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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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masher here in front of josephine rivera's home and now the family has gathered to grieve and demand justice. >> give yourself up the family is angry because we want justice. >> it was around 7:00 monday night when 19-year-old josephine rivera was get ougt of her car with her 2-year-old son david. witnesses say she tried to shield them from an on coming car but it hit them and kept ongoing. josephine we remains in the hospital with head injuries and david died this morning. >> he will never be here again it's horrible. >> video surveillance have a picture of the car that hit josephine endavid, there appeared to be two people inside. and it's a white infinity m class that looks like this one
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it left behind pieces of headlight and probably has front end damage. the driver has taken a precious young life. >> beautiful. beautiful. can't say much, always a happy baby. >> they can't believe someone would be socallous to run not even stopping to check on the mother and baby lying in the street. >> shame on you for just going right by here and hitting two innocent lives and taking one and you are out there like nothing, how dare you. >> josephine's family is hoping she can come home before the day aover and for her sake they hope that anyone that knows anything about the car involved to give the police a call and you could collect $20,000 in reward money live in west kensington david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police are still waiting to talk directly to a woman accused
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of causing another deadly hit and run. little 4-year-old abdul wilson was killed on monday after he darted in traffic at 17th and litchfield. according to police the alleged driver has contacted the police through her attorney. they have recovered the car involved a rental car. a man with a tacked on side of a packed 7-eleven and every jab and punch was caught on surveillance camera inside of the store. police need your help tracking the suspect down, for more on this we turn to "action news" reporter sara bloomquist live in spring garden. >> brian philadelphia police want the suspect in this aggravated assault come in for questioning, this happened late last month a temple student was inside of 7-eleven just off campus and placing an order the suspect walked in and started brutally beating him.
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you can see the suspect in the gray sweatshirt enter the 7-eleven filled with customers at cecil b. moore off temple campus at 6:25 a.m. the man went up to the victim a 19-year-old temple student who was placing an order and started to throw bunches one after the other and tried to protect his face. >> he was in the store minding his own business and the offend runs in and strikes him several times. >> the suspect followed him to the front of store and other patrons got out of the way near the cashier the man went after the student again shouting in his face until the victim walked away. >> he had extensive injuries to his face. he is described as being in his early 20s wearing blue jeans and
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sneakers. >> we'd like to bring in the offender and get the whole story of what happened. there is no reason for an attack like that. >> and police are trying to get a better idea as to whether or not something happened before that brutal attack regardless, it could not have warranted such a brutal assault. i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. raids by u.s. marshals took thousands of violent offenders off the streets across the country including new jersey. this is video you'll only see on "action news" of raids being carried out in camden today. according to investigators they caught an escaped prisoner and a sex offender. u.s. marshals conducted the raids and we'll have more coming up at 5:00. time for a first check of the accuweather forecast.
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a beautiful sunny afternoon. >> and warm. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan is outside enjoying this afternoon. >> outside is the place to be today. i don't think i want to go inside because it is just gorgeous second day in a row we hit 70 in philadelphia the third time this week, while it's 70 in philadelphia, 70 in reading and 67 in allentown and trenton. notice along the shore just like yesterday, with winds off the ocean, the ocean temperature is chilly only 49 degrees, that has a big impact on temperatures and temperatures on the beaches only in the low 50s. we still have a few more hours to enjoy this day so the playground forecast showing a mixture of sun and high thin clouds and mild at 5:00, 68 degrees, by 7:00, 68 degrees. get out and join the weather this evening because things change tomorrow and even overnight tonight, satellite 6 along with action radar showing
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this protective dome of high pressure that is what is keeping the clouds and showers over western pennsylvania at bay but that high pressure is working to the east tonight, and i'm tracking a round of showers tomorrow and the good news is the weekend will be spectacular and a soaking rain moves in early next week, i'll have all the details on that when i come inside for the accuweather forecast. >> we hate to make you do it cecily. >> hey it gorgeous spring weather can change in an instant stay updated with you'll find live stormtracker 6 live double scan and keep an eye on the sky with our sky 6 cameras. a florida coastal worker appeared in court today after he literally flied under the radar and landed his gyro copter on the capitol lawn. he flew right through washington's no-fly zone without being detected.
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he planned the flight for more than a year all for demanding changes in campaign finance laws, he gave the heads up to a reporter in florida. >> it sounds like a bunch of craziness but i thought i would pay attention to this guy, if he has the wherewithal to try to pull this off it could be an interesting story. >> so it was, hughes is charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and is under house arrest in florida and faces four years in prison plus fines officials are still unclear how he managed to fly into d.c. unde undetected undetected. 73-year-old bernard revis waived his preliminary hearing today in blue bell, authorities say he inappropriately touched a 14-year-old girl in his office. he advertised himself forens
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in crisis. according to a new quinnipiac poll, 52% of voters want menendez to step down. menendez menendez's approval rating has slipped. it was 48% and now it's 35%. philadelphia's fishtown section is getting a little louder but they don't seem to mind, they are turning the former ajax company into a $30 million venue it will have a concert hall, and a foundry club that features live music in addition to bars and restaurants. with the construction season just getting started, pennsylvania turnpike officials are teaming up with state police
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trying to keep road crews safer, it's called operation orange squeeze, workers will be in orange and police will have speed guns to find speeding drivers. >> all right time now for the "action news" traffic report today. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we are feeling the squeesz in a couple of spots some crowded conditions in a few areas some here at the tacony palmyra bridge. traffic is moving again and things are crowded at 95, both directions at allegheny avenue and an issue at cotman and northbound is heavier than normal. 34 minutes from the vine up to woodhaven it will take you a while to get home this afternoon. watching a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound side approaching the fort washington interchange from 409, speeds in the 20s from plymouth meeting and mid county
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and a wreck in limerick along ridge pike at township line road another day and another brush fire this time at rocksville, near lawn avenue. and a bad crash in wilmington blocking centerville road near faulkland road and elsewhere, boxwood road eastbound just reopened and that just happened the last couple of days and the westbound side is closed through memorial day and lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday a member using the waze app talking about another pothole this one in mt. airy and walnut lane. >> slowly attacking the potholes out there. >> one by one. there is still more to come including an "action news" exclufsive, only our vernon odom spoke to a man that fell on the tracks at a septa subway
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hillary clinton is now taking her presidential campaign to new hampshire clinton will travel to that key voting state next monday and tuesday, her conversations will be focused on the economy and every day morns will make ends meet. they will ask for community leader's support and republican candidate marco rubio got off to a strong start in his newly started campaign he raised $1.2 million on his first day. that is as much as that first term senator hoped to earn online during the plos of april may and june. and slightly more than rand paul
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and cruz made on their first days. and now the path is clear for peterson to return to the nfl he was sidelined after being accused of beating his little son and now the star is signed to the minnesota vikings, his agent says he wants to play somewhere else but his team has no plans to trade him. officials in asia say that the search area for the missing malaysian airlines plane will be doubled if not found by next month. it covers 100,000 square miles and 61% of that has been searched and they will add 23,000 square miles to the zone if it doesn't turn up by may. the plane disappeared last
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march. european officials say they will resume talks with iran in hopes of wreaking a deal with the program. officials meet in austria next wednesday and plan to cut back on the nuclear program and has no applications in return economic sakss will be lifted. >> a montgomery county electrician has now died after he was injured in an expansion project at the king of prussia mall 36-year-old joseph at paoli hospital yesterday he was shocked after cutting cables under the existing section of the mall monday and his death is ruled accidental. a group of middle schoolers had a lesson about sexting and cyber bullying today. seth williams spoke to them at the school in west philadelphia as part of his anti-bullying initiative. he brought his message to 20
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city schools since january of last year. to business on this thursday afternoon, beautiful outside and not so much on wall street. the dow down 7 points and the nasdaq off just 3 points and the s&p off marginally at 2 points. meanwhile, the number of americans looking for unemployment benefits rose for the second straight week, according to the labor department 249,000 americans submitted claims last week up 12,000 from the week before but experts say numbers are consistent with the strengthening labor market and the fewer amount of morns are collecting unemployment since september of 2000. target agreed to pay up big time for the losses from the massive data breach the $19 million settlement covered bank costs, and last month target
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agreed to a $10 million settlement with individual card holders, all of this on top of the company's e pensions wracked up after the breach totals a quarter billion dollars. you may see more overhead space on flights, oh bing unveiled new bins in germany this week they can fit six roll away bags. >> that means your seat will shrink even more. we'll see. the delaware river port authority is considering a loan to keep the battleship new jersey open to tourist. officials say they will now help the home port alliance get a better refinancing deal and the loan must be paid off in the next ten years. it's time for the accuweather forecast. >> this is what we think of when we think of spring, absolutely perfect. >> another beautiful day i
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finally came inside to talk about the weather, you want to be outside on a day like today. we are live at our temple university sky 6 hd camera, seeing a lot of filtered sunshine and we have high, thin clouds and we hit 70 in philadelphia, and april so far has been warm and dry a nice change from the winter temperatures averaging so far more than 1.5 degrees above normal and april typically is a wet month rainfall 1.38 inches below normal and more than a month since we received more than an inch of rain in one storm. that could change on monday monday could be a soaker soaking up the sunshine 70 in philadelphia and 70 in reading and allentown 67 and millville 69, and with the winds of the ocean the beaches low to mid-50s.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's beautiful here, the showers are not too far to our west. you can see the line of showers working through central pennsylvania right now they are held off by high pressure and that high pressure is drifting to the east overnight and that allows our sky conditions to change, so tonight the evening should be fine, and late tonight the clouds roll in and showers develop by dawn across most of our viewing area, 54 in philadelphia, millville 50 and allentown 50 and trenton 52 degrees, future tracker showing 7:00 tomorrow morning we'll have showers around especially north of philadelphia and as we head through the day not an all day rain but plenty of clouds and spotty showers at lunch time and again a few more perhaps by 6:00 tomorrow evening, that system rolls out tomorrow night and the weekend is looking very nice. this is what to expect tomorrow not all day heavy rain but scattered showers and the steadiest is in the morning,
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generally a .10 to .33 inch. so the four day at 4:00, mostly cloudy and occasional showers still a mild day, the high of 70 look at this on saturday. warmest day so far this year. 78 degrees mostly sunny and a cold front moves through on saturday night and it comes through dry with some clouds and then the wind shifts out of the northwest and sunday is still a nice day but quite a bit cooler and 64 degrees, late in the day on sunday and late sunday night into monday we are talking about a soaking rain could get an inch to two inches of rain, but will the rain come into sunday. we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast.
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will help install energy at local homes and businesses, owners can cut their costs up to 20% governor jack markell was there for the event and this is the second fas it's the first opened last year. people in search of a job have a new resource in center city philadelphia. mayor nutter was on hand as they cut the ribbon on the career link center it's the first of four such centers open in philadelphia this year, it's all part of career lengths new door approach. it allows the service to all the centers whether they go in or go online. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, a police officer in florida lends a helping hand to a homeless man with unsuspecting results. this led to him being set up for
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life. >> first an open letter from a south american journalist sparked a call from oversea, the person on the other line had to call twice.
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former super model canaly irl will be -- for the academy dinner in honor of women's achievements, she is honored for ending human trafficking across the world as well as promoting faith based education she spoke to students here and will get her award later tonight. >> a south american journalist penned a letter to pope francis criticizing the head of arrangestein a, he picked up the phone and called that journalist, the reporter says the pope had to call to times because the first time he got voice mail.
4:27 pm
according to the journalist, they had a deep conversation where the pope praised him for his moral integrity. the vatican did not confirm or deny that conversation. >> how about that, the pope is calling. >> still do come a story you'll only see on "action news." a good samaritan told us what compelled him to put his life in danger after seeing a man stumble across the railroad tracks last month. >> and i'm nydia han the price of medication can differ widely, from $9 to $199 for the same drug. find out where to get the best price.
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hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues with a question, what do tattoo parlors and nail salons have in common? and modern family star sophia vergara former fiance is taking her to court for two frozen embryos. and the governor of new jersey ended up focusing on the birds instead. what chris christie did to appease eagles fans that wanted
4:30 pm
to we mind him he is not in dallas anymore. a person stumbled on to the subway tracks last night. seconds later a good samaritan comes up and springs into action and risks his life to save the stranger. he caught up with the hero and he has a story you'll only see on "action news." >> reporter: it could have been a major tragedy here at 15th and market last night but there were no trains bearing down at the key moment. even though septa says there could have been a less risky way to do it. >> the man in the eagles jacket is charles collins of south philadelphia watch the older man walter mcnamee walking near the yellow line he takes a mistake and stumbled on to the
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track but collins jumps on to the track and jumps down and others try to lift them to safety. >> did you look to see if trains were coming? >> no. >> disregarded your own safety. yes. >> what went through your mind. >> just instincts. >> mcnamee's injuries are severe, he suffered a broken back and shatters knee and broken knee and severe injury to his spleen that may require surgery. >> collins went to check on mcnamee refusing to call himself a hero. >> i'm not he would do the same thing. >> septa says his actions were noble and courageous. >> there are procedures in place he could alert the
4:32 pm
cashier and police officer, and that would stop trains from coming in. >> tonight good samaritan collins still looking for full-time employment. vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> i suspect he may find that pretty soon. we are learning more about that this afternoon about a three car accident in delaware it happened on route 13 near route 73 in newcastle at 8:00 a.m. state police say one of seven people hurt was trapped in her vehicle for sometime. she is being treated right now for injuries to her chest neck and head. a toddler ages 12 and 13. none of those injuries are considered serious another person is alleged corruption with penndot. he is accused of gaining more than a million dollars in
4:33 pm
profits to illegal consulting contracts with penndot, his attorney says the charges do not have any merit. attorney general, kathleen kane charged a dozen others with similar crimes last year. the world paused to remember victims of the holocaust today folks in our region held their own memorials here including at the building in wilmington. governor jack markell commemorated the 6 million jews killed by nazis during world war ii. the fbi has issued an urge warning about a serial bank robbing duo. rick williams is here with more. >> reporter: that is right the fbi is more concerned about these robbers because the suspects are more violent out on
4:34 pm
the streets, in the most recent robbery one man pointed a gun at an employee's head. three banks in all have been hit by the same two men since january, why they believe the suspects are former police officers. and also tonight, it wasn't a usual day on this beach in california find out why this marine helicopter had to make an emergency landing next to the surf. >> more within we come back in a little bit at 5:00. back to the studio with monica. the pan am association in philadelphia celebrated their anniversary. emanuel gonzales rivera gave his remarks to the senior union league and they got the pan american award for excellence in latin american studies. three visitors are touring
4:35 pm
the site of an autism playground to be built here in montgomery county. upper darby mayor came to elementary on bunting lane, they got funding for a custom built playground to develop social skills, it's a support site for k through third graders in the area. >> a perfect day to be outside. >> just stunning. >> i ate lunch outside and drove into work with my convertible top down and my allergies are a mess and i don't care. sky 6 is taking a look at the scene, the lake in the poconos, beautiful. there is our picture and you can see the sunshine the boats are still covered up. it's 60 and the dew point is 21 that is very low, winds out of the south pulling up the warm air at 15 miles per hour, pressure 30.13 inches high pressure is dominating the weather today. cape may is quite a bit cooler
4:36 pm
53 degrees and the winds from the southeast off the water the ocean temperature is 48 degrees and that cools down the air, can you see all the sunshine in cape may just beautiful. that is the good news, the bad news double scan live showing showers working through western pennsylvania than will be moving through tomorrow i'll have details on the timing and then a real soaking rain next week. coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> i was going to saw the roof off my car but -- i need it. make it convertible somehow. if chris christie didn't know how south jersey feel about his love for the dalles cowboys, find out how he was greeted at the atlantic city's newest bass pro shop -- >> we want you to have happy feet when you go fishing. we got you a pair of fishing shoes here.
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>> thank you. >> i love the eagles fans they are here baby. >> of course they are there. when christie could not get the eagles fans to stop chanting he reached for backup, his decision to bring former eagles running back to the podium backfired. >> lets give the governor a chance. say it with me -- -s. >> this does not cancel out the embrace with cowboy's owner jerry jones. >> what goes around comes around, still ahead guns are apparently okay but lingerie not so much. what is stopping welfare
4:38 pm
recipients in kansas from buying certain things. also, an amateur attempt to rid a rental car of pests backfired big time, what a new york man was trying to kill when he accidentally blew up three cars check that out. and cecily tynan is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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a tourist is lucky to be alive after being swept off the rocks by a huge wave, look at this dramatic video it shows the wave there rolling in from the atlantic ocean and sweeping her away. she was visiting ireland when it happened and fell 50 feet and broke her ankle and she was able
4:41 pm
to grab a rock and pull herself out of the water some quick thinking tourists tied a backpack to the end of a coat and pulled her to safety. concert tickets and tattoos and nails have r some things welfare recipients can't buy under the law in kansas. it does not prohibit buying a gun though. more than 20 other states have similar lists but kansas has the most assistive. critics call the limits mean spirited. now the big talkers on this thursday afternoon we'll begin with the controversy surrounding a third grade field trip, not because of where they are going but who is going. the south bend school is under fire after planning the trip to a local college but inviting
4:42 pm
only african-american students the organizer is defending the move to exclusion white children trying to get the african-american kids to think positively about college. parents say it creates separation and misunderstanding. >> it should be together all kid shoz be going. >> it creates a double standard. the trip was not meant to offend everyone and has -- the legal battle between sophia vergara and her exfiance is being sued over two embryos, he filed a suit from prohibiting vergara from destroying the embryos they froze them before they broke up and they signed an agreement saying they should be
4:43 pm
destroyed in the event of one or both of their deaths. he wants the option to have a baby down the line and is seeking a guarantee that they will be preserved at all costs. and this explosive scene proof that some things are better left to the professionals. >> police in long, say a man accidentally set himself and his rental car and two other vehicles on fire while trying to get rid of bed bugs, the amateur exterminator doused the backseat with rubbing alcohol and waited for the pests to die the problem is you may have guessed this he decided to light a cigarette and this was the aftermath. fortunately he escaped that inferno with his life and he is recovering from quite a few burns, here is the kicker experts say that it's a total
4:44 pm
myth that alcohol kills bed bugs so while he survived they did too. lets get a check of the roads out there. and see wa is rolling and what is not. >> he should stick to his day job. a couple of things bugging us this afternoon including a crash in chester county along the 30 bypass at the exit for thorndale, 340 and both lanes and the shoulder is blocked. traffic is getting by in the left lane and you can see all the emergency crews remaining on the scene here, westbound 30 is a busy spot, people are heading home towards coatesville and parksburg nobody is getting by this afternoon stay on the 30 or chester county 30 bypass westbound all lanes blocked at 340 because of an accident with money crews on the scene. speaking of the pennsylvania
4:45 pm
turnpike, heading eastbound near fort washington, still have the crash on the shoulder but look at the speeds 15 miles per hour from the whole way past valley forge to the scene and delays are forming on 476 the blue route towards the turnpike. this is the vine street heavy normal afternoon traffic but the west side is expected to close at midnight and then stick with the alternates you have been using the last few nights and centsral road is closed and use newport road and elsewhere in new casting eastbound 13 is close to where we had the bad accident this morning. an incredible story a homeless man has a place to live after he stumbled along a forgotten bank account. john helsinki was sleeping in a cardboard box for three years
4:46 pm
but his fortune changed when a social worker and police helped him try and find shelter he had trouble finding his records because he is a native of poland but an american citizen, they discovered a long lost bank account. >> i am exhilarated and excited. >> helsinki lost track because the bank changed names but social security was piling up and it was enough to buy him permanent housing. we'll step outside right now and it's beautiful out there sky 6 hd looking live from the camera. a beautiful shot over center city look how gorgeous it is out and 68 degrees cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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time to check accuweather this puts people in a good mood. >> must better. i talked about how i ate lunch outside. i was not the only one the action cam looking at old city where people were dining alfresco with the sunshine and mild temperatures and stormtracker 6 live double scan getting a nice rest before getting busy tomorrow. we have dry conditions out there and temperatures are kfrnlts, a lot of people are posting photos on our facebook page and norm posted this and said spring is in full bloom in mount laurel new jersey you can see how it is popping with all the sunshine and allergies are also popping and you take the good with the
4:50 pm
bad, sec day in a row reading 70 and wilmington 67 and trenton 67 and millville 69 degrees and the boardwalk in atlantic city with the wind off the ocean quite a bit cooler and 54 satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we do have a lot of sunshine filtered sunshine and high, thin clouds and the eastern half of pennsylvania and we have the band of showers, and that will be moving in late tonight early tomorrow morning. so tonight, it's clear this evening, or mostly sunny this evening, before the sunsets be late tonight the clouds roll in and showers develop in the wee hours of the morning, temperatures are not all that cool for this time of year, dropping down to the low to mid-50s, future tracker showing at 11:30 tonight the clouds are thickening and the showers are possible. and the bulk of the showers occur during the morning commute and a band of showers over us
4:51 pm
and as we head through the day we are damp and cloudy and we have sunshine and late in the afternoon we have breaks of sunshine at 6:00, and future tracker showing this and the possibility of some pop-up showers late in the day. it's wuchb those days you want to keep the umbrella on hand, good news on saturday thal will bring us loads of sunshine ahead of that cold front warming trend 78 degrees tomorrow if we hit that it's the warmest day so far, 13 degrees so far and that front moves through and cooler air rolls in on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow cloudy and showers and especially early in the day 70 degrees is the high and despite the showers and clouds it's another mild day, saturday sunny and warm and get outside and enjoy it. sunday a gorgeous day, but cooler more seasonable, 64 degrees for the union game, late
4:52 pm
on sunday through the day on monday though we have a soaking rain on the way and it could get an inch to 2 inches in spots 63 degrees and this is a one day event and tuesday the sunshine returns and 71 degrees and wednesday sun mixed in with clouds and 66 and becoming mostly cloudy with a high of 64 degrees and a possibility of a shower. all in all the seven-day forecast looking nice and monday is the very wet day. >> very good cecily thank you. we'll go saving with 6 abc after this.
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it is time to save with 6 abc, people that regularly take prescription medication spend $700 a year for drugs to help you keep more of that money in your pocket.
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here is nydia han with results. >> consumer reports checked out 200 pharmacies and the results are surprising. you think the price of a drug would be pretty standard the consumer reports found that prices differ for than $100 for the same generic drug, a month supply of the generic version of lipitor ranged from just $9 to $199. one simple way to save is just to ask for a lower price. >> it worked for our secret shoppers in one case we saved $31. >> costco pharmacy is a good way to save. we priced five prescription drugs at more than 200 pharmacies costco was substantially less expensive than any other chain store. also don't rule out your
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independent pharmacy and sometimes they offer bargain prices as low as costcos, but you have to ask. and if you have insurance don't automatically use it some drugs your co-pay may be more that $200 you may be better just paying the price. >> wal-mart and kmart and target offer hundreds of generic drugs as deep discounts could be $4 a month. if you take medications over the long-term, ask your doctor for a 90 day instead of a 30 day, if your insurance allows it you can save on multiple co-pays and loyalty programs that could save you money. get an updated list at i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> now for monica malpass,
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alicia vitarelli shirleen allicot, i'm brian taff. join me for an hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here now is rick williams with a look ahead. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 tonight, u.s. marshals take down fugitives in camden and only "action news" was there for the raid, chad pradelli takes us along for operation violence reduction. and hear the 911 calls from the airport worker that fell asleep in the cargo hold of an airplane. and three local police were honored for their commitment to serve the public.
4:58 pm
why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together. it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten...
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and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thousands of violence offenders are off the streets tonight after a nationwide round up, several were arrested in new jersey and only "action news" was with the u.s. marshals for that raid. and thursday night and the big story is operation violence reduction. we find chad pradelli in camden tonight live on the scene with
5:00 pm
more. >> reporter: operation violence reduction targeted seven cities including camden the goal is to get rid of the criminals on the streets including killers and sex offenders and here in camden only "action news" was along for the ride. >> mr. folks is definitely in the game for a while. cooper is our number one place to go for trauma any questions? >> they are the men and women of the u.s. marshal service their mission was operation violence reduction or vr 7 -- >> this is the police we are going to take your door! >> they were searching for jackson, a prison escapee. >> we are talking about going for the worst of the worst and the baddest of the bad. >> one of 94 marshals appointed by the president


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