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tv   Action News  ABC  April 11, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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jordan spieth has the best score in the history of the masters after three round. he is atop of the leader board but spieth has every reason to be a little on edge here. last year at the the masters he also led after three, and blew it. tiger is on his tail in the third round today at augusta. tiger woods has his best round shoots four under. here on 13, how excited is he? pumped. he is tied for fifth. still ten shots behind spieth. three time champion phil mickelson in third. five shots behind the leader. how about the long putt nails it. justin rose who won in merion two years ago is in second four shots behind. have been get out of the way for jordan spieth. he saves face. he is in line for his first win. spieth lead after three, just like last year. philadelphia native john mccarthey making his debut for the union against new york city. makes three saves, allowing one goal.
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another local guy zach pfeffer from treasurer sets upper i can ayuk. ninety-first minute tight at one, vincent nogueira on the rebound, your game winner. the the first time we're saying. that union finally win their first match, two-one. two local guys very thrilling, down in chester today right here on six abc good thanks jeff. mummers are known for musical skills but tonight a handful put on their dancing shoes to raise money for charity. >> ♪♪ >> they were dancing with the mummers star night in south philadelphia. nine mummers partnered with local dance instructor to perform before a sold out crowd. panel of judges pick the winner and audience got to vote on their pick for the peoples choice award. all proceeds go to our lady of hope regional catholic school. much more to come on "action news" tonight at
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11:30, people from the mid western town nearly wiped off a map by a tornado returns to their homes to go through what was left behind. plus a bizarre site on the hollywood highway what police say might have caused this prius to end up on top of another car those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. ♪♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh.
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saturday night i'm walt your perez. here is what is happening on "action news" at 11:30. president obama sits down with raul castro for first face-to-face discussions between leaders of the u.s. and cuba in more than half a century. people from the small community in illinois devastated by a tornado returned home to see what remains behind. and it was a whole different kind of backup on a freeway in california this afternoon, details coming up. but first tonight new details on a heart breaking crime. a warrant has been issued for a a mother from philadelphia accused of abandoning her is he rearly disable son in a wooded area in west philadelphia. investigators tell "action news" that nia parlor faces charges including neglect unlawful restraint kidnapping and false imprisonment.
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they said she left him in the wood with nothing but a blanket, bible and simply walk away. "action news" reporter annie mccormack picks up the story from there. >> this kiddies a fighter. unbelievable. to see that kid laying there it is heart break to go see another human especially your mother can treat you like that. >> reporter: friday night a man walking on this trail made discovery at 59th and cobbs creek parkway. police say the the 21 year-old victim is quadriplegic with cerebral palsy confine to the wheelchair and no verbal communication skills. police say young man's mother laid him on the ground and left him here for at least a week with only a blanket and a bible. >> on is time around 11:00 a.m. the mother went to visit her boyfriend down in maryland over in montgomery county. and, she played the child in the cobbs creek parkway there at 1100 block of 59th street right off the park rais. >> reporter: investigators say the the special need man a attend the high school of the future at forty-second and park side.
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the school became concerned and could in the reach the mom so they phoned an aunt. once in touch with the mother authorities say that she lied. >> she indicate that had she was with family members and police officers that the child was with her down with her boyfriend in maryland. >> reporter: police say the mother lives here in the 5700 block of baltimore with a 16 year-old child and a victim. neighbors who did not the know them were appalled. police say he is lucky to be alive. >> that is your blood. that is your son you gave birth to him. >> he has a cut the to his back which they are concern about because they are concerned about infection. he is also suffering from dehydration, and some malnutrition that they have had to work on at this point. also due to weather conditions his eyes are having issues at this point. they have an eye doctor coming in and looking at those. >> reporter: lieutenant walker says victim is surrounded by loving family members taking lifts to make sure he is not alone while he recuperates at chop. as for mother's boyfriend police tell us they do in the believe he was aware of the allegations against the mother and that 16 year-old that we
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were told lives with the mother and victim is now in the care of family. reporting from outside chop annie mccormack for channel six "action news". four people were injured when a minivan flipped over on i-95 this morning. it happened just before 7:00 o'clock just south of the service plaza there in newark. state police say the driver lost control, send ago this vehicle off the road into an embankment where it flipped over several times. four people inside, age 71 42, 13 and ten are all in stable condition at christiana hospital. in northeast philadelphia a woman was seriously injured during a fire inside a home in the 2700 block of meyer place. fire fighters arrived to find heavy smoke billowing from the the house a bit past 11:00 this morning. crews were able to get this one under control but one of the people who lives here, a woman in her 40's was transported to frankford aria in critical condition.
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no word how it got started. dozens of people donated sometime today to remember the wonderful men and women who served our country. a memorial as dedicated to day next to the vfw post in somers point in memory of all american military veterans this years is an authentic world war two mark 14 for speed owe. it will serve as a reminder for anyone who served in the u.s. military. it was a meeting more than 50 years in the making earlier today, president obama sat down with cuban leader raul castro. we will get details from white house correspondent jim. >> two presidents who decided to change a five five-year history of hostility to day shook on the deal. raul castro with his brother fidel have ruled cuba with an iron hand since 1959. over throwing a brutal american backed dictator supported by the soviet union at the height of its power leading to the cuban missle crisis. today the old revolutionary sat next to barack obama who
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told leaders from 34 countries at the summit of the americas he will not be bound by the past. >> the cold war has been over for a long time. >> reporter: castro speaking next actually apologized to president obama saying he had no responsibility for the the way other u.s. presidents had treated cuba. inside the small room the two presidents, flanged by advisors but hovering above it all a a profound sense of a new era in a complicated and bitter relationship. >> overtime it is possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship between our two countries. >> reporter: on the agenda a long list of issues from the removal of cuba from the state department's list of countries supporting terrorism the opening of embassies, closed since 1961 and pressing cuba to relax retrickses on its people. the castro saying he may disagree on human rights but he is open to discuss in all,
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quote nothing is off the table. havana has already benefited from the new relationship, tourism is up 15 percent so far this year. air b and b list home shares for u.s. travelers, business from his facebook, to phone companies and airlines are anxious to invest. raul castro made no promises about new freedoms for his people but president obama says with the new era oven gaugement that will be inevitable. >> well, three thieves pulled off one of the biggest heists in british history. police say it was like something out of the movie. new images showed suspects dressed as workman walking in and out of the building in london's jewelry district completely unnoticed. they dropped down a elevator shaft to cut through 6 feet the of reenforced concrete break in the vault. then they raided dozens of safety deposit box west millions of dollars in cash and jewelry over easter holiday weekend. police admit an a alert did go off just hours after the
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burglary started. now they are investigating why no one responded to that call. well, some folks from illinois were allowed to return home this morning, days have after their community was rocked by a deadly tornado. two women were killed when tornado touched down about 80 miles west of chicago, on thursday. more than a dozen houses were blown from their foundations, many say they were seconds from disaster themselves as the the storm ripped through their town. >> as i opened up the door to the back of the house, it was as if somebody had a giant vacuum cleaner and was trying to suck the air out took my breath away i slam the door and then took off down in the basement. >> reporter: weather officials say thursday's twister is rated an ef4, second strongest for a tornado. nearly half of the massive boulder has been removed from a busy thoroughfare in southern ohio. look at. that giant rock tumbled on to the road friday morning, completely blocking traffic in both directions.
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officials there described the boulder as a size of a two story house. crews estimate it will take several days to clear the rest of the boulder, and repair the roadway beneath. and moving on to hollywood now and a picture that gives new meaning to the phrase, freeway backup. investigators are trying to find out if road rage was a factor behind this crash. this afternoon a driver of the black prius slammed his car in reverse and drove up on to the hood of that silver car. it happen on the northbound 101 freeway at the hollywood boulevard exit. witnesses say the girls in the silver car escaped unharmed but the the driver of the prius was stuck, until police arrived. no word if any charges are pending. still to come on "action news" tonight, rapper nelis in big trouble with the the law after police stopped his tour bus. we will tell what you they found inside. plus there were floppy ears every where at the jersey shore today why dozens of bass set hound hit the beach, melissa. walter, we have a mostly clear sky overhead tonight with diminishing wind for
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second half of the weekend. temperatures will climb in the upper 60's. more of the spring weather continuing. details with the the action you weather forecast coming up next.
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all right. some young champions were honored today in germantown. parade was held along wayne avenue in celebration, of the northwest raiders national football title. the team won its first championship this past season and you see guys there holding trophy high for cheering crowd to see. the team clinched their championship back in december with the victory over new britain raiders from connecticut. it was opening day for orland wyndmoor little league
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in marle field. six abc is the the proud sponsor of the league this year. the kid hit the field bright and relevant i on this beautiful spring saturday this league has been now teaching youngsters the fine art of baseball for 63 years. time for a check of the accu weather forecast. great the day to be out identify for a parade, baseball. >> anything, anything you want to do. >> yes. >> just go outside again tomorrow. the bask in the sunshine because we have plenty of it tomorrow walter. we will show you what is going on with storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see nothing going on with our radar. we have a quiet picture overhead. the let me show you what is going on outside sky six live in hd it is beautiful. penns landing. you can see everything is all lit up, and glistening off the the water. we have a mostly clear sky and really comfortable conditions across most of the delaware and lehigh valley. temperatures north and west of town are dropping off into the the lower 40's it is 43 in slatington. forty-two in pots town. center city and chester at this hour at 49 degrees.
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new who will an at 46. upper 40's in oxford and coatsville. down across new jersey ewing 43ment cinnaminson 49 degrees. upper 40's for hockessin. middle 40's in smyrna. dover in at 43. here's satellite six with action radar. we have got mostly clear sky across all of the region and new england and mid-atlantic region as well. high pressure in control. we have had blustery wind earlier today, gusting from 30 to nearly 40 miles per hour across the region. coming out of the northwest. so with a mostly clear sky overhead tonight and diminishing wind, is there a frost advisory that goes up during the the overnight hours. so it starts at 2:00 in the morning lasting right through 8:00 a.m. on sunday. this is really for locations north and west of that i-95 corridor. northwestern suburbs berks lehigh counties included in that in the immediate suburbs, 25 miles to the west of the i-95 corridor and interior south jersey. good idea to protect your sensitive plans because these
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locations where we have the blue shading here, the blue counties well, we could find numbers dropping off near 35 degrees. in fact, future tracker six temperatures showing you 3:30 in the morning most locations will be in the lower 30's a north and west of town and also 34 degrees in trenton which why is that frost advisory goes up. and a nice recovery by 9:00 o'clock in the morning mostly everyone in the upper 40's, at that time and with plenty of sunshine and high pressure in control with light wind, it looks like most spots will max out in the upper 60's, late in the day tomorrow. so, the call from accu weather for rest of tonight, wind will diminish. we are tracking areas of frost. 34 degrees for the overnight lows in the suburbs. forty-one in philadelphia here's at the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast sunny, even warmer for sunday, high temperature up to 68 degrees. phils at home at citizens bank park taking on the nationals, first pitch , around 50 degrees for the the start of that game. mostly sunny and mild that temperature coming in at
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72 degrees. on tuesday some morning showers, and some sunshine and in at 68 degrees. and then wednesday cloud, sunshine, 67 upper 60's as well on thursday, and on friday, it is mostly cloudy, a few showers will be possible otherwise a high of 67. and cool eras we get into next saturday walter, high temperature 60 with rain around by then but looking good tomorrow. enjoy it. >> sound good. thanks melissa. topping tonight's people scene rapper nellie, has been arrested on felony drug charges. tennessee highway patrol pulled over rapper's bus because it was missing a federally mandated sticker. as troopers approached the bus they smelled marijuana they say with the pot, they found methamphetamines and several hand guns. nellie was taken to a their by county jail. pop star justin timberlake is officially a daddy. he and his wife, actress jessica beal welcome their first child. their boy has been named sil
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after giving up four home runs on opening take which tied his career high, phillies star cole hamels returned to the mound, and makes a ponds against the nationals against just one run in seven innings. phillies have yet to score a single will run while cole hamels is on the mound this year. with hamels out in the eighth phillies scored two to tie it. that is carlos ruiz up the middle. sneaks through. we are tied at two. bottom of the tenth, how about this ruiz on second. herrera, oh my, the rule five pick , ruling the night. he had the double. the his first career hit is a walk off winner. phillies, winning three -two
11:55 pm
in ten. they are over 500 for the first time in 11 months. >> you know, tonight it is testify tonightly a good team win. hamels pitched great. you know his first hit is a walk off. so it feels good. it is a special moment special night for us. >> fun night. >> in the so fun for these guys and that is that season officially over for the flyers. it is just a third time in the last 20 years they are in the going to the playoffs. last game against ottawa today, their last goal down one in the second, matt read scoring his first in almost a month. it is one to one. ottawa puts it away by taking ate way from jake voracek. that is bad. mark stone scoring. flyers lose three -one. craig ber rube any what could be his final game. so coach, what went raining this season. >> the the road record. if we're 500 or a little bit
11:56 pm
better in the road we're in the playoffs and we're a real good team. we definitely didn't get the the job done on the road. >> no, they didn't. just ten wins. philadelphia boxer danny garcia throwing down in brooklyn with the lamott and garcia winning in the close call junior wealther wait champion with the majority decision garcia improves to 30-zero. ♪♪ >> wow. >> look who it is, former phillies manager charlie manual throwing out first pitch in opening day for devon stratford little league in berwyn. so what did the phillies all time winning manager to have say to all of those kid out there, listen. >> listen to your coach. hey, listen to your mom and dad. grow up, and try to get as much out of baseball as much as you can. have a a lot of fun. the the air smells like spring. good time for us to play ball
11:57 pm
so i'll shut up, so let's just go play. >> charlie, also at the ballpark tonight on hand for that phillies come from behind win. the just like charlie said i will shut up too, walter back to you you. >> thanks, jeff. finally tonight a saturday for silliness in ocean city today. hundreds of people line asbury a avenue for dod theah parade. featured guests included dozens of basset hound and costume characters. even santa claus took time out for his vacation for a day down the shore. the parade is now a 30 year tradition. castle is next on channel six. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han eva pilgrim and chris sowers. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the he entire "action news" team i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here, tomorrow night. >> ♪♪
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