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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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ges in campaign finance. he never intended to hurt anyone. we'll bring you new developments as soon as we get them. i'm brian taff. >> i'm monica malpass shirleen is off. we are bringing you information of a missing teenager she was in contact with someone she just met on social media. chad pradelli is live with details on that. >> reporter: this is a frightening case, the 14-year-old girl was last seen on monday, she has been heard from her mother says she received phone calls from an unknown phone call, she was screaming mommy mommy mommy before the phone was knocked out of her hand she was too frightened to go on camera. >> philadelphia police say that franco torres may be in danger
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she left her home on monday but never showed autopsy the the school of the future. her mother tells "action news" she went with a man she met online at fifth and lehigh, but she told the family that the man did not match the picture of the person online. >> she had two phone calls kutd off and her mother reports her sounding scared but the phone calls are not completed. franco torres's mother say teacher in west kensington and he is a spokesperson for the family, the phone call to the mother was last night since the mother claims to have received multiple threatening calls. >> saying why are you saying i have your daughter if i see anything i'll drop her off at work. changes stories if he knows who
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she is s if you have seen franco torres, are you urged to call police. i'm live in west kinging ton chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> frightening story there chad thank you. police are waiting for a person in a deadly hit and run to turn herself in today. the crash happened monday in southwest philadelphia it killed 4-year-old abdul wilson the driver has been in touch with an attorney they have also recovered the suv thought to be recovered in all of this. police are waiting to take her formal statement before they move forward with this case. meanwhile detectives are looking for this white infinity in connection with another hit and run the same night. 19-year-old joes fever rivera and her 2-year-old son david alicia were struck as they tried to cross masher street in west
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kensington. the boy is still in critical condition and his mother was released from the hospital yesterday. police raided a home in northeast philadelphia and we are don't know what they were looking for "action news" was there as they took evidence from the house and load several people away in handcuffs sara bloomquist is live on the scene what can you tell us now? >> we know this is part of an ongoing investigation involving the attorney general's office and a police source calling it an ongoing sex assault investigation and the ge's office says the child predator office is involved. investigators raided the house and took four people into custody. neighbors on this quiet block looked out this morning to see police and other investigators somewhering bulletproof vests surrounding and then going into 4415 aberdale street.
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>> thought someone was dead or being murdered in there but i didn't know and then i noticed it was the state car across the street. >> she is talking about the pennsylvania office of the attorney general special investigation vehicle parked out front. "action news" learned that the state is heading up some sort of sex related investigation and this home may be among others raided in the last two days. vest dirts appeared to take away possible evidence and then took four people out of the house in handcuffs, neighbors identified them as two of them as the female homeowner and their juvenile song and they were joined by a young woman and young man people see people coming and going from the house at all hours and the police are called at least once a month. >> it's like a crazy house in the middle of a quiet neighborhood you kind of notice everything going on. >> there are cops here all the time. traffic in and out and cops.
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>> reporter: but never the police presence like they saw out here today. we believe this is part of an ongoing broader sex related investigation. we'll keep tabs on it and let you know if we hear anything about the scope of the investigation, who if anyone is charged and what crimes they are facing. live in holmesburg, sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a protest against a number of recent deadly police shootings passed through our area today. the march is making its way to washington, d.c., and crossed roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. they are in the middle of a nine day journey to the capital and stays at churches along the way. the sunshine is back today after a one day rainout the skies have cleared and lets get a check of the accuweather forecast. lets go outside to adam joseph for the story. >> it's enjoyable to be outside
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today, a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds and inland locations the temperatures have responded. philadelphia we are sitting at 70 degrees, close to that in wilding ton and reading allentown 69 degrees, lets the shore communities, the sea breeze kicked in only 55 at the boardwalk and the cool ocean of 47, south city is just 55 t. as we take a look at winds converging out of the east at the shore, you can see where it meets from the northwest to the east around atlantic city at 10 miles per hour. and sea isle city 4 miles per hour. and 3 miles per hour from the northwest and it's light this afternoon after gusty winds earlier this morning. we have a light breeze and with the dry weather and low humidity we have a fire danger until 7:00 tonight. also a very dry forest bed so it's not really a good thing to do if you have open flames outside. the wind, even though it's light
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can kick up in the evening hours. a beautiful forecast for the thursday it's a damp dreary finish, but we'll talk about a nice recovery and i'll have all the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam and north in jail after a fire this morning and investigators say it was set on purpose. the "action news" cam was on the 5700 block of the logan section of philadelphia. the fire broke out at 1:45 and one person went to the hospital and medics say that that person inhaled too much smoke and had other injuries and the person's roommate was arrested. and this is now a case of arson. >> there is a scathing new report that found widespread problems at philadelphia's veterans affairs department, in was an audit that looked at management disability and pension claims.
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poor -- and they found employees manipulated dates to make old claims look new and the va gave out millions in duplicate benefit payments. the new owners of the former revel casino have asked for permission to turn the power back on. glen straub brought in three trucks with power generators and now asks to hook them up. they were being fined every day $5,000 but the city is also finding the power plant for not providing the electricity. >> the lane closures on 686 will be worse than expected and you can thank the rain. 676 will be closed in both
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directions rather than just one, traffic will be detoured between broad street and the schuylkill from midnight until 5:00 a.m., this is part of the larger project to firm the bridges that go over the vine street exfres way. we have more on this construction project posted now at including a schedule of the lane closures on 676 and a list of suggested detours to help you get around them. on that note, time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman keeping tabs today. >> we are in the throws of construction season on these roads and we say when they close the vine overnight between the schuylkill and broad use the schuylkill and 95 to get around the closure or the local city streets this afternoon this is how things looked the schuylkill expressway back on the montgomery drive off ramp, we had an earlier eastbound accident by girard. and that cleared and now it's starting to break up and normal
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afternoon volume headed out of time. elsewhere on 76 the pennsylvania turnpike there is still a crash that is there a while now. the right lane is blocked. on the big picture, we have all of our normal delays on 95 with speeds in the teens and accidents in camden county involving pedestrians be one in pennsauken just cleared and one in gloucester city at broadway and essex. a good spot to avoid coming down the walt whitman bridge a broken down truck at 130, and that is jammed solid across the walt whitman bridge into the garden state and another broken down vehicle at cherry hill at 70 closing the right lane. and now the commuter report a
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crash in northeast philadelphia along red lion road. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thanks matt. still ahead what google is accused of doing that could end with a $6 billion fine for that company. and aaron hernandez is found guilty of murder what is next for the former nfl star and what the victim's mother said after getting justice for her son. >> we go inside of a local winery as they botdle their own vintage just for the phillies. you can get a taste of that this weekend.
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a jury in massachusetts delivered the verdict in the aaron hernandez case, they found that the former nfl star is guilty. marcy gonzales is live with more on the verdict and the reaction
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to it. >> reporter: the verdict deliberated for more than 35 hours and they told the media they have no doubt they made the right decision. >> after the decision was read. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> aaron hernandez glared at the jury bho found him guilty of all counts. appearing to mouth the words you are wrong. his fiance and mother embracing in tears the victim's family breaking down. >> i forgive the hands of the people that had a hand in my son's murder. >> lloyd was shot execution-style in a massachusetts industrial park, he was hernandez's friend dating his sister but prosecutors offered in motive and the murder weapon not found. but the jury says the mountain of evidence including video of him with a gun was enough to convince them that he plotted
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the murder. and the 25-year-old had a promising career and a $40 million nfl contract hernandez will spend the rest of his life in this prison without the possibility of parole. >> aaron hernandez pay have been a well known new england patriots player but the jury found he was just a man that committed a brutal murder. >> the defense will appeal the conviction and hernandez faces another trial for a double murder in boston. brian back to you. >> thank you. an eventful day in the boston area, this also marks two years since the boston marathon bombing, survivors and rescuers commemorated the day with a ceremony at2:49 the moment the
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first bomb went off near the finish line and the jury will start to weigh dzhokhar tsarnaev's sentence n week. if have you not filed the taxes yet you are officially almost behind the eight ball, you need to either mail in the return or file it at midnight or file for an extension. but with so many people e-filing those days are gone, the government issued $30 billion in tax refunds and the average refund is $2700. to business on this wednesday afternoon you'll like green arrows across the board. the dow closed up and the s&p also up on the day 11 points oil closing $56 a barrel. google is facing a huge legal barrel with legal rell
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laters in europe the commission under says she is filing anti-trust clarnls against that search company, google has 90% of the search market and abuses its dominance to hurt competitors, and uses search results to favor its own services to promote its own products. they could be fined $6 billion and force them to change their practices. the phillies have their own special wine and fans have a chance to taste it. workers packaged thousands of bottles, the wine is simply k5u8ed phillies wine, locally grown here in delaware county and fans get a chance to taste it this saturday and sunday as the phillies host phillies wine weekend and there will be food, raffles and some battle cages. and a small corner of center city philadelphia is transformed into an urban oasis the first
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pop-up garden of the season, presented by the philadelphia horticultureal society. it's covered in nearly 13000 flowers they look pretty. the decorations will be around one more day tomorrow and all the flowers will be used to beautify two local elementary schools. >> it looks like my yard this afternoon, doing some shoveling and putting some shrubs in and that sunshine is in control north of detroit, suppressing and holding the showers into the virginias and carolinas for now. lets take a look at the temperatures, 70 for philadelphia as well as trenton 68 in wilmington and 67 in millville, however because the winds are light this afternoon a
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sea breeze has kicked in and see the change in direction of the wind here, the line that is only 5 miles inland that is the easterly wind taking over and bouncing against the shore it's only in the 50s. speaking of color i took this picture in the afternoon in my yard of the magnolia tree popping and bursting with color and the cherry trees and forsythias and dogwoods. i shared this on my facebook page, thank you for that. and speaking of the blooming trees, it's active in the allergy department, very high, the trees are pollinating like crazy, the weeds and grass are low, but they are turning green quickly and that will go up and even the mold is on the high side right now. looking at satellite and radar, high clouds from the south and
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west and the high is far to the north, not a crystal clear blue sky but the sun is doing its job this afternoon. temperatures fall into the 30s north and west, and 40s for i-95 and patchy clouds and andible for this time of year. future tracker will show more of a northeasterly wind taking over for your thursday so we'll cut the numbers back some for today and still pleasant 64 allentown and 66 philadelphia and the winds are coming in off that cold ocean own in the upper 50s for the shore. take a look at your four day at 4:00 high clouds and 56 degrees and a lot of clouds and 67 on friday it moves out in time for the weekend, the warmtest time of the year so far saturday 76 degrees and clouds build quickly on sunday for a wet monday with a temperature of 64 we'll talk about the wet monday could be a lot of rain here.
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enjoy that weekend. >> adam thank you. "action news" turns 45 years young this month. the broadcast pioneers of philadelphia organized a lunch celebration at the bally golf club today. former and currents "action news" members were there including my seat mate, monica malpass and president, bernie prazenica it included a presentation of 1,000 scholarships to 20 area college students. breaking news right now from southwest philadelphia homicide detectives have been called thereafter a report of a body in this burning vehicle. now lease were called to enterprise avenue at 4:00 p.m. someone found a body inside of this vehicle, obviously the fire is out. no word on if the body is male or female.
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they are conducting an investigation of a body found in a burning car in south felt.
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police in montgomery county say they have caught two people that murdered a man in pottstown and they finally know what led up to that crime. the da's ofsz announced murder charges against richard collins and mariah back on march 20th investigators say all three knew each other other and had an argument over money and bradley was in a fight with his girlfriend and called collins and walton and police say collins murdered bradley. police in philadelphia are looking for the men involved in a shooting at a gas station at the lukoil on columbus boulevard officers say one man pulled a gun and started shooting at a car when it was
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leaving the station, the suspects got into a black chevy impala if you have information please call police. and hundreds of people are marching through the streets of philadelphia right now what they want from the government ahead. plus, from digging up deals to comparing prices for you find out which app will save you the most money while shopping that is ahead in saving with 6 abc. and a local woman and her husband put a new twist on the gender reveal surprise. people were shocked when they showed up at the hospital to see if the new bundle of joy was a boy or girl.
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues today with the latest on a developing story out of west kensington section. police are searching for a missing teenager that might be in danger. this is adam franco torres. when to meet a man that the teen met online instead of going to school. when they got to fifth and lehigh, the man did not match the picture of the man online but torres went with the man any way and her mother have received several frightening phone calls from her daughter that were cut off mid call. we are monitoring a developing story out of
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washington, d.c., that is where the pilot of this tiny one person gyro copter was arrested for landing on the lawn of the west capitol building. it's a florida postal carrier by the name of doug hughes is taking responsibility for the stunt, he claims he was really just delivering letters to all 335 members of congress trying to draw attention to campaign financial corruption. they said if he had gotten closer to the capitol they would have shot him down. turning now to the coast-to-coast push to increase the minimum wage hundreds of people are rallying for better pay across the nation including here in philadelphia david henry is live at 30th street with more on this. >> reporter: hey brian i'm on the very busy jfk boulevard
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bridge across the schuylkill river, that is not busy tonight because the police have it shut down entirely down towards center city there is a green balloon and flashing police lights, that will convirgin on this bridge right in the middle of this very busy rush hour. this is suppose to be a day of strikes and protests by minimum wage workers but these are mostly sympathizers. >> parts of a national movement to increase the national wage. it's tax day april 15th and they want a $15 minimum wage, that is more than double what it is now. fast food workers can not make it on 7:25. >> that is not enough to take care of my baby. >> rallies are taking up all
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over the country, and some municipalities have raised the minimum wage ahead of federal action and president obama has proposed a hike to $10.10 an hour. here is how that stacks up now pennsylvania is at the federal level and new jersey's minimum wage is $1 higher. they have target the mcdonald's restaurant but have not shut them down workers for the most part have gone to the job. >> don't get paid enough and i have a fortunate family to help me take care of my son $7.25 is not enough to take care of my son. >> the protesters are urging wage increases for a wide range of low income earners, most are on federal assistance to make
4:33 pm
ends meet. that includes adjunct professors. >> i make $20,000 a year as an adjunct. >> it's protesters are blocking 30th street station at 31st and market they are part of one wing of protesters coming from west philadelphia and the university of pennsylvania area, and the other wing is down there at the end of the jfk boulevard and they are making their way to 30th station now this is all developing as we enter rush hour so this should be a huge problem for traffic in the area. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. fire crews are still monitoring a blaze involving tires and brush in bucks county thick black smoke filled the air when chopper 6 hd flew over buckingham township earlier today. the blaze sparked near 12:00 at forest and stockton roads.
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the smocky scene was captured at the road and nobody was hurt. when you see breaking news or severe weather, we want you to join the action email your photos and videos to or use #6abcaction on social immediate yaxt it's how you can be a part of "action news." philadelphia police are hoping that new surveillance video will help them track down a determined thief cameras captured the suspect ramming his truck into the back of the lukoil station back in january once the burglar created an entry way for himself he snuck in and raided the cigarette case. he filled up that bag there. if you have information about this theft call northeast detectives. all is relatively quiet on independence mall right now than will not be the case in 20 minutes, the philadelphia police department and other first responders will be conducting a
4:35 pm
massive training drill from 5:00 until 9:00 tonight, the exercise conducted near 6th and market is said to involve a large number of officers but the public should not be alarmed. middle schoolers heard from holocaust survivors in princeton, daniel goldsmith was one of them and he was protected from the nazis by the catholic church. today's visits was organized by a joint program of social studies, religion and language arts classes. meteorologist, adam joseph is along the sunshine is back and so too is the pollen. >> we are feeling it everything is pollinating at once because it is so delayed we'll get some relief with showers. >> no we'll take the pollen. >> as we look at sky 6 hd over center city, temperature is 70 degrees and high clouds have pushed in from the south kind of
4:36 pm
fading the sun a little bit. not all that much, winds from north-northwest at 8 miles per hour, and looking at the satellite, we have a decent amount of sun and its still across the area and little patches of clouds have pushed into with a storm over the vnls and carolinas, and we won't see more than the clouds, but after yesterday's heavy rain in southern new jersey and delaware, philadelphia to the north and west, we have a dry ground and forest and with the breeze and low humidity and sunshine and red flag warning up until 7:00, if a fire was to start it could spread quickly, not recommended anything with an open flame flew the 7:00 hour. we'll talk about the little rain on friday and more heavy rain coming in. a chester county doctor is charged with illegal prescribing prescriptions for his wife. rick williams is now here live in the newsroom with the details. >> hi brian, thank you, not just
4:37 pm
his wife that oral surgeon is accused of giving illegal prescriptions to his office staff as well. he and his wife rebecca both from malvern have been charged. he worked in an office in berwyn and we are live with the details of the drugs prescribes and now the surgeon covered up his alleged wrong dogs. >> and the first all girl quintuplets in the world since 1969 were born last week in texas, the happy but busy parents are speaking out. ali gorman will have that story coming up on "action news" at 5:00. just some stories we are working on for you until then back to you. >> monica and i are twin parents, we both just broke a sweat. the new c and d canal museum opened today in delaware city on fifth street and it was built
4:38 pm
over the past few years and visitsers can see fossils and artifacts from the region. money saving secrets at your fingertips, the three apps you need to donate before your spending spree. and the d.a. says a crack down of a grab and go bar may not be kind to your health after all. >> and tears to stunned silence friends and family showed up to see if a woman gave birth to a little boy or a little girl. >> and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast. more on that weekend coming our way. "action news" at 4:00 continues right after this.
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time for health correct at 4:00 a minnesota baby experiencing the joy of hearing and his mom is sharing the joy
4:41 pm
with the world. >> hi buddy. >> little elisha heard her voice for the time time thanks to powerful hearing aids. at 9 weeks of age technicians were able to fit him with little hearing aids, he began responding to his mom's voice and he is focalizing finding his own voisz. the maker of the kind snack bars are in a broil with the not so kind fda the fda wants kind to strip the word healthy from the package, because they say that the bars have more than a gram of saturated fat and they say they will not remove the term because it's mono unsaturated and from palm and coconut oil and they are using out dated information in defining healthy.
4:42 pm
>> now to the big board with the big talkers, alum any are expected to show up at a meeting of the red clay school district to support the mascot even as another group fights to get it changed. a group of students and alumni have been circulating a petition to stop using the red skins name and mascot to present the board with an acceptable alternative but tonight those that do not want it changed plan to make their voices heard. >> the board will allow those that sign up before the meeting to speak at it but the issue is not on tonight's formal agenda. now a fast food fight between mcdonald's and taco bell the battle over breakfast is now in a new territory, the folks at the golden arches are giving a free egg mcmuffin at
4:43 pm
some northeast locations but only if you bring your taco bell breakfast set are you. and taco bell is not pleased and they shot back at mcdonald's daring them to make it nationwide. at last check they have yet to respond to that twitter beef. and parents are keeping the gender of their babe why a secret letting friends and family guess what they are having. but sharon and her husband took that to a whole new level. check out their loved ones priceless reactions -- >> ha, ha, ha! >> oh! >> it's a girl! what? one, two, three.
4:44 pm
got it. >> i almost forgot her twin sister. >> you did not -- no. you are kidding me. >> no. how awesome is that. even though it's hard to keep her twin a secret from her friends and family for so long it was worth it even though she lives in florida now she is thrilled she gets to share the story with her home town audience and her home town television station. we love to hear that. watch the video about 6 minutes long, at monica, you and i both had twins and i can't imagine keeping that a secret. >> i cannot. but it's special. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> i love the reaction of "what?" >> we have a whole bunch of
4:45 pm
problems including this one in northeast philadelphia an earlier accident necessitating emergency construction, that is blocking the left lane, at franklin mills philadelphia mills boulevard as you come away from 95 towards the boulevard only the right lane is getting by to the north in buck county in newtown township, a water main break shutting down eagle and it will be closed until tomorrow afternoon. psych more gets you around it. we are watching the protests going on in center city. blocking off portions of jfk and market. you will want to say several blocks to the north or several blocks to the south. give yourself a few blocks. and we have the car fire and the police activity surrounding it in southwest philadelphia at hog island and fort mifflin roads.
4:46 pm
a weck in stanton, delaware and the eastbound side of boxwood road reopened today and westbound lanes remain shut down through after memorial day and a broken down truck at 42 near 130 luckily that is out of the way there you go. a little something going for us. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next.
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right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. adam joseph is along with the accuweather forecast including more of what we saw today. >> sunshine thursday and overall it looks good but a couple chances of rain, we need it to flush out the pollen and everything needs a drink it's blooming now. as we look at double scan live
4:49 pm
radar, all is dry despite high clouds from the south and west. as we take a live look frtd pagoda cam in reading, from the tops of the building there is still a glow, penetrating through the high cloud cover and a nice day especially inland with temperatures in the 60s and even some thermometers hitting the 70 degree mark like philadelphia and trenton reading 68 and chillier in the poconos and the poconos only 59 degrees, the wins at the shore have eased and allowed the sea breeze to kick in the ocean is so cold that the wind rushes inland and you get the temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s. rain to the south pushing off to the south at charleston and roanoke high pressure is to the north and blocking the system over the virginias and carolinas and it's only the carolinas that are puncturing the high, this is
4:50 pm
a dirty high, typically high pressure brings wall-to-wall sunshine and the high is not strong enough to pulled clouds away. and it's seasonable with 30s in the lehigh valley as well as lancaster and reading and the rest of us 46 degrees, that high pushes closer and off the coast here and brings more in the way of sun for your thursday and winds wrap around the high and a few high clouds with it 66 in philadelphia but at the shore again 10 degrees cooler, so only 50s for all shore communities and then a weak front slips through on friday bringing a lot of clouds and 67 degrees and even a few showers arrive for the end of the week and this high pressure behind that front will set up shop here for saturday bringing nothing but sunshine and very warm temperatures. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 66 tomorrow and high clouds and friday a lot of clouds with the front of 67
4:51 pm
degrees and a snapshot our future tracker around lunch time, the showers are heaviest north of philadelphia closer to where there is more energy and less rain to the south and saturday the warm of the day so far 76 and sun and clouds build in the afternoon ahead of another system that bring a good inch of rain on monday for most of us at a cool 60 degrees and more sunshine pops through late tuesday and thursday when the phillies are back in town guys. >> thank you adam. saving with 6 abc is coming your way next.
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today we are talking about the hot new high tech ways to save money while you shop. rebecca jarvis has more on the apps you should hit before you hit the stores. >> forget coupon clippings in the able of the smart phone it's about cash saving apps. >> there are millions of ways now to save money. >> it's through the beautiful thing about these apps they collate all the prices from the stores but they know the deals and coupons happening right now david is president of yahoo! tech and he is revealing the mobile apps you should use daily. >> it's about knowing which ones to use and when. >> first up retail me not an app that allows you to make purchases at home and knowing deals before you head to the store. >> i'm going to the gap, is
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anything on sale? why yes there is here are all the deals and coupons from the web. >> this is all the coupons for the gap. >> yes save on $50 f. you have this card it's free shipping, can you save so much money next up red laser a bar code app to use in store. the store that says we'll meet any price or beat any price, i hold it up to the bar code and there it is. here is the local price and the online price is less and if i scroll down, here is every book store that has it and all the different prices for them. >> that took two seconds. >> two seconds. >> finally an app called ship, simplifies the pros is of making returns from home. something from the store you are returning here is all the frequently used at shops you want to return the shoes for $5
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they come to your house and pick it up and ship it for you. plus the shipping cost. >> easy to use free apps that help get you the most bang for your buck. rebecca jarvis, abc 6 news new york. you'll love this, a 3-year-old determined to take his pacifier on the campaign trail. zeke is crying here because hillary clinton beat him to the punch, the toddler just seen her announcement declaring her candidacy for the white house that sent zeke into tears. >> i wanted to run for president. >> zeke is not even eligible to run for another 32 years or so but he told his mom he is ready now and his agenda includes quote, playing with toys when he gets there. >> i concur with that.
4:57 pm
>> he may run some day. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for monica malpass, shirleen allicot, and adam joseph i'm brian taff, we are back tonight hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is rick with a look ahead. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 snoring is now linked to memory problems apparently. ali gorman has details on a new study on health check tonight. and why police officers were jumping around with local students in newark today. it looks like fun and we'll tell you why.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. good evening, the big story on "action news" is chopper 6 hd over a developing story happening now in southwest philadelphia philadelphia police and firefighters on the scene here of a burning car and a report that a car was found inside. this is happening on fort mclynn road, investigator says it's a
5:00 pm
suspicious death. and we'll have a live report for you coming up at 6:00. in other news, an oral surgeon is under arrest for feeding his wife's addiction by giving her illegal drugs. records show the wife used the drugs while caring for the couple's children. eva pilgram is outside of the office that is now closed tonight. >> reporter: the office is closed. it's locked up and there is no activity here all day, the dentist is in trouble for writing prescriptions for pain pills for his wife. this happened for ratting out an employee for snatching his prescription pad and writing her own prescriptions. when they


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