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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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storms across the tri-state tonight and the national weather service issued a tornado watch for much of our region. a live look outside sky 6hd showing you the skyline. the sun peaking out through the clouds temperatures are soared. that's adding fuel to the fire for storms later this afternoon. cecily tynan tracking all the ingredients. cecily this could be an eventful night. >> certainly has the potential to be brian. we had soaking rain this morning. the sun is out and the national weather service has issued a tornado watch until 10 o'clock for most of the viewing area except for the counties that borders the coast. what a watch means it's not a warning. if there were a warning you would have to take cover. a watch means conditions are favorable for the potential for severe storms and some of which could cause enough sheer, enough wind that veering that it could spawn an isolated tornado. double scan live showing that we've got tornado watches severe thunderstorm watches
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all the way from philadelphia down to atlanta ahead of a cold front that will track in and that front did cause 14 reports of tornadoes yesterday. as we zoom in we're really watching the activity that's to south and west. washington, d.c. seeing some bubbling up. there's a warm front right over us and then that cold front out to the west. as that cold front gets closer we will likely see more activity developing. wrong this will be one solid line of storms. it will be more scattered in variety. this is really the reason why you step outside you can feel it's warm and humid. with that warm front adding fuel to the fire, this is why philadelphia is in the tornado watch but new york city isn't. new york city is 55 degrees. it's a cooler more stable air mass so this is something i will watch develop as we head through the afternoon. so, this is what to expect. between about 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock, this is when we'll see those scattered thunderstorms moving from the southwest to the northeast
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with the potential that some could be severe t definitely downpour is the highest threat, lightning strong wind hails and an isolated tornado. more about this and what's coming behind this system in the full accuweather forecast. brian. >> cecily thanks very much. a driver had to be rescued after a bad decision on the roads in montgomery county. part of philmont avenue in lower moreland ended up under water. one driver tried to brave the flooding and made a turn for what looked like a side road. turns out it wasn't a road but rather an actual creek causing the car to sync. no word on how that driver is doing right now. a viewer sent us this video of a rescue in wilmington today. a driver had to be helped out of her car on governor prince boulevard after it got trapped in high water as more weather comes our way, we want to see your photos and your videos. join the action by e-mailing us at join the action at or share on social media using the #6abc action.
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>> now to breaking news as we first reported yesterday a high profile player will soon be part of the eagles nest. the team just announced tim tebow is headed to philadelphia on a one year contract. sports director ducis rodgers is live in the sports center with more on this. we learned this just in the last few minutes. pretty big news. >> that's right, shirleen, eagles made the official announcement just before 4:00 p.m., the addition of tim tebow adds to an already crazy off season for the birds. tebow has not played a regular season game since the 2012 season when he was with the new york jets. he did enjoy some success with the denver broncos in 2011. he led that team to the playoffs that season. while trying to get back into the nfl tebow has been working as a college football analyst for espn. we're not sure how the birds plan to use him but his addition will bring the total number of quarterbacks on the roster to five. former eagles safety brian dawkins played with tebow in
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denver. he knows his character off the field but he still has questions about tebow's football abilities. >> it's the football side of thing that he struggled at. a lot of it has been -- he's getting some coaching in the locker room, getting good quarterback coaching, this off season he's doing something with tom brady's quarterback coach. his problem is not being able to take that onto the playing field. when he gets on the playing field he revertz back to the old. maybe he's changed some of that stress. we'll see. once >> timhere tebow will be reunited with mark sanchez. the two played together with the jets. he'll be reunited with his college teammate at the university of florida one riley cooper. more later here on 6abc. back to you guys in the studio. >> ducis thanks very much. as ducis mentioned eagles made it official just before 4 o'clock today. just seconds ago they tweeted
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this picture of tim tebow signing the contract and there it is, official tim tebow wearing the eagles logo and he's got his helmet right there on the desk. so, yes, this is happening. >> he's got a big smile planted on his face, too. seems like he's excited to be near philadelphia. with the addition of tim tebow to philadelphia's roster has eagles fans buzzing of course. >> are they excited? it's unclear how he's going factor into chip kelly's master plan. with five months to go until the regular season of course anything is possible and "action news" reporter annie mccormick talked to fans about their thoughts today. >> awesome. clutch player. >> i don't think what to think. i think chip kelly has made it confusing to get an idea, a beat on all these quarterbacks and where they're going. if i was to guess i would say he's going to use him in a trade. >> tim tebow is a heisman trophy winning.
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he got picked up by the broncos and paid for the jets. after that his career appeared to flounder and instead he became a media personality all the while still working on his quarterback arm. now, could this be another chance? >> when is the last time he played? >> i heard the rumor. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i think he shouldn't come here. how can we use tim tebow? >> very shocked. going through my twitter feed last night and saw tim tebow signing in philadelphia. >> reporter: who could forget tebow mania that followed the 27-year-old and his habit of kneeling to pray after he scores. aka tebowing. and how will that be received at the linc? >> philadelphia fans wouldn't even accept that. they boo santa claus. come on. would you think they would go for the tebow magic? tebow is a nice guy, he does a lot of nice things he's a christian brother and i go along with
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that but i don't think he would fit into the eagles plan. >> he's good looking. you need more than that to play. >> reporter: so many choices here and so many opinions from eagles fans. at the reading terminal market annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> ladies spoke. he's good looking. planned fights a gun scare an lockdown ended in several arrests in the lehigh valley. now a school community is on edge after days of turmoil. lehigh valley correspondent walter perez is live in allentown with the full story on this. walter. >> reporter: hi, shirleen as you can see things are calm now outside allen high school. security was tight when class let out. school officers and allentown police were a very visible presence all the result of a tumultuous week that ended with an 18-year-old arrested after an on high pressure threat and allegedly coming toward the school with a gun. we spoke with several students
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from william allen high who say they do not feel safe coming to school these the days. >> i've been seeing cops and stuff and i just don't like to be around that type of environment. i leave school so i won't be involved in all that. >> reporter: tensions started escalate when did you go a fight involving several students broke out last wednesday near the corner of west and linden streets. investigators say the following day several smaller fights ensued. it all came to ahead though when a former allen high school students 18-year-old marcus crespo wrote a facebook post indicating he was going to allen high school on friday with a gun to settle the score. the school was actually placed on lockdown at the end of the day because of the threat. it was a bit past 2 o'clock that afternoon when allentown police officers spotted crespo walking toward the school. investigators say they approached the suspect, patted him down and found a load 9-millimeter handgun in his waist band. allen high school students we spoke with say it's simply shouldn't be this way. >> school should be a place
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where you should feel safe instead of being worried about guns being brought to school. >> there's going to be a shootout, it always been like that that i remember ever since my brothers have been in school. >> who could study and do all their work when there's all this fighting going on outside? i know i'm just like a regular kid. i see a fight outside i'm going to go outside to watch. >> reporter: to be clear none of this occurred on school grounds. authorities are hopeful that things will calm down now with this arrest. the suspect meanwhile has been charged with firearms violations and making terroristic threats. he remains behind bars tonight on $25,000 bail. reporting live from allentown walter perez, channel6 "action news." brian. >> walter thanks very much. six young men living in the united states were arrested in a nationwide terror sweep. officials say their goal was to join isis. the men were arrested in minneapolis and san diego yesterday. officials say the six were friends and that they met often over the past six months to device a way to get to
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syria. prosecutors say someone involved had a change of heart and turned the group in. >> this conspiracy in this organization appears by what we know particularly from the person to chose to cooperate to be a peer to peer operation. >> court records show the group was in contact with a current isis recruiter in syria who left minnesota. >> traffic alert. vice president joe biden is headed to philadelphia. he's coming to town for unerring talk at peco. he's he'll visit the peco main building in center city around 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. secretary of energy earnest moneve will also be on hand. no word yet on specific closures but it is sure to affect all roads around the area. >> so we know it's going to be a bit of a mess tomorrow about this time. what about right now? >> let's see. let's go check on matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center.
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how is it looking? >> all day long it's been a mess on these roads with the heavy rain this morning brian and shirleen. this afternoon we're drying out but still we have some huge delays out there. as far as tomorrow goes with the veep you want to avoid the area around peco headquarters at market and 23rd during the midday. expect market to be blocked off or at least temporarily blocked off coming weigh from 30th street station. chestnut and walnut can take some of the detouring traffic but market during the midday probably not where you want to find yourself. here on 95 it's a very slow go especially on the southbound side with an earlier broken down vehicle right in the work zone approaching the vine street expressway. got us off to a bad start this afternoon on 95 southbound. and-like the plague avoid ridge avenue through east falls and manayunk this afternoon. they're still attempting to did that paving work an a very long stretch of ridge avenue. portions are blocked off including the eastbound chunk by the tennis center in he's
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east falls. maybe stay on henry avenue if you can. ridge avenue through that neck of the woods not where you want to be this afternoon. in mount laurel downed wires closing stacy haines road. church road a way to go instead. let's do the commuter report on this back to work monday afternoon. we started this big new bridge construction project in chester county today. schuylkill township route 23 now shut down. with the waze app you can check the alternate and see where you need to go. we'll check it again brian and shirleen in the next half hour. >> very good matt. thanks so much. the man who literally flew under the radar and landed that gyroscope on the capitol lawn is speaking out. he's detailing how he pulled off that stunt and why he did it in the first place to start a conversation in congress. abc's karen travers has more. >> reporter: he insists he was never a security threat. >> i'm mailman. i was delivering the mail. i don't think that the governor is going to shoot a 61-year-old mailman in a
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flying bicycle. >> reporter: this is brand new footage of hughes' gyrocopter flight taken from his perspective as he streaks down the get tease burg pennsylvania. he flu to washington, d.c. just 150 feet up in the air. you can see d.c. in the distance below as he makes his approach. securing his landmarks like the world war two memorial and the washington monument as guides. >> at the time that i was flighting up the capitol mall and it was a huge thrill, i wasn't worried about getting shot down. i was worried about not flying and i was getting focused on making my landing. >> reporter: his 11-year-old daughter says she's standing by him. >> i was just like proud. he's a patriot, you know. he did it for the country. >> reporter: hughes could get four years in prison. he says now it's up to the american people to continue the conversation about campaign finance reform that he wanted to start with this stunt. >> if they pick this up, it's in their power to fix the
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problem and then it's worth it even if i lose my job even if i go to jail. >> reporter: he was asked if he'll be in a gyrocopter any time soon. he said he doesn't think the authorities will give it back to him. reporting from washington, karen travers, channel6 "action news." >> presidential candidate hillary clinton headed to new hampshire today as she continues her somewhat low key campaign for president. a new poll out today shows clinton is the dominant front runner for the democratic nomination with a 1,000 voters polled nearly 70 percent back clinton right now. her strongest potential opponent vice president joe biden who got just 11 percent of those voters. clinton continued the theme of small low key events. today she spoke with employees at a small furniture business and focused her comments on she called the economy of tomorrow. tomorrow she'll meet with students and teachers for a
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round table does. hillary's visit comes after republicans visited that state. 19 official and prospective candidates pitched their ideas to voters including marco rubio and new jersey governor chris christie. >> thousands of runners pounded the pavement for one of the most historic races in the country the boston marathon. >> and they're off. >> today's race comes two years after a pair of bombs were detonated near the iconic if you finish line. three people died, hundreds were injured. it also comes just one day before one of the men convicted for the attack, dzhokhar tsarnaev is set to face his fate in court. many runners said today's race was about the future, not lingering in the past. >> it's about moving forward. it's about healing. it's about finding a path to community.
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>> those runners were the definition of boston strong. they fought rain and wind to complete that 26.2-mile course. the men's winner finished in just under two hours 10 minutes. the female winner crossed the finish line in two hours 25 minutes. brian. >> that's a welcome sight, shirleen. thanks very much. from our delaware news room today a majority of voters in the first state say they support replacing the death penalty with life in prison. according to a survey just out today from public policy polling 64 percent of voters say some form of life in prison is the most appropriate punishment for murder. 30 percent support the death penalty. half of voters surveyed say they support a bill that would abolish the death penalty under state law. that bill has passed the state senate. it heads to a vote in the statehouse tomorrow. >> a new study shows breast cancer rates could rise dramatically in the next 15 years. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live now in the
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news room with more on that. hi monica. >> hi shirleen, that's right. this study is come coming from researchers at the national cancer institute then project that the number of cases of breast cancer could actually go up by 50 percent, a huge increase. that equals about 441,000 cases a year. coming up tonight at 5:00 in health check we'll tell you the three factors they say are leading to this projected breast cancer boom. also how far would you go to live green? the state of oregon has actually signed off on a project that turns reused sewage water of all things over to home beer brewers. we'll explain how it works. we'll have those stories and more at 5 o'clock. >> we believe it. monica thanks. to business this monday afternoon as stocks try to make up for what was a dismal friday. off to a great start. green arrows across-the-board. dow up 209 points, hello cecily.
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the dow closing at 18,005 points, the nasdaq up 63 points. the s & p also up about 19 points on the day. verizon fios has a plan to let customers get some of their favorite channels at less than half the cost. it includes cnn, amc. it costs 55 bucks a movement the customer can add extra channel packs for another $10 a pop. >> turn nothing to the forecast and what's next after a wet start to the week and back to cecily. >> back to cecily. you saw her making her way across the green screen. >> i was rushing over here to get to the green wall to talk about the weather tonight because this has the potential to be a serious situation. storm tracker six live double scan showing that there's a cold front moving out of the ohio valley. we have warm air surging up from the south. the clash of those two air masses could cause severe weather. we have tornado watches poster
4:19 pm
for the bulk of our viewing area until 10 o'clock. severe thunderstorm watches down to the south. atlanta also under a tornado watch. so, zooming in all the activity will come from the south and the west. washington, d.c. there are a few scattered thunderstorms but if you look at roanoke virginia there is a line of some thunderstorms out ahead of it you see the orange. those are the severe thunderstorm warnings and we did have some reds over north carolina. those are the tornadoes warnings. so, as this system gets closer to us we'll likely see more activity develop. the problem is the warm air and the sunshine. when you have a cold front approaching from the west, you really don't want to see the sunshine and we have plenty of it in philadelphia right now. 76 degrees. it's a humid day. that helped add feud to the fuel. dover 77 and millville 74 degrees. that warm front has not lifted north of allentown and berks county quite yet. the temperatures there still in the 60's. so the national weather service has posted a tornado watch for most of our viewing area until 10 o'clock. not along the coast where we have a more stable air mass
4:20 pm
and not for the poconos where it's cooler. what a watch means is that conditions are favorable for severe storms. that could spawn an isolated tornado. it is not a warning. a warning means that you have to take cover immediately. if we do have tornado warnings we'll cut into programming right away and your storm tracker six alert will go off. the soaking rain lifted over new england. with those breaks of sunshine that's why we have that tornado watch and this morning right in time for the morning commute, we had a soaking rain. generally one to 2 inches of rain wilmington more than 2-inches. that now is up to the north and now we're watching the storm. so, future tracker showing around 7 o'clock tonight some scattered thunderstorms possibly severe to our west, still around by 10:30. in the wee hours of the morning you could hear a rumble of thunder probably not severe but a few more strong storms likely but the good news is the morning rush hour we'll see actually very quiet conditions, partly sunny
4:21 pm
skies and temperatures will be mild tomorrow. so, tomorrow will be a beautiful day. so the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow breezy and sunny, 68 degrees. enjoy it. wednesday clouds roll in, some showers developing in the afternoon, 65 degrees and then the bottom drops off with temperatures on thursday, the high only 57 degrees and friday despite a good amount of sunshine temperatures well below normal, the high only 56 degrees. i'll talk about if we can warm things up at all as we head to the weekend coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecasts. >> thanks cecily. >> thanks. >> much more ahead coming up on health check a new study that may get you considering plastic surgery. why researchers say going under the knife may make women appear more likable. >> first a seconds chance for nonviolent felons. the so-called sentence of hope they received today from philadelphia's district attorney.
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>> ♪♪
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>> travelers can expect some slightly heavier wallets this summer thanks to a drop in air fares. the average round trip domestic ticket is $454. that's down two dollars from this time last year. if you're headed overseas the average ticket to europe is around $1,600, down 50 bucks from last summer. experts say this drop is thanks to airlines cutting costs by putting more seats on planes and lower fuel prices. >> a man whose name is literally written all over philadelphia was honored today for his success. gerry lenfest was named 2015 business leader of the year by drexel university. that media entrepreneur now publisher and philanthropist is the benefactor behind several of the city's best known institutions. mayor michael nutter was among those who praised lenfest for his many contributions to philadelphia culture. >> today at the criminal justice center one group of nonviolent felons was given a sentence of hope. this is its choice is yours
4:26 pm
graduation ceremony. the program offers drug offenders the chance to avoid prison sentences instead receive education and workforce education. this second chance is made possible by the district attorney's office and today d.a. seth williams as you saw was there to wish them well. still ahead the latest on the storm system that could bring severe weather to our area this evening. >> plus, off target. shoppers are taking aim at the super store after a new line sold out in just minutes. what target is saying about it today. >> they want bathroom equality. why several state senators say it's time to put diaper changing stations in all men's restrooms.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph. alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with details on university of delaware soccer player just arrested for allegedly a raping another student. >> plus, sensor. an ohio middle school digitally alters a teen girl's class photo to remove the f word from her shirt. the problem it's not the f word you're thinking about. >> and later we all know parents who won't stop posting photos of their kids online but would you ever tell them enough is enough? one new mom says she got called out. now she's speaking out about the parenting phenomenon dubbed oversharening. >> we begin with what could be
4:30 pm
a very active weather forecast. >> round one came with heavy rain that stranded drivers. the sky could be clear but don't let the sun over center city fool you right now. because round two is coming this wave could be severe. meteorologist cecily tynan tracking the threat live at the big board. cecily. >> brian, the better chance of severe weather is where you see the sunshine because that keeps the ground and adds end stability to the atmosphere. the national weather service posted tornado watches until 10 o'clock for most of our viewing area, all except the counties that border the coast. now, it is a big difference between a tornado watch an tornado warning. we have a lost people asking on facebook, my twitter do i need to go into my basement. no. a tornado watch just means that conditions are favorable for severe storms, one of which could spawn an isolated tornado. if there are tornado warnings we would break into program, your storm tracker six app would give you that alert and that means that conditions are occurring or a possible tornado is imminent.
4:31 pm
this is when we actually already have the severe storms in our region. so, again, it's a tornado watch, not a warning. this is why. double scan live showing across our viewing area we don't have anything going on right now. there's one little cell west of lancaster a shower, but that's it but a wider view on double scan live showing there's a cold front that's moving into western pennsylvania. there's a warm front over us and if you look to the south and west where we have that wedge of warm air this is where we're seeing those severe thunderstorms developing and they are all tracking our way. so the best timing will be about 5 o'clock for our far western suburbs until about 10 o'clock, likely a broken line of scattered thunderstorms moving from the southwest to the northeast with the potential that some of these will be severe, so that's why that tornado watch is in effect. i'll talk more about what to expect tonight and a big chill later this week coming up in the full accuweather forecast. that's later on in "action news." shirleen.
4:32 pm
>> sounds g thank you cecily. stay ahead of today's rain and tonight's storm by checking in often at you'll find all kinds of realtime storm tracker six radar scans, wider regional views to street level forecasts. >> a university of delaware soccer player is facing charges today for allegedly raping a fellow student over the weekend. newark police say 21-year-old paul defeo met the victim at the restaurant. she says after the restaurant closed she she went back to, his bill has been set at $250,000. officials in south jersey spent the morning searching rosedale park hoping to find a missing seen. she had not been seen since yesterday. officials say leak is considered endangered because she may have some mental disabilities. if you have any information on leak's whereabouts today
4:33 pm
please call trenton police. >> a tractor-trailer crash is still impacting traffic on i-95 in delaware. it happened just before 6:00 this morning on i-95 south near route one in christiana. police tell "action news" that the big rig overturned at the exit ramp to churchman's road. a pickup truck then slammed into the tractor-trailer. no one was hurt in the accident, though the tractor-trailer was just uprighted. the on-ramp from chump man's road to i-95 is still closed at this hour. officials expect to it stay that way for a few more hours. thousands of people spent the morning without power in roxborough. the outage affected about 4600 customers along ridge avenue including businesses and traffic lights. peco sent crews to the area. they got the call just after 8:00 a.m. they discovered and repaired an equipment problem at a substation. power was restored around 10 o'clock. >> today marks the 20th anniversary of the deadly shooting of two police officers in haddon heights
4:34 pm
camden county. this ceremony was held to honor the memories of patrolman john norcross and investigator john jack mcloughlin. both men were shot and killed while serving a search warrant. to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their tragic death recently refurbished space was rededicate dad in their memory. more than half a dozen puppies have a new leash on life today after they arrived at philadelphia international airport. the nonprofit organization called island dog incorporated rescued these seven dogs in puerto rico. after arriving at the airport the dogs were taken to humane society of atlantic county where they'll be evaluated and then put up for adoption. there are an estimated 200,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of puerto rico. 98 percent of those brought to shelter there is are euthanized. >> turning to a follow-up on a story we first brought in you big talkers earlier this month involved a 10-year-old montgomery county bullied over
4:35 pm
his height. his message to those who hurt him went viral and as "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist tells us today it earned him a medal. >> reporter: here at this hatfield home this afternoon 10-year-old dominic defino received the medal of courage. >> this is the anti-bullying medal of occur rage. dominic a cancer survivor was bullied picked on for being short. but he took a bold step calling out his so-called haters on instagram informing them that chemotherapy had had stunted his growth. today the founder honored his brave actions. >> not only was this young man battling health issues, battling cancer but he was also a victim on the psychological side of being tormented as a bullying victim. >> reporter: dominic wrote on instagram you know i may be short but that's bed than being dead. you don't have to be tall to win and that god slowed down my growth so i could be the best person i can become. his message was reposted by big names including fill's own
4:36 pm
?uestlove from the roots wrote don't let anyone's words keep you from your destiny in life. >> he stood up and he stood tall which is really the way we want to talk about his ability to be courageous and his heroism. we couldn't be more proud of a young man like this. >> this is an amazing thing that he has done for himself and for the community and for all other little kids being bullied. >> reporter: today this young sports fan also received a signed flyers hat and jersey from his in any event player claude giroux. >> that's really cool. thank you so much. >> reporter: he's so happy so many are getting his message. >> stand up to bullying also because it's just not a really good thing at all. it's really hard to go through and it's tough. >> reporter: sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news". >> so courageous and he's doing things for all kids getting bullied. >> standing tall. >> love that. still ahead sharing the diaper burden.
4:37 pm
several say changing tables should be installed in both men's and women's bathroom. >> the mother of all social media backlashes. why the anonymous letter to a new mom talks about how much to share on high pressure. >> an ohio middle school photoshoped a teen girl's shirt saying the f word would be deemed offensive. the issue that f word was feminist. >> and meteorologist cecily tynan back with that full accuweather forecast. more on the severe weather coming in tonight when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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>> ♪♪ >> a young boy is being hailed a hero for managing to stay calm while calling 911 and leading firefighters to save him and his sister. >> we're going die. >> please don't say that. >> that is the sound of 13-year-old marcus mccoy and his nine-year-old sister aliyah. they were trapped in the second floor of their bedroom of their home in clinton maryland, yesterday after it caught fire. marcus stayed on the phone with the dispatcher and helped
4:40 pm
them direct firefighters to their location inside that burning house. >> i need you to tell me if the firefighters come to the front door how would they get to you in the room. >> go up the steps right in the back hallway. >> go up the steps do i turn right. >> yes. >> everything that he gave us helped save him and his little sister's life. >> the children did suffer minor injuries but are expected to be just fine. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> wow. 24 seconds, that's what made a difference between life and death for a new jersey woman. a police dash camera was rolling as officers in morris county rushed topher a smoldering car and pulled an unconscious woman to safety. less than 30 seconds later her vehicle burst into flames. she wasn't seriously hurt. she is, however facing dui charges. in health check at 4:00 facial plastic surgery may not just make you look younger. it could improve what people think of you. a georgetown university
4:41 pm
surgeon asked people to rate before and after photos of his patients for traits like social skills, likability, attractiveness and feminine in the. according to the survey lower eyelid lifts and face-lifts paid biggest benefits boosting likability and attractiveness. dr. michael reilly says he wanted to know if plastic surgery really accomplishes anything. >> people are paying a lot of money to make themselves look different and rather than just telling them we can make you look different i really want for my patients to be automobile to authentically tell them i can make you look better. >> reilly says facial perceptions are important and based in evolution helping us steer clear of threatening people. >> ♪♪ >> all right, shirleen, over to the big board now with the big talkers. beginning with the term you might not have heard before but are likely familiar with, it's called oversharenting. posting too much about your kids on social media. from cute outfits to potty training tails moms and dads
4:42 pm
across cyber space are sharing very personal moments of their parenting on very public web sites. all that baby buzz can create a baby backlash. aussie mom jade learned that lesson the hard way. she received a anonymous letter in the mail panning its mom for posting too much about her baby on the facebook. the note said her digital fans don't care about every single life stone and every movement. instead of logging off ruffin decided to log back on and post the letter. >> i started crying. >> well, that letter took off going viral overnight t she says since she posted it she's seen messages from all around the world encouraging her to keep off that beautiful young child.
4:43 pm
the problem the f word here was feminist. the eighth grader sophie thomas wore a black t-shirt em blaze sonned with that term for her picture day. when the teenager saw a copy of the photo in the book last week she realized the outfit had been digitally altered e she said the schooling edited the word off the shirt because some people might find it offensive. she went on to say a class photo is noplace for a controversial statement. young has since apologized. finally this one for the dads out there. perhaps you've noticed that those baby diaper changing stations tend to be in the ladies' room at most restaurants and other public places but if one lawmaker in new york gets his way there will be no escaping diaper duty. state senator has introduced a bill that would require all new or newly renovated buildings to put those changing tables in both men's and women's bathrooms.
4:44 pm
he's married to a money man with whom he has a child says yes, this is personal. he's sick of changing their daughter on the bathroom floor. but he says it's also about getting other dads to "pick up the slack in parenting which would mean shirleen, no more diaper free dinners out for dads. the bill, by the way is up for vote in new york later this month and of course we'll keep you posted. >> this relates you to more than anybody else. >> i'm the father of twins so i never get a break anyway. there's always a diaper to be changed. >> there's no escaping it. >> never. >> okay, thank you brian. let's send it over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an upday. luckily you don't have to deal with that right now. >> not yet, no that's right shirleen. i wanted to pamper you with a nice drive home this evening but unfortunately we can't escape these delays on the roadways either. this is 422 westbound side just starting to stack from this point at 23 on out to oaks, maybe talking a little extra volume on 422 today because, yeah, route 23 is now closed in schuylkill township
4:45 pm
chester county. we've been warning you for weeks that it was going to happen. today was the day shut down over pickerring creek until later on this year so many, 422, egypt road, route 29 all taking detouring traffic and expect all of them to be busier than normal. by the way if you use 29 down to the turnpike keep in mind that interchange there at the turnpike is an e-z pass only interchange. we'll be watching that in the months ahead. this afternoon watching a crash in bucks county close to street road by mac motors and the v.f.w. post. on the big picture at this point we're drying out. it's mostly just normal heavy delays on 95 and the schuylkill. also some construction in east falls and manayunk this afternoon has been blocking portions of ridge avenue like the eastbound side by the arthur ashe youth tennis center. i would avoid ridge. stay on henry as an alternate. in delaware working on a crash in new castle county along 100 at 141 barley mill road. as we told you a bit ago the
4:46 pm
ramp which churchman's road to 95 is blocked. we'll check it again brian and shirleen coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> very good. meteorologist cecily tynan back with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up.
4:47 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> meteorologist cecily tynan along. a beautiful moment out there right now, a lot of sunshining but that's going to change. >> yeah, when you have a cold front approaching from the west, the sunshine is something you really don't want to see. if you have clouds and it stays cool you don't get severe weather. when you get the sunshine it's warm, it's humid that helps add the fuel. >> yikes. >> to the fire but storm tracker six live double scan showing that we don't have any storms imminent. right now the only activity is an isolated shower near manheim lancaster county and we are live on sky six.
4:49 pm
this is our temple university sky six camera looking towards the northwest and you can see good amount of sunshine with some of those building cumulus clouds as the atmosphere really begins to destabilize and the storm systems get closer and closer to us. right now temperatures really tell the story. it's 76 degrees in philadelphia. it's humid with dewpoints in the 60's. dover 77. wilmington 75. allentown and reading that warm front has not advanced to the north yet. the temperatures still in the 60 and along the shore with temperature in the visits this is why shore points are not under that tornado watch because you have a very stable air mass and dewpoints do show that it is on the humid side, philadelphia 63 the dewpoint wilmington 64, dewpoint in the 50's along the shore. so the tornado watch is in effect until 10 o'clock tonight. what this means is that the atmosphere is favorable that severe storms could spawn an isolated tornado.
4:50 pm
it's not a warning. if we do have warnings i'll pass them on to you and that's when you have to take shelter. double scan live showing the bigger picture for that warm front moving north. we get that warm push of humid air and then that cold front is moving out of the ohio valley towards western pennsylvania, so you have to look to the south and west for storms. we have a few near washington d.c. more intense line near roanoke, virginia and they will gradually move closer to us. so, future tracker showing around 7:30 tonight the western suburbs under the gun with some strong storms, possibly severe. 10:30 moving across south jersey and delaware. we'll probably still have some activity in the wii hours of the morning. at this point they will likely not be severe. they could be strong but then everything clears out in time for the morning commute tomorrow. so, what are we talking about the threat? the main threat, the highest threat heavy downpours with all that community in the air, it can squeeze out some very heavy rain in a short period of time. we also have a moderate threat of lightning strong winds
4:51 pm
hail and again even the possibility of some isolated tornadoes. the good news is tomorrow this system is off shore, high pressure building in. it will be a windy day but it will be dry. lots of sunshine and mild with a high of 68 degrees. tomorrow could be the nicest day of the work week. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow breezy and sunny and mild, 68 degrees. on wednesday clouds build and afternoon showers 65 degrees and thursday a cold air mass. cold for this time of year, 57 degrees more clouds than sun. friday temperatures remain below normal, 56 degrees. saturday we recover a little bit, clouds with some sunshine 59. sunday partly sunny 60 and monday sun mixing with clouds with a-of 62 degrees. the good news is the weekend will be dry but not nearly as warm. last saturday made it up to 81 degrees like summer. now we'll be in the 50's, around 60 for the weekend. >> i got used to the 81. >> that was nice. >> we'll get it again
4:52 pm
eventually. >> i know. >> thanks cecily. >> we're saving with 6abc when we come right back.
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4:55 pm
something in lilly pulitzer. they came they shopped and the lucky ones conquered. shop ertz lining up at target stores across the can't tree couldn't wait to get their hands on the super store's newest collaboration with lilly pulitzer. >> the biggest appeal is you're getting access to a high end designer at a really low price. >> the beach wear and accessories sold out within hours. shoppers tweeting their defeat. don't call it a collection if it will only be available for five minutes on one day. that's called a flash sale. customers complaining about issues with target's web site as soon as the 250 piece collection debuted. >> up all night this is what you get. so frustrating. >> kristen davis tweeting her troubles. what is happening? target apologizing for the web site delays saying we know you're frustrated and we're sorry. >> when i saw this big activity early in the morning they shut the site down around
4:56 pm
3 a.m. eastern time for about 15 minutes to keep the site from crashing. >> and it's not just target cashing in. many customers already posting their purchases to ebay at huge markups like this navy shift dress $38 at target, now one dollar on ebay. but for the lilly lovers, ebay is your last shot at getting the goods. target says it does not anticipate more items becoming available. and that same target spokesman called the ebay markup really disappointing. >> people trying to make a profit off those sales. >> absolutely. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for shirleen allicott alicia vitarelli adam joseph and cecily i'm brian taff. shirleen and i along with ducis rodgers back tonight for a fuel hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass. >> coming up meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest from accuweather on the threat for severe storms across our
4:57 pm
region tonight. >> plus, it is official tim tebow has signed with the philadelphia eagles. his deal and what fans think about the newest member of the birds. >> and it will cost you going fly to any summer vacation theory this year. just how much and the international destination that will actually cost you less. those stories and much more are coming your way next on "action news" at 5:00.
4:58 pm
that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
4:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> monday night is a big story on "action news" is the chance for more severe weather across our region. storm tracker six double scan tracking heavy rain and
5:00 pm
possible thunderstorms. there's even a risk for a tornado. >> this next round of storms will come after heavy rain this morning already left several drivers stuck. this is the scene in wilmington along governor prince boulevard. the high water in the merchant square shopping center surrounded at least three vehicles and they had to be towed. also drivers here in fairmount park took a risk and drove through standing water on martin luther king drive today. fortunately everybody there made it through safely. >> let's head over to meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board with the latest from accuweather on what we can expect for this evening. cecily. >> rick and month today, we're going from a soggy morning to a potentially stormy evening. the national weather service has posted a tornado watch until 10 o'clock tonight for the bulk of our viewing area. all except for the counties that are along the coast where you have a more stable air mass. the air is cooler. what this means is that conditions are favorable for severe storms that could spawn an isolated tornado. a wide view on double scan live showing that we have a tornado and sever


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