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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> hey everyone,s 5 o'clock on this tuesday april 7th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and developing this morning. >> police are looking for the gunmen in connection with a home invasion shooting in delaware. >> investigator release surveillance video capturing the moments after a woman was kidnapped from jewelers' row in philadelphia. >> accuweather is tracking a gloomy change. we are in for a raw damp chilly stretch. >> let's get details from david and karen with weather and traffic. good morning. >> all right, guys, let's take a look at storm tracker six live double scan. we have a couple of sprinkles that have already popped through philadelphia. some of these popping through parts of northeast philadelphia currently. there's another big batch of rain that's coming up i-95 and beginning to creep into the western border of new castle county delaware. up north a couple of real spotty cells and of course everybody is under the clouds
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this morning. looks like we're going to be in for a rather gray day. maybe some sunny breaks at times. and while it won't be raining all the time obviously there's a lot of instability out to our west as a front is beginning to push a little bit closer to us from the north is that triggering some spotty drizzle and rain today. 59 degrees to start out in philadelphia. 59 in wilmington. just 51 in allentown but that's not bad. 55 in millville. where it's coolest is right down by the shore as you're continuing to get that draw of air coming in right up the coast off the cool ocean water. as we roll through the day it's another mild one with that front still stuck up north. 58 degrees by 9 o'clock, 67 by noon. and we probably hit our high of 69 around 2:30 or 3 o'clock before dipping back down to 6 o'clock -- or 65 degrees i should say by 6 o'clock. karen, cooler air is going to come in tomorrow and we're still kind of gray and dreary. i'll have details on that and i'll let you know when things get better again. >> gray and dreary but it was nice to walk and not be cold at this hour. let's take a look outside on the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill
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that's westbound traffic here moving fine. no problems on the vine. roads in some spots kind of damp as david has been saying. the ramp from i-95 northbound to cottman avenue is still blocked but that should be clearing soony soon. we've got construction out there and scheduled to clear any moment now so look for that to be a little bit better here. a problem in germantown still an issue this morning an accident brought down a pole and wires and the action cam was on the scene with this one and you can see the car involved right there the driver had to be taken to the hospital in germantown stenton avenue is still blocked blocked between haines street and wister street and at east burn avenue that's where the accident involving a downed pole and wires are. peco is on the scene trying to fix this. until then stick to chew or ogontz avenue. stenton avenue remains blocked. an accident in bristol township bucks county at edgley road at mill creek road so a couple early morning accidents you got to contend with this morning, matt. >> thanks karen. developing overnight a search for answers in a home invasion in delaware that left a man shot in the leg. this happened at the caring
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ton way apartments on kimberton drive in newark late last night. new castle county police responded to the report of a home invasion. after a quick search they found the man with the gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. now at this point it is not clear what role the wounded man played in the home invasion, if he is the victim or someone else. police trying to sort this one out. also developing police arrested a man in reading early this morning saying he tried to kill someone at a basketball court. the 21-year-old is accused of opening fire at city park. witnesses rushed to help a woman who was shot. the man is facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. >> philadelphia police have released surveillance video in the hope of finding three men who kidnapped and attacked a jewelry worker. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in center city with more. annie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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erin. it is terrifying crime. it happened saturday but it is still terrifying people who live and work around jewelers' row. yesterday police did release surveillance video a van linked to that abduction. if anyone has any information you're urged to call 911. take a close look at this burgundy red older model ford van as it speeds out of this parking garage. you can see the graffiti like markings on the van after it pulls into the garage around 1:00 p.m. saturday. there the suspected robbers laid in wait until the 53-year-old jewelry store employee said goodbye to her boss around 4:00. in the garage three masked men abducted her put a hood on her head beat, kicked and used a stun gun on her in an effort to get codes from her to open the safes at her place of employment national watch and diamond in the heart of the diamond row on the corner of eighth and chestnut. the abductors bound her and dumped her in a darby cemetery but came back again robbing her next of personal items like her atm card.
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the next time they dumped her after putting metal shackles on she stumbled upon a good samaritan. take another look at this van. police need your help. other employees along jewelers' row are concerned for the victim's recovery and for their own safety. >> to hear that dramatic experience that she experienced and then talking to somebody who saw her in the hospital today it's just gut wrenching. >> nicest soul i've ever known. friendly very knowledgeable. >> reporter: now, the victim did not know those codes that the abductors were asking her for so they never actually got to pull off their jewelry heist here. so authorities are concerned that they may be feeling a little bit bolder. again, if you have any information you are urged to call 911. for now reporting live along jewelers' row, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you. rutgers university is banning house parties at fraternity and sorority houses for the rest of the semester. the prohibition comes in the
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wake of several alcohol related incidents at the new jersey school including the death of a 19-year-old student in september. despite the ban the 86 recognized greek letter organizations at rutgers will be allowed to hold spring formals where alcohol is served. >> 5:06 now. happening today the revel casino sale is officially set to close. florida developer glen straub refused to fold during a several months long legal rollercoaster in bankruptcy court. his $82 million deal is worth just four cents on the dollar compared to what revel cost to build. one sticking point that's not been resolved, what will come of revel's former tenants such as the restaurants bars nightclubs and power plant. we do know straub has an ambitious half billion dollars plan for atlantic city. last friday he came to an agreement to buy the showboat casino as well. >> david, there's rain out there but not a washout today. >> no, not really, no. storm tracker six live double scan shows that you, matt. most of the area dry right now.
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if we go in a little bit tighter, you can see how there's some sprinkles popping through philadelphia so perhaps your roads are a little wet. the biggest cell of rain is actually still to the west of the region and it look like that area of yellow can coming out of baltimore is headed toward areas of new castle county just south of wilmington. allentown appears to be just beneath the clouds and the same story down south along the coast in atlantic city and cape may. maybe a little drizzle in some of those other spots. as we take a look outside cloudy skies across the region including the shore where we're getting kind of a break from that rain for now. as we take a look at temperatures, it's a mild start. 59 degrees in philadelphia, same thing in wilmington, close to 60 in trenton as well and a little bit over 60 in dover, delaware. 51 in allentown and down the shore still a little bit cool as we are getting a southerly wind that's bringing some cool air in off that ocean water. so only in the upper 40's in places like cape may and atlantic city. there are the winds coming up from the south on future tracker six and there come those showers but it doesn't look like they're really going
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to do a whole lot to us during the morning commute. at times some of you might be a little bit wet with some drizzle or some light rain but a lot of you will just be looking at mainly cloudy conditions. through the day it looks like it's largely cloudy. there could be some sunny breaks every now and then. at the same time a little bit of drizzle here or there or a spotty shower can't be ruled out. this is the 2 o'clock afternoon view. then we get into the rush hour. little better chance of showers building back in but again not everywhere and later into tonight there's a little more filling in on the models of some showers and some of them to could be a little bit steadier. so, later tonight if you have plans to be out adam and cecily will be right here with storm tracker six live with the very late he have and there probably will be something to show you later tonight on radar. up in allentown today, mostly cloudy, a spotty shower is possible 64 degrees is the forecast high up in the lehigh valley. and then down the shore, a little cooler next to the ocean water 65, mainly cloudy and some spotty showers there as well. in philadelphia a little better around 2:30, 3 o'clock we'll hit a high of 69 degrees, mostly cloudy
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though with those spotty sprinkles and showers possible and winds out of the northeast at seven to 14 miles per hour. here's how the numbers are going to go today. 56 by 8 o'clock, 64 by 11 o'clock and then 68 by which tock. again with that high of 69 probably around 2:30 or 3 o'clock. and then tomorrow it looks like it's going to be cloudy and cooler because that frontal boundary that's off to the north creating the clouds and the sprinkles today will be down to the south and that will allow cooler air in. in fact it looks like those two days are both going to be kind of dreary. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 69 is today's high, mainly cloudy skies, a little damp at times and then wednesday and thursday we're stuck in the 40's with some periods of drizzle around mainly. and then on friday, we do break through on the other side. warm front gets past us. we go up to 73. there's a cold front that approaches in the evening and we could have sh late day or evening showers or thunderstorms on friday but the real good news is that it looks like that sweeps away from us by the weekend and both saturday sunday are looking sunny with kind of refreshing conditions, temps in the low to mid 60's.
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>> thanks so much david. 5:09 now. next and new this morning a city down south reports an alarming spike in overdoses of a synthetic drug. >> fire crews make a tragic discovery while responding to a brush fire in the lehigh valley. karen. >> looking live on the ben franklin bridge and i've got to say looking good as well. no problems right here. we're going to check on that accident in germantown and see if it's still blocking a roadway when we come back. >> find out what it takes to pass the fbi's new fitness test a little later in the morning buzz. look at these guns. >> carrying around three kids.
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>> ♪♪
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>> good morning everyone. 5:12 on this tuesday morning. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. maybe a lot of sleepy heads out there watching that basketball game last night. i, of course, did not tune in. >> that's why they invented the dvr. >> yes well, that kind of spoiled everything for people that did that. >> yes, kind of like when you hear about the bachelor, it's very similar and then you watch it on dvr it's just not the same. i've got an accident if you're watching live and in person right now to warn you about and the action cam was on the scene. you see the damage here. look at the pole that this accident brought down. this is in germantown right now. stenton avenue is still blocked at this point between haines street and wister street. watch for this accident. downed pole, wires. you can see how the front end of this car is demolished. the driver had to be transported to the hospital so instead of stenton stick to chew or ogontz avenue to avoid the problem right there in germantown. let's take a look right now outside. this is what's going on in new jersey. 42 freeway that's your northbound traffic here at
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creek road moving pretty nicely at this point not looking bad with volume. some of the roads a little bit damp as david has been saying and we do have this accident here in bucks county. edgley road at mill creek road so watch for some possible restrictions with that accident. in your commuter traffic report we found people talking about potholes. i know i have been dodging them left and right still myself and this one on pottstown pike. shelby for me is telling us about those. always afraid to read those name. you can join our 6abc team and we'll actually give you information about things coming up and congestion you can expect in our special traffic alerts so that's a good thing to be a member of. just want to show you these temperatures 'cause 56 degrees doesn't feel too bad in quakertown, 58 pottstown, 60 in center city. temperatures in philadelphia about 17 degrees warmer than they were at this point yesterday so not feeling too bad in hammonton either at 55. 61 in dover but the roads are damp erin. >> thanks karen. an overdose of synthetic marijuana drug may be to blame
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for one death and dozens of hospitalizations in mississippi. more than 30 people have been treated since thursday for spice overdose symptoms at the university of mississippi medical center. the youngest patient was 14 years old. doctors say spice is dangerous because it's potency can be 100 times greater than the active ingredient in marijuana. spice is in the illegal and unregulated drug. firefighters in northampton county found a body while battling a brush fire. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. crews found the body of 72-year-old patrick mackenzie sr. in the 2500 block of apple road in lower saucon township. the coroner is trying to figure out if he died from the fire or natural causes. a 116 year old american woman who had just become the world's oldest person last week sadly did not get to live with that honor for long.
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gertrude weaver died in arkansas yesterday. she was born in 1898. 117-year-old japanese woman passed away last week, gertrude took over the title as the world's oldest person. her advice for living a long life, use a lot of skin moisturizer, treat everyone nicely love your neighbor and eat your own cooking. not fast food. good advice there. >> can't argue with any of those. duke university won its fifth men's ncaa national basketball championship. the blue devils led by freshmen players beat the wisconsin badgers in indianapolis. duke coach mike krzyzewski joins ucla john wooden as the only coaches to win five ncaa men's titles. the phillies couldn't score in their home opener losing to the red sox eight to nothing. cole hamels gave up five hits in five innings. some of them didn't land in the park striking out six. a sellout crowd still enjoyed the opening day festivities at citizens bank park but many seats were empty long before
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the game ended a sign of what could become commonplace this season. time now is 5:16. bachelors degrees for baristas. a coffee giant is making an unprecedented offer for its employees. >> new research finds two weight loss programs help people loss weight in the long term. david. >> a little damp in spots this morning, so maybe you gear the kids with an umbrella. this afternoon very limited precipitation on the walk home from school and warm enough for t-shirts but there are changes ahead. we'll talk all about that the next time we hit the full forecast. next up we'll take you on the airport and give you your day planner for this afternoon. >> ♪♪
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>> two young women became trapped on the side avenue cliff near malibu, california yesterday. the hikers were about 50 feet up. rescuers first dropped helmets to them. then firefighters used a ladder truck to help reach them and allow them to climb to safety. neither woman was hurt. >> wow. >> lucky. >> brave, though, climbing up there. let's take a look right in
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you in northeast philadelphia. i want to check on this construction and we can see it's still out there at this point. it was scheduled to clear at 5:00 a.m. but the ramp from i-95 northbound to cottman avenue remains closed at this point, so look for that as you're heading on i-95. in bellmawr the ramp from 295 northbound to 168 is closed for construction. but that's not scheduled to open for another 40 minutes or so, so in the meantime you've got to stick to northbound ramp to 30 instead and we also have construction blocking two lanes between 42 and 168. and those construction workers little bit damp in some spots, dave. >> yeah, it's true karen. storm tracker six live double scan shows you we've had some sprinkles pushing away from the region. and yet another one coming in. this is a larger cell that will come across new castle county delaware with that area of yellow before too much longer. not raining everywhere this morning but we have the off and on precipitation and that's going to be the story today, too. mainly cloudy skies. mild again. but occasionally damp. 67 degrees by noon. 69 by 3 o'clock. that is going to be your high. and then 65 degrees by
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6 o'clock. as we take a look at the national view, little bit of instability from here all the way back to saint louis and chicago and atlanta. looks like florida is in good shape and the pacific northwest and even down towards san francisco some showers possible. on the big board at the airport we're looking at hopefully all green aircraft. yeah, that's what we got. in chicago we're reporting some rain. nice to only have rain out there, though, erin instead of any snow. >> thank goodness for that. thanks david. on health check new research finds $4 billion is spent unnecessarily on medical costs associated with false alarms on mammograms each year in the united states. the amount also includes unnecessary costs due to treatment of breast tumors that are unlikely to cause problems. annual mammograms starting at age 40 have been the standard for preventive care but some recommend that regular screening begins at age 50. a review of diet research
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adds weight to the evidence that two popular programs are worthwhile. the study published in the annals of internal medicine gives high marks to weight watchers and jenny craig. they found jenny craig dieters lost an average of 15 pounds and left it off for at least a year. weight watchers lost 8 pounds. the study says many other plans have not been studied long enough to draw a conclusion. >> the world's biggest coffee houses chain is making it more attractive to work at its stores. here's abc's america's money. >> good morning. starbucks wants to send baristas to college. >> ceo howard schultz is offering free tuition to any employee who has a high school diploma and works 20 hours a week. they'll have access to 49 online degree programs. >> americans leave a lot of quarters dimes and nickles at the airport. the t.s.a. says travelers left behind nearly $675,000 in spare change last fiscal year. >> whoops that money? well,
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they get to keep it if they keep anything left behind at security check points that is not claimed. >> that's what happens. >> and major retailer is pulling no punches taking on lingerie giant victoria secret. >> lane bryant launching a new ad campaign focusing on being sexy at any size features the hashtag i'm no ganch gel a clear dig at victoria secret some would say the campaign getting a lot of support on social media. >> i bet it is and that's america's money. have a great day. >> 5:23 now. still ahead at 5:30 a local basketball coach surrenders accused of firing a gun during a game. >> plus, more new video you didn't see last night. you will watch as commuters use their bear lands to rescue a woman who was trapped under a train. it's all new at 5:30 a.m. >> ♪♪ a place where every street is different. every corner plays a new song. every day is a festival. where store fronts, cafe's and artists
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>> pennsylvania governor tom wolf issued a sweeping directive yesterday allowing any pennsylvaniaian to obtain the heroin anti dote naloxone direct from a pharmacy. the drug is known as narcan. first responders have been using it to reverse the effects of an overdose. >> ♪♪ >> time for your morning buzz. summer is knocking on your window everybody talking about fitness, right, getting in shape for the summer season. so is the fbi. now it's requiring all of its special agents to take a physical fitness test. agents have until october to
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go through the test which consists of four different challenges with only five minutes of rest between each segment. so, there's one minute of push-ups passing for women will be 14 plus push-ups, passing for men would be 30. one minute of sit-ups, passing for women 35, passing for men 38. >> i can do that. >> the women or the men's part. 300-meter sprint passing for women 64.9 seconds or faster for men 52.4 and a 1.5-mile run. women need to make it in 13 minutes and 59 seconds or faster and men need to get there 12 minutes and 24 seconds and it's similar to other physical fitness tests for the military and public servants. maybe i'll put matt to the test later and post it on our facebook page. >> i don't have running clones with me though. >> you can do the push-ups and sit-ups part. you don't need. >> i'll do them one hand. a maryland community devastated by the loss of seven young children and their father.
5:28 am
investigators explain how toxic fumes played a role in the tragedy. >> plus police say he opened fire in a crowded philadelphia rec send. now this basketball coach reveals his reason for pulling his weapon. "action news" continues. >> ♪♪ trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia.
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williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
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>> ♪♪ happening now on "action news" accuweather is tracking off and on showers today and a midweek cool down. >> family tragedy. we're learning more about the father found dead in his maryland home along with his seven children. >> deliberation day. the fate of one of the surviving defendants in the boston marathon bombing case is now in the hands of the jury. good morning everyone, 5:30 on this tuesday. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. david and karen are here with weather and traffic. >> we are off to a somewhat damp start in some neighborhoods. storm tracker six live double scan showing us that that one big shower that we have been tracking is now continuing to push east and now chester county picking up some of this but it's very light, just sprinkles light shower activity, more of the same down in new castle county delaware where it


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