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tv   Action News  ABC  March 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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officer murdered inside his home. >> plus the investigation is underway into a deadly plane crash in chester county next on "action news."
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>> a small plane goes down in chester county killing two on board. sunday night aim walter perez. shirleen alicott joins us in for sarah. >> the pilot and passenger were killed just after 1:30 this afternoon west goshen township not far from senior living facility. crash happened two miles from brandywine airport where the pilot took off. >> vernon odom joins us liver with the latest. vernon west goshen police are not releasing names of those who pairished in today's crash. it was brisk and clear. a beautiful day for flying. the piper cherokee remains in the field where it crashed andrew drive and sanders lane covered by red tarp less than 2 miles from brandywine airport
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where the flight originated. >> it was observed by people in the area that the plane took off from brandywine airport and shortly after taking off the plane started to sputter and then basically took a nosedive and came in down in the woods behind us brad was traveling when he sought fire. >> bunch of smoke and flames 20 feet up in the air. i thought it was a brush fire or something. obviously after we passed retirement center you could tell it was not that. >> harrison hill retirement complex was not affected at all and firefighters put the blaze out and found two victims in the plane. pilot and one passenger. >> it's a miracle that you know it did not hit the retirement community or you know any houses or you know anything else around here. i mean it's you know just disbelief. >> i do know some pilots that work for air lien and know pilots that fly out of here. so it's sad to hear the people
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deposit make it. >> again tonight local police and federal authorities who are launching investigation are still not releasing names of two people what pairished in today's plane crash. live in west goshen. chester county, vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you vernon. investigators in new jersey are trying to piece together a deadly accident in the train tracks hamilton. an amtrak train dproun boston struck a trespasser on the tracks by the hamill son station. that trespasser died at the scene. they were more than 500 people on the train at the time and none were injured. amtrak expects delays throughout the evening as the investigation continues 9 action cam was on the scene in andora section after a pickup struck snroomd a bank. it happened 4:00 this afternoon and the truck hit a pill are that holds up the truck to the teller booth a driver and
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passenger ran from the scene. >> a be loved local bakery was damaged during an early morning fire and owner now of denise's delicacies is trying to figure out how to recover from the heartbreaking setback. the blaze broke out bakey north 2 after 2:30 this morning and investigators think it started in kitchen in the rear of the building. the heartbroken owner says the fire came at the worst possible time with easter just aweek away. >> mother's day is one of our bigyes. so, needless to say we will not celebrate either one of those. if we do rebuild it's going to take a good while. >> we'll have more on the fire and reaction from customers coming up at 11:35. >> new developments tonight in the case of an off duty darby police officer fatally shot inside his home ked yesterday. we learned the woman inside the glenolden home where 6-year-old
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mark hudson was shot was rushed to the hospital. kenneth moton is live now at mers didn't fitzgerald hospital in darby borough with the latest. en kenneth. >> shirleen, sources say the woman was transported to this hospital late this evening for an undisclosed medical emergency. and we have confirmed tonight while she's being treated delaware countsy detectives and darby township police have been here watching over her. >> there was a flurry of police activity mercy fitzgerald hospital surprised night and sources say it was all fort girlfriend of slain darby borough police officer mark hudson rushed here for treatment one day after the investigators say she was inside this whom 6-year-old hudson was shot in the chest and killed. >> when i first heard aboutty thought something happened in the line of duty. to hear domestic dispute? that's really shocked everybody etch. >> after searching hudson's house overnight sources say delaware county detectives spent the day questioning the girlfriend and "action news"
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learned the officer had recently gotten a protection from abuse order against her. and after ongoing domestic problems. and hudson grew up on the lansdowne street where we spoke with family friends. >> i don't even know how it happened or what happened. but, mark was a good man. and he was raised well. >> he has dreams. he want to be a fireman he came bun and wanted to be a police officer and became one. to me, personally that's something that inspired me. >> hudson was still volunteering yaden fire where he started serving at 16 years old. now this black bupting draped and memorial at his locker to honor him. >> kind of round the clock thing come up in the middle of the night after working day work in the police car for a fire call. he had a duty to serve and always did it with a smile. >> reporter: we're still working to get an update on condition of
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hudson's girlfriend still inside the er. according to a facebook post he she was in the hospital for a few days last week. again we have not confirmed why. this woman has not been charged with a crime to her name is not officially released water. ken, chapel 6abc news. >> thank you kenneth. >> moving on to accuweather forecast. cold beekt moving into what could be a damp start to workweek. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the accuweather forecast. >> hi, walter, we're tracking precipitation that will move in as we go throughout the overnight hours. right now we're checking out the temperatures and tonight definitely not as chilly as it was last night thanks to the blustery winds and winds are light and temperatures responding to the light winds overhead. it's 37 in the city and 31 poconos and 31 in dover. and along the coast in wildwood 3 2. upper 30s in beach haven. here's satellite 6 and action radar plenty of sunshine for the second half of weekend. but you can see the clouds starting to build and thickening from a west east direction.
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in fact, we'll widen out the picture on stormtracker 6 live double scan 34 d you can see we have a frontal boundy currently coming out of the great lakes and moving into ohio valley if you look precisely at precipitation type there's wet snow over sections of new york state and mixed precipitation north of pittsburgh. so this moisture will work its way from west to east direction as early as tomorrow morning. and there could be a few wet flakes for some norm and wet of town. we'll talk about what is ahead. early morning rain showers lookly for most locations. if you're in the lehigh valley, points to norm. right to poconos. there could be wet flakes mixing with snow. not tracking much in the way of of accumulation with this. milder temperatures overall. it will be on the way for the workweek ahead and preview of what you can expect for the holiday. we have easter and passover coming this up week. details coming up in the accuweather forecast shirleen. >> thank you melissa. >> from our delaware newsroom and an 11-year-old boy
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recovering after hit by a car. police think the boy ran out into traffic 1300 block of west sixth street wilmington 2:30 this afternoon and child was rushed to ai dupont with multiple fractures the car stayed at the scene. no word whether any charges will be filed. >> the delaware state fire marshall office is investigating a morning fire that heavily damminged a home in new port. the fire broke out at a home on the unit block of harding avenue shortly before 7:30 and when firefighters arrived the home was completely engulfed in flames. no one was hurt in the investigation and it is underway into what caused that fire. >> septa manayunk norristown line is still out of service tonight. but step ta hopes to have have it back up and running in the morning. services were suspended after a fire destroyed a vacant warehouse nearbych the fire broke out early yesterday morning at the building 2400 block of west, west more nrand hunting park. because the structure was deemed unsafe officials need to
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demolish one of the walls before train service can resume. cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> and christians all around our area marked palm surprised today ushering in holy week . >> outside the kath reedal basilica of st. peters and paul a windchill in the 20s to begin services and priests received the palms those laid before jesus on his try up fall entery into jerusalem. >> cyclists halfway into their your any in support of certain cause. they're riding from sanityy hook connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were gunned down more than two years ago to nation's capitol in memory of all gun violence victims. the team is headed to washington to lobby for new gun control laws.
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>> and it's a teamest to save a dog who apparently just wanted to go for a swim today. this morning around 10:00 a woman was taking her dog for a walk on the rail trail in pemberton bureau and managed to get away from her. and the dog apparently tried to walk through the foam at foot of creek and fell n tide picked him up and forced him downstream. his leash got caught in trees and that's when the fire company was able to rescue him. he's doing fine tonight. but we can definitely say one lucky dog. >> that's right. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight celebration of the century for two. meet the twins celebrating their 10 0th birthdays. >> first kobe island spring season got off to rough started when dozens were stranted inside the most famous roller coaster at the top of the track. >> and jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right
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>> the season debut of the psych loan roller coaster did not got as good as planned at coney island forcing passengers to walk down the tracks to safety. park workers handled the investigation and police were not called. on the facebook page one rider said the walk down the tracks was the careest thing heed ever done. we can only imagine.
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>> two bodies have been recovered from the rubble of last week's gas explosion in new york city's east village. one was positively identified as a young man at a sushi restaurant on the first floor when it exploded. the other is believed to be a restaurant worker. meantime crews continue to remove debris from the site and she said there are some sections smolder, and city officials say criminal charges could be filed as a result of the explosion. >> and in france, investigators have still looking for the data recorder from the germanwings jet that crashed last week. the recorder was ripped from protective box and is somewhere in the widely scattered debris in the french alps. remains from the 150 people on board was identified as a mobile testing lab. mayor of nearby town today called in heavy equipment to put a panel to the site so the victim's relatives can seat wreckage themselves. >> investigators in can dap are pulling information from the voice and data recorders inside
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the air canada jetliner that made a hard landing short of run way in nova scotia early this morning ac 624 bounced while trying to land during a snowstorm. then it skid on its belly. it crashed to a bank of an ten jae shearing off landing gear, nose comb and engine and twelve were hospitalizeed with relatively minor injuries. >> it was a like a birthday celebration better than ever. these twins celebrated their 100th birth someday. >> it's terrific. it's terrific. the only way. i don't think i would want to ab loan. >> aw, what to get someone for their 100th birthday how about hall of favorite joe nemeth broad way joe stopped by and the
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ladies say they were hoping for tiger woods. >> someone still loves tyinger. >> there you go. >> still to come on "action news" a big surprise for young man from northeast philadelphia how the flyers wives helped this young cancer patient with a wonderful home makeover. >> and meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when
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>> rain heading our way beginning of the workweek. >> showers early tonight and tomorrow morning. once we get to afternoon hours, sunny breaks and temperatures respond nicely. something to look forward to by then. we'll show you stormtracker 6 radar. still dry and quiet and off to the west well out of our viewing area you can see in harrisburg. central pa. we have light snow showers. and some areas norm and west of town, overnight tonight, could find a few wet flakes mixing in with light rain on the way. we'll show you the picture outside the action cam was outside earlier tonight in hamilton new jersey looking at the god bless america statue and this is american gossip farmer and wife by sueward johnson and overhead looking at clouds they start to build and thickening as we go through the rest of the overnight hours. some eye lights to tell you about. early showers practicing followed by milder afternoon on monday. starting out with the precipitation. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3d shotion you frontal
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boundary approaching from the west moving out of the great lakes pressing into ohio valley and this continues to work its way east ward as we go through the receipt of the overnight hours into the morning. mild are by the afternoon. once that frontal boundary moves on through check out future tracker 6 2e78 turz. 1:30 in the afternoon these numbers along the i-95 corridor easily climbing to upper 50s. same things for locations south and east and lower 50s on the way locations north app west of up to. something to look forward to by monday afternoon. 37 degrees currently in the city and 31 in poconos and that's where we have a concern. temperatures north and west will be below the freezing mark as we go throughout the every night hours. as that front cop tips to march east ward there could be some light snow showers if not wet flakes mixing in. 3 along the coast in wildwood and dover 31. here's satellite 6 and action radar lots of clouds thick and cross the region and frontal boundary approaching from west
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east direction looking closely through buffalo and snow and mixed precipitation and this heads our way aas early as overnight into monday. really tomorrow you can split the day in half. early clouds. first thing, with frontal boundary overhead and light showers. it's mostly cloudy. once frontal boundary moves off east it's windy and warmer by the afternoon and in fact, high pressure over the ohio valley take over and tap into a westerly wind and that ta west wind down slopes east of the appalachians so that warm air rushes on in and warms temperatures up at the surface and we'll max out at 58 degrees after a cloudy start, some sunny breaks and breezy with that west wind overhead. here's a call from accuweather looking at your morning rush. some showers around. few wet flakes north and wet of town. otherwise temperatures, 6, 7, 8:00 in the morning in the upper 30s. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. early showers. milder and breezy tomorrow afternoon. high of 58. 58 is average this time of year.
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tuesday, mostly cloudy, high of 50 with afternoon rain moving on in. and wednesday, dry start to the first day of april, 55. up to 66 on thursday with some evening showers likely. good friday and passover beginning on friday high temperature of 66. we'll start to clear out as we get to easter weekend guys. >> thank you melissa. >> up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports. >> and final four is set if your brackets are not busted we'll let you know who is in when "action news" comes right back.
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so i was video chatting with my girlfriend. we haven't been together long but... she just says it. i love you. my heart is racing. so i say it right back. i love you too. and she freezes.
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philly fap attic will be the starting mascot inif he gets his keys back. chase utley goes for long drive. two-run homer, utley's first ever the spring. ben revere protects it. starting left. revere looks good in left. davis what a catch sn! that would be a home run. aaron harang gives up two homers in the fourth. including this. two-run homer har answering leaves three earned in five and a third. utley again. again, off sanchez this time solo shot. game ends 4-tie and phils from wovrpt batting average among teams this spring. and that's that. the flyers officially done. eliminated from playoff
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contention tonight after boston beat carolinas. sixers big manner lens noel and the big hair. on the road in cleveland tonight. believe it or not not the biggest high top on the floor. looking sharp in power ford spot where he'll play the rest of attention. lebron drives by sixers d time and time again. 20 for lebron. 3rd quarter down 6. noel the flam and 8 point for rookie if he switches to septemberer from four spot. covington the 3. sixers within one. but neither sixers or call ofs scored in the final minutes in 6 seconds and noel in the way. sixers lose by one. they have thirst worst record in nba. lakeers here tomorrow. >> the final four is set. turns out villanova is under number one seed in ncaa tourpment not had ed to indianapolis in the final four. kentucky, wisconsin, duke are
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all in. tony romo and jason garrett cheering on duke today in elite 8 against gonzaga. five minutes to go. while wilter misses easy lay-up. they would have tied it. without a basset ket for the typeal 7 minute. 13-1 one. duke's run continues back in the final four with 66-52 win. coach k will coach twelfth final four for most all time. >> villanova was expected to come out of east instead 7 seeded michigan state. magic he will love this in over time. how about michigan state rebound and put back. stay. 76-70. they face duke and cincinnati will play wisconsin. >> and final four, temple among final four standing in the nit. fran dumb friday and the all owls headed to the big apple.
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we'll hear from temple


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