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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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be subject to be subject to the most robust inspections in history. this deal is not based on trust but on unprecedented verification. >> today's agreement gives all sides a framework and negotiator negotiators are giving each other three months to make this agreement official. it is thursday afternoon i'm brian taff. >> and i'm shirleen allicot, we are following a developing story in kenya where a gunman attacked a college campus and that led to a bloody standoff that left dozens of people dead. alicia vitarelli is live at the big board with the very latest. >> it has been nothing short of a horrific scene where a gunman stormed a college campus and opened fire inside of dorms, as many as 150 people are reportedly dead after militants from al-shabab, after militants took teachers and students hostage. the bloodiest attack after this
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bloody day officials say the conflict is now over, the gunmen were killed by security forces. the masked militants that have tie tods al qaeda separated christian students from muslims and then they said they gunned the christian students down on the spot without mercy. >> this is a moment for everyone throughout the country to be vigilant as we confront and defeat our enemies. >> again all four gunmen have been confirmed dead and at least 79 people are dead and more wounded. and rescue continues at this hour as students still remain unaccounted for and curfew order are in place as officials pick up the pieces a bloody and
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harrowing day in kenya. senator robert menendez pleaded not guilty to accusations that he accepted everything from luxury vacations to private flights to cash. all because of political favors he was accused of showering the senator with gifts. and menendez denied the allegations and they would not spell the end of his career. and now a check of the accuweather forecast on a beautiful thursday afternoon. we'll check in with adam shortly, cecily tynan easily one of the nicest days of year so far. >> it is one of those days you want to get outside. we have temperatures in the 60s, three times already before today the problem those days, the temperatures in the 60s came with clouds and some showers, today philadelphia so far a high of 66 with a lot of sunshine
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some high, thin clouds moving in this afternoon that is 7 degrees above average and the fourth day this year with temperatures in the 60s, but the first day the temperatures came with a lot of sunshine. winds out. south really pumping up the warm air, new york city the same as philadelphia and washington, d.c. 73 and binghamton 60 notice in pittsburgh it's 57 degrees and that is because there are showers moving in stormtracker 6 live double scan showing some warm invehicle shouldn't showers. some of those could be clipping the lehigh valley this evening the main area is across the ohio valley.
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likely the first time we touch $70s this year, don't get used to it though. i am tracking the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> nice for now though brian. >> we'll take it. thank you. can you stay ahead of the changes in our weather by checking, you can find live storm tracker 6 radar and the forecast and the latest from our team of meteorologists. police are trying to find whoever is stealing airbags from cars across the city and today they may have finally made a break in the case. "action news" reporter david henry is live in police headquarters, investigateors made an arrest today. they picked up a suspect and there may be more to come, and this may be the break they are waiting for and people that park their cars on the streets may be
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able to rest easier now. police arrested ricky sanchez of east kensington who police have linked to six of the airbag thefts, they were stolen in 2014 police executed a search warrant at this salvage yard where police recovered seven stolen airbags, dozens of cars mostly hondas have been hit in the city, they leave a hole where the airbag is missing and sell them from $50 to $200, and then they are installed in accident cars. they wake up to find a costly and time consuming nuisance police were able to match
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fingerprints for six of the cars to sanchez, they are still questioning him and believe he is part of a ring of thieves and hoping he may help them track down the others. this is an ongoing investigation and police hope this is the end of a crime wave plaguing the city. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. attempted murder charges are filed against a man that police say stabbed his parents in mercer county hamilton township officers say they were forced to shot sean clyde to stop the attack yesterday. they arrived to find clyde on top of his father stabbing him with the steak knife he refused orderers to drop the weapon clyde and his father remain in critical condition she has been released from the hospital and investigators returned to the scene for more evidence. >> it's unsettling, not
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something that happens here, a quiet neighborhood. not something you would expect. >> bail for sean clyde is set at $500,000. new at 4:00 today police in philadelphia say they caught a man in the middle of robbing a pizza place and once they arrested them they found out it was not his first crime. dominic felder is involved in nine different robberies police were on patrol when they passed by labelle's pizza shop and noticed the employees had their hands in the air and they found cash and a b.b. gun on him. they say he has robbed lavells three other times before and three other pizza places and a market and of holding up those locations multiple times as well. now it's time for the "action news" traffic report. lets go to matt pellman on this beautiful day. >> it's certainly a beautiful
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afternoon out there chopper 6 hd is high in the sky on this beautiful afternoon watching a not so beautiful situation in maple shade a polle cracked and is in danger of collapsing. there looks to be sand on the roadway also, this is all unfolding along 73 between 537 main street and styles avenue. from you trying to come off the tacony palmyra bridge, and down 95 we are blockages without traffic getting by but now some traffic is getting through but it's blocked here and there fork landing road or staying south on 38 or 70 is your better bet. because at the very least are you looking at backups between the tacony palmyra bridge and
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i-95. another crash in glassboro, delsy drive we have an awful lot of volume out there this afternoon this is 95 at allegheny avenue 22 minutes double what it should be to get north to the vine. and a broken down vehicle on landsdale. and a crash cleared on the east-west turnpike eastbound past norristown. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday afternoon potholes everywhere on sten ton avenue. lets see what this crash is about in whitpain. there is a lot going on. >> thanks matt. still ahead here today a hair plot foiled in new york, what police say two women were trying to do in the name of al qaeda
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and isis, and the find in the plane crash in the alps, what they discover that could give them more answers of what happened. with passover and easter happening on the same weekend that means packed aisles at the grocery store. and adam joseph is out on his first outdoor adventure of the spring a perfect day to be out. >> we lucked out today with the weather, it finally turned the corner, sunshine and temperatures in the 60s and the kids are out of school for the holiday weekend. are you excited about that? >> yes! >> we are at johnson's farm and on a hay ride, we are going on an easter egg hunt. who is ready! >> we all are! lets go. i hear the easter bunny dropped all of his eggs and we have to pick them up.
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we'll have the full accuweather forecast.
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two new york city women are accused of a terrorist plot investigators say they plan to build a bomb and set it off in new york, they think the women were inspired by al qaeda as well as isis propaganda online, authorities have said that the public was never in danger. we are also following major very manies in the german wing plane crash investigators discovered the black box recorder and 40 cell phones. the pilot's computer revealed searches for cockpit security and suicide the days before the crash, it's obviously that
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andreas lubitz's actions were premeditated . we are coming up on a holiday weekend which means big business for grocery store but with passover and easter falling on the same weekend it's busy. >> reporter: for those in the business of providing holiday food this is big. >> anthony managed this acme, staff is running full out, and beside the standard supermarket fare there are kosher departments here. >> we were open until midnight last night and tonight to accommodate the shoppers the end of the holiday we are open until midnight again. a lot of our jewish customers when they celebrate the holiday they have to remove their food from the pantries and kitchens and repurchase it all the and
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increasing traffic at the farmers market in ardmore. >> a lot of people are coming in for the holidays for easter and for passover. >> from chocolate bunnies to fish and ham and everything in between. nancy schwartzman picked up two desserts, the raspberry cheesecake and the flowerless chocolate cake. >> passover style to me is we use mazo cake meal in place of flour. back live now at the acme, two faiths two very different holidays coming up in the next few days, the one common denominators traditions around a
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table of food. back to you. >> thank you. lets get to alicia vitarelli, she has the break down of the day in business. >> reporter: hey guys, over here at the big board looking at the business report the closing numbers the dow jones picking up 65 points and green arrows and the nasdaq 6 points up and the s&p 7 points on the day. not bad. to other business air b and b is moving into cuba, the apartment sharing website will start listing more than 1,000 homes online it's the latest business to get a foot hold in cuba after united states reduced restrictions last year. american express and mastercard said customers can use their credit cards in cuba. >> just got to get a flight. a family from delaware is
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sharing their story to promote organ donation the action cam was at the hospital of philadelphia where the patel family they have two children that needed liver transplants and now they have a chance at a healthier chance of life. and now time for the accuweather forecast. it's a beautiful sunny forecast. we ask for this every day. lets send it to cecily tynan >> tomorrow will be warmer than today but not quite as enjoyable but dealing with clouds and occasional showers, what a day 66 in philadelphia 64 in allentown 65 in wilmington and 64 reading, when you get winds from the south the ocean temperature this time of year is very cold, its in the low 40s and that has a big
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impact on temperatures sea isle city currently only 48 degrees and the boardwalk in atlantic city only 47 this is why the winds out of the south 23 miles per hour in philadelphia so it's warm and windy and 20 miles in dover and 19 in sea isle city and tomorrow the winds will increase out of the south-southwest out a cold front and that brings us afternoon highs near 70 again not a bright and sunny day tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar showing clouds are moving in high and thin and we get the filtered sunshine and some showers across central pennsylvania have evention showers. this is causing cold weather across kentucky sweeping through tomorrow night with a round of steady rain as passover begins and then easter weekend is going to be quite a bit cooler. >> the next 12 hours overnight
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lows, 51 degrees in the suburbs and 54 for center city and temperatures not dropping much and breezy and increasing clouds and showers developing late tonight. future tracker showing as we head into the morning tomorrow there will be a lot of clouds and temperatures are already in the 60s at 10:00 notice showers moving in from the west and we get occasional showers on and off through the day and not all day rain and keep the umbrella on hand and 3:00 more showers and heading into friday night this is ahead of the cold front, this is where we get heavy precipitation before we dry things out on saturday. the four day at 4:00, good friday warm occasional showers, the high is 70 degrees and a steadier rain friday night as passover begins saturday transition day anymore clouds and a lingering shower giving way to sunshine windy and a lot cooler, 53 degrees and easter sunday is looking nice with sun mixing with clouds and a high of 69 degrees and great weather
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for the phillies home opener 67 degrees with clouds and sunshine and after monday we get into an unsettled period where you will need umbrellas because rain is moving in and temperatures will be cooling off a bit. but all in all the next four days are really good, 70 tomorrow with temperatures 70 we can deal with a little rain. >> we are all wearing blue. >> autism awareness day. >> we match. >> today starts the beginning of one of the most important weekends of the year for christians archbishop on charles chaput led the chrissism mass at the basilica of st. peter and paul, the day that christians celebrate the last supper and the archbishop blessed the oil. and all priests and bishops were
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invited to the mass to renew their priestly promises what they want and how it is affecting flights today. plus could we be close to a deal in the sale of the revel casino. we are live at today's court hear that could bring the resort out of limbo. he was bullied and fought back with words meet the montgomery county boy whose post went viral, even celebrities are sharing it. it's back. the philly cheesesteak pizza. get our philly cheesesteak pizza. with original philly cheesesteak company steak and garlic parmesan sauce. a large for just $12. better ingredients. better pizza.
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today the coast guard has boarded the freighter that ran aground at the burlington bristol bridge yesterday. it spent the night anchored in paulsboro, and the coast guard is now investigating what cause tropical disturbanced it to go off course this is the moment when the ship ran agrown no one was injured here.
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police in philadelphia are looking for the man that stole from a beauty salon off rittenhouse square, it's from eyesha's threading salon and they locked up on st. patrick's day and came back the next day to see someone forced themselves inside. the man forced his way into the front door and took items from the store and the register. workers at philadelphia international airport are protesting today and demanding more money. baggage handlers and airplane cleaners and other and non-union workers are ticketing all day. their $7.25 an hour, they want airline contractors to fall in line with the $10.25 or more.
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they are not on strike and the protests are not affecting operations. still to come big changes for indiana's religious freedom bill that sparked a nationwide controversy, the message that sends a strong statement. and a mother's name is now in the clear after she was accused of trying to rob a bank.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicot, and brian taff. hello again 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the man that was critically hurt after he lost control of his atv a bright and sunny day outside and meteorologist, adam joseph says there is a change coming in the forecast on the road in burlington county on an outdoor adventure. >> and fish oil is hailed for its healing properties and overall positive affect on your health why researchers think it may be a waste of money. we begin with the mounting pressure of selling the former revel casino in atlantic city seven months ago today the revel shut down and since then it was stymied by bids in multiple court battles. "action news" reporter wendy saltzman is in court all day she is live in camden county,
4:30 pm
with the latest on this. >> reporter: the parties are going round and round with the judge and there is still no resolution but they seem to be getting closer at the federal courthouse in camden county revel and the buyer polo north are in talks since last year and hoping to finalize the $82 million sale of the bankrupt casino today tonight was stalled by higher bidders that since dropped out and the parties are meeting behind closed doors to hash out issues with the tenants of the now defunct revel that want to renew their leases when poll po north reopens the building it was ridge any built for $2.4 billion and it's doors were only open for two years they wanted to
4:31 pm
recoup $200 million but they are falling short of that deal. it gives the judge until april 6th to aprofit sale and the two sides are hopeful that an agreement can be reached here if they can reach the agreement in the final minutes today so they can push towards an opening day. but the objectors to the sale actually came here in the last minute claiming there was a last minute bidder and asking the judge to stop the sale. polo north did not say what they will do with the property but if they plan to open it as a casino it will be on a much smaller scale part of a 500 million opening that they plan to do across atlantic city to invigorate the atlantic city strip. whether or not the sale will go through, i'll tell with you an update at 6:00. live in camden county i'm wendy
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saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man was hurt when his atv lost control on philadelphia tacony section at 11:00 this morning. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at mcdeavenue and walker street. the police say the atv was speeding and flipped three times, the man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. now to accuweather and one of the warmest days of the year so far. >> yes a live look at city hall from our sky 6 hd camera temple university shows the sun is still holding strong and the action cam showed plenty of people getting out and about in this beautiful weather, but tomorrow things are about to change. >> adam joseph live in burlington county on an outdoor adventure and he has more from accuweather, you know how to pick these days i'll tell you. >> you know what? this is the best day of the year i wouldn't say i picked it but we lucked out. we are at johnson's corner farm,
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they came from the hundred, the easter bunny dropped the eggs and they had to fine all the colors. where does the red one go? >> right in there. it's a perfect day it's a perfect day forever an easter egg hunt. we are in the 60s across much of the area, philadelphia 66 degrees and allentown 64 but look at atlantic city, only 46 degrees with a wind off the water. making it feel a whole lot cooler at the shore look agent stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see showers are building in the ohio valley and the passenger valley unfortunately this one day wonder, like the one hit wonder of the 60s and sunshine we'll lose it as the rain comes in for the holiday weekend, all the boys and girls as they put their eggs in the
4:34 pm
basket, what are they getting? >> a surprise package from the easter bunny. >> who found eggs? who didn't get a basket? >> well, i got one red one green, one of yellow and one of blue and then one of orange. >> give me a high five nk are we seeing the easter bunny next? >> yes! >> all right guys coming up in the full accuweather forecast, we'll see the man himself that left the eggs for the kids to find. >> what a cute little girl. >> he is so great with the kids. he happens to be a dad. great stuff. today indiana lawmakers made chances to the controversial freedom of religion act.
4:35 pm
now a new bill clarifies businesses cannot refuse service for sexual orientation or gender identity. >> hopefully it will put an end to the great of the misconception of all that the people of indiana discriminate because nothing could be further from the truth. >> they call it grown breaking if this measure is passed it will be the first time it was prohibited under state law. the prosecution rested in the murder trial of aaron hernandez, the last person was a medical examiner ever being describing the gunshot wounds of odin lloyd. >> a chester county mother is
4:36 pm
off the hook on bankruptcy charges, all charges are dropped against elizabeth keneely, she was described as being the get away driver for lablonk. federal prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charges again her. you'll notice folks here today are wearing blue to mark world autism awareness day. monica malpass is live in the newsroom to tell us more about all of this. >> hi brian today is the eighth annual event and there are lots of organizations around the world with autism trying to celebrate the day by having fundraisers and awareness situations the center for disease control says that one in 68 children have a form of autism ali gorman tells us when to spot the signs in children and the many mysteries surrounding the disorder and
4:37 pm
the second black box is found at the crash site at the germanwings crash site in the french alps and it may help in the investigation of the copilot believed to have crashed the plane on purpose. see you at 5:00. >> thank you monica. today is holy thursday and christians around the region observed it with an honored tradition. this was how it looked as archbishop the spiritual lieder the ukrainian catholics in the united states washed the feet of five priests. meanwhile in what has become an annual tradition pope francis took part in the washing of the feet he watched the feet of inmates at a high security prison in rome.
4:38 pm
france has revolutionized this practice on women and non-catholics for the first time. the pope will mark good friday with the cross at the coliseum. still to come an uber driver accused of target one of his passengers. what police say he tried to do after a routine trip to the airport. plus -- just amazing that this little boy was able to use his voice to get this message out. a 10-year-old cancer survivor has bold words for bullies, the celebrity report he is getting. after he took his fight to social media. and adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather.
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burglarizing a home after giving a woman a ride from the denver airport. he returned with tools to break in hours after dropping the passenger off but did not count on her roommate being home. >> said can i help you with something and he said i'm a friend of natalies. >> the women figured out who that man was comparing his face to the face on their ub ehret the man fled and the police tracked him down five days later and he is no longer allowed to drive for uber. >> scarey. there are questions being raised tonight about fish oil supplements, whether they are a waste of money many people swear by them and the omega fatty acids but most clinical trials showed little evidence that they lowered the risk of heart attack or stroke, and
4:42 pm
there are reports that it could thin the blood too much. they believe the omega 3's from fix do have value. a big bold move from a montgomery boy that was bullied. this is dominic from hatfield and he says he gets picked on because he is short. he took to inextra gram, haters that are getting the attention of celebrities and his garage was stunned because of chemotherapy you know i may be short but that is better than being ted you don't need to be tall to win and god slowed down my growth so i can be the best person i can become. and his message was reposted by big names and phillies own quest love from the roots he said don't let anyone's words keep
4:43 pm
you from your destiny in life. >> it could help kids that can't stand up, maybe it would help them in a way. don't judge someone before you get to know what they have been through. >> very brave and very wise little boy even the philadelphia union reposted his message and invited him, who is a big soccer fan, on to the field with them. we love that kid. and see the world through someone else's eyes, that is happening on the wild app called perry scope you can visit the eiffel tower in paris thanks to that guys tour and a trip through the streets of london interactive with comments pouring in and the videographer interacting with people he never met. >> even pericoping behind the
4:44 pm
scene and this guy jordan does nightly newscasts outside of our sister station in los angeles. everyone has their own streaming live television station, including brian. you can write comments. >> give us lots and lots of hearts. we are all doing it. >> i took a walk down the street of rome this morning, it was incredible. >> travel the world. alicia thanks very much, some of you have to travel the world by getting in the roadways. matt pellman is in the traffic center getting around the traffic jams of course. >> it takes a brave soul to
4:45 pm
tackle the schuylkill expressway, slow to the roosevelt boulevard, delays in both directions and 36 minutes going on three times what it ideally should be from the blue route to the vine. just a lot of volume on the highways like is the schuylkill and the vine this afternoon. there is however a crash in the pottstown area, on a ramp to 422, can you squeeze by but watch out for it. there is something to watch out for in whitpain township, butler pike is the intersection to avoid and better news in maple shade, looking live from maple shade as they reopen route 3, speeds are low just in the teens but you are moving again in that stretch. we have a crash in washington township gloucester xoint along egg harbor road at greentree road at the cold stone creamery. but the one in glassboro along
4:46 pm
47 near massa's red pine inn has cleared. >> thanks matt. coming up on saving with 6 abc tax day is in less than to weeks and we are helping you make sure no money slips through the cracks, and stepping outside sky 6 hd looking live over camden new jersey today meteorologist, adam joseph, is on an outdoor adventure in burlington county he has the accuweather forecast coming up next.
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now to the accuweather forecast, why not on this beautiful day. adam joseph is on an outdoor
4:49 pm
adventure live at johnson corner farm in burlington county where they are getting ready for easter. hey adam. >> reporter: all things easter here at the farm, today until this evening and then for the next few days, you can go outside like we did for the easter egg hunt. everyone is inside and i'm looking at his lips and his lips what is all over your mouth? what did you eat? >> ice-cream. >> what is on your lips? >> water ice. >> they are all standing in line not to be on tv but they are waiting for the big man of the weekend, the easter bunny. can i hear a yell for the easter bunny! >> easter bunny! >> let me get a picture with emma with the easter bunny you stand in line and upload it to the social media sites look how
4:50 pm
adorable she is look at the temperatures we were outside easter egg hunting, it was beautiful out there, 66 in philadelphia wilmington at 65 degrees, allentown coming in in the 60s and parts of southern new jersey in the 60s, you look at the shore it's cooler and 46 degrees right now in atlantic city. take a look at the winds the south-southwest at 23 miles per hour. in philadelphia wilmington 15 and allentown 15 it's a breezy day day. that is why it's so much colder at the shore satellite and radar shows changes coming and they are brewing in the ohio valley, and invection showers. it's a cold front you can see severe thunderstorm watches near kentucky that slides through
4:51 pm
here late tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning, but philadelphia to the west a few showers developing with temperatures near 60 degrees 3:00 tomorrow afternoon more scattered shower and philadelphia to the north and trenton to the lehigh valley it's warm and breezy and cloudy with temperatures in the mid-60s to 70 and as the front approaches widespread downpours are possible and a rumble of thunder to allentown to the poconos, that will slide to the south at 11:00 what to expect showers and a rumble of thunder and a quarter to .75 inch of rain and strong wind gusts we say happy passover when the sunsets at 7:27, it's warm and a shower at 56 and of course easter sunday looking good, sun and clouds and sunrise services 39 degrees, and bumping into the 50s for the remainder of the
4:52 pm
afternoon. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast warmer tomorrow and 70 and showers, and saturday windy and cooler but dry winds near 40 on saturday and 53 and only 59 it's looking good easter here near 60 degrees and dry and nice for the phillies and then it turns unsettled tuesday, wednesday into thursday with temperatures near 60 to 65 with showers. all right what is your favorite candy to ask from the easter bunny. >> resees. >> no swedish fish, i'm so sorry. >> coming up we'll make some cookies, we'll decorate cookies. how does that sound? >> good. >> you are still close to my face. >> i am close to your face. >> he likes his personal space adam. don't violate that personal
4:53 pm
space. we have backing news in the brewery town section of philadelphia chopper 6 hd is live over the scene of a multiple shooting at the intersection of 25th street and jefferson street, police say when they arrived they found that two people were shot, both of those victims were transported to hahnemann hospital, and no word on their condition, it's still very much a scene here at 25th and jefferson in brewery town. we'll keep you updated on this investigation. in the meantime more "action news" when we come right back.
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shirleen. >> thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot alicia vitarelli adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm brian taff. we are back tonight we hope you will be too for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is developing out of kenya where an attack by an extremist group took close to 150 lives four attackers with al-shabab raided a university campus and the interior minister says most of the people killed were students, a police officer and two watch man, one survivor says the extremists were singling out christians and killing them immediately. >> late word on a tentative deal on iran's nuclear program this after marathon negotiations with
5:00 pm
iran and the u.s. and other world powers. the tentative agreement on iran's agreement is set up so it cannot lead to atomic weapons, the deal should be completed in three months there will be more on these developing stories on world news with david muir. >> back here charges are filed against a man shot and wounded by police after he attacked both parents with a knife. it happened in hamilton township, that is where we find nora muchanic who is live with the latest on the story. >> reporter: hi there rick sean clyde is charged with aggravated assault attempted murder and weapons charges on a brutal attack on his parents yesterday. one of the members of the shooting investigation team described the team inside as something out of a horror movie as they


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