow down in the area. use low beams not high beams. >> gotcha. developing overnight the department. defense released brand new video of airstrikes on isis targets in tikrit iraq. it markets expansion of the military role in the country. the pentagon had sidelined forces because the effort to regain tikrit was an ironnian led -- 0 iranian led operation. the student bloodied by liquor control officers.
6:46 am
will plead guilty to charges. a gash in his ahead required stitches. virginia governor has ordered the state agents to be retrained. >> we are thrilled a local nfl player is proud of victory devon stills' daughter beat cancer. he posted this picture to let supporters know she is in remission. she is punching back toward the camera. we saw fist bumping ahead of leah's surgery. he specifically mentioned thank thank -- he specifically mentioned chop. she said she was kidnapped
6:47 am
and ransomed, now they are telling an entirely different story. dave. >> reporter: it's getting mild in parts of south jersey and delaware, you have sprinkles and showers, we'll be back with a look at radar and day planner forecast.
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6:49 am
>> reporter: we've been noticing the fog in some cameras, in some
6:50 am
spots worse than others. it's increased in new jersey, 42 northbound traffic at creek road. a little hard to see as you're traveling. we see the speeds lower northbound from lower landing road to 295. don't forget to use the low beams as you're traveling. 422 approaching countyman eastbound is heavy from approaching oaks to 23. mass transit is on time. west main street, this is a new accident west main street at white hall road. >> reporter: active fog in spots, the morning's first official rain, however is centered mainly over south jersey and delaware, and these showers are popping up from the southwest. eventually we'll see this push closer to philadelphia hopefully not until after the morning rush hour. we'll around 40 right now going to 44 by 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia. and then the numbers zoom. 54 by noon. 68 by 3:00 p.m.
6:51 am
the high 69 degrees by 4:00 p.m. if we manage to get sun in we might it hit 70. 67 by 7:00 p.m. one again we're going to the airport because we have low ceiling issues at philadelphia international that's forcing an 82 minute average delay on arriving flights. if you're leaving town check with or the airlines website to make sure everything is okay. >> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach is joining us live from the "g.m.a." studios of a preview of what's coming you happen in minutes. good morning amy. >> reporter: morning, matt and nydia. a midair mystery 9525 reports revealing that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit raising confess -- questions about what happened on the domed flight. sergeant bowe bergdahl has been charged with desertion and facing the possibility of life
6:52 am
in prison after abandoning his post in 2009. he speaks out about his years of isolation. a mysterious california story deemed real life gone girl. the california woman's alleged kidnapping story turns out to be a hoax after being found hundreds of miles away from her home. the big shakeup with one direction. he explained he wants to have a normal life. but that request is leaving thousands heart broken. social media awas ablaze yesterday. >> i wonder if the band is going to go in a different direction? [laughter]. >> late night comedian had that one. >> comedian chelsea handler is speaking out about bill cosby.
6:53 am
she said she was doing stands up with cosby at the atlantic city hotel ten years ago. he asked to see her in the room. she felt uncomfortable so she brought male friends with her.
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>> top stories and breaking at 6:56 philadelphia police are on the hunt for a man who broke through a home in point breeze through a window and tried to rob a woman inside. nothing wag stolen and the woman was not hurt. route 100 approaching pottstown, the accident is blocking the right lane, the vehicle ran off the road up an embankment and being pulled out on to a flat bed tow truck. look for. this is i-95 at cottman, the camera is up high looking down. the point is, that you hardly saw the fog a half-hour ago so in this area it's changed dramatically. >> reporter: at the same time down the shore we've southeastern the visibility increase, it depends on where you are this morning. we have showers along the shore as well creeping up toward millville new jersey it's going to be mild today, 68 at
6:57 am
3:00 p.m. 69 at 4:00 p.m. there will be on and off spotty showers and rumble of thunder this evening, won't that be exciting. >> "g.m.a." is next. for karen rogers, david murphy, nydia han, tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. have a great day everyone!
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, deadly tornado outbreak. [ sirens] severe storms tearing through the heartland turning over semis. >> this is all weather related. >> roofs ripped off homes. thousands without power. hail raining down. a dramatic rescue with more than 50 children trapped underneath the rubble. we talk to the survivors. also happening right now, locked out. new reports that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit right before that plane crashed in the alps. the voice recorder revealing the sounds of the pilot knocking on the door then pounding as the plane descended. the deepening mystery of what really happened on that packed airliner. new overnight, hostage hoax? that california woman who claimed she was kidnapped now found safe. police are


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