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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- terror plot. an american under arrest after spending time with islamist extremists in syria. what were his plans? how the fbi tracked him down. new details on the political stunt in the nation's capitol. video of the pilot buzzing past the world war ii memorial and the washington monument. an suv teetering on the edge of a cliff. the driver pulled to safety. we're learning now who this mystery hero is. this morning, he's talking about that moment. and the force awakens. the droids planets, ships. even some tears from fans. the new teaser for "star wars" is out.
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and good friday morning to you all. we begin with a new case of an american said to be inspired by isis. went and trained overseas. returned home here to the u.s. to wage jihad. >> the ohio man making his first court appearance in shackles is accused of having big plans to attack here at home. it's a pattern law enforcement warns we'll be seeing more of. >> reporter: the fbi to do something big. going to a texas military base to kill american soldiers execution style. he became a u.s. citizen just last year. then according to up vest gators, he left ohio last april with a plane ticket to greece. instead, got off on a layover in
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turkey and slipped into syria, where he allegedly joined an al qaeda affiliate, training in weapons, explosiveses and hand-to-hand combat. he flew back to the u.s. in june. >> the benefit of being an american is he has good paper. he is able to travel. >> it's a pattern travel officials consider a chief concern as a growing number of americans are accused of trying to go the syria to fight with isis and al qaeda. just last week the fbi arrested another man from wisconsin who was caught in turkey before he could cross into syria. and this woman from new york arrested after investigators say she was part on an online community aimed at recruiting american women to travel overseas to join terrorist groups. authorities fear what happens when those radicalized fighters like mohamud return home. so far about 180 americans are believed to have joined isis or
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al qaeda in syria or were arrested trying to do so. reena? t.j.? >> bazi kanani live in washington. thank you so much. we turn to the mailman who shocked the world by flying a gyrocopter on to the lawn of the u.s. capitol. he's been allowed to return to florida. >> he's leaving behind a string of questions about a dangerous gap in u.s. security. >> reporter: still in his u.s. postal service jacket the first glimpse of doug hughes the pilot that landed that gyrocopter on the lawn. this video shows him zooming over the heads of tourists through the national mall. past the washington monument. >> this is not good people. >> reporter: and now, serious questions about how hughes dodged the nation's radar and missile systems. starting in gettysburg. traveling the 80 miles to the
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national mall in washington, d.c. flying just 150 feet above ground. at roughly 45 miles per hour. homeland security secretary jeh johnson admitting quote, literally the pilot flew in turned radar. >> it may provide an tonight for law enforcement to review procedures. >> reporter: the postal worker made no secret of his brazen plans. shooting this video with his local newspaper. practicing his wobbly flight back home in florida. hughes said he put the authorities on notice before his sunt stunt. >> i don't believe the authorities are going the shoot down a 60-year-old mailman on a flying bicycle. another note about security in washington. changes at the white house. because of one intruder who made it all the way to the front doors. >> steel spikes will soon be added to the tips of the white
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house perimeter fence to make it tougher to climb. it's a temporary solution. turning to weather now. we have more of it. more severe weather. >> many of the buildings on the sam houston state university campus are flooded. the rain came down too har and too fast for sewers and drain systems to handle it. >> there's a tornado that was reported yesterday. no reports of major damage or injuries. the area saw baseball-sized hail and heavy rain. one of the tornadoes in western oklahoma was caught on camera. this tornado only lasted about ten minutes. >> more of the same today for the southern plains. forecasters warn the weather could change suddenly. residents and drivers are told to stay alert. los angeles police are on alert overnight after a series of shootings. one person is dead four others
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wounded in three incidents all within ten minutes. police believe the shootings are connected but aren't sure what prompted the violence. one of the the wounded is in critical condition. training is now at the center of the controversy surrounding a volunteer deputy in oklahoma who says he mistakenly shot and killed a suspect. robert bates claims he received fire arms training from the police in arizona. no records exist. the tulsa world newspaper reports that supervisors were ordered to falsify his training records. the sheriff's department is opening their records. new developments in jameis winston's life. the former heisman trophy winner who was accused of raping a woman in 2012. she's now filed a civil lawsuit against him. he's denied he attacked the woman and he's never been charged. he could be the overall first
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pick in the nfl draft on april 30th. another football story in the news this morning. adrian peterson is free to return to the nfl. he missed most of last season amid charges that he hit his son with a switch. he's been reinstated officially. he must fulfill the obligations of his plea deal. his agent says he wants to move to another team. the vikings have no plans to trade him. the pope may make a side trip. he's considering adding a visit to cuba. no decision has been made yet. pope francis is scheduled to visit new york chicago, and washington. well still ahead, a senator's cell phone goes off during a hearing. it's the ring tone getting all the attention. >> yes. in-flight emergency. the panicked 911 calls made from a worker trapped signed the
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plane's cargo hold. and tumbling down the tracks a man loses his footing. a good samaritan jumping into action.
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well new information overnight about that worker who fell asleep inside a jet's cargo hold as it took off. the baggage handler trapped inside telling abc news exclusively overnight that he fell asleep inside the plane and woke up when a piece of luggage fell on top of him. he used a cell phone to call for help. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane.
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i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you please send somebody to stop it. >> where are you in plane at? >> i'm inside the plane. >> the call lasted 44 seconds before it dropped out. the worker started banging on the floor and screaming for help. alaska airlines announced the employee has been band from work for them. americans are eating out more than eating in. we spent more at restaurants in march than at grocery stores. the first time in at least 23 years we have seen that. the commerce department figures don't count stores like walmart and target. and, don't wait until summer for a nice warm s'mores. the end of this month, starbucks will offer a s'more-flaiferred
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coors field in denver whoa this looks like winter olympics more so than it is for the boys of summer. the rocky, though are in southern california this weekend. the mile-high city could get another half foot of heavy, wet snow by lunch time today. >> that will make for slippery driving in the rocky mountains. the south will be wet. there could also be some light showers this morning in the northeast. >> if you're flying, airport delays likely in denver houston, dallas as well as new orleans. turn now to manhunt in the pittsburgh area for two bank robbers considered armed and dangerous. >> they've held up three banks since january with the same m.o. they rush in threaten people and then clean out the vault. the fbi believes they might be former police or military officers judging by their athletic build and the way they
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hold their guns. a few terrifying moments for the members of the hit band lady antebellum. their tour bus caught fire. singer hillary scott was asleep along with her husband and manner manager. she posted this picture. take a look of her bible. which survived in tact. well it was a close call for a driver in idaho who has a good samaritan to thank for saving his life. he drove off the road and ended up there, dangleing on the edge of a cliff. that's when jason warnock spotted him from below. he ran 200 yards uphill and pulled the panicked man to safety. >> i knew the goal was to get him out of there before the possibility of the rig falling became a reality. pulled him out, you know gave him a hug. we talked about god. i was just -- the right spot at the right time to give a hand.
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about 200 yards back there. >> that's great line. pulled him out and gave him a hug. warnock left the scene right away. why? he didn't want to be late for work. we have heart-stopping moments to show you here. see the guy on the left. looking at his phone, falls right off that platform. five feet on to the tracks. charles collins, another man, doesn't think twice. jumped down to get the guy. says he didn't look to see if a train was coming. is there that is incredible. case of no good deed goes unpunished. a couple volunteered to help her sister and baby sit a childover snigt. the next morning, they discovered there was an amber alert for the boy, allegedly kidnaps in the nearby town. >> probably the craziest thing i have ever heard. something out of a movie. >> police have arrested the
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sister. she and the boy's paternal grandmother went to the home and tasered the mother and took the boy. the nba's second season always known as the playoffs get under way tomorrow. >> as for last night's playoff action it was on the ice. we get the highlights from the guys at espn. good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. he's neil everett, i'm stan verrett. pittsburgh opening up at the rangers. the rangers knocked out the pens last year. the pens were shaken up early. the rangers got two on them. 2-1 blake como. lundquist wanted goalie interference. didn't get it. lundquist was injured. talbot came in rangers on a roll. barry melrose said he thought lundquist looked 100% in this
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game. rangers win 100%. lead the series one game to none. baseball marlins and mets. runner on second for giancarlo stanton. he's tied with dan uggla for the most homers in the franchise history. there's number 155. all-time home run leader for the marlins. run irrs op first and second bottom seventh. lucas duda. christian yell itch can't get there. john mayberry jr. scores. mets win, 7-5. new york 7-3 so far on this season. off to a good start. >> yeah absolutely. >> that's all we have. back to you. we got "the pulse" coming your way. "star wars the force awakens" the new teaser is out. a senator's phone ripgs during a hearing with an
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all right. time for "the pulse." we start with the excitement about the new "star wars" movie, due out at the end of the year. right now, there's a four-day celebration of all things "star wars." >> more than 100,000 people expected to attend. they'll be dressed as their favorite character. some having "star wars" tattoos getting inked on their body. >> the new trailer. here's a teaser for you. ♪
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>> chewie. we're home. >> oh, chewbacca hasn't aged a day. >> it's the wookie diet he's on. i have to say, it's a production of abc's parent company, disney. can't wait. every airlines passenger has had this nightmare before. an obnoxious seat mate next to you. not everyone would do what this woman did. >> a female passenger accused of poking her neighbor with a pen. he says it was quite the wakeup call. >> imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees. and waking up and going, ow. >> well both of them were taken off the plane. then he was allowed back on the plane. and then the flight finally took off. >> the woman was put aboard
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another flight. we don't know what happened to her seat mate on that flight. no charges filed here. it's clear that the pen is mightier than the snore. >> you liked that. >> i loved it. >> it's the glee in your face. >> lloyd gave me that. our wonderful writer. i adore it. we don't mention this guy here much. kansas senator pat roberts. >> roberts making light of an introduction at a capitol hill hearing yesterday which he caused. watch and listen. >> on the preference issue. >> oh come on. ♪ let it go let it go can't hold it back ♪ >> just let it go mister. um, sorry about that. >> oh he was pretty quick witted. admit it. secretary tom vilsack taking it in stride. somebody had to tell the obama
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good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, april 17. we have breaking news, a police-involved shooting in philadelphia overnight. police say the victim was armed with two guns. we're live with the investigation. your accuweather team is tracking light rain for the morning commute. brand new video of a car that hit and killed a little boy and wounded his mother. we have that and more, "action news" is on in two. # hillary clinton's campaign road trip seemed to be the late night comics' favorite story of the week. >> hillary clinton is now
4:28 am
driving from new york to iowa. did you know that? >> yeah. >> she's in a van driving from new york to iowa. it's being called the least exciting spring break trip in history. >> things are getting exciting there. >> she's going around the the back. >> wow. we'll see her very soon. >> it's april of 2015. they're already chasing her van around, as if it's an ice cream truck. >> they're racing to her car is this the last time anyone in iowa was this excited about a vehicle, the wells fargo wagon was bringing instruments they had ordered from a charismatic stranger. >> there's hillary in the van. wait a minute. look out. >> the news media didn't just cover her fast food choice. they went all in with a computer simulation of how witnesses said the order might have gone down. and then correspondent tom
4:29 am
foreman analyzing the likely ingredients of the burrito its. >> hillary clinton is riding in a van that stopped at a chipotle in ohio. she's running for president or selling pot, we're not sure. >> she made other stops on the way to iowa. we just got the photos minutes ago. just pretepid. she stopped by, she stopped by a water park to show she's a regular person. she fought for a sweater at the dress barn just like a regular -- yeah. and she crowd-surfed at coachella and had a blast. >> i am curious to know if sales have gone up for burrito bowls. >> we know exactly what she sate. >> with goouacamole. >> thanks for hanging with us. "good morning america" coming your way.
4:30 am
have a good week end, folks. >> breaking news, philadelphia police shoot and wound a man in frankford. we have a live report on what led police to that scene in the first place. >> "action news" has video police say of a car that hit and killed a little boy. >> accuweather has rain for the morning commute. >> let's go over to karen rogers in for david murphy, and matt pellman has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we have rain to deal with this


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