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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the nearby delaware river. it's tuesday afternoon i'm brian taff. >> and i'm shirleen allicot the big story is the erosion problem shrink a plot of land piece by piece, it's located in florence new jersey along the banks of the delaware river. nora muchanic has the full story on this. >> reporter: hi shirleen and brian, for two years the o'dell family is asking for help. they own the backyard property that slopes down to their house behind the river it is disappearing bit by bit and they never knew exactly why, now it looks like an old storm sewer pipe is leaking bit by bit. and this could force a nitd mayor that forces the o'dells out of their home. >> it's an awful feeling and we'll do what we have to do. >> imagine this is your backyard
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in florence that overlooks the delaware river s. huge clunks of earth has given way and created a steep ravine and come dangerously close to the o'dells home and their neighbors. >> all of this is gone, and we lost all of this and we watched the piece of the fence go down and the bird houses go down. >> the situation became worse when the torrential rains made it worse. the pipe drain installed years ago was found do be leaking, the flowing water further accelerated the problem and they are describing it as an emergency situation. >> it was pouring out of here like a fire hose and the water rushing down was a river cutting through here and we have no idea how long that has been open or at what point the drain plug that they put in there had
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failed. the pipe was patched and technical engineers are do here tomorrow to assess the situation, but the o'dells are fearing that they are just a few feet away from evacuating their home. >> it's a relief that you find there is a reason for this and it's not just mother nature like they would like us to believe. >> back live now are you looking at the big yard here next to the o'dells, they say that the new jersey insurance carrier denied a claim, this may change or be revisited after the leaky pipe was exposed yesterday the county ask aware and working with local officials to find a cause and a remedy the o'dells are waiting for what the engineers have to say and they may have to pack up and move out of here. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> an incredible scene thank
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you. a woman accused of abandoning her quad pleethic son is back in pennsylvania. this was the unbelievable picture of the explosion in delaware county that blast knocked out power of north wayne avenue and that power is still out at this hour. peco crews say it will take at least a day to assess the damage you can see them digging up the street this afternoon because you can see that black smoke continued to billow from underground.
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>> the owner of the pizza parlor became concerned after a smell came in. and the manhole erupted and flames erupted. >> it was a real explosion, windows came flying in and tables and chairs came flying and lights came off the wall, i can't imagine how somebody didn't get hurt. >> peco doesn't know yet what caused the explosion, possibly expanding air inside of the cable installation as the cable heated your. crews are working to fully assess the situation and get the repairs done and people are still waiting for the power to be restored today. >> thanks very much. we went from a thoroughly rain soaked monday to a sun drenched tuesday, as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> beautiful out there adam joseph is outside tracking where we go from here? >> downward unfortunately but
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some of us were woken this morning by the thunderstorms but it's seasonable and on the breezy side. philadelphia 66 and 63 in allentown and 65 in millville uniform temperatures with the westerly wind and so sea breeze today from sea isle city to beach haven. a high of 64. a powerful low is south of the hudson bay and the low pressure is counter clockwise rain and snow showers for the northern plains and that will bring a big change here late tomorrow and especially for the end of the week, you see the numbers fall into the 50s for parts of the ohio valley, and green bay and international falls with the snow showers it is just 29 degrees, hard to see that number especially after the strings of 70s and 80s we had just a few days ago. midweek showers and thunderstorms tomorrow with the cold front and a gusty breeze stays up for the next few days
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and a late week chill that will bring down your spine. vice president joe biden is in philadelphia to talk energy the vice president arrived in town this afternoon and toured peco's main building at 23rd and market and then joined the secretary of energy to talk about modernizing infrastructure across the country. vernon odom was there for the vice president's visit. dzhokhar tsarnaev the surviving bomber of the 2013 boston marathon is one day of facing his final day in court. the jury must decide qul to give him the death penalty or life in prison, that decision could take weeks. lets turn to marcy gonzales.
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>> reporter: opening statements started this morning, followed by video and heart-wrenching images, presented to the same jury who found him giltdy on all counts. the prosecution is starting the penalty phase of the dzhokhar tsarnaev trial and a never before seen image of him giving the finger from a holding cell at his 2013 arrangements showing he simply does not care about the lives he took and the suffering he caused. described by survivors among them celeste cochran, who lost both legs saying the pain was so intention she wanted to die. the defense painted him as being under the influence of his older
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brother. >> if one juror votes for life he won't get the death sentence. >> out sides a demonstration against the death penalty. rebecca gregory lost a leg in the bombings and completed the boston marathon yesterday, is one of many that fears that a death sentence could lead to years of appeals. >> part of us getting on with our lives want an ending and it won't end like this. >> the father of martin richard, killed in the attack agrees. as long as the defendant is in the spotlight we live a story told on his terms and not ours. >> the defense will find ways to use that. >> reporter: and officials say that the defense will likely not call dzhokhar tsarnaev to testify. reporting live marcy gonzales channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a report out today details major problems for philadelphia gas works pgw, 2000 miles of at
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risk pipelines are sitting under the streets of the city, walter perez went through that report today and joins us live in center city with the details. >> reporter: hey brian you know half of all the cast iron natural gas underground pipelines are here in philadelphia and it's getting old. we spoke to the commissioner who came just short of calling it dangerous but saying something needs to be done soon. >> the president nils says he is talking about the 3,000 miles of pgw underground pipes 1900 of which are classified as at risk the infrastructure is old and antiquated. >> 50% of pipeline in pennsylvania is in philadelphia and we are dealing with trends
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that are concerning. >> this trend is the most concerning. back in 2013, there was 6200 pgw gas leaks reported 3,122 of them were labeled hazardous one year later it rose to 7600 with 3,448 considered hazardous a report was released on the sitdation including seven situation for speeding up the process by which the infrastructure of pgw is fixed. now, pgw officials admit that safety is their number one concern and they are concerned how this multimillion-dollar upgrade will affect their customers. >> while safety is paramount we are not overburdening our customers on how it contributes to replacing infrastructure.
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>> their report does not offer seven commandments but seven suggestions, and they are receptive to the input thus far. >> they are opportunities that should be considered and they take them seriously and give them a thorough evaluation and we are there as a resource if there are other things they want to discuss. >> now to be clear pgw was in the process of replacing the pipes at a rate that would take 60 years to finish the job and the plan now is to work with the commission and do it in less than half of that time. a link to the full report can be found at reporting live from center city channel 6 "action news." >> thank you waltser. >> we have breaking news now out of mount laurel new jersey. the scene of a school bus accident, chopper 6 hd live over the scene right now and you can see fire crews on the scene right now and the school bus
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from what we know right now there are children that were on that bus, and there was one injure, but we are told that that injury is on the driver's side the driver got the injury and it was minor one ambulance was sent there as a precaution, again a school bus accident in mount laurel new jersey one minor injury, and that being the driver. >> no real travel implications but plenty of traffic situations as we look at your afternoon report. lets go to mat pellman in the traffic center with more. >> a news afternoon for a drive but its not the nicest drive as you head home on this tuesday afternoon, several issues including a crowd in chester, the chester county crawl is on through 202, to 29 and 401, northbound a broken down vehicle, but they just got that out of the way.
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speeds are slow on the schuylkill expressway, 7 miles per hour eastbound to center city. warning for you they are closing the mlk drive at 7:00 this evening for a 5-k through 9:30 this evening, head for the kelly or the slow speeds on the schuylkill instead. in ben salem a crash at street road and tullytown a gas main break closing route 13 and stick with main street to get around that. if are you trying to get from bucks to burlington. i wouldn't head this way, burlington bristol bridge going up in a half hour for a northbound ship. and in burlington county a crash on 295, southbound past route 20 6 but the good news is it's off to the side. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. the veep was in town and we are expecting him to make his way
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back to philadelphia international airport there say possibility they will close the plat bridge and head for 95 and the girard point bridge instead. >> we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> here at the big board now with more on the shipwreck called the deadliest ever in the mediterranean, police have arrested three smuggler they say used a three tier boat to transport immigrants from tunisia. the death toll is close to 900 now, men, women and children from africa and syria are losing their lives as they were locked in the vessel that capsized when the cargo ship came close to rescue them. overnight a few survivors came to cecily only 28 people were rescued. >> nobody was expecting this.
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it's very dangerous, nobody ever tried it including myself i never tried this journey before. we were lucky. >> again one of the 28 people that survived italy is still conducting a search and rescue only 24 of those bodies have been recovered from the wreckage but close to 900 people reportedly dead. >> heart breaking thank you alicia. six baltimore delivers are off the job following the death of a man that died in their custody. this is freddie gray as he was arrested last week, he could be heard screaming as he was dragged by officers gray went into a coma and died of severe injury to his spinal cord, an investigation is underway to determine what happened. >> we have to make sure this
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investigation goes forward and it's transparent, and independent eyes to look at it. it's too important not to get it right. >> there is no indication that gray had been beaten and all six officers are suspended while the case is investigating. ousted leader will spend two decades behind bars because of the death of protesters in 2012, morrissey morsi -- he has three pending cases that could mean more jail time. a new survey shows that president obama made a turn around in the eye of the american voters according to a new poll out today 48% of voters approve of the job he is doing as president 47% disprove and that is the first time in almost two years that more people support the president's work in officer.
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members of the obama administration were in town touted philadelphia's paid sick leave law as a model for the nation. valerie senior adviser to president obama joined mayor michael nutter at city hall for a panel discussion on supporting working families. jared and lui were in town as parts of their families across america tour. they louded philadelphia politicians for work place policy laws. >> half of men and women have given up new job opportunity because of worklife balance, i guess it's encouraging that the men have the same challenges that women have. >> they are currently debating a bill that would give a unified law on sick leave. it applies to businesses with ten or more employees. a man was bit and outside of
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his home by a coyote steven sinise says was walking his dog when the coyote followed him home, he first noticed the animal by the woods and tried to get home quickly and managed to get to his front door and got his dog inside but was not quick enough to spare himself. >> i felt something on my leg like a clamp and it bit me before it ran away. >> sinise got rabies shots as a precaution and now they are tracking down the particular coyote to test it for rabieses. jetblue is named the best airlines in the u.s. in terms of customer satisfaction the american customer satisfaction index looked at several factors like customer service and timeliness and service in the air, jetblue scored the best
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followed by southwest and alaska airlines and spirit the worst and frontier and united the bottom three. and passenger satisfaction across domestic airlines is at its highest level since 1994. >> if are you looking for a special gift for a caffeine lover, starbucks may have you covered it's a stainless steel gift ward laser etched and cool to the touch. it's good for merchandise of $50 but sets you back $200 to get one. just 1500 will be sold online. >> when you use it up you say give it back. >> give me that card back. now more on the exclusive accuweather forecast and the pleasant change for our region a pleasant change from the soaker, and if this nicer
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weather is going to hang around. >> my first day back that is a tough question it is going to change and not going to stick around and little more in the way of inclement weather for the week, take it in the sunshine is kind of soaking you to the bone. feeling good right now 66 in philadelphia, 65 in millville and at the shore with the westerly winds no sea breeze mid-60s and pretty much the same for lancaster and allentown and a few degrees cooler in other locations, the winds you felt them all day in a westerly direction. blowing the pollen around and suffering a little more today than the last couple of days, when we had the rain to cleanse the atmosphere 18 in allentown and 18 miles per hour in millville and get used to the wind because the wind will be a rio occurring situation in the weather department. the phillies are back in town
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7:05 64 degrees and a clear sky and 6 to 12 miles per hour westerly wind and we'll lose a few degrees to 56 by the end of the game. you see the big pinwheel by north bay and all the showers wrapped around it and snow showers west of green bay these are all driven showers, the heating of the day, a stronger april sunshine and very cold air in the upper atmosphere to ignite the showers. tonight mostly clear and patchy fog tonight, 39 in the lehigh valley and millville 50 and future tracker 6 showing a few clouds showing tomorrow morning and dry through lunch time and by 4:00 the cold front arrives and showers and thunderstorms erupting and with the showers and thunderstorms there will be some very gusty winds with them
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on the four day at 4:00. don't be surprised to get pea size hail because the air is so cold that is moving in 65 tomorrow and back into the 50s for highs and 30s for lows, thursday, friday and saturday, with it being on the breezy side thursday and friday and dry with a mixture of sun and clouds. 59 here on saturday we were in the 80s, quite a change coming in guys. >> it will be tomorrow. >> thank you adam. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 4:00 coming up in health check, it's called the ultimate post workout plan, the treat researchers say is a prime protein boost after hitting the gym. big outrage after students at a pittsburgh area school organized an anti-gay day why other students are rallying for the school to act. the high tech way to celebrate the environment the new bench sitting in a
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philadelphia park that can read its surroundings.
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earth day is tomorrow one center city park is going high tech to celebration. today the environmental protection agency introduced a special bench at the national historic park on six and arch. it is interactive and can measure air quality and the temperature. it was built by the epa to bring public awareness to the environment. some lucky students got to eat their imagination today. and it was delicious. pizza hut surprised the eighth graders, this pizza that the students design themselves. they created a bacon mac and cheese stuffed pretzel crust pie. the kids were more than happy to
4:27 pm
indulge that pizza pie. >> sounds like something up your alley. >> send me the left over. >> a fake cop and real thief. the surveillance video that they want you to see today. >> and did rumor willis go too far when she spoke to the judges about her dance. i'm nydia han, if you need to clean your closet consider consigning your clothes tore cash.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, ableage, shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with simple ways to stray strong after a workout and a mother makes a panicked 911 call after her little boy is take and from the driveway. >> how police tracked that third grader down, three anxiety ridden hours after he was accidently kidnapped. >> it was a stunning display of intolerance at a high school why some students were accused of organizing an anti-gay day and what it entails. >> philadelphia police are trying to track down a criminal that games to be one of their
4:31 pm
cameras, and he was told he was a plain clothed cop and told her to hand over her purse. there is a price to pay for turning it over, a stolen bag. >> reporter: brian police here suspect is he responsible for three robberies, they happened last thursday and friday and they say he is arms and knows how to talk like a cop and unfortunately for them he was caught on camera. this is the captainsuspect, he identifies himself as a police officer and directs her to put her bag on the ground and he takes it and runs and the victim latches on to the vehicle as it speeds off and she falls off a block away. >> once she realized it was not
4:32 pm
a police officer she reacted obviously we don't want people to do that she could have gotten seriously injured. >> they believe the suspect is responsible for three robberies last week, two in philadelphia and one in darby. this is the sketch released by darby police the day before the braise and robbery police say he hit a home on chestnut. >> he went to the house and asked for a specific individual and he is not home and takes money and flees he knew two of the victims by name and they all had a fair amount of money on them. he was armed in two of the cases. >> if anyone doesn't feel safe and don't know who they are dealing with call 911 or try to get to a police station, all three victims did not have a chance to do that because the suspect got on them very quickly zbh the woman jumping on to the car, police say that no one was
4:33 pm
injured in the crimes. >> wild stuff. >> someone murdered a man this morning. from third and curlin streets, police called it a homicide or released any information on the victim's identity. >> an unexpected break after an electrical fire filled with smoke and it sparked inside. the district 6 and building filled at 3:30 this morning. the fire was under control and they were told to come in so crews could assess the damage. preliminary diagnose is there is electrical damage in the building, the fire did not spread and stayed within the electrical cabinet. traffic control was interrupted until the backup generator
4:34 pm
kicked in lightning is expected to spark a fire that led to the evacuation a camden county school, firefighters were called out to our lady of hope in blackwood at 7:30 this morning the school had to be evacuated after it started filling with light smoke and the good news here is no one was injured. the same storm lit up the skies in philadelphia the network of sky 6 cameras captured explosions of lightning over the airport and center city. the light show dimmed before morning, allowing people to get a little bit of uninterrupted sleep. >> did anyone hear it? >> 1:48 a.m., i looked at the clock and then the baby monitor, thinking please don't wake up. he didn't hear it. at least the storms are behind us and we are tracking more storms midweek and a wedge of
4:35 pm
sunshine here as we look at the interesting fact here with april showers in philadelphia over the last 36 hours with storms we received close top three inches of rain in 36 hours, the first half of the month we saw .75 inch of rain, much needed rain did push in. 66 degrees, you feel the westerly wind at 17 miles per hour, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows low pressure north of the great lakes and bringing rain and snow showers around the great lakes to the ohio valley and that will be pulling a cold front tomorrow bringing us a round of showers and thunderstorms and we'll talk about the timing of that and the big drop in temperature that will follow coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. a u.s. army veteran in new jersey was given the keys to a brand new home today thanks to a nationwide program that helps wounded vets.
4:36 pm
rick williams is live in the newsroom with this story. >> that is right the built to honor program and retired staff sergeant mario murray was recently chosen. crowds gather as murray and his family arrived at their new home. it's custom built and mortgage free. >> coming up tonight it took 20 miles per hours to finish the boston marathon and he is inspiring people everywhere to never give up. his story is coming up tonight at 5:00. until we see you then back to the studio. >> we'll see you soon thank you. trenton is now a little cleaner tonight thanks to the work and determination of volunteers "action news" was there as mayor eric jackson kicked off the 28th annual litter mark on east state street and groups were armed with brooms and other items to clean up debris in honor of and day,
4:37 pm
that is tomorrow. there were donuts on hand to keep them and guised. still ahead find cash in your closet by consigning, the top tips for selling your clothes coming up. plus united in intolerance why some western pennsylvania students are accused of organizing an anti-gay day in response to a day for bullied teens. >> did rumor willis go too far about her jazz route on when the judges called her performance raunchiy. the full ac forecast this afternoon.
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a pittsburgh man is facing a slew of charges after driving seven miles with a man clinging to his suv.
4:40 pm
sutpton jumped on his car when he noticed him with his girlfriend. he drove speeds up to 75 miles per hour, even crazier sutton girlfriend was in the passenger seat all the time. he said it was self-defense because sutton had a knife. investigators in california are questioning a man that police say had precious cargo inside. >> they stole my car with my son inside of it. >> that is the frantic voice of suzanne guzmont after realizing her son was in the car. in that short amount of time a thief got in and drove offsetting off a three hour search by police they found the car two hours away the little boy in the backseat.
4:41 pm
>> he woke up and the guy looked back and said i didn't know you were in the car and then pulled over and got out and walked away, a person of interest was questioned last night. >> in health check at 4:00 low fat chocolate milk is catching on as a post workout drink for athletes rowers at cornell university not only drink it but they have the dispenser at the rowhouse fresh from the campus dairy. they say it builds muscle, and the sugar and carbs replaces energy. it may be good for an and durance athlete. >> if you are just the average prn working out for 30 to 45 minutes you are okay with water and healthy meals. >> still cornell is about to issue a super charged chocolate
4:42 pm
milk for athletes with twice the protein. and wisconsin and other schools are making their own protein drinks. here at the big board. big outrage after students at a pittsburgh area school organized an anti-gay day here are the students that participated wore orange shirts or flannels and showed off the words anti-gay on their hands. >> after the nationally observed day for gay and lesbian bullying in schools. out rained by what they call inaction by the school district to address this anti-gay day, a new rally at mcduffy high school students armed with signs saying it gets better and stick with love. school officials say they are
4:43 pm
investigating. was this just a little booty-licous for "dancing with the stars" the judges call rumer willis's jazz dance raunchy-licous. well rumor's mom demi moore was there cheering and clapping and this is going viral because it caused controversy. >> this is a ballroom not a bedroom. >> i actually agree with the judges as well, i have a high expectation of myself doing these kinds of dances is different than the ballroom thing. >> he is sorry to her dad and val apologizing to the judges saying you know what we were stuck with the beyonce song and thus the choreography. >> the force is fierce even the little ones are feeling it star wars fans are watching and
4:44 pm
rewatching the trailer for the force awakens and these talks are just as blown away. >> mouth as gape. no binky is safe. america's funniest home video complied the clips little chins had to be picked up off the floor, disney is the parent company of 6 abc and can you watch the full video on distraction. >> i love that honest reaction i want to run home and show it to my kids and film them. >> alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. >> matt pellman is here with an update for us. >> we have delays a less than positive reaction, nothing jaw dropping but it's-y on 76 the schuylkill expressway especially for the eastbound drivers this is the scene east of the
4:45 pm
roosevelt boulevard. it's due in large part to the fact that the schuylkill eastbound was closed. i mentioned it probably would be as the vice president made his way back to philadelphia international airport, for a few moments they closed the eastbound side of 76 and the platt bridge everything is reopen now and the congestion is there resulting from the earlier closures. >> one accident if ridley township, delco at sutton avenue by the vfw post and west norton by the napa auto parts and cherry street and marshall street is another accident scene and chester county a crash along high street at washington street and east knotting ham a wreck on baltimore pike. and got rid of the mess in bensalem.
4:46 pm
we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right see you then my friend. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
a positive change today. adam joseph is here. >> wait until you see the numbers the rest of the week into the upcoming weekend, look at this photo by one of our photographers chuck this morning the rain passed through in locations a burst here and there mixing with the sun you get the sun and the rain falling at the same time you get the sun's rays to bend and reflect and retract off the interior
4:49 pm
part of the rain drop let. that displays rainbows arcing from the avenue bridge above the schuylkill expressway early this morning. double scan live radar we have the sun here and sunshine much of the day. and double scan giving us a break before we see downpours and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. temperature-wise it's seasonable right now with the westerly winds anywhere from 61 in lancaster to 66 in philadelphia, higher terrain cooler at 54 degrees, you see the eruption of showers, even some snow showers in the northern and western great lakes, there is a lot of cold air in the upper atmosphere kind of sitting and spinning in this location. that will pivot to the south and east here tomorrow that will ignite showers and thunderstorms by the afternoon, by tonight it's a clearer night 39 in the
4:50 pm
colder suburbs, 48 for center city. future tracker timing the rain tomorrow it's a dry ride, even through lunch time it's dry, by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, that is when the cold front arrives and you see the downpours and thunderstorms passing through with the front and because the air again is so cold, you have the stronger late april sunshine any of the showers or thunderstorms will be gusty, maybe winds of 30-40 miles per hour with pea size hail and a high of 65 and then flip that 65 to thursday 56 for a high and 11 degrees below average with a strong wind out of the northwest with a mixture of sun and clouds, the exclusive accuweather forecast 65 tomorrow and we watch the afternoon showers and gusty thunderstorms, and thursday it's breezy and cooler and 56 for a high and it remains breezy on friday 56 again with lows in the 30s.
4:51 pm
still own in the 50s for your high temperatures, 60 on sunday and we'll slowly recover monday and tuesday where a dry stretch between 62 and 63 and with that 56 and a strong wind it will feel more like the upper 40s to near 50 degrees for the n few days. >> it will just toughen up us up. >> i like your attitude. caring for you... ... and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. right now, buy one pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses and get another one free. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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time to save with 6 abc if you are looking for extra money to buy a new spring wardrobe how about consigning your old clothes. >> reporter: you can make a pretty penny by consigning your clothes. 80 bucks silk, a retail store accepted both donations and items for consignment. a nonprofit that helps women transitioning back to work. anything that is high end and trendy and is a brand that is kate spade and gucci and prada and any of those brands we'll take on consignment it goes
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into a contract and you get 50% commission when it sells. at the end of the 90 days you can pick your items up or we can donate them. >> be choosey, ask how much the shop is going to charge for your items and if you are not satisfied find normal place gl we do half to 75% off retail. some shops charge for administration fees and go over your items with the store owner or manager, and the prices going down because of a stain and some offer up front right away and others offer a percentage for what the item eventually sells for, can you make more if you are willing to wait. and call ahead in you are willing to wait for your items.
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again at the ask xaktdly what your cut will be and how long is the consignment period, i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> and we have breaking news out of levitytownlevittown, buck county a portion of route 13 is shut down because of construction screws reportedly hit a gas line in this area. it's very preliminary right now but officials say it's likely a high pressure line and peco is on the scene and this stretch of route 13 in levittown, buck county, shut down with a gas line having been compromised in the area. and finally at 4:00 there is a new social media star in our midst and this one is none to humble.
4:57 pm
the miniature dachshund is taking on youtube rocking an adorable mickey costume. he says fame has not changed me i was always this cute. >> at least he is honest. for shirleen allicot alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. tuesday night the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of burlington county
5:00 pm
new jersey where a school bus crashed into a home. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in mount laurel a short time ago, there was children on the bus at the time but it's not believed there were serious injuries happened. the children were taken to a local school after the incident. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> an underground explosion affects power in one delaware county neighborhood. last night's blast sent folks nearby running luckily nobody was hurt. and peco works to restore power. david henry is live at the scene in radnor township with the latest. >> hi rick, we have eight buildings with 29 customers still without power out here, you see the peco crews are working on the manhole that exploded last night. it was a close call last night for the shops and restaurants especially


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