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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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t goshen township with the very latest. john. >> reporter: well, those official identifications may not come until wednesday now. we'll get to that in a moment. in the meantime we are learning more about the particular flight yesterday. it was an evaluation flight. what is known as a check ride sometimes. it's a requirement if you are a u.s. pilot to stay current you have to fly with an faa designated flight instructor once every two years. so, in this case, that means both men in that plane were pilots. family members of one of the pilots killed yesterday stopped by the crash site today. distraught they spoke briefly with federal investigators and stopped to just see the place where the four seater single engine piper cherokee slammed into the earth. early this morning an ntsb and faa investigator with the help of the west goshen police began the process of trying to figure out what made the plane with both a licensed pilot and a certified flight instructor at the controls fall from the sky. >> we have witness accounts of hearing a sputtering engine
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followed by an engine that was -- engine power was restored by the witness account. the witness heard the sputtering again, observed the airplane bank to the left and then lost sight of the airplane. >> reporter: investigators don't know what triggered the sputtering and likely loss of power. the intense post crash fire could hamper their quest as it likely consumed or contaminated the fuel. the hope is other evidence can be found including video. >> we've identified a facility, i'm not going to name them, that has some video footage. >> reporter: well, the process of reconstructing the accident could take months, as much as a year we're told for their final report to come out in the meantime the identities of the two pilots, they hoped to have had those made public today. now we're told it could be wednesday morning because they're waiting on dental records at this point in time. the plane which was built in 1965 was locally owned and locally based apparently.
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we're also told both pilots are from the philadelphia area. live at the brandywine airport, john rawlins channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right john thank you. a child custody dispute led to this arrest of two parents at a northeast philadelphia school today. there was a large police presence at the farrell elementary school around 11:00 a.m. police say the parents got irate, prompting a school lockdown. it was lifted though about 10 minutes later. no one was injured. >> the girlfriend of a darby police officer shot and killed over the weekend is being held by police as they investigate his murder. 26-year-old mark hudson was shot in his glenolden home saturday afternoon. his girlfriend, finch is being held. finch was hospitalized following the shooting. funeral services set for this saturday. >> two men dressed as women tried to force their way into
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the national security agency this morning. it happened before 9:00 a.m. at fort meade maryland home to the nsa. according to authorities an nsa officer asked the pair to turn around at a check point. officials say the driver did not listen so police were forced to put up barricades. as the driver sped toward a police car blocking the road, that officer opened fire. one person inside the car died. the other was taken to the hospital. so far no word yet on any possible motive. in indiana the backlash continues after a new state law was signed aimed at promoting religious freedom. instead many say the when was opens the door for discrimination between gays and lesbians. >> and turning to the forecast now, we're going get warmer later this week finally something we've all been waiting for since the spring season began. meteorologist cecily tynan is live outside with the first look at details from accuweather. >> hi, rick.
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it feels pretty nice out here compared to the weekend. temperatures definitely improve. remember saturday temperatures didn't make it out of the low 40's. yesterday mid 40's. today's high in philadelphia so far 57 degrees. that's just 1 degree shy of the normal high for this time of the year. feels a little bit cooler, though. 56 degrees right now if philadelphia but it's quite breezy, winds out of the northwest 24 miles per hour. in philadelphia 22 in reading 10 in millville, 15 in trenton and 18 in wilmington, so it's a breezy afternoon and satellite6 along with action radar showing this morning we did wake up with some snowflakes. that has now moved on and we're seeing some fair weather cumulus clouds around. a lot of that radar echo is just broken out in the northwest suburbs not yet reaching the ground. wider view showing there's another system on the way. storm tracker 6 live showing a clipper that's bringing this ribbon of moisture across the great lakes. that will be diving down to the south and that will bring rain for parts of our region
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tomorrow and even a little bit of snow in some areas in the northwest suburbs. i want to end with something positive though. i'll talk more about the rain and snow in a few minutes. let's talk about the temperatures on thursday. look at that. temperatures up into the 60's. could be in the upper 60's by friday. i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> okay, the optimism cecily. >> always. thanks. >> we're one week away and counting for opening day for the phillies. if you're heading to a game this season officials say you'll want to leave a little earlier. starting friday every fan headed into citizens bank park will pass through a metal detector. it's part of a league-wide push to promote safety at the baseball games. fans who talked to "action news" had mixed reactions to the security measures. >> i don't really believe that it's necessary at a baseball game and i will find it annoying but it won't stop me from going to the games. >> you always think what could happen here and do we really want to go and, you know, to watch it on tv.
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i think it will ease a lost people's minds. >> fans will be asked to remove their cameras keys and cell phones from their pockets. officials say it should not take too much longer to get into the park but fans should leave extra time just in case. >> there is a small town in mercer county new jersey that's been named the best place to raise a family. from schools to tax rates and the number of kids who live in the area, all these factors and more put pennington at the top of the list. the ranking was done by new jersey family magazine. it's a small borough at less than one square mile but its residents say it's full of appeal. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic joins us live along main street in pennington with more. hi nora. >> reporter: hi, rick. it's a big honor for a small town that was incorporated back in the 1890's. as far as the magazine is concerned, pennington's got it all. >> i'm delighted very delighted. >> reporter: pennington mayor anthony perzaceli is
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enjoying new jersey magazine which names his borough the town in the state for families. >> it's fantasy land its mayberry really is. it's a very small town, mile square, 2750 people, it has everything a small town needs. >> reporter: the magazine analyzed data from over 500 municipalities in the state measuring things sump as tax rates, access to highways, crime and household incan come. it described pennington as the perfect quaint small town meets farmland feel with stellar schools, almost nonexistent crime and affordable housing. the number one ranking comes as no surprise. >> we can walk to school. my kids get to walk to school, they can walk with their friends. we have a great main street. >> reporter: do you like living here? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me why? what do you like about it. >> i like that i have a good school. >> it's a community atmosphere and as far as the police department is concerned, we try and make sure that everybody feels safe day and
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night. >> reporter: the magazine called pennington a one horse town in the best possible way. along main street, with its unique stores, local pride is evident. >> feels like a nice mix of country and yet activities, things to do. >> when neighbors really need neighbors, and really need support this town can mope many mobilize in a heartbeat. >> people don't move. we've actually had three houses, so we had a small house, then we got a big house and now we have a small house. >> the people are so nice. everything's friendly. >> reporter: and that's something you can't measure. the mayor says he couldn't be prouder and while he doesn't want to gloat he'll share the magazine and the results with his fellow mayors in the area and maybe just rub it in just a little bit. live in pennington, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> okay, thank you. >> thanks. time for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center on a monday night. how was the weekend matt.
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>> weekend was great. too short of course that's always the case. the ride home that will not be too short that's for sure rick and sharrie. 422 going to be a slow one in the westbound lanes like it is many afternoons from about route 23 through this point just past oaks. looks like they're clearing out a disabled vehicle here on the westbound shoulder. should be gone before too long. watching for a crash in upper hanover montgomery county this afternoon. it's along 653 lake field road at kutztown road and we still have that one in montgomery township along 309 northbound just north of north wales road close to the goodwill store taking out the right lane and causing a little slowing there. word of a mostly cloudy crash, it's that time of year again in hatboro along tern avenue at warminster road but on 95 and the schuylkill it's mainly just normal afternoon volume. in mantua we have that accident involving the trolley at 40th and lancaster. that means septa's route 10 westbound trolleys are being diverted to 40th and filbert. so there is a septa implication now with that accident.
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and we've got a crash now in lawrence township, mercer county. it's on the northbound side of route 1 at franklin corner road taking out one lane causing delays there as well and in burlington still have that crash along sunset road there by morgan's tire service. we'll check it again, rick and sharrie, in the next half hour. >> okay. >> all right, thank you sir. >> thank you matt. much more still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a team of riders travel from newtown, connecticut to washington, d.c. in honor of the victims of the sandy hook school shooting. their story still ahead. >> and why meatless mondays is catching on for people looking to improve their health. 97 registered nurse and reporter ali gorman has that coming up. >> meetless mondays. >> i already failed that one. >> where is the beef? it's all next when we come back
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>> the ex-boyfriend of amanda knox has broken his silence days after he was acquitted of murder charges in italy. he and knox were accused of killing knox's roommate meredith kercher in 2007. after a series of convicts and acquittals italy cleared them both of charges friday. he says he needs time to heal
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but his freedom is "like being born again." knox is reportedly planning to head back to italy to write a book on the country's legal system there. >> in health check tonight a major retailer has agreed to take new steps to make sure customers are getting the dietary supplements they paid for. >> ali gorman has more from the "action news" big board. hi ali. >> reporter: gnc is the largest specialty rye retailer of supplements. it has agreed to testing procedures to make sure what's listed on the label is really on the bottle. last month's attorney general accused gnc wal-mart walgreens of selling potentially dangerous and misleading products. report says 80 percent of the supplements tested didn't contain what was on the label and sand was found in some products. now gnc says it will can conduct dna tests on active plant ingredients as well as tests on inactive ingredients to make sure they won't
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trigger allergies. there has been no word yet from the other companies but if you take any supplements you should tell your healthcare provider or your pharmacist. a fairly simple switch may help prevent medication overdoses among children. the american academy of pediatrics wants dac tours pharmacists to use the metric system for measuring liquid medications. the group says it will cut down on parents using inaccurate measuring tools such as kitchen and serving spoons to figure out the dose. it wants pharmacies hospitals and health centers to distribute mill live leader based syringes so parents can give the right toes every time. many christians give up meat on fridays for lent but if you want the keep the tradition going year long there's meatless mondays. the goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and also to improve our health by cutting down on saturated fats. dietitian kate patton recommends eggs or cereals for
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a meatless breakfast. other options greek yogurt and fruit. for a sandwich try substituting hummus instead of deli meats. for dinner whole wheat pasta or bean burger good meatless options and you won't miss out on protein you. >> get protein from so many other foods than we realize like our protein intake is higher than necessary so it's really not going to hurt you to eliminate some meat for a couple meals per week. >> but if you are a meat lover and you cannot eliminate it for an entire days rick, patton suggests trying at least three meatless meals per week or at the very least adding more vegetables to your overall diet. back to you. >> i'll give eight try. i'll try convincing rick over here. >> good luck. >> good luck he tells us and. new ipads giving young students in philadelphia more access to books a federal grant worth more than $1 million was announced for the bridges with books campaign today in north
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philadelphia. the school district and the free library are teaming up for this early childhood literacy initiative. 10 schools are all taking part. each school is also getting two new computers to go inside their libraries. >> here's a reminder. when you see breaking news or severe weather we want you to join in the action. >> be sure to e-mail your photos and videos to join the action at or use the hashtag 6abc action on social media. it's how you can be a part of "action news." we'll be right back
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>> ♪♪ >> jetblue passengers flying up and down the east coast experienced huge delays today because of an outage on the computer system. it was with the kiosk self check in system. forced passengers to be manually checked in causeing a ripple effect of delays. long lines reported at several airports including kenny in new york and logan in boston. ford announced it's bringing back the lincoln could this afternoon year hiatus. the car was the pinnacle of luxury in the 1950's and 60's. the vehicle's return is part of a multi year overhaul of the lincoln brand. consumers can buy the new continental next year.
5:21 pm
it will be displayed this week at the new york ought though toe show isn't hyundai is keeping a very unique math program alive in philadelphia schools. the automaker announced a grant today at the sharon elementary school in kensington. money will be used to continue the use of the ft math program developed by the mind research institute. 6,000 students and more than 300 teachers in philadelphia schools use the program. >> and still to come on "action news" at 5:00 we'll check that accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look outside. it's live to our newest sky 6 hd camera on top of temple university's morgan hall north. meteorologist cecily tynan will have the full forecast from accuweather coming up next.
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>> time now for accuweather. the "action news" big board. meteorologist cecily tynan joining us now and we are getting warmer. we are excited about that. today in the 50's. we were stuck in the 40's all weekend. so definitely an improvement and we're live on sky 6 taking a look at atlantic city. if you look up to the clouds you can see rays, see that word 10 times fast, these are the rays of sun that are breaking through the clouds really pretty so we're seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine and sky 6 really doing a little bit of a dance with the winds. we have winds generally at about seven to 15 miles per hour.
5:25 pm
so, that makes it feel a little bit cooler than the temperatures. 56 degrees currently in philadelphia. 58 is the normal high for this time of the year so right around where we should be this time of year. allentown 54, reading 55. millville 56 and trenton currently 53 degrees. figure change from yesterday. 11 degrees warmer in philadelphia than this time yesterday. 15 degrees warmer in dover and 10 degrees warmer than the atlantic city airport although we did see a lot more sunshine yesterday than today. satellite6 along with action radar showing the system that brought the rain showers even a few snow showers this morning has pulled off shore. if you look to the north and west you can see some of that moisture, lake effect clouds even a few lake effect snowflakes up across the great lakes from the strong winds out of the northwest but really the focus right now is on our next system. this is a clipper very fast moving system, it will be diving down to the south its not all that strong but it's strong enough that tomorrow afternoon it is going to be damp and it is going to be cool.
5:26 pm
so, the best chance of seeing any sunshine early tomorrow morning, future tracker showing 8:30 in the morning some sunshine but it will only last about an hour to an hour and a half before the clouds roll in. moisture will be here by midday and future tracker showing 3 o'clock in the afternoon most of this is rain but if you look to the north and west, you can see some snow showers cold enough for that and especially if it gets more intense the precipitation it can pull that cold air down from higher in the atmosphere. it all moves off shore by about 8:30 tomorrow evening. so, this is what to expect tomorrow. moisture moving in between noon and moving out around 8 o'clock. generally a light rain. we're talking about a quarter inch to a third of an inch. again, some wet snowflakes mixing in the northwest suburbs. as far as any accumulation you really have to go across the poconos. the poconos could get one to two wet slushy inches up there. call if accuweather tonight mix of stars and clouds, seasonably cool, 37 degrees in philadelphia, 33 in millville
5:27 pm
30 in allentown and 31 in reading. and the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow cool and damp with rain, some wet snowflakes, 52 degrees the high. wednesday no joking for the first day of april, wall to wall sunshine, still chilly, 52 but we bump it up to 65 degrees on thursday, increasing clouds, perhaps a few showers on thursday night. good friday warm with some showers, 68 degrees, passover begins at sundown and easter weekend saturday some morning clouds, perhaps a shower but then clearing skies 52 degrees and we'll have a look at easter sunday coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. rollercoaster temperatures, 68 degrees by the end of the week. >> that sounds great. >> we'll take that. >> thank you cecily. much more still to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 basketball crazy indiana is gearing up for this weekend's final four but a political controversy set threatens to overshadow the game. >> the new disturbing details about the germanwings plane
5:28 pm
crash. we know more about the co-pilot's medical history. >> a man was spying on women at target. the hand held device police say he used. >> we'll have those stories and much more in our next half hour.
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>> hello again, here's what's happening on "action news" monday evening. there is a growing firestorm over indiana's religious freedom law. protesters say it opens the door to discrimination. also a police officer was among six people hurt in a chain reaction crash on route one in bucks county. and details on a troubling case out of montgomery county tonight. police arrested a man for snapping photos of women inside of a changing room and there could be more victims. >> and now the details. political controversy is casting a shadow over the upcoming final four playoffs in indiana. >> there's a growing firestorm over a new religious freedom law. one that critics say opens the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians. >> abc's karen traverse is live in washington d.c. with the latest. karen. >> reporter: good evening sharrie and rick. the ceo's of several top
5:31 pm
companies that are based in indiana sent a letter today to indiana governor mike pence as well as republican leaders at the statehouse. they say this law is having a negative impact and they're worried about how it affects their employees as well as reputation of the state. yesterday governor pence was adamant there will be no changes to this law he told abc's george stephanopoulos. today republican leaders are sending a different message. basketball crazy indiana's gearing up for this weekend's final four. but a political controversy threatens to overshadow the games. indiana politicians are scrambling to deal with the fallout from a new law meant to prevent the government from forcing organizations to provide services that run against their religious beliefs. 19 other states have similar laws but critics say the indiana law gives businesses the green light to discriminate against gays and lesbians on religious grounds. >> this is not about discrimination, this is about protecting the religious liberty of every hoosier of
5:32 pm
every faith. >> reporter: indiana governor mike pence insisted there would be no changes to the law. but this morning republican leaders there said they're already working on a fix adding new language to the controversial legislation. >> we feel the need to step up to the plate today and get this clarified and calm the seas here. >> reporter: some indiana businesses aren't waiting around making it clear to their customers they don't agree with the law. this tiny but powerful sticker is popping up in storefronts across the state capitol. >> that's important to me as a consumer for sure to see the businesses don't discriminate against anybody for any reason. >> reporter: the ncaa is headquartered in indianapolis. basketball fans are flocking there this weekends for the men's college championship. in an interview ncaa president weighed in on the controversy. >> we have to say all right if this environment remains the way it is what does that mean for us going forward? >> reporter: indiana democrats said dat only way to
5:33 pm
fix this controversial law is to repeal it but that is not likely to happen. reporting live from washington, karen travers channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> okay, karen, thank you. a warminster man has been charged with recording women inside a changing room at a target in montgomery county. officials say 32-year-old miklos jugovics used a pen with a video camera inside. the camera was spotted earlier this month by a customer but police think jugovics had been recording women since last november. according to officials he admited to recording women with that pen camera. officials say jugovics claims he kept the photos on his own computer and never posted them online. >> veteran police officer is recovering tonight from a chain reaction crash that sent him airborne. happened in falls township bucks county. investigators think the driver who caused the crash was intoxicated. "action news" reporter annie mccormick filed this report. >> reporter: look at the
5:34 pm
mangled vehicles at the crash on route 1 near route 13 in bucks county. minutes before, falls township police officer tom lundquist a nine year veteran pulled over a car with four people inside. they were going 90 miles per hour. then. >> as he approached the vehicle to talk to the driver of that vehicle a third vehicle being operated northbound route 1 struck the back of his patrol car which then struck the back of the car that he had pulled over and pushed all three cars and the officer about 20 feet down the road. >> reporter: today all three vehicles are in the impound lot including the police cruiser and dodge charger initially pulled over for speeding. and this car that police say started the chain reaction crash. you can see the driver's head went through the windshield. that driver was taken to the hospital with serious head trauma and police suspect that driver was drunk. police identified him as 29-year-old richard morales of trenton. six people in total were taken to the hospital. lundquist told me by phone he
5:35 pm
feels lucky he wasn't riding with his normal partner trigger. >> ironically the beginning of this tour tonight our officer had a canine partner but his vehicle broke down to so he had to kennel his dog and take this substitute vehicle. did he not bring his dog with him. when you see the damage to the back of the car we're confident that if his dog was with him tonight he would be dead. >> reporter: the four people in that vehicle that was initially stopped were treated for minor injuries. there are no charges against the driver who was initially pulled over for speeding yet at this point. there are also no charges yet for morales. he still remains in the hospital and police are waiting for his toxicology results to come back. reporting in falls township, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news". tragic details on a deadly interstate crash in burlingtony ton county new jersey. a teenager was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer on i-295 in mount laurel late last night. state police say 18-year-old lyric smith lost control of her car and hit the guardrail. smith got out of her car an
5:36 pm
truck driver says he attempted to avoid her but he was unable to. peter strikeout man struck both smith and the car. the teen was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the investigation into the crash of germanwings flight 9525 revealed new evidence about the co-pilot's medical history. andreas lubitz who is believed to have deliberately crashed the plane into the french alps suffered from suicidal tendencies at some point before he began his career as a pilot. that according to the german prosecutor on the case. but german investigators say this new medical information does not prove anything, at least at this point. >> these documents don't show any hint of being suicidal. >> investigators have been focusing on lubitz's mental state as they try to determine why he flew the passenger jet into the alps. he locked the pilot out of the
5:37 pm
cockpit. 150 people died in the crash including drexel university graduate emily selke. >> the prosecution has rested its case in the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. boston's chief medical examer took the stand today as the prosecution's final witness and he described the injuries that killed an eight year old curing many during the 2013 bombings. tsarnaev's defense team will now take over. they're expected to argue that he fell under the influence of his older brother who was killed during the search for the suspects. tsarnaev faces the death penalty if he's convicted. the fiancée of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez was back on the stand for a second day of testimony in his murder trial in massachusetts. she talked about a box she disposed of from their basement the day after oden lloyd was killed. jenkins says hernandez asked her to get rid of it because it contained mash want. prosecutors say it may have held evidence or the murder weapon she was never found. hernandez is accused of
5:38 pm
killing lloyd who was dating his fiancée's sister. >> g20 leaders get caught up in a personal data leak. attendees of last year's g20 summit in brisbane australia had their personal information compromised a british paper reports the breach involved the passport numbers and other personnel details of president obama and 19 other leaders. the paper says an immigration official accidentally sent the information to be -- to the organizers of the asian cup football tournament. we're told the recipient immediately destroyed that data. >> cyclists riding for a good cause took a break on their way through new castle county. team 26 is on their way from newtown, connecticut towards to honor the victims of 2012's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school. they rallied with avenue case in delaware for national gun control legislation. this is the team's third annual ride. >> good to see that. time now to get a look at how
5:39 pm
the commute home is rolling on a monday. >> might need a bicycle to get home on some of the highways and by ways tonight. >> i think the bike is a fine idea although i barely recommend taking a car on 95 through the work zone. this afternoon especially. you're looking at big delays rick and sharrie, as you head northbound on 95 because of this poor guy with a flat tire right here in the work zone northbound approaching cottman taking out the right lane. so now we're extra jammed coming out of center city through this point at cottman avenue. just off 95 i wanted to warn you in port richmond they're starting a new milling and paving project tonight along richmond street. probably not the best place to be during the daytime and again overnight hours and a bunch of the different septa buses are going to be detoured because of blockages of richmond. our septa trolley situation at mantua at 40th and lancaster cleared out. that accident is gone. a new one in abington along rydal road.
5:40 pm
while our crash on 309 northbound in montgomery township is clear now there's a new one in hilltown township 309 at bergey road. a brush fire this afternoon past 641. rick and sharrie back to you. >> thank you matt. >> thank you. >> much more still to come on "action news" monday night. we have new details on the church trip in florida that turned deadly when a van with 18 people crashed into a ditch. >> and he may be the leader of the free world but president obama showed that he is human. while taking a bit of a slip on the stairs. adam. >> sharrie, our rain and snow showers from this morning long gone but we're already tracking another clipper system moving in from the northern plains. we'll let you know when it gets wet or somewhat white coming up in that accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. that and much more when "action news" continues in just a moment
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>> eight people are dead after an overloaded church van ran through a stop sign and nose dived into a canal southwest florida. a florida sheriff's deputy says the van driver did not see the stop sign on the dark rural highway. the van was headed back to a church in fort pierce north of west palm beach after a
5:44 pm
convention in fort myers. 10 other people were injured. 18 people were in a van that only had 15 seats. >> a dramatic rescue in the gulf was all caught on camera. the coast guard rescued a 49-year-old man who was suffering symptoms of a heart attack. crews hoisted the man into a helicopter and were able to medically evaluate him. the victim was about 5 miles off the coast of galveston texas. the man was transported to a nearby hospital where he's said to be in stable condition. president obama nearly took a tumble while climbing out of air force one. the president was returning from a golf trip to palm city florida when he stumbled out of the plane but the commander-in-chief made a cool recovery after the near fall and made it safely down the stairs. >> good reflexes. if that had been me -- no more playoff talks the flyers have been officially eliminate. >> ducis rodgers live in the "action news" sports center
5:45 pm
with all the details. >> hey rick and sharrie. you guys can stop holding your breath, it is over for the flyers, they're officially eliminated from playoff contention yesterday. six games remain on the schedule beginning with wednesday's road game against the penguins. flyers got off to an awful start. they aren't finishing much better unlike this jake voracek check there in practice. flyers have two victories in their past 11 games. they know the blame sits on themselves. >> we dug ourselves a big hole and it's always tough, you know, when you catching something for basically five months its hard if we let some games slip away. inconsistencies, i think we've talked about it a lot and that was probably the biggest thing we've had some times when we've been a really good hockey team but we take the setbacks and that's what has hurt us. >> cody asche returns to the lineup today. the third baseman missed the past four games with tightness in his back. his presence does not help
5:46 pm
zach against the pirates. marte tagged for a two run homer in the third. he gives up three hits in three innings but two are homers. phils smoked again 18 to four. domonic brown still on the shelf. the outfielder has been out of action since march 19 with tendinitis in his hack can kill lease. gm ruben amaro jr. says brown will likely start the season on the disabled list. brown is a bit more optimistic. >> 50-50 for sure. i'm definitely pushing it. hopefully in the next couple days i can make that trip up to philly. if it's bothering me i got to take some more time off but as of right now i'm getting much better. >> the nfl has fined the atlanta falcons $350,000 for piping in crowd noise to games. they lose a 2016 if you think round draft pick. ray farmer suspended for four games for sending text messages to personnel on the
5:47 pm
sidelines during games. eagles and linebacker demeco ryans agreed on a contract extension. he's logged up through the 2016 season. the 30-year-old is coming off a 2016 achilles tendon he says he'll be ready for training camp in july. ncaa final four is set. kentucky will meet wisconsin. duke takes on michigan state. games begin saturday in indianapolis. temple's run through the nit continues and it has taken them through the streets of manhattan. the owls will face miami tomorrow night at madison square garden in the final four round. it's not the ncaa tournament but the owls are not looking at the nit as a second rate event. >> i think there's something special about the nit and i'm thrilled to be here. and i'm thrilled for our guys because they get a chance -- we tell them all the time it would be nice to be playing late in march. well we're still playing late in march and we again feel very fortunate about that. >> the sixers host the lakers
5:48 pm
tonight and the news continues right after this. so i'm working from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss. but i forgot to attach the presentation it sends in a flash, good thing i have fios. i don't and it was taking forever. we don't miss a beat. i'm yelling at the kids to get off wi-fi. get off the movies! get off the video games! i think i got a promotion. i think i need a new job. are you guys hiring? why settle when you can have fiber optics with a two year price guaranteed. fios. the fastest, most reliable internet.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs
5:50 pm
jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. >> friends and family of a local medical pioneer said one if i think goodbye today. dr. c. patricia turner devlin was delaware's first female doctor.
5:51 pm
she opened her own practice in wilmington. she searched on several medical panels including the governor's advisory council on aging. she was 91 years old. >> all right. adam is here with the forecast. did you get out this weekend? it was nice enough. >> i actual had to put a whole new fence in to my yard. >> really? so did i. >> myself. so proud of myself. >> i was fencing a little bit, too. >> i'm sure you were. in a different way. hardly work. >> right. >> as we take a look, it's dry out there this afternoon. double scan live radar we did wake up with rain and mixed wet snow showers in parts of the area earlier. just a re90 -- reminder that winter is trying the lag. the action cam showing yes some signs of spring are also trying to fight this winter feeling we had this weekend as some of the daffodils are trying to pop up in that really solid ground. as we look at the numbers right in you in philadelphia, it's 56 degrees. so closer to normal than it has been in some time. 56 in millville, 55 at the
5:52 pm
shore with those west-north we feel winds. we don't have a sea breeze kicking in off of that cold ocean but the poconos still a little chilly at 43 degrees. the precipitation now off the coast and even east of cape cod that passed through earlier this morning. there are a couple scattered light sprinkles north and west, even a couple in southern new jersey but not going to harm i didn't 81 this evening. clouds will start to fall apart, we'll see a clear sky most of tonight and then this clipper in the northern part of chicago and also near the western great lakes and the northern plains will dive through tomorrow late morning into the afternoon. but we will see about an hour to two of sunshine early tomorrow morning before the clouds start to increase. after about the 9 o'clock hour and by lunchtime and thereafter the rain overspreads the region and you do see this mixing going on far to the north and west. some wet snow could mix in at times with that rain tomorrow afternoon at the onset and again near the end of the precipitation. north chester montgomery bucks county lehigh valley to the poconos, if you see some wet snow, not going to accumulate.
5:53 pm
it will melt when it hits the ground and then as the dives to the south and east during the evening hours we're going to see that precipitation really start to wane and push offer the coast and by 8 o'clock tomorrow night we'll see some of those showers that general are going to fall apart. having a couple problems with my computer for some reason here, not advancing. it has locked up i believe on us so you know what we're going to do is actually can we pull up the seven day backup forecast for me. we'll give you that seven-day forecast as we try to fix our computer system here if that is possible to show you what's going on over the next seven days. yes? no? okay. pull up sky 6 until we get that -- no matter, we're going to see that -- there we go, thank you very much. on tuesday tomorrow we'll have that afternoon and evening rain push in here with a temperature coming in at 52 degrees and then wall to wall sunshine on wednesday. 52 degrees. not bad. still below average by 7 degrees on wednesday but at
5:54 pm
least we'll have that sun. and then much warmer on thursday. we are jumping the temperatures to 65 degrees, sun and a few afternoon clouds and then on good friday, it is warm. we do have some showers so it does turn damp friday afternoon into friday night. passover begins at sundown. near 70 degrees. and then behind that over the weekend for the holiday it is much cooler and breezy saturday. morning showers give way to sunshine and right now easter sunday sunny, just a few clouds with a temperature of 54 and then clouds increase on monday. that is the phillies home opener. not bad at 57 degrees which is normal for this time of year. so i guess that our computer system did not like that it's going rain here tomorrow afternoon. >> we don't blame it. >> it crashed on us. but by wednesday, thursday, we have a big turn around coming in here now. >> early april fool's joke that's what it is. >> i like your thinking. >> and we like that forecast. >> not bad. >> time to go people scene. big day for trevor noah the new host of the daily show.
5:55 pm
noah a south african comedian will take over the show once jon stewart steps down. noah appeared on the show three times late last year as an on air contributor. producers say noah was picked for his unique world view and insightful comedy. stuart has not said when his last show will actually be.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> ♪♪ >> right now at "action news" team stand by with these stories and much more coming up next at 6 o'clock. police are trying to track down who posted nude pictures of montgomery county high school students online. >> and delaware county officials arrest 11 people involved in an alleged auto insurance fraud scheme and philadelphia city council is taking action to help ensure tragedy like this food truck explosion does not happen again. >> those stories and much more coming up next at 6 o'clock. for monica malpass adam joseph cecily tynan sharrie williams the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> monday night jim's off i'm rick williams. in the news police charge the girlfriend of the darby police officer killed in his home over the weekend and philadelphia police say a taxi driver was drunk when he drove the wrong way on columbus boulevard. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the investigation into a student scandal involving a high school in montgomery county. north penn high school officials say someone posted sexually explicit photos of female classmates online and today some students took a stand. "action news" reporter chad
6:00 pm
pradelli is live at the school in towamencin township with the full story tonight. chad. >> reporter: hey rick a-few students around 11 o'clock this morning walked out of school to protest the alleged treatment of some female students at north penn high. appears most students went to the auditorium where the district superintendent and principal was meeting were students all day to discuss concerns about this ever growing problem. the walk out was sparsely attended but talk about the nude photo scandal at north penn high has been loud and clear. >> a lot of us just feel humiliated and vulnerable and like their privacy was broken. >> guys ask girls all the time, i've been asked multiple times but you have to ignore it. >> i don't think it's right. first i don't see why the girls would send the pictures out but it's completely wrong for the guys to be making things like that. >> reporter: students say the nude photos have been uploaded to the application drop box. they say it's been going on for months and dozens of girls may have had what they


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