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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  April 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> breaking overnight philadelphia police open fire when an armed suspect refuses to let go of his gun. >> the search for a hit-and-run driver who killed a toddler intensifies. "action news" has obtained a video of the vehicle police are looking for. >> we are in for a rainy morning rush, but a warm, sunny start to the weekend is a day a way. good morning 5:30, friday, dave is off karen and matt are here. >> reporter: good morning, as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at the steadiest rain pushing through center city it's moving east. you have it in new jersey it's
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pushing out of here, behind it we have lighter rain behind that. we have the first batch of rain behind that scattered showers. early in the morning we have rain moving through. beyond that it is mostly dry with a chance of shower popping up. 55 degrees currently in philadelphia. at least temperature-wise feeling good. 55 in allentown. 54 in millville. temperatures basically uniform through the area. as you look at the day ahead. bile 9:00 a.m. 59 degrees we're mostly dry at that point with lots of clouds, noon 66. in the afternoon you can't rule out a passing shower. it's a dry afternoon. 3:00 p.m., 7 on that's a high feeling good for this time of the year. 6:00 p.m., 679 degrees coming down from that high. if you like 70 i have a high for
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you tomorrow. >> reporter: i do like 70. some people are traveling 70 on i-95. they shouldn't be, we've seen an accident i-95 southbound by the airport. emergency crews fire truck and penndot arriving on the scene the vehicle plowed into the median guardrail. mostly it's the gore point that's blocked. vine street expressway westbound side reopened overnight construction is gone. i would watch out for paving work in andora. finally they are doing paving there. watch out for an overnight crash in west oak lane. accident happened just before 3:30 along cheltenham avenue eastbound at 19th street. this vehicle a cadillac ran into the tree.
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the driver was trapped was extricated and taken to the hospital and is in stable condition now. back out here, i would avoid cheltenham at 19th. use ogontz and haynes. philadelphia police shot an armed suspect who reportedly ran toward them with two guns in frankford overnight. eva pilgrim is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: tam this end started with officers for shots called and ended with police shootings a man and putting him in the hospital. officers responded at pratt a large crowd was there the people began running one man ran toward the officers with with a gun and another tucked in his panels.
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>> the officer told him to drop the gun, he did not. the officer fired one shot. the individual was shot in the left leg, he had a glock millimeter with an extended magazine that holds 31 rounds and another one tucked in his panels. >> reporter: police found two shell casings at the original scene. they are trying to figure out how the shots were fired and when they were fired no information about that at this hour. we're live at police headquarters, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> thank you eva. now to a developing story police in montgomery county fired their woaps this -- weapons this is brand new video in from the scene in lower potsgrove. >> he was hit by the car as they left. i heard because i was looking
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at it from my rear view mirror i turned around and i heard the pop pop pop. police took the driver into custody a few blocks away, the officer who was struck is at west reading hospital and expected to recover. >> talk about a story that's upset a lot of people as they continue to search for a hit-and-run driver, take a look at this, "action news" has obtained surveillance video that hit her mother and son in west kensington. cameras caught the master and lehigh. friends and family held a vigil for david alicia last night. two good samaritans who helped the pair to the hospital on midnight showed their support. >> if there was anything i would have done differently i
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would have pushed the kid out of the way and jumped in front of the car for him. >> take a look at the different vantage points maybe it will jog something for you and you might be able to help. police are looking for the white model infinity m series. a man accused of being a homegrown terrorist is expected to plead not guilty in ohio. he trained alongside terrorists in syria. the indictment claims he wanted to kill up to 4 american soldiers execution style. "action news" has obtained exclusive information on the hazing allegations at saint joseph's university. four women who were suspended met with investigators
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yesterday. one of the suspended players wrote a letter saying everything was meant to be volunteer and apologized. freshman were forced to consume alcohol and perform sex acts an lap dances. an investigation is expected to be completed in a week. there's breaking news out of the vatican the pope is expected to make a trip to cuba. he said it will be around the time of his trip to america in late september when the pope resides over the world meeting of families in philadelphia. pope francis followed his predecessor in calling for an end to u.s. travel and financial restrictions on cuba. the mayor of allentown is expected to announce he is run going for the u.s. senate. he will -- he is running for the
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u.s. senate. joe sestak will be running today. there will be a candidates forum you can watch it live at 8:30. i'm sure it will be a spirited debate. i'm looking forward to seeing it. >> reporter: we'll have showers around, but the steadiest rain we're seeing now is moving out. you're looking good. looking better throughout the day. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now we're dealing with the steadiest rain through the ron. through the region. we can seem the line pushing through dover and wilmington. we have areas that are heavier. we see that in middletown, delaware, near salem and millville. if you're traveling organ route 49. oneyou have the area of yellow hitting mays landing. along the garden state parkway and route 9 you're dealing with
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the heavy rain pushing off the coast. a couple of spots is heavy the the rest of it is light showers right now. let's go outside and see what it looks like, it's wet at philadelphia international. lots of low clouds. this is the morning event. the temperature 55 degrees, at least it doesn't feel bad. the dewpoint, 52. lots of moisture. the winds have slipped to the south/southwest, even though we talking rain it's going to be mild. the barometer is falling with the front that's tracking closer here. satellite and radar showing the rain that moved in on schedule here's the steadiest pushing off the coastline getting out of here. beyond that we can see lighter showers here and there. cronldz that we have a -- beyond that we have a chance of a shower popping up later. future tracker 6 showing at 9:00 a.m. we're dealing with clouds and shower in one or two
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spots can't rule that out. this is a look at a late lunchtime, 1:30, unlike yesterday we were saying go on outside and enjoy it. peeks of sunshine, showers here or there, enough to be damp at times in the afternoon. later on this evening. that's when the front comes through, you'll have better chance of showers moving through. after midnight you can see the front pushing through, it's getting the clouds and sweeping out the showers and that sets us up for a beautiful saturday, so good timing with that. spelling it out 8:00 a.m., 57 with a shower. in the afternoon we have a better chance of seeing peeks of sunshine and the temperature holding 70 degrees, still a chance for a shower and late this afternoon and evening. right now is the wettest time. saturday, looking good, 78 degrees, nice and warm, 13 degrees above average on the weekend, we'll take it!
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today it's mild, early showers 70 degrees is the high. a shower could happen later too, but the better chance is earlier today. tomorrow, nice and warm, 78. sunday cooler, 64 degrees, looks like 89 rain holds off until late sunday night into monday. monday it's winds and rainy. we're looking at an inch or two funk you need a soaking rain for the garden to grow, you'll get it monday. 62 degrees is the high. sunday tuesday sunny warmer, 71. wednesday, 66 degrees, and thursday, sun and clouds, 62 degrees. very mild, showers for the morning, matt. >> we can deal. thank you, karen. next on the edge, a man rushes to pull a driver out of the suv that was dangleing off a
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30-foot cliff. >> a passenger is kicked off a flight after what she did to quiet her snorning seat mate. >> reporter: we have an issue on i-95 and construction closure starting soon in chester county. we'll talk about that after the break. >> a group of young burglars takes a forklift for a spin while surveillance videos are pointing their way. we'll have that when "action news" comes right back.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across center city it almost looks like halloween with the purple issue sky out there. don't we're it will be nice for the weekend. >> reporter: halloween is appropriate because today is bat appreciation day when they emerge from hibernation around this time of year. >> fair enough. >> reporter: you didn't know that one. >> no. [laughter]. >> reporter: this is i-95 near the airport a vehicle lost control and ran into the guardrail just ahead. we're not seeing a huge delay but the crews are out here, aattending to the victims of the accident and cleaning up the debris that came off the guardrail and the car.
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meanwhile, time for the suburban traffic report, we had a broken down vehicle at dekalb pike 202 colonial drive. that has cleared out. there's construction on the ranches connecting east/west turnpike with mid county. upper dublin they are going to close welsh road near jarrett town road stay on lime kiln pike. i want to warn you about a huge project that is getting underway in schuylkill township chester county they are closing the bridge along route 23 valley forge roads over pickerring creek and 23 will be closed later this year. it's a big deal and i wanted to warn you. time for it is waze app not a lot cooking in cumberland county. this morning things look good along 55 and route 40, harding
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highway no complaints at this point. matt and tam. matt, thank you. developing right now a family business dispute led to an apparent murder suicide in phoenix, arizona. authorities found the bodies of five adults inside a home following a lengthy barricade situation. two women and children managed to escape unharmed. they told police a fight led to the deadly shootings. three men were brothers, a dead woman was their mother another woman was married to one of the men. their names have not been released. we're hearing the panicked voice of a baggage handler who got stuck in the cargo hold this week. he called 911 when he realize the that the plane was taking off. >> i'm inside the plane, i feel like it's moving in the air. >> where are you in the plane
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at? >> success hear the operator was confused, the passengers made the difference, they heard banging and alert the crew. the pilot made an emergency landings. a woman was escorted off a southwest airlines jet leaving chicago she poked her seat mate with a pin you can see the damage she did to her shirt. the chicago fire department was called to evaluate the man he continued on his flight to new hampshire, southwest said the passenger who stabbed her with her pen was removed and put on a different flit there's no word on any charges. idaho police are thanking the man's remarkable act of bravery a driver veered off the side of the road and teetered off the cliff. the man ran up the hill and pulled the stranger to safety saving him from a 30-foot drop
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below. police had to search for him to thank him because he left the scene immediately after the rescue. he said he didn't want to be late for work. 5:49. tainted baked goose sick goods sicken several worker down showt. >> south.
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a group of teens in florida face charges for a joyride on the forklift. surveillance shows the boys doing donuts around the property. they forget to disable the alarm system so police caught up with
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the group rather quickly. >> reporter: interesting. hopefully people aren't spin around the roads this morning as we look live on the schuylkill expressway, looking good so far. all eyes on the week, it's going to be a busy weekend along 76. with the nice weather we'll have people heading to the zoo we'll have the closures during the daytime of the mlk and kelly drive. all the traffic we use then it will be on 76. watch out for plenty of slowing this weekend. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have rain through the region. i have a closer view of the areas that are getting heavy. route 9, 72 near chads worth and route 70. medford lakes you have that, as well. mails landing and salem -- mays landing, and salem, new jersey. light rain and a couple of
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pockets coming down heavier. although it's raining lightly in philadelphia, no travel days. we're looking at rain in atlanta, new york city, no travel delays right there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're mild with early showers it's predonl nanltly an early -- predominantly an early morning event. passing showers this afternoon nice high of 70. >> heisman trophy winner jameis is -- winston is facing legal trouble by an accuser of raping her in 2012. winston was not charged after police investigated. a local pastor accused of engaging in illegal activity with an underaged girl.
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a man is accused of shooting with two guns, we're live with the investigation at 6:00 a.m.
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>> a temple student is recovering from a vicious attack inside a 7-eleven near campus. take a look at the surveillance video from the shop last month on the 1500 block of west cecil b. more avenue. a man charge up and punched him. when the victim tried to get away the victim attacked him again. the motive for the attack is not
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yet known. a gloucester county new jersey pastor is behind bars this morning. 64-year-old james simmons junior of franklinville has been charged with sexual abusing the woman since she was 17. shehe has been charged with sexual assault and criminal sexual contact and enstaging the welfare of a child. pot brownies and cookies were accidentsly passed around -- accidently passed around the district attorney's office in alabama last week. the workers became sick and one had to go to the hospital. investigator say the baked goods were intended to be sent to the lab for testing. police will file charges pending the results of an investigation. fire spreads through several businesses at a new jersey strip mall overnight. the pennsylvania bank
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bandits who are not your tip bal robbers.
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>> good morning 6:00 a.m. on this friday, april 17 we're following developing news. a philadelphia police officer opened fire on a gun-wielding man. accuweather is tracking rain for the morning commute but the wet weather doesn't linger for long. >> star wars fans get a sneak peek at what the force will bring later this year. david murphy is off let's go over to matt pellman and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: i'm stuck in the rain, but it's not that bad. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan around


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