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tv   Inside Story  ABC  March 29, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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>> policing the police when their weapon is discharged. inside story starts right now! good morning everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is sunday, march 29. 2015. let's meet our insiders of the week. we have george burrell nonprofit executive. george meeks communication executive. collaborative reform initiative and assessment of did deadly force in the police department. fearing for their lives alone has given philadelphia police the mistaken belief they can use
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deadly force. this is what commissioner ramsey said about it. he asked for the report. he said the truth hurts but selective ignorance is fatal. let's look at the numbers and see what it's saying. the facts 400-officer-related shootings in philadelphia. 96 suspects died. 81% of those shot were black. 59% of the officers were white. the justice department said the vogues into the shootings lack consistency and focus. however, fatal police shootings in philadelphia dropped to 4. it's an 8 year low. justice recommending many things like training for new officers and especially new recruits. nothing the justice points to is signs of outright racism.
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>> i'm not sure that's the issue they were looking at. they were looking at this as an objective set of facts. there's a series of conclusions. i think sylvester johnson was a great police commissioner and police commissioner ramsey is a great police commissioner. you talk about people who are suspicious of everything and want to go home at night and not trained effectively. i think we have to treat them like lawyers you have to have continuing training for police officers and testing to make sure you understand the mental stability of the officers. because you're not going to get rid of the fear factor anytime soon. ii think the thing that drives police officers and their families they want to go home at night.
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>> what i took away from it, just like george, it's a matter of training. you have a young man or woman who want to go home to their children, sometimes they don't react in an appropriate way. it's clear they need more training. one thing i found they don't seemed to be trained in the use of trairs, -- trairs aye aye -- taser also which was a shock. >> there's up for debate still because they can stop the heart and kill someone. >> i think what is encouraging is the fact that the leaders in the city are embracing the reform and kind of change you talked about. less revictim nation, what can
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we do -- less re let's move beyond therimination. let's make it better because it's a dangerous. moving forward the signs are better. >> it's changing the cultural overall that's what training will do. if you can change the culture on both sides people have confident that the -- confidences that people are trained when they hit the streets. a lot of people who were shot had firearms. we have a proliferation of guns in the street. when people talk about gun reform that's what people are looking at within the city.
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again, commissioner ramsey invited doj in. the mayor said we'll take it up and bring in an oversight board and community oversight board and tapped a wonderful liter temple law -- leader, temple law school. the mayor made the pro -- proclamation we'll move forward with this. we have to invite the community to get involved. >> we've been down this road before the police advisory committee was started by mayor nutter who he was a councilman. we need more private sector in the public sector. in the way that the president is commander in chief.
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military is self protected and the police department is self protected by nature. as long as they police themselves they will never do it well. there has to be third party intervention in holding the police department accountable. >> is this part of mayor mayor nutter's legacy, he wants to implement a lot of what the justice department said. >> we're looking at the time line he has ten months left. >> get the ball rolling. >> again you have to put teeth to this. they are saying listener officers you need to come in and talk with us, when we say come in and talk with us. there are a lot of points that need to be hammered out and a lot of it will fall to the next mayor. >> let's continue in this vein and talk about heads of
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organizations involving police. tom wolf would like to see colonel marcus brown confirmed as the pennsylvania state police. this is the problem that the rank and file see. brown never attended the police academy, but wears the uniform something that upset people. he made headlines from removing signs near his home that were critical of him. some people may understand some may not because his daughter saw them. >> terry what's going on. >> republican leaders in the senate put out a statement saying withdraw the nomination, that includes the president pro tem of the senate, the majority leader of the senate. this appointment takes complication. in addition meryl streep said it's complicated. the sign he removed on the street leading up to the home were illegally placed there to begin with. but then there's an ordinance
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that says to get rid of an illegal sign it's about the process. >> it's about the uniform. >> it's deeper than that, it could be the fact that incoming governor did not appoint someone from the within. he is an outsider. it could be that the senate is using this as a tactical device in the negotiations that will play out with so many things governor wolf has -- >> pat vance is in support of marcus brown. she said he is one of her constituents. the whole thing is strange to me, i could imagine commissioner ramsey coming in and the rank and file saying he can't wear the uniform because he didn't go
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to the academy here. this manner has the background, it seems to be much to do about nothing. >> what do you think. >> this is not coming from the republicans. it's coming from the state troopers. we as people who don't wear uniforms, it's very important to them. the sign issue speaks to his temperment. my sources tell me the governor will go in another direction. >> this is a simple political decision. it has nothing to do with whether the guy is qualified. it's like what the president did with susan rice he made a political decision i'm not going through the confirmation fight i have to go through. i'll use the political capital. >> here's how it became partisan there's a letter that
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was was put in a mail box used an n-word attacking him. senator from philadelphia said he is standing behind the nomination and the majorities of his caucus. now we have partisanship in this, in ways we didn't have before. >> i think all that not standing comes down to the governor. >> this will make his budget fight difficult. we have it here, we have so much stuff. 6abc franklin and marshall poll my cope signed by g -- copy signed by g. terry mama -- terry madonna. 38% believe govenor wolf is
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throughing an excellent job. the race for toomey republican, 34%, sestak who lost to him but not by much and this candidate who always comes up, undecided. and many polled say they want education funding. >> 60% of the voters in the state say they like the package put out by the governor. income tax hikes sales tax will reduce your property tax we'll do a shale tax and fund education. education is the single -- >> people are rolling their eyes when they hear that scenario. >> reporter: i can tell you will the voters in chester county will hate this plan. let me give you a for instance.
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>> we'll get back to you. >> reporter: i don't want to fill buster. downingtown will pay $26 million income taxes will go up, property taxes will go down, but the school district itself received $100,000. you'll see $26 million as you canned out of the downtown area school district into philadelphia. >> i'm independent. republicans, you got this, republicans from the majority leader in the house to senator argol have all put in bills that would get rid of the property tax and increase sales. >> it's a matter of how you redistribute the money. >> not education spending which is the number one priority the voters have said it over and over, it was the number one issue in the campaign. it remains the number one priority. >> no argument here.
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>> what about the polls you're seeing in how he is doing? >> what i think is interesting about the budget that the governor presented it's very progressive and addresses a lot of constituency who like some of the things that are in it. i think he inside he'll never be more popular than he is right now. people decided in pennsylvania they like governor wolf. that gives him credibility and opportunities to do difficult things. if he only gets half of what he proposes. the is that what's doing? >> why not you don't want to mess around with this come hard get as much as you can while you can, and negotiate from that point. usually it goes downward from here. >> except his folks are saying this has to be taken is a whole. it doesn't work in the various
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parts. >> in the end it seems like, look, i don't think they are going to do the property tax. i don't think they will do the income and sales. let's take one other thing, what is popular and republicans have a bill in to do the extraction tax to put the money into education if pensions can be dealt with. senate republican leaders have laid the marker down, no pension reform we're not going to talk about revenue. >> ink what the governor has -- i think what the governor has said, he is saying to the business community i know what you love what i am doing on business tax but you cannot get that without support for this. he built a lot of constituencies around keeping things in the budget. he has created advocates. it's going to be interesting how republicans whole feel pressure -- >> 80% of the jobs being
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created by small businesses in pennsylvania. those owners are going to get whacked with an income tax you don't pay on corporate net tax base basis you pay at income tax levels. if you raise income taxes by 20%, there will be 20% increasen businesses. >> mayor's race next!
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>> time to talk the philadelphia mayor's race, there's always something new every week. here's what happened. there's james kenny, a lot of people think else in the lead right now. there's anthony williams who mailed a huge tv ad by. lynn abraham released an internal poll claiming she she is in the lead. i want to talk about milton street, a judge said he can remain in the race, he doesn't live in philadelphia and doesn't have membership with the democratic party. milton street on the ballot is good and bad for who finish the sentence? and you're not allowed to think. >> it's it's indifferent.
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i don't think he'll get the 24% that the got when he ran against the antimichael nutter vote when he ran 4 years ago. i don't think he will be a big factor in what happens in this election. >> i agree. >> shot down the milton street thing. >> the one point i would make because of the campaign finance limitations, we're already seeing the impact of outside groups, what we call outside groups that are in. the big buy by williams to go on television, i think what's remarkable about the primary we'll see larger amounts of money by the independent campaign committees that are going to dominant the air waves of and we're going to have to find out whether or not television trumps all of these endorsements that are being made and they are being made, kenny with the unions, williams with
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the party and party leaders. the dynamic has to play out but the outside money is probably going to eclipse anything we've seen in the past. >> the good winner would be the tv station and radio station they will make a lot of money that will be great. did an interesting on the street comment who are the candidates? orderly voters knew who they were. a lot of people didn't know who was out there. unfortunately there are not a lot of people paying attention and we're five weeks out. >> may 19th is the primary. >> kenny and williams are up on the air. williams is using his own money to fund his commercial. the outside money -- kenny's ads are being paid by an outside
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group, progressive group. i am a philly city committee man. >> you're from south philadelphia. >> i remember the machine and how it works. jim kenny is getting support from the northwestern part of the city where the machine knows how to get out the vote. if he could split up that part of the city between he and williams that would a path of victory. >> when someone wakes you mean on election day the only question is am i going to vote? i think right now senator williams has an advantage, he has his own money and independent group tony williams will have the visible presence on television, i think right now
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lynn abraham continues to be if you looked at polling numbers probably in the lead because she is the best known candidate. >> it's hard for her to grow. that's the problem without a television start. >> would you say james kenny is trying to solidify himself always the frontrunner right now and could that be dangerous for him with the primary in mid may? >> the other interesting thing senator williams has a ground game so to speak because of his support in southwest philadelphia. james kenny has a good number of supporters in different places around the city, but it's not necessarily coal lessed at this point -- coal lessed at this point. kenny and williams seemed to be neck in neck. doug oliver did cheeky polling
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saying he was in the lead, but is it hitting the people an does it matter. >> senator williams has the biggest base. if he can consolidate his base it's hard to beat it. 59% of voters are african americans. the in extensive elections in the city you've had multiple african-americans in the race, if that happened an african manner wouldn't win each of those races mayor street and mayor nutter won. it's going to beat him. >> the strange city council race many morale s as a candidate said he had facebook posts that were racist. he said that maria sanchez
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posted them. is this the oddest thing in philadelphia. >> it speaks to the world leaders they are not happy with sanchez, they say she is too abrasive. she has never gotten party support before. she said i'm going to win this because i am the best candidate. morales has the burden out there. to clear that up, it's going to be challenge. >> doesn't seem like there was much vetting going on with the party when they made the decision to do this. all right inside stories of the week are coming up. #
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>> inside stories the week we start with george. >> african-americans have begun to engage in the mayor's race. more than 500 african-american ma mama philadelphia power house in presidential politics, dnc is coming here, the leadership conference in june. we had jeb bush and chris christie in philadelphia to meet the power brokers and scot walker is next. the road to the white house goes through philadelphia. >> penndot takes a look at 1900 motorists over 45 every month to see if they should have to come in person and have an exam before they can get their drivers licenses renewed. if you're over 75. the voter of the state say hey
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you come in in person and get a physical exam and mental examine. >> reporter: we talk about community engagement when it comes to policing. we wants to goodbye to no veryvella williams. >> thanks to our panelists thank you for watching, that's inside story for this week, we'll see you next week. have a great sunday everyone, bye-bye.
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