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tv   Action News  ABC  April 22, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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♪♪ >>acti ns," delaware vaey's leading news pgr wh jim ganer. >> tsday night, the b sto o "acti news"onht is
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breang news from bucks county where fire attacked a house in putd toship. and is ho one person is unaccoued for. "action ne" reporte kenneth mton is le near the 6600 block of point pleast pike. kenneth what the siation ter >> jim, the infmation is still comg in but we have confirmed tat firitera dinitely loong for t homeowne they got as far back tonight, and the scene abo a half mile dwnhis country road where you see the emergency lights. leme get you closer. from chopper 6 and from the grod we see the flames sooting om tswo-story hu. andhe a smoke as frighterwork to get it under contl. teall came in around 7:30 on pinpleasa pi umstd township. we e told fireghters had a tu timwith is o because teouse was packed with items, a possie hoarding siation
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thareay fueled ts fi. neighrs say the home belongs to a man who lived here more than two decades and rary leavesis ho. i ft his vehicle was still i e dreway which is why freghtsay at this point his unaccount for. >> ptty much stuck to himself, you know. h s a little bit dierent, but he didn't cse a problem s he did hoard a lot. > at challens does the search bring? >> wh so mu colp it mk it different. i an unsafe condition in the. oly inging peoe in a little bto a little b of wo come back out, reassess. and wahing the seading mving in the floors and cilings. >> is point, invtigators are a long way from trying to fgure out wt sparked is fi. bcse of isearch we have teatest it bomes avlabim. repoing live in plutead towhip, bus countyor cael "aconews." > thank you.
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o philadelphia police ofersnheend tonht at getting to accident whi on routine patrol. th crashed at 21st and laveer street in germantown two hours ao. th y the otherar ran a sop sign. copper 6 overhead at einstein medic center pass one officer arved f treatmtlching somhgo s he but wlking undehis own power. happening in woodbury hit n jeey a pick up struck four children. teyill survive but are in the hospal at this hour. and dann cuelr is live. >> investigators say four ki lucky to be ali aer struck by a truck. panithe ro wrae on 400 cesut avue. teriver did n see the kid until it w too late. asll child's sho left on the roadway wre the four kids were stck.
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a all ca that one of the kds was sitting in was on the roadw whi theyoucted the invtition. aou8:0the kidsere plang in the 400 block of chestnut a and truck drove up and strk te > theyerenhstrtn payi. and tn i just hrd a loud ise and my son came and told me th someing bad happen o e se. > e kids two gls and two bys ages 4 8, 9 and 15 suffered a number of bumps a bruises and taken to cooper trauma. adhe driver dvintthe bsh the sidef the roadway adoiured. >> hwn't speeng but cars tend to speed up andown t sreet en ough a deadnd stet. > t guyas he gng to vsit somebody up there? > heas visiting. and know the children a are tankful th th are going to b . that t main thing, that ty ae ing to be ok. tewill t to go o and play againndave n. > n neibors s one of t
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ki had some of his front teeth knock out, but for the most prall four had bps and brs. it unclear if charg will be fl ainst t driver. lve in wdbury heights, w jry,ann cuellaror channe 6"tion ne. > ankou. >>hper is still out for a nuer business in wayne, delaware county aer the unrground exosion last nit. cll one video captured the bla. telast sent pple w were neby running. but luckily nobody was hurt. busiss owners did what they culd tay to keep gng including one barber sp that tok haircuts ouide. peco wl be worng throughout te nito t to g power reored by early morning. quite a sight in florence new rse a hse in danr of plunging into the daware river. a 50-foot ravine is swallowing everythinin its ph a yesrd's trential rain made the mter much woe. andt exposed a lking pipe that cld have been the culprit
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al along. ad cis and lynne o'dell worried they havto see se -evacuate their home. and a bus driver had wt hrd attack and why he went off te ro. th hped ber4:00 this aftnoo te driver went over t curb d h aome in mount laurel. te young students on brd were sared but unhu. the driver was taken to the hostal. >> in philadelphia t fifighter respoed to nsingtohigh hool tight for a natural gas leak. frtutely the building w almost a no evacuatns were needed. testay low levels of gas were dtecd inside and outside of tele -- the building but it i n der control. >>a natural gas pipelines snaking tough philadelph a a concn.
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tehave a rept of the danger of the aging infrastructure. 2/3 of the pipeline is cast ion or unprotected steel. tai2,000 mil worth, which i considered high-risk. pgs current pace it would take 6 years to replace it all of the comssion isecommenng fe hik or browing money to speed up the process. >>iceresident joe biden wtthopportity a vit to po headquarters tay to samehat t country's ifrastructes iredibly outdat. h ured peco fility ung $200 mlion federal grant to he develop technology by srt meters so consumers can monitor and reduce electric usage. >>and loong live at pilelpa international arpo wre a multi-billion dlr project iset to take of. a onorr officials are scheduled to sign paper work oelawi with the capacity
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enhanceme program. the plan pes t way for a mssive expansion of the aiort, incding aonger rnyinterior renovations and peop mers to get around terminals. the sool district and other had to come teth on ld righ. ad it lta 12 years and oth as sll in the works. cenr ci, pladeli growi by leaps and bounds. a n report says that the number of pele living in dowown is now second only to mdtn manhatta the cenr city dirictefined as 7.7 mes between girard avenuend tasker street rv-to-river. teept ys the population rs16% since 2000 to more than 1300 resident twout of every five js in phideliare sed ther >>a well-deserving veteran a
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hs famy now have a new place t call home in burlington cun. sa serant mio murray given this cust-build mogageree homiflorence thanks to the blt to honor pogram. woued in 2011 when his base was attackein afgnia >>tillo come on "tion news" toght, t warning over lyme's dia people snd moreime outdoors in tcinsted area. wre iladehia ia daer zn >> d my one-on-one with archbishop chles chaput. nt tking o the pope's visit we did at 6: but t statef the church in mern day amera d whether people aeosing faith. >>a tracking another round of orms on t way. de dtai on eiming and what i to folw in the accuweather focas >> ready f some football? dus dgers eaks down the egs' hedule which was just
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reasetonig. >> "ai ne"ontinues in a mmt.
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>> we want peace! we want juice! >> at least 1,000 people gaered in baltire tonighto prosthe death of a m who died aer being injur while i lice custody. 25e-old freddie gy dd suny. h suffered a snal cord iury after being arrested on april 1. teirmsnc that led to his fatal injury remain msry msry, six ofcers suspeed wtutray. and -- witht pa nd fatly shooting a man arested by offics is dwing criticm r h plans to vacation in the bahamas. rbt bates faces a send-dree manaughter chae. th73-yr-old insurance executi saide confused his
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stun gun and his hand gun. hs lyers s the family vtiowas pnd previously. >>t oksike loretta lynch filly on e way to being confmeds attoey general. the nomination ve was stalled wi republansnd demoats feuded over a sex tfficking bil ad mcdonnell refused to do it util the s traicking w resved. hhd of drug eorcement amisati plans to resi. she has been taken enormous heat fomembers of congress the way seandled mconduct by agt oly lenient conduct on agents attendingex parties with prtitutes. >>nd the bombing was in the
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trial regarding sentenced to deh and witnesse tho who lost ls or loved ones in the bombin two years ago. saudi arabia announc it wll end the bomng camign aga rels yemen. the next phase of the operation focuses on preventing t rebels from targeti facilityians. te american aircraft carrier us roosevelt arrived in the area part of a blockade prevent iran -- there is the aircraft carrier -- to pvent iran from deliring arms to the rebels. generic drugmaker teva mki an offer f a competitor tod. adheead quarters in montgomy county. i if pass scriny by rgutors the combined pharmtical perhouse will
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domina the market and they wrrit will lead to higher geric pres. >>nd a warning abo ticks. theirst time researche found the blood-suing insects in every county. andhey are the priry carrier o le's diseas the past fe years, pennsylvaa rerdo iftions th anywhere else in thunid states. expes recomnd wearing long sees and pas, using insect repellent d doi a full-body ce afr going outdoors. use fine-tipped tezers to remove a tick that has bitten you. adlease, go to t doctor in sytoms develop. a bensalem wan collared for alleg animal cruelt syi inside of this home this mrng they found 43 chiahu. theenantn t 3500 block of morrow dri fing up to 100 chaes. >> toght, the second part of my one-oone wh philadelphia
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achbishop charles aput. we appreciated his hpitality ad ca away with alear intention that he does not acce the increasiny popular prayal ohim in eedia an arch conservive objecting t what se call the progressive views of pope frais. ♪♪ > me experts on the crch ca franc is encouragi dbe making divorced and r-rrd catholics and g and lesan catholics feel more welcomedy the church. as one journalist characterized te vie we should bring the church to them n and worry about making tm more worthy lt. ad ahbishop charles cput rejects tt characterization. > don tri tm into the curch and sing t teachg o jus on them. it not t appropria way to do anhi. adesus himself, he was always cle om the we beginng abo the costs of beingis diie. whehe said if u folw me
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yuave to takup yourrs andollow me. he di't say foowe and i wilta to you about the dfcult thingsar. > whe is the word "reform" relent in tes of the catholic churca what y mghbe talkinaboutth wrldeeting of families? >> theord "reform" in catholic tati means conversion. wi mes we reform ourife after t pattern given to us by te gospel. tat wt it mes. not that we exchae the teaching jesuchrist forhe tais of the current age. we believe that jesusod game --ecame man and thats the tachg. > anmyeel differently. leavi the american cathoc cuh struggled to keep the flog engaged as it failed to adapt to modern listyles. i a poll 64% say the church should allow priests to marry ad 73% said ty shod
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sanctn birth control >> d lls areery important so we know ere people stand, bt t catholic crch is not a church who teaing depends on plls. oly e constuent that matter tt is sus ci. i at the pple askor is tat the chuhing more fthful to jesus christ i am all enthusiastic abouit. if >> 47 pishes closed a chaput wos to close the arciocese dfit. fr my commieit is hard-breakg. > erybodthai talk to is i ther angry with me because w clod their parish. mrgs take plac peoe don't go to place anore. ad th wa their parishes a place that pele move in ratrh another one. > a you confident there is not one pest in the achdiocese that isurrent hgay abusing chilen. >> if i knew there we the
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person wld be removed and we ae a human beings allf us. as r as i know there is not a sile person in our parishes and o scols, in public miniry that has a historyf aung childn. >> i wondered if archbishop caes chapuis disappointed that the pope has not appointed him cardinal after four years on the job. he replied he is not disappoint said. even if it never happs, achbishop of philadelphia is pivileged. >> he youeen the rainbow? jong on twitter about four pts of gold. te phenomenon appears to be two overlping doub rainbows a clearly y don't see that vy ot. >> b u can see the double
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rainbow as lot. w d l this morning in pilalphi just a few scattered showed. >> and a pot of gold or two. > hopefully, that would be nic >>e quiet weather tonight. stormtracr le double scan showing we have dry conditions this evenin and we won stay that way all day tomorrow though. i do want to show this photo. the sunset of the delaware just grgus. eougcloud ceto make things interesng. it dry and seasonably cool. currtly in philadelphia 56 dges down fm the high of 67 which is 1 degree above noal. abo wheree shou bts time year. alnwn 51. treon 5 wiit 54. and sea isle city currently 52 deees. satlite 6, alo with action rd swi aystem that's ging to keep in some cool air and will produce some sors and thderstorms. i you look up north of the great lakes, you can see the
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swl. tat vortex. up-level low. what is is in it wl first brg us a cd frt, and theiwilleand there for several da and th wilkeep u in a pool of unseasonably coair. te mog should be fine. no whether pblems for t morning comte. prtlsunny a ssonay co. tka jacket. 6: 49 degrees. b 80 53. adh futurer tracker shown a li of showers and tuerormsevong shtly aft lunchme crossing into piladelph oun4:30r so in the afternoon. andhen ming off the coast ao ahour later. tese could contain gusty wind theeason wh ahead of it warm ai 6 gre philali iwld not be surprised if some ae ithe 7. it humid, enough to sport srg thunderstorms. but there is cold air in the atmosphere. what iwl dis pull down the
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coolialoft, pea-size hail. and hh presre builds in with coudsnd sunsne. 1 degrees below average. 56 degrees. youact the winds and the wnd chill feels li 50 degrees ad the cool air sticks around through t wkend into nt wee te seven-d forecast we start off dry in the morning, gusty afternoon showers and thderorms. adarday partly sunn breezy and cooler. slit chance of a shower nor of philadelphia. 56 deees. friday remai breezy stays co 56. adaturday, last saturday 81. tis saturday nothing like tat 5 degrees. sunysunnd clouds 60. mnday mostly suy, 62. and tuesday, increasing clouds wta threat of shower. 6 degree w he one y in the next seven dsbo average, and ten oling off and the cool air could linger f another week.
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otober 4 game at washington ma three of the fit four gmeon e road. te snts here october 11. angnts visit october 19 for another en game. te eags ha five pme time gam. byeeek in week eight. and eagles to dallas novemb 8. tey cou see winston when t bucks ce in week ten. anher ga thanksgiving this me in detroit. mvg on the toughest game of theeason comes ely decber again the defendi champion new enand patriots and then lesean mccoretus with the bautul bis and eing with ba--ck dion gas redski d on the road against the detroits. a day aft the timebow signi morepinions pouring in. ad the former kicker sley has oneot too flatteri. > i really respect the person the man, the things he bieves i d things he ds off the fid h s the sgle worst quarterck iv saw in my
2:05 am
caer in the nfl. li i watch him one day. i watched h do routes on air and we we pying the broncos. and there are no d.b.s and you knowxactly what his going to rn, no pass rush. he had like 13 incompletions. >> erywhere i go people are asking what icoach kellyoing wth e off-season moves? the man who replaced chip at oregonays coach has not lost himales. > what would you say to eagles' fa that think chip kelly is a lte crazy? > i thi it is unftunate thaiad to awer is qeiomore an once. chikelly is not insane. wavert is, he has a plan. h s a meth. >> sll to come phillies get bck on track and ryan howard des seing the first
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>>oping the retnomwld makep t phiies bats slumber over. pills and marlins. welcomi in the members of the neo league. ad cond inning no score. and hot, his first homer is a 2-n shot batting .319. andhe fth inning a tie game and routine grounder to ryan howd. ad r scor miamiakes the 3-2 lead. but howard meup f it in the sixth ningith a m on. tas s fst hom of e sean. the phillies regain the lead 43. how aut se insurae? sevth inning a pitch after
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almt getting beaned. ben revere almt to t gap. te triple and the phillies cruer there winning 7-3. andhat's a look at sports. >> a right better. >> yeah. jimmy kimmel live. "acon ne" connues at 4:30 wth tamala edrds, matt o'nnell davimuha karen rogs with traffic. forecily tynan, dis rodgers adhe teaction w tam'jim gardr. gonigh ♪♪
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