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tv   Action News  ABC  April 21, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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mond nig e the big storynaion ne" tit is peially fice weher comg
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our way ovnig ape our rdo wah has be extded until miig. we he our eyeseeled doublscan radar lets get rig to meteologt ly tyn ci. > rerter: jim, storms are rolng infr a qut eveng we ve this wleolex ahe of the ld t has sloy been mong to the es that rnado wat that was set texpet 10o'cloc haseen exteed unt midght as weet those strger orms in. i wa to show you a li skies efrom wiington right now and the rain is flng heily at tis and we ve been tchg a lot of liteng stkes wi the clthat is mong rough wilin mink ton all pushg u to the noh and et right now. closer up on live dole sc showg ts is a cl over wilmitoth has repos paized hail. mvintoward e the noh east at 30iles an ho. rolng a crowning i- corrir. furtn litening stkes the pa five minus. hers the pathf the storm,
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dlare, asn, brge tort chest ridy pa you ar in e . youill be hrg thder rollg thugh. a proem with that paicular cell is th it isoaded wi moiur afsh fld warning s been posd for n castle coun delare ui2:30 in the morng, rain falling at a rate ofne to 2 ches a an huand lmingn receed a litt re than 2-ch these morng. the e grnd is satuted. thais why any adtial rin will cae flash floing. thiis wh to exct oeight. we ll see some clue of thuerstorms, possibly severe with gusty wi and ha t good news it do clr t in ti for your moing commute. i'lhave deils on that and tra a big chl on the y in e accu weher seven day fora ji >> want tohow you size the ha coming do in alaa witnses s th it was the se of golf ball i is ju one ample the sve weh ammi much of e nati tigh inl bam at nd were so stng a trainas blown
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right ff its tc. sce e bu of the rain wlbe cing ernighte want you join the ctn newsmning team for the latt upt the air fr 4:30 uil 7: a.m. uthorities tog are tryinto deteine what exact caused an unrgund exploonon a busy comrcl street in wae, tonig. it happed righose a popar reaura. a "tn ws" rept share willms has deils. >> rerter: pys tell us it arted with a lo ba and thenollowed by sme and also fire. taking ok at the sce as it happi and unlding, fre fits are still trng to sure th th ve evething und cor. in e last hou poras been reor to mo t buii noh wne ue alsknown as reaunt row btt is sti unr invesgation. if ttxploon srd from te trsfmer below grou or faty wiring bew grou. eitr way the who hea and
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saw it say it was a scy ode. > was runningutf the fro or and it st epded. is flash bang and th i'm undernta table. i'm frking ou >> rerter: bby caagno was woing insi a pia shopn wae, radn townsh whehe ran for his li. >> hit me fit. thethey kind of went bacards. i was unrneh e tae. >> porter: itasheeit of e dier ti when an expsion erupd in th100 blo of noh wae avue. this video capted by a vier shows t mome of impt with the oke and fire. it nt cuoms and empyeeon t enre block runng. >> i t the the grnd so hard. tereas fire and wioju expd us. it s so scary > i di't ask any estions. thetold me to get out. theyaed to pay r it. i didn just walk out. urgcyo t o of
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trso that is wh we did. >> porter:ubuan blding on noh wae avue stl does not por to it. that builng ishroughout to the soce whe the exploon haened w groun so at is why ill be the lasbuilding to get power resreto it. peco is here on the site als ong into the tte a we. we'reold th there we no injies inld, the expsion. in way raor tnip shaie willia for chne sixaction ne". hank you shrie. idelphia police are left th many unanswed qestns toght, ter findg womas bo inhe schlkill rir. invtars scouredhe ban under e payunk avee bridge 6:30 tonht as chperihored overhd. teuthoties don't even knothe won's ra or age let o what led to her dea. a plelia wom aced of leavg her quaiplegic s the wood ne the cobbs creek parky i o the hoil and in jail tonit.
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na paors inustody in montgery cot mynd. she fas a extdion heang torrow. forow shsn cuody on fugitivof juste chges, more chaes will come once seets back to phadelphia. o, tim tebow is now a philehiaae ands you mig igine wo of h signg toy prpted a fl ran of acons. as ne repoer keeth mon samedany of them toght at chic pete's in uth phidehia. >> poerweot morehan 24 urs for e ne reayett in d eaes fan theare ill scrchi eire but we fou quite a w starng to embra these confing off sean pis. love it ha it or ju pla dumbund tew ta hasaken over eaes on. > ju don't thke has the abity. >> ibichkould n make him a qrteack be in cou make him a quarrc > i lo it. it is a ory on relien.
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>> pt: at is e offial pi qb tim tebow signi the withhe eaes for a one year deal moay. that gnature tewing an in eormf the phlyoft preel. spos bars like cckie and pets buzng a spos rad clers soding off. >> u bring h in if he sho you sethingat. if e not you cut him and thais it. > porter: what is ach chip kelly thkg be, teb has been dered as wor quarteack in the league to a uh pler whoill ri to the ocsi. wlhe even me it on to linco final fid? forr eaes pler ron jawski ld us ny eeng with the nofive qb o e roer it ll be ha fr tew get the reps. > is hard for to imane he is a bt quarrck wi l that time aay fm e me w that beingaid we knowe is a good fit for wh ch key lik to do on offee. >> porreaes fa
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sa forow they will be pran or hud say tebi for clarity >> il wt until rst preason game and seis what o the d. i will ho judgment unl the > porter: there has en talabout tebow but no tlkingrom tew. most have goen w a tebow e arou t ti tatheews bre he quoted a ble sipt tr that says be ki tone anotr. rptg fromouth phidelpa, kenneth moton for anl six ctn news ew jeey trsit was to ke fares for the the fir time inive yes. theheels on e bus uld not keep goi round and rod o all of e roes. thehe plan cal for seice cut i all becae of en huned milon-dollar buet short fall. newery aiiss thait fod 40 milon-dolr cut intnay buttl need to makup anher 60 milon-dollar. avege feould be sen to 9pee. bus would be emateon severalou
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jeey ut sch as phadelphia tsix fla grt advture to jcon tosh. publ heings wi be hd next month. evel'n owner gln strb h s a new acin theolin the legabale to reen a rert. fedal bankptcy cot jue ruled th stra can trna t leas of the old tan. sch as hq nitcb, and al of e aurant thaalmost ceainly means more lauit is a head but in new jeey ste cot. whiletraub h en gin right to cael corts canry netiate w leas as phadelph bad gaes grouss is dog rit now. >> enjoy beg intlantic citas a pladphia based gro and we'd likeo get opeas soon as possle d serce our existing cters and dep new custers. >> se rs food emre opered ur restras. strb's attoey y devop isn't looking r a comple newet of tants but ratr reasable chges to
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the lease hereas potil dra tonhtn the sml borof coyn deware cuy. bro coc in met to fill vaccy cread when it fired boroag paa own last wek. bro nded toght's meeng a connue accu couil poeng bo cas bro showed rerters, finai docun th she sitt she diovered in the dumt toda boro cials dy any wrodoin in phadelphia the ra for may tued toechnoly and etprenr sh tonig as prof the phly ch wee durghe even at the the free library ctl bran fivofhe s democt candas discusd their ie r kei t es innative spit ale semdao acsso the iternet d coract negiatis le the impenng ccast frchise dal. ce-edt gtme bidenill be in phadelphia tomorwn a visit all abt eney.
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jing him wl be u. secta of ergy erst mone seen e rig of mr.iden. amisation offia will spe at pe builng at3rd and mart in ceer ci. commursuld expect taidels in th area tomorw. >>till to co on "acti news" toght flu is bac affeing egg faers andequiring millnof chiens to be kill. ps mysterious death in pole cuody caing ouage tonht in baire. hwid a man endp wita sevedpine. omfort food ma overe wilexpin why krafis chaing recipe for its class mack and chee and exact ath are adn usty thderstms are mvg in now, i' have have dtlonhat to expe overnht, when it mos out and a big chill by the e o te we in the exuve accu weatreven day focas ore on the tim tew deal whatoes form eae and now anasbanawkins ha hve to say bit?
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dc roers with that and morwhen "action ne" cnties tonight.
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was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. he baltime poce deptnis fang seriou queso tonight havafter a manied in e custo. attney for vtis fami saysog n's snhad been alst coletely severed at e ne th ce one videoak byae sho ofcers drging a scrmingrdie gray, to a pole van. he di a week lar. tod aupsy resus conrmed that gr did suer a signict inry to his si. the has been no elation as how this haened. > at we d't know and what we get to is how th injury ocrd. we wanto get there but we wanto do it very cafully, very ou and getthe
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truthf the maer. >> xoce office are ha have been suspded, with pay. in texa two poce offers didn hesitate yesry ethey pued up t e vehle fire with a drir trapped de. the fice oke nd graed the n andgg hm awafrom the fles. teynd a od samatan we altoet the a man safy. theriver was siously hurt but t the ofcersre ing credid wi saving his life. re th 5 milon hens will ha to be euanized becse authiesonfied that thr farm in i wahas been inct by the bird fl this partular fm has 10 rcent of ia egg layg he and dartment of agrulre will reve quicklyo arst the spad of t dely diase. offison't think th will cae a ike in egg prices if sts here. talian cotguard sh docd cely toght cring survo of th weend dister off the coa of lia.
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90igrttri espe frow rn lydrowned whenheir veel caized. rescueoa sh tohe oth diress cas on e high seas toy, two f lia andhird boat that ran a grou nr grc he u.s. thdore roovelt airaft caier is seing toward waters off of yemen setting up a pontl confntaon with the inn nav rooveltnd otr ships are prered to inrcept any iraan veel caying weans to the the rebe in ymen the thsaudi led a stkes connued pod the posions, in the cil city o so. >> ihas fe years sin one of e wot envinntal dists in this couny. the elosion abrd bp de wt hizoin t gulf of mexo. 134illionallons of war spi in the gul pele were kied. tod the eects sll linr. mare life hasn't recered yetnd taralls sti t
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the beaes. ritics and envinmental grou y lesss of the bp oil disasr we short lid. the mr of deep wat drillg rigs has ineased 37 perce thfive years sncehe spi that is accdi to the lest indtry stattics. a reew by the the asciated pre fou coanies arnow driing in eper wateas welwhh is far more comicatea therefo rse .s. chic saty boa saythere are sti serio even fatal degn flaws on mny ow out prents ud i the gulf. >>0,000 rue ran for ddation in thsend bosn marath n the terrist bbgs. the weatr was cold and damp but emion where sn strg. winr f theen was lisa o etopia he n two yes aobefore the the pipe bombs wre their hac. nothe st imag of the day o ivo
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the bmngs crsing the fish line toy, one coapsi wth emotn, they artwo of the mbg victs lo a lein the blts. nher meingful grp, ran rough phadehia tod. these rans a on thr way from 9/11 moal in n yorto a hospit in atlaa a it is a syolic 91mi rnbut vets are raing awane f rehalition for vetens o strule with pt d trautic brn injurs. tewilfinhhe joury on apl6th. n hl chk at is 11: tog a government tasforcea is the litt befit to men in the 40'snder going roi mamgrams t for women in the 50's ithould done eve two year for won wi an avage risk of bast caer the rert callatedh for everne thoand won scened stainat age 40nste o 50 uld eveno
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additnaleh. butt cou lead to 6 more fl alarm howev the american caer socty has lo remmended annl maograms for wom sartg a at e . kfichanng foula of the clsic mack and chees teomny yst is geing ridf the arficial prervive d synttic focoloringhat gis it yelwish onge t int. insad krt will reple thewith spic three spices that promes that the ma and chse wi ttthe same. papkand t otr spic willen in januy. >> itooks goo > y. > a ght. >> ac weaer focast we're expting so seous weher oveit >> me stnstorms are mvi in. we ve a tornado wchn efft
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til ig. i inkhre of any torno is rely lited but ere aretrg stos with guy winwith litening a hey raimong in. sto trker sixive dole scan shi orms to a wi to get here but th are rolng in. we have a uple clters that i'm ackg. one is mong in the lehi vly. tiones mong into some coor air so it is benning to fa apa a bit but lynort is in the ph of the stormew tril sangn, wautport and chey llai 47 litening stres in e the pa 50 mnutes the is lot of lighteng. thether ce th i shed youn the top ot newsst is vg isth jeey and movg north east at 30iles pr hou it ould be moving in cenr city by 110. it is rollg intsth jry as wl. camn will be seng that by 1:. a l of liteng stris, hea nd d ha eaer witthat . lets go whe sky
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six is taki look at wiington delare. we vswed down the video to sh y all th lighteng withhis ce. pretty guy d also heavy rai. we have th flh fld wrng poed for new cale couy deware unl 2:30 in the mornin thehave 2 ch of ra this moing. thecould get another 2 ihesr the orm sysm. temratestill mi ahd of t ld frt. phidpa is 68. mllvil 62. wilngton 61. dov is 70. cool'lg t cot wh the theind off the ocn, boawa intlantic ci 54 grees. fute tracr showg we ha a mpy ri for theext few hou, the kid do mae rnng to yo d beuse arod 30e will ha ose thuer with a clteof the stos movg rougbut the goone is, it is real out of here f moing coute. thisoing with the heavy rain we had a toh commu. by 30 toow moi linringloud and mae a sprine in the lehi rally
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bt ose wind tuing wesrly. tawill dry out the morng cmute focast is looki ni cld, waitg for suni sty brze. a 6: o'clock, 57. by 8: o'clk 58 ges. tomrow the the nice takofhe week high preure building in. it lle mild mosy sunny but wiie 68 drees ehe high. te wind we a12 to 25 meper ho. exclive accu weatr sen day forecast stms out of here morw moly sn brey, l 68 drees. wedsday, morning oking goowi nshi but cld rll dung the day. hou in the afrnoo 65 grs. tat a co frt. that co front packs puh. behd on tray a cool breehh only 57eees, cloud mitg sunshe. friy we wi dr another dge the the hi home 57 and headi in the weend wll a dry weekd. te w't be hing li last sarday. last satuay was . tis cong sard 59 grees. then ay paly
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sun wch a teerare of0 and mony, suming with cld and 62 grees. dav muhy will be trackg stor they move out begning at:30 torrow morng. it ok a while to mo in so theyillake a whe to move out. t look le black fid tod at tart ores throuout the cotry. the womewaited ilg lin tbe theirstn line whetheir doors ope the reon you ght as rolout the lily pulitz addrees, sho d hardre ad hseware btany ca up empty hand. stos ld o in ju mines. on ne shopps didt fr much betr. web trfic was so hey tart had to sh do i
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so have to pay trute to e mo boon mathoner tonhtthis is jae ore whoust happens to pduc "acon news" at 6: o'clock. seuns maratho like mo of us walko e coer sto. she fini tod in 3::27. shes bh
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boston stng and a phalia's ge ood r her. > shhas toe nice to me forwo da. >> st two days >> haveo put dus rodrs on the rerd, will tim tow ben the roer whethe el op up the regul seo > o know > no no. >> me a pdiiono >> m's t certn he makes the roer. >> yo answer is od my ansr is no. >> t yonever know espially when ip kelly is ivve. in e press relee eaes caltim tow a qrrback. hwh an use him is anye'sus. eags ha five quarrback on the roer. he gned a o ye de wor leue mimum. he a has the pled in t rgur seas game sin 2012. h had a good run in denr yeabefore he le broos to the ploffs. forr eagl ar bri dawki pyed th tew denr. >> is, a miight oil type of gu whaver it tes aft praice, thwin nning, all
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tse thgs. but foball res wre he struges. it e isne thing toe taut metnin the claro but anotr thg to taketith y on the fee thais whe tim has srgled. now mbe ch is sin you know at i just nt to kick the tis. the bcan play. he s been ef the best colge quteacks ofll time the sil syem. >> tewasui a few cnctio witthe new teaates. whi at unirty of flida onefis receirsas e lizooper. te s roomt tew. wneism trophy in007 but in on will he fish ird to okhoma sam brford and teb play with ma sancz in w york whe bo r wtthe jet fl makes aft all out the big nas, first roue fothe big scols buthere are hunedof sti of ahles om sml scols tryg to le out a drea phidelis tive rashd baiy scor 19 tohdowns forelawa vall cle in doystow rcver and roxboughigh graatieecto a latround ck. theast week h kelly
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and pt srmur brought ba any for wk out. >> is hbng like a dreamt is like you a loong toake up but you are alrdy up. ando wo t wh t team that yourew up wcng walki in that haway and yu are like i'm her but you si goto do mo. i an i ill ve a lot to pro en thoh was walng rou ose halays. till ead phlies say it wae o early to panic plus will ccwi dom
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hehillies hathe night offtorrow ty will ben a home se witshe mains. one ansix ad trip they just compted have left th with a fo-ne rerd >> you kno is not to fesr, w too early to start pnki and doing all that knof stf. it just a slow star w ve to ta itne d at a ti. >> we a losi bause of oe inng. we n get rid of that we wou bell rit. i tnke are fine. our spi are high we e all comg in re and gettg beer and playi har > illies ouieer dom broies maki his ily high vaey stt. brownsong off an achles ten on inry. he go one for fi legh losefr -tee 15 ings. oneth nfl the schule cos out morw nig. immy kiml live next on chael six followed by night lin
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fun how every nig have eags news. >> s. >> mmy's guest tonht is john stos michl rdan and mic fm matt and kim. frhe ei "action news" tea i'jim gan go nght hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time


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