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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dash-cam video of the south carolina traffic stop that ened with a police officer shooting a man in the back. the police officer michael slager is originally from medford new jersey and there is reaction there to what is happening down south chad pradelli is live in medford tonight. >> reporter: jim we haven't met anyone from our area that new slager really well and we talked to some neighbors and some described him as a good kid that never seemed to be in trouble but slager is in trouble now facing murder charges. >> in this newly released dash-cam video you can see walter scott get out of his cruiser and run and michael slager chases and moments later cell phone video captures the two and then scott runs away and slager unloads into scott's back. >> a nice kid he really was. >> to hear what he is accused
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of? >> pretty bad. >> old neighbors say that after graduating from lenape high school he enlisted in the coast guard before becoming a cop in south carolina. >> when i heard coast guard the only person i knew was in the coast guard was the kid next door. >> slager says scott tried to grab his taser before the shooting and the video shows an object falling to the ground and slager pick its up and puts it by the victim's feet. the police maintained that the shooting was justified. >> you don't shoot a person in the back trying to run away from you you have to try everything. and that person wasn't a threat to the police.
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>> and authorities say that slager has one prior complain for excessive force and authorities maintain they tasered him for unreason but they found that complaint unfounded. we have a developing story right now a shootout in south philadelphia left a car and a van pierced with bullets, there is at least one gunshot victim. that is where dann cuellar picks up the story. >> reporter: jim police are trying to sort things out here at 39th and woodland where they are holding a video involved in this wild gang land style shoot that unfolded in philadelphia this afternoon. look at the car as you can see it has bullet holes on the passenger side of it according to initial police reports this unfolded at 4:15 at 24th and
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wolf in south philadelphia occupants were exchanging gun fire with the occupants of a van or suv as they were driving on the streets, one gunshot victim was hit in the midsection and dropped at the hospital and one vehicle was later located here at 9th and woodland. the van or suv that was involved was not located and police are on the lookout for it and asking our viewers to call 911 if they see it somewhere. it's blue in color and possibly bearing delaware tags and possibly bearing bullet holes as well. an active investigation is underway and they don't know what the shooting was about and the prn in the hospital is in stable condition perhaps he can shed light on what this was all about and who else was involved. live here in university city i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> all right dan, former school
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bus driver 66-year-old isaac roselund is charged with two counts of endangerment, police say he left a 7-year-old girl in the bus all day after failing to drop her off at her kennett square kindergarten. live is sara bloomquist. >> reporter: prosecutors say that the bus driver had just one job to do transport one child a 7-year-old girl to her kindergarten each day and yet he failed to do just that and left the child inside of the school van for the entire school day and now he is fired and today was charged with crimes. he was charged today with endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment, authorities say he left a 7-year-old student on the school van he was driving. >> the single job is to job this
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girl to school and he fell down on the one aspect of the job he was paid to do. >> at 8:10 a.m. he picked up the student at her home in west grove and was suppose to take her directly to the mary d. lang kindergarten in kennett square instead he drove past the school and parked the bus in the lot. and then the school notified the school of her absence and she notified the school that she got on the bus and close to 3:00 they was found in the van still buckled into her seat. >> if this was a month ago she would have frozen to death and a month later she would have died of heat stroke. >> the craft bus company fired him after admitting to investigators and failed to follow policy from walking to
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the front to the back of the van to look for students and he was drowsy. they sent home a letter saying quote, we cannot express our level of dismay and disgust. >> if it was my child i don't know how i would feel, it's horrible, i feel for the child it must have been so scary for her. the craft bus company issued a statement saying that all bus drivers are put through rigorous background checks and roselund as well and he was fired from the bus company. he will appear in court for a preliminary hearing in may. live in west chester, i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. atlantic city's former revel casino went dark this afternoon the power plant that is its sole supplier or was cut off service, the move by ncr energy came two
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days after glen straub bought the property they failed to come to an agreement to buy service, he may use portable generator trucks before he can connect it to the grid of the former showboat casino next door, he purchased that property last week. a woman that allegedly tried to join isis remains in jail. david henry is live now in center city. >> reporter: jim kiana thomas is in jail after being charge in federal court today and during the hearing the government revealed new terror threats again the u.s. as a result of this case. >> i can say at the time of the search warrant, there are comments by a close associate of twitter threatening a martyrdom operation here in the united states and threatening violence at the prison.
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>> only "action news" was there as they raided thomas's home on west 10th street. she lived in public housing with her grandmother decked out in american flags the government says she wanted to join isis and die as a martyr on the battlefield they began monitoring her online and twitter communications in 2013 and moved in when she bought a ticket to spain and thomas was ready to leave behind her 7 and 9-year-old children without notice. it was a chaotic scene when we tried to talk to her mother and grandmother. >> do you have anything to say in her defense. >> get out of my way now. >> move move. >> get out of my way. >> anything to say in her defense? >> what kind of a woman is she? >> she is a good woman. >> that is it. >> during the hearing the court
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appointed attorney questioned the government's evidence at no point does the evidence say she wants to join isis, and she will be exonerated. >> this is just the first step in the process and we believe when the evidence is presented at the time of trial kiana thomas will be found not guilty. >> the government says they have plenty of evidence to convict her and if she is convicted she faces up to 15 years in jail. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf make a stop in philadelphia today as part of his schools that teach tour, it prepares students for careers in health care philadelphia mayor michael nutter and superintendant dr. william hite joined wolf as he got a look at the classroomed
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today. in trenton voting rights advocate rallied in support of a law that provides sick leave for workers. they are hearing arguments seeking to overturn the law, the referendum that was passed overwhelmingly by trenton voters allows workers to earn an hour of sick time for every 30 hours of work. the phillies look to add to their win column as the team takes on the red sox again tonight. >> it's cold and damp here but a front moving through the midwest and causing tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and i'm tracking the threat of severe weather here tomorrow i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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philadelphia's new summer attraction is bigger and better this year, the officials have unveiled the new plans for the spruce street harbor park and this includes an outdoor roller skating rink and familiar hammocks return as well as barges and ohasisoasis, the widow and penn state football was in harrisburg to hear about a program that she helped to fund. the a program called circles of safety for higher education the first of its kind program it trains people that work at universities to spot and identify sex abuse. of course penn state was rocked
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by the jerry sandusky scandal in 2011 when he was charged and convicted of sexual abuse charges. if you attend the philly pops concert you'll be treated to photography the maestro is not just sharing his music but his photography as well. he is sharing his pictures from amsterdam and tanzania.
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first week of the season the phillies are looking to go over .500. we have not been able to say that the last few years and maybe not this year, over the last two years the phillies have been over .500 for six days they will get a chance when they finish up with shane victorino and the sox.
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a thrilling win last night so why not go with the same lineup tonight? >> hey the theory if it ain't broke don't fix it. that is why the phils are going with the same lineup because it worked. he hit his first major league home run in three years is it snapped a scoreless tie in the sixth and the 16 inning scoreless drought was also snap and they can start things off with a series win and that would be fantastic. >> it would be great. i mean you know you want to do that especially versus a team like the red sox i say even with teams that i have been in the world series with and the playoffs, and kind of had a longer series.
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>> jonathan papelbon gave the fans more reason to hate him. telling the boston globe even after years here he did not feel much like a philly. he was asked to clarify the comments. >> the red sox are deep with me i grew up there and played there. >> he will go out there every night and he has a chance to get the ball and he will pitch his rear off and that is all i need to know. the phillies honored 1915 world series, the 100 anniversary of that with the throw back hats david buchanan at the hill. go figure the flyers blow by just about every team in their way lately but they can't seem to beat the struggling
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hurricanes the flyers struggle total lose for an eighth time to the struggling carolina. they are among the region's coach berube in the hot seat and with just two games to go berube is asked if he is confident to come back next season. >> i'm confident but there is no sense worrying about things like that and i do my job and enjoy my job unfortunate where we are at right now for sure. >> todd herremans will return to play the eagles in august and then indy and baltimore they host and then the final two on the road against green bay and the new york jets. and tiger woods the tee shot on 9, it lands on a different hole and tiger is upset and
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right now he is plus 1. sergio garcia the fans love that. after all of these years still has not won a major. this could be a shot here. >> thank you jeff. coming up cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. when we continue in just a moment.
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we know the hard work and dedication there jim gardner puts in day in and day out at channel 6 and today the ad club
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paid tribute to jim in philadelphia he got a pinnacle award for the movers and shaker as ward and jim humbly accepted the award and thanked all of those on air and off. and general manager bernie prazenica were among the many colleagues there and jim gallagher and jack williams founder of comcast sports net were all honored. congratulations to all. what an honor. >> we met a lot of friend there's, the ad club does a lot of good work with their outreach and public schools and colleges and mentors a lot of people that want to get into the communications industry and it was a great time and we met a lot of friends and had a great afternoon. >> and we are happy they honored one of best.
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>> i say this and it's true, they didn't honor me they honored us. >> i'll change the subject i'm making you uncomfortable. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we don't have any showers out there now just a general misting and we are dealing with clouds all day long. the action cam is taking a look at washington square today where we had thick cloud cover and storm tracker 6 showing, where the action cam was today washington square and all the clouds, if felt like winter and everything is getting greener so at least it's looking a little more like spring. the accuweather highlights show you we are going from raw and whaly to warm and stormy. today though didn't feel like april at all. our high only 43 degrees, that is a whopping 19 degrees below the normal high. 43 is typical of february.
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and tomorrow temperatures soar into the mid-70s and then a cold front moves in and we could have thunderstorms that have a possibility of being severe. the best chance a moderate chance here is for the pennsylvania turnpike to the south, any thunderstorm could contain gusty winds and hail. a lower chance north of the turnpike, not everyone will see them but the possibility is there. right now it's cold and damp, 42 in philadelphia and the same in millville and allentown and millville 43 and trenton 41 the windchill the way it feels, 35 degrees in philadelphia and windchills in the 20s and the poconos, the winds will be changing tomorrow showing the main focus of severe weather is with this cold front this is moving through here late tomorrow and tomorrow nitd, we have tornado watches associationed with that and snow is coming to
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omaha, these are thunderstorms in western pennsylvania and they could clip the far north western suburbs late tonight. 11:30 some thunderstorms, overnight we'll have fog and scattered showers for your morning commute with the warm front and mid-day peeks of sunshine and winds are shifting from the south and that allows temperatures to rise from the mid-70s and the cold front showing a broken band of possibly severe thunderstorms moving through 6:00 tomorrow night and that could have an impact on your evening commute. the good news is saturday the system is out of here and sunshine and seasonable with a high of 62 degrees, the weekend is looking really nice, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast morning fog and some peeks of sunshine mid-day and the more sunshine we see the bigger risk of severe storms and saturday breezy and cooler and nice weather for the union game and 62 and sunday is gorgeous 65 degrees and getting even
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nicer on monday. 72 degrees on tuesday and partly sunny and 70 and wednesday in the 70s and thursday mostly cloudy just a little bit cooler with a high of 66 degrees, and i'll have an update on the chance of severe weather on "action news" tonight at 11:00. abc world news with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues on phl 17 at 10:00 and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan ducis rogers jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. for the first time the police dash cam video revealed. after that officer is charged with murder. the video shows the officer pulling over that car, a routine traffic stop. approaching the car. later, the man seen running. tonight, two major interviews. the witness who took this video, next. we ask, did they try to perform cpr? and the officer's mother right here tonight. tearfully defending her son's character. also developing right now, several reported tornadoes. severe storms from texas to michigan and moving east. when lightning strikes. yet another passenger plane hit. the hole in the nose of the plane. and sandra bullock tonight. you will hear her chilling 911 calls. her accused stalker, in her home. she was hiding


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