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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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afternoon, i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm brian taff. >> the big story is the gusty winds and downpours we are see sweeping across the tri-state right now adam joseph is live can at stormtracker 6 live double scan, what are we in for here. >> if you saw the gusty downpours and showers passing through no lightning or thunder with it but the showers had a lot of wind associated with it as it raced to the west from the east quickly, it was in philadelphia less than an hour ago and now it's about to exit the coastline with the cooler temperatures and lingering light showers west of the city continuing to pass through the only place left with warnings is ocean county barnegat light north to toms river this is until 4:30 and this is only because the winds that are in
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excess of 50 miles per hour. not seeing much in the way of lightning in our immediate area. there is lightning with this particular line toward longbranch and toward new york city, there are powerful winds up to 70 in seaside heights and belmar and behind it a pop of sun and more showers firing and that is pushing in from the west and they don't have the pack or punch that the first line of showers do with those winds. in fact, 71 miles per hour wind gust if philadelphia that is without a thunderstorm allentown 55 miles per hour, wilmington 48 and 47 in reading and trenton 46 degrees and the reason why the winds were so strong, the atmosphere going through a major transition with the front notice the temperatures falling to the 20s towards pittsburgh, we'll talk about the possibility of a frost owe or freeze as the numbers dip, we'll talk about that in
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the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. that fast moving storm caused problems in delaware delmarva power reported 3100 out ables in newcastle county. there are power lines and streetlights out. be cautious out there. we encourage you to stay ahead of the changes in the weather stick with, can you find live storm tracker 6 radar and the storm tracker forecast. now to breaking news from septa, less than an hour ago officials released new information and video from a fight with students on the broad street line. this video is disturbing. kenneth moton is at the news conference where they released the video is he live with more today. >> reporter: brian and shirleen the massive after school brawl happened at 3:00 p.m. yesterday and septa says not one person
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even the victim dz not report the fight septa officers saw is later on their cameras, we warn you again this video is hard to watch. this attack happened in the spring garden station on the broad street line and it was chaos as more than a dozen students went at it. one teenager was repeatedly stomped in the head and one young man fell on to the tracks during the fight and that could have taken a tragic turn and septa identified two of the victims that attend ben franklin high school and they are working with the school district to identify the students involved and prevent these vieolent actions from happening again. >> this is so dangerous it's not even funny there are passengers waiting for the train and the trains are operating and someone falls into the track area and
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it's horrendous. >> septa says right now there are more officers at the spring garden stop and ten other hot spots they identified. all of them near schools and all of them trouble when students are dismissed from schools. we'll have another report coming up on "action news." kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> frightening video indeed. thank you kenneth. now to the burlington county, backyard disappearing in front of the homeowners eyes. as the land continues to crumble into the delaware river they are concerned that more of the ground could wash away thanks to the rain today. nora muchanic was the first to tell you about the story she is live in florence with the latest on this. hi nora. >> brian and shirleen geo technical engineers were here to look at the giant hole in the
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earth, they decided it was too unstable and the safest thing to do was to move the immediate neighbors out. >> this is our house we put a lot of efforts into it and a lot of love into this house. >> lynn o'dell is trying to process this, after it opened up in the back of her and her neighbor's house in florence. >> the present situation is unsafe and we are recommending that the people need to leave their homes. over the last two years, the soil in the last two years in the o'dell's backyard is eroding causing a deep ravine, the leaky storm sewer pipe seen here may have undermined the soil. and they believe that further collapse is imminent.
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>> we could be walk ago way for good and losing everything, that is hard to take but by the same token, we are both still standing here grace of god and they are not finding us at the bottom of the cliff. >> fire investigators expected this morning but to keep the curious away, they erected orange fences. and o'dells love their location perched above the delaware river are clearing out important papers and photos before they evacuate. >> my grandkids love it here. all the pictures it's a lot. it's overwhelming. >> overwhelming too for an elderly man that lives next door and has to evacuate. the o'dells tell me they don't know where they will go or if they will go back here. burlington county officials are working together to figure out
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the exact cause of the giant gaping hole and how to fix it. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police want your help finding an armed robbery suspect who held up a gas station in southeast philadelphia t. happened last week on the speedway gas station, and video released shows the suspect breaking into the gas station through the back door, once inside he pointed the gun at an employee and took money. the employee took money and cigarettes and ran off. anybody with information is asked to call philadelphia police. hospitals and first responders have a deadly problem tonight, a dangerous, deadly synthetic marijuana there are eight incidents including eight overdose deaths. and other counties are also investigating with the so-called k2 marijuana sara bloomquist is looking into this and she will have much more coming up tonight in a live report at 5:00.
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officials at a north philadelphia school have issue aid stern warning for parents check your children's backpacks this after a first grader brought heroin to school, it was discovered at william cramp elementary school. there is where we find david henry with the details. >> reporter: the philadelphia police special victims unit is investigating this right now, trying to figure out how that first grader got a hold of close to a dozen packets of heroin and parents here are horrified. >> i thought that was crazy it really was. >> parents were walled to the school at lunch time they say that a first grader started to show other kid what's they had and he got spooked and threw them away, two older kids found
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them and brought them to police. >> he was showing it around to the other kids, they could have swallowed it. >> little kids, that is scary so scary. >> the four children that handled the packets were take and to the hospital to get checked out and none of them ingested anything and they are okay. the teacher sent this letter home to parents, they urged parents to check school bags we beg you check them each day so all children and staff are safe. >> there is no mention of keeping drugs out of reach of children or other possibilities. >> don't try hiding them in your child's book bag. >> you think that is what happened? >> something happened they got in there or the child found them and brought them to school. >> a district spokesperson says
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that the district contacted the department of human services to look into the child's safety and well wear parents worry that their own children were put in danger. >> i'm scared now that i heard that. of course. you know kids are naive they don't know any better. they could have gotten poisoned or something. >> luckily none of the children ingested anything and no charges are filed against anybody quote and the police continue their investigation live in fair hill, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. here at the big board now with the latest on a terror arrest in france they took a man into custody as he was about to carry out a deadly attack on churches, officials say they thwarted what could have been another charlie hebdo type massacre. the man accidentally shot
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himself and he called for help and when police arrived they found combat weapons and at his home more ammo and weapons and paperwork about isis and al qaeda. >> with whom he exchanged information on the arrangements of an attack -- >> the suspect's name is not released but he was on a terror watch list and before he was caught he shot and killed a 32-year-old woman that police say he chose at random. but thwarted before he could cause any damage. >> thank you. st. joseph's university will soon have a new leader and he is making history. mark reed will become the first president in the school's 140 year history who is not a member of the clergy he is coming in
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for father gillespie who is stepping down. >> it's truly a dream come true for me not just any jesuit university but this jesuit university. where my uncle and father are alumni, it has a proud tradition but also an even brighter future. >> he will assume the post on july 1st. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center keeping an eye on things rain can complicate the commute. >> we need the helps of all the sans, it's a messy hump day afternoon. 95 southbound side entering the work zone pass the academy
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interchange, an accident blocking multiple lanes the tow trucks are on the scene attempting to clear the accident and now the left lane is squeezing by causing a colossal jam through wood haven. we are also watching a crash on the northbound side of bridge street taking out the left lane speeds heading towards it at 15 miles per hour. a crash in west philadelphia at 57th and cobb's creek parkway and a crash in cinnaminson on 73 towards the tacony palmyra bridge. this is 95 in delco we watched as a crash happened at ridley park and it left debris in the right center roadway, they are dleening that up. and an accident on the eastbound side approaching oaks. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day
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afternoon. 7 miles per hour in manayunk through the neighborhoods because of all the construction going on. so much to check in the next half our. >> thanks very much. stunning video from washington, d.c. shows kmutders coming to the aid of a man in a wheelchair after he fell off the subway platform. take a look again the man is in a motorized wheelchair and drive right off the platform and on to the d.c. tracks bystanders jumped in action right away and rescued him. is he expected to be okay. in australia cruise passengers are back on dry land after a nightmare at sea, their cruise ship was trapped at sea for two days during a violent storm. marcy gonzales tells us it's a miracle nobody was hurt.
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>> reporter: land never looked so good for the 2500 people on the carnival spirit. stuck at sea for two days off the coast of sydney australia being slammed by 30 foot waves our patio furniture flew off the balcony. 35 miles per hour winds rocking the ship making it hard to walk and at times dangerous to even sit. >> my suitcases were flying out of the cup ards and the tv was falling down. >> the sudden storm so severe that sydney harbor port was forced to close and that is why the ship heading back from a 12 day voyage had to wait in open waters. >> the ship would have literally surfed into the harbor and it's a rare occurrence. >> finally today the all clear, the cruise liner pulling into
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port. >> happy to be back on land vacationers leaving with vacation videos and memories they would probably rather forget. if they were hoping for sunshine once in sydney no such luck, this storm that killed several people in australia, was expected to continue through at least part of today. and now to an "action news" exclusive and a first for musikfest. >> it's one of the biggest festivals and this year one of the headliners not from the music industry at all but you know who it is. alicia vitarelli is live at the big board with news you will only see here. >> you gave people a big clue every year musikfest brings 500 artists to bethlehem for ten days in august, it includes reba mcintyre and zz top and alice in chains but this afternoon we
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have a major edition to that, 6 abc is the sponsor of the event and we'll be there as always to introduce the acts and boy are we excited about that. this year it's something different, this time one of the headlining acts going to be a comedian and think big. really big. internationally renowned comedian, jerry seinfeld is taking center stage will perform on august 10th this is a hot ticket at 8:30 p.m., tickets will fly on this one here is what you need to know, they go on sale on april 28th and may 1st for the general public. keep these dates handy if you want to grab the tickets. >> hope i have some kind of pull working at 6 abc, because i cannot miss that. awesome stuff. thank you.
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pope francis will visit cuba before he heads to philadelphia this september the vatican confirmed the trip this morning and the pope played a key role in establishing diplomatic relations between cuba but it's not clear how long his visit there will be lets get you caught up on the business headlines this afternoon we'll start with the report from wall street green arrows across the board and the dow down 38 and the nasdaq down 1 and s&p up 11 points on the day. one of the most popular sodas in the world has started to fizzle financially coca cola says the sales of diet coke were down 1%. after negative reports about artificial sweeteners, it was the second most popular soft
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drink until 2010 when it was passed by rival pepsi. googles rival customers will only have to pay for the specific amount of data they use each month at first new service will only work on google's nexus 6 phones and use wifi when availableable. >> it's time now for your accuweather forecast. and the storms heading for our region. >> many of you seeing that right now adam joseph is standing by with the latest track on this. >> the good news is that most of the storms are off the coast and as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we saw the powerful winds and severe storms in ocean county and now they have pushed off the coast and a batch of showers between wilmington and philadelphia and towards cape may county we are dealing with gusty winds and the national weather service has
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issued a thunderstorm warning for cape may to sea isle city, this is until 4:30, so the next 5 to 7 minutes, when you look at the radar there is no lightning strikes and all green and hardly any downpours but as you saw earlier, those showers brought down strong winds from the atmosphere than is what we see in cape may county, so the winds could be in excessive 50 or 60 miles per hour. lets go back and look at another area media to chadds ford along 41, there are some gusty winds but not severe weather. and extra showers in and around center city to the north and parts of montgomery county. lingering showers behind it and the strong powerful winds that came with these particular showers with the cold front in excess of 70 miles per hour in philadelphia. northeast philly at 62 miles per hour and turnersville 60 and
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wilmington 48 miles per hour peak wind gust. look at the temperatures behind that line, where we have the cold front passing through, 65 in millville and dover 64 and 50s at the shore and land kafrlter already down to 49 degrees, with allentown at 51. satellite will show a very large low basically spinning just south of north bay, a lot of snow and rain showers around it they fall apart once the sunsets and the low drifts to the southeast and that brings some more winds tomorrow and a lot of sunshine we look at future tracker at 8:00 tonight and a lingering shower in new jersey while the rest of the region is beginning to dry out and gusty winds and the sky is clearing and the stars are reappearing 37 in allentown and 40 in
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philadelphia many suburbs are in the 30s and the winds are up enough we are not threatens to see frost tonight and tomorrow morning but the low goes into the 30s. take a look at your four day at 4:00 windy and cool, with a temperature of 56 degrees with sun and clouds, friday brisk and cool again a high of just 56 and there could be frost issues or freeze issues friday morning and again saturday morning over the weekend, a lot of sunshine here on saturday but breezy at 60 and some clouds building late sunday at 62 degrees, some very cold air is coming in and it's dense and heavy and that is what happened this afternoon. the rain showers broad the cold winds down guys. >> if you planted the flowers you may want to cover them up. >> thanks adam. well their job is to respond in the event of an emergency and they got a trial run of doing just that, the u.s. coast guard teaming up with regional care
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medical center some 20 coast guard pilots got training for handling difficult situations including medical emergencies and handling patients that suffered traumatic injuries. there is much more ahead on "action news," it's earth day and we'll explain how protecting the earth can protect your well being. this is the sign-in one canadian town. we'll tell you what it is about. >> but first a rare find by chinese construction workers what they dug up during route on road work that dated back millions of years.
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on this earth day, people across the region are doing their part to pamper our planet. here in chester members of the
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housing authority do their part raking soil and planning seeds for the newly expanded urban farm, part of the new plan to grow produce and promote healthier lifestyles for families. construction workers in china came upon fossilized dinosaur eggs. those eggs will now be sent to a lab to researchers can figure out which species they belong to. >> still ahead here today save the planet while saving money tips to go green on this earth day. plus, a south jersey mom thought she was checking out her son's car but it was actually for her. you don't want to miss her reaction when she learned she was getting a new car for the
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph andreas lubitz shirleen allicot and brian taff . the small town that welcomes you to the town of rape and honey. what they meant coming up. >> the dangerous new trend that has teenagers looking like this.
4:31 pm
why it's based on reality star kylie jenner. plus tragedy in the tow lots, what we learned about the first parking lot worker to be killed on the job in more than four years. but first storms that brought heavy rain and wind. the mighty system dropped trees and power lines in wilmington, at last check 3800 people were without power. for more on the cold front we go to meteorologist, adam joseph live at the big board. >> 71 miles per hour very powerful winds and it didn't even come with a thunderstorm, but what happened here when the cold front passed through, we had strong winds 30000 feet up
4:32 pm
in the atmosphere, that was heavy and dense and it pushes the wind and hit the ground as they hit philadelphia east ward. double scan live radar shows the line of showers and thunderstorms are off the coast with the strong winds behind it a pop of sun and a couple of lingering showers, but these showers are not bringing winds like we saw an hour or two ago. 71 miles per hour in philadelphia that is only 4 shy of hurricane force wilmington 48 and trenton 46 and 47 miles per hour. in fact, look at abington p.a., jennifer sent this in the lawn furniture blowing and topping of over. if you didn't have anything secured things moved all around with that line in fact we take a look at double scan live, a
4:33 pm
downpour near chadds ford lifting to the north and areas are dealing with light showers and in fact as we look ahead here, temperatures crashing overnight and temperatures 10 degrees below normal and gusty april winds the next few days, we'll talk about the changing in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. when you see breaking news or severe weather, we want you to join the action send your photos or videos to or use #6abcaction on social media. it's how you can be a part of "action news." we are learning more about a tragic accident that claimed the life of a philadelphia parking authority worker, officials say that a tow truck driver backed over jeffy bayers. his injuries were just too severe and bayers died at the hospital two hours later. chad pradelli is live outside of ppa headquarters in center city
4:34 pm
with more on this story. >> reporter: brian the philadelphia parking authority and the victim's family is devastated by this tragic accident, the executive director tells me that the employee is the first to die on the job in his first two years at the ppa. >> a devastating affect on this industry. >> the tow truck driver was backing up when he hit and ran over jeffrey bayers the tow driver dropped off a vehicle and bayers was a lot officer that chip kellied in vehicles. >> he was a stellar employee and never missed work and was a wonderful man and i would love to have 100 jeffs. >> they call jeff's accident a tragic accident he was only on the job about a year and is a
4:35 pm
stellar employee. >> he is devastated, i can't imagine how someone must feel when they accidentally kill their co-workers. >> he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> he was a great guy and husband married for 32 years and raised his children and was a hard working man. philadelphia police are investigating and so far there has been no charges, osha, the occupational held and association is also looking into the matter. >> thank you chat. we are getting our first look at the woman accused of abandoning her quadriplegic son now in custody. she allegedly left her son in the cobb's creek woods with just a blanket and a bible earlier
4:36 pm
this month she was arrested while visiting her boyfriend in maryland. she will be extradited to face charges this week. chopper 6 hd was over the scene on the 7700 block of roosevelt boulevard that is when the driver of a silver sedan lost control and slammed into trees the man was cut from the vehicle but first responders could not save him. the driver's name is withheld until his family is notified. now details of a deadly fire in plumstead county. 59-year-old earl freedman was the man killed in the point pleasant pike blaze last night. the fire started in his kitchen just after 7:30, crews had a tough time fighting the flames because the house was packed with items that fueled the fire, no one else was hurt. 3-year-old adopted twin
4:37 pm
sisters are alive today after they both got donated organs, monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> incredible story. the girl's dad donated part of his liver to save one child and an anonymous donor came forward for the other child. they were born with a genetic condition that often leads to liver failure. how that second organ donor was found and what is head for the little twins. also he is 4u9d years old and about to take part in the upcoming penn relay meet george scott why he says that no challenge is too big for him. you rock george. i am already inspired. those stories coming up at 5:00.
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today creativity and innovation was on display at a school in cinnaminson township students displayed at inconvenience convention from a cool lightup ladder to a cool tooth brush in inventors explained how they came up with the ideas participation is strictly volunteer and no grades are given, they simply want to be there. there are six bikes at each docking station including one on the perkiomen trail where will links up in oaks, the bikes can be rented out bit hour or for the day. if this is successful the county will make it permanent. you'll love this one a gloucester county mom got an early present, this one was almost three decades in the
4:39 pm
making. they are checking out the car she thinks that her son bought for himself you but her pride in her son's new ride turns into sheer joy when she finds out it's not for him. >> we just bought this car for you. >> that is why we made you pick out the color. >> you're lying. >> brand new car for you. >> happy early mother's day. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> mary they weren't lying richie and his wife bought the car for mary who hadn't had a new one since 1988, we asked them why and they said she just deserved it. happy mothers day to her. >> i love it. never too early for a car right? still ahead the intentions are
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good but the slogan not so much. why one town welcomes you to the town of rapes and honey. and why a man decided to rage against the machine way gun. and a fitness expert tackles our obsession with perfection. why she showed nobody is immune to body shaming. and adam joseph has it's accuweather forecast.
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health check at 4:00 it's estimated that climate changes contributed to 150,000 deaths and illnesses, some ways are obvious like more extreme weather but you can't see others like jet enic changes like pollution both outdoor and indoor can make and warmer temperatures can extend growing
4:43 pm
seasons and increase asthma and allergies. >> some have allergies and with climate change how allergic someone is can change. >> heart rhythmic problems could be related to air quality and those are boosting the number of disease carrying insects like mosquitos and tics. a man is in trouble for doing something that we sometimes fantasize about doing that is open fire on his computer. >> police responded to shots fire and they found russel hinge, and a bullet riddled dell. he dragged it into the alley and shot it three times. >> you get the blue screen of death and this computer i don't
4:44 pm
know what possessed me i wasn't out of my mind but i had it. >> i know a copy machine or two that could use a couple of bullets, he was charged with firing a firearm within city limits. >> here with the big talkers now and oh canada, when you pull into the small quaint town of tisdale you are greeted with a sign welcome to the land of rape and honey. it's been the slogan for 60 yours and some say it's time to rethink the rape part, it refers to rape seed, a bright red crop, canola but the town is now asking residents to take a survey if the slogan should be changed there. here is other options, a place to bee and land of canola and
4:45 pm
honey. we'll let you know how that pans out. it's the hashtag that set the twitter sphere on fire, kylie jenner's lips started a copycat movement teens are posting pictures like these attempting to get the kylie pout by sucking on a glass or cup it causes them to swell with intense bruising repeated attempts can lead to repeated deformity. she responded on twitter saying she is not encouraging people to look like her she wants to encourage people like me to be yourself and not afraid to experiment with your look. she has not addressed why her lips look like that. and this is casey she hosted a web channel, blog a
4:46 pm
aloti's and people were making comments about her body, and she designed the perfect body from the comments she gives herself thinner legs and a more narrow jaw line, before releasing the video, she released the quote perfect version of herself on instagram, her big question how are we to know how kind of beauty can be naturally achieved when everything around us is deceiving. >> we go back to the kyler jenner challenge, an important reminder that can do permanent damage, and leave you with more than just bruises. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update for us. >> we have so much to talk about this evening, let get started with 95 traffic is not moving
4:47 pm
fast that is for sure we have the backlog because of a crash around academy than is mostly cleared and it appears there is another crash in the wreckage, taking out the left lane on 95 southbound penndot is checking out the scene. and left lane is out of commission south of wood haven to academy, the crash by bridge street is off to the shoulder and a downed tree in fishtown by girard avenue and 67 and cobb's creek parkway look for an overturned vehicle accident. northbound past landsdale a crash taking out one lane and a downed tree in new britain and a pair of accidents in montgomery county and chester county and fire and police helping you one along charlotte and orlando and one along catfish lane and main street is blocked because of a disabled train stick with 29 to get around that and the route 30
4:48 pm
bridge closure started this week and the downed trees are closing ridge road. very so much more for you coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> we are looking forward to it. thanks very much. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next.
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when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
4:50 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph, here with us now. chico our director says it's pouring out and i said you are exactly right. should you be a meteorologist. >> the powerful winds that came with the showers and downpours are off the coast so the rain now is not going to bring the strong winds like we saw a few hours ago lets confirm is on
4:51 pm
double scan live radar the showers that broad winds as high as 71 miles per hour in philadelphia, is now way off the coast here, east of atlantic city there are showers and a few downpours lagging behind the atmosphere there is nothing left to bring it and suck the air down from the clouds to the ground, but we are dealing with the batch of heavy showers along lancaster avenue the schuylkill expressway north philly and that is heading into montgomery county and eventually buck county and levittown and along the new jersey turnpike near marlton, a couple of downpours passing through and give it a few hours and the sky lp clear out from the west, at 1:00 in philadelphia it was 73 degrees right now we are down to 58 degrees and again that peak wind gust just a few miles off of
4:52 pm
hurricane force at philadelphia international airport without a thunderstorm it was rain that brought very strong winds with this front because of such a change the next couple of days, great time on social media, on facebook and twitter, we get a lot of your pictures in and sometimes on air as well. charlene in glassboro showed this great tree, the root system completely exposed it had no match with the strong winds that passed through. 61 is the air temperature in millville, and 60s along i-95, and it's a big powerful low right now that is positioned here the last couple of days, now sliding to the south and east and rain and snow showers around the great lakes as temperatures are cold enough and north of the lehigh valley, there could be mixed showers here and 40s in reading and 51 in philadelphia and everything
4:53 pm
is off the coast between 8:00 and 10:00 and by 7:00 in the morning noticing a lot of 30s and the winds are strong enough to prevent frost from forming and for the next two days expect strong winds and 56 for a high which is 11 degrees below normal. the exclusive accuweather forecast, again two cold days ahead and windy on thursday and brisk on friday now friday morning and saturday morning, we could watch for the possibility of frost or freeze around here and we'll chat about that here tomorrow and over the weekend sunny saturday and breezy and 60 and clouds building and 62 and we go back into the lower and middle 60s, monday tuesday and wednesday and showers by midweek, the temperatures staying below normal around 67 and 68 now. bundle up. >> we will, saving with 6 abc is coming up next.
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today is earth day and we have ways to go green and show mother earth some love while saving green at the same time. first bring your own bag by skipping plastic bags you are doing good for the planet and target and whole foods will pay you for using your own up to a
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dime than could add up. and bring your own cup, consider bringing your own refillable mug and starbucks shaves some money off your tab as well and keep them from ending up in the landfill as well. more tips at >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph next is "action news" at 5:00. see you tonight.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. wednesday night and the big story is breaking news from
5:00 pm
center city, where septa officials release said video showing this massive fight among students, it happened yesterday at a platform at the spring garden station on the broad street line. >> police say that not one person not even the victims reported the fight. kenneth moton is live sought side with more. >> reporter: rick and monica say they happened to see the fight when they were monitoring the camera feeds later in the day and they have done work with the school district to identify those involved and the very is disturbing. >> it's an all out brawl cameras capture students purging and kicking each other and one young man fell on the tracks at the broad street line. >> this is outrageous this is so dangerous it's not even funning, we are operating trains down there and there are passengers waiti


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