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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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y have not been able to catch up with him yet. in the meantime they are convinced they've got the right car. >> at 6 o'clock this morning we recovered the vehicle that killed david alycia monday night. >> reporter: the owner lives 130 miles weigh in williamsport # last weekend he and his girlfriend were visiting relatives who live near the scene of the accident. sources say he let one of her relatives borrow the car on monday. around 7:00 that evening the car hit josephine rivera and her two-year-old son. the impact left behind a piece of one of the headlights. >> the left head large which fell off at the scene fit perfectly in the car this morning so we have good physical evidence and we're certain we have the vehicle we're certain. there's no doubt that we have the right vehicle. >> reporter: police say the owner of the car returned to williamsport monday night unaware that it had been involved in an accident. they say he returned to
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philadelphia yesterday. police say he realized the car might have been involved after watching a news report. police questioned him and his girlfriend and let them go. police are now looking for a 19-year-old relative of hers who they believe was behind the wheel at the time. the driver took off after hitting rivera and her two-year-old son david alycia. he died yesterday morning. she was released from the hospital and returned to her grandparents' home yesterday. the accident happened right in front of the home. the sidewalk there is now the scene of a growing memorial for david. police are still looking for the driver of this car and say the owner and his girlfriend are cooperating. >> they're devastated and upset but they're cooperating and being very helpful in the investigation. >> reporter: the police have gotten a search warrant for that car. they are processing it for fingerprints and dna evidence. all they need now is the driver. live in north philadelphia, david henry, channel6 "action news." monica.
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>> thank you david. a delaware county mother and her boyfriend are now facing murder charges in the death of her little two-year-old son. 30-year-old shannon matthews and her boyfriend daniel grafton have been charged on multiple counts. officials say mason had bruises all over his little body. prosecutors say the child was beaten and left for dead. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has been following this story for us. he'll have more in a live report at 5:00. more than a dozen suspected child predators are now off the streets thanks to a two week long sting across four counties. "action news" chad pradelli rode along with kathleen kane and other fishes today for one of the raids. this one in essington delaware county. arrests were made in bucks montgomery and philadelphia counties as well and chad will have more on today's raid and the results of this week's long effort.
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that's coming up tonight at 5:00. >> the flyers are now looking for a new head coach after news broke today that many fans say they saw coming. craig berube is out and that means the team will get its tenth head coach in just two decades. jaime apody live at the sports center with what's next for the flyers. lots of questions. >> that's for sure brian. this wasn't exactly unexpected as you said it's happened a lot in the last 20 years. on wednesday flyers gm ron hextall said he didn't want to make a hasty decision when it came to berube's fate. this morning he handed him his walking papers. he replaced peter laviolette. he had one year remaining on his contract but his team most definitely had under performed. chief has been with the organization as a coach in some capacity since 2004 and of course he was a player here for six seasons back in the 80's. now the search for a new coach begins immediately. it's interesting to point out berube was not hextall's hire he was inherited from paul holmgren.
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this will be hextall's first big move as gm and he explained why he made the call he did. >> well, i think the message obviously that this wasn't good enough when we don't get the most out of people, it's not accepted here and that's -- again we all have fault in this. craig is the one obviously who took the hit here but we all have fault and certainly the players a certain amount of fault that lays with them. >> hextall didn't consult the players for this move. he says he hopes to hire someone by the nhl draft which is in late june. he says he'll look everywhere and he also added it was a tough decision to fire somebody that he considers his long time friend. of course we'll have much more coming up all day long in sports later on "action news." live in the sports center, jaime apody. back to you. >> time for the first check of that accuweather forecast for your weekend. >> let's head outside meteorologist cecily tynan tracking summer-like weather for part of the weekend. >> that's right, brian and monica summer-like for the first half of the weekends and then feeling more like spring
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by sunday. today, though we started off the day with showers. satellite6 along with action radar showing at 6 o'clock this morning we had some pretty steady showers for the morning commute but they moved off just as expected and this afternoon we are seeing some brightening of the skies, some peeks of sunshine. if you look there in baltimore, though, there are a few pop-up showers so i can't completely rule out the possibility of an isolated pop-up shower this evening but generally we'll be dry. right now, though, it's warm and it's definitely on the humid side. 74 degrees in philadelphia with winds out of the south millville 73 reading and allentown 71. cooler at the shore but still temperatures in the 60's and in sea isle on the boardwalk in atlantic city. so, it's a friday night or actually it's a friday afternoon but for the friday evening at 7 o'clock 70 degrees, partly cloudy with again an isolated shower possible. 8 o'clock 68 degrees. by 9 o'clock 65 and by 10 o'clock, still pretty mild, 64 degrees so all you really need is a light jacket and
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temperatures right now show that there's warmer air to the south. washington, d.c. 78 degrees. we tap into that tomorrow before cooler weather returns for sunday and then i'm tracking a soaking rain early next week. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast, brian. >> all right, cecily see you shortly. thank you. want to take you to wall street where the market has had a disastrous end to the week. red arrows across-the-board. the dow down about 280 points something of a recovery, it was down more than 350 points at one time today. nasdaq off about 76 points, the s & p down 25 points on the day. here's why. that drop followed the decline across markets worldwide. week equities fell sharply raising new concerns in europe for the country's if this future and new trading regulations in china sparked worry for asians investors. bad news in pennsylvania as well. the state's unemployment rate went up in march. that's the third straight month it has race 10.
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according to the state department of labor the unemployment rate hit 5.3 percent in march that's up a tenth of a percent from february. officials say the number of jobs dropped and the number of job seekers went up in march. the most jobs were lost in the education and health services sectors. construction showed the biggest gains. >> a man pleaded not guilty in ohio today after he was charged with supporting terrorism and supporting a terrorist group. the fbi claims he disappeared on his way from ohio to greece on a one way ticket last year. they say on a layover in turkey he just disappeared into syria and joined a branch of al-qaeda. >> mr. mohammed had plans to and did travel to syria. he received terrorism training there on weapons combat and tactics. his intent for the united states was to kill americans. >> authorities say they had been tracking the man ever since he returned to the u.s. last june. his mother and sister were in
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court as well today as they a sign of support. they had no comment to reporters. >> a carneys point man was railroad evident from stealing from residents at the assisted living facility where he worked. 60-year-old richard wisher was a maintenance worker at the lindsey house in pennsville. according to police he stole several personal checks then forged them and cashed them at two separate banks. in all those checks total nearly $18,000. he's being held on $25,000 bail. >> montgomery county officials insured folks they're prepared to respond to any potential railroad oil spill. an estimated 60 to 80 oil trains carrying more than a million gallons of crude oil pass through the delaware valley every week. federal government predicts those trains hauling the crude oil will on average derail 10 times a year nationwide, possibly causing billions of dollars in damage or potentially resulting in hundreds of deaths. county officials say they have taken the necessary steps to
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minimize that risk. >> no matter where the emergency happens, we know how to coordinate, we are communicating and we have the assets to bring to bear to deal with whatever challenges may arise. >> more than a dozen cars carrying crude have derailed in our area this year. fortunately, though, they did not leak or catch on fire. >> time now for the look at the "action news" traffic report today. >> all right, let's take it live to matt pelman see what's up on friday in the "action news" traffic center. >> happy friday to you guys. now we're just trying to make it home and so many people want to get home or head out for the weekend or want to enjoy the nice afternoon, i don't know, but there are a ton of them on the roadway. eastbound 76 is not moving so well the whole way from 202 through this point at conshohocken in toward belmont we also had an earlier broken down vehicle that got us off to a bad start this morning many this afternoon. light traffic volume minutes to get east from the blue route into the vine. ideally that would be 14 minutes. plenty of slowing on 95 as well especially from pens
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landing to bridge street. in tacony a fire location this afternoon along state road between princeton and cottman. also a police investigation of an earlier accident in north philadelphia at 19th and diamond and a crash in pennsauken to avoid along 130 near garfield avenue. there's some downed wires in doylestown this afternoon along swamp road at york road. that's a good spot to steer of. in east greenwich a wreck along kings highway and if you're headed into south jersey by the delaware memorial bridge expect big delays along the northbound side of 295 just 12 miles per hour coming out of new castle because of a crash on the bridge. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon and sounds like it's going to be a beautiful weekend so if you're headed down the shore, so far so good on the a.c. expressway, garden state parkway. let's see what we have cooking on absecon boulevard. a pothole on the road. that's no surprise. we'll check it again brian and monica in the next half hour.
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>> 'tis the season. that's right. >> much more ahead on "action news" at 4:00. pope francis could be adding onto his trip in the u.s. the stop in the caribbean he might be making either before or after his visit to philadelphia. >> but first that volunteer deputy in oklahoma facing manslaughter after he says he accidentally shot a suspect. he's now speaking out. a statement of self-defense next. so i'm working from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss. but i forgot to attach the presentation it sends in a flash, good thing i have fios. i don't and it was taking forever.
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>> ♪♪ >> a 73-year-old volunteer sheriff's depth knee oklahoma is speaking out now two weeks after this deadly incident caught on camera. he says he thought he was using a stun gun to subdue a suspect but instead he took out a real gun. allegations surfaced that he was not properly trained to carry that weapon. now he's coming out in his own did he first. for more we turn to abc's marci gonzalez live with the details in new york city. hi, marcy. >> reporter: hi, brian.
4:15 pm
robert bates defended himself saying confusing a taser and a gun could happen to anyone calling this the thing he regrets the most in life: for the first time since robert bates says he accidentally fired his gun instead of his taser killing unarmed suspect eric harris, the 73-year-old is speaking publicly. on nbc's today show bates denied allegations that he was not fully trained or certified to handle his weapons. >> that is not correct. i have a written piece of paper to say i had done a good job. >> reporter: the claim coming from the tulsa world newspaper which cites unnamed sources in reporting the department falsified training records including firearms certification and that supervisors were transferred after refusing to sign off. >> there are people who have been concerned about deputy bates and his lack of training for quite awhile. >> reporter: the sheriff's department insists he
4:16 pm
completed all required training. though the tulsa county sheriff acknowledged on a radio show this week bates records are incomplete after one of his trainers left for the secret service. >> we can't find the records that she supposedly turned in. >> reporter: today bates also denied that his friendship with the sheriff and his extensive donations to the department had anything to do with why an insurance executive was allowed to take part in a high risk undercover sting. and bates is charged with second degree manslaughter. eric harris family now asking the fbi to investigate. marries gonzalez channel6 "action news." >> pope francis a reportedly considering a type their up to cube bat. the vatican says the pope may add onto his trip to this area with a trip to havana. the pope played a key role in reestablishing diplomatic relations between cuba and the u.s.
4:17 pm
officials say discussion in the early phase and there's no firm decision yet. meanwhile one of america catholic leaders has died. cardinal francis george succumbed after a long battle with cancer. he appointed by pope john paul ii in 1997 and retired in 2014. he was 78 years old. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee says he'll announce his candidacy for president very soon. it's not clear when that announcement will come but possibly as soon as today. huckabee made an unsuccessful run for the republican nomination back in 2008. in recent months he ended his television and radio commitments opening himself up to a potential run. huckabee would join senators ted cruz rapid paul and marco rubio in the republican race. right now there are only declared democratic opponent is former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> jobs at a local community college today. tore the advanced
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manufacturing training center in bristol. he also discussed the importance of creating jobs and rebuilding the middle class. visit was part of wolf's jobs that pay tour. the governor's plan calls for cutting the corporate net income tax in half and putting more money into job training. >> a five star hotel so how about five star hospitals. that's how the government says it will rate facilities across the country. medicare looks at 11 aspects of patient experience from admission to discharge. they include how well doctors communicate with patients and overall patient treatment. one star is the worst rating, of course five stars is the best. only about 7 percent of all hospitals scored that highest five star rating. a bryn mawr business is now home to an artifact many regard as a sacred piece of steel. members of the new york city fire department presented norman carpet one with this shadow box containing steel from the world trade center and ground zero. the gift was a show of gratitude for norman's support
4:19 pm
tour a program that builds especially designed houses for soldiers who were catastrophically injured in war. norman carpet one has donated carpet to 46 of those houses so far. >> terrific. let's see if the accuweather forecast is looking terrific as we approach the weekend. >> i think it is. cecily tynan standing by with some pretty good news cecily. >> it certainly s the weekend will be beautiful. storm tracker six live double scan showing the showers from this morning have left the region but we do have a few pockets of some light shower activity popping up in chester county right now. these are air mass showers. they really just evolve out of the fact that we have an unstable air mass. you can see one right now near chatham, route 41, another one south of oxford. this is heading towards delaware and we will see a few spotty showers this evening but most of the region will be rain free. as far as the rain this morning, calling for a tenth of an tinge a third of an inch.
4:20 pm
philadelphia .15 millville .32 and atlantic city just under a quarter inch of rain this morning. now temperatures are definitely mild. 74 degrees another day in the 70's. fourth day this week with temperatures in the 70's, also on the muggy side. in wilmington 73, allentown 71 millville 73. and along the beaches with this wind out of the south off the ocean quite a bit cooler. satellite6 showing we're seeing some breaks in the clouds, some brightening of the skies. if you look west of pittsburgh there's clearing and that's from high pressure. this bubble of high pressure that will be right over us tomorrow and that will bring us plenty of sunshine and warm conditions and tonight pretty mild. partly cloudy, a few spotty showers this evening 55 degrees in philadelphia, 47 in allentown and in trenton 52. millville 50 and cape may 52 degrees. and future tracker showing by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning heading to the soccer games
4:21 pm
the baseball games temperatures already in the 60's. 66 degrees in philadelphia. that's warmer than a normal high for this time of the year and by the afternoon, first time we've seen this this year, temperatures climbing up into the upper 70's. taste of summer. if this is a little too warm for you too early don't worry we'll drop down to more seasonable levels on sunday. something that won't be dropping though the pollen levels. if you have allergies i know you have been suffering and unfortunately the pollen stays high right through the weekend. it will be dropping to medium high levels on monday as some rain moves in and kind of washes the pollen out of the air. so, the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow sunny and spectacular. the warmest day so far this year 78 degrees. a cold front moves through on saturday night with a little bit of cloud cover and wind shifts out of the northwest behind that on sunday. that will drop us down to 64 degrees. sunshine with some high thin clouds. good weather for the union game but by sunday night and through the day on monday, we're looking at a soaking
4:22 pm
rain. windy conditions. pretty miserable start to the work week. 61 degrees. so, on the cool side. the good news is it's a one day event. by tuesday the sunshine is back with a high of 71 degrees and certainly a good time to remind our viewers to put the sunscreen on this weekend. both days you will need it. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> cecily thanks. >> we have breaking news right now. more questions than answers after delaware county authorities found a body on tinicum island. it was found this afternoon by a philadelphia police marine unit. now, this is the scene chopper live there and philadelphia police were notified as well as delaware county and tinicum police. so, all the groups are investigating. we don't know if it's a male or a female but a body was found on tinicum island in tinicum delaware county and officials are on the scene recovering that body and trying to figure out just what happened accidental or otherwise and get us more information. >> and still to come here on "action news" at 4:00 today a deadly accident at a construction site in university city after a worker
4:23 pm
fell 80 feet. >> but first a big celebration for some of the brightest high school students in our area. there they are the valedictorians they took center stage for all their achievements today when "action news" comes right back. we aren't looking for just any college students. we're looking for the fighters. the focused. and formidable. with gpas that include grit. perseverance. ambition. who want professors who'll know them by name see who they can be... students who want more than a degree on graduation day... they want a career.
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>> ♪♪ >> peco employees helped some historic sites in philadelphia look good as new today. more than 20 workers volunteered to clean up areas around the historic section of the city including the betsy ross house and franklin square. volunteers planted flowers cleaned the mini golf course and put together story telling flags. today's event helped celebrate national volunteer week. >> nice work. also today 6abc teamed up with temple university to celebrate some of the best and brightest high school students graduating this year. it's our annual best of class event. more than 200 high school valedictorians from the tri-state area treated to a day of food fun and college prep at temple university. take a look. our own matt o'donnell and tam at a were there to talk to the
4:27 pm
students and hear their plans for the future and you can see a full list of today's honorees on our web site plus matt and tam will host our annual half hour special called the best of the class. it is saturday may 16th at 7:00 p.m. right here on 6abc. always so impressive those young ones. >> no question. you always get that song stuck in your head too the theme song. still ahead here the news continues from free arcade games alfresco to free national park admission. we've got some deals to get you outside this weekend on freebie friday. >> gorgeous. plus a california school official under fire for saying that one race of students needs air conditioning more than another race. why she does not think there's anything wrong with her comments ahead. >> and later clint had born didn't want to be famous all he wanted to do was get out of the back seat of his daughter's car. trust us, you're going to want to see this one.
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4:29 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taff. >> hello again. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the investigation into an 80-foot fall that killed a construction worker in university city this morning. >> plus, a midair melt down leads to an early touchdown. a traveler attacks her seat mate with a pen forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. what passengers say set that woman off. >> and last year a missouri
4:30 pm
woman faked coming in third place at the saint louis marathon. this year she faked coming in first. how she cheated and what tipped officials off. >> but we're going to begin now with a start to a travel nightmare for commuters at chester county. after that it is weekend bridge used by thousands of drivers every day will be out of commission until 2016. "action news" reporter vernon odom live now at valley forge road bridge. vern you've got the details on this one. >> reporter: good evening, i'm live on route 23, a major connecting highway between chester and montgomerys. as you take a look out it at this hour on friday night bear in mind it could look like a parking lot here by this time on monday. a busy friday afternoon on route 23. at the landmark valley forge road bridge over the pickerring creek. 20,000 motorists use this highway every day. the bridge is in bad shape. it has to be torn down and
4:31 pm
replaced. monday morning penndot will shut it down and rebuild through the end of the year. >> take the entire bridge deck off. there's the steel beams will be removed and replaced. concrete is falling which means broken concrete, heavy rust on the beam, section loss and so it's a major overhaul estimated at about $1.8 million. >> reporter: there will be detour routes to already congested roads. route 422 to oaks, egypt towed route 29 to bridge street through phoenixville. those who use and live off this section of route 23 know congestion and slow downs are coming. >> it's going to be a nightmare because it's the way to get to the king of prussia mall, it's the way to get to valley forge. it's just going to be a nightmare. >> there's many ways to go. but i mean it's -- remember that accident that happened? i don't think we want that here. >> reporter: you can live with it.
4:32 pm
>> yeah, i can live with it. >> reporter: valley forge road between phoenixville and valley forge will be closed between more hall drive and mcavoy lane until the end of the year. speaking of as the lady said living with it penndot estimates it will take less than a moo for motorists to make adjustments in their travel plans. live in schuylkill township, vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> thank you vern. authorities are trying to determine how a construction worker foal his death in university city this morning. it happened at the site of the future evo at cira center south. it's an apartment complex at 29th and chestnut. about 8:00 a.m. police say a 42-year-old man tumbled 80 feet. he was pronounced dead at presbyterian hospital. a young man had to be cut out of his car after this accident on i-95 in new castle. it happened in the southbound lanes near churchman's marsh about noon. "action news" was there as
4:33 pm
emergency crews freed that man believed to be in his 20's. he was rushed to christiana hospital to be treated for a head injury. information on his condition and exactly what caused the wreck have not been released. >> a 24-year-old man is out of the hospital today after being shot by philadelphia police last night. officers say they were responding to a call about shots fired on the 5200 block of akron street just before midnight. when they arrived they spotted a large crowd fighting. one man immediately took off on his bicycle when he saw officers. when they followed he allegedly pointed a gun at them. an officer fired a shot hitting the suspect in the leg. police recovered another gun before rushing the man to albert einstein hospital. he has since been treated and released to police. a group of volunteers gathered to clean up a delaware little league complex after vandals struck earlier this week. state police said the bandits broke into the north wilmington location thursday morning flipping over garbage cans and portable restrooms
4:34 pm
and damaging a trailer used for holding concession stand items. police discovered the incident after finding the namaans little league field maintenance tractor parked in the middle of mount lebanon road. the suspects appeared to have driven the tractor until it ran out of gas. anyone with information about this is asked to call the police. >> an historic discovery is bringing hundreds of guests to a high school in delaware today. middletown high unveiled an historical marker and a reflection bench on the very spot where a stop along the underground railroad used to be located. 200 dignitaries and others came to celebrate this forgotten site and to hear inspirational messages. senior student megan marcio discovered the school was on the former hunn farm. >> a mother and her boyfriend are now charged with murder of the woman's two-year-old son in delaware county. the story is developing right now. "action news" anchor rick
4:35 pm
williams live in the news room with what we're learning about this. >> brian thank you, that's right. the delaware county district attorney announced murder charges today. police say the child died as a result of injuries he sustained while in the care of his mother's boyfriend. dan gel grafton and shannon matthews facing several charges. mason hunt was found unresponsive in his norwood home back in february. at 5:00 we're live with watt what happened to the little boy and the new charges. good news about that measles outbreak out west that sparked a nationwide debate about vaccinations. some of the stories we're following for you when you when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. until then back to you in the studio. >> let's bring in meteorologist cecily tynan because she's got wonderful news about the weekend. >> exactly. everyone is happy because it's the weekend. but when it's the weekend and the weather is beautiful that put you over the top.
4:36 pm
penn's landing where you can see we have the clouds upstairs but also some breaks in the clouds and temperatures on the warm side, 74 degrees. you step outside, it may feel a little bit muggy to you but dewpoints still in the 50's. 57 degrees, that's a relatively dry air mass but our air has been drier than that. so, that's why it does get a little bit muggy. winds right now out of the west-southwest at 9 miles an hour pressure pretty high. atlantic city a lot of folks out and about on the boardwalk taking a walk. it is cooler, 59 degrees with those winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. the wind is off the ocean. the ocean temperature is 49 degrees so that really cools things off. i do want to show double scan live and show you the one area where we are seeing some showers. this is chester county, working into oxford just west of oxford i should say across 272, also south of chadds ford across route one 41 degrees. a few isolated showers. one heading towards wilmington.
4:37 pm
i'll talk about when everything dries out and a wet start to the work week and details on the weekend temperatures in the accuweather forecast. >> lots to talk about. thanks very much. dozens of youngsters in camden are on the path to a very bright future. "action news" was at the leap academy university charter school where 83 kindergarteners and first graders were inducted into the future scholars program. that means as long as they maintain good academic standing throughout their school years they'll get a scholarship to college. family members cheered them on as they were officially welcomed into that program. for nearly 40 years the cathedral kitchen has been serving meals. dozens of people gathered at that new location which is next year to the cathedral kitchen. this new spot offers a different kind of culinary experience. the food cooked right on the premises and is served at a dining table. >> very nice. stale head from free park admission to free outdoor arcade games today's edition of freebie friday is all about
4:38 pm
getting you outside. >> california school official under fire for saying certain students don't need air conditioning. find out why she said that and why she's not backing down. >> later we know seat belts save lives but did you know they also could create instant internet super stars. why this man from maine is making a lot of folks laugh. >> and that guy's got a great sense of humor. you've got to see it. meteorologist cecily tynan is back with that full accuweather forecast. >> hello. >> "action news" continues right after this.
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
. >> ♪♪ >> air raids got a southwest airline passenger booted off a flight. >> my arm hurt because i was being stabbed by a pen. >> well, that makes sense. he woke up from a pretakeoff snooze on a flight from chicago to the woman sitting next to him poking him with a pen. other passengers say the woman was apparently set off by the man's loud snoring. >> she just went nuts and started stabbing him with a pen. he started screaming loud
4:41 pm
almost like a little girl. >> that's unnecessary. the perturbed passenger was escorted off. the flight was delayed for two hours before finally making it to its destination in new hampshire. the man had a few bruises. he says he doesn't plan on pressing any charges. the woman was allowed on a later flight. poor guy. a group of florida teenagers is facing charges for taking a forklift on a joyride. this is the surveillance video showing those boys doing doughnuts around a property owned by a plumbing company. the teens made sure to mask their faces with their t-shirts and hide their fingerprints with makeshift plastic gloves. the problem though they forgot to disable the alarm system so police cat up with the group are a rather quickly. >> a washington state man says he is still in shock after discover that a little boy his sister asked him to babysit was actually the victim of a violent kidnapping. john tong says his sibling stopped by his home and asked if he could watch her
4:42 pm
boyfriend's two-year-old son. although he had never met the child tong and his wife agreed to keep him overnight. the couple did not see the amber alert until tong checked his facebook feed the next morning. >> it looks like this child in my bed. i was like oh, my god. >> probably one of the craziest things i've ever heard. >> turns out the little boy's grandmother ann tong's sister abducted both the child and the child's mother. the mother managed to escape and called police and that led to the amber alert. tong says he is not sure why his sister was involved. he's just happy he was able to save that toddler. topping health check at 4:00 puppy dog eyes. if you feel powerless to resist your pet when they gaze at you don't worry turns out there's a scientific reason. according to a report in science weekly when a dog stairs longly and lovingly at its owner both the dog and the owner get a boost in their oxytocin levels. it's the same feel good chemical release had had a mother bonds with her baby during breastfeeding. researchers believe the
4:43 pm
hormone associated with nurturing and attachment explains why human-dog bonds are so strong. more interesting they discovered wolves don't make eye contact for the same reason that dogs do. wolves apparently do not want to bond with people. >> gaze into my eyes. over here at the big board the big talkers today and we're going to start with a comment that's got a school board member in california facing all kinds of heat and it stems from what she said at a meeting about which schools should get air conditioning. a predominantly white one or a predominantly latino one. >> i would say 95 percent of the students the at&t at las juntas do not have air conditioning in their homes. >> yeah, she said that. those are alleged to have been the words of denise elsken at a meeting in which board members were deciding to how
4:44 pm
to allocate funds. parents at the latino school are outraged by what she said. she isn't backing down. she says her statement "wasn't discriminatory, it was fairly factual. now to missouri where the women's winner of this year's go saint louis marathon was disqualified 20 minutes after she crossed the finish line. why? she had only been in the race far a few minutes. race officials say kendal schwayer jumped back onto the course after the final check point. they immediately noticed a race number was in the wrong place and she had removed the timing tape from her number. still, they briefly gave her the benefit of the doubt because she had finished third in that same marathon last year. but after an investigation officials determine that the 26-year-old had faked both finishes. officials say she might have gotten away with it if she timed out her scam a little bit better winning the whole thing drew, of course, a lot
4:45 pm
of extra attention. finally if you've ever felt a little bit out of shape, this guy can share your struggle. he got stuck in the seat belt in the back seat of his car while his wife offered to not a complimentary reason why. >> you stopped me in. i told you yesterday the belt was defective didn't i. >> it's your body. >> harsh. that was 71-year-old clint chadbourne from portland maine. his wife pulled over at a rest stop so they could stretch their legs. somehow he got tangled in the seat belt. he was a good sport about it sitting there patiently. his wife blamed his big belly. it's a gig thing he's got a sense of humor because this video has been viewed some 200 million times on youtube. that couple by the way celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. of course this video makes it clear why they've lasted all those years. >> or maybe not through this weekend. that's a little rough. >> yeah. >> all right. well, let's get another check on the road out there tonight.
4:46 pm
poor guy matt. it happens. >> poor guy not getting a break but we however are hitting the brakes this afternoon monica as we look live at the vines, all is not fine on the vine. we have a crash westbound here by broad street. you can see the one suv pretty badly damaged. i think that's part of the bumper sticking up right there and the left lane is out of commission. so, you're looking at jammed solid traffic on the vine westbound coming away from 95 through this point at broad. eastbound hitting the brakes as well with normal friday afternoon volume. you know it's not going to be uneventful on a friday afternoon. but our fire location in tacony along state road, that's cleared out so no need to worry about that. still have that police investigation of an earlier crash in north philadelphia at 19th and diamond. if you're headed home from temple this afternoon watch out for that. crash in warminster by the eagle diner and archbishop wood is along york road near street road. do you understand wires in doylestown along swamp road at york road there. in lower providence by the dairy queen good afternoon for that watch out for a crash
4:47 pm
along ridge pike at clearfield avenue. one in upper merion along 23 valley forge road at 422. we'll be talking about 23 in schuylkill township a whole lot next week with the big closure coming up and we're watching a wreck still this afternoon in east greenwich gloucester county along kings highway but headed into south jersey a wreck on the delaware memorial bridge is gone. all lanes reopened but speeds are still just in the teens as you come out of new castle and head up and over the delaware memorial. also seeing half hour delays this afternoon on njt's river line. that's because of some signal problems but earlier issues on septa's broad street line have been resolved. we'll check in again brian and monica in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right matt. these warmer weekends have our thoughts turning to the beach and weekend down at the shore. >> absolutely. >> when we step outside sky six looking live at atlantic city, a beautiful day down there today. >> won't be long. meteorologist cecily with that exclusive accuweather seven day. i think you're going to like it next.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> kind of goofy around here. all giggles because it's friday and the weekend is looking spectacular. >> i opened up my pool today. >> yeah. >> come on by tomorrow. >> i was going say -- >> help clean it. >> davis work to do but we do have a few showers out. they're really isolated. storm tracker six live double scan showing most of the area is rain free but i've been tracking this batch of showers that had been working through chester county. it's sinking to the southeast pretty quickly. right now the heaviest is right over 202 near arden dale where wilmington right now you're getting some of those showers, newark you just missed it that shower up to the north and that will be crossing the river into gloucester and salem county. no lightning strikes associated with that but there are a few isolated downpours.
4:51 pm
temperatures 74 degrees with winds out of the south. millville 73, wilmington 73, allentown and reading 71, trenton 70. on the beaches though with those winds off the ocean quite a bit cooler, sea isle currently 59 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing as expected most of the shower activity was early this morning. then we saw a few breaks of sunshine, a couple isolated showers but high pressure is over the ohio valley. this little bubble of high pressure builds in tomorrow right ahead of a cold front and that will bring us really a gorgeous saturday but definitely on the warm side. so the next 12 hours a mild friday night a spotty shower possible early. most of our region partly cloudy. overnight low in the lehigh valley down to 47 degrees. in philadelphia 55 degrees. so, saturday take out the shorts and the short sleeves. 78 degrees, loads of sunshine. this cold front moves through dry on saturday night and behind it we get the wind
4:52 pm
shifting out of the northwest. so that will pull down cooler air but still another area of high pressure will bring us plenty of sunshine, 64 degrees which is seasonable but then late sunday night and monday i'm tracking this system pulling out of the southwest and this will bring us a soaking rain on monday. monday you do not want to forget the umbrella. we're looking at an inch to two and a half inches of rain on monday. this is the most single storm rain we've gotten in more than a month now. the good news is we are dry right through sunday afternoon, so if you're head to go ppl park as the union takes on the revolution, it's looking very nice. at 5 o'clock the beginning of the game 62 degrees with high cirrus clouds, light winds. by the 90th minute the end of the game dropping down to 59 degrees so maybe a light jacket if you're heading to the union game. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast one of the nicest weekends so far this year. 78 degrees a taste of summer on saturday. we drop down to 64 degrees on sunday with sun and high
4:53 pm
clouds. then late sunday night through the day on monday waves of rain. one round of heavy rain in the morning, another in the afternoon. it will be windy and cool, 61 degrees. tuesday though the sunshine is back 71 degrees. wednesday beautiful. little bit cooler, 64. on tuesday we cloud up, 60 degrees. and don't put away the sweatshirts just yet. friday temperatures dropping 9 degrees below normal, 58 degrees so friday will be 20 degrees cooler than tomorrow. >> little bit of a seesaw. >> keep the sweatshirts and sweaters out. >> who doesn't like something free? we have freebie friday coming up for you next. we all do.
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>> it is time to save with 6abc on this freebie friday beginning with a huge community arcade to kick off the fifth annual philly tech week. tomorrow night head to dillworth park for three hours of app games. a giant version of connect four and live music. additional events throughout the week feature free beer and food free trivia an opportunity to get a free mini version of yourself printed for free. if you're in bucks county this weekend stop by peddler's village for two days of spring outdoor fun. spring fling lessons on vegetable plantings and tastings from area restaurants. led to fashionly park. all 398 are offering free admission this weekend to celebrate national park week and finally you can get a head start on spring cleaning with several opportunities for free paper shredding. staples stores will get red of up to 2 pounds of paper for you until april 25th. office depot and office max
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will shred up to 5 pounds of documents until may second. head to our web site to find the coupons you'll need to print out as well as full details on these deals. >> good stuff. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for monica malpass shirleen allicott alicia vitarelli adds dam joseph i'm brian taff. join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 coming up next. rick and i will join you after the break
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4:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> disturbing details tonight about the murder of a two-year-old boy in delaware county. police say the boyfriend of the child's mother abused him and the injuries led to his death. tonight officials say the mother was also involved. it's friday night and the big story on "action news" is the murder charges announced in there death of the toddler from norwood. >> "action news" reporter dann cuellar live outside the home where the alleged abuse took place. >> reporter: rick and mon cat horrific case unfolded here back in february where
5:00 pm
the child lived in an upstairs apartment with his mother and her boyfriend. the child was in the care of the boyfriend when he took him to the doctor's office down below ashen and unresponsive. 30-year-old shannon matthew is the biological mother of the two-year-old had nothing to say as she was led away in handcuffs shortly after being charged with murder. neither did her alleged cohort 31-year-old daniel grafton who in the eyes of authorities is the monster who brutally abused two year old mason hunter over a period of time leading to his death. >> we believe both played a very active role in the horrific death of this young boy. >> reporter: it was back on february 3rd that police and paramedics rushed to the office of dr. patricia sutton in the 400 block of chester pike in norwood this for an unresponsive child. grafton who lived with his girlfriend in an apartment above the office took the child there claiming he found him unconscious face down in the


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