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tv   Action News  ABC  March 29, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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hear from temple
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after selection sunday temple headed to big apple final four here are the owls and fran dumb friday leaving for new york city they play miami. tu is the last left out of ncaa tournament and using this as motivation right now. >> we're policed to be playing college basketball still. a couple weeks after. and hopefully we can continue to
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play well enough to make everybody happy. >> the union having -- have been kicking themselves they have to be. after four matches zero wins. union off to worst start in eastern conference. still looking for a win in chicago. not a good start. 37 minute. idilton stores. union leads 1-0. arena football soul season opener in orlando. carlos martinez once in camp with eagles gets hurt. 14 seconds left. down one. to ryan mc daniel look be what i found. what a catch. take a look at this thing. how did you come up with that. soul win 67-73. bill o'brien and what he has to say about all the moves chip kelly made with chip kelly this off season. >> thank you jeff a youngster with north east philadelphia
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received a big boost today from friends he did not know he had. 4-year-old zander joined flyers wives cutting ribbon on newly renovated home the fourth year the wives teamed up with michael's way foundation to do a home makeover. after zander got a look at bright new bedroom he posed for pictures with the team. lots of smiles there. >> very nice. >> much more to come on "action news" in the next half hour.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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>> a spring break celebration turned into a bloody crime scene after a gunman opens fire. that rampage is raising serious safety concerns in panama city. >> a law that allows a business to refuse service on ground of religous beliefs. how indiana government nor is tapping by the law despite growing chorus of opposition. >> a new study shows what seems to matter most with kids. quality time or quantity time. but first a week before easter a popular bakery in north philadelphia was heavily damaged by fire this morning. denise's delicacies opened 25 years ago and is neighborhood favorite that draws big crowds
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every holiday. tonight the owner is trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more. >> firefighters responded to this early morning blaze in north philadelphia quickly and got the fire under control within an hour. but the damage left behind is too severe for the employees of denise's delicacies to get back to work. >> it has not quite hit me yet but i'm getting a lot of phone calls and we've been here a long time. we have a great customer base. people love us. we love them. >> she's heartbroken and business ghan 1990 and quickly established itself as norm 22 sweet spot. she has 2 employees. >> what happened over there? >> today customers were shocked ! >> what goes through my mind, where will we get our cakes and donuts and cookies and wedding cakes and bridal shower cakes and special birthday cakes that we like hoo? >> it's been there for years
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been there for a while. this is a shame they lost the store. i always see miss t and buy coffee and donuts there. >> it will hurt a lot of people. lot of people buy stuff from denise. like i said i'm sad. i seen it and had to stop. >> police believe the fire started in the kitchen at the rear of the building. dep ees's web site shows their broud creations and heading into business just season next week. >> mother's day is one of our bigyes. needless to say we will not be celebrating i'm are one of those because it's if we do rebuild it will take a good while. >> and fire marshall spent most of the day out here at the scene and tuls the at this point they still cannot determine a cause. it could take several days. reporting in north philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> and 7 people are being helped by the red cross after their germantown home caught fire early this morning. it happened around 5 a.m. 200
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block of east ashimmediate street and took crews ten minutes place the fire under control. not before one man was injured. he was rushed to einstein for smoke inhalation and is in stable condition no word yet what caused fire. >> and into the dealings of a family of bucks county accused 6 of multi-million dollar insurance scheme. thomas french took his life in februarych the family is accused of defrauding insurance company of $0 million in the wake of three fires at the family home. investigators say those fires were set up tension alley and insurance money was used to support their lavish lifestyle the hearing is expected to last a few days. >> there's growing controversy tonight over indiana new religous freedom law that many believe discriminate against the lgbt community.
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abc's geo reports. >> with a fire storm brewing over indiana religous freedom act the map in the middle governor to despend the law in an interview with george stephanopoulos. >> we're not going to change the law okay? but ft. general assembly ininian asends me a bill and clarifies a section and clarifies the law i'm open to that. >> spen arguing similar laws are on the pookz in several states. indiana version thursday gives businesses a license to discriminate. a point jorming asked the governor about repeatedly on abc this week. >> do you think it should be legal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians. >> george. >> it's a gentlemen or no question. >> come on hoosiers don't believe in discrimination this
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is protecting religous leader of every hoosier of every faith. >> should it be legal to sgrem nation against gays and lesbians. >> you're following the man travel the last week on-line and trying to make this issue about something else. >> one fix people talked about is adding sexual orientation at protected class understate civil rights laws. will you push for that. >> i will not push for that. >> some big names are joining protesters open social media from miley cyrus to hillary rodham clinton fweeting sad this in indiana law can happen anyone america today and apple chief tim cook saying we're deeply disappointed and former nba star barkley calling for ncaa to pull this week's final four tournament out of indiana. tonight both sides of the he bait showing no signs of backing down. goe benetiz. >> officials are looking for ways to curve the chaos.
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spring break 7 were shot during a party early yesterday. bullets started plying during a dance party. at least three of the injured are students from alabama a&m universitych the man arrested has no connection to the school. >> local police say it's clear that something must be done. >> we have drunk people under the influence of drugs with guns and no respect for themselves. others and most of all authority. we have a recipe for disaster. >> spring break brings in millions of local economy in panama is they during an emergency meeting last night city leaders agreed on extra police patrols but there's no agreement on banning alcohol from the beach. talks continue towards a tuesday deadline for preliminary agreement between iran and other nations on cutting iran's nuclear capabilities and in recent weeks we have refused center funls we wanted to keep but it is paging up on how long
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they want for that. sanks against iran would be eased. >> the west african country of guinea declared a health emergency in way of setbacks in the fight against ebola. hospitals with new cases will be guaranteed. new rules are pending. >> british army reservist is out of the hospital in london after becoming the first person treated sxrmently with ebola drug. corporal and a nurse was up infected with booel while serving in sierra leone. >> a drug from china called 9 y 1177. >> some vitae name veterans got an overdue tribute. the vietnam vets to honor those men no the 42 anniversary of last u.s. forces to leave vitae name. members observed k-9 veteran day with a visit with two local k-9
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teams. >> "action news" was in cherry hill a citizen shoulder had a send-off for their department to cuba. remembers of 378 military police company are headed to guantanamo bay they'll work at 5 to ten detentions and hospital. they are proud of their sons and daughters. they're already looking forward to the return. >> nor than 600 needless jewish fap families all thee need is something at passover. it volunteers with project hope. it is more than 12 0 0 check in. matza and other fish for passover seder. the project hoped 15 years ago with happened full of volunteers. today more than 400 people took sglart still to come on "action news" tonight a new study reveals what many long suggestion inspected about sending time with their children. what researchers found that really count. >> but first it was all "the
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buzz" around wilmington delaware. these folks were flying high with drones. melissa. >> and walter, clouds increase as we go throughout the overnight hours and tracking light rain showers and even wet snow showers for some locations early tomorrow morning. let's talk about the details in the accuweather forecast
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪
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helping protect that world takes state farm. >> high flying fun in delaware. team delaware was one of 130 groups from 40 countries to sgaernl today. their mission to educate the public about positive uses for drones like search and rescue
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and conservation efforts and cinemaing tofy. drones enthusiast demonstrated this in way of fun competitions brandywine state park in wilmington. >> time tore a check of the accuweather forecast. melissa magee with the brand new workweek around the corner. >> reporter: overall this week milder temperatures with couple bouts of precipitation and one comes overnight tonight into monday. we'll show what you is going on. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you it's still dry across the region and off to the west you can see across central pennsylvania there in harrisburg we've got light and wet snow showers and some of that activity at least some of us, will find it north and west of that 95 corridor. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside tonight looking at the trenton bridge what trenton makes the world takes. you see we have fire conditions overhead. lights glistening and water. there clouds billed and
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thickening through the overnight hours. high temperature today in philadelphia 45. twelve shy of average and outside tonight into the 30s. 34 lateing ton and 35 pottstown freezing mark in coatsville and 5 center city and 33 kennett square. for some locations norm app wets of up to, during the over nights hours for the lehigh valley up to poconos wet snowfalls through the overnight hours. woodbine 28, ham monday tonight, 1. 35 sip amin son and dover and hockessin. here's late site 6 and action radar cloud gathering across much of the mid-atlantic reeming yn and tracking a disturbance out of the great lakes and western pennsylvania and western new york state. and over in buffalo we have wet snowflakes. some activity works east ward for the lehigh valley. points norm and west tomorrow morning. so overall here's setup.
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early in the day tomorrow. we're tracking clouds. frontal boundary overhead. and with temperatures close to the freezing mark early tomorrow morning north and west of town there could also be some wet snow showers mixing in with light rain. as we go through the average hours frontsal bountdry pushes offshore and warmer and windy open the backside. max pa had it at 8 degrees sunny break in the afternoon so here's the call from accuweather here in philadelphia, tomorrow morning, it's mostly cloudy, with light showers, 8 a.m., temperature 37. we're up to 47 at 11 a.m. much better second half to the day. by the afternoon, it's milder becoming breezy. 2:00 in the afternoon that temperature a55 will hold in middle 50s 5:00 in the early evening. here's the exclusive accuweather forecast. milder sunny breaks. high temperature 58 and 58 where we should be this time of year.
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tuesday mostly cloudy high of 50 and tuesday we're tracking a clipper system that's going to move on through. so rain is likely. once again wet snow showers to the lehigh valley points north. and first year we looked drawing with high temperature of 55 thursday they get shower up to 66 and friday 66 good friday and passover beginning sundown we're tracking showers and start to dry out saturday morning. and easter sunday. bep any hopping looks okay. >> not bad. >> we have breaking news now in morrisville, bucks county, action cam is live on the scene of an accident here. in the northbound lanes of route 1 near route 13. we're told that a falls township police officer was involved in that accident. you can see multiple cars are on that scene right now. and that is also meaning there are numerous injuries. several people have been
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injured. exactly five people and this is the scene right now as you can see as the camera pulls out. it is quite a scene. and no cars moving through on route 1 that time. as they continue to investigate how this accident happened. built again five people injured in this accident northbound lanes of route 1 year 113 morrisville bucks county and one of those vehicles belonging to a falls township police officer. we'll keep you updated on this breaking story. >> in health check tonight new research indicates it's quality not quantity of parenting time that has a stronger impact on kids. and the study says between ages of and 11 the sheer amount of time parents spend with kids can tend to be less relevant than the actual time spent doing activity together. that finding more pronounced when dealing with teenagers. researchers found when mothers are stress ud out sleep deprived and anxious an a lot of parenting time proved to have
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negative impact on those relationships. more information from the study can be found in journal of marriage and
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>> with the season opener eight days away phillies manager ryne sandberg is shaping the roingt other. ben revere is starting left fielder you heard me correctly and horara will start in center. phanatic happening out with finally the mascot in clearwater and for some reason he's smelling his armpit. what stivrkz. bats. hitting .231 worst among national leagues this spring xing perhaps phils heating up
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against tryingers chase utley two homers first two of spring. hopefully he'll continue that coming into the season. phillies tigers end in 4-4 tie. they open week from tomorrow with the red sox. meeving on to eagles and football. what do you make of all the moves chip kelly made with complete control of organization this year. that depends who you ask. some fans and former players are upset they let lesean mccoy germany mack line and nick foles go. and seattle and houston coach former penn state coach they say trust chip kelly. >> i've known chip for a long time. and i would never doubt chip. chip is a very bright guy. he knows what type of team he wants. he's got really good got ball knowledge and great vision of what he wants this team to look like. i would say that the philly fans should have complete copfy dense in chip kelly. >> there you go.
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eagles still need a receiver. nfl draft deep with receiver eagles pick 20th for now. of course that could change. walter. >> let's hope you're right. thank you, jeff. >> "fyi philly" next on channel 6. >> "action news" continues tomorrow morning 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers. >> now for shirleen alicott melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, have a good night and great week ahead. >> see
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. saturday/tonight on fyi philly >> we check out some new burger joints and do a roundup of best wings. >> easter is coming and pierogis are a staple of the lenten season. >> we check out some money-saving spring break fashions. >> tell you where you can get your golf game on indoors. >> and show you where you can eat for a good cause. >> hi, everybody and welcome to fyi philly >> we are at p'unk burger, the newest restaurant to open on passyunk avenue. >> if you're suffering from march madness fever, burgers are big when it comes to game-time fare. >> so we checked out a few new burger joints that hit the spot. >> so it's fast food-ish but it's not junk food? >> right. >> p'unk burger owner marlo dilks named the place after


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