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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning erk america. mission to kill. the ohio man accused of plotting a terror attack here at home against u.s. soldiers after getting weapons and terror training in syria. a new threat to the homeland from isis and al qaeda. new this morning, air rage. a bizarre incident. a passenger attacking the man next to her with a pen. the pilot forced to abort the flight. the woman removed from the plane. what passengers say set her off. massive meltdown. the television reporter suspended this morning after this tape revealed her unleashing abuse on a tow truck company clerk. her apologies and what the tape may not have shown. uh who wants to see a new teaser?
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>> force to be reckoned with. "star wars" fans over the moon as j.j. abrams unveils a new sneak peek of the up coming block buster. what clues lie buried in the trailer? only on "gma," secrets from the set and a homecoming that put a smile on every fans a face. >> chewie, we're home. and good morning, america. harrison ford is home. "star wars" fans are going nut. you see the trailer. the most viewed clip on youtube right now. tens of millions are watching it. look at this. this japanese airline unveiling a new plane. we sent sara haines on a mission
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this morning. she's trying to pry secrets out of him. >> sounds like she did. a lot of other news to get on this morning. including the baggage worker that got stuck in the cargo hold of the plane. we spoke to him last night. we begin with the new home grown terror threat. an ohio man charge rd plotting a terrorist trike on u.s. soil. he's the first u.s. citizen arrested for going for training and returning to plan an attack. >> reporter: good morning, george. right now, the fbi is in a high tempo phase, arresting people supporting terrorism. case after case brought at home. 22 in the last three months. the latest may be the most disturbing of all. counterterrorism officials tell abc news, this american citizen represents one of the threats they fear most.
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allegedly inspired by isis, he went to syria, and is accused of coming back to the u.s. with the mission to kill. >> the benefit of being american is he has good paper. he's able to travel. he has a u.s. passport. that is gold. >> reporter: abdirahman sheik mohamud left ohio last april with a one-way airline ticket to greece. during a layover in turkey the fbi says he disappeared, slipping into syria. once there, prosecutes claim he joined an al qaeda affiliate. he learned hand-to-hand combat. most disturbing intelligence officials say, a cleric in syria directed mohamud to return to the united states to carry out an act of terrorism. a recently naturalized citizen from somalia returned to his new home in the u.s. in june. he was put under surveillance. the fbi claims it discovered he wanted to do something big
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including going to a texas military base to kill american soldiers execution style. his attorney says his client will plead not guilty. he suggested the case is weak. the fbi claims terrorism was a family affair. he went to syria to join his brother in fighting jihad. the fbi says his brother died there fighting. amy? >> all right. pierre thomas with the latest. now to the weather. flash flooding and tornados in texas overnight. a snowstorm out west. dangerous weather in the forecast. >> it's all one storm with all of those variables. houston. this is a university. almost a half foot of rain falling. look at what was happening. they had to shut down at least one building. a rough morning there. look what was happening in the panhandle of texas, tornadoes were reported. this one is in oklahoma. this i-80 in wyoming, a huge
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pileup. parts of colorado, i-70 shut down. the most dangerous today is the severe part. you know this is capable of creating hail tornadoes, damaging winds. from just south of houston through san antonio, to corpus christi. another elevated risk area. we'll watch this plus the flash flooding. that's not done yet either. really busy going into the weekend. i'll tell you more about the snow to come. not here. >> no. >> did you see my eyes? weaver going the get the latest on the florida postal worker who landed a helicopter on the capitol lawn exposing serious gaps in security. he's out of jail this morning after a first court appearance yesterday. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: the man who landed his gyrocopter on the capitol's front lawn to boldly protest
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america's campaign finance laws was quitely leaving the jail. >> can you tell me what happened in court? what was it like? >> reporter: 61-year-old doug hughes e released on his own recognizance. he's headed back to tampa under house arrest. his preshl copter confiscated by authorities and trucked away. >> were you scared at all in the helicopter? >> reporter: new video appears to show him fly directly through the no-fly zone zooming past the world war ii memorial over the heads of tourists right past the washington monument. he started his adventure 80 miles west in gettysburg. flying just 150 feet above the ground and roughly at 45 miles per hour. how did he make it past all the radar and infrared sensors that
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protect the capitol? homeland security secretary jeh johnson admitted the amateur pilot literally flew in under the radar. i was sitting a few rows away from hughes in court. he seemed to want to speak to the judge. his attorney repeatedly told him to keep quiet. he asked one question. will i be able to go back to work? that's at the post office where he's been 11 years. the judge gave him no public answer. through rain sleet, and snow i guess. >> jim avila, thank you so much. now to a bizarre case of air rage. a southwest jet forced to return to the gate after a passenger stabbed the man sitting next to her with a pen. she was apparently angry because he was snoring. t.j. holmes is here with that story. >> reporter: we have all been there, right? if you have flown, you have flown with a passenger who was snoring loudly. what do you do? do you leave it alone? ignore it? put headphones on? do you wake them up?
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do you assault them repeatedly with an ink pen. one passenger decided to go with the last option. >> we have seen our fair share of on board drupgss. >> there's a bomb on the plane! >> reporter: but the incident that delayed this flight out of chicago, you could say it rewrote the book on tarmac tension. >> yeah you don't stab me with a pen. >> reporter: that's right. a pen. the video from on board flight 577 preparing to take off capturing the commotion after passenger lenny mordarki's snoring caused passenger to get upset. >> imagine being stung by bees. >> she went nuts. he screamed loud almost like a little girl. >> reporter: abc news getting this image after the confrontation. it's some what disturbing. if you're a fan of drawing inside the lines.
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as flight attendants moved the weapon from the scene, the pilot returned the plane to the gate. the woman was escorted off. the flight did take off. fellow passengers were none too happy. sflit was such a minor incident. i think it inconvenienced a lot of people. >> reporter: the female passenger was removed from the flight for poking her seat mate with a pen to stop him from snoring. as for mordarski, he won't be pressing charges. in all seriousness, we have dealt with this. what do the etiquette experts say? you could try to nudge them. quite frankly, it's part of the flying experience. you just need to deal with it. >> that's what headphones are for. >> when i snore ali just leaves. you can't do that. >> captive audience. >> thank you, t.j. we switch gears and go to an
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urgent warning from the fbi about dangerous thieves hitting banks in the pittsburgh area. the tapes lead them to believe the pair may have had police or military training. alex perez is in pittsburgh with the late e. >> reporter: good morning, george. once they started scouring the video, they realized these criminals were not your average bank robbers. this morning, the fbi racing to track down these two brazen bank robbers. the fbi believes these men have stormed into at least three banks in the pittsburgh area in the last few months. guns in hand threatening anyone who gets in their way. emptying vaults in just minutes. handleing their weapons with such extreme precision, the fbi thinks the men might be more than your run of the mill bank robbers. you believe this could be former police officer, former military person carrying these out? >> it well could be. because of the way they're acting. the way they handle the weapons,
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which would indicate a level of training indicative of law enforcement training, military training. >> reporter: one clue their guns are hostered. look closely how they hold the weapons. finger off the trigger and on the barrel of the gun. something all safety officers know. their build, athletic. the fbi paying attention to how the men handle the room. in the way they move. it indicates additional weapons training. >> reporter: police say each robbery gets more and more violent, leaving business owners and residents on edge. >> it's a nerve racking thing to see what this is all about. and so close. >> reporter: this morning, authorities on the lookout. for this getaway car. a gray toyota corolla, hoping to nab the thieves before they strike again. and investigators believe there could be other robberies linked to these to men. the fbi offering a $10,000
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reward for any information leading to an arrest. now let's go the ryan smith with today's other top stories. starting with new trouble for a heisman trophy winner. star quarterback jameis winston, expected to be one of the top picks in the nfl draft this month, if not the top pick is facing new legal trouble this morning. the woman who accused him of rape is filing a civil suit. >> reporter: former heisman award winner jameis winston unable to shake allegations of sexual assault. he's facing a lawsuit field by erica kinsman who claimed the quarterback raipped her in 201. in the complaint, she acued him of sexual battery assault, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional excess. she's seeking a with damages in excess of $15,000.
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>> this is the kind of story that will follow him into training camp. >> reporter: kinsman only recently sharing her side of the story. >> i kind of just want to know like why me? >> reporter: we reached out to winston's representatives but haven't heard back. winston never denid they had sex but insisted it was consensual. the football player also cleared by fsu. but this morning kinsman's lawyer says she's determined to hold him accountable for his actions. for "good morning america," matt gutman abc news new york. in oklahoma, the tulsa sheriff's office is launching an internal investigation of one of its volunteer deputy programs. it's the program that robert bates was a part of when he mistakenly shot and kill and unarmed subject. a frightening scene.
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a classroom science experiment burst into flames. studented jumped in to help put out the fire. the teacher is recovering from her burns. a scary situation. and finally, we have all been at the movies when someone's cell phone goes off. it's annoying. but this is worse. a cell gone going off during a senate hearing. wait until you hear the ring tone. take a look. >> as well as on the geographic preference issue. >> ah come on. ♪ let it go let it go cant hold it back ♪ >> just let it go mister. [ laughter ] >> nice response. senator pat roberts is a big "frozen" fan. he says the ring tone is for his grandkids. he says he's going the recuse himself because elsa is testifying tomorrow. >> that is a completely didn't side of senator pat roberts. >> he's just able to let things go. amazing. >> glad he knew how to turn it off. some people don't.
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>> all right. i want to talk about all the excitement surrounding -- there's another great tune. "star wars." the new trailer sending fans into overdrive. this has been viewed more than 25 million time on youtube and facebook and counting. people everywhere breaking down every detail. the reaction even surprising director j.j. abrams. abc's sara haines has the story. >> reporter: it was a force felt round the world. the newest trailer for "star wars: the force awakens" unvald thursday. the teerz filled with relics from a galaxy far, far away. darth vader's melted mask. >> my father has it. >> reporter: along with a few new faces. and a closer look at some new intergalactic gadgets. the moment that had "star wars" fans everywhere cheering -- >> crewie, we're home.
7:16 am
>> reporter: harrison ford's triumphant return as han solo. along with chewie. >> there was a roar in the room. >> reporter: the crowd at the "star wars" celebration if anaheim, california. >> who wants to see a new teaser. >> reporter: even demanding a repeat showing. what did that feel like to you guys? >> it was so beyond -- >> but hearing that reaction was physical. you actually the roar i have never heard anything like it. >> and it brought people on to their feet. >> it was nuts. >> some people were crying. >> reporter: fans immediately dissecting everything about the teaser. >> the force is strong in my family. >> reporter: that's the voice of mark hammill. he played luke skywalker. >> i have it. you have that power, too. >> reporter: but who is he talking about? how hard is it to keep this a secret? you can't necessarily go home and chat over the table. you've got kids. how do you keep this so top secret? >> the key to keeping things
7:17 am
secret, it's not that we want to keep things secret. we want to make sure people experience the movie in a way that it hasn't been spoiled for them before they saw it. >> i agree. and a little more knowledge might light our way. >> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines abc news anaheim, california. >> so who was luke talking to? i can't wait. we're so excited. >> i can't wait. >> as excited as all of you. we'll hear more from j.j. abrams next half hour including what happened when harrison ford stepped on the millennium falcon for the first time. >> they know how the reel people colorado let's step back and see what happens good thing the rockies weren't home, it snowed four inches in denver. this is i-70, this is the second
7:18 am
month when they did get snow. it's not out of the ordinary to get it in the rockies. winter storm warnings in pink. some aerials above 4 to 5,000 feet get 6 to 1 inches in the pink area. weekend getaways brought to you by macy's. >> reporter: good morning, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live double scan, showing we have a wet morning, you can see the back edge of the steady rain, the steady light rain is moving out.
7:19 am
just a few showers after that. we can see the fog that's an issue at the look at the center city skyline. youyou can't see the skyline because of the fog. today is mostly dry, scattered showers around later. a promise to you. not only is it not going to snow, but tomorrow could be the warmest day yet here. mid 70s. >> thank you, ginger. you're a good friend. >> thank you for saving that one. the massive meltdown from the television reporter caught on camera. what she's saying this morning. the baggage handler speaking out this morning. and candy crush the popular app that landed one gamer in the operating room. and the surprising reason he may not have noticed his injury.
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lm good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:26, friday are april 17. it's a rainy commute out there let's go over to matt pellman and see what you have to deal with. >> reporter: not a nice friday, but at least it's friday, happy friday. we have dismall conditions at the tacony-palmyra bridge it
7:27 am
will be going up any minute now. head to the betsy ross bridge instead. otherwise on the highways you're looking at wet conditions and of course, slow speeds. 8 miles per hour southbound on i-95 by the betsy ross bridge. on the boulevard near southampton road watch out for a crash on the outer drive and stick to the inner drive as the alternate. there's a wreck along morris road. and skippack pike and bethlehem pike. douglass township look out for a wreck at philadelphia avenue near route 100. a crash on 322 by the turnpike in new jersey. let's go outside to karen rogers. >> reporter: visibility down to 3 miles at philadelphia international. we have light rain it's steady. storm tracker 6 live double scan
7:28 am
showing it's mostly in the philadelphia area, south and east. the northwest suburbs drying out. the steady rain east of the city and into new jersey and delaware. it's not going to rain all day. mild today at least, 70 for the high. 56 right now. the steady showers are early beyond that. a chance for a scattered shower later on. tomorrow warm, 78. >> we'll make the most of that. karen. storm tracker 6 we're always on at, we'll see you back here in 30.
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, we're tracking severe storm this is morning. nearly 20 million americans in the path of tornadoes, large hail and flash flooding. a television reporter is suspended and apologizing as she is daugt on camera abusing a tow truck company clerk. and the baggage handler stuck on the plane is being kept off the job this morning. he's speaking out. how about a little flashback friday. an old ad is trending big. >> that's right. that sizzler commercial is being shared by so many people. it's not about the food. it's reminding us everything that was wrong with the '90
7:31 am
side. >> all the way back. >> hair spray and dockers, among the many things. >> i think we'll see pictures later on. but first, the television reporter making headlines this morning. espn's britt mchenry is suspended after this video surfaced of her ber rating a tow truck company worker. >> reporter: britt mchenry is well known to sports fans of espn covering big games and interviewing top stars. her actions off the field are becoming the story. 28-year-old britt hk henry covers baseball and college football as a reporter for espn. >> right over here because you told me i need one of these. no red at penn state. >> reporter: but this morning. >> i'm in the news sweetheart. i will [ bleep ] sue this place. >> reporter: it's this exchange that has people buzzing. >> why? because i have a brain and you don't? maybe if i was missing some teeth they would hire me huh?
7:32 am
>> reporter: recorded in a verbal tussle with a clerk while attempting to retrieve her car from a towing company. >> oh like yours, because they look so stunning. because i'm on television and you're in a blp plp trailer, honey. lose some weight baby girl. >> reporter: this video was heavily edited. removing some of the employee's answers. we have asked the company to show or send us the unedited version of the tape. the company has not responded to our questions. >> do you feel good about your job? soy could be a college dropout and do the same thing? >> reporter: espn telling abc news overnight it has suspended mchenry for one week effective immediately. mchenry apologizing overnight, saying in an intense and stressful moment i allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. as frustrated as i was, i should always choose to be respectful and take that high road. i'm so sorry for my actions and
7:33 am
will learn from this mistake. advance towing told tmz about their employ eye, quote, she handled this the right way. she kept her cool the whole time. other reports say the company has a rating from the better business bureau. we need to see the whole tape. but what she said it's hard to take it back. >> they're not giving up the tame? >> reporter: no. now to an emotional day in the trial of the college student accused of murdering her boyfriend. >> reporter: emotions running high inside a kentucky courtroom. as peter carter the grief-stricken stepfather of murder victim ryan poston took the stand on thursday. >> ryan was a great son. i was very proud of him. i was hard on him at times, okay because i have -- i have high expectations.
7:34 am
>> reporter: prosecutors accused poston's on again off again girlfriend former honor student shayna human beingers of killing him in a jealous rage. poston had expressed uncertainty about the relationship just days before his death. >> he was not happy with what was going on. >> reporter: on the night he was killed prosecutors say he was supposed to be on a date with audrey bolte, a rm toer miss ohio. he never showed. >> i found him very entertaining. that led me to accept an invite to go on a date with him. >> reporter: huber's block mate in prison also taking the stand. >> she didn't care. >> reporter: testifying that when huber spoke to her about the shooting she seemed almost carefree. >> which parts did she laugh about? >> about shooting in the face and giving him the nose job he always wanted. >> reporter: a reference hubers
7:35 am
also made right after the shooting. >> i gave him his nose job. >> reporter: the defense argues she shot poston six times in self-defense during a violent argument. >> what did you believe would happen if you hadn't grabbed the gun first? >> i believe that i would have been hurt. that i would have been shot. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news new york. we move now the baggage handler that got trapped in the hold of the plane. he's been banned from working for alaska airlines put on administrative duty until the investigation is over. >> hello, i'm trapped in the plane. >> reporter: the distressed voice on this 911 call coming from inside a cargo hold of an airborn 737. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 448. can you please tell somebody to stop it? >> reporter: that baggage
7:36 am
handler inside. he fell asleep inside the plane and only woke up when a piece of luggage fell on top of him. it was nothing but pitch black and a loud noise. i was scared. i didn't know what was going on. once he realized the plane he was in was no longer on the ground, quote, i had to think fast about what to do to get out. he was able to dial 911 on his cell phone. the call lasted only 44 seconds before abruptly dropping out. >> reporter: no phone, the baggage handler starts banging on the floor. the 911 dispatcher shocked after finding out that the baggage handler was actually in the air. >> we're actually getting an aircraft landing right now with an alert where we think someone is trapped in the baggage come part. >> oh my gosh. okay. >> reporter: the plane landed back in seattle after 14 miniyous in the air. for "good morning america," david kerry, abc news, washington. >> terrifying moments there.
7:37 am
back to ginger with some fog. >> we have a camera in indianapolis. it looks okay. a li what you'll run into is lower fog, keepment high beams down. the sun is coming up, that will burn it off quickly. in parts of illinois we have visibility down to quarter mile. minneapolis, 74 today. look how cold as we start the next workweek. in the 40s chicago, mid to upper 70s today and mid to upper 50s as we start our monday. that's the big picture let's look closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, in our area it's turning warmer. right now we're dealing with light rain in philadelphia and east. later today is a shower or two, 70 is the mild high.
7:38 am
reflecting off the ice crystals high in the sky. coming up here a thumbs down for one candy crush player. a popular app sending the gamer to the operating room. he may not have realized he was injured. dramatic rescue caught on camera. the mystery hero identified and speaking out this morning. ♪ ♪ people love their hellmann's. keith told us it's one of the greatest things ever created! woah keith! does that make the rich creamy taste of hellmann's greater than... ...the light bulb?
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we're back now with a cautionary tale about one of the most popular games in the world. candy crush is played by hundreds of millions of people including amy. one former sailor said he played it so much, he suffered a thumb injury that sent him to the operating room. paula faris is here with more. >> reporter: good morning, lara. worldwide, candy crush is played an average of 834 million times every day. this morning, a team of trs says too much of this sweet game could land you in the hospital. it's the candy coated match
7:43 am
three puzzle game that has millions hooked. showing up everywhere from jesse tyler ferguson's twitter feed to "orange is the new black." >> why don't you get me an iphone so i can take pictures and play candy crush. >> reporter: could all that crushing be tearing will you your tendons? a team of doctors is warning gamers and parents about the potential bitter dangers of overdoing it in the game's sugar-sweet world. >> it can lead to major injury if we don't set proper boundaries and limits on how much we play. >> reporter: this former sailor who asked to remain anonymous says he landed in a san diego operating room all thanks to an epic weeks-long candy crush binge. >> i didn't get hurt doing anything. that's what puts me out of commission playing candy crush. >> reporter: he said he never
7:44 am
noticed the playinger to down his ten dons. is there it's a beautiful day in san diego. i dintd do anything. >> reporter: the marathons may have acted like anesthesia. saying the brain's effect on the brain could be similar to a 2008 university of washington study that used virtual reality to treat burn patients. >> it can act as a digital drug natural painkiller by releasing hormones into the body and brain. >> reporter: health officials say these issues go beyond this particular game. parents neen to watch out for ipad finger. and candy crush thumb. some simple rules, amy, for you. i know you're obsessed with this game. set time limits. 20 minutes. >> they kick you off if you lose five lives. i only can play about ten minutes any way. >> i saw you nodding your head at the end of the piece. you're telling me you get a
7:45 am
high? >> yes. right now, i kind of want to play it. >> i'm getting this. i'm going to tic. >> don't do it amy. only one more hour. >> you have to focus on something else that's 20 feet away because you're eyes get so fixed on something that's so close. >> like my children? >> yes. it's okay amy. there's candy crush anonymous, i believe. coming up on "good morning america," why the model leading the competition for the ultimate guy search could make history. and flashback friday, the commercial from the '90s sizzling on the internet right now. we'll tell you why it's burning up our speed feed.
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7:49 am
time for the speed feed. this one is trending everywhere. a video for the sizzler restaurant change trending from 1991. sizzler going '90s, complete with cowboys, runners, sailors. there's those cowboys. a song. a soft focus. a look that says america. and, of course we've got the food court, too. a buffet and a golden blow to. y'all remember it right?
7:50 am
while we're in the wayback machine, i thought we would look back at where we were in the '90s. there's george. look at those dockers. did you have a member's only jacket? n't i think i did. >> ginger rocking a hat and channeling her inner -- >> a baby. is there that's depressing. ryan looking good at the prom. >> oh yeah. >> can we bring the blue tuxes back? >> that's royal but -- >> that's powder blue. >> and then there's my overly tanned prom look. the sequins. lar ray didn't age at all. we have a sizzler special. a cheese bread. come on out, guys. you said you were hungry. >> yes, yes. >> thank you, sal. >> fantastic. >> come on i know you want one. let's listen to the music and enjoy the high cholesterol.
7:51 am
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anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at your local supercenter. tim is ahead on "gma," the royal baby watch. we're standing by in london. why so many are hoping it's a girl. and the odds on when prin sesds kate will give birth. and shark tank your life. damon john is here.
7:56 am
>> this is breaking right now police have located a white infinity sedan matching the description of a car that killed a little boy. the action cam is live where the police have cordoned off the vehicle at thom ton street. police are questioning the people who drove the car this morning stay with "action news" and for updates. it's friday, april 17. let's go over to matt pellman with a look at schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: slippery conditions
7:57 am
on this wet friday. a car slide off 76 on 202 by king of prussia. the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway is at a slow crawl from the curve to 22. i-95 is slow from academy into girard. we have a broken down ups truck on the the ramp from the time northbound ramp to the westbound vine. watch out for a crash by morris road and skippack pike and bethlehem pike. let's look live over atlantic city, you can see it's raining and karen rogers that's the story for the morning. >> reporter: that's right, we have drizzle out here, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the steady, light rain is pushing east. it's not a day that's a washout. after the early morning hours
7:58 am
here we'll get a scattered shower. by the end of the day a peek of sunshine. saturday nice and warm, what a way to start the weekend 78. sunday cooler and 64. back to "g.m.a." we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and "star wars" is back. >> chewie we're home. >> the director and producer sitting down exclusively with "gma." >> there's so much more to be told. >> and the moment where harrison ford stepped back in "the millennium falcon." the model wowing people with these pictures. could he be about to make history. an astonishing moment of heroism caught on camera. how a man rushed to the rescue saving a man seconds before he plunged over a cliff. the good samaritan speaking out. and, something big is hitting times square.
8:01 am
singing sensation shawn mendez here this morning. and shawn mendez with a selfie stick. we just heard a scream from outside the minute he walked out there. the fans have been lining up all night long to see the 16-year-old cessation. maybe have to bring in extra security this morning. shawn pulls them in. >> it's incredible when you see that. when i walked in this morning, i was like oh there you go. crowd around the block. a lot of excitement for "star wars," as well. michael has been in training as a jedi. you see strahan with the light saber. sara haines was at the huge gathering of "star wars" fans in california. there he is with r2-do2rks.
8:02 am
we'll have more just ahead. we love him. >> i understand sara. so lovable. too bad no arms to hug you back. it's friday, a new edition of shark tank your life. who has the passion for fashion? will damon john bite for one of their ideas? i've seen one of them. it's very clever. let's get news from ryan. >> we begin with the man under arrest in ohio accused of training with terrorists in syria then coming home to plot an attack here in the u.s. abdirahman sheik mohamud is due in court today. he was plotting to murder soldiers at a texas military base. his attorney says the case is weak and he'll plead not guilty. spikes are being added to the tips of the perimeter fence at the white house. the change was prompted by a number of recent fence jumpers, including a man who made it to the front door. and the vatican says pope
8:03 am
francis is considering a visit to cube pa after his visit to the u.s. this fall. he recently played a role many helping to thaw relations between two countries. we turn to idaho. a mystery solved. the good samaritan at the right place in the right time has been revealed. mara mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: it's the photo that almost seems unreal. >> this guy is still hanging. i'm hoping he stays there. >> reporter: a complete stranger coming to tad of a driver in distress. his truck dangling perilously off a cliff, supported only by a chain-link fence. a 30-foot drop below. police have identified the mystery good samaritan. they're calling 29-year-old jason warnock a hero. >> i seen that guy hanging there. he was trying to beat the window out or the door open or something.
8:04 am
>> reporter: police say 23-year-old mathew sitko veered off the road. warnock was on his way to work when he saw the suv, stopping immediately. he climbed the cliff to the vehicle, running 200 yards uphill. before convincing the shaken driver to roll down the window. >> pulled him out. you know gave him a hug. we talked about god. and -- >> reporter: capturing that moment, a local news photographer who just happened to live next door to the accident. >> just did what anyone would do so. went right back to work. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> what a hero. finally, things got a little out of control on a college campus in chicago. more specifically one golf cart out of control. take a look. people were puz. ed by this site. that's a golf cart spinning around in reverse. no one is behind the wheel.
8:05 am
a couple of cops showed up. they didn't know what to do. look at them. what is going on here. they jump into action. trying the chase it down. after awhile. the cart's making them look like keystone cops. one officer finally able to stop it while another got in and turned it off. once it was finally stopped, all the people around offered a round of applause. but -- what this the world. what did they put in the gas tank? >> nobody knows what happened? >> it was a ghost, hello? >> a ghost, obviously. >> duh. >> of course it was. pop news and weather coming up. let's go lara in the social square. in "pop news" the crackdown in cannes. why celebrities need to leaf the selfie on the shelfi e. and han solo is back. and shark tank's damon john
8:06 am
is with us. two budding fashionista i troos toy sell him on their budding ideas. heading outside because we're about to hear the screams. shawn mendez is here with us live on "good morning america." you ready? they are. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection
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8:08 am
coming up on "gma," exclusive new details about "star wars:the force awakens" revealed by the director himself. you're going to want to stick around for this.
8:09 am
introducing the citi® double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on puchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look.
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when i'm shopping for a used car, i want to be comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision. when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive cereal. i just want to shop like i do everywhere else. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. ♪ is beyonce in this movie? >> uh, yeah.
8:11 am
>> she is? really? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> big mistake. [ laughter ] guillermo rodriguez from "jimmy kimmel" grilling j.j. abrams. we have many more movie secrets coming up. first, a little "pop news." all right, guys. good morning. happy friday. our dads called them briefcases. today they're called messenger bags or murses. sales of man bags are way up. what is driving the boom? men are lugging around more tech, meaning tablets, laptops, ipads. designers are changing the perception. more and more men want to mingle function with fashion. >> there's a difference between a murse and an over-the-shoulder
8:12 am
bag. i can't carry a murse. i'm not going to do that. george and i are not going to get matching murses. >> bad marketing. >> don't call it a murse? >> yeah not a murs ergs. >> even though it's a murse, we won't call it one. >> it's not a murse. >> they're big, they're in it's okay for you the carry them. also in the new this is morning, if you're heading to the cannes film festival put the selfie on the shelfie. this year's festival has been declared a selfie free zone. >> good luck with that. >> the artistic director is banning the ridiculous and grotesque practice. cow can't make them illegal. celebs and film goers stopping to take pictures delay the event. they will be how you say,
8:13 am
reprimanded. stars including cate blanchett, matthew mcconaughey will be there this year. >> it will be big if he succeeds. >> we have talk about making "gma" a selfie-free zone. thus far, no luck. finally, a "pop news" investigation this morning. or should a say a pup news investigation. a new report in science magazine. >> aw. >> yeah there's a reason you just did that. there's an effect of puppy dog eyes that is real. researchers have found that dogs who gaze longingly at their owners not only experience a boost this their own oxytocin but their owners are getting a boost of the same thing. it's called eye to eye communication. it bonds you with your dogs very much in the same way it does w to parent and child. puppy love is real. trust me. i know.
8:14 am
i have three pairs of those eyes waiting for me at home. >> they said dogs developed this over thousands and thousands of years. >> really interesting. i didn't want to get too scientific scientific. but the study goes on to say wolves don't make eye contact with humans for the very same reason. they don't want to attach to you. >> they want to kill you. >> yeah yeah. it's interesting. it was in "the new york times." so thank you, "new york times" for helping us. finally, it's friday. age thumbs up. this picture captures how we feel. 5-month-old sawyer's first professional picture segs session. >> he looks like he just had a beer or something. he looks so happy. and so do all these faces out here. what a morning in times square.
8:15 am
just if i say the name shawn -- mendez. oh they got we've got to get to weather first, how about we start in boston and a look at what's happening. it's mild along the east coast. a little bit of cloud cover there. today a few showers will be moving through parts of new england, but much drier as we go into the weekend. after tonight the showers move through. mild in the 70s down to the south washington 81 on saturday. hartford connecticut 74 and philadelphia 80. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger we're starting off wet, storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing the rain is pushing east. beyond that scattered showers. let's take you outside, we have fog an issue not as bad at philadelphia international now. visibility has improved. 57 now heading up to 70. mild today we're seeing the
8:16 am
early steady showers beyond that a few scattered showers later on and peeks of sunshine today. nice and warm tomorrow, near 80, 78. action on this friday. kansas, utah. everybody. amy? >> you can tell it's friday. first up on the "gma heat index," royal baby number two is almost here. workers already getting ready at st. mary's hospital in london a place i know all too well. where kate will have the baby. they're putting up fences. and signs suspending parking due to a quote unquote special event. let's go to linz zi linzie janis. >> here the big reveal. the baby's sex.
8:17 am
the topic of intense speculation here. the bookies say, the overwhelming majority of people say this baby is going to be a girl. for three decades, the world's been transfixed by little royal boys in line to the throne. first, prince charles and princess diana's duo, william and harry. and most recently, william's first born, george. as william and kate prepared to welcome their second child, there's a resounding question could this little royal at last be a dpirl? >> people love george. but let's face it. there's nothing like a princess in a dress. i think people are lacking forward to having a change. having something different. >> reporter: there's no question about it as great britain eyes kate's growing bump nation and the world are thinking pink. >> i think it would be ten times more fun if it was a girl rather than a boy. >> yeah, i love girls. >> reporter: the notion that a little girl bearing both
8:18 am
princess diana and kate's genes and potentially their love of fashion is almost too much to bear for some including staffers at new york's z baby boutique. >> it's always more exciting to shop for baby girl than baby boy. >> reporter: royal insiders insist not even the couple know if it's a boy or a girl. if the baby is a girl many believe she'll almost certainly be named, at least in part after her late grandmother, princess diana. >> i think they'll go for a traditional royal name. >> reporter: other favorite girl names, victoria and alice. >> queen victoria had a daughter named alice. they tend to pick traditional names. >> reporter: another? elizabeth. in honor of the baby's greatgrand mother and the current queen. before boys the favorites include arthur philip and michael. that's a popular royal name and kate's father's name.
8:19 am
while everyone agrees what they want most is another healthy baby. some can't help but hope for a girl. >> if it's a little girl, we're going to have an awful lot of attention to this child. >> reporter: as you can see, i'm joining the pink party. whatever the sex, the book kis say the odds are 7 to 1 it will arrive this weekend. it could also end up sharing a birthday with the queen. she turns 89 on april 21st. or if it waits, prince will qualm and kate celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on april 29th. >> wow, lots of celebrations this month. baby eventually. >> how do the bookies know this though? >> they don't. they don't. what we do know? there's a lot of things popping up. everyone is capitalizing on the royal birth. nothing says royal baby like regal chocolate-dipped treats. we first saw it on you can partake.
8:20 am
j.k. denim already celebrating the birth in a sweet way. he sent us the royal strawberries. what do you think? >> good stuff. >> amazing. >> now you have to talk george. up next men on the cover of men's health. now the competition to find the next cover star. a transgender man is in the lead. that would be a first if he wins. chris connelly covering the competition. >> reporter: urging readers to fight flab and be lean and tough, the coverers have subjects with bushels of pecs. the magazine launching an ultimate guy search. each eager to get their buff body on the men's cover. >> we're looking for a guy who is physically fit, leading by example, has overcome challenges in his life. and somebody who our reads can learn something from. >> reporter: and one person who has been taking the competition by storm.
8:21 am
27-year-old aden dowelling. >> i think this is a great opportunity to shine light on some other kinds of ultimate men. >> reporter: an activist from oregon who is married to wife jenna lee, he's in the lead. >> if i won this contest, it would mean the world to the transgender community. it would mean that we're finally getting recognized. we can set out to be the person you want to be no matter how you were born. >> reporter: fans have been flocking to his facebook page. one person writing, congratulations. it's great to have a role model like yourself. another saying i think you are extremely driven. and admire your success and positivity. last year iraq war veteran noah galloway secured the cover. later becoming a favorite on "dancing with the stars."
8:22 am
as for aiden, readers's votes count for just 10% of the contest. if he does win, he would be the first transgender male on the men's health cover. >> they relate to the story of a man who is just trying to be a good guy at the end of the day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly abc news new york. >> i like to see good guys get covers. thank you, chris. next on the "heat index" the force already awakening for so many. "star wars" fans a giant celebration on thursday. director j.j. abrams and the producer sharing some of the highly anticipated film's secrets with us. sara haines found them out. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: if you're in search of information about "star wars," this is the place to be. a gaggle of jedis.
8:23 am
storm troopers. some more terrifying than others. a mecca for the "star wars" faithful. not even was willing to talk though. do stormtroopers talk? no? you just speak with your weapon? it's hard to avoid getting caught up in the fanfare. luke i am your father. especially when you get the chance to talk to the obi wans of the new "star wars" movie. j.j. abrams and kathleen kennedy. tell me about your first memories of "star wars." >> 11 years old. very impressionable. it all was right. you think of the things george lucas nailed and got right in the first movie. it's impossible. >> we deconstructed this on a lot of levels.
8:24 am
it's really hard to top. >> reporter: how much pressure do you feel to re-create the same magic we all felt for the next generation and possibly like your own kids? >> the pressure is from all sides. the opportunity far outweighs the risk and -- the truth is that because the story is so powerful at its core um there's so much more sorry to be abrams and kennedy had pizza delivered to the fans who camped out overnight to get a first glimpse at the teaser. do you guys geek out? >> all the time. all the time. >> i don't think there was a moment when we were shots where there wasn't a moment in time where we stepped away and said can you believe we're doing this? when we filmed harrison the first time in millennium falcon
8:25 am
there were 200 people lined up by the monitors wanting to see the moment he walked in. >> reporter: what do you want people to take way? >> for me i hope the thing people take away when they sigh "the force awakens" in sense that in the most order life, the most extraordinary things can happen. that's what it felt when i saw the first "star wars" film. >> reporter: we'll all see in eight months. until then i'm sara haines. may the force and the pizza be with you. >> j.j. abrams fans sent the fans pizzas. and sara sent us. ray's pizza, new york. because you knew. >> cut us a few slices. >> because chocolate-covered strawberries weren't enough. >> this is how you win people over. >> i'm so happy right now. >> what's with the light saber?
8:26 am
>> there's nothing. nothing ginger won't do. by the way, check out the new star wars emojis rolled out so fans can break twitter. talking about star wars all over again. coming up singing sensation shawn mendes. don't go anywhere.
8:27 am
>> and we continue to follow this breaking news, police have located a white infinity sedan matching the description of the vehicle from a deadly hit-and-run that killed a little boy. police cordoned off thompson street. police are interviewing two people who drove the car to the 19th district police station this morning stay with "action news" and soon as any information comes in to us we'll share it with you. friday april 17, i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to he matt pellman. the schuylkill expressway is still a little bit rough. >> reporter: yes it is by 202 we have a crash one vehicle is up
8:28 am
the embankment, they pulled him out. people are slowing down to see what's going on. in west norton there's a crash at main and colonial avenue. and chinatown 12th and the local vine involving a police officer. i-95 southbound is heavy. triple b is going up in just a bit head to the connector bridge instead. >> let's head outside to meteorologist karen rogers, it's a rainy morning. >> reporter: it's a little misty on the terrace. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. the steady rain is pushing east. after this moves off we'll have a chance for scattered showers around. we're comfortable with the temperatures. in the 50s right now. of a degrees heading up to 70. mild, the early showers are steady. beyond that we'll see scattered showers later in the day. saturday nice and warm, 78 for your high, drying out nicely, turning cooler on sunday, tam.
8:29 am
>> thank you karen. coming back on "g.m.a.," people becoming stars on social media. we'll see you in 30.
8:30 am
♪ something big i feel it happening out of my control pushing and it's grabbing me feel it in my bones ♪ ♪ like whoa whoa whoa something big i feel it happening oh, whoa ♪ [ cheers and applause ] shawn mendes with a brand-new album out. came out on tuesday. already number one on itunes. he's going to sing stitches later in the show. first, we want to welcome him to "gma." your whole crowd here they were singing the whole song just a little bit ago. this all begins two years ago. you put out your vine of justin bieber. and now, a number one album. could you have ever imagined
8:31 am
this? >> no not in a million years. when i first put the vine out, i was just doing it for fun. i love music the.. i didn't expect a year later to have a number one album. it's been crazy. have so cool. >> and you're about to go on tour with none other than taylor swift. what can we expect? [ cheers and applause ] >> i can't believe it. she'll be playing stadium. i'll be standing in front of 70,000 people at a time. it will be something. >> do you get nervous? >> yeah definitely. that will be something i'll be very nervous for. i'm excited, though. >> what is it like having fans trail you everywhere you go? >> it's amazing. it's cool. i feel like the support is really there. it's exciting to have that behind me. >> i know a lot of the songs on your album are about love and relationships. the question they want me to ask you, are you single? >> i am single yes. >> oh.
8:32 am
single ladies did you hear that. >> he's single. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you for telling them ryan. we can't wait to hear you sing in a little bit. coming up in minutes. >> looking forward to that shawn. time now for "gma" to yahoo! your day. this morning, how to choose the right makeup for your skin tone. bob bobbi brown has the secret. she shared them with abc's mara schiavocampo. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> reporter: it's the secret to saying good-bye to the pesky dark circles and hello to instantly brighter eyes. how essential is concealer to a girl's makeup round teen. >> i thing it's the secret of the universe. the you do one thing only you have to wear con cereal. if you don't have the right one, the rest of your makeup won't work. >> reporter: she's taking us back to basics with three tips for choosing the right concealer. >> a lot of women think it's to
8:33 am
conceal a blemish. it's not. it will make your spots stand out. >> it's only for underyour eyes? yes >> yes. and the inner corner. >> reporter: pick one with a yellow tone. >> you need a concealer with yellow not pink. >> reporter: we're thinking if we go lighter, it will balance out the darker circles. >> no you want something that lyingens and brightens under the eyes but doesn't get rid of them artificially. if you're going something white, it's not going to work. >> tip number two, choose the right shade. >> you can't have a concealer that's too light. you need one shade lighter than the foundation color. >> reporter: one shade? >> one to two shades. the right color blends its. >> reporter: tip number three, the right texture. >> feel it. it's creamy. it's not greasey.
8:34 am
it's not dry. you have to put eye cream on first so you chute the area. i'm adding conceal person the trick is before you blend it sx make sure it covers all the darkness. up to the lash line. add a powder on top of it. the powder will lock it in place. >> reporter: face forward essentials for getting the well. rested glow. it's natural and beautiful. is there natural and bright. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news new york. >> all right. and now, a couple of questions. future bradway star. a question for william? >> will you go to prom with me? >> he's if let's get the forecast and go to colorado. they had a foot of snow. all part of the same storm ahead of severe weather associated with it.
8:35 am
in parts of kansas and texas look out for hail damaging winds and isolated tornados. houston to corpus christy and san antonio. that's the big picture let's look closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, no severe weather here, just showers, they are moving out. storm tracker 6 live double scan we'll have scattered showers around today. high of 70. at least it's mild, clouds and showers nice and warm tomorrow. # macy's. lara? ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ such a good song. such a great segment. improve this. chris and peyton are here with everything you need to know to get your backyard summer ready. you may recognize them from their turns on the bachelor and
8:36 am
bachelorette. we're playing a true or false game. rose or thorn. there's yards. bachelor references. ginger just back from doing weather. amy versus ginger. these are gardening tips. instead of true or false, it's rose or thorn. so are we ready? >> we're ready. >> overseeding your lawn is a good thing? if this is true hold up the rose paddle. overseeding your slaun a good thing. >> is that your final answers. >> rose. >> it's good? >> whoo? >> why? >> because spring is a great time to overseed your lawns. you have cool nights. warm days. you want to supplement the existing lawn with new lawn. >> i did not know that. that amy. >> i've overseeded my lawn. that's why i know. >> i hate when i overseed my lawn. >> i don't have a lawn. >> the ideal time to water lawns
8:37 am
is at night. rose or thorn? >> oh you're wrong. >> sit morning? >> early morning. >> that's what i thought. >> for the environment. >> so the water doesn't evaporate. you want the water to seep to the root and last all day long. >> without the peak sunlight. >> so glad i'm the host not the player. here's another tip, never cut back existing plants, they won't grow back. is that a rose or a thorn? >> that's a thorn. you're right. spring is a great time to cut back everything. especially the branches that broke because of the snow. >> think of it like cutting your hair. you want to get rid of the dead ends. >> when is a good time? >> when you're getting your yard ready, cut everything back. >> do it in the spring not the fall? >> you want to wait until everything is about to bloom. >> she's ready. >> best to plant summer an yuls after the last frost.
8:38 am
is this a rose or a thorn. >> you're right. >> has to be. >> especially in colorado with all the snow. wait until all the frost is done before planting annuals. >> i mean would we plant in the snow? >> people are excited for spring. they might. >> congratulations on getting that one. proud of you two. you should plant tomatoes and herbs when snow is still on the ground? >> no we don't want to plant anything when the snow is on the ground. >> we had to give you one easy one. >> give me a hard one. pliting perennials keeps them healthy. is this a rose or thorn. >> good one. that was a tough one, too. the. >> how does one split a perennial? >> you can cut a hydrangea. >> sit like the bananas at the
8:39 am
grocery store. you pick what you want? >> just start splitting them. >> last one. control room are we keeping score? >> amy's winning. >> amy's up. >> avoid mineral oil when cleaning your garden tools. is that a rose or a thorn. >> you want to use mineral oil. yeah. >> is that a tie? >> we tied. >> why do we want to use mineral oil? >> it conditions the wood and keeps it from splitting. they won't dry out. >> it won't create rust. >> the wood is perfect. you want to clean the tools. >> it's a tie. >> it's a tie. >> we share. we share. >> great job, guys. >> i'm so impressed. you knew a lot. those are great, great tips. thank you so much. more tips always coming from wrist chris and payton. go the and yahoo! and watch going yard on hgtv or diy.
8:40 am
check your local listings. will you come back? >> of course. >> everybody wins in landscaping. >> i agree. thank you guys. coming up here a fashion forward edition of "shark tank your life." will the contestants sink or swim? and then shawn mendes live. don't go anywhere.
8:41 am
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and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
8:43 am
you know the music. we're back now with "shark tank your life." two entrepreneurs going head to head trying to win over damon john here from "shark tank." welcome back. >> hi. >> you're the fashion guru on shark tank. these sun sashes hi are they a big hit? >> beyonce wore them in her seven level video. when she jumped out the box. >> that must have been a big day. >> we ended up getting a deal with marvel. >> you ready? let's get the first one. we start off with helen tyler. this is all about fashion today. if row have a wardrobe dilemma.
8:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] now, this is called the pocket pop it? >> right. >> give it us to. >> have you been cold in a restaurant, the airport, at the office and wish you had the perfect cover up. well, the pocket poppet is for you. you can be warm and style niche a few seconds as the pocket plosz somes into a full-size fabulous cardigan. it folds away just as easily. the now concealed pocket can be used to stash your small essentials. and your cardigan on the go. your pocket poppet. >> we're going to damen in a bit. >> well it's comfortable. it's soft to wear. i give this item a thumbs down just because the pocket is sort of in convenient where it's at. >> i can fold it up. i give it a thumb's up. >> split decision there. >> i liked it.
8:45 am
>> next one from morgan sarner. come on out. [ cheers and applause ] >> there you go. welcome. >> this is the handbag raincoat? >> yes, are you tired of hiding your handbag from the rain? >> i am. >> i am. >> well, weathering the storm is now easier than every. a chic and innovative way to protect your purse. it comes in three sizes. take it out of of the pouch. up fold it pull the faps place it over your handbag. >> a bag for your bag. >> velcro it shut. own the rain with the handbag raincoat. >> that's right. >> i would wear that myself. >> what did the home testers say? >> it velcros right on. rolls right up into the little bag. this thing gets one big thumbs
8:46 am
up. >> i don't know if you really need it if you have a good umbrella. i give this product a thumbs down. >> okay. two split decisions from the home testers. now damon, what did you think? >> uh you know what i like them both because they're creative. just a small takeoff of something that exists. you're never going the create anything new. just a new form of delivery. you know the comfort, the bag, it will be worn when it rains. we don't often know. you have umbrellas. the pocket poppet. i like that. it's tough. i think i have to go with -- uh -- >> you're struggling with that one. >> i'm going with helen. >> oh the pocket poppet wins. congratulations. how does it feel? >> so relieved. >> you get to join the "shark tank" wall of winners.
8:47 am
>> there you go. >> wow, thank you so much. thank you. >> all right. >> thank you. >> good stuff. >> great job from both entrepreneurs. all of you can watch damon and the rest of the sharks on "shark tank." shawn mendes is here in just a minute.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] [ screaming ] all right. you guys gotta sing along. here we go. this one's called "stitches." ♪
8:50 am
♪ i thought that i've been hurt before ♪ ♪ but no one's ever left me quite this sore ♪ ♪ your words cut deeper than a knife ♪ ♪ now i need someone to breathe me back to life ♪ ♪ got a feeling that i'm going under but i know that i'll make it out alive ♪ ♪ if i quit calling you my lover move on ♪ ♪ you watch me bleed until i can't breathe i'm shaking falling on to my knees ♪ ♪ and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches ♪ ♪ i'm tripping over myself i'm aching begging you to come
8:51 am
help ♪ ♪ and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches ♪ ♪ oh yeah just like a moth drawn to a flame ♪ ♪ oh you lured me in i couldn't sense the pain your bitter heart cold now i'm gonna reap whey i sow i'm left seeing red on my own ♪ ♪ got a feeling that i'm going under but i know that i'll make it out alive ♪ ♪ if i quit calling you my lover move on ♪ ♪ you watch me plead until i can't breathe i'm shaking falling on to my knees ♪ ♪ and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing
8:52 am
stitches ♪ ♪ i'm tripping over myself i'm aching begging you to come back ♪ ♪ and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches oh, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ needle and the thread gotta get you out of my head needle and the thread gonna wind up dead ♪ ♪ needle and the thread gotta fete you out of my head ♪ ♪ needle and the the thread gonna wind up dead ♪ ♪ needle and the thread gotta get you out of my head needle and the thread gonna wind up dead ♪ ♪ needle and the thread gotta get you out of my head get you out of my head ♪ ♪ you watch me bleed until i can't believe i'm shaking falling on to my knees ♪
8:53 am
♪ and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches ♪ ♪ i'm tripping over myself i'm aching begging you to come help ♪ ♪ and now that i'm without your kisses i'll be needing stitches ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] what are we gonna do with all these happy tears here created by shawn mendes? thank you so much for coming in. the album is called "handwritten." what a star. have a great weekend, everybody. happy friday. >> thanks. [ cheers and applause ] something good morning, 8 good morning, 8:56 friday april
8:57 am
17. let's go over to matt pellman and look at the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: it's been giving us trouble all morning long. this is the scene by the boulevard. heavy traffic in both directions. slower on the eastbound side. the crash around king of prussia has cleared. we have the wreck along main street at colonial avenue. we have a wreck along the black horse cruise tuckahoe road. at the turnpike watch out for a downed traffic signal from an earlier crash. have a good weekend tam. >> you too matt. let's head outside to karen rogers in for david murphy. looks like it's clearing. >> reporter: we have mist and drizzle here. let's look at the forecast. the steadier rain is moving east. high of 70 degrees, mild, a peek
8:58 am
of sunshine or two. tomorrow, nice and warm, 78. a much different story. sunday cooler, sunshine fades behind clouds, 64 degrees for the union. monday windy rainy, a rainy mess feeling raw high of 63. the rain could be heavy at times. possible break in a deadly hit-and-run in west kensington. police have towed away a white infinity matching the description of the deadly hit-and-run on monday. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great friday and great weekend schvment
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, caddie award-winning actress patricia arquette. and from the series, "the following," pure pumplete plus, animals in the studio courtesy of peter gros. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] kelly: thank you. hi!


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