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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 6, 2015 3:46am-4:31am EDT

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when i heard of it happening, you hear of people getting sick on vacation and hear they are in critical condition. that's another level. poor folks there. hope it works out for them. a lesson to be learned somewhere. when we come back, "furious 7" is racing toward the billion, that's a "b" dollar mark. and oh, boy. we hate lucy. yes. well her statue. we will have to explain. this a controversial tribute to lucille ball you have to see. that's next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all right. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all right. topping our "the skinny" headlines this morning, universal studios may have just given birth to its first billion dollar baby. >> the turbo charged street racing flick "furious 7" starring the late paul walker opened to a record-breaking $144 million in the u.s. and canada this weekend, shattering an april weekend record. globally, it's taken in a record-breaking 384 million. >> "furious 7" is just blasted right past the previous april record holder last year "captain america," blowing past "50 shades of grey" which brought in 85 million. furious 7" could hit the billion dollar mark by the end of its
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run. speaking of easter weekend, we have proof, finally this morning, of just how competitive taylor swift can be. >> all right. not just when it comes to her music. even when it involves hunting for easter eggs. >> you are missing a bunch of them, guys. >> oh, my god. it never ends. the struggle is real. >> swift posted this video on instagram yesterday. fighting over easter eggs with her brother austin. she wrote when your parents arrange a competitive sibling easter egg hunt failing to take in to account they are ross and monica. little "friends" joke there. >> nobody is laughing over the story. an edict from george clooney himself. >> he has enlisted the support of local authorities in italy warning fans when he and his wife are visiting their villa,
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any fans that bother him, his wife their friends or dare to step foot on his property faces a fine of up to $600. you have been warned. >> clooney bought this luxury retreat 14 years ago. he spends usually spring and summer there. expected to head there once he is finished filming money monster. >> local authorities are serious about this. keep away ordinance. so again, t.j., you are warned. back off.keep away ordinance. so again, t.j., you are warned. back off. >> i'm already invited. so -- >> excuse me. >> not really an issue of me -- >> so sorry. how dare i? obviously. >> you are new here. you don't understand the circles i run in. >> can you get me on the guest list? >> you are a little ambitious here. we're not there yet. stick to your white house. >> a girl can try. a girl can try. finally, residents of a small upstate new york village are getting serious about replacing a life-size bronze statue of lucille ball they say is down right scarey. >> look at this thing. is that scary? really? >> there is something off.
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>> this is a village outside of jamestown, new york. it is ball's hometown and the statue has been a tourist draw since it was erected six years ago. she is holding a spoon and the iconic bottle of vitameatavegamin. >> it is so tasty, too. it's just like candy >> that's got to be one of the best comedy bits of all time. the social media campaign out there heating up to replace the statue. residents and the mayor say it does her an injustice. she's been likened to looking like the snake from "beetle juice" and steve buscemi. poor guy. he is a fine actor. he's a handsome devil. not so bad. the lighting.
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♪ ♪ all right. santa claus has elves at the north pole. peter cottontail apparently has a woman named lee hardy. in florida. >> she's the real-life easter elf that spends all year giving the easter bunny a helping paw for his big day. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: why the line at lee hardy's house? because lee hardy has a thing about easter. real a thing about easter. in her living room in palmetto, florida, 700 easter baskets that
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she personally put together because lee hardy has a thing about giving. >> i fully enjoy seeing the kids come in with a happy smile on their face and joyful. that is what makes me happy. >> reporter: yep, that's what she does. makes easter for kids in her neighborhood whose parents don't have the means or wherewithal to do it themselves. for nine years now she's been doing this in the days before easter. paying for a lot of it herself by setting aside 20 bucks a week. though she gets help building the baskets from her kids and grand kids, especially with the candy. this is complete. this is for a boy. he has cars and ball. he has candy. he has jelly beans. the girls gonna get maybe a coloring book with cartoon characters, crayon and maybe a baby doll. there you go. >> reporter: others chip in, local business people, the police and fire departments, one of her neighbors.
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>> never too big for easter. i believe in the easter bunny. >> toothbrush. >> reporter: and her dentist, seriously. >> my dentist always gives toothbrushes to put in the easter baskets. >> which is good for the smiles she gets and she always does. >> i think the kids were very happy. that makes me happy. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news. >> our producer brian in the morning meeting said this is a great story. he is right. >> he was right. >> fantastic story. >> what great holiday spirit. don't get better than that. >> this is good stuff, folks. you have been with us and watch this show. you know around the holidays these stories pop up and warm my heart. there are more of those every day, not just around the holidays. we should really show more to you. that's a great story. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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morning. president obama pushing for support on the nuclear deal with iran. why he's calling it at once in a lifetime deal. live in washington with the latest. >> a life-threatening ordeal for a family on a caribbean vacation. how were they exposed to a deadly pesticide inside their hotel? >> a chaotic scene during a car jacking. the owner jumping on the hood and the witness who put a stop to it uhl. >> an avalanche quickly buries a man on a snowmobile. the helmet cam recording it all.
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good monday morning. i'm mary bruce in for reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. president obama is defending the iran nuclear deal. >> mr. obama facing tough criticism from israel and its supporters and leader lawmakers on capital hill. abc reports from washington. >> reporter: president obama begins this week making the hard sale that the framework nuclear agreement with iran is a good deal. in an interview the president says the deal is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> well i think that it's important to recognize that iran is a complicated country just like we are. there is no doubt that given the history between our two countries that there is deep mistrust that is not going to fade away immediately. >> reporter: the president has also been working the phones calling leaders in both parties and half dozens heads of state trying to convince them to back
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the deal. his efforts come as critics bare down on the white house accusing of it giving away too much. among the skeptics israel. >> endangers everyone listening to me right now. >> reporter: the monitoring of iran's nuclear facilities for at least 20 years. it also means the nation will have to roll back the programs dismantle equipment and make sure plants are own for civilian use. critical republican leaders in congress say the house and the senate should have final approval. president obama promises to veto. >> i think we would be nuts to give them more money and capability. >> reporter: all this while another deadline looming. negotiators have until the end of june to hammer out the final plan. >> thank you as always. >> and it's a huge new concern for law enforcement.
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young people lured by isis or other groups to commit terror. we're learning of two more teens under arrest. a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl picked up in separate raised in northern england suspected of preparing terrorist acts. british authorities confy dated their phones. the girl's mother says her daughter was just playing a joke with a friend. >> in california ran began falling on parched ground. the beginning of several days of much needed rain. >> the storm extends from northern california into the northwest and there may be some snow in the sierra. central and southern california may see rain tomorrow and wednesday. >> california's drought is in its fourth year. residents must cut their use by 25%. california governor jerry brown says theing ae agricultural industry has suffered. brown pointed out that
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california grows most of the country's fruits and vegetables. >> rolling stone magazine is retracting its article about a gang rape following the report calling it a journalistic failure. amid the controversy that followed, rolling stone had requested a review of its own reporting from the columbia university school of juniorlism. it says the magazine editorial process failed at every level. the magazine and the author of the original article are both apologizing. >> the search is on for a virginia college student missing for more than a month. she was home in norfolk while on school break went out march 2nd and hasn't been seen since. her friends, family and local police have been searching for clues. a tip led police searching a pond. but nothing was found. also an infant and two older children are among the five victims of a shooting in
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indianapolis. police say the children's mother and another woman apparently knew the attackers and invited them inside. that's when the shooting broke out and the victims being treated for gunshot wounds to their legs. a search is on for the suspects. >> attorneys of the boston marathon trial will make their closing argumenting today. tsarnaev's arguments are maintaining their client was only involved because of his older brother. after hearing today's statements jurors must reach a verdict and will decide if he gets the death penalty. >> also today opening day for major league baseball. 14 games on the schedule. fans will have to walk through metal detecters or be screened with a hand-held detector. you won't have to remove belts, shoes and jackets. large objects and pockets must be removed and all bags inspected as they have been in past years. >> and the first family
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celebrated easter just like millions of people across the globe. here they are in their sunday best along with dogs bo and sunny. malia and sasha growing up before our eyes. the obama's attended an easter service, visiting a historically black church in virginia. and if you thought your easter get-together was a handful. check out what the president and first lady have in store. they're preparing to host more than 35,000 kids and their parents on the south lawn of the white house today. that's right. it's the 137th annual easter egg roll. a day of fun and games. live music and story tell. >> i did not realize it was that many kids that show up. >> it's a lot. can you imagine all those people? >> that's a big crew. still ahead, the world's most dangerous hiking trail. >> plus a relaxing get away turns into a terrifying ordeal for an american family. the accidental poisoning that nearly killed them all. >> and the woman clinging to the
4:07 am
hood of her car during a car jacking attempt. a bold move that stopped one of the suspects in his tracks.
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well investors have a bumpy ride on wall start ahead of the opening bell. stock users are down after reports last friday when markets were closed. two of the last three times poor jobs report on friday. the s&p 500 has gone up the following monday. >> and there won't be any need for the long lines outside the apple store when the watch goes on sale. customers will need to make reservations in advance to see
4:10 am
the models they want starting this friday. the reservation system will continue after the first day of sale. of course, you will be able to order online without visiting a store and shipping is free. the fast and furious sequel hit "furious 7" had the biggest opening for the franchise and the biggest ever in april. in fact it's the ninth biggest debut period taking in $144 million. the film "home" was a distant second at $27 million and "get hard" had $13 million. >> saturday night's defeat is proving costly in dollars. retailers were planning to cash in on the wildcats going undefeated. something no college team has done in some 39 years. the gear companies stand to lose some $15 million in sales. the school, 1 million and a half in royalties. >> when we come back a
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snowmobiler gets buried during an avalanche and his rescue caught on camera. >> a fisherman telling his bizarre story after getting attacked by a sea lion. tantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. i found out the hard way... not all washes take care of intimate odor. vagisil odor block wash stops odor from happening for all day confidence. when you feel fresh all day you feel confident. vagisil. your intimate health experts.
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the pavement collapsed under heavy rain and flooding forcing drivers to find alternate routes. people have been crossing it just to take pictures. repairs could take up to two months. roads will be wet this morning in kentucky and for a hugeswath of the country. puddles in upstate new york and new england and northwest and northern california. snowed will make roads slippery in the northern rockies. three members in critical condition after being poisoned. they got deathly ill. >> the condo below where the family was staying had been sprayed with methyl bromide. that's something used to kill an indoor bug. it was banned by the epa for indoor use back in 1984. the family was flown back here to the states. hospitalized hospitalized. the justice department opened a criminal investigation.
4:15 am
and terminix says it is cooperating. >> a wild scene at a car wash in atlanta. a group of alleged car jackers are in the minivan there. one of the suspects jumped into the white honda trying to drive off with the car's owner hanging on to suspect in the shoulder ending his get-away attempt. >> he picked up speed and go across. and if that guy didn't shoot, she would have lost her life. >> something could have happened. >> the suspect who was shot was treated. then arrested and charged with theft and assault. the search for the other suspect in the red minivan continues. >> burglary caught on camera. a video showing the 19-year-old suspect inside a home armed with a baseball bat. he tries to escape in the family's suv. just as the homeowner was arriving. the burglar tries to keep going
4:16 am
plowing into the suv -- or the minivan i should say with that suv. police didn't take long to track this guy down. he's under arrest. >> caught on camera. that burning motor home in florida. three people were trapped inside. the fire started after a front tire on the rv blew out. the flames were blocking the exit. everyone was brought to safety but the motor home was a total loss. >> from fire to ice. a video capturing a man being rescued from an avalanche in british columbia when a hillside gave way. he was out with three friends. his video camera records the moments when they dig him out. he's doing just fine. he shows the importance of going out with camera. >> a california fisherman was showing off his catch when he was attacked by a sea lion. he was holding his trophy fish when the 300 pound animal jumped
4:17 am
up and grabbed him overboard. police say he was in the water a few seconds before the sea lion let him go. this happened in san diego's mission bay where boaters say they have noticed more aggressive sea lions. and a florida man is facing felony charges for keeping an alligator in his son's bedroom. he was trying to nurse the baby gator back to health. deputies found the rep tile and carted the dad off to jail. you need 1,000 hours of training in florida to keep a gator. >> goes without saying i thought. okay. we turn to men's basketball and talking about the ladies now. >> highlights from their final four and baseball's opening night now from our guys at espn. >> here in the "sportscenter" steward you studios. sunday night the spotlight was on the women's final four and where?
4:18 am
tampa you got it. let's start with tom cruz. why not? he's watching marlin and uconn. man, was she got. 24 points. nine rebounds. brianna stewart. outside. inside. man, is she fun to watch. uconn advancing to their tenth national title game. who will they play? south carolina/notre dame in a really good one. less than 30 seconds to go. madison cable, her only field goal of the game. right place, right time. the irish hang on to win it 66-65. they get uconn in the national title game tuesday night. >> on espn. baseball getting underway at wrigley field. cubs were 0-13 with runners in scoring position. they beat john lester. and the cubs win 2-0.
4:19 am
>> duke with the national championship and enjoy opening kay of baseball. i'm kevin connors. >> up next in "the pulse," what in the world does u.s. ambassador have on his hand? >> who do you think that could be? we'll tell you why an entire town wants this thing gone. the taste of light and fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ you clean with soap and water, about a thousand times a day. but germs might still be there. new lysol tap
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time to check "the pulse" starting with the u.s. ambassador in south korea. he's back in the news because of what he's wearing. >> his left hand and arm in a brace. he says it allows some movement of his hand while immobilizing his wrist. he adds it's comfortable and has made a huge difference in his recovery. >> however people are saying what in the world was that thing. people are seeing this brace now and say it reminds them of of course luke skywalker's bionic hand. he got that after darth vader cut off his hand in the empire strikes back.
4:23 am
it's bionic and kind of cool. but you don't see that every day. >> and lucille ball's hometown want her statue taken down. >> folks take a look. some say it looks like con way twitty and others say like actor steve bushemy and maybe an extra from the walking dead. the sculp ter has not spoken about it. the mayor says he talked to the artist who wants about 10,000 to make lucy look more like lucy. so he got paid to do another one? >> he's lucking out here. >> you don't hire the same guy. >> give him another chance. >> there he is. >> maybe go in a different direction. >> a troubling study if you have been spending money on products meant to help you recover from a tough work out. they might not work. >> researchers had a group of
4:24 am
people go through a workout and half of them had a traditional breakfast and two hours later they ate burger fries and a coke and the others had name brand products after the workout. >> after eating everyone did another workout. blood tests showed no difference in recovery between the two groups. so take that for what you will. >> we should all go out and eat a burger. >> i think that was the headline of the story. >> now to a trek that's not for the faint of heart. one of the world's scariest hiking trails is back in business. >> this is the newly renovated delray delray. it reopened in spain. it's been closed for 15 years, folks. it's a five-mile path that shut down after several fatal falls. you could see this here. offering dizzying views from above the river. >> it's nearly 100 years old. after the $2.5 million
4:25 am
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>> good morning april 6 4:27, we have an update on a family's poisoning while on a dream jakes. the phillies open today, we have the game day accuweather forecast and word of a wet workweek ahead. today looks pretty good, though, "action news" is next.
4:28 am
the next royal baby. >> many are betting on the child's gender and name as well. abc has more. >> reporter: the countdown is on for the arrival of britain's newest mon arc, with baby number two due william and kate kept quiet about the gender. >> it will be a baby. >> but that's not stopping people from placing their bets. >> the bets seems to go hand in hand. everybody likes to bet on the sex of the royal baby, the name. >> reporter: according to the british online betting company if the gamblers have it their way, prince george will be getting a little sister. the company is saying 82% of hunters have their money on a princess. should she be a red head? seems like a long shot. she's more likely to be named alice which rhymes with palace.
4:29 am
the name elizabeth coming in close second and charlotte also a hot favorite. >> it would be quite fun if we had princess madonna or something like that. but i think it's very unlikely. >> wait. there is an underdog. ladbroke's posting this ad on youtube. starring the queen's breed of choice corgis. >> from outside the nose alexandra the winner! >> as for boys' names the popular picks include james, arthur, and henry. bookkies also taking bets on the birthday. many expected the stork to visit on april 21st. >> i don't know about you. i'm going girl on this one. >> going girl. >> what do you think? >> you know what if people find any reason to put money on something. >> it's fun. >> the gender the name. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good
4:30 am
morning america" and mary h and me we have breaking news on this monday april 6. dozens of bullets are fired at a private party in camden, two teens are wounded we're live on the scene. closing arguments get underway this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. >> the phillies open the season without many expectations quite frankly at citizens bank park today. good morning monday, 4:30. tam is off, nydia han joins


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